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AWSUM Achiever of the Year

Wayde van Niekerk Exclusive Interview Inside


NOURISH THE BODY & Awsum Hope Challenge

Holiday Season is here!! Editorial team

At last – summer holidays have arrived!! Wrapping up the year, we use the opportunity to showcase the achievers of the schools who already had their awards before this final edition of the year went to print.

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We are very happy with our scoop to feature Wayde van Niekerk as the AWSUM Achiever of the Year. Let Wayde’s story inspire you to be the best you can be. Read our full interview with him on our website Be safe on the roads if you are travelling, and have a really super AWSUM summer holiday! Marika & your dedicated AWSUM team

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AWSUM Celebrity Interview


Wayde van Niekerk South African super athlete, the sensational Wayde van Niekerk, obliterated the men’s 400m world record with a time of 43.03s at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He also created athletics history in March when he became the first person to break 10s for 100m, 20s for 200m and 44s for 400m. AWSUM News chatted to Wayde about the Olympics, people in his life, and future plans.

Q: Your coach is quite unique – a 74-year-old grandmother, Ans Botha. How did it happen that she became your coach? A: She was the coach of the Free State team of the University of Free State, so when I started studying it was the best option. She had quite a quality group of athletes that were top, top South African athletes, so it was kind of no-brainer. She’s a massive inspiration, reaching the peak of her coaching career at this age – it’s an inspiration to anyone out there that have a dream that they haven’t achieved yet.

Q: Your Twitter handle is @WaydeDreamer. Tell us why you chose this handle. A: When it comes to any challenge or any real obstacle I need to face as an athlete and an individual and when I speak about prayer I feel like I’m seeing my dreams and my wishes.

Q: You were born prematurely at 29 weeks, weighing in at only 1 kg. When did you know that you wanted to become an athlete? A: The “premature” thing is something that’s super, super close to my mother’s heart! I really just wanted to be a sport star one day, to wear the Green and Gold. I came fourth at the World Junior Championships in 2010 ... I got so close to the bronze medal ... that was the motivation and inspiration for my athletic career.

Q: Everyone loved the moment when Usain Bolt interrruped an interview after his third straight 100m gold medal to congratulate you with your win. What is your relationship like? A: It’s really just a professional relationship. It was real honour having him coming to me after my race and just telling me, “I told you I believed in you, that you could do it.” It was a very special moment and it’s something that motivated me quite massively towards a future for myself as well. Q: You are known as part of a close-knit family and brought ten family members to Rio to watch your race. What was that experience like? A: This journey is way beyond an individual journey of myself and what I’m achieving. It’s a journey of family, teamwork and unity. It would be quite selfish if I didn’t include the people who laughs with me when I achieve it, cry with me when things are going bad. It gave me massive motivation during the Games to not just represent my country, but also my family in a massive way and just make them proud as family and parents. Q: You are studying marketing at the University of the Free State. Do you have any future plans at this stage, apart from remaining an Olympic champion and world record breaking athlete for quite some years to come? A: I’m certainly not studying at the same pace as the average student, but I’m putting in the effort in continuously improving myself in every aspect of anything, me as a brand and as an individual. I find it very important to continue studying and just give myself that bit of an edge in what I’m doing.

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AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Q: What do you to relax – that is not more sport! A: I’m a very basic person. When I’m relaxed, I’m probably with friends and family, playing games. Q: What message do you have for South Africa’s schoolgoing learners to achieve their dreams and ambitions? A: Simple. I’m a very firm believer in the Lord, so pray first, whatever you do, wherever you go, pray first and you’re sorted.

Hulp met

Lees-, wiskunde en leerkliniek

leerprobleme disleksie, ADHD, konsentrasie, lees en spel wiskunde en geheue.

Skoolresultate bepaal ons sukses 072 350 3907 021 976 7719

Toasted sesame seeds with salt is a staple in my kitchen. I use it for stir fries, sometimes even in salads. METHOD

INGREDIENTS • 400g asparagus, trimmed • 30ml olive oil


• Lightly toast the sesame seeds in a small pan over a low heat. Add salt flakes and store in a jar. • Lightly brush the asparagus with the olive oil. Braai the asparagus on medium coals or use a heated, lightly oiled griddle pan. Braai between 4 and 5 minutes only, depending on the size of the asparagus. Add the sesame salt to the asparagus and serve.

• 45ml sesame seeds • 15ml salt flakes

We serve this as an item for the children when we cater. Grown-ups love it too. INGREDIENTS


• 1kg boerewors • Wooden skewers soaked for 15 minutes in cold water • 2 onions, halved • 1 red pepper, deseeded and halved

• Coil the sausage into a spiral. Place two wooden skewers through the sausage to secure it. • To make the smoor, heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the onions until soft. Add the tomatoes and cook over a low heat for 20 minutes, breaking the tomato with a wooden spoon as it cooks. Add the sugar and seasoning. Take it off the heat. • Braai the boerewors coil over medium-low heat until brown underneath. Turn it over and braai until ready. • Braai the onions and pepper alongside the boerewors coil. • Serve with buttered rolls and the tomato smoor.

TOMATO SMOOR • 45ml olive oil • 1 x 410g tin tomatoes • 1 large onion, chopped • 15ml sugar • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Page 3


Grade 5

Grade 6

• Jessica Cargeege

• Ben Anderson

• Samuel Robinson

• Emma Botha

• Daniel Weaver

• Thomas van Hyssteen

• Madison Strydom

• Rose Venter

• Candice Booth

• Kei Lalor

• Hannah (Pebbles)

• Stella Savides

• Levi Brown

• Gabriel Clarke

• Donna Schmidt

• Rebekah van Coller

• Emma Giles

• Isabella Krall

• Ethan Cahill

• Christian Kapp

• Kevin Engelbrecht

• Luke van Zyl

• Hayley Jurgens

• Sienna Coates

• Luca Conarroe

• Shalyn Charles (absent)


• Cameron Fraser

• Jaden-Merique Deetlefs • Nuhaa Slarmie (absent)

• Rachel Gallimore

BERGVLIET PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 021 715 1103 (e) HIGHLIGHTS 2016 Hockey Two Grade 7 boys were selected to represent the Western Province Hockey Zonal U13 Team. Well done to Maahier and Reuben.


Some Grade 7 learners have been awarded scholarships for 2017 at various High Schools across the Cape. Congratulations to the following learners: Caylin O’Kelly— Wynberg Gilrs High School, JP Orgill—Bergvliet High

FACETS competition at San Souci Girls High Caylin O’Kelly and Kezia Floris competed in the FACETS Public Speaking Competition at Sans Souci High School. Both learners delivered their speeches confidently and well, with Caylin winning second place and Kezia third, in the Prepared Speech Section of the competition.

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AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

School, Amier Jaffer—Wynberg Boys High School, Brooklyn Jordaan—Reddam House, Morag Cannoo— Springfield Convent High School, Seth Bowman— Rondebosch Boys High School.


(t) 021 930 2829 (e)

Awsum Achievers

1. Rebecca Roode 2. Richard Visagie 3. Cara Reyneke Graad 7 – Top 3

Rebecca Roode Dux-leerling

1. Theresa Ritter 2. Dante Notnagel (afwesig) 3. Lian Drieschera Graad 5 - Top 3


1. Cornel van Lill 2. Meghan Marshall 3. Anita vd Merwe Graad 6 – Top 3

1. Niel van der Colff

2. Imke Kriel

3. Nicky Mostert

Graad 4 – Top 3

(t) 021 981 2141 (e)

Chloé Smit

Anke de Wet

Chané Jordaan

1st in Grade 4, English PHL, Afrikaans EAT, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology

1 ste in Graad 5, Afrikaans PHT, English FAL

1ste in Graad 6, Afrikaans PHT, English FAL, Wiskunde

Gabriella Botha

Ehan Smit

André Mouton

J.W. Groenewald Waardesbeker

Mees Veelsydige Leerling

Sportmanskap 2016

Anine Keel Dux-leerling 2016 1ste in Graad 7, Sosiale, Wetenskappe, EBW, English FAL, Afrikaans PHT

Victrix Ludorum 2016 Sportvrou 2016

Victor Ludorum 2016

Sportman 2016

0/13A Skaak 2016

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Page 5


(t) 021 976 8134 (e)

Emil Schnabel, Wiida Sander en Amé Lambrechts Hierdie drie Graad 7-leerders deel vanjaar die Dux-toekenning.

Beste prestasie in vak Die volgende Graad 7-leerders van Laerskool Eversdal het toekennings vir Beste Prestasie in Vak gekry tydens die Erkenningsaand wat op 8 November gehou is. VOOR: Martin Hattingh (Natuurwetenskap), Amé Lambrechts (Afrikaans Huistaal; Natuurwetenskap; Tegnologie; Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe; Lewensoriëntering), Emil Schnabel (Natuurwetenskap; English First Additional Language; Wiskunde en Tegnologie), Chloe Senaoane (English Home Language), Jasmitha Geddada (English, Kuns en Kultuur), Hein Reitmann (English Home Language). AGTER: Maggie Mckelvey (Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal), Wiida Sander (Sosiale Wetenskappe en Kuns en Kultuur), Walter de Jongh (Tegnologie), René Steyn (Wiskunde), Zuné Swartz (Afr. Eerste Addisionele Taal)


Zuné Swartz Skoolhooftoekenning

(t) 021 976 8144 (e)


VOOR: Stéfan du Preez (Sport), Amy Ten Cate (Veelsydigheid Graad 1–3), Christof Venter, Daniyal Garcia (Musiek) en Johno Sterley (Sportseun). AGTER: Alicia Malan (Sportmeisie), Zenae de Villiers (Akademies Graad 5), Lienke van Blommenstein en Zanre Potgieter (Veelsydigheid Graad 4–6), Katelyn Scheffler (Klubsport), Stefani du Plessis (Veelsydigheid Graad 7), Bashier Makadam (Akademies Graad 6), Emma Thom (Dux Graad 7), Stacey Marinus (Kultuur) en Suané Vorster (Kultuur). Afwesig: Dirk Hagen (Akademies Graad 4).

Page 6 AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016


ANNERIKE DU PLESSIS • Beste Kultuurprestasie


CRISSIO ROBERTS • Beste sportprestasie 2016

CORNE BADENHORST • Deonette Basson Huldigingsprys

FRANSOIS DE KOCK • Junior Sportman 2016



• Junior Sportvrou 2016

• Sanlam-beker vir die mees uitstaande prestasie van 2016




• Paratus ad Omnia SA Karate

• Paratus ad Omnia SA Lugpistoolskiet

• Paratus ad Omnia SA Musiek



• Hoofdetoekenning

• Hoofdetoekenning

ANNERIKE DU PLESSIS • Senior Kultuurmeisie 2016

EMILE OPPERMAN • Senior Kultuurseun 2016

LEANA PIETERSEN • Paratus ad Omnia SA Sang


SHIRLEY VAN DER MERWE • Johan Crous Trofee vir beste akademiese prestasie in Gr.12

DAN ASPELING • Senior Sportman 2016

LEANDRI MARTIN • Paratus ad Omnia SA Sang

CARLU SADIE (2015) • Paratus ad Omnia SA o.20 Rugby

THERESA VAN DER MERWE • Junior Kultuurmeisie 2016

ROZANNE COMPION • Senior Sportvrou 2016

JW LOUBSER • Junior Kultuurseun 2016

CAITLYN SERFONTEIN • Paratus ad Omnia SA Judo

ROCCO VAN ROOYEN (2010) • Paratus ad Omnia SA Atletiek Olimpiese Span

(t) 021 903 5121 (e)


AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Page 7


(t) 021 948 3654 (e)

Provinsiale kleure (sluit in: landsdiens nasionale kamp, Drie die spanne wat in die top 5 klaargemaak het (onder toutrek, karate, gevegskuns, fietsry, stoei, hip-hop/ andere weer as die kampioenspan) van die Angra Avontuurklub moderne danse) se jaarlikse koerantvasvra.


Spesiale toekennings




Foundation Phase Awards At the recent FP Awards ceremony the following children were the recipients of prestige awards.

Mnr. Corné Lötter (Gr. 4-onderwyser) is vroeg vanjaar aangewys as die WPKU se Mini-krieketkoördineerder van die Jaar 2015/2016, en later ook as Mini-krieketafrigter van die Jaar. Hier is hy saam met ‘n paar ander streeksverteenwoordigers by die KFC Nasionale Mini-krieketseminaar in Limpopo.

To advertise here! CONTACT Quintus Brand | 074 684 4390

Southern Suburbs Northern Suburbs

Godfrey Lancellas 083 501 5999

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Pieter Brand 076 026 3250

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

FRONT: Isabella Februarie and Matthew Metelerkamp. BACK: Zakita Gordon, Cera MacAlister, Telson Wheele and Vaughan Gay.


(t) 021 981 5522 (e)

James Sloane

Saskia Louw

James Sloane (12E1) was an academic bursary winner at the beginning of his high school career and how well did Brackenfell High do to enrol this fine young gentleman. James showed his mettle whenever he took part in any of our school’s activities. He was awarded with the most prestigious trophy of our school: Most Versatile Pupil at the academic prize-giving ceremony. He was our 2016 Deputy RCL leader and represented the RCL for the 5 years he attended our school (only 4 pupils from 309 are selected). In every exam his name appeared on the Top 20 Academic merit list. He took part in various Mathematics Olympiads and through the years won gold, silver and merit certificates. He was 4th in the Western Cape in the Afrikaans EAT-Olimpiade (he also won the Afrikaans EAT subject prize) this year and represented the WP Schools’ Chess teams in his age group for 5 years. Through many hardships in life, James kept at it and was an outstanding pupil at our school, a happy and involved leader. We wish you the very best for the future, James. May your dreams to study in international and political science come true. Altiora Spero!

Aan die einde van 2011 het die Hoërskool Brackenfell vir die eerste keer akademiese beurse aan voornemende Gr 8-leerders toegeken. Ons ontmoet vir Saskia Louw vroeg in 2012 en ‘n lieflike wedersydse vennootskap ontstaan. Wanneer Saskia en haar moeder aangestap kom, kan ‘n mens amper nie onderskei tussen die twee pragtige dames wié die dogter en wié die moeder is nie! Saskia het haar skool se leuse Altiora Spero (Streef Altyd Hoër) uitgedra in voorkoms, optrede en insette. Sy het haar akademiese beurs gestand gedoen en was eerste in haar graad vanaf Gr. 8 tot die laaste skooleksamen in Gr. 12 (91,86%) uit ‘n klas van 309. By die akademiese prysuitdeling het sy 7 vakpryse én die toekenning vir Tweetaligheid ontvang. As leier is sy in haar hoërskoolloopbaan verkies tot die VRL, maar het elke jaar gedien op die Graadraad en in matriek die Seniorraad. Sy was ‘n betrokke, gelukkige Brakkie. Saskia, ons wens jou voorspoed toe vir die toekoms. Ons hou jou vordering met belangstelling dop.


Casey Wallace

(t) 021 976 1147 (e)

Samuel Peters

Woo Duk Jin

Best Grade 12 Sportsmanship (Boy)

All Rounder’s Award (Sport, Academics and Culture)

Julia Masureik

Dux and Honours summa cum laude (the highest % in all examinations from Grade 10 to 12) for 88.25%

Best Grade 12 Sportsmanship (Girl)


(t) 021 948 6116 (e)

PRIZEGIVING The annual Senior and Junior Prizegiving was held on 13 and 17 October. Congratulations to all the prizewinners!

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Page 9

ST JOSEPH’S MARIST COLLEGE (t) 021 685 6715 (e) Kieran Bowers

Kelsey Rensburg

Highest Standard of Work in the Junior School

Computer Skills Award Winners

Athlete of the Year and U11 Soccer Player of the Year

Page 10

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016


(t) 021 948 8781/2/3 (e)


Graad 8 ILA ALBERTS • Eerste klasposisie in Graad 8 met 94,5%

Graad 9 JANI KNOETZE • Eerste klasposisie in Graad 9 met 91,2%

Graad 10 BERNARD OOSTHUIZEN: • Eerste klasposisie in Graad 10 met 93.8%

Graad 11 JUANÉ CRONJÉ • Eerste klasposisie in Graad 11 met 92,9%

Graad 12 LEON ROSSOUW • Eerste klasposisie in Graad 12 met 94,4%


Mieka Loubser en Leon Rossouw Melissa Myburgh Wye Kultuurdeelname Hierdie beker word aan ‘n persoon toegeken wat die skool op ‘n wye kultuurfront verteenwoordig het.

Leon Rossouw en Dene Cremen Diensbeker Hierdie beker word aan die leerder wat die hoogste dienspunte in die skool behaal het, toegeken. Vanjaar word dit gedeel deur twee seuns wat albei 25 dienspunte behaal het.

Leon Rossouw Akademiese medalje

Hierdie medalje word aan ‘n Graad 12-leerder toegeken wat oor die afgelope drie jaar in die senior fase die beste gemiddeld behaal het. Vanjaar word hierdie gesogte medalje aan Leon Rossouw oorhandig. Hy het ‘n gemiddelde persentasie van 93 % behaal.

Dux-medalje Wanneer die Dux-leerder van die skool bepaal word, word daar deur ‘n paneel ondersoek ingestel na die kandidate se betrokkenheid ten opsigte van akademie, kultuur, sport, algemene gedrag en leierskap by die skool oor die afgelope jaar. Leierskap impliseer nie noodwendig dat die kandidaat in ‘n verkose leiersposisie moet wees nie. Vanjaar het twee leerders aan al die

vereiste kriteria voldoen. Die Dux-medaljewenners is Mieka Loubser en Leon Rossouw. Motivering Hulle was rolmodelle op die gebied van • Leierskap • Integriteit • Verantwoordelikhied • Inisiatief • Diverse deelname aan skoolaktiwiteite

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

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‘Wishing everyone a blessed Festive Season. From all at Fine & Country Durbanville’ Multi-award winning luxury estate agents in 275 locations worldwide


(t) 021 919 1029 (e)

Toekenningsaand Die Hoërskool Stellenberg het in Oktober hul jaarlikse Toekenningsaand gehou. Tydens hierdie geleentheid word die toppresteerders vereer met ‘n verskeidenheid toekennings.

Raheez Morta – Senior Dux Learner Stellenberg is proud to announce that Raheez Morta is the Senior Dux learner of 2016. He achieved outstanding academic results throughout his school career. He also received the subject prize for Visual Arts three years in a row with an average of 100%.

Elandri van Aardt – Summa Cum Laude

Kristen Straszacker – Sportswoman of the Year

Die hoogste toekenning, Summa Cum Laude, is vanjaar toegeken aan Elandri van Aardt. Sy het gedurende haar skoolloopbaan 5 keer akademiese erekleure, 3 keer sporterekleure (WP A-hokkie en SA-hokkie) en 3 keer erekleure in kultuur behaal. Elandri het haar maroonbaadjie deur-en-deur verdien.

Sportswoman of the Year is Kristen Straszacker. Kristen represents WP Swimming and the SA National Level 3 Swimming Championship. She also took part in the African Junior Swimming Championship in Cairo. She broke the African Junior Championship record for the 400m individual medley.

Angelo Davids – Sportman van die Jaar Angelo Davids is aangewys as die Sportman van die Jaar. Hy verwerf provinsiale kleure in atletiek en word verkies tot die WP-rugby-akademiespan. Angelo is ook tans deel van die SA 017 Elite-sewes oefengroep en is lid van die WP 017 sewes-span.

Lisa Brits – Hoogste Toekenning Kultuur Die Hoogste Toekenning vir kulturele bydrae en die musiekprys is toegeken aan Lisa Britz. Sy speel die Graad 8-harpeksamen en wen die harptrofee by die Stellenbosch Kunswedstryd vir die tiende agtereenvolgende jaar. Lisa is lid van die Kaapse Filharmoniese orkes, die Hugo Lambrechts Simfonie-orkes, die SA Nasionale Jeugorkes.

Christmas Special


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Barloworld Toyota Page 12

Stellenbosch, Bird Str 99 021 861 5000

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Kuilsrivier, Triton str 2 021 900 3100

Tygervallei, Durban Str 282 021 910 8000

GROOTE SCHUUR HIGH SCHOOL (t) 021 674 2165 (e) GSHS Sport and Culture Awards Evening On 29 September, Groote Schuur High School honoured the students who had excelled in their various sporting codes and cultural fields. Top sportsmen and women were acknowledged in all age groups – most valuable and most improved players alike. In the cultural field learners who participated in drama productions, musical performances and the Kanya Cultural Group received awards. The guest speaker, Roger Links, inspired students as he shared some of his experiences in his 13-year football career playing for Battswood FC, Cape Town Spurs, Hellenic, Santos and representing South Africa during 1991 and 1992.

Mr Ehrenreich congratulates Nobuhle Mazinyane.

The top sport awards were presented to Caitlin de Kock and Joshua Davids respectively. Between the two of them they represented the school in Athletics, Swimming, Netball, Tennis, Water Polo, Soccer, Rugby and Cricket. The top cultural award was presented to Nobuhle Mazinyane for being selected out of 350 musicians for the National Schools Big Band 2016. Internationally, she was also awarded a five-week scholarship from Berkley College in the USA, that she will be taking up in 2017.

Roger Links presents to Joshua Davids.

Top athletes Rheece Burgess, Ms Teleko (coach), Leah Jones and Dean Busby.

Nish Onderrigdienste

Study Hard. Do Good and the good life will follow.

Onderrig/Education gr. 7 – 9 Leerders/Learners spesiale behoeftes/special needs Sukkel jou Does your teen tiener in die struggle in the main hoofstroom? stream? Do you Sukkel jy om struggle to get plek te kry in ‘n excepted in a skool wat kan school that can help? help?

• Dr Janine Niegaardt • Dr Ian Heyns • Dr Sureta Wiese • Adri van Zyl (Oral Hygienist)

Skakel ons, sommer dadelik! Contact us!

C/o St. Andrew and Postma Str. Oakdale, Bellville 083 364 8579

16 Kerk Str. - Kuilsrivier

16 Kerk Str. - Kuilsrivier

Tel: 021 903 2222 Fax: 021 903 5362

021 982 0310 * 084 952 7570 *

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

Page 13


Mjé Boshoff Megan Coetzee • Dux-leerder • Trofee vir beste 0/19 netbalspeelster • Victrix Ludorum vir atletiek

Angelo Osch • Junior Victor Ludorum vir atletiek • Trofee vir beste 0/15 rugbyspeler

Christina Mauer • Trofee vir beste skaakspeler

Page 14

• Klas van 1983-beker • Top-presteerders in Rekeningkunde Gr.12 • Willie van Niekerk-trofee 1ste Klasposisie Gr.12

• Veelsydigheid in sport 0/16 • Victor Ludorum vir Atletiek

• Junior Victrix Ludorum vir atletiek • Trofee vir beste 0/15 netbalspeelster • WP Aksie-Netbal

• Petro van Niekerktrofee vir beste 0/19 dogtershokkiespeler

Mieke Burger • SA Vyfkamp

Rune du Plessis

Shanon Steyn

Juandre du Klerk

Derick Turner • Trofee vir beste 0/19 seunshokkiespeler

AWSUM Achievers’ Edition 2016

(t) 021 976 3188 (e)

André Bester • SA Atletiek • Santamskild vir sportprestasie van die jaar • Veelsydigheid in sport

Alexa Le Roux • Oudskoliere-trofee vir 1ste klasposisie Gr.10

Freddie vd Merwe • Trofee vir beste seunstennisspeler

Kayla Lourens • Oudskoliere-trofee vir 1ste klasposisie Gr.9

Lara Mostert • Trofee vir beste dogterstennisspeler

Karl-Heinz Hellman • Trofee vir beste krieketspeler • Veelsydigheid in sport O/19 • WP Krieket

Anja vd Merwe • Oudskoliere-trofee vir 1ste klasposisie Gr.8

Loki Loubser • Koos Fouch-trofee vir beste senior gholfspeler

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Page 15

Die pret begin hier

Die pret begin hier – is jy gereed?

Die ATKV Hartenbos strandoord is een van Suid-Afrika se top vakansie bestemmings. Hartenbos Seefront is ‘n ontwikkeling binne Hartenbos, en ons is trots om erken te word as een van die gewildste vakansie plekke vir oud en jonk. Gaste kan eindelose vermaak en pret, bostaande ontspannings- en winkelfasiliteite, en beeldskone natuurskoon verwag wanneer hulle met ongekende gasvryheid verwelkom word – alles wat jy nodig het vir ‘n onvergeetlike vakansie.

Met ‘n wye verskeidenheid aktiwiteite en vermaaklikhede beskikbaar, waarborg ons eindelose pret en vermaak vir die hele familie!

As jy ‘n liefhebber is van sorgvrye dae op die strand, is Hartenbos net die regte plek vir jou. Geleë langs die beeldskone en wêreld-bekende Tuinroete tussen Kaapstad en Port Elizabeth, is Hartenbos Seefront die eerste van sewe ATKV oorde wat in 1936 gestig is. Vandag streef ons nogsteeds dieselfde doel en visie na – om vriende en familie bymekaar te bring en vir hulle die geleentheid te bied om onvergeetlike oomblike saam te geniet. Die pragtige strand is letterlik ‘n klipgooi weg van al ons ander vermaak en fasiliteite, wat beteken dat jy ten alle tye die vars seebriessie en pragtige sonsondergange sal kan geniet. Die Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuur Vereeniging (ATKV) is in 1930 in Kaapstad gestig as ‘n organisasie wat vir mense die geleentheid wou bied om in die erfenis en tradisie van die Afrikaanse taal en kultuur te deel.. Die ATKV is ook die tuiste van sewe verruklike vakansie oorde in van die mooiste dele van ons land - insluitend Hartenbos. Hartenbos Seefront vorm deel van die ATKV Hartenbos Oord, en met ‘n trotse tradisie van 80 jaar bied ATKV Hartenbos en Hartenbos Seefront vakansie ervaring soos nog nooit!

Ervaar avontuur soos nog nooit vantevore Van kleuters tot tieners - ons avontuurpark sal almal laat glimlag! Van ‘n beskermende speelarea vir die kleintjies, tot avontuur gholf en ‘n waterpoel met water aktiwiteite vir die ouer kinders. Ons avontuurpark waarborg oneindige pret en opwinding vir die hele familie. Verdere ontwikkelinge vir nuwe afdelings van die avontuurpark word beplan vir die nabye toekoms. Waterwurm Ons waterpark is ‘n droom vir waterliefhebbers en die perfekte plek om van die warm somer son te ontsnap. As jy waaghalsig voel, is die waterwurm net die regte ding vir jou! Vakansiegangers kan kies tussen drie verskillende water glybane – een vir elke vlak van adrenalien en ouderdom. Selfs diegene wat nie so mal is oor hoogtes en adrenalien nie, kan voete nat maak met een van ons minder styl glybane. Ons beplan om selfs ‘n wyer verskeidenheid van glybane in die toekoms te bied - so hou ‘n ogie op ons webtuiste vir meer inligting. ‘n Ongelooflike klimraamervaring! Hierdie speelarea is perfek vir babas, kleuters en tieners om in te baljaar en beloof ure se genot! Met alle soorte en vorms van klim, swaai, gly, hang en

meer, is hierdie area spesiaal ontwerp om kinderontwikkeling aan te moedig en terselftertyd hope pret te hê. ‘n Gholf Avontuur Tyd vir speel, putt en die wenhou slaan! Ons avontuur gholfbaan bied ‘n genotvolle uitstappie vir die hele familie. Met splinternuwe en opwindende baanontwerpe is hierdie die perfekte manier om vriende of famillie uit te daag. Besoekers kan kies tussen twee opwindende nege-putjie bane. Geniet die somer sproei heeldag lank Vermenigvuldig die pret wat jou kinders het as hulle in die swembad baljaar met tien, en jy sal ‘n idee kry van hoe baie hulle hierdie opwindende waterspeelarea sal geniet. Daar is tientalle foefies en watergewere, hoola hoops om deur te spring en hope pret om te ervaar!


Aanwysings: Van Port Elizabeth en George lughawe Neem die N2 na Kaapstad, net na die Klein Brakrivier sal jy die ATKVinligtingsbord aan die linkerkant van die pad sien. Neem die afdraai na links en ry tot by die T-aansluiting. Draai links by die stop en ry onderdeur die brug tot by die volgende T-aansluiting. Draai links by hierdie stop na ATKV-Hartenbos en neem die afdraai links by die volgende T-aansluiting. Gaan oor die brug tot by die verkeerslig by die Engen vulstasie. Draai links by die verkeerslig en ry met Paardekraal Straat af in die rigting van die see. Hou aan totdat jy by die 4-rigtingstop by die treinspoor kom. Gaan oor die stop en die ATKV Hartenbos Seefront ontwikkeling sal dan reg voor jou wees.

Laat die sonstrale op jou lyf baljaar As ‘n area met grasgroen grasperke, strand stoele, storte en yskoue drankies langs die strand soos jou perfekte vakansie klink – sal jy beslis baie tyd by ons sissende sonarea spandeer! Verhitte Swembad Nie lief vir koue water nie? Moenie bekommerd wees nie! Ons swembad se temperatuur is tussen 30-35°C, wat dit perfek maak vir daardie effense koelerige lente en herfs dae – of selfs ‘n winter wegbreek. Geniet die see uitsig terwyl jy gebruik maak van die heerlike swembad geriewe en spandeer die dag saam met familie en vriende.

Van Kaapstad Neem die N2 na Port Elizabeth. By die Voorbaai-afdraai in Mosselbaai sal jy die ATKV-inligtingsbord aan die linkerkant van die pad sien. Neem die afdraai na links en ry tot by die T-aansluiting. By die stop draai jy links. Ry dan tot by die eerste verkeerslig (Langeberg Mall). Draai links by die verkeerslig en ry verby die Shell Truck Port aan jou linkerkant. Gaan oor twee verkeersligte en draai regs by die derde verkeerslig by die Engen vulstasie. Ry met Paardekraal Straat af in die rigting van die see. Hou aan totdat jy by die 4-rigtingstop by die treinspoor kom. Gaan oor die stop en die ATKV Hartenbos Seefront ontwikkeling sal dan reg voor jou wees.

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