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Slaggereed skool toe 15 Januarie was `n groot dag vir baie van ons AWSUM-lesers. -


Hobbies = Balance in 2014



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e h t l l a t u o k c e Ch s w e n l o o h c s t s late inside

Graad 8’s reg vir die hoërskool

Die Graad 1’s het hulle eerste skooldag oorleef Graad 8’s was met groot opgwondenheid hoërskool toe Die Graad 7’s eindig hulle laerskool-loopbaan in 2014 voor hulle die hoërskool aandurf Die Graad 12’s begin 2014 planne maak vir na-skool. En moenie vergeet van al die pa’s en ma’s wat die kinders moes afsien skool toe nie.’

Almal is slaggereed vir die jaar wat voorlê! Ons deel graag met julle `n paar fotos van die eerste skooldag van 2014 en vanaf die AWSUM redaksie span wens ons elke leser `n AWSUM jaar toe!

Opgewonde in Graad 1






Hobbies = Balance in 2014 One New Year’s resolution all of us should keep is to have a proper work or school - life balance. •

• •

Don’t make procrastination the thief of your time. Get up from the couch and make 2014 AWSUM! Choosing your hobby Hobbies should never interfere with time spent working or with time spent with the family. Write down you schedule to find time that you can devote to your hobby. Hobbies for the family The whole family can participate in a hobby. Here are a few options: • If you like adventure and exploration, try hiking or camping • Establish your own movie club and watch a movie once a week. Make popcorn, put on your pj’s and then talk about the movie afterwards. • Scrapbooking is also a popular family hobby. Print family photos and decorate scrapbook pages together. More hobbies to choose from: • Gardening: whether you live in the

• • • •

city or countryside, it’s easy to enjoy gardening. Photography is the perfect hobby for someone with a creative eye. Search online for a photography course near you. Learn to play an instrument. There are so many to choose from! Is your New Year resolution to lose weight? Maybe it’s time to join an organised sport. • Master a new language! • Sign up for pottery or cooking classes

Maybe you are more a peopleperson and enjoy meeting new people. Take a hobby that involves other people: • Wine Tasting • Flea markets Bingo Bowling Team sports Book Clubs

If you want to be certain, you should never get married. You should never change jobs. In fact, you might as well just stay home. Because I don’t know anybody who is certain. That need to be certain is just procrastination. Mark Burnett

Balancing work and life means making time for work, making time for family and making time for yourself and when you choose a hobby you can find a way to express your personal interests. Other advantages include time to relax to reduce stress levels, a physical hobby can promote exercise and you can also find new skills and uncover hidden talents. You may also meet new friends, keep your brain sharp or make money. The benefits are endless.

Tick this list in 2014 Sometimes, the smallest of household tasks are overlooked therefore the New Year signifies a fresh start in the home and is the perfect time to check them all off your list. Here are 10 simple but essential housekeeping chores you might not have remembered to do: 1. Rotate your mattress at least once a year. 2. Feather, down, and synthetic pillows should be washed once a year to eliminate oils, residue, dead skin, and dust that inevitably settle in the pillows and make them sag. 3. If you don’t remember changing your toothbrush within the last six months, change them all. 4. Now is a good time to take stock of your inventory and replace, repurpose, or give away any linens that are worn, ripped, stained, or otherwise unused, collecting dust in the closet. 5. Refresh closet sachets, or make new ones. 6. UV rays are an excellent (and green and free) source of disinfectant. You can’t exactly throw a rug into the washer, but you can easily haul it outside, fling it over a railing (or on a clean surface), and give it a few hours in direct sun to air it out and kill any bacteria in the fibers. 7. Rugs placed near windows and doors will eventually fade from the bright, hot rays streaming in (even if it’s indirect light), so it’s important to spin them around 180 degrees (after you air them out, of course!) and expose the other side to sun for even fading. 8. Give your cutting boards a good scrub using our all-natural solution, then oil them up to ensure they’ll last through the next holiday season. 9. Gather up your unused canned goods, ill-fitting clothes, outgrown toys, obsolete electronics, and recent gifts you have a feeling you’ll never use, and drop them off at the appropriate food banks, charities, thrift stores, or electronic recycling centers. 10. To be prepared for tax time (and maybe give yourself a little motivation), clean out your receipt drawer to make room for new receipts.

Editor Meinette van der Walt 021 872 3880 | Graphic Designer Lizelle Esterhuyzen 021 872 3880 | AWSUM News is distributed to the following schools:

BOLAND: Primary schools: Worcester Noord, Courtrai, Noord-Eind, Hugenote, Worcester Oos, Paarl Girls’, Worcester Voorbereiding, Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl Boys’, WA Joubert, Hugo Rust High Schools: Paarl Gimnasium, HTS Drostdy, Paarl Girls’ High, Montana, Worcester Gimnasium, Paarl Boishaai, Swartland, Boland Landbou, La Rochelle, New Orleans

HELDERBERG: Primary schools: Stellenbosch, Eikestad, Beaumont, De Hoop, Somerset College, Hendrik Louw, Lochnerhof, Somerset West Primary High Schools: Paul Roos, PJ Olivier Kunssentrum, Stellenbosch, Bloemhof, Rhenish, Parel Vallei, Somerset College, Hottentots Holland

SOUTHERN CAPE: Primary schools: Park, Hartenbos, George Voorbereiding, Outeniqua, Albertinia, Wesbank, Van Rheede, Oudtshoorn Noord, van der Hoven, Hartenbos, Volschenk, Blanco, Knysna, George-Suid, Glenwood High Schools: Outeniqua, PW Botha, York, Albertinia, Punt, Oudtshoorn, Langenhoven Gimnasium, Knysna, Langenhoven Riversdal, Glenwood

NORTHERN SUBURBS: Primary schools: De Kuilen, Labiance, Bellville Noord, Mikro, De Tyger, Welgemoed, Fanie Theron, Aristea Edgemead, Brackenfell, Durbanville Voorbereiding, Gene Louw High Schools: HTS Bellville, Belville, Brackenfell, DF Malan, Tygerberg, Eben Donges, Stellenberg, Settlers, Durbanville, De Kuilen

CONSULTANTS Boland: Theo Smouse| 072 947 7325| Helderberg: Debbie Germishuys 076 198 9171| Ayesha Brinkhuis | 071 898 9522 | Southern Cape: Nic Papenfus | 073 190 2650 | Rika Papenfus | 083 320 8753 | Northern Suburbs: Liza Schreuder | 076 614 2317 | Christo Brits | 084 616 0876 | Visit our website at AWSUMNews - Find us on Facebook!

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One of a kind care at Durbanville Pelvic Unit The pelvic floor is an integrated network of muscle fibres and associated connective tissue, which spans the area beneath the pelvis to support and protect many of the vital organs of the lower body including the vagina, bladder, rectum and uterus. As with any intricate mechanism, it can weaken over time through natural processes such as childbirth and ageing, leading to the development of certain medical conditions. Given the complex nature of the pelvic floor, these problems often require multidisciplinary medical intervention. The Durbanville Pelvic Unit (DPU) is the only practice of its kind in the Western Cape, offering a holistic approach to treating the pelvic floor through a carefully crafted combination of diverse

highly-skilled healthcare professionals and cutting-edge technology.

best course of treatment in consultation with their doctors.

Three specialists – drs Wynand Truter (gynaecologist), Frikkie Rademan (specialist surgeon) and Gawie Bruwer (urologist) – pool their skills to formulate a comprehensive treatment regimen for patients. Their expertise is complemented by the services of two physiotherapists, a dietician, a psychologist, a gastroenterologist and two radiologists.

The practice’s philosophy is to offer the best standard of care. Therefore they opted to set up the unit at Mediclinic Durbanville, a hospital well-known for its quality of care and technological leadership. In addition, the DPU has invested in the most advanced instrumentation including a 3D sonar, which is used as a standard procedure in every examination. Colonoscopies (colon camera), cystoscopies (bladder camera), defecograms (bowel and pelvis X-ray) and manometries (muscle test for the pelvis and nerves) are also routinely carried out for specific indications. All these tests form part of a full diagnostic work-up to ensure

This approach is highly effective, providing patients with insight on their condition across a wide range of disciplines. Based on this sound medical advice, patients are able to make an informed decision on the

the best therapy option for each patient. Keeping up with the latest developments in the field is another priority and the doctors regularly attend workshops. They are also able to call upon world-renowned pelvic floor surgeon, Professor Peter von Theobold, who acts as an expert advisor to the team. Due to the proven scientific approach taken by the unit and the long-term benefits to patients, medical aids do cover a number of laproscopic procedures offered at the practice. To find out more about the extensive and thorough services offered by the DPU, visit

Jean de Villiers shares tips on how to ensure a healthy new year

Gehoorverlies by kinders

“As a professional rugby player, it is very important for me to eat the right food and stay in shape,” says Jean de Villiers, Captain of the national rugby team and Resolution Health Medical Scheme representative. “Apart from the set meals compiled by our fitness trainer when we are on tour, I try to eat four to six small meals which include fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a balance of protein and carbohydrates when at home. Obviously I try to steer clear of junk foods but do spoil myself occasionally with a pizza. After all everyone deserves a treat every now and again.”

Daar is 2 tipes gehoorverlies in kinders: geleidings doofheid a.g.v abnormale geleiding van klank na die binne-oor of sensori-neurale gehoorverlies a.g.v verminderde funksie van die binne-oor self. Alhoewel geleidingsdoofheid die algemeenste oorsaak vir gehoorverlies is (4% van skoolkinders), is sensori-neurale gehoorverlies (0.3%) die ernstigste en meer permanente oorsaak.

According to de Villiers, eating foods that are low in calories do not necessarily mean you are doing the right thing for your body. “The foods you include in your diet need to be nutritious and provide energy that is sustainable. For example, when we are doing intense training I take some whey protein and glutamine supplements to help with recovery. It also assists me to be fresh for the next day’s training,” he says. De Villiers also highlighted the importance of exercise in leading a healthy lifestyle, particularly in light of a recent survey finding that 49% of South Africans do not exercise at all. “You don’t necessarily have to visit the gym five times a week to work on your fitness levels. You can incorporate exercise into your hobbies as well. For example, apart from my rigorous training schedule, I like to be active during my

downtime by playing a round of golf with my mates and walking my dogs. In fact, an average 18-hole round of golf requires anything between three and five hours of walking, translating into a good workout while doing what you love most. “Training forms a very big part of my life and in a normal week we would have six to 10 training sessions and then a game on the weekend. A typical training session would include spending time in the gym combined with on-field sessions. Each session would last anything from 60min to 120min and the intensity would vary,” says De Villiers. Healthy adults should ideally aim for 30minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per day, five times a week with the aim being to increase the resting heart rate for the entire period. This threshold is usually around 180 beats per minute minus your age, provided the individual is otherwise healthy.

Tydelike gehoorverlies a.g.v Eustachiese buis wanfunksie (vog in die middeloor) of middeloor infeksies is algemeen en word behandel met medikasie of ventilasie buisies. Permanente gehoorverlies is dikwels teenwoordig met geboorte maar in ongeveer 10-20% van gevalle van gehoorverlies word dit na geboorte opgedoen. Die risiko faktore vir sensori-neurale gehoorverlies sluit in: familie geskiedenis van doofheid, sekere infeksies tydens swangerskap (rubella, pampoentjies, meningitis), sekere medikasies wat die binne-oor mag aantas, sekere sind rome geassosieer met gehoorverlies, komplikasies tydens/ na geboorte, prematuriteit, lae APGAR telling, erge geelsug en hoofbeserings. Indien babas enige van hierdie risiko faktore het moet gehoortoetse aangevra word. In 20-30% van gevalle is die oorsaak egter onbekend. Die persentasie van gehoorverlies hang van die ouderdom van aankoms en graad van gehoorverlies af. Erge gehoorverlies word

gewoonlik teen 6-9 maande vasgestel. Matiger gehoorverlies presenteer gewoonlik met spraak en taal agterstand, gedragsprobleme of swak skoolvordering. Indien n kind spesifiek met spraak agterstand sukkel moet gehoortoetse in die eerste instansie gedoen word. Hoe vinniger gehoorverlies, veral erge sensori- neurale¬ gehoorverlies opgetel word, hoe vinniger kan behandeling begin word en hoe beter die uitkoms vir die kind. Kinders met doofheid benodig ook spesiale onderrig en skole vir gehoor gestremde kinders is daar om hierdie funksies te verrig.




Wellness Beauty


Be sure to get your sleep this year An increase in the amount and quality of shut-eye should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list as numerous studies have proven the physical and emotional health benefit of getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night. This is according to Doctor Jacques Snyman, clinical advisor for Resolution Health Medical Scheme. “Various studies have proven the power of regular, sufficient and quality sleep with results showing a marked increase in memory, learning, creativity, productivity, emotional stability and physical health. In fact, the Ryerson University of Toronto found that curing insomnia in people with depression doubled their chance of a full recovery,” Snyman highlights. It can even help you to lose weight with a Brigham Young University study revealing that higher quality sleep of 8.5 hours a night is associated with a lower body fat percentage. An inadequate amount of sleep can also result in a number of negative implications

for one’s health, including obesity, hypertension, heart and blood vessel disease and diabetes, as well as possible harmful effects on mental health. Sleeping tips • Where possible, stick to a regular routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time • Incorporate a relaxing pre-sleep ritual into your daily routine. Examples include having a warm bath, reading a book or having a warm cup of herbal tea • Exercise daily • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and heavy meals 2 – 3 hours before bedtime • Create a sleep inducing environment: dark, quiet and cool Getting sufficient sleep is one of the easiest ways to improve your lifestyle and basic health. Thankfully, it’s a rather enjoyable activity to add to your New Year’s Resolution list and not hard to incorporate into your everyday life.

Live healthy with your own vegetable garden Wouldn’t we all love to cook with organic vegetables, but our busy schedules force us to buy not so fresh veggies from the local supermarket. Growing your own vegetable garden isn’t only a fun-filled activity, but also rewarding when you can cook out of your garden.

We share a few tips with you to get that garden going: 1. Soil For most types of gardens, the perfect soil is a quality light loam made up of nutrientrich organic matter and a composition of relatively equal amounts of sand, silt and clay. In general, the more organic matter the better. 2. Which is better – seeds or seedlings? It’s certainly easier to start your vegetable

garden by planting directly into the garden, by-passing indoor seed starting and transplanting. However some vegetables take several months to mature from seed, so it’s just not practical to direct sow them in the garden where the growing season is short. That’s why, when it comes to long season plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, most gardeners either start their own plants indoors or purchase seedlings from the nursery.

Have a great 2014 with us! c/o Aurora en Burton Street, Aurora, Durbanville Tel: 021 975 9730 | Fax: 021 975 9731

3.Garden VS Containers and pots You don’t need a plot of land to grow fresh vegetables. Many vegetables lend themselves well to container gardening. With some thought to selecting bush or dwarf varieties, almost any vegetable can be adapted to growing in a pot.. 4.No space? Do it indoors! Growing edibles indoors gives you yearround access to seasonal favourites.






g out)

Cut out this cycling and race calendar to stick to your new years resolutions Cycling events:


em Vir di

missin (Fear of

Do you suffer from FOMO? No need to stress. Here is what’s happening in your area:




Saturday, 15 February

Cheetahs V Lions


Saturday, 15 February

Sharks V Bulls


Friday, 21 February

Crusaders V Chiefs


Friday, 21 February

Cheetahs V Bulls


Saturday, 22 February Saturday, 22 February Saturday, 22 February

Highlanders V Blues Brumbies V Reds Sharks V Hurricanes

19:35 19:40 17:05

Saturday, 22 February

Lions V Stormers


Sunday, 23 February

Waratahs V Force




ROUND 2 (BYE: Rebels)

Book your ticket! 1 - 5 March: Cricket at Newslands South Africa VS Australia (5-Day Test




Isuzu Ride the Rock

7 - 9 Feb


Lighthouse to Lighthouse MTB

8-9 Feb

Danger Point, Gansbaai



Races: Event

Spur Cape Summer Series 3 (Various) 29 Jan, 07:00

Constantia Greenbelts

Lion of Africa Half Marathon


1 Feb, 06:00

Spur Cape Summer Series 4 (Various) 2 Feb, 07:30

Lebanon Forest

Festivals: Who doesn’t love summer in the Western Cape! Don’t miss out on these festivals: Stellenbosch Wine Festival 24 Jan - 2 Feb Suidoosterfees 28 Jan - 2 Feb US Woordfees 6-16 Maart J&B


12 Feb, 06:15 Mountain Mill Mall, Worcester

Runner’s World Love Running

15 Feb, 07:30 Kirstenbosch Gardens

Die Boer

Cape Peninsula Marathon & Half M

16 Feb

Green Point

Love Run (Various)

16 Feb, 7:40

Dirtopia, Stellenbosch

Gino’s 10km Nite Race

19 Feb, 06:30 Coetzenberg, Stellenbosch

30 January 31 January 1 February 2 February 7 February 8 February 11 -13 February 14 February

Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts: 2 Feb

Fokofpolisiekar (PG)

9 Feb

Civil Twilight

16 Feb Freshlyground 23 Feb The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra

Markets in your area: Durbanville Craft Market


Willowbridge Slow Market (Tygervalley)

Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre

The Bay Harbour Market

Hout Bay

The Old Philippi Cement Factory Market

1 Cwango Crescent, CPT

Woodmill nigh Market


Route 44 Market

Audacia Farm, Stellenbosch

Wild Clover Market @ Wild Clover


Constantia Waldorf Organic Market

Constantia Waldorf School

Stellenbosch Slow Market

Oude Libertas Rd, Stellenbosch

Solms Delta Picnic Concerts 1 February

Robin Auld

8 February

Anton Goosen

15 February

Valiant Swart

22 February

Tribal Echo


Join in the celebration of the uocoming harvest time: Saturday 28 January Delheim Start of Harvest Festival Friday 24 February Robertson Hands-On festival Saturday 4 February Blessing of the Harvest at Moréson Wednesday 8 February Hannepoot Picking at De Krans Saturday 25 February Harvest Festival Grande Provence Harvest Saturday 25 February Ashton Kelder Hands-On Festival

Valentines 10 km Nite Race

For the more social people...

1 Feb 20

Harvest time!

Lianie May Rupert and the Thunderbirds Koos Kombuis Ray Dylan Nianell Kaleidoskoop Dowwe Dolla Jak de Priester

Get expotiure titi your area by advertititititititititititititititiTrends

titititi Ttitititi!


AWSUM Ttititititi titi ti tititititititi titi tititi AWSUM Ntitititititititi titititi titititititititi titititititititititititititititi tititititititititititititititititititititititititi tiOTORti | PROPERTY | tiHOPPING BtitiKET | PRODtiCTti & tiERVICEti | CLtititiIFIEDti tititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititi titititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititititi

Ctitititititi 021 872 3880 titi titititi titi tititititi titi tititititi@tititititititititititititi





Healthy lunchbox ideas for school or work Have a healthy approach for lunch in 2014. It is possible to pack your child a nutritious lunch box that will actually come home at the end of the day empty and eaten. The AWSUM Kombuis shares a few ideas. Homemade Granola Bars Preparation time: 2 hours

Frozen Fruit Cups Preparation time: 30 minutes

The Cafeteria Club Preparation time: 5 minutes

TIPS: • •

• Ingredients: • Ingredients:


• • •

• •

• •

1/2 cup peanut butter or sunbutter 1/3 cup honey 1/4 cup coconut oil (or another oil of your choice) 1 cup oats 1 cup total of any combination of: sesame seeds, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, mini chocolate chips

In a medium sized saucepan, melt together peanut butter, honey and coconut oil. Remove from heat and add one cup of oats. Choose your favorite combination of coconut flakes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit and mini chocolate chips, to equal a total of ONE CUP. (I just got out my one cup measuring cup and poured in the ingredients until the cup was full.) Pour in and stir well. Stir well, then spread mixture into a 8×8 or 9×4 pan. Chill for two hours, then cut into bars. Wrap in plastic wrap for a quick grab and go snack!


• • • •

2 cans crushed pineapple, undrained 2 packages frozen sweetened sliced strawberries, thawed 1 can fruit cocktail, undrained 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed 3/4 cup thawed lemonade concentrate 6 medium firm bananas, cubed

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Pour into foil-lined muffin cups or individual plastic beverage glasses. Freeze until solid. When ready to serve, thaw for 30-45 minutes before serving. (10 servings.)

Wrap: oven roasted turkey breast, low sodium ham, 1 slice crumbled center cut bacon, 1 tablespoon guacamole on half a whole wheat wrap and tomato mozzarella skewer (cut one lower sodium part-skim mozzarella stick into fourths and skewer with cherry tomatoes alternately) + 8 vanilla wafers.

Save the cheese for the skewers, and opt for tasty guacamole instead of mayo for the wrap. Slice the wrap into medallions and skewer on toothpicks for less mess at lunchtime.

morning tea


Sip & crunch


Lunch Box Planner MONDAY


• thursday


Think about what your child likes to eat at home and try to translate that into a lunch box option. Vegetables are often overlooked in the lunch box. Try cutting up some carrot sticks or putting in a handful of cherry tomatoes. While the humble apple is a great lunch box filler (sturdy and hard to squash), consider cutting softer fruit up and putting it into a smaller container for protection. Berries and kiwi fruit survive very well this way. Dairy can be hard to include, particularly in hot weather. If you can’t safely get a yoghurt into the lunch box, make sure you offer dairy when she comes home from school. Last night’s leftovers in a container with a small spoon can make a welcome change to the parade of endless sandwiches. Try putting together a small picnic in her lunch box - slices of tomato, ham, grated carrot, grated cheese and some bread and butter - so she can build her own sandwich. Stick to water in the drink bottle - most juices are full of sugar and make the drink-bottle smelly. They also don’t do a very good job of quenching thirst. Homemade pikelets are a great snack - easy to make ahead of time, they’re filling and don’t require any extra toppings.

<< PLAN AHEAD with this handy lunch box planner






Movies showing Watch the following movies at a cinema near you! 12 Years a Slave Frozen (3D) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Schuks! Your Country Needs You The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (3D) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty The Wolf of Wall Street

No persons under 18 (Violence, Prejudice) Parental Guidance No persons under 13 (Violence) Parental Guidance 7-9 (Language) PG 10-12 (Violence) Parental Guidance No persons under 16

SUDOKO 2 1 7 2



7 1 2

6 5 6 7

4 1




2 2 5

3 4 8


3 2 1 9

5 6




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Suffering from FOMO (Fear of missing out)? Be sure to get the AWSUM Events calendar for January and February inside!

Do customers know about your restaurant or take-away specials?

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Hoërskool Stellenberg

Settlers High School

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Hoërskool Bellville

Hoërskool Eben Donges

Hoërskool Tygerberg

Hoërskool DF Malan

Hoërskool Brackenfell


HTS Bellville

Interhouse athletics A most successful inter house athletics meeting was held on Friday, 17 January. The Blue team won both the athletics and the spirit cup. The Red team put in a valiant effort and managed to win the G17, G19 and B14 age groups. Seven new records were set. We wish to congratulate the following top performers: • The Senior Victor Ludorum - James Ockhuis • The Victrix Ludorum - Jamie-Lee Thorne. • Our junior winners are Lee-Roy Cameron and Amber Manchest.

Michaela Knoll, Enrico Hartenberg and Jaydene America in a carnival spirit (red team).

The Greek Warriors (blue team) won the athletics as well as the spirit trophy: Fazlyn Snyders, Thandi Myedi, Timoline Piedt and Kim Mentoor were the cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders in their carnival outfit were Ethan Fortuin and Brinley Fisher.

The winners in the 1500m and 3000m: Zachary Manual and Lee-Roy Cameron.

Camp The Representative Council of Learners and Matric Council training camp took place at the “CSV Watervalkampterrein” outside beautiful Tulbagh at the end of last year. Council members got to know nature, their team members and themselves better by doing numerous activities. Mr Johan Nel and Mrs Hildagard Lourens were the liaison teachers . Rugby The Bellville THS U19 Rugby squad have been involved in a strenuous pre-season training programme. The Squad was announced at the end of the 2013 season, and these players haven’t looked back. They have had several pool sessions, individual weight training regimes as well as fitness work of note. Along with coaches Therlow Pietersen and other guest coaches this group has undergone some tough times and still continues to put in loads of hard blood, sweat and tears into making 2014 a memorable rugby year

Welcome Grade 8’s! Good luck and welcome to all the new Gr 8’s! Welcome to your new family. More than 260 grade 8’s attended the weekend orientation camp at Bellville THS. The camp started after the Friday’s athletics and carried through to Sunday morning’s church service.

for HTS. “We as the coaches at HTS can see the change and excitement in our boys”.



2 JANUARY 2014

Hoërskool Stellenberg

Die beheerliggaam en personeel van Stellenberg wens die Matriekklas van 2013 baie geluk met hulle uitstekende uitslae Slaagsyfer - 99.7% 55

Leerders behaal ‘n A Simbool (18.4% van alle leerders) 82.9% van leerders kwalifiseer vir universiteitstoelating 99.7% vir tersiêre opleiding 2 leerders 7 A’s elk 518 vak - A’s 50% van alle vakke wat geskryf is het 70% gehaal Top - 5 Presteerders: 1. Chrisjan Wüst 2. Nicol Brand 3. Arina de Kock 4. Rebecca Steyn 5. Maré Cheminais

92.7% 92.3% 91.0% 90.7% 90.7%

Chrisjan Wüst

Leerders wat ‘n top - 10 posisie in hulle vak behaal het: 1. Rebecca Steyn Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal 1. Chrisjan Wüst Informasietegnologie 4. James Brandt Besigheidstudies 6. Heinri Schutte Wiskunde: waarskynlikheid, datahantering 8. Maré Cheminais Wiskunde: waarskynlikheid, datahantering 9. Nicol Brand isiXhosa Tweede Addisionele Taal 10. Andisa Mbambisa isiXhosa Tweede Addisionele Taal

Ons sien uit na:

Nicol Brand

Studenteraad 2014 Die Studenteraad van Hoërskool Stellenberg is vuur en vlam aan die gang en opgewonde vir wat 2014 inhou. SMK Wêreldkoorspele in Riga (Latvia)


MTBS 2014

Rugby toer na Italië

Hokkietoer na Nederland


Hulle pak die jaar aan met ‘n projek genaamd LeadStellies, geïnspireer deur die KFMinisiatief: LeadSA. Hulle beoog om waardes in die skool te hervestig deur leerders aan te moedig om op die positiewe te fokus en klein dade te verrig wt saam ‘n groot impak maak, en só die negatiewe elimineer. Dit is ‘n geleentheid om die leerders se denkwyse positief te beïnvloed. Die eerste week van die nuwe jaar het op ‘n goeie noot afgeskop vir die Studenteraad tydens die verwelkoming van die nuwe gr. 8-leerders, waar pret sowel as die nodige dissipline en respek aan hul oorgedra is. Stellenberg is reeds die afgelope 4 jaar aktief betrokke by ‘n gemeenskapsprojek waar hulle die Paarl Vaardigheidskool dien. Hulle doel is om vir dié leerders van die skool die nodige gereedskap te voorsien om hul potensiaal te ontsluit, asook verhouding smet hulle te smee. Om samehorigheid en gees in die skool te bevorder, reël die Studenteraad projekte soos die Junior dans, die Poedingaand en vele kulturele en sportgeleenthede wat deelname bevorder. Hulle nooi die publieke uit na hul grootste jaarlikse fondsinsameling, die Food Festival, wat in Mei plaasvind.

Bonnie Evert (ondervoorsitter) Cindi Pretorius (voorsitter) Waldo van Rensburg (ondervoorsitter) Elmarie Swanepoel (ondervoorsitter)

Tel: 021 919 2050 | Lindi: 084 510 0761 | Email: Web: 4 Mountain View Drive, Mountain View Office Park, Victoria House, Unit 1, Ridgeworth, Bellville

Die hoofleiers van Hoërskool Stellenberg waarsku julle net: DIE GROEN GOLF KOM! #todayweleadtomorrowwesucceed


Hoërskool Bellville




Baie geluk aan ons matrieks van 2013 Matrieks 2013 behaal 100% slaagsyfer • • • •

Corné Moodie was in 2013 Marno du Plessis was 2de Hoofleier van die Hoërskool Klasposisie en verwerf 8 Bellville en ook die die onderskeidings. skool se TOP matrikulant met 7 onderskeidings.

Kleuratletiek- Bekkerwenners Beste: Meisies baanatleet: Zani Kruger Seuns baanatleet: Xavier Adams en Donavan Huisamen Meisies veldatleet: Jessica Baker Seuns veldatleet: Tiaan Maree Meisies hekkiesatleet: Lindi Anker Seuns hekkiesatleet: Xavier Adams Meisies middelafstandatleet: Zani Kruger

Altus van Bosch het 10 Eugene Jacobs en Daniël vakke geskryf en het 8 Loubser behaal albei 9 A’s. onderskeidings en 2 B’s (76%) behaal.

Seuns middelafstandatleet: Armand Bosman Junior Victrix Ludorum: Nicole van Tonder Junior Victor Ludorum: Xavier Adams Senior Victrix Ludorum: Lindi Anker Senior Victor Ludorum: Chrisio Robert

Fairmont High School Well done Fairmont class of 2013 100% MATRIC PASS Fairmont High School is to be congratulated on another successful year of academic results from the Grade 12s of 2013. We can proudly say that this was our best performance in the history of our school. A proud moment! Mr Dingley and Mrs Kurt, Head of the English department, display the second award received two years in a row for Excellence in English. This award was received from the Premier of the Western Cape. Well done matrics of 2013 for producing Fairmont’s best ever matric results.

Special mention We are very proud to announce that Ryan Eloff achieved 4th place in the Western Cape for Information Technology.

• • •

Slaagsyfer van 100% (204 kandidate) 30 Leerders behaal ‘n A-gemiddeld 98,5% behaal toelating tot verdere studies by tersiêre inrigtings. 204 kandidate behaal 283 vak A-gemiddeldes (1.4 onderskeidings per leerder) 349 vak B-gemiddeldes 15 van die 22 vakke wat geskryf is, sê gemiddeldes is bo 65%. Uit die 29 leerders in die Wes-Kaap wat 9 A’s verwerf het, kom twee van die Hoërskool Bellville.

Zani Kruger word gekies vir die WP Junior landloopspan

NO. OF CANDIDATES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

POSITION 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 17 18 19 20

Afrika Zone 6 – Gimnastiekkampioenskappe VLAK 9 Algeheel 1ste Baie geluk aan Lindi Anker wat die volgende medaljes gewen het: 3 Goue medaljes (Brug, Vloer en Sprong) 1 Silwermedalje (Balk) Lindi was ook algeheel 1ste.

NAME Kim, Helin Eloff, Ryan Page, Martin April, Ethan Louw, Jacques Rusconi, Gianpiero Walker, Kristin Robinson, Simone Gomes, Dimitri Van Huyssteen, Stephen Lee, Jung Woo Alford, Justin Seager, Bronwen Rolfe, Matthew Henkel, Dayna Van Mazijk, Ruan Choi, Jeremy Pretorius, Nicolaas Muller, Rebecca Dawson, Jessica

A’s 7 7 7 8 6 7 7 6 7 7 7 7 6 7 6 6 7 5 5 5

AVERAGE 90 89.9 89 88.6 88.6 86.4 86.1 86 85.6 85.1 84.9 84.7 84.1 83.7 82.9 82.9 82.7 82.3 82.1 82

Some highlights of the 2013 examinations: • • • • • • • •

Premier’s Award for the top position of Excellence in English in the Western Cape 38 learners averaging 80% and above Top performer, Helen Kim, achieved an average of 90% 11 learners received 7 ‘A’s for their 7 subjects written In addition, Ethan April scored above 80% for all 8 subjects written 82.2% achieved ‘Bachelor’ passes 294 subject A’s were recorded The percentage of learners for some

subjects who scored above 80% are as follows: Accounting 25% Afrikaans 22% Business studies 30% History 29% Information Technology 32% Life orientation 31% Mathematical literacy 30% Music 23% Visual Arts 25% • 60 learners scored above 70% in Mathematics •

• • • • •

28 learners scored above 80% in Mathematics 114 learners scored above 70% in English 37 learners scored above 80% in English 35% of learners scored above 70% in Physical Science 8% of learners scored above 80% in Physical Science

Thank you to our Fairmont staff for their teaching, the pupils of 2013, and their parents for the team work in attaining these results. Well done, Fairmont!



4 JANUARY 2014

Hoërskool Tygerberg

Welkom aan ons Gr 8’s: Die Tiere-welpies probeer baie hard om die seniors te beϊndruk.

Baie geluk!


Emily Hobhouse – skryfkompetisie

Liebe Steyl het verlede jaar die tweede plek in die nasionale Emily Hobhouse – skryfkompetisie behaal wat deur Media 24 vir graad 10 – leerders aangebied is.

Die Landsdiens van Hoërskool Tygerberg hou jaarliks ‘n Kersfeeskonsert vir die bejaardes van Huis Martina.


Hoërskool Durbanville




Durbies trots op Matrieks 2013! Hoërskool Durbanville se hart kan voorwaar trots klop vir die matrikulante van 2013. Die skool het 19 leerders wat A-gemiddeldes behaal het en ’n totaal van 225 vak-A’s. Boonop het twee van die leerders, Wianké Jenkins en Elke ter Borg, die Wes-Kaapse Onderwysdepartement se merietelys gehaal. Hier volg die name van die 19 leerders wat A-gemiddeldes behaal het, in volgorde: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Wiankè Jenkins Elke ter Borg Francois Lombard Annemien Liebenberg Christiaan van den Heever Ilzeli Zwarts Mia van Tonder Lara Hattingh Ryno Swart Lezandi Fourie Anneline Mathee Tana Hendrikse Elizabeth Rademan Andrea Visser Simone Kruger Mari Theron Charl Hopkins Inemari Prins Mieke Snyman

Uitsonderlike prestasies: Wianké Jenkins: • 95,3% gemiddelde (1ste plek HSD top-19) • 7 vak-A’s • Haal WKOD se merietelys • Afrikaans Huistaal: 1ste plek in Wes-Kaap Elke ter Borg: • 95,0% gemiddelde (2de plek HSD top-19) • 8 vak-A’s • Haal WKOD se merietelys • Afrikaans Huistaal: 7de plek in Wes-Kaap

Wianké Jenkins

Francois Lombard: • 89,5% gemiddelde (3de plek HSD top-19) • 8 vak-A’s • Inligtingstegnologie: 5de plek in Wes-Kaap Elizabeth Rademan: • 81,8% gemiddelde (13de plek HSD top-19) • 5 vak-A’s • Afrikaans Huistaal: 8ste plek in Wes-Kaap

Mieke Snyman

Verwelkoming aan 2014 se graad 8’s

Elizabeth Rademan

Pennefunksie Tydens die eerste saalbyeenkoms van die jaar is die A-kandidate van 2013 spesiaal gelukgewens tydens die gebruiklike Pennefunksie, waar elke A-kandidaat ’n pen van die skool ontvang het as gelukwensing. Die foto hiernaas is na afloop van die geleentheid geneem. Wianké Jenkins, Elizabeth Rademan en Mieke Snyman kon ongelukkig nie die funksie bywoon nie. Vlnr: Christiaan van den Heever, Charl Hopkins, Mari Theron, Tana Hendrikse, Andrea Visser, Elke ter Borg, Lezandi Fourie, Annemien Liebenberg, Francois Lombard, Anneline Mathee, Lara Hattingh, Simone Kruger, Ilzeli Zwarts, Inemari Prins, Mia van Tonder en Ryno Swart

Tradisie speel ’n belangrike rol by Hoërskool Durbanville. So word daar sedert 1998 na afloop van die graad 8’s se verwelkomingsweek ’n baadjieseremonie gehou waartydens hulle vir die eerste keer hul skoolbaadjies mag aantrek. Tydens Maandag 20 Januarie se saalbyeenkoms is leerders by naam en in klasverband op die verhoog geroep, waarna hulle amptelik hul baadjies aangetrek het. Hierna het hulle voor die hele saalgroep, wat hul ouers ingesluit het, opgestaan en bewegings uitgevoer op die maat van musiek. Die skoolhoof, mnr. George Germishuys, het hulle daaraan herinner dat hulle hierdie dans twee keer tydens hul hoërskoolloopbaan gaan uitvoer – die volgende keer sal wees wanneer hulle in 2018 die seniors van die skool word. As deel van die graad 8’s se verwelkomingsprogram het hulle ook deelgeneem aan ’n swemgala en ’n atletiekbyeenkoms spesifiek vir graad 8’s. Sien die collage van foto’s wat tydens die verwelkomingsweek geneem is.

Tues-Fri: 09h00 - 17h00 Sat: 08h00 - 13h00 2B Danena Close Belville, Tygervalley

t: 021 914 1246



The Settlers High School

6 JANUARY 2014

Swimming Gala

Top 20 schools in the Western Cape

The Settlers annual Swimming Gala was held on Friday 17/01/14 and all learners, staff, past pupils and parents thoroughly enjoyed the 1st sporting event of the New Year. We congratulate Bain House on winning the Spirit Cup and Shaw Houseon winning the Gala.


New grade 8’s An orientation day was held on 10 January 2014 for the 250 new Grade 8’s – all looked very smart in their new Settlers uniform and ready to start a new phase in their education at The Settlers.

The Settlers High School was placed 19th in the Western Cape at a function hosted by the Premier Helen Zille which acknowledged achievements in education and Mr Daly received the certificate for Academic Excellence on behalf of the school. This is the 3rd consecutive year that The Settlers has been in the Top 20!

Campus development

The Governing Body and Staff of The Settlers are very proud of the 2013 Matriculants for their excellent results and achieving a 100% pass (228 candidates wrote and all passed)! 18 Learners obtained an A aggregate and 195 learners (85,5%) obtained a bachelor qualification. 74% of the Matric Group passed Mathematics and 51,5% of these learners achieved over 50%. Tiffany Agulhas and Mikayla Morris each obtained 7 subject distinctions and Farhanah Latief was the top achiever with 88,2%. In total the school achieved 271 subject distinctions. Kaylin Levendal came 4th for Music in the W Cape and Lerato May 6th and Zintle Dyantyi 8th for isiXhosa.

2014 started off with a bang for The Settlers with the building of the school’s Astro and revamping of the consumer studies classroom. There is tremendous excitement among the teachers, parents and pupils looking forward to using these new facilities.

Opportunities for all

R 690 000


DURBELL Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 3 | Garages 5

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DURBANVILLE Bedrooms 2 | Bathrooms 1 | Garages

R 690 000 Web Ref: 499675

Investment!! Large loft apartment with own balcony in security complex close to all amenities! Very neat apartment with laminated flooring and modern kitchen. Mackie 082 467 8637

Calling on all Grandma’s and Grandpa’s

Come visit us at: Shop 6, Aurora Ipic Centre, Burton Street, Aurora, Durbanville Cell: 082 650 9258 | Tel: 0861 555 133 | Fax: 086 273 4010 | Email:

Mandate us, based on our professional track record, to manage and rent out your property to financially qualified tenants and you will qualify for our special “Pensioners” management fee rate! Offer is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Follow us on Facebook 1. Rawson Durbanville Elite 2. Rawson Rentals Cape Metro Elite

This offer is exclusive to the Rawson Rentals Cape Metro Elite Franchise only Must be a rental sole mandate Management Fee 8% + VAT A minimum of a 12 month Agreement of Lease must be entered into Full management service only Property Owner/Landlord must be 60 years or older This special promotion is valid until 31st March 2014

0861 555 133 / 082 650 9258 AUORA IPIC CENTRE, SHOP 6, BURTON STR. DURBANVILLE

Erika van Wyk- Franchisee


Hoërskool Brackenfell




Top presteerders tydens 2013 Nasionale Senior Sertifikaateksamen: Vakpresteerders onder die Top 10 in die Wes-Kaap: • • • •

Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal: Meagan Davids 10de. Dansstudies: Bianca Blom 5de en Lania Louw 8ste. Ingenieursgrafika en ontwerp: 3de Bernard Makan. English First Additional Language: Simoné Jordaan 10de.

Strydom en kie volg in hul Brakkieouers se voetspore … Strydom Botha is aangewys as die dux leerder van die Hoërskool Brackenfell met ‘n gemiddeld van 91,6% en A-simbole in al sewe sy vakke. Sy moeder, Retha, ‘n Rekeningkunde-onderwyser by dié skool, was self op haar dag die dux leerder van die Hoërskool Drie Riviere in Vereeniging en volgens haar was Strydom se prestasie die allerlaaste ding waaraan sy gedink het toe sy hom twaalf jaar gelede by die Laerskool Brackenfell ingeskryf het. Strydom is een van vier 2013-matriekleerders

Die drie topkandidate van die H/S Brackenfell tydens die 2013 matriek- eindeksamen is van links na regs: William Froude 89,4% met 7 vak A’s. Strydom Botha 91,6% met 7 vak A’s (Dux Leerder), Connor MCann 89.27.

wie se ouers verbonde is aan die Hërskool Brackenfell. Olivia le Roux wat onder die Top 15 op die S.A. Junior Meisiegholf-ranglys is, se ma is die Verbruikerstudie-onderwyser. Olivia het in 8 vakke A-simbole behaal en gaan in die VSA studeer en gholf speel. Johann Muller, ‘n Wes-Kaap atleet en kranige rugbyspeler, is die seun van Jannie Muller, adjunkhoof. Johann gaan Maties toe vir ‘n B.Com-graad. Hy en Chandré Meyer, dogter van André Meyer, die Veiligheidsbeampte van die skool, het albei uitstekend geslaag. Op die foto verskyn Strydom Botha, dux leerder, en sy moeder, Retha Botha

Krieket Die o.19A-span is vir die tweede agtereenvolgende jaar die Cemstone 60-aan-‘n-kant kampioene. Wian Engelbrecht word gekies as WP B-span kaptein en Gregory Oliver word gekies vir die WP o.19A-span wat deelgeneem het aan ‘n Interprovinsiale Toernooi in Durban. Melandie Beck en Irma Human is gekies vir die WP o.19A-krieketspan wat in Desember aan ‘n nasionale kriekettoernooi deelgeneem het.

Op die foto is Wian Engelbrecht.

Golf kampioen Altin het 2012 geeindig op WP Junior Golf se rangorde as nr. 7. Einde 2012 het hy sy eerste WP Junior ope gewen en van toe af 5 junior opes gewen by Durbanville, Bellville, Mowbray en Rondebosch asook die WP Junior kampioenskappe vir 2013. Hy is van Januarie 2013 af nr. 1 op die WP Junior rangorde. Interprovinsiaal het hy as deel van WP Junior Onder 19 span 3 van sy 4 games gewen by die Riverdale Triangle teen Boland en Oos Kaap en al 5 sy games gewen in Oos London teen 5 ander provinsies. Hy was ook deel van Bellville Golf club junior span wat die WP interclub kompetiesie vir die jaar gewen het. Altin het deelgeneem aan die Glacier Junior Series by Sanlam waar hy die De Zalze game gewen het en ‘n 2de plek gehaal het by die

Glacier finale by St Francis Links in September. Hy het ook Kuilsrivier se klub kampioenskappe gewen en 2de plek gehaal by Bellville se klub kampioenskappe. Hy was gekies om SA te verteenwoordig in Indie by die 5th Albatross International Junior Golf Tournament van 26 tot 29 November en het 2de in Indie geeindig. Net voor hy Indie toe gegaan het, het hy ook gekwalifiseer om deel te neem in die kwalifiserende rondte van die SA ope. Daar was 15 spelers wat kon kwalifiseer uit 361 waarvan die meerderheid professionele golfspelers was. Altin het nie gekwalifiseer nie, maar ‘n hele paar professionele golfspelers gewen. Altin het ook deelgeneem die jaar aan die WP

amateur toer vir WP mans en het 3 van die amateur opes gewen by Clovelly, Durbanville en Mowbray. Hy is ook die enigste amateur wat 3 opes die jaar gewen het en kwalifiseer om in die finaal te speel volgende Sondag, 8 Desember by Rondebosch. Altin is op die oomblik nr. 2 op die WP amateur(mans) rangorde lys. Op die oomblik oefen hy vir die WP Junior Onder 19 Interprovinsiale kampioenskappe wat volgende week plaasvind by Bellville Golf Club waar hy gekies is as die span se nr. 1. Al die provinsies se top Juniors sal teen mekaar deelneem. Altin het ook verskeie nationale rangorde games gespeel die jaar en is op die oomblik nr. 8 op die SA Junior rangorde lys.



8 JANUARY 2014

Hoërskool DF Malan

Hoërskool DF Malan doen dit weer!

DF-Matrieks presteer

Hoërskool DF Malan vier is in 2014 sy sestigste bestaansjaar. Sedert sy ontstaan in 1954 is DF veral bekend vir akademiese uitnemendheid, waarvoor die skool gereeld erkenning ontvang. DF Malan is in 2013 weer eens in die WKOD se spoglys van Top 20-skole opgeneem - een van slegs twee skole uit die noordelike voorstede wat hierdie prestasie behaal. ‘n Besondere eer het die skool ook te beurt geval deur vir die tweede keer ingesluit te word in die Cambridge prestige-publikasie A Guide to Excellence 2013. Laasgenoemde gee erkenning aan 100 skole wêreldwyd wat met uitstekende onderwyspraktyke geassosieer word. Na aanleiding van ‘n opname deur die vrouetydskrif Fairlady word DF Malan as een van Suid-Afrika se top 25-staatskole aangewys. In sy persoonlike keuse van top 10-skole in Suid-Afrika, gee die onderwyskenner, prof. Jonathan Jansen, ook erkenning aan DF Malan.

Die matrieks van 2013 kan met reg trots wees op hul uitstekende uitslae. Behalwe vir die insluiting in die WKOD se spoglys, behaal die Dee-Effers ‘n 100%-slaagsyfer, terwyl ‘n volle 91% van die klas toelating tot ‘n Baccalaureus-graad verkry. Die klas se toppres-teerder is Tina Louw, wat 8 vakonderskeidings behaal het. Ander presteerders is Franciska Daniel (9 onderskeidings), Tania de Vos en Dedré Hanekom (8 onderskeidings elk), Natalie de Bruyn, Benjamin du Preez, Anja Franzsen, Lisa Jansen van Rensburg, Kara Nel en Shani van Dyk (7 onderskeidings elk).

Graad 8’s gou tuis in DF

Swem: Rudolf Visser is ‘n Dee-Effer wat soos die spreekwoordelike vis in die water is. Hy het onlangs aan die WP se Oopwater Swem deelgeneem, waar hy sowel die 10 km as die 5 km gewen het. Rudolf neem in Februarie aan die SA Swemkampioenskappe deel. Krieket: ‘n Besondere prestasie is onlangs deur Wian Joubert, kaptein van DF Malan se eerste krieketspan, behaal. Wian, wat sedert sy graad 8-jaar ‘n lid van die skool se eerste span is, het in sy 100ste wedstryd vir hierdie span gespeel.

Hokkie: Simone Strydom, wat ook sedert haar graad 8-jaar vir die skool se eerste hokkiespan speel, is verkies om Suid-Afrika as lid van die o.18-hokkiespan in Zambië te verteenwoordig. Hulle sal daar in Maart deelneem in die Africa Youth Olympic Qualifier.

Toe DF Malan se 245 splinternuwe graad 8’s op hul eerste skooldag deur die hekke gestap het, is hulle ingewag deur loeiende sirenes en kwaai “polisie-offisiere”. Hulle het egter vinnig aangepas en gou deel van die DF-familie geword. ‘n Deel van die oriëntering was die Groot Stap by Bloubergstrand, nadat hulle die vorige nag met DF se spookhuis kennis gemaak het. Hulle kon in hierdie tyd heelwat meer van die lewe in die hoërskool leer en die oriëntering is op ‘n hoogtepunt afgesluit toe elke graad 8-leerder tydens die baadjieplegtigheid as ‘n volwaardige Dee-Effer verwelkom is.

Northern Suburbs (Jan) High Schools