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AWSUM News welcomed by East London 1

Tips from Jean de Villiers


When is enough TV enough?


Be sure to get your sleep this year


Take care of your heart

A whopping 102 schools have already signed up to be part of the AWSUM News publication, distributed through our partner schools into each household. The first AWSUM newspaper was published in May 2013 in the Boland, little knowing within 9 months we would be launching another 5 regional papers including Helderberg, Southern Cape, Northern Suburbs and East London.

We are excited about our first East London edition and would like to know what you think about this publication. Please send your comments to 43366.

The name says it all: we summarize the best school news and bring it to your doorstep. Someone called us a “breath of fresh air in the advertising world”. With great excitement and almost a year since, we hope that everyone reading the AWSUM, shares our passion for the community.

Kind regards,

e h t l l a t u o k c e s Ch w e n l o o h c s t s e t la inside

The magazine style newspaper, published by TieMedia, shares AWSUM school news for the whole family and although our first edition in East London is our entry edition focusing more on the school news, we have sections covering interesting articles on lifestyle, financial tips, health, beauty and wellness and the AWSUM Kombuis, where we share exciting recipies. We soon realized that families would like to share this newspaper with their grandparents living far away and therefore the newspaper is also available online at or at tiemedia. As a newspaper we only focus on positive news relevant to the modern day family .We give preference to community activities and family friendly destinations as we believe that local communities support our local businesses.

Happy AWSUM reading!

The AWSUM team


Life Style

2 FEBRUARY 2014 Jean de Villiers shares tips on how to ensure a healthy new year “As a professional rugby player, it is very important for me to eat the right food and stay in shape,” says Jean de Villiers, Captain of the national rugby team and Resolution Health Medical Scheme representative. “Apart from the set meals compiled by our fitness trainer when we are on tour, I try to eat four to six small meals which include fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a balance of protein and carbohydrates when at home. Obviously I try to steer clear of junk foods but do spoil myself occasionally with a pizza. After all everyone deserves a treat every now and again.” According to de Villiers, eating foods that are low in calories do not necessarily mean you are doing the right thing for your body. “The foods you include in your diet need to be nutritious and provide energy that is sustainable. For example, when we are doing intense training I take some whey protein and glutamine supplements to help with recovery. It also assists me to be fresh for the next day’s training,” he says. De Villiers also highlighted the importance of exercise in leading a healthy lifestyle, particularly in light of a recent survey finding that 49% of South Africans do not exercise at

all. “You don’t necessarily have to visit the gym five times a week to work on your fitness levels. You can incorporate exercise into your hobbies as well. For example, apart from my rigorous training schedule, I like to be active during my downtime by playing a round of golf with my mates and walking my dogs. In fact, an average 18hole round of golf requires anything between three and five hours of walking, translating into a good workout while doing what you love most. “Training forms a very big part of my life and in a normal week we would have six to 10 training sessions and then a game on the weekend. A typical training session would include spending time in the gym combined with on-field sessions. Each session would last anything from 60min to 120min and the intensity would vary,” says De Villiers. Healthy adults should ideally aim for 30minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per day, five times a week with the aim being to increase the resting heart rate for the entire period. This threshold is usually around 180 beats per minute minus your age, provided the individual is otherwise healthy.

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When is enough TV enough? Although television, interactive video games and the Internet can be excellent sources of education and entertainment for children, too much screen time can lead to bad health and behaviourial problems. In fact research by Public Health England has found that children who spend more than four hours a day in front of the television and computer screen have lower self-esteem and greater emotional problems. “To ensure your child stays healthy and happy, take the time to understand the risks associated with watching too much TV and monitor how long they spend watching shows and playing video games this holiday,” school counsellor and teacher at Cape Town based Riverside College, Dave Swart says. “Too much screen time means less physical activity and face-to-face interaction with friends and family, these are both key towards creating a stress-free childhood.”

Negative effects Children who watch more than the recommended two hours of television per day can suffer from obesity, irregular sleep, impaired academic performance and behavioural problems such as aggression. Excessive exposure to video games is linked with attention problems. “While it might be nice to get your kids out of your hair for a while, find healthier activities for them – the TV should be a treat, not the accepted norm,” advises Swart. Limit Impose rules about the amount of time a week your children are allowed to spend on electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones and gaming equipment – “perhaps take the devices away if they do not appear to be respecting the rules,” says Dave. With regards to TV time, it is a good idea to limit this to weekends only; “As discipline and routine goes out the window, create a viewing timetable

we go the extra mile

during the school holidays - this way everyone gets to watch a couple of hours of their favourite programme a week and it’s within limits.” Monitor Make sure to research the TV shows, movies and video games your child watches and plays. “If it appears too violent, includes excessive swearing, sexual content or explicit references, explain why it is not appropriate for them to view it,” says Swart. “Age restrictions are there for a reason.” Tips: • Never place a TV or computer in your child’s room – this can result in irregular sleeping patterns and poor academic performance; • Discourage the association of food with TV time; • Ban excessive screen time; • Encourage healthy activities such as dancing, football, puzzles and group activities to help build social skills; • Set a good example – when you are home limit how much TV you watch, don’t stay glued to your phone or spend too long online; • Preview programmes and read the reviews, paying special attention to the age rating. NEWS / NUUS

Editor Meinette van der Walt 021 872 3880 | Graphic Designer Rowan Engledoe 021 872 3880 | AWSUM News is distributed to the following schools: EAST LONDON:

Primary schools: Voorpos Primary, Nahoon Primary, Lilyfontein Primary, Gonubie Primary, Clarendon Primary, Preparatory School, George Randell Primary, Cambridge Primary High Schools: Selborne College, Clarendon High, Hudson High, Stirling High, Port Rex High, Cambridge High, Grens Hoër Skool

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Take care of your heart!

Be sure to get your sleep this year An increase in the amount and quality of 7-8 hours shut-eye should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list. Benefits include increase in memory, learning, creativity, productivity, emotional stability and physical health. This is according to Doctor Jacques Snyman, clinical advisor for Resolution Health Medical Scheme.It can even help you to lose weight! Negative implications for one’s obesity, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, possible harmful effects on health.

health if you’re not sleeping include: and blood vessel as well as mental

Hey you, don’t skip this article because you think you’re out of the danger zone or too young. Read this… After all, heart disease only happens to your elderly neighbour or to your fried food-loving uncle, right? Or do you know the real truth – that heart disease can affect people of any age, even those who eat right? Preventing heart disease (and all cardiovascular diseases) means making smart choices now that will pay off the rest of your life. Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other bad habits can take their toll over the years. Anyone at any age can benefit from simple steps to keep their heart healthy during each decade of life. Here’s how:

toms, so don’t wait for your body to alert you that there’s a problem. 3. “I’ll know when I’m having a heart attack because I’ll have chest pain.” Not necessarily. Although it’s common to have chest pain or discomfort, a heart attack may cause subtle symptoms. These include shortness of breath, nausea, feeling lightheaded, and pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the jaw, neck or back.

Sleeping tips • Stick to a regular routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time

Let’s set the record straight on some common myths.

5. “Heart disease runs in my family, so there’s nothing I can do to prevent it.” Although people with a family history of heart disease are at higher risk, you can take steps to dramatically reduce your risk.

• Incorporate a relaxing pre-sleep ritual into your daily routine. Examples include having a warm bath, reading a book or having a warm cup of herbal tea

1. “I’m too young to worry about heart disease.” How you live now affects your risk for cardiovascular diseases later in life. As early as childhood and adolescence, plaque can start accumulating in the arteries and later lead to clogged arteries.

6. “I don’t need to have my cholesterol checked until I’m middle-aged.” Start getting your cholesterol checked at age 20. It’s a good idea to start having a cholesterol test even earlier if your family has a history of heart disease.

2. “I’d know if I had high blood pressure because there would be warning signs.” High blood pressure is called the “silent killer” because you don’t usually know you have it. You may never experience symp-

So February is the month you think of your heart – don’t let someone break it and prevent heart disease. No matter what your age – test your cholesterol. Source:

• Exercise daily • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and heavy meals 2 – 3 hours before bedtime • Create a sleep inducing environment: dark, quiet and cool Thankfully, it’s a rather enjoyable activity to add to your New Year’s Resolution list and not hard to incorporate into your everyday life.


Selborne College



Triathlon Congratulations to Wickus Saunders (Grade 10) who competed in a triathlon Youth Olympic Games qualifier race in Cape Town on 16 February 2014. Wickus was placed 3rd overall and has been selected to compete in the Olympic Games final qualifying race in East London on the 23 March 2014. The winner of this race will compete at the Youth Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Tennis Under 15 Tennis League (21 February 2014) Selborne U15 A beat Hudson Park U15 A (5-1) Congratulations to Ryan Little on winning the Port Elizabeth Mini Series Under 15 Tournament. Ryan won the 4 round tournament with the loss of only 7 games. Cricket Selborne College vs Dale College (22 February 2014) Selborne 1st XI vs Dale College 1st XI Dale College 120 all out. (Brandon Davis 5/38) Selborne 121/2. (Morgan Steyn 60 no, James Bruce 41 no) Selborne won by 8 wickets. Selborne U15A XI vs Dale College U15A XI Dale College 100 all out. Selborne 102/8. (Josneil Long 35 no, Daniel Elliott 24) Selborne won by 2 wickets. Selborne U14A XI vs Dale College U14A XI Dale College 44 all out. (Sebastian Denison-Brown 4/21, Sihlumile Bandile 3/15) Selborne 45/0. (Adrian Wright 18 no, Matthew Ferrant 12 no) Selborne won by 10 wickets. Midweek Matches Selborne 3rd XI vs Dale 2nd XI (19 February 2014) Selborne 141/4. (Luke Smith 37, Lutho Lwana 31) Dale 100 all out. (Michael Koning 3/26, Rogan Oelofse 2/7) Selborne won by 41 runs. Selborne 4th XI vs Abbotsford Christian School 1st XI (19 February 2014) Selborne 206/4. (Joshua James 70, JP de Bruin 44 no) Abbotsford 40 all out. (Dylan Wingnean 4/1, Includes a hatrick, 4 wkts in 4 balls) Selborne won by 166 runs.

Selborne 5th XI vs De Vos Malan 2nd XI (19 February 2014) Selborne 135/4. (Tristan Brandt 63, Phumzile Maqondwana 26, Matthew Westphal 16 no) De Vos Malan 77 all out. Selborne won by 58 runs. Selborne U15A XI vs Hudson Park U15B XI (19 February 2014) Selborne 171/7. (Daniel Elliott 57, Cody Els 35, Dylan Deetlefts 22) Hudson Park 36 all out. Cody Els 6/15, Daniel Elliott 2/12, Tyler Newey 2/14) Selborne won by 135 runs. Selborne U15B XI vs Stirling U15A XI (19 February 2014) Stirling 80/5. (Paul Opio-Ikuya 3/14) Selborne 81/5. (Tembi Susela 20, Isheunesu Mangena 14) Selborne won by 5 wickets. Selborne U14A XI vs Hudson Park U14A XI (19 February 2014) Hudson park 87/8. (Adrian Wright 3/24) Selborne 79 all out. (Thomas Bursey 30) Selborne lost by 8 runs. Water Polo St Andrews Shield Water Polo Tournament 2014 (21 & 22 February 2014) The Selborne 1st Water Polo Team finished 7th in the St Andrews Shield. Selborne College 1st Water Polo Team lost Grey PE 1st (2-7), lost Clifton (3-11), beat Crawford (8-4), lost Reddam (4-5)(QF) and beat St Davids (7-5) for 7th/8th playoff position. St Andrews Plate (21 & 22 February 2014) Selborne U16A Team finished 4th and our 2nd Team finished 12th in the St Andrews Plate, out of 18 teams. The Selborne U16A Team played excellent water polo just losing out for 3rd position on a penalty shootout to St Andrews 2nd Team. Selborne 2nd Water Polo Team lost Grey HS 2nd (3-7), lost Hudson Park 1st (0-5), beat Glenwood House (6-5), lost Kingswood 1st (3-6), lost Stirling 1st (4-6), beat Graeme 1st (17-1) and beat Alex Road 1st (6-3). Selborne U16A Water Polo Team beat Alex Road 1st (8-2), beat Port Rex 1st (41), beat St Andrews 2nd (3-2), beat Paarl Boys 1st (10-1), lost Pearson 2nd (4-5), lost Hudson Park 1st (2-4)(SF), drew St Andrews 2nd (5-5) and lost on penalty shootout (3-4) to finish 4th overall.



Lilyfontein High School

Lilyfontein Hosts over 70 of the Region’s Senior School-Leaders for an Afternoon of Adventure On Friday, 7 February, Lilyfontein School hosted the Senior Leaders from seven Eastern Cape Schools for a Leaders Social. Senior leaders from Lilyfontein, Beaconhurst, West Bank, Gonubie, Stutterheim, Kingsridge High School for girls and Dale College gathered at Lilyfontein School for an afternoon of teambuilding and adventure. This initiative, started five years ago, aims to bring the leaders of the future together to show them that they all face the same issues and pressures and to demonstrate how, with team work and clear communication, they can overcome many obstacles. The seventy leaders were split into mixed teams of ten and given challenges to complete; some were physical, some mental and others just downright crazy! The afternoon started with a dry marie biscuit, speed eating relay and went on to include seventeen other challenges, each designed to encourage teamwork and communication. The three winning teams were those that worked together and understood how to strategise before launching into tasks. Many of the leaders had never been exposed to such adventure based challenges before, but once they got their teeth into it, they loved it. The afternoon ended with a shared meal and the building of a human sign on the Lilyfontein School field. The East London District of the Eastern Cape region is growing a group of confident young men and women who understand that success comes from working together with energy and enthusiasm. The hope is that they will go on to use and disseminate these principles within their own schools and on into their future.

Senior leaders Social Not an easy ride for everyone.

Senior leaders from schools around the Eastern Cape working together.

A whole new adventure for some learners.

The TFM Tomato Trot draws over 2500 participants The 19th TFM Tomato Trot drew over 850 15km runners/walkers/cyclists and over 1600 5km fun runners/walkers/ cyclists. It was hot, humid and windy, typical February weather in the East London area of the Eastern Cape, but the feedback from all involved was once again enthusiastic. The growth of the event from 36 runners 19 years ago to almost 2500 has forced logistical changes on the organisers but they have risen to the challenges and continue to deliver an event that is one of the top 3 running events in our region. These changes have included an online entry process, a new layout for the start to ease congestion, and improved free parking and security facilities to ensure smooth access for all participants and supporters. The new 40km mountain bike race drew 80 riders most of whom

were impressed by the level of challenge presented by the route and have indicated that they will return again next year. All in all, a successful and growing event that continues to provide an opportunity for the entire family to get involved in good fun and healthy exercise.

173 cyclists start thre 15km cycle.

Vernon Kaschula (grade 12) helps Onwabe Banjwa in the 5km fun run.

5km Grade 9 & 10 Lilyfontein Learners Enjoying the Day.

Everyone’s a winner at Lilyfontein Inter-house Athletics

It’s athletics season and there’s no exception at Lilyfontein where all learners have been involved in Inter-house Athletics tournaments. Grades 1-3 took to the school fields on 13 February for their battle. Congratulations to Orange house on their win. A week later learners from Grades 4-12 took up the battle at Jan Smuts Stadium. Of the 96 events held on the day, 27 were won with a new school record. At both events, the rivalry between the houses didn’t stop on the field and track: on the stands, the supporters of each house tried to outdo the other for the coveted “Spirit Award”. The half time tug of war is fought as fiercely as the athletics and provides its own entertainment.

Thndaza Majola and Tyler Forrest (Grade 1) on their marks.

Erik le Roux and Mickaylyn August. Am I winning yet.

Ngcali Jilana (Grade 10) Relay Concentration

Kathryn Odendaal passes the baton to Sibulele Kentane in the grade 4 relay.

Heave girls, heave.

Blue House heave in the Tug of War.

Denzel Boya (Grade 10) Strength and determination High Flyer Gareth Kruger (Grade 9)

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Cambridge High School



Our Head prefects have been inducted by our Head Master at the induction service in January.


Our prefects at their leadership camp earlier this year where they are participating in the “raft” challenge.

Science Department

On the picture are pictured THREE generations of Physical Science teachers on our staff.

Lutho Magopeni won the long jump @ EL District Athletics Meeting.

Josie van Dyk won the girls’ hurdles.

From left to right: Mr Nigel Webber (head of Science) who taught Mrs Bev Leurs who in turn taught Ms Lauren Whittaker. All three are currently teaching in the Science Department at Cambridge High.

Clarendon Primary National all Girls Aquatic Festival Hosted this year by Clarendon Girls High. 12 schools and a total of 445 girls took part in this year’s festival, which took place at the Joan Harrison over two days. Competitors participated in swimming, diving and water polo. The water polo fist team came second to St Mary’s Waverly who won the diving and water polo. First place in swimming went to Durban.

Clarendon’s under 14 Waterpolo team won the Jason Murray Waterpolo Tournament.

Waterpolo team.

Open Medley Relay Gold Medal winners with Joan Harrison (Breetzke).

From left to right: Xantho Ibbottson; Jenna Breetzke; Amy Simms; Kelly Seymor; Kate Mundell; Liza Blaine; Alexa Senna; Meg Nichols; Emma Miles; Eden Stotsur.


Port Rex Technical High School Academic awards




Left to right: Back: Ethan Bessenger, Joshua Cowley, Damien Stokes, Harold Badenhorst, Ashley Badenhorst. Front: Juan Klopper, Taylin Spalding, Bronwill Adonis, Braiden Gower, Jacques Kruger. Left to right: Back: Ukho Charles, Challen Gendall, Brody Clarke, Azasakhe Baba, Kiana Harnoster, Thobelani Bomela. Second from back: Sibulele Govuza, Siyamthanda Diko, Ludomo Mdingi, Qhawekazi Makupula, Shaun Schutte, Dylan Greyvenstein, Sandiso Balfour, Luyolo Majamana, Anele Malahla, Siyanda Bushula. Third from back: Logan Rayne, Sinovuyo Mdzula, Bumnandi Mgojo, Mbasa Ndlwana, Sibabalo Ntozini, Roman Postman, Siyanda Nginase, Damian Pretorius. Front: Vernon Vollaire, Gavin Rudman, Nolumbabalo Tom, Thembela Zayedwa, Lwandokazi Zinto, Luvo Xundu. Absent: Amkhitha Maqungo, Ntsika Mbambisa



Left to right: Back: Nathan Smith, Siyakudumisa Mapempeni, Matthew Gouws, Jade Jacobs, Jade Kroutz, Lundula Hambile, Ivan Venables, Lutho Mapuma, Brandon Roux. Front: Asiphe Poni, Akho Dyosini, Shoneal Groepe, Hlela Magengelele, Siphakamise Betela, Shenade Blignaut, Sisanda Sonjani. Left to right: Back: Qaphelani Magida. Front: Demaine-Dylan Spyers, Uviwe Mafumba, Chulumanco Myoyo.


Grade 11: Ade Matafeni, Grade 8: Sandisiwe Maxela, Grade 9: Nathan Weiss and Grade 10: Terry Reynolds.



GRADE 10: ACADEMIC MERITS / AKADEMIESE MERIETE: Dylan du Plessis, Jaco van Heerden, Amy Jacobs, Vizikhungo Jikwa, Keegan Lahner, Tyron Stap, Jack Jonas and Ayabonga Matha.

GRADE 11: ACADEMIC COLOURS / AKADEMIESE KLEURE: Milisa Sivile, Stefanus Stander, Kenneth Ellias, Akhona Gadlela and Luvo Mahlulo.


Dylan George, Quinton Nel, Chuma Memela, Nomvuzo Mngeyane, Sean Flanegan, Kyle Kumm, Ivan Dreyer, Wayne Kriedemann, Ricky Holloway, Liyahloma Madasa and Singabakhe Qambata.

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Damian Voogt

Keegan Kroutz

Our 1st team participated in a tournament at Grahamstown, and ended up in the 6th position.



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