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In the house 2 APRIL 2014

Dye your Easter eggs Imagine to be able to do What you will need: Hard-boiled or fresh eggs, Food colouring, White vinegar , Measuring spoons and cup, Bowl, Spoon, Paper towels, Round stickers, Painters’ removable tape, cut into thin strips.

Hint: You can either hard-boil eggs before you dye them, or blow them after dyeing. To reduce the chances of your eggs cracking when hard-boiling, use very fresh eggs and make sure they are at room temperature. Cook in a small saucepan so eggs move around less, and remember they should simmer rather than boil. To blow eggs, use a long needle to make a small hole at each end of egg. Place your mouth on one end and blow the contents into a bowl. Rinse egg out with water and a little vinegar then allow to dry on paper towels.


Arrange stickers on egg

Dip eggs in dye

Dry & remove stickers

How to dye: Fill a bowl with 3 cups hot water, 2 tbs vinegar, 3 capfuls blue food colouring and 1 capful red food colouring. Mix to combine, then dip eggs in, carefully removing with a spoon when they reach desired

Nothing can be created, designed, painted, drawn or build unless it is imagined! Nothing can be done if it can’t be seen.

Nothing can exist unless it exists in the mind of the creator first. Nothing that is can be unless it finds meaning in thoughts first. To learn, to create, to give one has to be able to see with your mind, imaginations, and visions. For the artist (adult and child alike) what is about to find meaning on canvas already exist in his minds-eye, it only longs for expression. Images, emotions and visions. Art is a natural process by which images and imaginations can be expressed, created, given meaning in a unique context. What is imaginations? Dreams, fantasies or capabilities?

the first car unless he had a vision, an image of what was to be designed; you cannot reach a goal unless you have a vision, image, of where you go and what to achieve. Imagination is vital in the learning process. Art is one of the most powerful doorways to open and stimulate the ability to imagine, to visualise, and to see with your minds-eye. In every artistic encounter lies value, regardless of talent. The process of art gives way to learning. Because I imagine, I create!

The right hemisphere of the brain has the beautiful capacity and ability to see, to visualise in images. It comes natural for the right brain dominant learner to see and think in pictures, and therefore often natural to be creative. In contrast the left hemisphere thinks and expresses through words and language. How important is the ability to imagine, to form a picture in your mind? Henry Ford could not design

Victor Hugo Originals In al hoe meer huise gewaar mens die unieke stamp of approval, `n klein silwer plaatjie met die naam “Victor Hugo Originals”. Hierdie klein plaatjie het `n groot geskiedenis wat ons in kort met ons lesers deel.

vrou Maralda se aandrang, het hy begin om kombuise te vervaardig en gespuitverf, deur gebruik te maak van `n verouderde tegniek – ook `n styl wat nie beskikbaar was nie, en die res is geskiedenis.

Victor Hugo is gebore op Upington, groot geword in die Paarl en skoolopleiding voltooi by Boys’ High. In 2004 het hy noodgedwonge sy loopbaan verander en besluit om meubels te maak uit hulle garage , maar sommer gou-gou het hy genoeg voorraad gemaak om `n klein vertoonkamer in Bredasdorp oop te maak.

“`n Belangrike aspek van my besigheid is dat ek alle ontwerpe self doen en dat ek alles op aanvraag custom made doen”,sê hy. Boonop doen hy alle aflewering en installasies self!

Hy het` n unieke styl probeer vasvang wat sommer gou by die moderne ma aanklank gevind het. In 2006, op sy

Vandag is Victor Hugo Originals `n hoogs suksesvolle handelsmerk in Suid-Afrika wat getuig van kreatiwiteit, kwaliteit en diens. `n Moderne ontwerp met `n blik op die verlede.




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classic kitchens, custom made furniture and built-in cupboards Craftsmanship at its very best - developed and honed over years of dedication.



The Victor Hugo Originals Range provides perfection for your: * Kitchen and eating areas * Bedrooms * Lounge and dining areas * Entertainment areas * Bathrooms * Bespoke chairs * Functional & Decorative items

68 Church Street, Bredasdorp, 7280 | Tel: 082 924 3093 | |


Around the house APRIL 2014 3

Colorful & Simple Fall Projects

As the leaves begin to turn, we can’t help but feel like it is fall. Bring the hues, shapes, and textures of autumn inside with these easy fall decorating ideas and projects for your whole house. • Veneer-Wrapped Vase This cherry-and-maple veneer makes a sweet, natural-looking vase when wrapped around an old apothecary jar. Find veneer at crafts stores in a variety of colors. Give the vase a little shine by stitching on wooden leaves with sliver embroidery floss, then fill with your garden favorites for a flowery finish. • Darling Dipped Bowls This trendy look is a cinch! Simply dip wooden bowls in a tub of pretty paint -- we used burnt orange and mustard yellow to mimic the colors of freshly fallen leaves. Use a paintbrush to remove excess paint from the bottoms; elevate on inverted screws on an old block of wood to dry. • Pieced-Together Vase Upcycle eclectic fabrics by decoupaging a pretty vase. Create your own papier-mache vase by choosing colors and patterns you love most for a one-of-a-kind patchwork centerpiece.

• Fall-Theme Sandbag Bookend Add fall flair to your bookshelf with these adorable bookends. To make, cut two 8X10-inch pieces of fun fabric and place right sides together. Sew three sides using 1/2-inch seam allowances; turn right side out. Insert a re-sealable plastic bag filled with sand, and topstitch all around to finish. • Branch-Painted Vase Acrylic paint markers are great tools, especially in a freehand design such as this one on a pretty fall vase. Choose two shades of brown and draw bare trees; cut tiny leaf shapes from pressed leaves or cardstock and use adhesive dots to attach to the vase. • Fabric-Covered Fall Lamp Fun fabric can instantly transform a ho-hum lampshade. Use an existing shade as a pattern; cut a scrap of fall-color material to fit (overlap the edges). Adhere with spray adhesive or fabric glue; fold the bottom and top edges under and glue in place.


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Lifestyle 4 APRIL 2014

Pssst.. Die “Perfekte” Ouers Ons wil weet... van jou en jou vriende So stuur vir ons jou foto’s! Karla van Biljon

“…maak nie saak wat jy doen of nie gedoen het nie – jy speel ‘n kritiese rol in jou kinders se groei en ontwikkeling…” “…Om onsself as ouers met hierdie ideale sosiale prentjie te vergelyk is fataal en dit lei tot die wanpersepsie dat ek in my rol as ouer misluk het…”



Ons stel bekend: AWSUM Scoop

Speel papparazzi en stuur vir ons fotos van jouself, jou vriende, jou onnies, jou hond, jou familie... en dit mag dalk net op die AWSUM Scoopblad geplaas word. Neem foto’s in die klas, langs die sportveld, by die huis, net waar jy wil of neem `n selfie en stuur dit!

As ouers word ons gebombardeer met boeke en die media oor hoe die “perfekte” ouer lyk. Ons het die vermoë om onsself op verskeie maniere te kritiseer. Ons voel skuldig as werk of sosialisering ons weerhou om genoeg tyd saam met ons kinders te spandeer. Verdere druk word op ons geplaas deur skole, familie en vriende oor wat die “regte” goed is om te doen, te wees en te sê.

‘n kind net ondersteuning kry, heeldag hoor hoe oulik hulle is en met alles gehelp word, gaan hulle nooit leer om iets op hulle eie te doen nie. Maar as ‘n kind nou weer net een na die ander uitdaging kry, sal die kind deur die uitdagings oorrompel word en nooit selfvertroue bou nie. ‘n Kombinasie van gelyke ondersteuning én uitdagings bevorder ideale omstandigehde vir groei.

Om onsself as ouers met hierdie ideale sosiale prentjie te vergelyk is fataal en dit lei tot die wanpersepsie dat ek in my rol as ouer misluk het. Wanneer jy as ouers ‘n oomblik neem om te kyk na daardie spesifieke aksie wat maak dat jy jouself as ‘n “slegte” ouer beskou, sal jy sien dat selfs daardie aksie ook jou kind gehelp het.

So in plaas daarvan om te dink dat jou kinders verwaarloos word terwyl jy werk, sien eerder hoe jy hulle deur jou afwesigheid help om onafhanklik te word, en om in volwassenheid en selfwaarde te groei.

Elke persoon het ‘n balans van ondersteuning en uitdagings nodig om tot hulle volle potensiaal te groei. As

Stop en vra vir jouself hoe jou elke optrede en aksies jou kinders help? Jy sal vining ontdek: maak nie saak wat jy doen of nie gedoen het nie – jy speel ‘n kritiese rol in jou kinders se groei en ontwikkeling.

Om verdere vertroue te bou en sekerheid te kry in jou rol as ouer, kom woon die Familie Werkswinkel by waar ons saam as ouers leer hoe ons elke optrede ons kinders gedien het.

Stuur jou nuus na

Of sms jou foto na 43366 Onthou om in jou e-pos die volgende te sit: - Watter skool - Byskrifte soos bv jou vriende se name (opsioneel) - `n Boodskap (opsioneel)

Present this voucher and we will give you 15% discount on ANY hairdo!

(Fotos word slegs geplaas indien goedgekeur deur die AWSUM redaksie)

Lead your customers on the road

this upcumming June/July Winter Holiday

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AWSUM Kombuis APRIL 2014 5

High protein and low fat recipe

SPICE up your life!

Life without delicious, gorgeous foods would be completely dull without any flavours to look forward to for dinner. One of the main questions asked within the industry is: What foods make you fat? There are many myths that people are made to believe with regards to eating and living healthy.


Our answer to this question is: Natural fats that come from animals, vegetables and even fruits are exactly what the human body requires to function fantastically without fail. The intake of these fat groups provides the body with the correct nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals to prevent flu for example. The main key is to consume everything in moderation. Here follows a high protein and LOW natural fat recipe:

Recipe • • • • • • • • •

Health benefits of Parsley:

Parsley is a great source of vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber. Raw parsley also acts as a breath freshener and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use Parsley in Your Cooking:

Because of its light scent and fresh taste, parsley can be used in anything from soups to sauces to vegetables.

Slow Braised Sirloin steak with roasted vegetables & avocado Shopping List:

Parsley is slightly peppery and bright herb. There are two main varieties of parsley - curly leaf and flat leaf. Curly leaf is probably the most recognizable, as restaurants often use it as a garnish on their plating, but both varieties are widely used in cooking.


Tips with Parsley:

1. To store parsley, rinse with cool water and then wrap in a slightly damp paper towel in a resealable plastic bag and keep in the fridge. 2. Infuse your homemade dressing with chopped parsley for maximum flavor while you’re putting together a salad. 3. You can dry your fresh parsley by tying a bunch together and hanging it upside down in a cool, dry place. When the parsley is completely dry, remove the stems and store the dried leaves in an airtight container. You can also dry out your parsley in a slightly warm oven or in a dehydrator.

of the month!

400g sirloin A-grade Fresh chopped garlic Fresh parsley Freshly squeezed lemon Fresh chopped onions Crispy carrots Baby marrows Fine cut butternut Olive oil

Lightly sear sirloin 3 minutes a side in the pan while your cut up veggies are roasting in the over drizzled with olive oil. Veggies should take 35-45minutes on 180 degrees. DINNER is served… Come and visit us to feel all the colours, taste all the flavours and get swept off of your feet in a world filled with gorgeous meats.

Die Wingerd is a lovely relaxing restaurant, a true Winelands hospitality experience. A perfect venue to kick back after a hard days work or to bring the family and kids for a fun lled day. Have a mouth watering feast of our a La carte menu for you to delight, as well as delicious gourmet pizzas, and a ba unique barrel menu that will make you come back for more. All of this is complemented by our extensive wine list that will satisfy every palate.

Die Wingerd restaurant at Protea Hotel Stellenbosch, Techno Avenue, Techno Park. Tel +27 (0)21 880 9559 or e-mail: website:



kos wyn kuier


Hoërskool Stellenbosch 6 APRIL 2014 Atletiek

Marcel Maree het tydens die Junior SA Kampioenskappe die magiese 2m gespring in die Hoogspring vir Seuns 0/17. Hiermee is hy gekroon as die 3de beste hoogspringer in SA.


Hokkietoer na Bloemfontein Tydens die April-vakansie het ons O/18A seuns en dogters asook die 0/16A dogters in Bloemfontein aan `n toernooi deelgeneem. Baie geluk aan Nicol Visagie en Rumario Wenn (O/18 seuns) wat opgeneem is in die uitnodigingspan wat saamgestel is uit die beste spelers tydens die toernooi.


Louis Wolmarans (gr. 11) het vanaf Dinsdag 25 Maart tot Saterdag 29 Maart die Stellenbosch Internasionale Klaviersimposium bygewoon. Hy het meesterklasse bygewoon van o.a. Roberto Plano (Acadamia Musicale Varesina, Italië), Marina Mozolov (University of South Carolina, USA) en ook self meesterklasse ontvang van Joseph Stanford (UP), Bennie van Eeden (US) en Francois du Toit (UCT). Hy sluit die week suksesvol af tydens die Middaguurkonsert op Saterdag, 29 Maart met `n uitvoering van Mendelssohn se Lied Ohne Worte nr 27 in e mineur in die Endlersaal, Stellenbosch. Louis slaag ook die ABRSM graad 5 musiekteorie-eksamen met 95% wat hy in Maart vanjaar geskryf het.

Nicol Visagie

Rumario Wenn


HSS AFRIGTINGS KURSUS - BRITS Die 0/19 en 0/16 A netbalspanne het die afgelope vakansie na `n kursus in Brits aangebied deur die SA Protea Afrigter, Elize Kotze - gegaan. Me Annelie Barnard en Annie Klopers het die spanne vergesel. Dit was vir die spelers en afrigters `n geweldig leersame kursus . Elize kom weer in Mei na HSS om te sien of die spanne al die vaardighede/spelpatrone toegepas het.

Rumario Wenn links en Nicol Visagie regs.

Gasvryheid Hoërskool Stellenbosch bied aan: Wildsvleisdemonstrasies deur die Wildsvleis Koningin - Annatjie Reynolds. 28, 29, 30 en 31 MEI 2014. Kontak Anita Nel Malan: vir meer besonderhede.

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880


Hoërskool Bloemhof APRIL 2014 7

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Tennisspelers

Die SA Senior Atletiekkampioenskappe

Twee van Bloemhof se tennisspelers, Nicola Steenkamp en Jana-Mari Wolfaardt, is pas opgeneem in die SA o.15-span wat gedurende Junie na Skotland en Engeland toer. Beide spelers was lid van die Boland o.15-span wat die afgelope vakansie aan die Interprovinsiale toernooi in Bloemfontein deelgeneem het. Altwee van hulle het al hulle wedstryde vir Boland gewen en is op grond van hulle puik prestasie tot die SA-span verkies.

Is van 11-12 April by TUKS in Pretoria aangebied. Nienka du Toit, graad 11-leerder van die Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof, het ‘n silwer medalje in die Sewekamp behaal en hierdie prestasie plaas haar tans in die 3de posisie in die wêreld vir haar ouderdomsgroep in hierdie item. Bloemhof se sportbestuurder, me Mandie Brandt, het ook aan die kampioenskap deelgeneem en het haar persoonlike beste tyd in die 800m gehardloop. 800m: 1. Caster Semenya (AGN) 2:03.05; 2. Mandie Brandt (BOLA) 2:04.20 (PB); 3. Anushka Nice (AGN) 2:05.52.

Mandie Brandt, Caster Semenya en Anushka Nice.

Mnr seef le Roux (Bloemhof se Atletiekorganiseerder) Nienka du Toit en me Mandie Brandt (Sportbestuurder).

Nicola Steenkamp

Jana-Mari Wolfaardt

Nienka du Toit in aksie.


Hoërskool Parel Vallei 8 APRIL 2014

Veels Geluk!

Op 10 April het al die Parel Valleiers meneer Gouws se verjaarsdag saam met hom gevier! Dit was ‘n besonderse geleentheid omdat dit sy 60ste verjaarsdag was en ook omrede hy aan die einde van dié maand gaan aftree. Die hele skool het hom verras op die nuutgeboude paviljoen en kon hom vir oulaas laat spesiaal voel, amper so spesiaal soos hy elkeen van die leerders, ouers, onderwysers, beheerliggaamlede, vriende van die skool en gemeenskap laat voel….. Ons bedank meneer Gouws graag weer vir sy meer as 17 jaar se passie en ywer waarmee hy alles in Parel Vallei aangepak het. Natuurlik sal ons hom mis, maar ons weet dat hy sal kom kuier want, sien, as jy eers ‘n Parel Valleier is, sal jy altyd een bly! Trots om ‘n Parel Valleier te wees – ALTYD!

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. It’s also what it takes to sit down and listen”. Winston Churchill is gone, but certain men continue to carry out his philosophies. Thank you sir for being a modern-day Winston Churchill, for approaching your work with a blend of integrity, empathy, steely determination and of course, CHARISMA. We wish you all the best for the future! Michael Black 12E2

Somerset College Scholarship Winners

Somerset College is delighted to announce that scholarships have been awarded to four students entering Grade 8 next year. The recipients of these scholarships are; Benjamin van Schalkwyk (from Somerset House), Annalie Swanepoel (from Somerset College Preparatory), Anna Bruwer (from Somerset College Preparatory) and Emma Rubidge (from De Hoop Primary School). Somerset College received applications from 74 interested candidates. Benjamin is the worthy recipient of the College All-Rounder Scholarship. He consistently achieves an 80% academic aggregate; is a Western Province rugby player and is a member of the South African athletics team. Benjamin earned the District Mail’s Let’s Play Sports Star of the Month Award in April last year. This young man also enjoys playing the guitar and has an interest in Art and Drama. Annalie obtained the highest marks for both scholarship papers written, so was very

Ben van Schalkwyk

Annalie Swanepoel

clearly the strongest academic candidate. Not only is Annalie exceptionally intelligent, she is also a talented pianist and violinist and plays netball, hockey and tennis at a high level. Annalie is a gifted gymnast and came 6th in the South African Gymnastics Championships last year. Anna excels academically and loves literature; both reading and writing. To quote Anna “the world has a growing list of issues, like poverty, pollution and overpopulation. We need people to create solutions to these problems, and these people are us!” Emma excels academically and is a talented dancer. She enjoys both ballet and Latin and energy dancing. This talented student is a school monitor; has her orange belt in karate and plays the guitar.

Winning Fairmont Hockey Festival

The boys 1st team attended the Fairmont Hockey Festival during the April school holiday and we did remarkably well as a team. Jason Raubenheimer as Captain, was a true leader on the field and was our top scorer, scoring 5 goals in the 6 games. According to their coach, Jacques Grobler, “The boys passed and moved the ball at high pace and there decision making was impressive, dominating possession in every game that they played. When the boys were required to defend they were rigid and stubborn, giving the opposition very few goal scoring opportunities in general.” Our results were impressive across the tournament, and were as follows: • Beat Bellville 4-0 • Beat Fairmont 2-1 • Beat Windhoek 4-1 • Beat Westering 1-0 • Beat Parel Vallei 2-1 • Beat Alexander Road 3-1 in the final

Jason Raubenheimer (Captain) accepting the winner’s trophy from Ron Dingley, the Principal of Fairmont High School.

Somerset College looks forward to welcoming these wonderful students to the school in 2015.

Anna Bruwer

Emma Rubidge

Back left to right: Jacques Grobler (Coach), Cameron Arnold, Henry Rahman, Josh Henderson, Jason Raubenheimer (Captain), Chris Goudvis, Matthew Greaver, Ben Henderson, William Sendin, Clarence Oliver (Manager). Front row left to right: Franco Carstens, Pierre du Plessis, Phillip Carstens, Tyler Oliver, Mark Reuter, Yanga Ndayi.


Rhenish High School APRIL 2014 9

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Track and Field Championships

Kaitlyn Sparks represented Boland at the South African Youth and Junior Track and Field Championships. Kaitlyn is a promising young pole vaulter and she once again secured the gold in the U17 category, making her the top pole vaulter in her age group in South Africa.

Stellenbosch Eisteddfod

Rhenish students in the music department are currently participating in the Stellenbosch Eisteddfod. Celeste Opperman (singing) scored a Cum Laude, Cum Laude and a Gold Plus; Leah Primo scored a Cum Laude and two Gold Pluses and Jaimè Goedhals (singing) scored three Golds. Jaimé has only this year taken up singing as a subject.

Voice Students

Boland Chess Trials

Rahma Darries participated in the Boland Chess trials (Boland Prestige) which was held over two days at the Drostdy Technical High School in Worcester. Players played a total of seven games of two hours each over the course of the two days. Rahma was undefeated, winning six of her games and drawing one.

Two voice students, Lusi Sesanti and Leah Primo, were chosen amongst many hopefuls to perform as guest artists at the Shoprite/Checkers Senior Citizens 2 day event, hosted by Shoprite/Checkers CEO, Whitey Basson and his wife, Annelieze. The event took place on their beautiful Klein Das Bosch farm, near Paradyskloof. The two young Rhenishers had the priviledge of performing with the likes of former S A Idols contestant Andriette Norman, Jessica Truter and “Die Jaloersbokkies” (featuring two of the late Taliep Petersen’s children, Jawaaieer and Ashur).

Indoor Hockey

Ash Rutherford has been selected for an Invitational SA U17 Indoor Hockey team to take part in a 3 test series in Namibia during April 2014. The team will also be part of practice sessions with the Women’s National team trying to qualify for the World Cup.


Rhenish has entered into a development stage with a much needed upgrade to the aging infrastructure. Eight new classrooms will be built, a new hall and an astro turf for hockey. The building began in the first week of the new term with the demolition of the tired prefabricated classrooms, a temporary measure that has been in place for some 25 years.


Hoërskool Paul Roos 10 APRIL 2014

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Paul Roos Gimnasium vs Grey PE 11 &12 April 2014

Paul Roos se hokkiespanne het die naweek teen Grey High van Port Elizabeth feitlik skoonskip gemaak deurdat slegs twee van die 14 spanne (O/14A en O/16F) teen hul gedugte teenstanders van die Oos-Kaap verloor het. Paul Roos het altesaam 32 doele aangeteken teenoor die 15 van Grey. Die rugbyspanne het uitstekend gevaar deur nie minder nie as 711 punte aan te teken teenoor die 131 van Grey. Ook die gholf-, branderplank-, skaak-, biathlé en bergfietskragmetings is deur Paul Roos Gimnasium gewen.



Hier is Gerbrandt Smit in aksie.

Hier is Abri teen Grey High in aksie, as haker vir Paul Roos Gimnasium se O/19C-span.

Paul Roos se tennisspanne het soos gewoonlik met skoon stelle geseëvier deur hulle Baaise teenstanders in die O/15- sowel as die O/19-kompetisie elke keer met 9-0 te klop.

Abri Coetzee (17) het by die ASA-atletiekbyeenkoms wat tydens die vakansie op Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch gehou is ’n goue medalje vir hamergooi verower, met ’n gooi van 58,93m! Hy het ook brons by die SA-skolebyeenkoms behaal.


Hoërskool Hottentots Holland APRIL 2014 11

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Email - or phone - 021 872 3880 Weightlifting

Lamees Daniels, grade 8 learner at Hottentots-Holland High School, will be representing South Africa at the African Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships in Tunisia from 15-22 April 2014. Lamees started weightlifting at the age of 10 years at Palm Park Primary School.


Tydens die onlangse Tony Stoops Rugbytoernooi is Dylan Scholtz, losskakel van die o.19A-rugbyspan van die Hoërskool Hottentots-Holland, as die beste agterspeler van die toernooi aangewys. Op die foto oorhandig die afrigter, Tyrone Zas, die trofee aan Dylan.


Die eerstespan-rugbyspelers van die Hoërskool Hottentots-Holland het onlangs kos aan die inwoners van die nagskuiling in Somerset-Wes geskenk.


750g Eisbein and Chips for only R35.

TUESDAY - Burger Mania

Beef/Chicken/Rib Burgers (Chips and Sauce included) for only R26 250g Rump, Egg E & Chips only R34


Give Away Spare Ribs R34 450g Spare Ribs and Chips only R34 KITCHEN OPEN: 11AM - 10PM | MONDAY - SATURDAYS For bookings: Michelle 021 853 2804

Op die foto staan v.l.n.r.: Jean Ellis (kapt.), Nazleah Simons, Anthony Florence, Gerhard & Pieter Janse van Rensburg, Andre Loubser, Elih Hopley en Matthew Boon. Nazleah werk by die nagskuiling en Anthony, Gerhard, Pieter en Andre is inwoners.

6-8 Koorzen Centre, Koorzen Street, Strand Tel: 021 853 2804 | Fax: 021 853 2810

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PJ Olivier Kunssentrum Europese Kunstoer 2014

Die opvoeders, kunsleerders en vriende van die Kunssentrum PJ Olivier en ander Kunssentra, het in die Maart-April skoolvakansie ‘n tweede, baie suksesvolle, verrykende en inspirerende 19 dae Kunstoer na Europa onderneem. Vier lande, waaronder Duitsland,Tjeggiese Republiek, Oostenryk, en Italië, is besoek. Die toergroep het ‘n totaal van 49 persone ingesluit (8 volwassenes en 41 leerders). Die oorkoepelende doel van die kunstoer was om die leerders eerstehands direk aan kunsskatte bekend te stel deur ‘n reisprogram wat ruimskoots voorsiening gemaak het vir besoeke aan kunsmuseums, kunsgalerye en spesifieke plekke van kunshistoriese belang. Die volgende Europese Toer word beplan vir 2016.




12 APRIL 2014 Movies Showing


Watch the following movies at a cinema near you! Agent 2000: Die Laksman

2 4

Parental Guidance 10-12 (Violence)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (3D) No persons under 13 (Violence) Divergent

No persons under 13 (Violence)


No persons under 10 (Violence)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Parental Guidance (Violence)

Need for Speed (3D)

Parental Guidance 10-12

Noah (3D)

No persons under 13 (Violence)

Pad na Jou Hart

Parental Guidance 7-9 (Violence)


No persons under 13 (Language)

The LEGO Movie (3D)

Parental Guidance (Violence)

Vrou Soek Boer

Parental Guidance (Language)

Top 10 Songs - March 2014



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App of the month

The song charts below represent the 10 most popular songs for April 2014 based on the top downloaded and streamed songs from online music retailers. Happy All Of Me Dark Horse Rather Be Clean Let It Go The Man #SELFIE Talk Dirty Magic Turn Down For What

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Pharrell Williams John Legend Katy Perry Ft. Juicy J Bandit Ft. Jess Glynne Idina Menzel Aloe Blacc The Chainsmokers Jason Derulo Ft. 2 Chainz Coldplay DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Swype Now before you take to the comment section to tell us that Swype shouldn’t be on the best apps of the month list because it’s been around for ages, please hear us out. Swype has been included in flagship phone after flagship phone for years. Getting the Swype beta is pretty easy and takes only an email to sign up. Despite being on most smartphones these days, you have to remember something. This month marked the first month where Swype was available in the Google Play Store. The classic swipe to text keyboard is available on the Google Play Store for merely $.99. This is a great price for perhaps one of the most iconic keyboards every to grace Android. Not a keyboard comes out nowadays that isn’t immediately compared to it and SwiftKey. If you’ve been waiting a long time to pick this up, it’s waiting for you at the Google Play Store. Just click the button below to go get it.







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