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Returning to the office following COVID-19 lockdown Date: Edition:

19/07/2021 v2.0


Returning to the office following ‘Freedom Day’ As you will know, from Monday 19 July Government advice for maintaining a Covid Secure workspace is changing. Some of the measures we have become accustomed to will continue to be advisable to avoid further infections. These changes are something we are working tirelessly on in order to ensure Myo remains a safe, healthy and happy environment with all the amenities expected to support your business. With this in mind, we are now focusing on how we occupy our properties and the control measures we keep in place until further notice from Monday 19 July – when a number of control

measures will no longer be required under government guidance. We will continue to work alongside all of you as we develop our strategy to both support your transition back into the building and manage expectations as we re-mobilise our own teams and systems of work. Our objective is to welcome you back your staff in increasing numbers as smoothly and promptly as possible. In this document we aim to address some of your most frequently asked questions about what to expect at Myo from Monday 19 July 2021. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is the protocol for reporting suspected cases of COVID-19?

Will the 2m social distancing requirements be change to 1m+ or removed completely?

Please continue to let us know when you have a confirmed case of COVID-19. We will look to undertake deep cleaning of common areas for confirmed cases only and inform other customers in the property so that they can implement their Track and Trace procedures.

In line with government guidelines, from Monday 19 July all social distancing measures will be removed, including one-way systems, barriers, and floor stickers.

What will you do if someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been in one of your properties in the past 72 hours? If/when we are notified that an employee or visitor who has tested positive for COVID-19 was last in one of our properties in the past 72 hours, we instruct our housekeeping team to undertake a deep clean of all affected common areas of the building that evening. We will inform all other customers within the property but will not disclose the name of the individual or what organisation they work for/ came to visit. Customers would be notified if we are aware that the individual entered their office space (e.g. a courier, contractors, Service Partners, etc.). It is for each customer organisation to decide whether to ask their employees not to enter the building until a deep clean has been undertaken. Customers would be notified once the deep clean has been completed. We do not undertake an additional deep clean when we are notified that an individual has tested positive for COVID-19 but was last in one of our properties more than 72 hours ago (e.g. two weeks’ prior to being tested positive). We use biocidal cleaning products for every clean and would have cleaned all common areas multiple times since the individual was last at the property.

Will the one-way systems remain in place? No, from Monday 19 July, all one-way systems will be removed. You will be able to enter and exit the building as you wish. You will also be able to move through Myo’s communal spaces as you wish – with no restrictions or guidance in place.

How will you stop an outbreak of Covid if all the rules are being relaxed? Our teams continue to work hard to ensure all our customers feel safe when they come to work. That means we’ll continue to maintain the cleaning regimes we have had in place throughout the pandemic, and we’ll continue to make hand sanitisers available. It’s important to note, that our COVID-19 risk assessment remains in place, and we will continue to follow all the necessary guidance.


Will the lifts be operational? Yes, passenger lifts are in normal operation and will not have a reduced capacity from Monday 19 July. Please note that face coverings will still be required when in the lift, as they are a confined space.

Do you have NHS venue check-in QR codes at your properties? We have the NHS venue check-in QR codes displayed in a number of places in our buildings for customers wishing to use them.

Will we still be able to speak to the Concierge team face to face? Of course! As they have been throughout the pandemic, the onsite team are here to help as always. Please note that they will continue to wear a face covering when in communal spaces and our Perspex screen will remain in place at reception. The same applies to the landlord team in reception, who will remain happy to assist as required.

What cleaning practices will be in place at Myo? Each individual unit will be cleaned each evening as normal. We appreciate every customer will likely continue to have a different way of occupying their space for the foreseeable future post-July 19th, so it is important we know and understand your plans to ensure we match your daily clean against your operation (i.e. using certain desks on certain days/weeks). Our team will leave a card out each evening confirming your office has been cleaned, to give peace of mind. Hand sanitiser stations will remain in place throughout our space, and our hand soap is now both soap and hand sanitiser to assist all with keeping hands clean and sanitised at all times. We will also be treating all our high-traffic touchpoints with Zoono’s fogging treatment, to include; -  All door handles, including office unit handles (inside and out). - Communal and pantry kitchens, including zip taps and coffee machine screen - All communal seating areas - Myo staircase handrail

Will the coffee machines still be in use?

- Toilets

They will indeed. Our cleaning team will continue to clean the machines and surrounding areas more frequently as a high-traffic area to ensure they remain safe for all – so please be patient if they are cleaning when you arrive to use the machine. The coffee touchscreen will also have been treated as part of our Zoono® fogging treatment to provide continuous anti-bacterial protection.

- Post Room - Meeting Rooms - Phone Booths Zoono Key facts - Provides 30 days of residual anti-microbial protection on hard surfaces and soft furnishings with a single application. - Is water based, and uses a mechanical (not chemical) method to kill pathogens/microbes. - Proven and independently tested as effective against most known pathogens, including COVID-19. - It invisibly bonds to surfaces and provides ongoing residual protection for up to 30 days – It cannot be “cleaned” off, even with chlorine cleaning. - Studies have also shown it to reduce employee/resident general sickness rates by up to 34% We will continue to complete this fogging treatment outside of core hours, every 4 weeks, ensuring continuous protection in our high-traffic touchpoints until further noticed.

Will the changes to your meeting rooms remain in place?

Will there be any changes to the guest registration process?

No, our meeting rooms will now be returned to normal use – including a return to max capacity. We will continue to allow additional time between each booking for a thorough clean after each use. Meeting rooms are available to book via the Members Hub as normal.

No. Please continue to pre-register all guests via the Members Hub, this will ensure they have a smooth and easy entry experience.

Will the phone booths still be available to use? All phone booths will be available as normal. We now have an electronic lightbox above the phone booth doors, that will clearly show when the phone booth is in use. Our cleaning team will be cleaning them more often as a high-traffic area, and there will be hand sanitiser positioned inside for all users.

Will the post room be open? Yes, the Myo and building post rooms will be available to use as normal. There will continue to be sanitising wipes available to use on mail items in the post room should you wish.

Guests will be welcomed by the building’s ground floor reception team and checked in following the usual procedure. A clear Perspex screen will remain in place at Myo and the building’s reception.

Will my access card still work? What should I do if I can’t find my access card? If you have not entered the building in the last three months, your access card will automatically be suspended as part of the building’s standard security protocols. If you have concerns about this, please contact your office manager so they can liaise with the Myo concierge team on reinstatement of your pass.


Is a plan in place to allow people to enter the building whilst maintaining social distancing? From Monday 19 July social distancing measures will be removed in line with UK Government advice, so we will not be enforcing any social distancing rules. However we will have new signage in place throughout Myo and our buildings advising people to remain respectful and considerate of Covid-19 and others when using our spaces.

What cleaning practices are in place for 123 Victoria Street common areas? We have increased the number of hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the building. You can find these upon entry at the reception desk and near toilets/in lift lobbies. Customers are reminded that sanitiser is most effective on thoroughly soap-cleaned hands. We continue to clean common area surfaces with virucidal, Public Health England approved cleaning products. High touch point areas such as lifts will be cleaned at increased frequency.

Will the showers be open and how do you plan to keep these clean? Yes, the buildings shower facilities are open to use as normal and cleaned more frequently as a high-traffic area.

Do you have clinical waste bins? Yes we have PPE bins located within the building and Myo. These will remain in place after Monday 19 July.

Will you look to change the amount of fresh air delivered to each floor? What critical cooling resilience is there for the building? The building is designed so that the air handling units deliver fresh air throughout each floor. Where possible, we have stopped any re-circulation of air so only 100% fresh air is delivered onto the floors. We carry out annual air quality audits that show indoor air quality to be better than outside. Please contact the members concierge should you require further information.

Will there be more car parking spaces made available? Please speak to the Myo Concierge team directly if you are interested in a parking space, as there are a limited number. Please note that the majority of our onsite car parking spaces are already let with demand higher than usual now across our portfolio.

Will there be more bicycle parking made available? Where we have space, we will continue to look at increasing our bicycle parking. Please speak to the Myo concierge team if you are interested in a bicycle parking space and we will be happy to see what we can do.

How will you look to deliver first aid if it is needed? Myo’s team are first aid trained and will continue to assist if required. The building security team are also trained to deliver first aid including the use of AED equipment. They will all have access to PPE including masks, to wear when providing first aid.

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Emerging from lockdown

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