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5. What percent of Frosted Flakes are consumed by adults? 6. Which one of Christopher How many different cereals does Columbus’ three ships was a typical grocery store stock? wrecked in the New World What cereal has the highest and didn’t return to Spain? percentage of sugar? 7. What was the name of the charApproximately, how many acter played by John Travolta in pounds of cereal does the averthe movie “Pulp Fiction”? age American child eat per year? 8. What continent did the potato T or F: The Rice Krispies originate? mascots Snap, Crackle, and Pop TRIVIA briefly had a 4th member in 1950.



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• John Kellogg ran a health resort in Battle Creek, Michigan in the late 1800s. He advocated a healthy diet, and invented a flaky breakfast cereal made from smashing boiled wheat and corn into thin flat sheets and baking them. He had trouble perfecting the formula until one day when he was called away while the wheat was cooking. When he returned, the wheat was far overcooked, but money was tight and wheat was expensive so he ran the overcooked wheat through the rollers anyway. The thin crispy flake that resulted was the perfect formula. • At first he called this cereal Granula, which he later changed to Granola before finally changing the name to Corn Flakes. The cereal was a novel invention and reputedly very healthy, but it didn't taste very good. • John Kellogg had a younger brother named Will. Will Kellogg was more interested in making a profit than his brother was. When John left on an extended trip, Will did something that John had forbidden: he added a coating of sugar to the cereal. People liked John's unsweetened cereal a little, but they loved Will’s sugary cereal. When John returned, he was furious. Will ended up starting his own company, which he called Kellogg’s. Will Kellogg’s cereal eventually put John Kellogg’s cereal out of business. The brothers were rivals until their deaths. • A patient of John Kellogg named Charles W. Post started his own dry cereal company called Post Cereals, selling a rival brand of corn flakes. John Kellogg claimed that Charles Post stole the formula for corn flakes from the safe in his office. • Charles Post came out with a cereal he called Elijah's Manna. He tried to export it to Britain but they refused to register it, feeling giving such a religious name to a food item was sacrilegious. Post changed the name to Post Toasties. ...continued

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Tidbits Grand Forks - June 9, 2016  

"Cereal," "Bird Brains" and "Oatmeal"

Tidbits Grand Forks - June 9, 2016  

"Cereal," "Bird Brains" and "Oatmeal"