Developing Managers - Case Study

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Developing managers Case Study

Nuggets Client

I think Bev’s facilitation style is great, she has a naturally inclusive approach and gets the balance right when questioning/coaching our managers. Bev has really understood our business from day one.

Developing managers Case Study Overview

• Small contract catering business – 2,500 team

• Family run business

• Food freshly prepared on site

• Working in independent and state schools

The challenge

• 16 managers needed core management skills, they were constantly in their

cars therefore they needed workshops that would fit

with their diaries

After identifying the need to develop their MCSs (Management Catering Service Managers) the company set out to find the right provider and method. The Programme

Feedback on Methodology

learning, to be delivered once

• Time to reflect and analyse

Nuggets pitched 90 minutes of a month at 8.00 am. Each MCS was entitled to three coaching sessions as follow up.

The HR View

The learning bites as they became known were fully sponsored by

the HR Director and the Learning and Development Manager.

Return on Investment • Reduced costs in agency workers

• Successful negotiation of

a new contract for a school • New service counter

• Teamwork sharing experiences • Freedom to explore (permission)

• Using tools for different scenarios • Learning bursts

• Personalise feedback (value) • Experimentation

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