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AWSUM Achiever of the Year

Luvo Manyonga

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Luvo Manyonga

AWSUM Celebrity Interview

Q Did you excel in sport at shool? A Yes, I was the World Junior Champ in long jump while I was still at school, at the age of 19. Q It is well-known that you were a tik addict. How did you manage to overcome that? A I don’t really like to talk about it anymore, because I am not that person anymore. But as an inspiration for your readers I can say that it depends on the person you are and how much you really want to change your life. You have to get away from the situation mentally and physically. My family was such strong support during my struggle. I owe my success in overcoming this to my family and the Mighty God. Q 2016 and 2017 were two years of huge achievement and glory. How does it feel to have reached these heights? What is your daily motivation? A I hope this is just the beginning for me. My daily motivation is that I can look at the world and say that I have lost the Olympic Gold Medal by only 1 cm. That 1 cm is my reminder to put my mind towards and work hard at being great. I am now the world champion. Q As you’ve said earlier, you were the world junior long jump champion in 2010. In August this year you became the senior world long jump champion. How does it feel to be the best in the world? A As you say, I’ve been there before, but it is now on a different level. I always feel this is not enough – there is more to achieve than what I am doing now. Q How do you handle the fame and attention that come your way as a highprofile athlete? A One has to guard against it going to your head, as it can destroy you. It’s not easy to always be in the spotlight. Mental strength is very important. I make sure I keep perspective. Q What was the highlight of your career this far? A 2017 itself is the highlight of my career. I have never been so honoured, from being undefeated in the Diamond League, to becoming world champion and SA Sport Star of the Year.

World long jump champion Luvo Manyonga was the big winner at the SA Sports Awards on 12 November when he was crowned not only Sportsman of the Year, but also Sports Star of the Year. The South African long jump phenomenon beat the likes of Wayde van Niekerk and Chad le Clos to claim the Sportsman of the Year accolade. AWSUM News checked in with Luvo on his achievements and life journey to become the world champion in August this year. Q Congratulations on being awarded both SA Sportsman of the Year and SA Sports Star of the Year. What do these accolades mean to you? A It is huge. I says to me that my country recognises my achievements. it’s a huge moment to be honoured like this. Q You hail from Paarl. Tell us a bit about your school years and hometown. A I played a lot of sport at school, at Desmond Tutu Secondary School in Mbekweni. I was really just a normal kid who enjoyed sport more than anything.

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AWSUM News is distributed to the following schools in SOUTHERN CAPE:

AWSUM News is published by the TieMedia Group, Jock de Villiers Office Building, 376 Main Road, Paarl, 7646. 021 000 1705

Primary Schools: Outeniqua, Park, Hartenbos, George Voorbereiding, Volschenk, George-Suid. High Schools: Punt, Glenwood House, Langenhoven Gimnasium, York, Outeniqua, Langenhoven, Oakdale Landbouskool, Oudtshoorn, Langenhoven, Albertinia.

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

Q What are your future aspirations? What is the one thing you would really like to achieve? The big dream? A I want to win the Olympic gold medal. And I want gold at the World Indoors, the Commonwealth Games, the Continental Cup and the African Cup. Then I would have won everything. I am still getting there. It will be like winning the grand slam of athletics. Q What goes through your mind the moment before you start a jump? A I zone out. I see myself making the jump and landing on the other side. Q What do you do in your leisure time? A I mostly watch cartoons. I also go to entertainment parks, for activities such as bowling. Q What makes your heart beat faster when you are away from the athletics field? A My girlfriend, Khomotso Mamburu. She is a very special person in my life. She means a lot to me. She is also an athlete. She plays Free State softball and has been the player of the tournament in the Varsity Cup. Q What message do you have for our readers (high-school kids) about life and how to achieve their dreams? A Keep on working hard. Go to school and study hard. You are the future.


Matthew Mole Hamper! Die Matthew Mole Hamper gaan na Leonard Strydom. Baie geluk!!


Evertsdal Guesthouse Imke Lombard kan uitsien na ‘n naweek vir twee! Geniet dit!


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Sportsterre van 2017

Grondslagfase Trofeewenners

HP Muller - Junior Redenaar, Miike Scholtz - Junior Dogtersatleet & Jadon Fourie - Junior Seunsatleet.

VOOR: Xanthé Steyn, Lara Lubbe, Kristen Steyn (Sportdogter 2017) Morné Scheepers (Sportseun 2017) en Jurgen van Staden. AGTER: Elizma van Wyk, Jorik Meyer, Vanya Coetzee, Loudré Pretorius, Christopher Oliphant. AFWESIG: Mieke Theron.

Trofeewenners Baie geluk aan ons Seniorfase se Trofeewenners.

Rugbyspan vaar goed Mnr. Gerrit Nel se 0/9A rugbyspan is aangewys vir die span wat die “Beste vordering” getoon het vir 2017.

VOOR: Zandri van Greunen, Gratia Pauw en Nina Fourie. MIDDEL: Deon Viljoen, Anja Goosen, Marnich Steyn en FJ Bezuidenhout. AGTER: Jurgen van Staden, Celeste Johnson, Margrette Conradie, Jana Basson, Christelle Kock en Hannah Boshoff.


VOOR: Tiaan Lemmer, Matthew Bossert, Charl Odendaal, Nathan Burrows, Adriaan Smith met hulle Afrigter, Mnr. Gerrit Nel. AGTER: Curtis Campbell, Bjorn Jonker, Hannes Schoeman, Jesse Olivier en Tristan Brown.

(t) 044 691 1020/1 (e)

Grondslagfase Erkenningsaand Dinsdag, 7 November, was Laerskool Park se jaarlikse Grondslagfase Erkenningsaand waar Leerders Erkenning ontvang het vir onder andere Meriete Prestasies,

Uitmuntende Prestasies, Netheid en Beste vordering. Van die spesiale toekennings is onder andere: • Seunsatleet: Mark-Hein Fourie • Dogtersatleet: Suanne Steyn

Suanne Steyn en Mark-Hein Fourie.

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AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

Seniorfase Erkenningsaand Donderdag, 9 November was Laerskool Park se jaarlikse Senior Primêre Erkeningsaand waar die leerders pragtig presteer het! Tydens hierdie geleentheid is spesiale toekennings oorhandig en die hoofleiers vir 2018 is

aangekondig. Van hierdie Spesiale Toekennings is onder andere:

• Sportvrou – Jandri Snyders • Sportman – Pienie Pienaar • Mees veelsydigste Graad 7 leerder – Bertus Kruger • Dux leerder – Tanya Smit

Mees veelsydigste Graad 7 Leerder – Bertus Kruger.

Dux – Tanya Smit.

Sportvrou – Jandri Snyders.

Sportman – Pienie Pienaar.


(t) 028 713 1064 (e)

Volschenk hou Erkenningsaand Laerskool Volschenk het op 24 Oktober hul jaarlikse Erkenningsaand gehou waar erkenning vir harde werk gegee is, sowel as aan toppresteerders in die skool.




Toppresteerders VOOR: Ilke Muir (AMESA en Voortrekkertrofee vir uitsonderlike kultuurprestasie), Chanique Cloete (Sportvrou van die jaar vir skoolsporte) en Pieter Marais (Sportman van die jaar vir skoolsporte). AGTER: Janco Uys (Sportman: buitesporte), Michaela Crous (Sportvrou: buitesporte) en Sarise Oosthuizen (Duxleerder)

GEORGE VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL (t) 044 873 2885 (e) Skaakspan Ons skaakspan verwerf goud as die beste 0/9-span in die Weskaap.

Nasionale Kleure

Migael Swanepoel Migael Swanepoel het by die SAGA (South African Grappling Association) se gevegstoernooi te Stellenbosch weggestap met die titel van Nasionale Kampioen in die 0/6 – 0/7 gevegsdivisie. Hiermee kwalifiseer hy om in 2018 as deel van die SA-ontwikkelingspan deel te neem.

Twee van ons leerders, Quintus Lutsch en Marnu Marx, verwerf nasionale kleure vir PAMA abakus en hoofrekene.

Daniel du Plessis, Schalk Barnard, Jac du Plessis, Enrico Michaels, Cassidy Harker en Quintus Lutsch.

LAERSKOOL OUTENIQUA Kultuur & Skaak Tydens die Junior Prysuitdeling van Laerskool Outeniqua het Henco Bester die Marli Koekemoer Trofee verower vir Veelsydigheid in Kultuur. Hy wen in George die Jazz, Pop en Rock Junior-afdeling en wen ook die Veelsydigheid Junior-afdeling. Hy verower trofees vir albei. Wilco Coetsee het die trofee vir Skaak, Beste Junior seun, ontvang.

Henco Bester & Wilco Coetsee

Rugby Rowan Mafutu het die die beker verower vir Rugby, Beste Juniorspeler.

(t) 044 873 2292 (e)

Dux Leerling Trofee en Christiaan de Kock Skild Caro Giliomee is aangewys as die Top-presteerder in Gr 7 en ontvang die Dux Leerling Trofee. Carla Krüger ontvang die Christiaan de Kock skild vir hoogste prestasie in Gr 6.

Junior Prysuitdeling Baie geluk aan al hierdie pryswenners wat tydens die Junior Prysuitdeling van Laerskool Outeniqua trofeë gewen het.

SAS Outeniqua Skild Baie geluk aan Caro Giliomee en Juanette Spangenberg wat die SAS Outeniqua Skild deel. HIerdie trofee word toegeken aan ‘n leerder wat buitengewoon uitblink in Akademie, Leierskap en Sport.

Rugby Khanya Mfundisi ontvang die trofee vir Rugby en Leierskap. Marcel Strydom ontvang die trofee vir Rugby, Uitstaande Sportmanskap en Busisani Vilani ontvang die trofee vir Rugby, Beste Senior Speler. Khanya Mfundisi, Marcel Strydom en Busisani Vilani.

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

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NOVEMBER 2017/2018: RUGBY 11 November: England vs Argentina [England won 21-8] 11 November: Wales vs Australia [Wales won 29-21] 11 November: Ireland vs South Africa [Ireland won 38-3] 11 November: France vs New Zealand [New Zealand won 38-18 18 November: England vs Australia [England won 30-6] 18 November: Scotland vs New Zealand [New Zealand won 2218 November: France vs South Africa [South Africa won 18-17] 25 November: Italy vs South Africa [Stadio Euganeo, Padova] 15:0 25 November: Scotland vs Australia [Murrayfield, Edinburgh] 16:3 25 November: Wales vs New Zealand [Principality Stadium] 19:15 DECEMBER 2017: RUGBY 02 December: Wales vs South Africa [Principality Stadium] 16:30 01-02 December: Dubai Sevens 09-10 December: Cape Town Sevens


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DECEMBER 2017: CRICKET 26 December: South Africa vs Zimbabwe Test [St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth] 10:00



JANUARY 2018: CRICKET We are home to over 90 species Included in of amazing animals & open 365 days of the year!! 05 January: South Africa vs India Test [PPC Newlands,


Included in W e also off with one o

Ou and our r W e also offer o scenes and per

W e



o Capeone Town] 10:00 Celebrating 30 years of conservation efforts and success we with guarantee Ou a fantastic experience for all ages. and r e 13 January: Southour Africa vs India Test [SuperSport Park,

Located in O of the

W e also offer on scenes and pers

Included in your visit is full day access & an exciting guided tour of the facility. Centurion] 10:00 We also offer a unique encounter program which allows you a magic moment Located in O 24 January: of South Africa vs India Test [Bidvest Wanderers the G with one of our ambassador animals to help ignite awareness for their plight. Our KidZone offer hours of entertainment for the tiny tots, and our restaurant and tuck shop caters for breakfast, lunch or snack time! We also offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences on our VIP tours, which include behind the scenes and personalized tours for those looking to learn more and get up-close and personal with our precious animals. Located in Oudtshoorn, we form part of Route 62 and are surrounded by some of the Garden Routes’ best accommodation and activities which adds even more reasons to add us to your itinerary.

Stadium, Johannesburg] 10:00

JANUARY 2018: GOLF 11-14 January: BMW SA Open Championship [Glendower Golf Club, Gauteng] JANUARY 2018: TENNIS 16 January: Australian Open [Melbourne, Australia]

Mosselbaai Toyota | Tel: 044 606 5800


HEDULE 2017 - 2018



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HOËRSKOOL LANGENHOVEN (t) 028 713 1065 (e)

Dorette En Lize-Mari Palm Akademiese Trofees In Dorette Bester, toppresteerder van graad 12 en LizeMari Marais, in die tweede plek, staan trots by al hulle toekennings. Dorette is die toppresteerder in Afrikaans Huistaal, Besigheidstudies, Lewensoriëntering, Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie, Rekeningkunde en Wiskunde. Sy het ‘n diploma vir Engels Eerste Addisionele Taal ontvang en het ‘n gemiddelde akademiese prestasie van 93.1%, waarvoor akademiese volkleure weer eens aan haar toegeken is. Dorette ontvang die Maraisbeker vir beste prestasie in Afrikaans Huistaal, die Riversdal Juweliersbeker vir Besigheidstudie Gr.12, die Handelshuisbeker vir beste prestasie in Wiskunde, die Wesbeker vir beste prestasie in Lewensoriëntering, die ENB Beker vir beste prestasie in Rekeningskunde, die Intellect-beker vir beste prestasie in

Liza Ontvang Henstock Trofee Liza Gerber, ‘n graad 12-leerder, het die Henstock trofee vir die beste prestasie in ‘n nie-skoolsport ontvang. Liza het nasionale kleure vir perdry verwerf.

RTT Gr.12 en die Ferreira-beker vir beste prestasie in Gr.12. Lize-Mari kry ‘n medalje vir Hoofdogter van die koshuis, sy is die toppresteerder in Fisiese Wetenskap, Lewenswetenskap, Toerisme en Addisionele Wiskunde. Sy het diplomas vir Afrikaans Huistaal, Engels Eerste Addisionele Taal, Lewensoriëntering, Rekeningkunde en Wiskunde ontvang. Lize-Mari het ‘n gemiddelde akademiese prestasie van 91.9%, waarvoor akademiese volkleure weer eens aan haar toegeken is. Lize-Mari ontvang die Oakhurst Gastehuis-trofee vir die beste prestasie in Toerisme – Gr.12, die Krugerbeker vir beste prestasie in Fisiese Wetenskap, die Elmarie Vosloo-beker vir beste prestasie in Lewenswetenskap en die Tuinroete Wynboutique beker vir die beste prestasie in Wiskunde en Fisiese Wetenskap Gr.12.

Sportman En Sportvrou Van Die Jaar

Christie Coetzee Trofee Vir Beste Prestasie In Skoolsport Adunaike Herling, ‘n graad 11-leerder, het tydens die skool se jaarlikse Erkenningsaand die Christie Coetzee trofee vir die beste prestasie in ‘n skoolsport ontvang. Adunaike het die Wes-Kaap O/16 Willows verteenwoordig en sy en haar span is as die SAkampioenspan aangewys en die goue medalje gewen! Sy is dus in die beste O/16 netbalspan in die land.

Jowin Pieterse en Andrie Swart is tydens die Erkenningsaand onderskeidelik as Sportman en Sportvrou van die jaar aangewys.

LANGENHOVEN GIMNASIUM (t) (044) 272 2151 (e) Top 3 van Graad 8 tot 12 Baie geluk aan die Top 3 leerders vir graad 8 tot 12.

Graad 8

Graad 9

Lilani Nel, Hannelize Olivier en Welmari Delport.

Graad 11

Helette du Plessis, Anna-Mart Schutte en Mia O’Kelly.

Tiana van Rensburg, Charlissa Schultz en Corne Jonck.

Graad 10

Liza Human, Share Lund en Natasha Williams.

Graad 12

Minette Steyn, Helena van Heerden en Niel Els.

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

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(t) 044 873 0776 (e)

York High School Prizegiving 2017


(t) 028 735 1018 (e)

Erkenningsaand 135 leerders van Hoërskool Albertinia is Donderdagaand 12 Oktober tydens hul Erkenningsaand vir uitstaande prestasies in Akademie, Sport en Kultuur gedurende die jaar vereer. Die top akademiese presteerders in gr. 1 tot 7 is aangewys. Die leerders is: Zane Cronje (gr. 1), Danelle Oosthuizen (gr. 2), Leigh- Quin Eksteen (gr. 3), Cloe Els (gr. 4), Nelmari la Grange (gr. 5), Jo Melia Taute (gr. 6) en Kayla Els (gr. 7). Verskeie leerders van gr. 8 tot 12 het vakdiplomas ontvang. Ian Oosthuizen in gr. 12 is as Dux- leerder vir 2017 aangewys.

Deacon Riddles is as Laerskool Sportman aangewys en Emile Damons as Hoërskool Sportman. Anwar Saayman het die beker ontvang vir Volharding in Rugby en Sibongokuhle Kahlulo vir die Grootste Bydrae tot Netbal. Kleuretoekennings is aan 12 leerders gemaak wat op die sportveld presteer het. Tydens die geleentheid is die Laerskool Leiers en VRL vir 2018 aangewys. Die Hoofleier vir 2018 is Sibongokuhle Kahlulo met Jaques Ferus en Shenega Saayman as Onderhoofleiers. Die skool bedank graag alle donateurs wat die geleentheid ondersteun het!

VOOR: Zané Cronje (graad 1), Danelle Oosthuizen (graad 2), Lee-Quin Eksteen (graad 3). AGTER: Chloe Els (Graad 4), Nelmari La Grange (graad 5), Jomelia Taute (graad 6), Kayla Els (Graad 7).

VACANCIES Sales Executives

WONDER JY WAT OM TE DOEN OOR NAWEKE? Kyk wat gebeur wanneer in jou omgewing op jou skool se AWSUM App. Beskikbaar op Google Play & Apple Store Kliek op Events Page 10

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

TieMedia, a fast-growing print, digital and mobile media company, is looking for enthusiastic and motivated advertising sales consultants to join our team in the Southern Cape region. The job Selling advertising space across our media platforms: • AWSUM News School newspaper distributed monthly in 13 regions countrywide to parents via the learners • AWSUM Mobile App School app that is an essential information tool for schools, learners, teachers and the community The ideal candidate You are confident, well organised and can work independently and in a team. You have a strong sales approach and the ability to drive new business, develop existing relationships and hit agreed sales targets. You are also an excellent communicator with solid client care skills and attention to detail. A thorough understanding of digital advertising sales is your unique advantage. The requirements • Own, reliable car and driver’s licence • Two or more years’ experience in sales • Computer literate • Own laptop • Professional appearance and able to manage time effectively Forward your CV to | Closing date for applications: 1 Desember 2017


(t) 044 871 4643 (e)

College Prestigious Awards 2017 Sport • Junior Sportsman of the Year: Callie Swanevelder • Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Kirsten Barbour • Senior Sportsman of the Year: Bradley de Beer Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Madison Solomon • Inter-House Trophy: Courtenay The Arts • Performing Art Student of the Year (Music and Song): Esmeralda Roon • Performing Art Student of the Year (Speech and Drama): Jayden Maree • Performing Art Student of the Year (Dance and Ballet): Genévieve Young • Performing Art Student of the Year (Allrounder): Caera Grindlay Academic • Mathematics Award: Joshua Lochner • Physical Science Award: Joshua Lochner • Mark Chimes Award: Daniel le Roux, Daniel Lochner, Sara Young • School Dux: Joshua Lochner Environment • Woodwise Environmental Award: Amber Bird Leadership • Leadership Trophy: Joshua Barrett, Amber Bird Special Awards • Determination and Perseverance: Sara Young, Seth Young • Lions Award for Service above Self: Amber Bird, Shannon Wurdeman

• Berman ‘Blue Blood Glenwoodian’: Daniel Lochner • Kerr Trophy for Excellence: Joshua Lochner • Rose Trophy for Integrity: Robert Hill • The Dennis Symes Spirit Award: Samantha Barbour, Joshua Barrett • Headmaster’s Award: Amber Bird HONOURS BLAZERS Re-awards: • Samantha Barbour (Sport, Service 2017, Academics 2016) • Amber Bird (Academic, Service, Enviro, ½ Sport 2017) • Robert Hill (Academic, Service, Enviro, ½ Sport 2017) • Julia Kohler (Academics, Culture, Service (2017) • Daniel Lochner (Academics, Culture, Service, ½ Sport 2017) • Joshua Lochner (Sport, Service, Academics 2017, Culture 2016) • Danae Marais (Sport, Service 2017, Culture 2016) • Jayden Maree (Academics, Culture, Service 2017) • Mignon van der Watt (Academics, Sport, Service 2017) • Tamera Wessels (Academics, Sport Service 2017) • Shannon Wurdeman (Academics, Service, ½ Sport 2017, ½ Culture 2016) New awards: • Kiandra Pillay (Service, Academics, ½ Sport 2017, ½ Culture 2016)

Preparatory Sports and Culture Awards 2017 The Glenwood House Preparatory Sports and Culture Awards was held at Hope Church on Thursday, 16 November.

The Cultural awards were presented to Lindy Prinsloo - Dance trophy and Overall Cultural trophy, Oyama Bhengu - Art trophy, Carmen Musiker - Choir trophy, Claire du Preez -Gratz - Music trophy and Carmen Booyens - Drama trophy.

The Sportswoman of the year award was presented to Taylin Lincow and the Sportman of the year award was presented to Daniel van der Merwe.

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

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(t) 028 713 2549 (e)

Oakdale Erken Prestasies Tydens die jaarlikse erkenningsgeleentheid is aan 283 leerders erkenning gegee vir akademiese prestasies. Die 118 leerders wat gedurende die jaar provinsiale en nasionale kleure in sport verwerf het, is ook vereer. Agri Expo het ‘n bedrag van R25 000 geskenk wat verdeel is onder 32 leerders vir uitsonderlike en verdienstelike prestasies. Die Senior- en Junior Dux-leerder vir 2017 was onderskeidelik Koos Botha in graad 12 en Stefan Marais in graad 10.

Oakdale Dux-leerders: Koos Botha en Stefan Marais.

Die 2017-hoofseun, Jan-Hendrik van Wyk, het die ambassadeursbeker ontvang, en Jay-Cee Nel is as die Sportman van die Jaar aangewys. Een van die hoogtepunte van die aand was die oorhandiging van ‘n studiebeurs aan Jan-Hendrik van Wyk deur die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, toegeken vir ‘n voornemende 2018-student wat in die Landbouwetenskappe aan hierdie universiteit gaan studeer. Die sporthoogtepunt van die aand was die

Spesiale toekennings vir 2017: VOOR: Willem Odendal (Netheid), Bernard Maritz (Jantjie Horn-trofee) en Gido van Eeden (Beste prestasie in Landboubestuurspraktyk gr. 12). AGTER: Keano Hendricks (Willem Wiese-toekenning), Russell Pratt (Integriteit) en Jan-Hendrik van Wyk (ambassadeurstrofee, asook US-studiebeurs).

Oakdale Sportbekers: VOOR: Beste prestasie in skolesport - 560kg-toutrekspan: Petrie Frick, Pierre Blignaut, FC Kriel, Koos Botha, Matthys Swart, Johan Swart, Tiaan Conradie, André Matthee, JJ v.d. Vyver. RY 2: Vernon Paulo (beste junior rugbyspeler), Chrisjan Oosthuizen (beste prestasie: jeugskou), Willem Wessels (beste senior tennisspeler), De Wet Theunissen (beste prestasie in skolesport: 560kg-toutrekspan), Henk Pienaar (beste gholfspeler), Philip Kleynhans (veelsydigste atleet, junior Victor Ludorum) en Janco Klinck (senior Victor Ludorum). RY 3: Dewald le Grange (beste junior toutrekker), Jesse Adams (beste junior krieketspeler), Duther Theron (beste junior tennisspeler), Christiaan Theunissen (beste prestasie: buitesport), Simon le Roux (vordering in sport) en Hanno Strauss (beste senior muurbalspeler). AGTER: Russell Pratt (beste prestasie deur atleet), Clyde Lewis (veelsydigheid in sport), (Neil le Roux mees belowende gr. 8-rugbyspeler), Erik Brand (hoofdirigent) en Christie van Greunen (beste junior muurbalspeler). AFWESIG: Marius Coetzee (skaakspeler van die jaar), Jay-Cee Nel (beste senior krieketspeler, beste senior rugbyspeler, Sportman van die Jaar) en Hanro van Rooyen (geestelike leier in sport).

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oorhandiging van nasionale kleure in toutrek aan 10 leerders. Hierdie span het ook ‘n silwermedalje by die wêreldkampioenskap in Southport, Engeland, verwerf. Dié Oakdalers se ouers is die geleentheid gebied om hul Protea/Springbokkleurbaadjie aan hul seun te oorhandig. Die nuwe hoofleiers vir 2018 is ook aangekondig. Le Roux Pepler is as hoofseun aangewys, terwyl Hanro van Rooyen as adjunkhoofseun aangewys is.

AWSUM NEWS Achievers’ Edition 2017

Landbouweekbladmedalje-toekenning: De Wet Denkema (beste prestasie in Landbouwetenskap).

Oakdale Agri Expo: VOOR: Mnr. Pieter van Wyk (Agri Expo), Henu Pretorius (tweede klasposisie gr. 9), Bernard Maritz (verdienstelikheid gr. 11), Hanro van Rooyen (beste prestasie Landboubestuurspraktyk, eerste klasposisie gr. 11), Christie van Greunen (verdienstelikheid gr. 8) en Gabri Volschenk (verdienstelikheid gr. 9). TWEEDE RY: Stefan Marais (beste prestasie – Landbouwetenskap gr. 10)), Nico Bester (beste prestasie Landbouwetenskap gr. 9), Tiaan Viljoen (beste prestasie Landbouwetenskap tweede klasposies gr. 8), Jacobus Esterhuyse (derde klasposisie gr. 8), Jaco Pienaar (eerste klasposisie gr. 8) en Estian Kritzinger (eerste klasposisie gr. 9). DERDE RY: Henk Smit (beste prestasie in Landboutegnologie, tweede klasposisie gr. 10), Vernon Paulo (verdienstelikheid gr 10), Jesse Adams (verdienstelikheid gr. 9), Armandt Baard (derde klasposisie gr. 9), Petrie Frick (beste prestasie Landboutegnologie gr. 11), Stephan van der Berg (verdienstelikheid gr. 11) en Willem Wessels (beste prestasie Landbouwetenskap en tweede klasposisie gr. 11). AGTER: Pierre Blignaut (beste prestasie Landboutegnologie gr. 12), Austin Adams (verdienstelikheid gr. 12), Luan Lategan (verdienstelikheid gr. 12), Koos Botha (Dux leerder gr. 12), Russell Pratt (derde klasposisie gr. 12), Gido van Eeden (beste prestasie Landboubestuurspraktyk gr. 12), De Wet Denkema (beste prestasie Landbouwetenskap en tweede klasposisie gr. 12) en Armand du Toit (derde klasposisie gr. 11). AFWESIG: Kurtley Kiewiet (verdienstelikheid gr. 8), Morné Fuls (verdienstelikheid gr. 10), Thomas Adam (beste prestasie Landboubestuurspraktyk gr. 10) en Sybrand M van Dyk (derde klasposisie gr. 10).

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Southern Cape(December 2017) Primary - High Schools  

Southern Cape(December 2017) Primary - High Schools  

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