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Retirement. How do you get there?

Issue # 939



TOILETS by Janet Spencer

October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month! Remember that tuning up your Your good neighbor has toilet can save water. Come Sharon Opdahl a roadmap just for you. Agent along with Tidbits as we appreciate toilets! Does planning for your 2534 17th Ave. S. • Suite F retirement leave you feeling a bit lost? I can get you headed Grand Forks, ND 58201 TWEAKING TOILETS in the right direction. 701-746-0495 Like a good neighbor, sharonopdahl.com • In 1995, the National Energy Policy Act reState Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY. quired that all new toilets must be able to flush using a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water. Older models used up to six gallons per flush. • Japanese National Railways wanted to save water by cutting down on the amount of water used per flush in the restrooms. But the tiny amount of water used in the flush led users to think the toilets weren't working properly, Carpet Cleaning and they would flush over and over. Officials Services, Inc. subsequently installed an electronic device Carpet Cleaning • Carpet that broadcast the sound of huge amounts of Cleaning SPECIAL! water flushing so the toilet sounded normal, Upholstery $149 •Cleaning and the extra flushing ceased. 5 Rooms, Hallway • It's been estimated that one out of every four & 1 Stairway • Water Not valid with any other offer. toilets leaks. One method of telling if your Extraction Expires 11-15-15 toilet leaks is to put a drop of food coloring in the tank and see if it shows up in the bowl over the course of about 20 minutes without 701-775-8500 flushing. If your toilet is leaking, replace the Residential & Commercial flappers and adjust the fill valves. If the toilet Did You Know Vacuums runs long after flushing, adjust the length of Require Regular Maintenance? the chain attached to the float. Sharon Opdahl, Agent 2534 17th Avenue South Grand Forks, ND 58201 Bus: 701-746-0495 sharonopdahl.com

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Quiz Bits

4. What were the names of the chameleons in the Budweiser frog commercials that ran in 1. In developed nations, what the late 1990s? percent of clean water used in 5. What’s the capital of Vermont? the household is used to flush 6. Name all six children in the TV toilets? show “The Brady Bunch.” 2. How many bathrooms does the 7. What was the first country to average American house have? allow women to vote? 3. Approximately how many rolls 8. How long does it take blood to of toilet paper does the Pentagon circulate throughout your body? use each day on average—400, TRIVIA 650, 850 or 1,000?



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• The French word 'toile' means cloth or net. When the French began covering their dressing tables with cloth, the tablecloth was also called a toile, and the dressing room was called a toilette. When the first flushing potties were invented, they were located in the dressing rooms and became known as toilets. • The Dutch word 'krappen' meaning 'to pluck or cut off' and the French word 'crappe' meaning 'siftings' and the Latin word 'crappa' meaning 'chaff' are all related to the current word 'crap.' They all refer to the part that is thrown away after the part that is useful has been gathered. • Thomas Crapper was a plumber in London in the mid-1800s. Contrary to myth, he did not invent the toilet, but he did improve it. He also improved the sewer systems of the city. The toilets he manufactured and installed, as well as the manhole covers he fabricated, were all stamped with his name: Crapper. • The Latin word 'lavare' meaning 'to wash' is where we get the word 'lavatory.' • On board ships, the original toilets were just a simple board with a hole cut out, which were hung over the front part of a ship where the waves would wash everything away. The front of the ship was called 'the head.' • In medieval times, chamber pots would be emptied out the window into the street below. The story goes that in France, they would call out, "Gardez l'eau!" meaning, "Watch out for the water!" in order to warn pedestrians before hurling the refuse into the street. In England, this was Anglicized to 'gardy-loo' before being shorted to simply 'loo.' • The Middle English word 'poupen' or 'popen' originally meant 'fart' because that's what a fart sounds like. Eventually it gave us the word 'poop.' This is not to be confused with the Middle French word 'poupe' meaning the stern of a ship, giving us 'poop deck.' ...continued


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SPORTS QUIZ 1. Who was the last team before the 2014 Los Angeles Angels to have the best record in baseball and not win a game in the postseason? 2. In 2014, Kolten Wong hit the fourth postseason walkoff homer in St. Louis Cardinals history. Name two of the first three to do it. 3. What year did men’s ice hockey make its Olympics debut?

4. How many seasons did Hall of Fame punter Ray Guy lead the NFL in punting? 5. Name the last year before 2015 that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks reached the conference finals of the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs. 6. T or F: In 2015, Dustin Johnson became the first golfer to make three eagles in one round at the Masters.


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BY THE NUMBERS • Average number of times a typical human uses the bathroom every day: 7 • Average number of years a typical human spends on the toilet in a lifetime: 3 • Percent of Americans who use their phone on the toilet: 75% • Number of phones dropped in the toilet in an average year: 7 million • Percent of people who crumple their toilet paper rather than fold it: 60% • Percent of household water use that goes down the toilet: 38% • Number of toilets in the White House: 35 • Number of times a baby will need a diaper change before being potty trained: 10,000 • Life expectancy of a toilet: 50 years • Cost of the world's most expensive toilet: $19 million • Location of the world's most expensive toilet: international space station. • Number of rolls of toilet paper the average American family use each year: 119 • Percent of people who put the toilet paper roll "over" instead of "under": 75%

• Percent of women who will wash their hands in a public restroom if there is someone else present: 90 • Percent of women who will wash their hands if they are alone: 16 • Average cost per day to flush a toilet: 5 cents IT'S A FACT • In the mid-1960s, the Indonesian rupiah was valued at 325 to the dollar. The cheap paper that was used to print one-sen notes (worth 1/100th of a rupiah) was perfect for being used as toilet paper, and was much less expensive than the commercially made tissue paper, since you could get 32,500 pieces for a buck.


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by Linda Thistle

Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.


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FACTS & FASCINATION • The combination of Sani-Flush toilet bowl cleaner and Comet cleanser can explode. Comet is sodium hypochlorite and Sani-Flush is sodium bisulfate. Many people assume two cleansers are better than one and use them both at the same time. • 23 people were hired to do nothing but flush toilets at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida before Christmas in 1989 in an effort to keep pipes from freezing. • When Hank Aaron was on the verge of breaking Babe Ruth's home run record, the Atlanta Journal stationed a reporter outside the men's room in the stadium so they could get an interview of the tragedy of a man who went to the restroom at the wrong moment. • The U.S. Navy was preparing to hit Makin Island in the Pacific during WWII. First they needed to know how many Japanese men were there. They knew the Japanese army usually had one latrine for every 40 soldiers. So they ordered pilots to make aerial surveys of outhouses in the area. They counted a hundred latrines— so there must be 4,000 soldiers. They were correct to within 40 men.

www.dakotacommercial.com/apts • A guide dog in Kent, England was told by his male master to lead him to the restrooms in the railway station. Unfortunately, the dog was unable to read "men" and "women" on the doors, which resulted in some upset ladies. Why they were upset when the man couldn't see anything is not known. • When Gordon and Jasmine Geisbrecht decided to open a new restaurant in Winnipeg in 1986, they wanted to make it really different. They decided to make toilets the theme of the restaurant. Called “The Outhouse,” toilet bowls were placed here and there in the decorating scheme, and menus featured a toilet bowl logo. Health inspectors suspended their license when it was found that their restroom facilities were inadequate.

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NUGGET OF KNOWLEDGE On December 19, 1973, Johnny Carson told what he thought was a joke. The public, however, believed him when he said, "There's an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States." There was not a shortage before he made this statement, but once consumers hit the store after hearing his statement, they created a shortage. It took some stores up to three weeks to re-stock their shelves.

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by Samantha Weaver

• It was 20th-century Swiss playwright and novelist Max Frisch who defined technology as "the knack of so arranging the world that we need not experience it." • In the 1830s you could give someone a blizzard. Back then, of course, the word wasn't referring to a snowstorm; rather, that phrase meant to give someone a piece of one's mind. • Men certainly aren't lacking in the self-confidence department. A survey found that 76 percent of men believe they are "somewhat" or "very attractive." • Thanks to arrangements made by his very powerful family, Theophylactus of Tusculum became Pope Benedict IX in 1032, at the age of 20. It seems he wasn't suited to religious life, and he was accused of

"many vile adulteries and murders." The Catholic Encyclopedia calls him "a disgrace to the Chair of Peter." After 12 years he was forced out of Rome, but he returned the following year, 1045, and ousted Pope Sylvester III. Later that same year, a pious priest named John Gratian offered Benedict a large sum of money to vacate the post, which he did, allowing Gratian to become Pope Gregory VI. Unsurprisingly, Benedict soon changed his mind, and with Sylvester III still claiming the papal seat, there were now three popes vying for supremacy. Finally, at the end of 1046, the Council of Sutri declared Benedict and Sylvester deposed, Gregory was encouraged to resign, and a German bishop was proclaimed Pope Clement II. • Farmers in California are responsible for 95 percent of broccoli production in the United States. Now we know whom to blame. *** Thought for the Day: "One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him." -- Chinese proverb


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• Thomas Crapper, born in Yorkshire, England, in 1836, became an apprentice to his brother at the age of 14. His brother was a Master Plumber in London.

• Because Crapper also owned his own foundry, he was able to manufacture his own pipes, fittings, and manhole covers. Today, the Crapper manhole covers in front of Westminster Abbey, which are inscribed: 'T. Crapper & Co., Sanitary Engineers' are a favorite stop for tourists who enjoy taking rubbings from them in the same way people take rubbings from tombstones. • When soldiers during World War II saw the word “Crapper” stamped all over toilets throughout Europe, they began calling bathrooms by that name. • Thomas Crapper died in 1910 and the business continued under the care of his nephew and his partner. In 1963 it was acquired by another firm.


• His business got quite a boost when Edward Prince of Wales hired Thomas to install 30 bathrooms in his newly purchased estate, Sandringham House. When Edward became king, more plumbing jobs were handed to Thomas Crapper, followed by more work commissioned by King George V. Eventually Crapper installed bathrooms and plumbing fixtures in Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. The public thought that any plumber good enough for royalty was good enough for them, and Crapper’s business boomed.

• At one point he invented a spring-loaded toilet seat, which would automatically rise up when the seated person stood up. The lifting motion of the toilet seat triggered rods that automatically flushed the toilet. This design suffered from the unfortunate flaw that when the rubber gaskets began to age, they became sticky and would fail to lift until the pressure from springs became too great to resist. At this point the toilet seat would fly upwards, often smacking the unfortunate user on the rear. It became known as “the bottom slapper” and died an ignominious death.


• This was also a day and age when it was thought that going to the bathroom indoors was unhygienic, a myth Thomas Crapper worked hard to dispel.

• Crapper’s inventions included a method of fitting underground drain pipes together which helped reduce disease by reducing leakage from sewer pipes. He also invented improvements to the float valve that helps regulate the flushing and refilling action of the toilet tank.


• In order to overcome the prevailing attitude of prudery, Crapper outfitted his salesmen with tiny dollhouse-sized replicas of the toilets, sinks, and tubs he was selling. The customer was tasked with the chore of imagining how the full size fixtures would look in their house.

• Along the way, Crapper invented many plumbing improvements and was awarded nine patents. However, the flush toilet had been invented by others long before Thomas Crapper came along.


• By 1861 Thomas had completed his training and set up his own plumbing shop. In that day and age, proper people didn’t speak about bathrooms or the things that happened in bathrooms. So Thomas Crapper caused quite a stir when he advertised his business by displaying, right in his front window and in full view of everyone passing by, the complete collection of bathroom fixtures he offered for sale. According to legend, ladies became faint when viewing the porcelain bowls in his showroom.

cated on publicatio the racks nea n r th Exit doors e !

Sanitation Department


Disposal Options:

• On Oct. 25, 1853, Paiute Indians attack U.S. Army Capt. John W. Gunnison and his party of 37 soldiers and railroad surveyors in Utah. Gunnison and seven other men were killed, but the survey party continued its work to find a route for a proposed transcontinental railroad. • On Oct. 24, 1901, seeking fame, 63-year-old schoolteacher Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel. After a brief flurry of photo-ops and speaking engagements, Taylor's fame cooled, and she was unable to make the fortune she had sought. • On Oct. 23, 1921, in France, an American officer selects the casket of an unidentified soldier to be honored among the 77,000 U.S. servicemen killed in World War I. The "Unknown Soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. • On Oct. 22, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signs the Highway Beautification Act, which attempts to limit billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising along America's interstates. • On Oct. 20, 1973, Solicitor General Robert Bork dismisses Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, whose investigation of the Watergate break-in revealed that the burglary was one of many possible abuses of power by the Nixon White House. Two days later, the House Judiciary Committee began to consider the possible impeachment of President Richard Nixon. • On Oct. 21, 1988, "Mystic Pizza," a romantic comedy starring unknown actress Julia Roberts, opens in theaters. Roberts would skyrocket to international fame when she appeared in the 1990 blockbuster "Pretty Woman." • On Oct. 19, 1991, a fire starts in the hills of Oakland, California, and within an hour, 800 buildings are ablaze. The firestorm would kill 25 people and destroy thousands of homes. Even though fires had ravaged the same area in 1970 and 1980, people continued to build homes there. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

For immediate disposal haul your leaves to your nearest compost site through November 15th or Rake them loosely to your berm -NO BAGS. We will attempt to make 2 complete passes through town, weather permitting. DO NOT mix grass clippings, branches, brush & garden waste. Keep piles away from parked cars, fences & trees, & out of gutters.

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Life is like a roll of toilet paper: The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!

(Answers located 2 pages after this one)

• Spring bulbs need a few weeks in the ground to get established before the first of the frosts. If you’re just getting around to planting your spring bulbs, here is a great garden design tip: Use kebab skewers to figure out the bulbs’ placement in the garden. • “Place an ice cube (or ice chips) in carpet divots left behind by furniture legs. This will help the fibers “plump up,” and the spot will disappear!” — A.I in Utah • Felt circles are great for putting under small appliances on the kitchen counter. They are easier to move around, and they won’t scratch the countertops. You can find them at the hardware store, or make your own by cutting out what you need from a piece of felt and attaching it to the bottom of your appliance with double-stick tape ... or even a drop of glue! • Running a washing machine that isn’t full not only wastes energy and water, it also wastes money because you’re paying to run more washes. Always fill the machine — but remember not to overload it! This applies to your dishwasher, too. • “To help repel the dust on baseboards between cleanings, wipe with a used dryer sheet. To make this even easier, you can put the dryer sheet over a Swiffer-type floor cleaner. This way, you don’t even have to bend down.” — M.E. in Alabama • “You can use plain alcohol on a paper towel to wipe down your house telephone. I do this a couple of times a week during cold season. Also, purchase a pack of electronics wipes, so everyone can keep his or her cellphone screen clean. Think about it: We constantly touch the screen with our fingers, then stick it right up to our face!” — W.R. in New York Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

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• When brothers Irvin and Clarence moved to Philadelphia and started a paper business in the 1870s, they sold butcher paper, paper bags, and stationery from a push-cart. When they moved into a storefront, sales dropped. They needed a product that would be constantly in demand. • Just at that time, indoor plumbing was becoming popular. In private homes, people used catalogs in the bathroom. But hotels and restaurants, after going through the trouble of installing indoor plumbing, couldn’t bring themselves to put catalogs in bathrooms. • So Irvin and Clarence started experimenting with toilet tissue, an idea that had been around a while but had never caught on. First they manufactured stacks of individual sheets, but it was difficult to keep the pile neat. So they tried wrapping it around a cardboard tube. It worked. • They set up a factory, named the business after themselves, and started selling toilet paper directly to merchants since the issue was too delicate to bring up in polite society. • Gradually, they introduced their product to the public through advertisements aimed at snob appeal: “They have a pretty house, Mother, but their bathroom paper hurts.” • In 1907 an uncut roll of defective toilet paper material was delivered to their factory. It was heavy, wrinkled, and unsuitable for toilet paper. It was about to be returned when someone suggested marketing it as disposable ‘paper towels.’ Hotels, restaurants, and railroad stations bought them because they were more sanitary than cloth towels. • Irvin and Clarence’s business became the largest paper goods maker in the world, and was bought out by Kimberly-Clark in 1995. What’s the name of their company? (Answer at top of next page)

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DIFFERENCES: 1. Cap is different. 2. Zipper is missing. 3. Wagon name is missing. 4. Teddy bear is turned. 5. Fence board is moved. 6. Bottle is missing. © 2015 King Features Synd., All rights reserved.

Answer: Scott, as in Scott Tissue and Scott Towels.

QUICK QUIZ: MORE TISSUE • During World War I, cotton was used for surgical dressings Answer: Dell. and as filters in gas masks. As the war progressed, A VERYdemand LARGEoutstripped NUMBERsupply and it became urgent to find a substitute material. • Edward Kasner was a mathematician. In 1938 • The Kimberly-Clark company, he was asked to come up with aa paper name manufor a facturing basedtheinnumeral Wisconsin, came up very largefirm number: one, followed by a ahundred zeros. He asked his twothat young with substitute called Cellucotton was nephews what name they It would made from wood fibers. madesuggest. an excellent substituteMilton not only for gas masks but • cotton Nine-year-old suggested a name out for of the funnies. A cartoon strip character also bandages. namedthe Barney was very popular. Milton • When war ended, Kimberly-Clark hadchose huge Barney’s last name for the number. surpluses of Cellucotton on hand. Searching • for Kasner announced for the big a peace-time usethe fornew theirname product, in 1924 number in up hiswith next abook, the to spelling. they came tissuealtering designed remove • cold Sixtycream yearsmake-up later, Larry and Sergey usedPage by actors. It wasBrin a far developed a new internet search engine. Other better alternative than using towels and handsearch engines searched each webpage and kerchiefs to remove makeup. They called them ranked them according to how many times a Celluwipes at first, before settling on a new specific term appeared on them, but Page and name. Brin designed their search engine to search for the specific term stars and then find out howthat many • Ads using movie convinced ladies the links there thatway ledtoback to that page,at tissues were were the best remove makeup which resulted in aHollywood better search engine. the same time that movie stars were • convincing They decided they needed name that the American publica that wearing reflected how many websites the search makeup was acceptable. engine was searching. They took the name • Inof 1928 theKasner’s pop-up very tissuelarge dispenser was inEdward number, only vented and the tissues began be used as a they misspelled it slightly, so it to ended up being disposable handkerchief, an idea proposed by spelled exactly the same way the cartoon acharacter researcher who suffered from hay fever. The Barney spelled his last name. What’s company slogan, ‘Don’t carry a it called? introduced (Answer at the bottom of page) cold in yourCOMPUTER pocket’ whileFACTS pushing the sanitary benefits of using the product. Today the product • In 1981 Bill Gates said, “640 kb of memory isought usedtoworldwide name has become a be enoughand for the anybody.” nearly generic term for tissue. What’s it called? • Moore’s Law states that computer performance (Answer below) doubles every 18 to 24 months, and ever since 1971, this has beenFACT true. •• To stifle a sneeze, press between the HP, Google, Microsoft, the and area Apple were all upper the nose. startedlipinand garages.


from googol. Answer: Answer:Google, Kleenex.


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screens on:

Week 2 • iPads • iPods Jan 4 - Jan. 10 • iPhones Page 8

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Quiz Answers

6. Greg, Marcia, 1. 38% 2. Two Peter, Jan, 3. 650 Bobby, & Cindy 4. Louie and 7. New Zealand Frankie 8. About a minute 5. Montpelier



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Sports Answers 1. N.Y. Yankees in 1980 2. Ozzie Smith (1985), Jim Edmonds (2004), and David Freese (2011)

3. 1920 4. Three times 5. 2007 (when they won the Stanley Cup) 6. True


$50 OFF Good thru 10-31-15

3-Year Warranty

Edge 2x Reg. $569.00

Edge 1x Reg. $439.00

on All Remotes Exclusively at Rydells




Torch 2S Reg. $499.00






• 1-Mile Range • 2-Way Feedback • Inverted LCD Screen • Includes 2-Way & 1-Way remote



• 1-Mile Range • Includes Two 1-Way remotes

INSTALLED* • 3000 ft. Range • 2-Way Feedback • Includes 2-Way & 1-Way remote

*Most Makes & Models


Heated Seat Kits

• Heats Up in Seconds • Dual Temperature Settings for Comfortable Temperature Control • Installs without detection: wiring harness, fuse and hardware are all installed out of sight. • Even Heat Distribution • Can be installed in Front & Back Seats • Each seat includes 2 Large Pads. One for the seat bottom and one for the seat back.


$19900 INSTALLED* *Per seat


Reduce Glare, Heat, and Block Harmful UV Rays from damaging your vehicle.




Reg. $285.00

*Most Makes & Models

Good thru 10-31-15

Diamond Dealer

Floor Liners

20% OFF

Good thru 10-31-15


• Most advanced floor protection available today. • Perfect fit. • Rigid core for strength. • Surface friction to the carpet. • Lower reservoir that channels fluids and debris away from shoes and clothing. Large Inventory on Hand

*Most Makes & Models

WE INSTALL: • Auto Starts • Truck Bedliners • Running Boards / Nerf Bars • Bed Rails • Tonneau Covers • Chrome Accessories • Rims & Tires • WeatherTech • Window Tinting • Hitches • Grille Guards • DVD Headrests • & Much More! Accessories Dept.: Matt Paschke 701-792-2820 or Jason Kowalski 701-757-5912


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