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P3 Use crates for book shelves

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1ste Verj



Dit is ons eerste verjaarsdag, en ons sê dankie! In Mei 2013 het ‘n handjie vol skole in die Boland vir die eerste keer AWSUM-nuus gekry. Nou, op ons eerste verjaarsdag is ons trots en dankbaar om te sê dat AWSUM deur sy tandekry-fase is en groei dat die biesies bewe. Ons bedien nou 64 laerskole en 56 hoërskole in 6 streke. Baie dankie vir elke leser, student, adverteerder en ieder en elk wat deel het aan ons sukses. Hier is wat ‘n paar lesers sê oor AWSUM: • Baie baie dankie vir die pragtige advertensie in die Februarie uitgawe, so by die editorial! Ek voel so bevoorreg en begunsdig, oorweldig en dankbaar. Ek is oortuig dat julle die perfekte platform bied vir my om te adverteer en my hart en passie te deel met die huishoudigs waar kinders is. • Uitstekend! Julle is voorwaar AWSUM!!! • Ek sien uit na elke volgende uitgawe in 2014.

• As ouer van ‘n leerder by een van ons plaaslike skole, het ek onlangs julle AWSUM koerantjie ontvang. Dit is ‘n pragtige kreatiewe konsep en ek dink dit verskaf fantastiese blootstelling aan skole. • I have just had the pleasure of reading your AWSUM newspaper! It is great! • Eerstens wil ek u bedank en loof vir die uitstekende skoolkoerant wat AWSUM is. Ek geniet dit baie en vind dit baie interessant. • Ek hou van die resepte, artikels en insetsels oor die verskillende skole in die Helderberg en omliggende area, dis baie interessant om te sien waar jou eie skool staan in vergelyking. Die FOMO-kalender is ook tops!


Lifestyle - Rediscover Robertson

Discover Robertson...


2 MAY 2014

The Bruwer family combine their experience, personal attention and love for wine to produce a selection of the country’s finest wines.


ituated between the Langeberg Mountains and the Breede River, Robertson (or better known as the small town with the big heart) is the gateway to Route 62. This friendly town may be best known for its wines, as it forms part of the longest wine route in the world. But Robertson is bursting at the seams with attractions, activities, accommodation, and culinary delights to suit any traveller’s budget and taste.

Guests can visit wineries and game reserves, tribal art, cultural tours, museums and for the more adventurous: hiking trails and mountain climbing, 4x4 routes, canoeing, horse riding, even ostrich riding, fishing and caving. For foodies, the local farm stalls overflow with fresh produce, dried fruit and freshly made breads, homemade jams and preserves. This combined with spectacular scenery makes it a fabulous getaway ensuring visitors an unforgettable stay.

ON R317

Welcome to the heart of Route 62!

Tel: 023 626 4178

BonCourage.indd 1

2014/05/20 9:02 AM

DID YOU KNOW? Five facts about wine.

When next you host a dinner party for friends, drop a few facts about your vino and impress your guests! Cork vs. Screw

Move over, cork, and make way for screw caps. Today, screw caps are replacing corks on more than just inexpensive bottles. Currently, screw caps seal 75 percent of Australian wines and 93 percent of New Zealand wines, and they’re gaining popularity in all countries, including here in S.A.

To Age or Not to Age?

It is a common misconception that all wines improve with age. In fact, more than 90 percent of all wines should be consumed within one year.

Use Your “Nose”

• The term bouquet refers to the

total scent of the wine. • Aroma is the scent of the grapes. • When wine tasters want to describe the bouquet and the aroma together, they use the term nose.

What Colour Tells You

As white wines age, they gain color. Red wines, on the other hand, lose colour as they age. To analyze your glass of wine, hold the glass on an angle in front of a white background, such as a napkin or tablecloth. White wines can range from a pale yellowgreen to a brownish hue. Reds begin at purple and scale all the way to brown.

Drink to Your Health!

According to Dietary Guidelines, there are 100 calories in a glass of wine (compared to 150 calories in a beer). Plus wine is a fat-free and cholesterol-free drink. Cheers!


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Spesialis kwekery van kaktusse en vetplante Adres: Klaasvoogdswes pad (tussen Robertson en Ashton op die R60) Tel: 023 626 4133 Besigheidsure: Ma - Do: 8h00 - 17h00 Vry/Sat en Vakansiedae: 8h00 - 16h00

Liza Schreuder - (076) 614 2317 - Michelle van Zyl - (083) 414 6948 -


In and around the house MAY 2014 3

Use crates for book shelves

How to create practical book shelves by using ordinary pine crates.

Using a few pieces of 10 x 44mm PAR pine that you can buy, you can make up your own crates for this project - and make them so that they don’t need to be cut in half or you can buy ready made crates at Spiro’s Mica. Paint the crates with two coats of water-based enamel. Note: Although this is mentioned at the beginning of the project, I would leave the painting until the end if you are going to cut ready-made crates in half.

Just below any handle holes - if there are any attach two keyhole brackets. Note: Use a pencil to mark the hole for the bracket, use an 8mm wood bit to drill out and then screw the bracket in place. Paint to the desired colour. NEWS / NUUS

To mount the crate book shelves onto the wall, use nylon wall plugs and screws. Use in kids room / study for books etc or in the kitchen for receipe books.

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AWSUM Kombuis 4 MAY 2014

The French Affair!

SPICE up your life!

Let’s Cook!


I met Jan Hendrik in France on the French Rivera, in Nice to be exact while I was filming my new TV series for Food Network called Jenny Morris Cooks The Rivera’s. Jan Hendrik told me that he had a love affair with France and its culture of good food, and was so inspired by the fresh produce from local markets and the meals he has been inspired by on his travels through these epicurean surroundings, he

decided to write a book called The French Affair. This lovely book is a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the soul, reflecting Jan Hendrik’s passion. The French Affair is a collection of recipes collected by author, chef and photographer Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen on his life journey that took him from a farm in South Africa to the French Riviera and Paris.

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron, and is highly valued for its flavor, which described in The Book of Spices as “pure, spicy, and delicate”.

Sweet Wine and Vanilla Jelly with Pomegranate Seeds. Serves 8


Place the wines, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan on medium heat and stir for 5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and cook for about 2 minutes until the syrup thickens. Remove the vanilla bean and reserve for garnishing. Soak the gelatine and water in a large heat-proof jug and whisk until the gelatine has dissolved. Stir the wine mixture into the gelatine mixture. Divide a small amount of the Your May/June deals!

© Jan Hendrik Van Der Westhuizen 2013

ICE 3 cups dessert wine ofSthPe mo (Muscat or similar style) nth! ¼ cup white wine 2/3 cup caster sugar 1 vanilla bean split lengthways 8 sheets or 5 tsps. gelatine powder ¼ cup boiling water Pomegranate seeds

liquid among eight glasses or moulds of your choice. (Jan Hendrik uses martini glasses for a more classic look) Refrigerate until set , then top with fresh pomegranate seeds and the rest of the gelatine liquid. If the leftover liquid has set slightly, reheat quickly to fill the rest of the moulds. To finish off, top with another layer of pomegranate seeds. Cut the discarded vanilla bean in quarters and use as a garnish.

OPPI SPYSKAART See what specials to grab in your area! Cut this out and keep it safe

As a result, vanilla is widely used in both commercial and domestic baking, perfume manufacture and aromatherapy. Vanilla is an aromatic spice that benefits the nervous system. It also contains high levels of antioxidants which are valuable for reducing freeradicals in your body, which are the waste products from normal as well as harmful metabolic processes. Excess free radicals may cause diseases, including cancer.

Peacock | 021 883 8812 / 083 409 3266

Eikestad Tea & Coffee Beanery Sundays: Cake and Cappuccino R33 Tuesdays: Quiche R15

Shop 124B, Eikestad Mall, 43 Andringa Str, Stellenbosch

Die Wingerd is a lovely relaxing restaurant, a true Winelands hospitality experience. A perfect venue to kick back after a hard days work or to bring the family and kids for a fun lled day. Have a mouth watering feast of our a La carte menu for you to delight, as well as delicious gourmet pizzas, and a ba unique barrel menu that will make you come back for more. All of this is complemented by our extensive wine list that will satisfy every palate.

Die Wingerd restaurant at Protea Hotel Stellenbosch, Techno Avenue, Techno Park. Tel +27 (0)21 880 9559 or e-mail: website:



kos wyn kuier


Lifestyle MAY 2014 5

Understand your brain... 6 Ways to Keep Your Improve your marks!! Kids Healthy this Winter Understanding just how your unique brain learns, might be the key to easier and faster study... Learning is characterized by 3 steps: 1. Receiving information 2. Processing the received information 3. Giving feedback on the processed information

spent in front of the books. As this is very helpful, it is possible that your child might just be trying to study using a method not in congruence with his/her natural learning process and preference.

Different parts of the Neo Cortex (thinking part of the brain) is involved in this process. The brain basically has 3 sets of areas involved in this task. Each set consist of 2 parts. Like with every other part in the body, where there is two of a kind, one will naturally take the lead and the other will follow. Even though you have easy access and usage of both hands, naturally you tend to write with one hand, without giving it much thought. The same goes for your feet. Walking happens automatically without a conscious decision as to which foot should start the process. In the exact same manner one part in every set in the brain, will naturally take the lead when information is processed; and the other will follow.

It is widely known that the right side of the brain enjoys pictures and colours whereas the left side easily make use of structures, words and lists. The front section (frontal lobes) need constant output as part of the thinking proses. Naturally the front dominant child will have to talk in order to process information, whereas the back (occipital lobes) prefer silence and time lapse in order to process information. The back dominant learner needs to plan and manage time effectively allowing this processing function to take place. Knowing your child’s brain-profile will not only open a door for understanding the way he/ she thinks, acts and instinctively responds to the environment; it allows room to make the best decision in relation to study methods and techniques.

If we can understand the nature of each part of the brain and the senses involved in the learning process, we will be able to determine HOW to present information in a way that naturally makes sense, is easy understandable and easy to learn. Different parts of the brain has different learning needs. A vast amount of study methods are available, all in aid to make study easier and hopefully fasten the process of learning, limiting the time

The combination and impact of the different brain areas are legion. Why not discover your child’s own, unique profile, enabling and allowing him/her to flourish, succeed and understand why learning and thinking pose the challenges it does. Find a more excellent way of introducing work and subject matter, the way that makes sense to the natural learning needs of your child’s unique brain design.

By Heather Montgomery /

As winter arrives, you may be dreading the colds, flu, and general icky-ness, that seems to accompany it. Here are six tips to help you and your children stay healthy this winter. Wash Your Hands
 It’s estimated that children with proper hygiene miss 2 days of school each year, while children who do not practice proper hygiene miss 3 days a year. Teach your children to wash their hands well, and often. This includes before and after meals, after coughing or sneezing, after using the restroom, and when they come home from school. You can also use alcohol-based wipes or gels when a water source is not readily available. Keep Warm
 Make sure you and your children are dressed appropriately for the colder weather. Jackets, gloves, and hats are all important clothing pieces to protect against the elements and keep your body in tip top shape. Eat Well
 Make sure your children get wellbalanced meals. Give your family the vitamins and minerals they need, so their bodies have the energy to stay healthy. Sleep Sleep is one of the most important things we can do to give our body a

leg up against sickness this winter. Each member of your family should get at least 7 hours of restful sleep each night, more for your younger children (10-13 hours). Food Safety As you prepare your holiday meals, wash your hands often when handling food. Keep any raw meats, poultry, and eggs away from food that is ready to eat or already prepared. Invest in a quality food thermometer to check the temperature of all of your cooked meals, make sure they are at least at the proper eating temperature. Do not use the same knives, cutting boards, or utensils to prepare raw foods and ready-to-eat foods. Quarantine If you still get sick after taking precautions, quarantine the family members. Do not allow your children to return to school until they are 24-hours free of fevers or vomiting. Wipe all surfaces with disinfectant, as well as washing clothing and bedding in hot, soapy water. Consider getting your children a flu shot this year to give you a leg up against sickness.


Laerskool De Hoop 6 MAY 2014 Speelarea

By Laerskool De Hoop werk ons lekker, maar speel ook lekker. Die grondslagfase se speelarea is onlangs opgegradeer om die terrein meer kindervriendelik te maak. Rayne Weyers en Annerie Griesel geniet die herfsson tydens eerste pouse.


“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” ~Margaret Fuller Francois Truter in gr. 7 E1 presents his oral about an interesting animal while Dean Joa supports him.

Stap Stof


De Hoop spog met 18 WP-tennisspelers. Nege van De Hoop se tennisspelers het die WP A-span verteenwoordig wat die afgelope vakansie die Synergy Cup in die interprovinsiale toernooi verower het. Veertien De Hoop-tennisspelers het die WP B-span verteenwoordig wat teen Namakwaland en Boland geseëvier het.

WP A-spelers: Malan Truter, Morné Franken, Niel Raath, Kianne Lubbe, Alexa Genis, Mikayla Furlong, Francois Lochner, Stefan McAslin en Judy Serfontein.

Gerhard Eckley stap stof in die oë van sy opponente. Hy het ‘n goue medalje los- gestap tydens die o/13 1500 m SuidAfrikaanse kampioenskappe . Ons is baie trots op hom.

WP B-spelers: Jeandré Beets, Dominic Lederer, Kyle Gibbs, Luc Brewis, Leonard van Schalkwyk, Alicia Joubert, Megan Gibbs, Jean Pretorius en Elrike van der Westhuizen.



‘n Fotografieklub is die nuwe baba by De Hoop! Hier is Jared Jacobs in gr 2E besig om te korrel vir die perfekte kiekie!


The formidable Blueteam’s u/10 rugby players showed great comradery at our annual inter-school sports day.

Niel Raath, Mieke Basson and Carli Claassen have good reason to look like the cats that got cream! All three of them were awarded WP colours in u/13 hockey.

Aan stuur van sake

About leadership: No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him. - W. A. Nance

Die Awsum-monitors het ‘n onderhoud met Mnr. Wynand Cillié., skoolhoof van Laerskool De Hoop, gevoer. Wat ‘n voorreg om soveel wyshede by ‘n ware leier te kon leer:

From left to right: Hanru Lubbe, Johan van Wijk, Jemaine Johannes, Benjamin Blaauw, Niel van Blerk and Herman de Beer.


Anju van Blerk in gr. 6A 3 geniet die nuwe opvoedkundige program in die rekenaarklas.

– Mnr. Wynand Cillié.

vleisvuurtjie ‘n groot lekkerte. Braai en rugby is mos sinoniem! Ek is sportmal en ondersteun die sportkanale op televisie.”

1. Wat laat Meneer se hart warm klop? “ My hart klop warm as De Hoop-leerlinge mooi optree in openbare plekke.” 2. Wat is die grootste uitdagings in Meneer se beroep? “Dit is moeilik om vir almal ‘n regverdige kans te gee.” 3. Wat is Meneer se drome en visie vir Laerskool De Hoop? “Dit is my droom dat Laerskool De Hoop altyd bekend sal staan as die beste skool!” 4. Het Meneer tyd om enige stokperdjies te beoefen? “As die tyd dit toelaat, is ‘n braai-

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Laerskool Hendrik Louw MAY 2014 7

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Sang Prestasies

Baie geluk aan Dirja Lekas en Aden Gardiner met hulle goeie prestasies by die SA’s. Hulle was ‘n goue duet paar – 4 goue medaljes vir hulle 4 liedjies! Aden wen nog ‘n brons vir su solo lied en Dirja nog 13 medaljes. House of Song wen 98 medaljes en die WP span wen 259 medaljes!


Congratulations to Kira Bester (Grade 7), who competed at the South African Lifesaving Championships in Port Elizabeth, during the recent school holidays. She won a gold medal for the Kneeboard race for her age group; and also received a bronze medal for the Board relay team event.

Rugby en Netbal

Laerskool Hendrik Louw gee hartlike dank aan BUCO in Somerset-Wes vir hulle borgskap van ons o/13A Rugby-en Netbalspanklere.


Hendrik Louw Primary would like to thank Rob Smailes from Spur for his continued support of our u/13A Hockey Boys and Girls (first teams). Rob has sponsored our hockey clothing this year.

Back (from left to right): Chantel Hale – Girls coach along with Eunice Kets (absent from photo), John Reyneke (Principal), Rob Smailes (Spur) and Rudie Bergmann – Boys coach along with Zander Bergmann (absent from photo).


750g Eisbein and Chips for only R35.

TUESDAY - Burger Mania

Beef/Chicken/Rib Burgers (Chips and Sauce included) for only R26 E & Chips only R34 250g Rump, Egg


Give Away Spare Ribs R34 450g Spare Ribs and Chips only R34 KITCHEN OPEN: 11AM - 10PM | MONDAY - SATURDAYS For bookings: Michelle 021 853 2804

6-8 Koorzen Centre, Koorzen Street, Strand Tel: 021 853 2804 | Fax: 021 853 2810

PADI Seal Skuba

Foto (vlnr): Dwain Brown, (Sporthoof), John Reyneke (Skoolhoof), Woudi du Toit (BUCO Takbestuurder), Lienkie Dunn (Netbalhoof).


Die Brits broers, Marais (Gr 5) en Paul (Gr 4), het gekwalifiseer as PADI Seal Skuba duikers. Dit is ‘n eerste vir Alpha Dive Centre, Strand om scuba duikers van so ‘n jong ouderdom te kwalifiseer. Groot dieptes wag nou op hulle! BESOEK AAN ABSA STRAND TAK OP 15-05-2014


Beaumont Primary 8 MAY 2014 Voting

The Grade 2 learners voted on 6 May. They registered their names on a class list, had their thumbs marked with a black dot, received a ballot paper and voted in a private booth.


Beaumont hosted a chess tournament on 10 May. Learners from different school were invited to take part.

Music outing

Francois Voges, Sandra Odendal and Rina Goldberg took their music learners on an outing to the Artscape Theatre.

Easter eggs

All the learners of the school brought an Easter egg to school. The eggs were collected and taken to under privileged children on the Easter weekend.

Link your brand to a school Front row from left: Reese Mitchell, Carmen Waters, Gemma Trent, Seth Whitley, Ross Stone. Back row: Alexander Hoy, Reuben Olivier.


Lukas en Markus Nel is opgeneem in die Wes-Kaap skaakspan.

ATKV Redenaars

Cara Taylor, Mia du Toit, Danielle Flemix en Albert Barnard het deurgedring na die ATKV Redenaars semi-finaal wat op 23 Mei by Laerskool De Kuilen plaasvind.

Email - or phone - 021 872 3880

Laerskool Eikestad Leerlingraad

Ons groei, verloor gewig, tel gewig op en verloor belangstelling in kledingstukke. Deur die Clothing for Children projek, wat deur die leerlingraad georganiseer is, maak hierdie klere wat nie meer interessant en van waarde is nie ander se harte bly.


Viering van Wêreld Boekedag en Internasionale Biblioteekdag saam met Elsabé Daneel, bekende televisie ster en befaamde aktrise.


Laerskool Eikestad redenaars kook! Julius Kruger het ‘n eerste plek en Mieke Smit ‘n tweede plek by Laerskool Gimnasium Taalmonument Inderskole Redenaarsfees behaal.


Onder 7A-netbalspan slaggereed vir hulle eerste wedstryd.

Graad 2’s spog

Ons graad 2’s spog met hulle lees sertifikate.


Op 24 April het Ouma Lizzie en Aspatat weer hulle beste “truuks” uitgehaal, tydens die graad 3’s se jaarlikse Harley Davidsondag.


Laerskool Lochnerhoff MAY 2014 9

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Lochnerhof se jaarlikse Wintersportdag! By hierdie geleentheid was daar +- 1100 kinders wat rugby en netbal kom speel het.

Vlnr: Marco Peek (2de), Wesley McCarthy (1ste), Kristin Meyer (3de).

Graad 6 - Top 3

Vlnr: Quinn Visser (2de), Anel Swart (1ste), JP van Dalen (3de).

Graad 5 - Top 3

Bianca van Deventer 0_13A (Medium).

Schalk Kotzé 0_9A.

Nikki Schonken 0_13B.

Liaan Paulsen 0_10A.

Vlnr: Marelie Botha (2de), Dehan Kriel (1ste), Gilbert Liebenberg (3de).

Graad 4 - Top 3

Vlnr: Shan-Lee Cilliers (2de), Litha Schutte (1ste), Wyatt Strydom (3de).


Lizanne Nortjé - Lizanne Nortjé is gekies vir die 0/13A WP hokkie span. Daar is 8 spelers van die Helderberg A-span opgeneem in die WP-A.

and save a life!

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Laerskool Stellenbosch 10 MAY 2014 Aksie-netbal

Die 0/13A-netbalspan van Laerskool Stellenbosch het die Helderberg Aksie-netbal se derde senior liga gewen. Die speelsters is:

Agter vlnr: Inge van Heerden, Jana Liebenberg, mev Goldie van Heerden (afrigter), Kara Barnard, Imke van der Merwe. Voor vlnr: Elise le Roux, Lana Prins, Ané Beukes, Jeannie Jooste, Lynn Rossouw.

SA Tennis


Baie geluk aan Berno v.d Berg en Iané Marx wat vir die Bolandspan gekies is om aan die Wes-Kaap Kampioenskappe deel te neem. Die Kampioenskappe vind op 17 Mei in George plaas.

Bellville-Noord toernooi

Die o/12A– en o/13A-netbalspanne het Vrydagaand onder spreiligte aan die BellvilleNoord toernooi deelgeneem. Beide spanne het hul baan se wedstryde gewen.

Laerskool Stellenbosch is baie trots op Paul Ellis, Rochelle Pienaar en Carl Roothman wat vir die Suid-Afrikaanse skolespan gekies is. Die span gaan SuidAfrika in September verteenwoordig.

Leerders presteer in perdry Vier van Laerskool Stellenbosch se leerders het aan die pas afgelope SA Kampioenskappe te Bloemfontein deelgeneem. Alwo Dercksen het 2 eerste plekke en ‘n 3de plek (ope-afdeling) behaal; Sophia Dercksen het 2 vierde plekke behaal; Mila Olivier het 4 eerste plekke behaal. Elle Olivier het 2 eerste plekke behaal.

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Somerset West Primary MAY 2014 11

Link your brand to a school

Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Fokus op insekte

Die Gr.3-klasse fokus hierdie kwartaal op Insekte. Hulle moes insekte teken, maak en gedigte oor hulle skryf. Op die foto is Megan en Karla besig om ‘n mondeling te doen oor ‘n insek.


SA Wiskunde uitdaging

Alle graad 4 tot 7 leerders van SWPS het deelgeneem aan die SA Wiskunde Uitdaging. Die doel met die Uitdaging is om Wiskundige kennis toe te pas in nuwe probleemoplossingsituasies en leerders te help op die pad na onafhanklike kritiese denke. Ons leerders het dit baie geniet om deel te neem en ons sien uit na die tweede rondte wat voorlê.

At the Beaumont Chess Tournament on Saturday, 11 May, the following players received medals: 1. Ji-sung Kim: 1st - Gold Medal U/13, 2. Michael Stevens: 2nd Silver Medal U/13 & 3. Jayden Marais: 1st - Gold Medal.

Mev. Eileen de Klerk is saam met leerder op foto.

SWPS se 0/12A & 0/13A netbaldogters

SWPS se 0/12A & 0/13A netbaldogters het goed presteer by die eerste rondte van die Top Schools toernooi op Maandag, 12 Mei 2014. SWPS dring deur na die volgende rondte wat op Maandag, 19 Mei 2014, plaasvind. Tiffany Gordon (0/13A) en Nikita Hammers (0/12A) is ook deel van die WP oefengroep wat tans besig is met finale proewe.


AWSUM Scoop 12 MAY 2014

Post and win!

AW Pssst.. SU M! Ons wil weet... van jou en jou vriende So stuur vir ons jou foto’s!

Take a selfie with a AWSUM Newspaper then post the photo on the AWSUM News Facebook Page for your chance to win a R1 000.00. Go to

Ons stel bekend: AWSUM Scoop The more likes your selfie gets, the better your chance will be at winning! So get snapping, get selfing and start liking for your chance to win.

Submit as many selfies as you want! Make sure you share this with your friends so you can get more likes... Remember that more likes means more chance at winning! If you are new to our Facebook page be sure to “LIKE” us as well!

Speel papparazzi en stuur vir ons fotos van jouself, jou vriende, jou onnies, jou hond, jou familie... en dit mag dalk net op die AWSUM Scoop-blad geplaas word. Neem foto’s in die klas, langs die sportveld, by die huis, net waar jy wil of neem `n selfie en stuur dit! Stuur jou nuus na

Maak gou! Entries close on the 31st of May 2014. The winner will be contacted shortly after the closing date via a Facebook private message from us.

Lead your customers on the road this upcumming June/July Winter Holiday

g We are publishin Guide

the ultimate Holiday ay with over 100 holid destinations. NEWS


Book your space and let your advert be seen by more than 125 000 householdsbin the Western and Eastern Cape

Onthou om in jou e-pos die volgende te sit: - Watter skool - Byskrifte soos bv jou vriende se name (opsioneel) - `n Boodskap (opsioneel) (Fotos word slegs geplaas indien goedgekeur deur die AWSUM redaksie) NEWS / NUUS




(From Moorreesburg to East London).



To book: Contact AWSUM News at 021 872 3880 or send a mail to


Drama classes in Somerset West Wednesdays for Age 4-18 R440 / term Book today for a FREE trial lesson Somerset West

Email: Phone: 072 298 1013

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