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TIFFIN UNIVERSIT Y | 2010 Annual Report

share the pride. build on tradition.










Message from President Marion


Thank you. Dr. Paul Marion, President

A total of 124 students from 26 foreign countries were enrolled on the Tiffin campus during the fall semester. Also, TU delivered academic programs in Romania, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, and Poland.


The public phase of Share the Pride, Build on Tradition: A Campaign for Tiffin University was announced, and more than $9 million had been raised by the end of the year toward the $12 million goal.


Two new student apartment buildings were added to the two that were constructed during 2009 as part of the Living Learning Community, and construction of the new recreation center began.


A concentration in green technologies was started within the undergraduate major in general science and concentrations in finance, international business, human resource management, and marketing were added within the MBA program.


The University was approved for continuing accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools for ten years, which is the maximum period allowed. Also, the European Council for Business Education re-accredited TU, which is one of only three American universities accredited by that organization.


Total enrollment for the 2010 fall semester was 4,942 students, which represented a one-year increase of 45% compared with the 3,422 students enrolled in the fall of 2009 and a seven-year increase of 230% compared with the total of 1,500 students enrolled in the fall of 2003.


The value of TU’s net assets at the end of the 2009-2010 fiscal year was 30% higher than at the end of the previous fiscal year and 134% higher than at the conclusion of the 2004-2005 fiscal year.












A partnership with the City of Tiffin, the State of Ohio, the United States government and the University secured funding for clean-up, environmental study and remediation. The end result will be nothing short of a complete transformation from a junkyard and neighborhood eyesore to a much needed Recreation Center to benefit TU students, neighboring schools, and the community. Along with the already completed Living Learning Community across the street, the bold expansion also creates a more comprehensive campus as the property is bordered by the University’s physical fitness center and tennis courts on one side and the athletic playing fields further west.

It is into this framework that TU acquired the former Rosenblatt Scrap Yard property as the next campus expansion front.

Tiffin University is in the midst of a remarkable academic and physical transformation. The effort has been underway for the last several decades, and the growth has been guided by keen vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. TU has benefitted from committed trustees, strong administrative leadership, engaged faculty and staff, and dedicated alumni, donors and parents who join together to deliver knowledge and success to our students.

Share the Pride, Build on Tradition is a $12 million comprehensive campaign designed to create endowed student scholarships, construct the new Recreation Center, and make other campus improvements. These enhancements, coupled with recent investments in new student apartments, the Tiffin University Nature Preserve, Paradiso Athletic Complex, and the Miami Street Improvement Project, will result in a total investment by Tiffin University of more than $30 million in the Tiffin community.

A Campaign for Tiffin University


A practice field with artificial turf for outdoor sporting activities.


The field house for student recreation and NCAA competition track and field.

The recreation center entrance, featuring a sweeping, curved brick wall anchored by the clock tower.

Beginning with the 2008-09 academic year, Tiffin University began participating in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC). Tiffin University is committed to competing with the best in Division II athletics, and the Recreation Center will help achieve this goal.

For the students who are not on intercollegiate teams, recreation and wellness are keys to a positive student life experience, and today’s student has come to expect certain social and recreational amenities. In the competitive realm of student enrollment, such facilities make it easier to recruit and retain students.

Student athletes are an essential component of campus life and are an increasingly important piece of the remarkable TU story. Approximately half of the full-time undergraduate students on the Tiffin campus participate on an athletic team.


Second floor mezzanine with viewing area.


The new building will be approximately 120,000 square feet and will include an indoor practice facility with artificial turf and a field house that will include a competition track, with basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts on the infield area of the track. The building is designed with a two-story connector building that includes locker rooms, offices for coaches, a trainer’s room, lobby and pre-function area, and a student lounge with concessions all located on the first floor. The second floor includes classrooms, offices for coaches and fixed grandstands that connect the track level to the viewing mezzanine.

The cornerstone of this capital campaign is the new Recreation Center. Designed to enhance student life, this facility will provide flexibility for students’ recreational experiences and will improve the level of competition for our athletic teams.


419-448-3282 800-968-6446

For more information, please contact: The Office of Development and Public Affairs Tiffin University 155 Miami Street Tiffin, Ohio 44883

ENDOWED STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS $1,000,000 Without financial aid, many Tiffin University students could not afford higher education. Since more than 8 percent of TU students receive some level of aid, TU leaders seek $1 million to bolster the endowment resources of the University to create additional student scholarships.

Also, the University will work with representatives from the community to honor the legacy of the Italian-American neighborhood that surrounds the TU campus.

OTHER CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT $1,600,000 During the past several decades, TU has created a campus that not only reflects the University’s own growth and success, but also enhanced the appearance and economic well being of the City of Tiffin. To continue pursuing the campus master plan, TU seeks $1.6 million for land acquisition, landscaping, parking, and other amenities.

RECREATION CENTER $9,400,000 The Recreation Center will consist of two connected buildings: a field house and an indoor practice facility. The connector will include a lobby and locker room facilities.






All contributors to Tiffin University’s Annual Fund enjoy personal and regular communication with the Office of Development and Public Affairs.

Membership is also extended to those who utilize their corporate matching gift programs. The giving clubs support the current operation of Tiffin University at a level of recognition. TU’s most prestigious clubs are the Founder’s and President’s Clubs, an essential group of supporters who, by level of support, reflect the importance of leadership giving.

The giving clubs of Tiffin University recognize the importance of leadership contributions to the Annual Fund each year.


DECEMBER 31, 2010



Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Adams Dr. Jeanne E. Ashworth and Mr. Robert E. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Michael U. Baltzell Mrs. Barbara Beinecke-Spitler and Mr. David Spitler Mr. and Mrs. Don Bero Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Blankemeier Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bodie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Mr. Paul Burtis and Mrs. Jane A. Dell Mr. Christopher L. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Homer Chisholm Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole Dr. and Mrs. Terry Collins Mr. and Mrs. Edward Creeger Dr. and Mrs. Gene Crutsinger Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. Derek W. Devine and Mrs. Anne Lange-Devine Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dixon Mr. Rex H. Felton, CPA Mr. Edward Fitzgerald Mrs. Rose M. Frick Ms. Blythe A. Friedley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grandillo Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James Gucker, Esq. Mr. Gene P. Guss Dr. and Mrs. Perry Haan Mr. and Mrs. Keith N. Haley Mr. and Mrs. C. William Harple Dr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes


Mr. and Mrs. Larry Adelsperger Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Clouse Dr. Hazel D. Franks Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Heminger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Klepper Dr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Spragg Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Zoeller


Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hertzer Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Ms. Claire F. Johansen and Mr. Michael L. Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Mr. John D. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Koop Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krumsee Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mr. and Mrs. John Lay Mrs. Mary E. Lewis Mr. Lowell N. Long Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maiberger Dr. and Mrs. Paul Marion Drs. Laura and Daniel Mays Mr. Neil McCabe Mr. and Mrs. William McDowell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Metzger Dr. and Mrs. John J. Millar Mr. Thomas H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reineke Mr. William F. Reineke, Jr. Mr. William F. Reineke Sr. Mr. Gary E. Robinette Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schalk Mr. Timothy E. Schultz Mr. Ronald M. Schumacher and Dr. Lillian Schumacher Dr. Teresa E. Shafer and Mr. Mark Shafer Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shelton Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stephan Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stock Mr. and Ms. Tom Sullivan Mr. Lynn Troxel Mr. and Mrs. James J. White Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wisnor Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Zahn

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Arnold Mr. Randy A. Aube Mr. and Mrs. Donn W. Belzer Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowlus Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Cok Mr. and Mrs. C. Randy Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Debbink Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Faber Ms. Miriam K. Fankhauser Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Figueroa Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Foos Mr. and Ms. Bill Fox Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frias Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray Dr. Mary Grennen Mr. and Mrs. Randy Joseph Ms. Laura A. Ketter and Mr. Joseph Kin Mr. and Mrs. Harold “Bud” J. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. D. Ted Kuenzli Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Lape Jr. Miss Betty J. Laux Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. McDannell Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Myers


Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ballreich Dr. Lillian M. Boehmer Mr. Rudy Brownell Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Buccilla Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Ms. Frances A. Fleet Dr. Debra S. Gatton and Dr. Gary Kustis Mr. and Mrs. David Gilreath Mr. Jack W. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Koby Mr. Jason and Ms. Ericka Kurtz Mr. Jason E. McClaflin Mr. Patrick McLeod Mr. and Mrs. James C. Streacker Dr. Bonnie Tiell and Mr. Gregory Tiell Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Walton CPA



Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Allen Mr. Richard Allen Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ardner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Arnold Mr. Bradley Babcock Ms. Andrea K. Bader Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Beard Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bentz Mrs. Nancy Nickel Bertram Mr. Randy J. Best Mr. and Mrs. James D. Betz Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bishop Mrs. Bernice M. Bock Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Boedeker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boehm Ms. Monica L. Bowman Ms. Mary J. Brakeall Mr. and Mrs. Ned E. Brinkman Mr. Gilbert P. Brosky Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Brown Ms. Marisa A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Burks Mr. Ettor A. Canestraro Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Cardo Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Cartwright Mr. Kevin Cashen Mr. James Chiero Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clagg Mr. and Mrs. Bart Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas D. Coe Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Cole


Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Newman Mr. Gregory A. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Jed Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Tyson L. Pinion Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Rathfelder Mr. Gary and Ms. Celinda Scherger Miss Theresa M. Scherger Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shutt Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Sorg Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Stephens Mr. Ronald L. Thompson Mr. William R. Unsworth Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Merris A. Welge Jr. Mr. Robert M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Aaron G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Coleman Capt. and Mrs. Richard H. Collins III Mrs. Brema C. Colvin Mrs. Shirley J. Coppus Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Corfman Mr. Richard H. Cotten Mr. William P. Crohen Ms. Rachel N. Crooks Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Croy Mr. and Mrs. Vernet E. Damon Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Damschroder Ms. Barbara Everhart DeAngelis Dr. Erin Dean Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deats Mrs. Glenna S. Derbyshire Mr. Dan Dower Mr. and Mrs. George L. Dupey Mr. and Mrs. Marc I. Eisler Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ellinger Mr. Gregory Elchert Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ewald Mr. William Fahrenbruck Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Felter Mr. James R. Fey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fisher Mr. Howard D. Flowers Ms. Deborah Forsthoefel Ms. Deb Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Frank Mr. William F. Freemyer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Funkhouser Dr. and Mrs. Krishnaiah C. Garlapati Mr. Donald Garner Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gase Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giebel Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gilbert Mr. Christopher Granata Mr. Michael J. Griffie Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hafley Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Haisley Mr. and Mrs. Randall Halen Ms. JoElle N. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Hartman Mr. John Haughawout Mr. Timothy A. Heppner Sr.

Mrs. Pauline C. Heyman Mr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Hill Mr. Patrick A. Hoepf Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hoover Mrs. Maxine J. Hossler Mr. Walter E. Hulse, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Hurwitz Mr. Jerry Hutter Ms. Denice L. Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Jankowski Ms. Ann Johansen Mr. Charley H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. Dennis Kear Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Kifer Mr. and Mrs. Ken Klein Ms. Diane Frederick Klopfenstein and Mr. Kraig Klopfenstein Mr. and Mrs. Travis J. Knittle Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Koehler Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper Mr. and Mrs. Chris Krintzline Mrs. Lucille J. Kroetz Mr. Scott Kromer Mr. Vic L. Krout Mrs. Paula F. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Lawless Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Lee Mr. and Mrs. David K. Little Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Long Mr. and Mrs. William R. Love Jr. Mr. Andrew J. Lukac Jr. Mr. John J. Lundin Mr. Orrin G. Lust Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madison Mr. Larry T. Magers Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Manbeck Ms. Marilyn Mangano Mr. Frank A. Marchetti Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Marinis Mrs. Margretha McCarrick Ms. Julie McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Merkle Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Micheli Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Miller Ms. Sherrill Miller 13

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Misamore Ms. Kathleen T. Moomaw Mr. and Mrs. David I. Moon Mrs. Tamara A. Morris Mrs. Sharon Danehy Morse Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Murray II Ms. Theresa Nibblett Ms. Alice M. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Shane K. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. William T. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Pellegrini Dr. Sharon L. Perry-Nause Mr. and Mrs. Steven Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Pine Mr. Wayne Piper Ms. Melani L. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. James Ramsey Ms. Mary L. Rathfelder Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Reaves III Mrs. Margene P. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reser Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ritzler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robenalt Mrs. Pearl Rogal Mr. Darby M. Roggow Mr. Christopher J. Rothwell Mr. Donald G. Sabato Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Mr. James Sager Ms. Andrea M. Saracusa Mr. Scott W. Saracusa Ms. Lori S. Scheer Mr. Dick Scheiber Mr. Stephen L. Scheiber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Scherger Mr. and Mrs. Verne Schumaker Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shaffer Mr. Bruce Shank Mrs. Eleanor J. Sheehe Mr. and Mrs. James C. Shrode Judge Steve C. Shuff Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith Mrs. Wendy E. Speelman Mrs. Janet P. Spore Ms. Mary Ann Stearns Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Steinmetz Mrs. Betty L. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Michael Strong Mr. Harry Stubbins Mr. James D. Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Terry Sullivan Mrs. Lois H. Svehla

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Swanagan Mrs. Karen A. Tank Mr. Bradford Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Tener Mr. Mick Thallman Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Thomas Mr. Thomas A. Thompson Mrs. Mimi Burgess-Todd Dr. Martha Turner and Dr. Alan Lord Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Verkest Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Von Blon Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Wagner Mr. George L. Wagner Mr. Richard L. Wagner Mr. Michael Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Walcutt Mr. and Mrs. David L. Walkosky Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Ward Mr. and Mrs. William R. Waters Dr. Phyllis A. Watts Mr. Ted A. Weaver Mr. Tyler L. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Daryl W. Weininger Ms. N. Maxine Weininger Mr. Raymond J. Weleski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wentz Mr. Mark T. Widman Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Wilch Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Willis Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wolf Mr. Albert W. Woodman Mr. C.W. Bill Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Ms. Martha Ziegler Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers Mr. Thomas Zirm


Class of 1943 Dorothy W. Courtad Barbara J. DeVanna Carl R. Russell Mary A. Wagner

Class of 1942 Paul E. Deppen Donna R. Desporte Richard G. Fear Tom F. Mahs Russell G. Sorg

Class of 1941 Hazel D. Craycraft Franks Marjorie Hunt Gillig Phyllis M. Scheiber Eleanor J. Sheehe Dale E. Walcutt

Class of 1940 Carl Ringholz

Class of 1939 Marlowe W. Beis Mary V. Hammer Pauline Cook Heyman Pearl Rogal Lois Hineline Svehla Mary Weimerskirk

Class of 1937 Carl M. Adams Robert W. Flack William F. Freemyer William E. Wolf

Class of 1936 Orrin G. Lust

Class of 1931 Glenna S. Derbyshire Marguerite Stephenson (estate of)


Class of 1950 Wilbur Cole Gene P. Guss Shirley Emery Kifer Marilyn J. Kisabeth Martha Rarick Robert Van Horn

Class of 1949 Stanley J. Brehmer (estate of) Jerry Freeh Andrew J. Lukac Elmer E. Wilch

Class of 1948 C. Eugene Lee Richard Seitz

Class of 1947 Laura M. Foust Bernard E. Huss Helen Sharp

Class of 1946 Charles Fowler Evelyn A. Hoover Richard L. Wagner Carl W. Yeager

Class of 1945 Alfreda M. Dannemiller Donald E. Long Virginia K. Zahn

Class of 1944 Bernice M. Bock June H. Clow Marilyn J. Lorah Margene P. Pingle Reese Nadine M. Steinmetz N. Maxine Palmer Weininger


Class of 1962 Ned E. Brinkman Lyn Frontz Linda L. Miller Mary Jane Hammer Scherger Thomas A. Scherger James D. Sullivan Ted A. Weaver Class of 1957 Thomas Burns George L. Dupey Marty Slaybaugh Hoover Joseph A. Scherger Thomas J. Spieldenner


Class of 1963 Mary Jo Carroccio A. Rodney Clouser Margaret McCandless Jean M. Morgan

Class of 1961 Charles W. Ardner Carl F. Arnold Norman L. Haldeman Edward L. Mueller

Class of 1960 Gene L. Corfman William F. Hertzer Nancy F. Jackson David I. Moon James Sager Anthony C. SanGregory Elizabeth Cramer Schumaker Verne Schumaker Harry Stubbins Marvin L. Walter Martha Ziegler

Class of 1959 Mary Jane Brakeall Richard H. Cotten Howard D. Flowers Victor I. Frantz II Larry J. Hoover Irma M. Ramsey Jimmie Thomas Larry D. Wahrer

Class of 1958 Gale N. Crouse Nancy Lewis-Young William McDowell

Class of 1956 Gary P. Godfred Jean M. Hertzer David L. Laube Albert W. Woodman

Class of 1955 Arnold E. Boedeker George L. Dupey Merris A. Welge

Class of 1954 Janet L. Ervin Donald Garner

Class of 1953 Beverly Boedecker

Class of 1952 Ruth A. Hostler Herbert T. Hover Eugene L. Kessler Lucille Depinet Kroetz

Class of 1951 Alene Hurst Baratucci Wilma J. Bishop Brema C. Konst Colvin Carolyn Huston Betty J. Laux Lois J. Oberst William V. Smith Janet Pfeiffer Spore Kenneth F. Ward

Class of 1967 James D. Betz Ronald L. Brady Rita Koepfer D. Ted Kuenzli Alison Birkholtz Lauer Carol G. Manbeck Donald G. Sabato Richard A. Shaffer

Class of 1966 Robert Alt Marvin R. Cok William P. Crohen Francine Kuenzli Lowell N. Long Sandra Stevens Patterson Karl Smith Jack A. Turner George L. Wagner

Class of 1965 Anita Barrick Jon W. Cartwright John Dilts Duane G. Garland Eugene A. Koby David E. Mitchell

Class of 1964 Gregory Elchert Jack W. Greene Jerry Hutter Dennis Kear David L. Laube Floyd J. Lawless



Class of 1971 Dannie D. Craft Barbara Everhart De Angelis Linda Ferguson Robert W. Gaver William R. Hershey Roger J. Kleinfelter John J. Lundin Arlene Messina Lester Moser Curtis L. Peterson Stephen L. Scheiber Herbert Scherer

Class of 1970 Nancy Nickel Bertram Ronald R. Brown Ronald J. Collet Pamela K. Davis Karen Dendinger Gary Eisenhart Marc I. Eisler Stanley E. Manbeck Frank A. Marchetti

Class of 1969 Timothy Beckwith LeVerne A. Burns Blythe Ann Friedley Thomas G. Funkhouser Daniel P. Gerten Fred Golden Dean A. Johnston John W. Lauer Janet L. Misamore Russell L. Nash Charles Wentz

Class of 1968 Dennis E. Foos Gail Kraft Foos Ruth A. Gosche Timothy Heppner Alice M. Nichols P. Leighton Sayers Roger F. Scherger Lawrence R. Willis


Class of 1975 Linda Detillion Edith Easley Judy Kuhlman-Lowell John E. LeComte Sue Reser John D. Sweet

Class of 1974 John Burks Leonard J. Clouse Michael Miller Joseph Robenalt James C. Shrode Wayne A. Stephens Harry Stubbins

Class of 1973 Ronald W. Creeger James M. Deats Vic L. Krout James R. Logsdon Timothy L. Meyer Donald M. Powell Edward J. Wise Joseph W. Wott

Class of 1972 C. Randy Cooper Paul E. Glovany John Haughawout Dennis Kear John K. Krupp Rebecca Boes Lay Gary E. Robinette Donna Schmoll Raymond J. Weleski Bill E. Wilson

Class of 1979 Mark A. Blankemeier David W. Bloom Mike J. Kimmet Rita Koepfer Steven B. Micheli Debora J. Pine Norman E. Rathfelder Richard A. Shaffer Deborah L. Smith

Class of 1978 Sue Hefflinger Nancy Hurley David Karshuk Sunny S. Koilparampil Wayne Pelter Theresa Scherger Dave L. Valenti Barbara K. Weaver

Class of 1977 Lisa Johnson Cowell Steve Detillion Keith L. Kirchner Cynthia Manbeck Jankowski Hollis McBroom Tamara A. Morris Michael Reser Daniel J. Ritter Linda S. Ritzler Robert C. Ritzler Bruce Shank Larry Wilkins

Class of 1976 David Hawblitz David L. Hayes Gary R. Heminger Walter E. Hulse Richard P. King John K. Krupp Ronald F. Lutz Donald Mitchell Bradley W. Newman Jed Osborn Charles Smith James A. Smith Ernest Sparks Clarence R. Strahm Charles D. Walton

Class of 1985 Edith L. Bosler Lori Reinbolt Hall Nellie Johnson Phillip G. Myers Dean W. Stamm Paul E. Zimmerman

Class of 1984 Frank G. Cardo Beth A. Kagy Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper Theresa Stephens Nibblett Mary L. Rathfelder Marla Scheffler Robert C. Uppenkamp Christine K. Welter Mark T. Widman

Class of 1983 Rock L. Craft Christine A. Miller Gary L. Scherger Theresa Scherger Martha Ziegler

Class of 1982 Randy A. Aube Larry L. Hardy Diane Frederick Klopfenstein Cynthia R. Lahey James C. Shrode

Class of 1981 David J. Bursa Paula Clagg Gary L. Cole David R. Herron Steven B. Micheli Bernard J. Steinmetz Robert G. Watson

Class of 1980 Donald R. Krupp Paula F. Kuhn James A. Leonard Jill M. Motter Lyle T. Underwood

Class of 1990 Barbara L. Bixler Nancy A. Cochran Mary E. Franks Vickie L. Gangwer Aaron T. Hetrick Terry J. Lehman Wendy S. Miller James H. Mosier Kevin L. Wasserman Stephen D. Williams Julie A. Yoder

Class of 1989 Lori A. Bentz Thomas B. Gernert Curtis L. Karr Sara J. Kessler Nadine A. Miller Danna Derr Myerholtz Theresa E. Siebold Michael Weinandy Lisa Weasner Williams Beth E. Zachrich

Class of 1988 Ida M. Cooley Shirley Coppus Barth Downie Daniel J. Ewald Patrick A. Hoepf Barbara Lockard Daniel P. Miller Susan K. Murray

Class of 1987 Rosann M. Arbogast Randy J. Best Joanne L. Bower Norma Holmer Doris M. Lambert Michelle McCarthy Annette Staunton Gregory Tiell

Class of 1986 Don E. Bower James R. Fey Mark T. Griffin Ed Kaiser Mary E. Lewis Charles B. Lutz


Class of 1993 Charles R. Ardner Carrie L. Becker Laura A. Butler Denice L. Jacoby Randy Joseph Beth A. Kagy Sara J. Kessler Michelle Wisnor

Class of 1992 Daniel P. Block Gary L. Cole Peggy L. Ewald Michael Fisher Kenneth B. Foy Lori Reinbolt Hall Kaylene M. Hunt Claire F. Johansen Stephen G. Kimmet William F. Reineke Jr. Anthony Reser Sue Reser Theresa E. Siebold Mick Thallman Ann Woolf Julie A. Yoder Barbara Keith Zinn

Class of 1991 Lonny Allen Barbara L. Bixler Rachel L. Block Duane Coldiron Michelle D. Coldiron Kim Frey Joseph G. Geigle Julie A. Hoepf Catherine F. Rathburn Michael Wisnor


Class of 1996 Kimberly A. Bartholomew Mark Bartholomew Rudy Brownell David K. Little Marlene Mason Darby M. Roggow Ronald M. Schumacher Linda L. Stine Bradford Tanner Klifford Wiant Kara Windsor

Class of 1995 Don E. Bower Mathew T. Crane Kelly A. Dick Daniel Vickie L. Gangwer Barrie L. Harrold Randy Joseph Linda F. Mason Karri L. Plecko Robin Perry Reaves Annette Staunton Trisha Wynn

Class of 1994 Randy L. Buck Nancy A. Cochran Lisa Witt Cruickshank Rex A. Damschroder Thad D. Eckenwiler Andrew J. Felter Janet Haisley Gregory D. Johnson Doris M. Lambert David K. Little Charles B. Lutz Barry J. Pettyjohn Debora J. Pine Leonard J. Reaves III Wendy Shaw Speelman Thomas A. Thompson

Class of 1999 Vanessa A. Ardner Jeffrey L. Beard Rodney J. Funkhouser Ruth A. Gosche David K. Little James W. Maass Perry N. Mason Kellie Jakubowski McGilvray Teresa R. Miller Darby M. Roggow Celinda M. Scherger Daniel J. Starkweather Nancy J. Sullivan

Class of 1998 Rhonda C. Gilreath Laura A. Ketter John M. Romich Danielle M. Smith Karen A. Tank Ann V. Waters William R. Waters Barbara K. Weaver

Class of 1997 Melissa Woods Coe Jodi S. Knittle Karri L. Plecko Leonard J. Reaves III Jenna Sager Skidmore Kenneth C. Tener Gina Van Hoose-Levy James M. Walker Ann Woolf



Class of 2002 Vanessa A. Ardner Jillian Holland Arnold Deborah L. Brause Rudy Brownell Krista L. Bucher Matthew J. Coleman Richard H. Collins III Arturo Figueroa Richard L. Kohli Nancy J. Miller Melani L. Pratt Regina Pratt-Daniel Nicole M. Schreck Larry R. Smith Annette Staunton

Class of 2001 Rosann M. Arbogast Gilbert P. Brosky Thad D. Eckenwiler Heidi L. Lease Jack P. McGreehin Michael L. Pine Nancy J. Sullivan Krista K. Swanagan Nicole A. Wasserman

Class of 2000 Charles R. Ardner Scott E. Blough Lucianne Miller Bowlus Ettor A. Canestraro Jr. Jill E. Groves Heidi L. Lease Thomas M. Parks Nicole M. Schreck Daniel J. Starkweather Jacqueline D. Steward Lucy Linn Thomas James M. Walker


Class of 2006 Martin L. Dickey Andrea D. Howse Faber Shirley A. Trail

Class of 2005 Bradley Babcock Marisa A. Brown Christopher L. Chase Rachel N. Crooks Russell J. Decker Andrew R. Faber Michael J. GrifďŹ e Sylvia E. Hermo-Fedro Zachary A. King Cathy L. Kohli Richard L. Kohli Michael R. Lewis Sharon Perry-Nause Tyson L. Pinion Scott W. Saracusa Christina D. Sopher

Class of 2004 Matthew J. Coleman Andrea D. Howse Faber Linda L. Gray Amy Jones Nancy J. Miller Kathleen T. Moomaw Joan Reinhard Julie Starkweather

Class of 2003 Christina L. Caryer Christopher L. Chase Jamie C. Coleman Andrew R. Faber Rebecca A. Kile Zachary A. King Kristi Krintzline Jeremy J. Marinis Paul L. Pellegrini Sharon Perry-Nause Tyson L. Pinion Aaron G. Wood Amy R. Wood

Class of 2010 Garrett J. Krause Ryan R. Miller Sue Reser Katrina M. Schumacker

Class of 2009 Andrea K. Bader Deidre Herdlick Linh P. Lanh Carol A. McDannell Nancy J. Miller Jill M. Motter Lori S. Scheer Marilyn Seislove Kelly E. Shaffer Kristyn Tooley Wilkins Judith A. Zavela

Class of 2008 Julie A. Allen Craig Bauman JoElle N. Hall Trevor J. Hug Chaderick Johnson Donald Johnson Sarah DePugh Johnson Yaw O. Mamphey Kathleen T. Moomaw Theresa M. Niedermier Scott W. Saracusa Katrina M. Schumacker Julie Starkweather Robert C. Uppenkamp

Class of 2007 Brenda S. Collins Richard J. Donaldson Dan Dower Rebecca A. Kile Kurt W. Rammel Chad F. Smith Julie Starkweather Krista K. Swanagan Tyler L. Webb


Gerald Adams Lonny Allen Matthew Allison Jennifer Almendinger Jonathan Appel Charles R. Ardner Elizabeth AthaideVictor Nancy Bailey Henry Barker Janet Barker Dan K. Bell Lori A. Bentz Scott E. Blough Lillian M. Boehmer Bruce Bowlus Lori Bowman Marisa A. Brown Rudy Brownell Jerry K. Buccilla Denise Burkin Kevin Cashen Gene Chintala Charles R. Christensen Paula Clagg Brian Coleman Teresa Collins Luis Cortell Rachel N. Crooks Jeremy Croy Cameron S. Cruickshank Gene Crutsinger Melissa Crutsinger Kelly A. Daniel Erin Dean Thomas Debbink Mary Ellen Denny Ronald Depinet Jill M. Earl E.K. Esawi Daniel Everhart Andrea D. Faber Miriam K. Fankhauser Lee Fearnside Jean M. Fisher Frances A. Fleet Deb Fowler Rebecca Fox Venkataramana Gajjala


Judy A. Gardner Debra S. Gatton Sushmita Ghosh Nancy Gilbert Rhonda C. Gilreath Nancy Golinski Ruth A. Gosche Dale Graham Michael A. Grandillo Linda L. Gray Mary Grennen Perry Haan Judy Hafley Susan Halen Keith N. Haley Lori A. Hall Scott Hall JoElle N. Hall Deidre Herdlick Michael Herdlick John D. Hill Lori Hites Linda L. Horning Trevor J. Hug Steven D. Hurwitz Doug A. Jesse Claire F. Johansen Donald Johnson Sarah T. Johnson Deb Kaya Lynn Keegan Laura A. Ketter Harold J. “Bud” Kinn Lisa M. Kirchner Sandra K. Koehler Beth Koop Kristi Krintzline Ericka Kurtz Laura Lamalie Michael R. Lewis Zhaolu Lu Charles B. Lutz Yaw O. Mamphey Jamie Marinis Jeremy J. Marinis Paul Marion Susan Marion Laura A. Mays Carol A. McDannell Kacy McDonough Kellie C. McGilvray Patrick McLeod John J. Millar 20

Julie A. Starkweather Annette Staunton Jody M. Strong Terry Sullivan Nancy J. Sullivan Krista K. Swanagan Bonnie Tiell Mimi Burgess-Todd Sharon Uitto William R. Unsworth Colleen Vallo Diane Vassalle Thomas K. Wahl Melissa K. Waire David Walkosky Wendy Walkosky John A. Wank Robert G. Watson Phyllis A. Watts Melissa Weininger James J. White Joel Wilkins Kristyn Wilkins Gregory Wilson Robert M. Williams Lisa W. Williams Michael Wisnor Amy R. Wood Thomas E. Wynn

With our secure server, investing in Tiffin University has never been easier. Just point and click, and your gift - whatever its size helps TU provide access and opportunity for individuals, while facilitating their preparation for successful careers and productive and satisfying lives. We invite our friends and supporters to join us at where Real Connections yield Real Results.


Karen Miller Nancy J. Miller Ryan R. Miller Teresa R. Miller Kathleen T. Moomaw Chari Mullen Alice M. Nichols Jeff Nickerson Shane K. O’Donnell Pamela F. Oswald Sharon L. Perry-Nause Deborah Phillips Elizabeth Pinion Tyson L. Pinion Kurt W Rammel Leonard J. Reaves, III Allison Rees Bradley Rees Pete Reinhart Darby M. Roggow Graham W. Ryan Jan Samoriski Andrea M. Saracusa Scott W. Saracusa Margaret Schalk Celinda M. Scherger Timothy E. Schultz Ronald M. Schumacher Lillian Schumacher Christian Secrist Teresa E. Shafer Kelly E. Shaffer Timothy Shaw R. Allen Smith Mark S. Somodi


The Scot E. Clarke Memorial Fund The Ivan Daniel and Maxine L. Cole Scholarship The Howard L. Collier Memorial Fund The Harold B. and Brema Konst Colvin Scholarship Fund The Dr. Kenneth B. Cummins Endowed Scholarship Fund The DeLuca-Grandillo Endowed Scholarship Fund The First Citizens National Bank Scholarship Fund The Dennis and Patty Foster Endowed Book Fund The Frank/Heminger Endowed Scholarship Fund in Corporate Leadership The Rolland W. Friedley – Farmers State Bank Memorial Scholarship The Michael D. Gaietto Endowed Scholarship The GAR Endowed Scholarship Fund The Mildred I. Hankey Scholarship Fund The Valerie Ann Hartman Perkins Memorial Fund The Hayes MBA Endowed Scholarship The Dr. and Mrs. Prasad C. Kakarala Endowed Scholarship Fund The Diane and George Kidd, Jr. Endowed Fund The Charles L. McKillip Memorial Chair Fund The F.J. Miller Academic Loan Fund The Earnest R. and Mary E. Patterson Scholarship The Alfred M. and Grace E. Reichard Memorial Fund The Carl Runion Memorial Fund The Eugene N. and Betty Schalk Fund The Ernst Selig Scholarship Fund The Russell and Marguerite Stephenson Endowed Fund The Leonard D. and Sara B. Stevens Scholarship Fund The Daisy and Frederick Stone Scholarship Fund The Tiffin Rotary Scholarship Fund The Tiffin Women’s Club Endowed Scholarship The James C. Todd Memorial Scholarship Fund The Edward J. Werling, Jr. Endowed Scholarship The Phillip S. Willis Loan Fund The Wayne and Virginia Kurtz Zahn Scholarship Fund The 50th Year Class Scholarship Fund



Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Albright Mr. and Mrs. James A. Allen Mr. Louis H. Anderson Dr. Jeanne E. Ashworth and Mr. Robert E. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ballreich Mr. and Mrs. Michael U. Baltzell Ms. Shirley J. Basista Mrs. Barbara Beinecke-Spitler and Mr. David J. Spitler Mr. and Mrs. Chip Bell Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Ms. Hildegard McQuade Benns Mr. and Mrs. Don Bero Mr. Ron Biacco Mr. and Mrs. Nathan J. Brickner Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Brookbank Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Burton Ms. Jane A. Chaffee Dr. and Mrs. Tom Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman Mr. and Mrs. David J. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Bart Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Collier Ms. Lillian R. Consolo Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooley Rev. and Mrs. William E. Croy Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Dancsok Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. Paul Burtis and Mrs. Jane A. Dell Mr. Dale Depew Mr. Derek W. DeVine and Mrs. Anne Lange-DeVine Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dixon Mr. Charles F. Drake Mr. Robert J. Drake Messrs. Doug and Larry Dunlap Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ellinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Ms. Kathleen Evans Dr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Fabrizio Mr. William Fahrenbruck Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feasel


(continued) Mr. Rex H. Felton, CPA Mr. Edward Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J. Frangquist Mrs. Rose M. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Ms. Virginia Furry-Hollar Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Gallagher Dr. and Mrs. Krishnaiah C. Garlapati Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gase Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gosche Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Graham Mrs. Lucy C. Grandillo Mr. and Mrs. James Gucker, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. James Hook Mrs. Maxine J. Hossler Ms. Donna Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Hulme Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Ms. Ann Johansen Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Ms. Rita G. Kelly Mr. John D. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Kris Klepper Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Knilans Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Koop Mr. Scott Kromer Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Lagore Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Lape Jr. Mr. James Patrick Leahy Mr. Gregory Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. William R. Love Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maiberger Ms. Marilyn Mangano Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mannas Mr. Neil McCabe Mrs. Margretha McCarrick Mr. Jason E. McClaflin Mr. Donald McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMasters Ms. Mary C. Mellert Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. Paul Miletti Ms. Andrea Adams-Miller Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Miller



Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Miller Mr. Thomas H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. David R. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Myers Ms. Karen Nicely Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Niehoff Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Nutt Mr. and Mrs. Mark Palmer Ms. Sue Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Perciak Ms. Gloria J. Phillips Ms. Susan D. Radigan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Reeping Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rodgers Ms. Charlotte Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Sarvas Ms. Ruth E. Saxton Mr. Drew Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Phill Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schalk Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Seislove Mr. Ernst S. Selig Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sherman Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Shreiner Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Shrider Judge Steve C. Shuff Mr. and Mrs. William W. Stahl Ms. MaryAnn Stearns Ms. Elizabeth A. Stirling Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stock Mr. and Mrs. James C. Streacker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stukbauer Ms. Linda Sudomier Ms. Teresa A. Tebay Ms. Helen L. Thomas Mr. Shayne Thomas and Dr. Angela R. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Trillet Mr. Lynn Troxel Ms. Deb Van Buskirk Ms. Margaret E. Wayne Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wise Mr. Don B. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright IV Mrs. Carolyn Young Mr. and Mrs. Dan Barnes Ms. Kris Bass Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baugher Mr. and Mrs. Donn W. Belzer Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Berlan Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Betz Ms. Beverly Bickhart Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boehm Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Boliantz Ms. Monica L. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Brady Mr. Anthony H. Broering Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Candito Mr. and Mrs. Brian Casey Mr. James Chiero Ms. Pat Coffman Mr. and Mrs. James Colvin Mrs. Sharon Danehy Morse Mr. and Mrs. Pete Doornbos Ms. Mary Drain Ms. Rhonda Durham Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dworznik Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erwine Ms. Deborah Forsthoefel Ms. Carol Fox Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Frenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frias Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbons Mr. Nick Gilbert


William J. “Bill” Behm Robert “Bob” Bernard Patricia Ann Bremyer Ivan Cole Serafine DeAngelis Lucy Emerson Mary F. Felton Richard Frick Namita Ghosh Jack Matusoff Patrick W. McLeod Edith Miller Sue Wagner


Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers Mr. Robert G. Gilbert Dr. Michael P. Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Gossett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Mr. and Mrs. David Grime Ms. Marie E. Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gwinn Mr. Steve Hall Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Hartman Ms. Peggy J. Irwin-Smolinsky Ms. Claire F. Johansen and Mr. Michael L. Pfefferle Mrs. Amy J. Janas Mr. Charley H. Johnson Ms. Teresa Keckler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kiefer Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. King Mr. and Mrs. Ken Klein Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kossick Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mrs. Rita Lawry Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lewis Ms. Mary Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madison Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Marshall Mr. Thomas G. Martinet Mr. and Mrs. James Mauchamer Ms. Julie McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Charles McSweeney Ms. Sherrill Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moritz Mr. and Mrs. Ed Muchow Ms. Joann Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. OBrien Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Ocker Ms. Tammy Pelletier Mr. Ronald Pinion Mr. Wayne Piper Ms. Patty E. Poe Mr. and Mrs. James J. Popik Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rammel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reiter Ms. Susan Reiter Mr. Wilson Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Root Ms. Kathy Schalk Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Selfe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Setty Ms. Nancy Sevastakis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheffler Ms. Marchelle Snook Ms. Debbie Sorice Mr. Daniel J. Stechschulte 23

Emeritus Giving Mr. Russell G. Sorg Mr. John R. Stock Dr. Wayne E. Zahn

Mr. Larry Adelsperger Dr. Terry Collins Dr. Hazel D. Franks Mr. C. William Harple Mr. Joseph L. Harris Dr. David L. Hayes Dr. Gary R. Heminger Ms. Claire F. Johansen Mrs. Diana Kirk Mr. Michael R. Klepper Ms. Dianne G. Krumsee Mr. David E. Mitchell Mr. Frank Murphy Mr. Timothy J. Paradiso Mr. William F. Reineke Sr. Mr. Gary E. Robinette Mr. John J. Schultz Mr. Michael C. Spragg Dr. Richard W. Stephan Mr. Frederick E. Zoeller


Dr. Carl M. Adams Dr. Terry Collins Dr. Hazel D. Franks Dr. David L. Hayes Dr. Gary R. Heminger Dr. Donna A. James Dr. Jules J. Schwartz Dr. Richard W. Stephan Dr. Wayne E. Zahn


Mr. and Mrs. John Stocker Mr. Allan E. Thiel Mr. and Mrs. William P. Turkington Ms. Joann Uhlik Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Verkest Ms. Brenda Wagner Mr. Michael Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Weatherbie Ms. Linda Weber Mr. Joe Whitlatch Mr. Brian Woessner Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zawodny


ACI Construction Company Addidas Advertiser-Tribune Allegra Print & Imaging Alloway Allstate Insurance Company American Red Cross Ameriwood Industries Anese Masonry Company Animal Hospital of Tiffin Arnold Vending Co., Inc. AVI FoodSystems, Inc. Bair Brothers Sporting Goods and Awards Ballreich Brothers, Inc. BAS Broadcasting Bed Bath & Beyond # 822 Bed Bath & Beyond #458 Bed Bath & Beyond #607 Bed Bath and Beyond #784 Beerco Biery Cheese Co. Bilger’s Lawn & Landscape Blue Lakes Charters & Tours, Inc. BNY Mellon Bodie Electric Inc. Body Works Fitness & Tanning Brotherhood Bank & Trust Burns Petroleum, LLC Butcher & Son, Inc. Camden Falls/Carmies Grill & Bar Champs Barbershop Chipotle Mexican Grill Church & Dwight Co., Inc. City Barbeque Clinton Heights Golf Course Clouse Construction Corp. Clover Club Coca-Cola Bottling Company Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Corporate One Benefits Country Inn & Suites Creeger Implement Company, Inc. Dell Computers Dell, Burtis & Anspach, L.L.P. Dick’s Sporting Goods Disability Resource Network Diversified Graphics, Inc.


(continued) Dor Anne’s Gifts & Gourmet Duck’s Unlimited Dundore Plumbing & Heating Emerson Ewald Furniture Fabrizio Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic Feasel’s Frame & Collision Flag City Auto Wash Flag City Fostoria Country Club Frameworks L.L.C. G and R Tavern Gifts In Kind International Grand Rental Station Green Hills Golf Course Guess Store #5623 Guiseppe’s Italian Ristorante H.J. Heinz, USA Help Desk Ohio Holiday Inn Express of Tiffin Huntington Insurance Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. J & J Limo Jeffrey Jewelry JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio K-Group Companies King’s Glass Engraving Klepper’s of Tiffin Lakeland Golf Course Laminate Technologies, Inc. Lane of Dreams Farm, LLC Lange, Devine & Claus, LLC Lee’s Carpet Level Up Liberty Tax Service Loudon Meadows Golf Club M.L. Advertising & Design Madison St. Pub & Grub Magnus Terra Company, LTD Marathon Oil Company Max and Erma’s Meaningful Wellness Meijer Merrill Lynch Bank of America Metzgers Printing & Mailing Michigan Schools & Gov. Credit Union



Mohawk Golf Club Moser Heating & Appliance MTD Products Namesake Monograms NAPA Auto Parts Napoli Pizza Nature Trails Golf Course NBOH-Genoa BankingGolf Account Nortrax Nucor Steel Marion Inc. Ohio Auto Club - Tiffin AAA Old Fort Banking Company Olive Garden Osceola Foundation Pacesetter Soccer Club P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. Phillips Electric & Appliance Picture Perfect Photo and Frame Pioneer Quick Lube PNC Bank Pry Professional Group Ralph’s Joy of Living Rawlings Group Ray’s Sausage, Inc. Reineke Family Dealerships Rocking U Express SB Management LTD Seislove Burial Vault Services, Inc. Seneca Hills Golf Course Seneca Tile SGS Tool Company Signed by Josette Smith Family Frosted Foods St. Francis Friedman Village Steve’s Auto Service Steyer Seeds, L.L.C. Supance and Howard Superior Distributing Co., Inc. Sycamore Hills Golf Club T.J. Willies Team Sports The Andersons The James Group The Pruina Corporation Thiel’s Wheels, Inc. Threads Inc. Tiffin Hardware Company Tiffin Scenic Studios Tiffin University Equestrian Team Tom Rodgers Flowers TPC Food Service Tiffin Scenic Studios TSC Tractor Supply Co A Call To College ACT, Inc. Air Liquide America Foundation Inc. Alumni and Friends of Osnaburg Schools Foundation American Legion Auxillary Dept. of Ohio American Red Cross Andrew J. Fenady Scholarship Army Emergency Relief Athletic Boosters of Springfield High School Avalon Consulting Group Bellevue Academic Boosters Bellevue High School Alumni Association Bergholz Community Foundation Bettsville Education Association Birmingham Hall of Fame Bryan Area Foundation Business Professionals of America Ohio Association Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation Inc. Cape Cod Association Cardinal Health Foundation Career Opportunities Through Education Carlos & Gloria Cantu Leadership Scholarship Centerville Education Foundation Chardon Association of Classified Employee Charles Allie Scholarship CIAO Scholarship Cleveland Foundation Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc.


Uncorked University Housing Solutions University Rentals 4 URS Corporation Varsity Barber Shoppe Wal-Mart Who’s Nuts Williams-Sonoma, Inc. #036 Window World of Columbus, Inc. Woodies Supermarket Worth’s Sporting Goods Young Transportation, LLC Coaches All County Program Comtrak Logistics Inc. Cuyahoga Falls School Foundation CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Dayton-Montgomery Co. Scholarship Fund Deputy Ethan Collins Scholarship Dining Fork Ruitan Club Dollars for Scholars Don W. Miller Scholarship Fund Doris Brossia Scholarship Doris H. Wilson Scholarship Education Recognition Association Emmanuel Lutheran Church Faith United Methodist Church Fifty Men & Women of Toledo Inc. Frank and Nettie J. Cox Frank H. and Dorothy L. Konst Scholarship Gary Aller Scholarship GE Foundation Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation Gillmor Charitable Foundation Gladys Stokesbury Scholarship Glen Este High School Good Hope Lutheran Church Great Lakes Credit Union Greater Cincinnati Youth Wrestling Association Guardian Industries Scholarship Program Hancock County 4-H Home Savings Charitable Foundation I Know I Can I.B.E.W. Local 683 Illinois Correctional Empl. IUOE Local 66 Scholarship Fund Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Beautillion John Q. Shunk Association Joseph L. Wolcott Scholarship Fund Junior Achievement of Tiffin & Seneca Co. Kenton City School District Kenton City Schools Excellence for Education Foundation Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Lakota Class of 1965 Leroy Boyd Scholarship Fund License Bureau State of Ohio 25

Licking County Foundation Lorene L. Kenna Scholarship Louisville Scholarship Foundation M.O. P.H. Chapter #1970 Marion Community Foundation Marion Community Scholarship Foundation Marion Harding Athletic Boosters Marion Popcorn Festival Mercer County Civic Foundation Meshech Frost Testamentary Trust Milan Festivals, Inc. Mills Scholarship Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth Monroe High Alumni Association MVCAP Foundation NAACP - Fremont Branch National Machinery Foundation Oak Harbor United Methodist Church Ohio Girls Gold Foundation Old Fort Athletic Boosters Onsaburg Local School District Optimist International Club #24067 Orphan Foundation of America Osage Nation Higher Education Grant Osceola Foundation, Inc. Parents Advancing Choice in Education Inc. Paul & Carol David Foundation Piqua City School District Port Clinton Business & Professional Women’s Club Port Clinton City School District Project Excellence Project Grad Akron R.E. & Joan S. Allen Foundation Richland County Foundation River Valley Education Foundation Ruth Adgate 4-H Scholarship Ruth E. Roach Scholarship Fund Sandusky Board of Education Scholarship America Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara Second Marine Division Association Seneca East Local School District Service Master “Changed Lives” Scholarship Program Sidney Music Boosters Sidney Rotary Club

Sidney Shelby Co. Black Achievers Sikeston Elks Lodge 2319 Sikeston R-6 Schools Smart Scholarship Funding Corp. Society of Petroleum Engineers Sons and Daughters Scholarship for AGHS South Central Colorado Law Enforcement South Spencer Scholarship Foundation Southern Ohio Educational Spencerville Local School District Spencerville Service Club Springfield Local School District St. Mary’s Lutheran Church State Farm Companies Foundation State of Michigan Stony Ridge Civic Association Strongsville Chamber of Commerce Strongsville Education Foundation The Clara Abbott Foundation The Clarenceville Athletic Boosters Club The Columbus Foundation The Dayton Foundation The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation The Fran and Warren Rupp Foundation The Margaret Hanson Reed Foundation The Ohio CPA Foundation The Piqua Community Foundation The Pittsburgh Foundation The Sheahan Family Scholarship The Van Wert County Foundation Thomas J. Patton Scholarship Fund Trenton Public Schools Tulsa Community Foundation Tuscarawas County Y.M.C.A. United States Bowling Congress United Steel Workers Local 207-L US Bank UVMC Foundation Waddell Scholarship Wal-Mart Foundation West Liberty Lion’s Club Whirlpool Foundation Withrow Alumni Inc. Women Legislators of Missouri 0391 Zonta Club of Findlay

Larry A. Adelsperger Tiffin, OH Executive Vice President P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. Terry A. Collins Petaluma, CA Founder Papa Murphy’s International Hazel D. Franks Upper Sandusky, OH President & CEO (retired) Craycraft Trucking C. William Harple Tiffin, OH President & CEO Seneca Environmental Products Joseph L. Harris Ann Arbor, MI Auditor General (retired) City of Detroit David L. Hayes Toledo, OH President & CEO Hayes & Associates, Inc. Gary R. Heminger Findlay, OH Executive Vice President Marathon Oil Corporation President Marathon Petroleum Company Claire F. Johansen Tiffin, OH Former Owner & President Ohio Outdoor Advertising Corp. Diana Kirk Findlay, OH Michael R. Klepper Tiffin, OH Chairman & CFO Superior Distributing Company Dianne G. Krumsee Powell, OH Chair of the Board Old Fort Banking Company David E. Mitchell St. Joseph, MI Vice President (retired) Whirlpool Corporation Frank Murphy Mansfield, OH CEO University Housing Solutions



Emeritus Trustees Robert Ruffin McKinney, TX Vice President and Group Manager (retired) Allied Signal, Inc. Russell G. Sorg Fremont, OH President (retired) Fremont Kraut Company John Stock Sandusky, OH President S-Group Companies Gordon C. Wagner Marco Island, FL President & CEO (retired) First National Bank Wayne E. Zahn Sanibel, FL President (retired) National Machinery Company

Timothy J. Paradiso Port Clinton, OH CEO BDS Agency Management William F. Reineke, Sr. Fostoria, OH President Reineke Family Dealerships John J. Schultz Tiffin, OH Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch Michael C. Spragg Findlay, OH President & CEO Old Fort Banking Company Richard W. Stephan Blue Bell, PA President Rick Stephan & Associates Frederick E. Zoeller Tiffin, OH President & CEO Laminate Technologies, Inc.

We have made every effort to correctly list the names of all donors between January 1 and December 31, 2010 in this report. However, in a list of this length, errors may occur. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and bring the error to our attention so that we may correct our records. Thank you.

Lisa Williams Editor & Photographer – Executive Director, Media Relations and Publications Mary Ann Stearns Graphic Designer


Michael A. Grandillo, Ph.D. Vice President for Development & Public Affairs John Hill Associate Vice President for Development Celinda M. Scherger Director of Alumni Relations Tyson L. Pinion Director of the Annual Fund Ericka Kurtz Director of Communications Lori Bentz Administrative Assistant Sandy Koehler Administrative Assistant Marsha Pippenger Director of Diane Kidd Gallery Garrett Krause Graduate Assistant Anna Haston Graduate Assistant


155 Miami Street TifямБn, Ohio 44883-2161


2010 Annual Report  

2010 Annual Report

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