Developing Teams - Case Study

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Developing teams Case Study

Beverlie has been tremendously helpful in pushing our business to the next level. Since we started working with Beverlie, we have been more focused and are achieving positive results. I can’t recommend Nuggets highly enough. Nuggets Client

Developing teams Case Study Overview

The Programme

• Many different team roles

that in essence looked at:

• Furniture company

• New leadership team

The challenge

• The new leaders wanted a

more cohesive team and a value based culture. They were keen for every team member to respect each

other and work alongside each other with a more empathetic approach

There were 3 half day workshops • What the team did? • How they did it? • Why they did it?

Return on Investment • Reduction in rework as

everyone was clear where their

role stopped and where another team member started

• The whole team was able to

sell the business - it was not just the role of the Business Development Manager

Feedback on Methodology • Visual process map helped

everyone see what the team were doing at any moment in time

• The interaction of the

challenges highlighted how well they worked together

• Why they work in the

business became clearer – the Start with Why?

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