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About The Stainless Molds: These molds are high-quality stainless steel that stands up to a lot of abuse. The grade of stainless is the same as what caterers and restaurants use in their kitchens -- they are quite durable as long as you give them the proper care. Keep them clean and dry. Do not store them with bath bomb residue on them; all stainless steel can rust in a corrosive environment, even the good stuff. The molds are thin and slightly flexible, but if you make your bombs properly the unmolding should be effortless because of the smooth surface. Unlike the plastic molds, the stainless steel does not grip the bath bombs in the molds, and they just slide out immediately after molding. (The plastic ones get old and pitted, acting like velcro to your bath bombs.) For a single hobbyist, one mold each of your desired sizes should be enough to last an entire bath bombing career. I mainly use two sizes for personal use, the medium and the extra large. What are the advantages over the plastic? More eco-friendly (non-disposable.) They last forever, and you only need one mold per * bath bomber (unless you lose them.) More sizes available. There are five sizes, starting from almost 2” diameter to a whop* ping 4” diameter! The plastic ones only come in one size, as far as I know. If you know where to get more sizes, let me know, and I’ll add it to the Fast Guide. Much more durable than the plastic. The plastic molds crack easily under the mold* ing pressure because they were not designed for this use. The plastic basically rots because it ages, and contact with the oils and ingredients makes it worse. Easier to mold and unmold. Stainless steel is a strong material. You’ll be able to make * much harder bath bombs because these can stand up to molding pressure. This is especially important with the large sizes like the extra large and jumbo. The smooth surface of the stainless molds stays smooth, unlike the plastic ones, so you won’t have the Velcro problem with unmolding. Easier to clean. Especially if you’re using oils, those plastic molds get sticky and stay * sticky. It is just unpleasant to use a sticky mold; you feel like it just never gets clean. I take a lot of care with my tools, and that just drives me nuts. The stainless molds clean easily and don’t retain any of the residue or fragrance. More professional look and feel. Ok, this was the reason I found these stainless molds in * the first place. I wanted to take photos of the bath bombing process, but I didn’t feel like the plastic molds looked all that great. I admit it, I like shiny things... Disadvantages? Cost. They do more than plastic, but I think over time, you’ll end up saving money * because you won’t have to keep buying those plastic ones. If you don’t want to invest, or you don’t make enough bath bombs to justify buying the special molds, you can keep going with the plastic - they still work! On the next page is the info sheet with photos, prices, and ordering instructions.

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Professional-Grade Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Molds Size/Price Sheet This size makes a 2 to 3 ounce bath bomb by weight. It is about the size of a ping-pong ball, and the small bombs make great gift sets. Little cute bath bombs in a jar or container are very eye-catching! Recommended for beginners because the mold is very easy to handle.

Small - $12.99

Measures 2.375 inches across. This size makes a 4 ounce bath bomb by weight. It is a little smaller than a tennis ball, and the medium bombs are the perfect size for compact bath tubs. This size is also highly recommended for beginners because the mold is easy to handle.

Medium - $17.99

Measures 2.75 inches across. This size is the most popular with people who sell their bath bombs. It makes a 6 ounce size, comparable to Lush’s bath bombs. It is about the same size as a tennis ball and great for large tubs. This mold takes a little practice, but beginners usually do fine after a practice batch.

Large - $19.99

Measures 3.125 inches across.

Sorry, no photo available! Extra Large - $23.99

This size is new! It is a great replacement for the Oriental Trading Company acrylic molds and makes a 9-10 ounce bath bomb by weight. Makes satisfying large bath bombs that customers love because they get a lot of fizz. If you are experienced using the OTC molds, you’ll love this one.

Measures 3.5 inches across.

Jumbo - $25.99

Measures 4 inches across.

Love extra-large bath bombs? This 13 ounce size takes practice to use, but it is worth it. I use it to make oatmeal, clay, or salt bath bombs because you can put 1/2 cup of oats or salts and still make a great hard bath bombs. I recommend this size only if you want to make bath bombs with a lot of bulk ingredients - it takes practice. If you want a big bomb, the Extra Large is easier and makes just as much impact.

IMPORTANT: How To Order To order, send an email to me (Katherine) at Tell me how many molds you want and what sizes. I will send you a PayPal invoice with shipping. Shipping will vary depending how many you want, but will not go above $12 total unless you have a massive order.