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NOURISH THE BODY & Awsum Hope Challenge

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It’s time for Matric exams!! The year is speeding by very fast – it C ONTENT is hard to believe that it is time for the final stretch for all our Matrics! All the best to everyone for this challenging time.

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Jenny Morris, aka the Giggling Gourmet and our regular For the Foodies contributer, answers a few questions below for our readers and foodies to get to know her better. Enjoy her recipes!! Summertime is beach and sunset time! Have a look at fashion editor Pepe Sofianos’s take on the hottest shades around – for girls and guys. Unfortunately, we are still in the season of allergies and hayfever – we tell you what else might be causing all your sneezing. It is not just pollen! Have a happy October! Marika & your dedicated AWSUM team

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Jenny Jenny Morris – aka The Giggling Gourmet – is one of SA’s most-loved food personalities. She is a restaurateur (Yumcious, in Greenpoint), author, magazine writer, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher, caterer and culinary tour guide who has had an ongoing love affair with food since she was a child, when she started making mouth watering treats for school fundraisers. It’s a love affair in the true sense of the word, one that employs all the senses.

Q: What do you mean by ‘eat with all your senses’? A: Taste is the most obvious, as is aroma. Touch is also important. Feeling your food is important. Caress it, stroke it, know it intimately. You don’t want someone who eats a sosatie (kebab) with a knife and fork. And if I can get presidents and heads of state to eat with their hands, I can do it for anyone! Q: How would you describe your work? A: A labour of love, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m passionate about my work, so every day is a pleasure. I look forward to every day.

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Pollen not the biggest culprit behind SA’s hayfever woes

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Celebrity Interview


Q: What are your go-to ingredients? A: Garlic, butter, olive oil, my trusty zester and dhania (cilantro) are kitchen essentials! I simply cannot do without it. There is nothing better. Q: Which celebrities have you cooked for? A: I have cooked for dozens of celebrities and royals (amongst others, these have included Prince Charles, Thabo Mbeki, Kenneth Kaunda, Charlize Theron, Al Gore, and many more. Q: If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be? A: 1 Hugh Laurie (English actor and the lead role in the hit series House 2 Rick Stein (English celebrity chef, restaurateur and television presenter) 3 My mother-in-law! Q: What is your formula for success? A: Entertain informatively and inform entertainingly V: What is your advice for aspiring foodies? A: Layer those flavours, and feel that dish come alive in your hands.

Prawn Crystal Spring Rolls Serves 6

I learned to make these at the home of a tipsy boatman on the banks of the Mekong River. They are utterly delicious – fresh, crunchy and tasty – and are really easy to make, even though they take a little time to put together. Get someone to give you a hand soaking the rice paper. The trick is to soak one at a time, as they are very delicate, and by the time you have filled one, the next one will be ready to roll with a little help from a friend.

INGREDIENTS Dipping Sauce • ½ cup rice vinegar • ¼ cup boiling water • ½ cup castor sugar • 1 Tbs fish sauce • 2 small chillies, chopped • 1 Tbs chopped fresh coriander • 1 tsp sesame oil • 1Tbs finely-diced fresh cucumber

Spring Rolls • 24 prawns, deveined, lightly steamed and shelled • 1 cup finely shredded red cabbage • 1 large carrot, peeled and thinly julienned • 1 cup freshest bean sprouts • 1 medium English cucumber, julienned • 24 large fresh mint leaves • 24 fresh basil leaves • 12 coriander sprigs • 24 butter lettuce leaves • 12 dried rice paper rounds

METHOD • Make the dipping sauce first. Place the vinegar and water in a saucepan over medium heat and add the sugar, stirring to dissolve. Bring to the boil and let it bubble away for a few minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the fish sauce and chillies. Stir in the chopped coriander, sesame oil and diced cucumber when cool and set aside. • To make the spring rolls, place one rice paper at a time in a bowl of warm water to to soften it slightly. Remove to a flat surface and place a little red cabbage, carrot, a few bean sprouts and some cucumber in the centre of the rice paper and top with two fresh mint and basil leaves and a sprig of coriander. Now top with two prawns and a lettuce leaf. If the leaves are too big, trim them to size. • Fold in the sides of the rice paper and gently roll up nice and tight. Do the same with the remaining rounds of rice paper. Pack onto a tray with enough space between them so they don’t stick together, and cover with a damp clean cloth. • When you are ready to serve, slice the rolls in half diagonally, place on a plate and serve with dipping sauce I sometimes make these with shredded duck breast, rare thinly-sliced beef fillet, shredded chicken breasts, or even leave out the meat and go vegetarian. If you can lay your hands on some Vietnamese mint, please add a leaf to your roll.

Of Vietnamese row boats & spring rolls One of my best Vietnamese experiences was the day we all piled into a long boat and went off down the soupy green Mekong River. We were on our way to the home of a local family for a New Year’s lunch. Our boatman at the back kept saying, “Okay ladies, little bit to the left, little bit to the right. Forwards! Backwards!” We had to keep the boat balanced because, trust me, the last thing we wanted was to capsize into that water! The river is the lifeblood of the people who live along its banks. We saw an old lady plucking a chicken, washing and rinsing it; a bit further downstream was a man bathing his dog; then there were people doing the dishes and washing their clothes; and finally someone with his bum perched out over the water! The locals obviously have to boil every drop of that water and filter it for drinking. We eventually made it to our destination, scrambling and digging our way up the bank to the home of our hosts, where we received a wonderful warm welcome from the family and their neighbours. The table was beautifully set and I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful aromas – star anise, hints of ginger, garlic. There were bowls brimming with enticing ingredients: flaked brisket, slow-braised with lots and lots of love; the fattest plump pink prawns; fresh mint, coriander, basil and what they call morning glory; water weed, also known as swamp cabbage, which gives lots of texture to the food; slivered cucumber and carrots; and a gorgeous dipping sauce. The idea was that the man of the household would show us how to roll all of this into crystal spring rolls, after which we would make our own. It’s a fabulous idea for entertaining at home, in

any country. As it was New Year, they offered us chrysanthemum wine, a bitter drink with no alcoholic kick. We reciprocated by offering our own New Year wine from Cape Town –one of the women in our group had a bottle of whisky in her bag. Needless to say, it had much more of an effect on them than the chrysanthemum wine had on us! The head man was knocking it back and loving it. After quite a few shots, he took some of the spring roll wrappers, which he soaked in a little warm water, laid them out, and proceeded to fill them. While he was doing this, all the attention was on his hands and when I looked down – well! – I have never seen such filthy, grubby fingers or such black nails. I was heaving deep inside and thinking, “Please don’t let him touch my food, I won’t be able to eat it.” Of course he rolled the most perfect, tight little spring roll and offered it to me. I couldn’t let him lose face and neither could I, so I said, “I am not worthy of this.” So he gave it to a friend sitting next to me – and she didn’t love me for that! He continued to partake of the Cape Town New Year wine for the rest of the meal and when we eventually got down that hill, into the boat and back onto the river, we were telling one another which way to lean to balance the boat. We hadn’t realised that the spring roll man and our boatman were one and the same, and he was no longer in any condition to keep himself or us upright. Spring Rolls can be filled with any type of filling that grabs your fancy – beef, pork, chicken, duck seafood or just all kinds of crunchy veggies.

by Jenny Morris @jennymorrischef

SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

SDR / Simon Deiner SDRPhoto / Deiner Simon Deiner SDR Photo /Photo Simon SDR Photo / Simon Deiner

Tip: You can make these up to two hours ahead – just cover them with a clean damp cloth to prevent them from drying out! © Taste The World with Jenny Morris 2013

SDR Photo / Simon Deiner



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Health & Wellbeing Pollen not the biggest culprit behind SA’s hayfever woes It’s the height of the hayfever season. Hayfever is a condition that affects approximately 30% of South Africans, but pollen might not be the main culprit behind your nasal allergy misery. For decades, hayfever sufferers have been led to believe that their condition is brought on by the amount of pollen in the air, but there are a host of other triggers too. Pollen could in many cases elicit a severe allergic reaction, but sufferers will be surprised to learn that their nasal allergies might not have anything to do with pollen spores. Hayfever symptoms, however, vary from person to person, but typically include an itchy, runny or blocked nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat, postnasal drip and/or fatigue. In general, there is a huge misconception that if someone sneezes a lot, they must have pollen-induced hayfever, when it could be due to many other allergens such as dust mites, pets or cockroaches. The most commonly inhaled allergens are: • different types of pollen (from trees, grass, weeds and flowers) • house dust mite • cat and dog dander • cockroaches • fungal spores Other triggers that could worsen symptoms include: • Strong perfumes and cold air can trigger nasal symptoms by non-allergic mechanisms

• Red wine – alcohol is a vasodilator, which widens your blood vessels and can cause a runny or stuffy nose, but wine in particular can exacerbate symptoms because it contains sulphites. Red wine is highest in sulphites and is fermented with grape skins, which contain a protein allergen. • Veggie drawer – some fruits and vegetables contain proteins similar to those found in pollen, which can confuse your immune system. • Swap contact lenses for glasses on high-pollen days since dust and pollen can stick to contact lenses, trapping allergens against your already itchy and irritated eyes. • Swimming in chlorinated pools may irritate your airways, which could aggravate allergy symptoms. • A humidifier is a reservoir for mould and bacteria, so clean it regularly to get the maximum relief from this device. One can treat nasal allergies with antihistamines, which prevent histamine from attaching to your cells and causing symptoms. A decongestant can also be used to reduce the swelling in the nasal passages, but the latter could cause a rebound effect if used for longer than the recommended three to five days, which could end up making you even more congested, so use only as directed.

Article by Dr Mike Levin DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any medical problem, consult your doctor.


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(t) 011 678 4591/2 (e)

(t) 011 673 6331 (e)

Make way for tecnology! Technology has found its way into the classroom in all sorts of ways, from projectors and televisions to computer labs and student laptops. Along with improving the way students are taught, it is also vitally important for us at Laerskool Esperanza Primary that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for their careers one day. We are happy to report that we have 25 state-of-the-art computers for the benefit of our learners. Here, the teachers receives training on how to navigate on the new computer. They are given lollipops to keep quite in class and not to ask too many questions. It is great fun and all the teachers are super excited!!!

Graad 7 Entrepreneursdag

Produksie 2000 Produksie 2000, SA se vooraanstaande teatergroep, sal ons skool weer besoek met Die gesig in die spieël-produksie. Die produksie fokus op respek (veral selfrespek), waarsonder ‘n kind dit moeilik vind om by die huis of skool optimaal te funksioneer. Respek vir ander en reëls kom ook onder die vergrootglas. Die produksie wys duidelik dat wederkerige respek ‘n basiese mensereg is en dat disrespek verdien word. Die produksie bestaan uit vier professionele akteurs, ‘n dinamiese energie en ‘n groot stel op die verhoog.

RANDPARK PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 011 793 7434 (e) Cross Country Well done to Chloe Matthews for making the district U9 D10 in Cross Country. We are so proud of you!

Cricket Congratulations to Jordan Abraham, Lyndon Steyn, Mark Shirley, Jack Loram and Keegan Potgieter for making the North West provincial cricket side. We are so proud of you!

KING EDWARD VII PREPARATORY SCHOOL (t) 011 648 1000 (e) Allegretto Eisteddfod Gala Congratulations to the String Ensemble and Eesaa Loonat for receiving trophies, and to the Grade 2 Hip Hop Dancers, as well as Avi’el Hurvitz and Zac Venturini, for receiving their Provincial certificates at the event on Tuesday evening, 20 September. Special thanks to Miss Martin and Miss Wilson for working so hard with the boys who performed at the event, as well as those parents and teachers who came along to support and help.

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Squash The K.E.P.S. Squash team are winners of the 2016 Junior Squash Section C league. Presentations were made at St Stithians on 14 September. Well done to Ben Hummel, Dean Bacher, Ross Theron and Joshua Barron.

Battle of the Books The Grade 4 & 5 Battle of the Books team (Zubair Said, Caelum Mitchell, Zaahid Dawjee, Isa Dajee, Russell Davis and Zayyaan Patel), “battled” their way into the Regional round, which will take place on the 12 October. Good luck, Gents.

BRYANSTON PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 011 7061263 (e) Cricket Bryanston Primary Grade 5 pupil, Bryce Samuel, represented Bryanston Primary School at the Far North Cricket Festival which took place at in Johannesburg. He played four matches, taking one wicket and top scoring with 44 runs.

Irish Dancing

Judo Bryanston Primary students performed well at the South African Judo Championships, held at Turffontein in October. The following Bryanston Primary pupils received placements: • Jordan Abrahams: Advanced, Silver Medal • Devin Barnard: Novice, Silver Medal • Matthew Hunt: Advanced, Bronze Medal • Thomas Hunt: Novice, Silver Medal • Tshegofatso Rammutla: Advanced, Bronze • Simphiwe Zindela: Advanced, Silver • Tristan De Astui: Advanced, Bronze

Three of Bryanston’s girls outdid themselves in the South African Irish Dancing Championships held in October. The championship had 300 dancers from around South Africa, of all age groups from 5 years to 22 years old participating. • Rachel Libera: 1st place as SA Champion, age 9-10. • Carmen Guilford: 3rd place, age 9-10. • Alyssa Libera: 6th place, age 8 and under.

Carmen Guilford, Rachel Libera, Alyssa Libera.

CRAIGHALL PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 011 788 7223/4 (e) Walt Disney’s “Mulan” production at Craighall Primary School From the Tuesday matinee to the gala performance on the Friday evening, the hall was packed with learners on the stage and proud parents and family watching. Cherry blossoms and dragons set the scene for this vivid show. The sheer power of the performance had the audience enraptured from the first notes that were sung, with rousing enthusiasm from the learners. The stage rumbled as the warriors went to war and the thumps on the drums were particularly exciting as they prepared for the battles scenes. Mrs Martell, the creative director, together with the dance and music teachers used their talents to produce a magnificent extravaganza. All staff at the school pulled together to support the production – a great team effort which produced a first class show.

LAERSKOOL FONTAINEBLEAU (t) 011 791 6160/1 (e) Skaak Top Skole Op Vrydag, 23 September het ‘n o/9-span van Laerskool Fontainebleau in Pretoria aan die Gauteng Kampioenskappe deelgeneem. Hulle moes vyf rondtes speel teen ander o/9-spanne. Ons o/9-span was die jongste span by die kompetisie. Ons kan met trots sê dat hulle ‘n 8ste plek in Gauteng behaal het. Mooi so! Hier is ‘n span om dop te hou! Hierdie span het 16 punte in total behaal. Baie dankie ook aan al die ouers wat gehelp het met die vervoer, span oppas, motiveer en sorg vir elke kindjie se gemoedstemming. Sonder julle is ons verlore.

Linda van der Walt

Neels van Niekerk

Tiaan Smit

Keira Bester

Tjaart Steyn

Laerskool Fontainebleau Kermis! 18 September 2016

Etan Bester

Chantal van der Bank


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LAERSKOOL LOUW GELDENHUYS (t) 011 782 5442 (e) Wiskunde Olimpiade Louwtjies is baie trots op Alexander wat eerste in Johannesburg (0/13) gekom het tydens die onlangse Wiskunde Olimpiade te Unisa se Sci-Enza lab. Skole van regoor die land het deelgeneem. Alexander het ook ‘n R1 000-prys vir sy prestasie gewen.


Johannesburg Noord-Wes krieket Baie geluk aan die volgende seuns wat verkies is tot die JNW-krieketspan, • 0/9: Ben Storm, Thomas Muller, Christiaan van der Berg, Christopher Barnard • 0/10: Sandile Gumede, Francois Steyn, Lincoln Engelbrecht, Nathan Piquito, Herman Davel • 0/12: Divan van der Merwe • 0/13: Herrie Engelbrecht

Louwtjies hou duim vas vir Stephan de Souza (Graad 6) wat deurgedring het na die volgende rondte van die WOW spelfees, wat te Stellenbosch in Oktober plaasvind.

0 /9-span Ben Storm, Thomas Muller, Christiaan van der Berg en Christopher Barnard.

LAERSKOOL JAN CELLIERS (t) 011 646 3336 (e) Wiskunde Olimpiade-presteerders Die top dertig presteerders van die Wiskunde-in-Aksie kompetisie wat deur die SAOU aangebied is, is na ‘n Wiskunde-pretdag by die Universiteit van Johannesburg uitgenooi. Uit die 16 Jan Celliers-leerlinge wat uitgenooi is, het beide Lindes Malherbe (Graad 7) en Janno Calitz (Graad 6) ‘n algehele tweede plek in hul ouderdomsgroepe behaal. Die spanne van Uwen du Plessis, Ruan van der Westhuizen en Wian du Plessis, asook Lindes Malherbe, Isabella Steyn en Marilize van Wyk, is beide as pryswenners bekroon vir die bou van ‘n robot.

Pre-primêr skep en droom Tydens die kleuterskool se kunsuitstalling kon ouers, grootouers en vriende hulle verlustig in ons kleuters se kunsskeppings. Handpoppe collages, waterverfstudies, steenkoolsketse en drukwerk is met trots vertoon. Die Poppekasdag was ook ‘n hoogtepunt op ons kleuters se fantasiekalender.

Somerfees Die jaarlikse Somerfees was weer eens ‘n genotvolle kuierdag met vermaak vir oud en jonk. Met ‘n wynproe, talentkonsert, troeteldier- en fotografiekompetisies, ‘n wye verskeidenheid eetstalletjies, reuse glybane en vele uitstallings van unieke ware, was daar iets wat elke feesganger se sak en smaak gepas het.

REDHILL SCHOOL (t) 011 783 4707 (e) Heads of School 2017

Redhill School is pleased to announce the 2017 High School Heads of School: • Head Girl: Maiya Harvey • Head Boy: Riccardo Novello • Deputy Head Girl: Kili James 2017 Heads of School with Mr Joseph • Deputy Head Boy: Sean Oldham Gerassi (Executive Head of School).

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Redhill Arts Festival If you hadn’t heard about #RedFest via the airwaves, seen us on billboards or perhaps in the newspapers, then you need to remember the name for next year. Redhill School came alive with The Arts in its premiere festival #RedFest. Redhill managed to secure some of South Africa’s premium talent in a day of drama, dance, music and song. #RedFest is here to stay and promises to deliver bigger and better productions, concerts and workshops in 2017. Highlights of the weekend included our incredible Campus Orchestra and Choirs collaborating with schools locally and from abroad, the beginnings of a Classical Guitar Competition and “Woza Albert!”, followed by a conversation with Antoinette Sithole (Hector Pieterson’s sister). Redhill was abuzz with audience members negotiating their way through showschedules, queuing for multiple tickets and running in-between venues to catch their next show. It was vibey, it was happening, it was #RedFest!

ST PETER’S BOYS PREP SCHOOL (t) 011 705 3423 (e) St Peter’s Eco Efforts St Peter’s have embarked on an Eco Drive where the children are being educated on grey water and how we can recycle water in this drought period. They are learning which water from their homes is safe to reuse instead of simply letting it run down the drains. The children are then collecting grey water from home and are bringing it to school. They can then place a sticker on their poster in the classroom and empty their water somewhere on the campus. It is providing perhaps just a little relief from the dry weather, but far more importantly, we are creating an awareness about how much water we lose due to our inefficient water usage.

Healthy Competition: The Grade 3 and 4 boys are creating a tree. Every JoJo tank poster filled with stickers will equal a ‘leaf ‘for the tree with the class name.

ST PETER’S GIRLS PREP SCHOOL (t) 011 367 6631 (e) Sunset Carols St Peter’s Prep School will be hosting its fifth Sunset Carols event on Saturday evening, 3 December. This event attracts over 2 500 adults and children and has become the school’s annual flagship event. The evening is a family occasion, preceded by a well-planned Christmas Market. The event is organised in order to rally support for the St Peter’s Isematholeni Intern Programme. This programme supports disadvantaged students, assisting them to obtain their teaching degree in Foundation Phase Education with mentorship provided by the school’s Foundation Phase teaching staff. These students, once qualified, will go back into the public school sector and improve education for thousands of children. This programme looks at improving education at the entry level. The school looks forward to this special family event. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

ST PETER’S COLLEGE (t) 011 807 5315 (e) St Peter’s College Annual Sports and Cultural Festival St Peter’s College hosted their 13th annual three-day Sports and Cultural Festival from 16 to 18 September at their campus in Sunninghill, Sandton. St Peter’s has made a strong commitment to host this annual festival, as they firmly believe that the events offered are a true representation of what the majority of South Africans support. The weekend of saw 3 000 participants, 48 schools, plus parents, friends and families enjoy a myriad of sporting and cultural activities including basketball, soccer, netball, chess tournaments, pavement art, photography, drama, debating and public speaking contests, as well as a choir festival. The teams on the day were diverse, encompassing independent schools, former model C schools and previously disadvantaged schools, as well as teams from Swaziland. Even though they faced inclement weather on the Sunday, and the netball and basketball had to be cancelled for safety reasons, it didn’t detract from the wonderful atmosphere and the overall success of the Festival.

Results • Chess competition was won by Prestige College • Soccer boys: St David’s beat Kliptown 2-0 • Soccer girls: Kliptown were victorious over Beaulieu College 2-0 • Netball: final games were cancelled due to rain so the winner of each pool shared the trophy • Pavement Art competition, which took the theme of ‘Illusions’, did not fail to light up the College with colour and creativity. First prize went to St John’s College for their artistic depiction of a boy on a watertube flowing into a pen and resulting in ink on a page.


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BRYANSTON HIGH SCHOOL (t) 011 706 6010 (e) Lions Rugby IPT Tournament 2016 Four Bryanston High boys, Braedan O’Conner, Ben Hillebrand, Nkanyiso Mahlobo and Keegan Squires, represented the Lions Rugby in their Rooibokke team at the IPT Rugby Tournament held in Kempton Park. Braedan and Ben were selected to play as members of the U14 Rooibokke team, while Nkanyiso and Keegan represented the U15 side. The U14 team came 3rd and the U15s came 2nd in the finals. Well done to all four of our Bryanstonian boys on their great performances. We are so proud of you!

Nkanyiso Mahlobo and Keegan Squires.

Final of Matric hockey season On Friday, 30 September the Bryanston High School hockey coaches challenged the Matric hockey players to a match that would test their skill for one last time before their high school hockey careers came to a close. Much fun was had by all and it was a wonderful tradition to end off, for some, five years of playing hockey and for many at first team level for Bryanston High School.

Braedan O’Conner and Ben Hillebrand.

Valedictory Assembly 2016 On Tuesday evening, 11 October the Bryanston High School hall was filled with the members of the class of 2016 and their family and friends, who came to bear witness to the achievements of the Matric group over the last five years of high school. Congratulations to the class of 2016 on their performance, not only in 2016, but throughout their journey at Bryanston High School. We look forward to seeing more success from you in the years to come.

2016 matric recipients of white blazers, the highest award received at Bryanston High School. Blazers are awarded for consistently outstanding academic results or for receiving colours in four or more areas.

FOURWAYS HIGH SCHOOL (t) 011 465 1104/07 (e) Student Council 2016/2017 Fourways High School is proud to announce the executive of the school’s Student Council for 2016/2017: Sanveer Baliraj (Head of Service), Jordan Kernot (Head of Sport), Yashan Narasoo (Head Boy), Tatenda Garande (Head Girl), Rebecca Rosenbaum (Secretary) and Zinhle Sigola (Head of Culture). We wish you well in your leadership endeavours!

Sanveer Baliraj, Jordan Kernot, Yashan Narasoo, Mrs G de Bruyn (Principal), Tatenda Garande, Rebecca Rosenbaum and Zinhle Sigola.

Prestige Athletics Their last race, the last chance to shine as FHS legends of the track! The last chance to cement their legacy. They end it with gold in the 4x100m Girls U19 relay. True leaders, true ladies, true legends, true winners and true sports women! Jureya Dildar, Alexa Greig, Sarah Smith and Kirstyn Hutcheson.

FHS debaters Fourways High School debaters triumphed yet again by being ranked second at the Gauteng Schools Debating Boards Junior Provincial tournament held on the weekend ending 18 September. This amazing team will face Saint Stithians Girls in the quarter-final on 25 September.

FRONT: Kerry Backes, Andrew Bradfield, Bophelo Mangatho, Ethan Swanepoel, Tarryn Niewoudt. BACK: Jordan Scott.

HELPMEKAAR KOLLEGE (t) 011 339 2226/7 (e) Adventure Junkies gaan groot Sewe van Helpmekaar se Avontuurspanne het deelgeneem aan die SuidAfrikaanse Kampioenskappe in die Oos-Kaap. Die kompetisie is aangebied deur Lilyfontein Adventure School in die Jikeleza-gebied naby Chintza. Deelnemers moes hulle staal wys in onder andere bergfietsry, bergklim, swem en orientiëring. Helpmekaar se Flashback Falconsspan het algeheel tweede in die Juniorafdeling geëindig, met die Nascars derde en Wolfpack vierde. Dit was die vyfde agtervolgende jaar wat Helpmekaar se spanne in die top drie posisies van die land geëindig het. Page 10


FHS Dance Group FHS Dance Group competed for the National Young Solution Team Spirit Show Down Title.

HOËRSKOOL LINDEN (t) 011 888 1433/4 (e) Binneshuise hokkie Baie geluk aan die volgende dogters wat gekies is vir die Gauteng Gryphon binneshuise hokkiespanne: Annabelle Young o.18, Ankia Swanepoel o.16, Abby Swart o.16, Johané Swanepoel o.14. As deel van die Gauteng-span neem hulle in Oktober deel aan die All Star Tournament in Johannesburg, en van 8 tot 16 Desember neem hulle deel aan die PSI Nationals in Kaapstad. Daar sal hulle te staan kom teen die spanne van die ander 18 streke in die land. Binneshuise hokkie (“indoor hockey”) is baie soos veldhokkie, maar net vinniger met minder spelers en ‘n kleiner baan, en met ‘n klompie reëls wat verskil. Ons beste wense vergesel hierdie dogters. Baie geluk!

Annabelle Young, Johané Swanepoel, Ankia Swanepoel en Abby Swart.


(t) 011 476 1544 (e)

Councillor Camp Team Building

HOËRSKOOL RANDBURG (t) 011 782 6226 (e)


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PARKTOWN BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL (t) 011 642 4531/2 (e) Shooting

Rowing During the school holidays the rowing boys took part in a camp held at Roodeplaat Dam. Beautiful scenery was enjoyed by all!

After much hard work Ben Clarke achieved gold in the U16 Springer division at the South African National Schools Shooters Union Championships. Well done, Ben, on this fantastic achievement!

Football The 1XV participated in the Grey Bloem festival during the holidays. Congratulations to Ntokozo Nkozi who received the top goal scorer award for the tournament.

Cadets Congratulations to Vulcans for winning the inter-house Cadet Competition and Spartans for winning the senior Obstacle Course.

Inter-House Calisthenics

KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL (t) 011 551 5800 (e) KES 2016 Inter-High Athletics Championship winners five years in a row! King Edward VII School are again the A & B Team 2016 Athletics Boys’ Inter-High Champions - five years in a row! The 35th Annual Inter-High Championship held at the end of Term 3 saw King Edward take both the A & B League Championship win. What a great day of sportsmanship, fair play and competition. Our athletes excelled on track & field with some very notable times, personal bests and records broken. A Team Points • 1st KES 485 • 2nd Jeppe 415 • 3rd Affies 406 • 4th Pretoria Boys’ 295 • 5th Parktown Boys’ 286 • 6th Independent Schools 214 • 7th St Benedict’s 210 B Team Points • 1st KES 302 • 2nd Jeppe 300 • 3rd Affies 287 • 4th St David’s 207 • 5th Pretoria Boys’ 194 Congratulations to all our athletes, MIC Mr Simon Thorne, and our experienced and dedicated coaches, staff and support team on this well-deserved victory. Thank you to our Red Army of parents and fans for their support all season.

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Johannesburg (October 2016) Primary - High Schools  
Johannesburg (October 2016) Primary - High Schools