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3 In short, this is the international designer Galia Al Fahd who began her tour in the world of fashions, as she studied business and management and she graduated with bachelor degree and she didnt found her self until she continued her fashion designing studies ... Having faith in her steps to open her house which lies in dubai to paint always a smile on the faces of esteemed customers she named her house by Danat Al Afrah... She employed her expertise in the house and recruited manpower of the best expertise and competencies from different countries‌ from east to west. A group of the most talented designers and weavers makes up the distinctive team, along with the workers of manual and automatic embroidery. All of them are to draw her sculptures with more skilled hands and to create the curves and shapes with superb diamond stones that trace over the bodies of women. She became known to a number of ladies from velvet society, from princesses to elders, and also from neighboring Gulf countries.Not only this, as the beauty of her designs become viral to the ears of other countries and this is why her customers have began arriving from the countries all over the world‌. from Africa , European countries, both Americas and Russia. Thus, the beauty must be the principle of patterns and of high value that reflects the reality of the situations and demands of the time and the civilization in which we live.



T Editor in Chief TIFFANY MCCALL


hursday, May 19th, 2016 Designers from Brazil, Dubai-UAE, England, Estonia, France, Lebanon and the USA presented their collections, at Tiffany’s Red Carpet Fashion Show. At the 5 star Carlton hotel, during the 69th Cannes Film Festival. The event attracted an international and diplomatic audience from French Actor and celebrity Samy Naceri, British Actress and Actor Nicolas Faraday, Jamie Lee Hill. As well as Chinese Godwill Ambassador and International Businessman Sir Linjie Chou Zanadu. There were also a host of, celebrity singers, pianolists, and the Flamingo Dancer Melanie Buttarazzi performed at Tiffany’s Red Carpet Week Cannes we are grateful for the support. Designer/Producer Tiffany McCall, said that the event was a great outlet for International Designers to present their collections’ to actors, actresses and Film Producers from around the world. Creating future collaborations within the film and fashion industry. During, and after the film festival and in future films and Red Carpet

walks, where our Designers garments’ are worn and sold to the International Film Industry, whilst enhancing the relationship between Fashion, Film and Music. In the charm of the French Riviera associated with the cinema world of luxury and high fashion during the 69th Festival de Cannes. The Festival de Cannes is a celebration of art, it is famous for being one of the most glamorous artistic events, eleven days of film projections, red carpets parties and the famous walk of the Palais des Festivals Red Carpet Stairs. Tiffany’s Red Carpet Week has chosen this international event to promote the various fashion trends around the world. Young and established designers from around the world presented their best designs across the globe on Luxe.TV our official partner. See you next season during the 70th Festival de Cannes.


nique & Unequal! Time is unique and different for each of us, is a dream when you think about many things that you want to realize! Collection Unique&Unequal is about independant women, emotive, who doesn’t lose time, because it’s time to realize...It’s her time to live her dreams!! Mirela Novak

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alia Al Fahd designs are like sculptures to create the curves and shapes with superb diamond stones that trace over the bodies of women. She became known to a number of ladies from velvet society, from princesses to elders, and also from neighboring Gulf countries.Not only this, as the beauty of her designs become viral to the ears of other countries and this is why her customers have began arriving from the countries all over the world‌. from Africa , European countries, both Americas and Russia. Thus, the beauty must be the principle of patterns and of high value that reflects the reality of the situations and demands of the time and the civilization in which we live.

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he labels creative director, Anthonia Bianchi is a 2010 graduate of UAL. Her Cannes Film Festival Collection was inspired by lace, precious jewels and feathers, she thinks of the collection like a poem.

Jewellery by Bossed Up Jewellery

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Tiffany’s Fashion Week Cannes



omanian actress and lawyer. Studies acting in LA with Ivana Chubbuck the teacher of Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron for 3 years. I love this learning faze...I am at the beginning she says!!!!!

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Sir. Linjie Chou Zanadu n uprising cultural


entrepreneur and consultant from Shanghai and Eurasia Culture Silk road collaboration in the Magazine: Eurasia Culture Silk road: a future corridor for renaissance More than two Millennia ago the diligent and courageous people of Eurasia explored and opened up several routes of trade and cultural exchanges that linked the major civilizations of Asia, Africa and Europe. Marco Polo’s illustrious journey to China in 13th century demonstrated the importance of cultural exchange and diversification. Both tea and silks were then considered luxury goods, even used as a common currency for exchange throughout the trade routes. China now proposed a global strategy on bringing up once more the ancient silk road route for facilitating the economic and cultural exchanges. This will also shape the fashion industry in the long run.

Sir. Linjie Chou Zanadu, an uprising cultural entrepreneur and consultant, a native of Shanghai, China with his long traced origin from the legendary Xanadu, where Marco Polo served in the court of Kublai Khan of the Chinese Yuan dynasty will explain to us the significance of such phenomenon and it’s impact on the cultural and fashion scenes. “Cultural exchanges surpass the power of economic exchange because it’s power is invisible and Photo of Michelle Obama Photo by: AP News

soul touching” Linjie believes. The dialogues among the people and nations are therefore subtly communicated through arts, fashion, entertainments and music. For example, The fundamental design concept of the famous brand Shanghai Tang is inspired by 1920s Chinese Cheongsam combined with the modernity of the 21st century’s globalization. Cheongsam’s

most vibrant material silk is also adopted to illuminate the cultural power of the ancient Chinese civilizations. Top fashion magnates like Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo, and Anna Sui all combining a little bit of the “Chinese” element with international style to make their designs stand out from the crowd. The bridal couture of Vera Wang for example, designed a black off-the-shoulder for Michelle Obama last year for a State dinner. The design was clearly resembling the Chinese Han dynasty architectural elements, Sir. Linjie said. In general, China’s uprising power in cultural affairs may bring in new ingredients to the western mainstream fashion industry. China’s growing appetite for luxury goods in turn also prompts international fashion houses to incorporate Chinese design motifs in their clothing designs. This process is mutual, Sir. Linjie noted. Fashion, as a unique form of expressive art is indeed an useful device for dialogues through sharing beauties.

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Model/TV Host


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Model Patricia Contreras

Photo crĂŠdit Patricia Contreras


annes ya makane “Once upon a time” Collection for the 69th Red carpet film festival More of sequins and the Must of the Colection is the special “gold palm” Born in 1993 in Casablanca, Lina Cahill enjoyed her double Moroccan-Lebanese culture. At only 20, she embarks in creating special dresses and evening gowns, in parallel with her university studies in Interior Architecture; and debuted her career successfully as a Fashion Designer with previews private sales, in Beirut. More close to her origins, where she believes in her lucky star.....

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Founded in 1993 by economist Mario Spaniol, who is still the company’s president and CEO, Carmen Steffens is located in Franca, São Paulo. Carmen Steffens has become one of the most desired domestic brands and is now the fastest international growing Brazilian fashion label. The brand showcases its unique identity through products which incorporate international trends with Carmen Steffen’s unique Brazilian style that seduce and win customers’ loyalty the world over.

Anastasia Kotaki - L’OFFICIEL Avril, 2016 En France, Carmen Steffens propose des lignes de chaussures féminines et masculines, en plus d’accessoires et de la maroquinerie haut de gamme, devenant rapidement le coup de cœur de celles qui franchissent les portes ses belles boutiques. Débordante de charisme et de joie-de-vivre, Carmen Steffens part à l’assaut de la blogosphère européenne, pour séduire la très connectée génération selfie. A partir du 6 mai, une amusante campagne lookcs france permettra à chaque cliente de se montrer en fashionista, assurant du fun pour tous et des superbes prix à la clef, pour les meillures! Photo 20 by: Ema Espinosa Photographie



aire Valdma got the ideas for her collection „Airy Garden“ that was presented in Cannes from her colorful dreams, where springful flower gardens play with geometrical shapes and rich color combinations. Unique hand-painted dresses, which are like poems, are dedicated to the amazing nature around us. Through her painting she can share her dream patterns with the rest of the world. The natural silk costumes carry airy glamour and magic and show the creativity of their owners. Maire Valdma makes truly unique high fashion collections. All her costumes are made of pure silk, which is hand-painted and printed. She gets her inspiration from her radiant and colourful dreams and she is fascinated by nature and stories. Picturesque and graphical symbols generate dreamlike patterns on the fabric. All those imaginative pictures blend into playful and unique works of art. Consequently all her costumes have a name and a backstory. She wants to open people up to float in their fantasies and get the sense of the bright world around us.

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IFFANY MCCALL COUTURE presented a best of collection during the 69th Cannes Film Festival that she organised for 9 International Designers from around the world. Tiffany McCall Couture uses only luxurious French lace from Calais, France with Swarovski crystals. Tiffany McCall Couture designs are made in Paris, France by Haute Couture couturières et couturieurs. Her designs, are worn on the Red Carpet in Cannes, VIP events in Monte Carlo and by celebrities from around the world. Tiffany McCall Couture is inspired by art, history and nature to create original, long lasting high quality dresses and handbags for women who love to be elegant and feminine. Live life! Vive la vive!

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odeo Designs are clothing that you can wear out for dinner or cocktails in luxury and exotic fabrics from Asia, India, Africa. Fabrics with gold thread, high quality accessoires and finishings. Rodeo Designs by Frank Gay gives a Red Carpet look to any event that you attend. Our attention to detail is our strength and unique ability. We also custom make our collections for men and women. Our Designs make our clients feel like leaders and they are the star at any party or gala event around the world.

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Coco est aussi un personnage rempli d’humour avec qui on ne s’ennuie jamais ! Il a une vision très particulière de la mode surtout quand il s’agit de lui. En témoignent ses différentes tenues très extravagantes qu’il façonne à son image.

Pourquoi avoir choisi comme nom de scène « Coco », sachant que votre vrai prénom est Stéphane ? Tout part d’une petite anecdote assez amusante. A mon ancien travail nous étions deux à avoir le même prénom ; un jour, une cliente m’a demandé à l’accueil. L’autre Stéphane s’est présenté à elle et elle a dit : « - Non pas lui ! Je parle de Coco le métis. »

Et depuis ce jour est né «COCO » ! Personnal shopper, relookeur, conseiller en image, Coco Mode est un personnage haut en couleur, qui compte parmi ses nombreux talents celui de captiver l’attention. En véritable technicien de la mode il cherche toujours à pousser son art jusqu’à son paroxysme. Grâce à son habilité et son savoir faire il peut vous transporter dans son univers. Il s’est perfectionné dans le prêt à porter de luxe pendant 10 ans afin de vous conseiller au mieux!

Photo by: Zed Photography 28

Stéphane Moula plus connu sous le nom de “Coco” est une figure de la mode d’aujourd’hui. En effet, Coco est un personnage qui inspire les jeunes passionnés de mode et le milieu artistique. Il a participé à diverses émissions, au cours desquelles il a pu mettre en avant son amour de la mode mais surtout sa créativité débordant d’imagination. Vous pouvez le retrouver sur tous les réseaux sociaux ainsi qu’à différents événements.

Il fait preuve du plus grand professionnalisme quand il s’agit de prodiguer ses conseils à autrui. Son œil critique lui a permis d’avoir sa place au premier rang de plusieurs défilés. Il possède diverses cordes à son arc telles que : organisateur de mariage, de défilés de mode etc … Récemment il a pu nous montrer ses capacités dans le milieu de la mode lors de la Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris 2016 dont il fut un excellent ambassadeur. L’organisatrice, Tiffany McCall, lui a ainsi renouvelé sa confiance pour le défilé du 19 mai 2016 au Carlton à Cannes pendant le Festival du film et pour la saison 6 à Paris dans le 5 étoiles l’hôtel Shangri-La Eiffel Tower Palace.


MAGAZINE T i f f aTIFFANY’S n y ’ s FFASHION ainterview s h i o nWEEK W eek Cannes with

ANGELINA KALI by Tiffany McCall

How did you start your modelling career? Angelina Kali: My modelling career started when a friend entered me into a beauty competition to which I was accepted. As I am a perfectionist, I decided that if I was going to try a career in modelling, I had to be properly prepared. Soon after, I had two months of modelling training and dancing choreography. It also allowed me to work with professional teachers, designers, make-up artists and stylists. It was an excellent experience which opened my eyes to the fashion world and gave me an excellent springboard on how to become a fashion model. I started working for a couple of fashion designers and been fortunate enough that my career has gone from strength to strength. What do you think about Tiffany’s Fashion Weeks? Angelina Kali: I feel very honoured to be one of the models during Tiffany’s Fashion Weeks. I was amazed how well organised everything was during

the fashion show with a professional make up team, hair stylists and incredible designers. They inspire me and seeing their passion for what they do make me really want to work in this industry. Each time I have attended Tiffany’s shows I have had the pleasure to work with amazingly creative designers and their creations’ have left me with beautiful memories. How did it feel to walk the Red Carpet in Cannes, be in Vogue and Elle? Angelina Kali: Even though, I have been fortunate enough to attend other red carpet events, it was a very beautiful experience to attend the Red Carpet in Cannes, being surrounded by so many talented artists and actresses. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. And all the paparazzi made me feel very special. Like most people, I have seen this on TV but never dreamt that I would be walking that famous red carpet – an experience that I will always cherish.

“Being in Vogue and Elle shows that my hard work is paying off and that if one works hard enough, one can achieve almost anything. It didn’t happen overnight but I am very proud to now have been published in these two leading fashion publications. And I hope many more times in the future. What advice do you have for young aspiring models? Angelina Kali: If you are really passionate what you do, you can make it work. Not necessarily you will be at the top but there are a lot of opportunities for models but you need to find the right type of modelling that is suitable for you and be at the right place and time. If you want to succeed, you need to work hard and make the right contacts. It is not enough to be just pretty. What is your favourite word in French? Angelina Kali: “J’adore” - it just says it all about how much I have fallen in love with the beautiful city of Paris!

Flamenco dancer: Melanie Buttarazzi

Photo by: Ema Espinosa Photographie 30


Photo by: Melanie Buttarazzi

PURA BALI Partenaire de la TIFFANY’S RED CARPET week au Festival de CANNES 2016 Cet événement qui réunit les personnalités du cinéma, de la mode et du luxe se tiendra cette année le 19 mai pendant le Festival international du film dans les salons de Hôtel Carlton de Cannes. Cette journée entièrement consacrée à la mode a pour ambition de révéler le talent de jeunes créateurs du monde entier. À PROPOS DE PURA BALI C’est juste après son retour de Bali, enthousiasmé par son premier voyage dans « l’île bénie des Dieux » que Christian Pernici, le fondateur de la marque décide de créer une ligne de cosmétique qui s’inspire des rituels ancestraux balinais de mise en beauté. Des fleurs et des ingrédients aux vertus « magiques » qui répondent


aux jolis noms d’hibiscus, d’aloe vera , de jojoba de karité entrent dans la composition des huiles essentielles, des soins visage et corps (gommage et hydratation) et dans la collection de senteurs dédiées à la maison (eaux de parfum, bougies, eaux de lit, sels de bain…) Garantis 100 % naturels, les produits sont formulés sans colorant, ni conservateur et totalement respectueux de l’environnement. Agnès Bellulo qui vient de rejoindre l’équipe dirigeante, aura pour mission de développer l’image de la marque et de son développement en France et à l’international. Tout au long de son parcours professionnel, Agnès Bellulo a évolué dans le monde de la beauté et de la cosmétique. Dès 1983 elle crée et dirige à Paris et

en Province plusieurs instituts et lieux consacrés au bien-être et à la remise en forme En véritable visionnaire du secteur, elle fonde en 2004, le premier spa urbain parisien et développe en 2009 Dietispa, une gamme de compléments alimentaires et de patchs dermoesthétique qui ont été primés par le jury des Victoires de la beauté 2014 À l’occasion de sa prise de fonctions, Agnès Bellulo sera présente à la Tiffany’s red carpet où les prestigieux invités pourront entre défilés et performances d’artistes découvrir la gamme et leurs envoûtantes fragrances Pura Bali. Contact presse 11 chemin de l’Olivet 06110 LE CANNET - FRANCE Agnes Bellulo : + 33 6 99 77 13 13






French Kiss energize est une boissons énergisante gazeuse de haute qualité a base de taurine et de caféine, combinés à différente vitamines qui permettent de booster le corps et l’esprit. French kiss Energize a élaboré une boisson avec différentes

saveurs afin de satisfaire tous les consommateurs de boisson énergisante, elle se boit partout et tout le temps : au travail, pendant vos cours ou vos etudes, pour le sport, ou lors de vos sortie, de jour comme de nuit...

Par sa “french Touch”, FrenchKiss Energize est la boisson énergisante de demain. Forte de son gout, son packaging design, et son prix très attractif, elle s’adresse à tout type de consommateur, partout dans le monde.


Tiffany's Fashion Week Magazine Cannes Film Festival Edition 2016