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The Most Maneuverable Vacuum In the World

Issue # 934





by Kathy Wolfe

All companies know the importance of advertising and product recognition. This week, Tidbits investigates some clever slogans that have caught our attention over the years. • Who hasn’t sung along to the “Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat” jingle? The first commercial featuring the clang of a cable car aired in 1959, launching the success of the small Golden Grain Macaroni Company. The product was based on the family recipe of the founders, the Domenico’s. There were not many packaged side dishes available in the late 1950s and Rice-A-Roni was an immediate hit. It became so successful that when Golden Grain sold out to the Quaker Oats Company in 1986, the price tag was $275 million. • The Clairol company was started up in 1931 by two Americans who had been traveling in France and observed hair-coloring preparations there. Sold strictly to salons for 25 years, in 1956, an at-home product was introduced with its slogan “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” Within 6 years, 70% of American women were coloring their hair. The company has had several catchy phrases over the years, including 1965’s “The closer he gets, the better you look” and the 1960s slogan, “Is it true blondes have more fun?” Turn the page for more!

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• “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is” is one of the most recognizable ad slogans of all time. The effervescent antacid Alka-Seltzer made its debut in 1931 as a remedy for aches, pains, inflammation, fever, heartburn, indigestion, and a number of other maladies. The character “Speedy” (signifying speedy relief) was introduced in 1951 and was used until the mid1960s. The company had another successful catchphrase in 1971 when a man suffering from severe indigestion said, “Try it, you’ll like it,” followed in 1972 with “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Alka-Seltzer’s competition Rolaids countered with “How do you spell relief?”


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Quiz Bits 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. What’s “Good to the last drop”? 6. Which rental car company uses the slogan “We Try Harder”? What automobile company has 7. What product used a female used the phrase, “There is no speaking, “It’s manly...but I like substitute”? it, too!”? What beer was advertised as 8. Which product said, “It’s not “Tastes great. Less filling”? nice to fool Mother Nature”? What laundry product took care 9. What company uses the slogan of “Ring around the collar”? “American by birth. Rebel by Name the company whose catchChoice.” phrase was “Nothin’ says lovin TRIVIA like something from the oven.”





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• Credit card companies are well-known for reminding us how much we need them. In 1975, American Express introduced its “Don’t leave home without it” campaign, featuring OscarAward-winning actor Karl Malden. Various celebrities asked TV viewers, “Do you know me?” in another American Express ad. In 2004, the company updated its slogan to “My life. My card.” Visa’s catchphrase was, “It’s everywhere you want to be,” initiated in 1985. (Visa spends about $500 million each year on advertising around the world!) MasterCard was not to be left out, and in 1997 originated, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” Capital One followed up with, “What’s in your wallet?” • What’s the best part of waking up? According to Folgers, it’s their coffee in your cup! The company, in business since 1850, featured the Swedish neighbor Mrs. Olson in their ads from 1965 to 1986, who told us that Folgers was “mountain grown, the richest kind of coffee.” Another coffee vendor, Maxwell House, has one of the longest-used slogans, “Good to the Last Drop,” created in 1917. ...continued

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SPORTS QUIZ 1. When was the last time before 2014 that the Baltimore Orioles swept a playoff series— 1969, 1971, 1979, or 1983? 2. Name the last major-league baseball team to hit .300 or better for a season. 3 How many years passed between Serena Williams’ first and second singles titles at the Freanch Open?

4. What 2 MLB players combined to hit the most HRs by teammates in a season? 5. In 2014, South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier recorded his 200th SEC victory as an SEC coach. Who else has hit that mark in the SEC? 6. In 2015, Boston University’s Jack Eichel became the second freshman to win the Hobey Baker Award as the top player in college hockey. Who was the first?

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ADVERTISING SLOGANS (continued): • Founded in 1922 by a retired farmer turned insurance salesman, State Farm is currently #41 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies. They process almost 35,000 claims per day. Pop star Barry Manilow composed their “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” jingle in 1971. • Barry Manilow also composed the familiar “I am stuck on Band-aids, cuz Band-Aid’s stuck on me” jingle in the mid-1970s. Earle Dickson, the inventor of the Band-Aid in 1920, came up with the idea when his wife Josephine regularly injured herself while performing housekeeping and cooking tasks. Dickson, who worked for Johnson & Johnson, was looking for an easier way to bandage up her wounds than cotton and wrapping. Sales were just $3,000 that first year, but in 1961, the year of Dickson’s death, sales of Band-Aids were $30,000,000. • In 1973, as the feminist movement was gaining momentum, a young 23-year-old copywriter named Ilon Specht came up with the phrase “Because I’m worth it” for the L’Oreal cosmetics company. Still in use today, it’s recognized by 80% of women. • The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. Harlan Sanders had been selling chicken since the Great Depression when he peddled it from a Kentucky roadside restaurant. The “finger lickin’ good” slogan was initiated in 1956, and a second slogan “We fix Sunday dinner seven nights a week” was added in 1957. In 2011, KFC, wanting to focus on its shift to a healthier menu, made a switch to “Nobody does chicken like KFC” and “So good.” KFC is the second largest restaurant chain in the world, with close to 19,000 outlets in 118 countries, with China leading the pack with nearly 4,600 locations. ...continued


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www.newvisiontruckaccessories.com ADVERTISING SLOGANS (continued): • Where did our favorite candy M&Ms get its name? The little chocolates with a candy shell were introduced by the Mars Company in 1941 as a treat that allowed soldiers to carry chocolate without it melting. The two “M”s stand for Forrest Mars, son of the Mars founder, and Bruce Murrie, who was the son of the Hershey Chocolate president, who owned a 20% share in the product. M&Ms famous “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” slogan was trademarked in 1954. • After decades of using “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” to describe the durability of their watches, Timex replaced the phrase with one they felt updated their image. The 1950s phrase was updated in 2003 to “Timex. Life is ticking.” • Frito-Lay challenged our self-control when they released their advertising slogan for Lay’s potato chips of “Betcha can’t eat just one” in 1963. They were the first snack food manufacturer to release television commercials, using actor Bert Lahr of The Wizard of Oz fame as their spokesman. Herman Lay started up the company in 1932 selling potato chips out of the trunk of his car. He merged his venture with the Frito Company in 1961.

• The name of Paul Marcarelli is probably not familiar, but it’s almost certain that his face is. Paul was the actor who traveled the country for Verizon Wireless beginning in 2002 asking, “Can you hear me now?” The campaign was a huge success because most people are familiar with having to move to a place with better cell phone reception. The first year Verizon ran the ad, their sales improved by 10%, and numbers grew by another 15% the following year. Today, Verizon’s slogan is “Never settle.”

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GRAND FORKS CONTINUES TO SEE POSITIVE WNV IN MOSQUITOES West Nile virus (WNV) is an infection transmitted by mosquitoes. The mosquito most common for transmitting this virus is one that is widespread throughout the Grand Forks region. This mosquito does not discriminate. People of all ages are susceptible to WNV infection, but the elderly are at higher risk for developing the more severe form of this disease (neuroinvasive illness). Children infected with WNV generally show no symptoms or may have a mild fever.


Risk factors for West Nile virus: • Time of year – The majority of WNV cases occur from July – September. • Geographic region – The Dakotas have reported some of the highest cases per capita in the United States. • Time spent outdoors not wearing protective clothing and mosquito repellent – If you work or spend a lot of time outdoors (golfing, gardening, hunting, etc.), you’re at a higher risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. • Proximity – If you live in an area where WNV has already been identified or near mosquito larval habitat. • If you have a weakened immune system. The best way to prevent West Nile virus infection is to avoid mosquito bites. • Use mosquito-repellant products containing DEET. • Wear long sleeves and pants. • Eliminate any standing water from your property, such as trash bins, plant saucers, rain gutters, buckets, etc. The mosquito most common for transmitting this disease generally stays close to the site it hatched from. Don’t let it be a container or rain gutter from your own property.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to mosquito control visit our website at www.gfmosquito.com

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by Samantha Weaver

• It’s not known who made the following sage observation: “I can picture a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.” • Dom Perignon -- he of champagne fame -- was a Benedictine monk. • Now that school is back in session, those who had the summer off might be suffering from dysania -- finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Some of us, of course, experience dysania year-round. • If you’re one of those parents who has to be careful walking around the house barefoot, you probably will not be surprised to learn that the LEGO company makes more than 3,500 different pieces in more than 60 colors.

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• Weddings in Sweden are not for the jealous type. In that country, tradition states that if the bride leaves the room, all the men line up to kiss her. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, though -- if the groom leaves, all the women are supposed to get in line to demonstrate their affection. I imagine very few exes are invited to Swedish weddings. • British writer Lewis Carroll -- best known for his book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” -- invented the idea of the dust jacket for books. • Those who study such things say that a parakeet would rather look at itself than at another parakeet. In a test, the birds were placed in cages side-by-side, then one was removed and a mirror put in its place. The parakeet that was left spent quadruple the time looking at its reflection as it did looking at its companion. *** Thought for the Day: “This is the final test of a gentleman: his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.” -- William Lyon Phelp



The 1970s were a time of great innovation in many areas. Take a look at a few ground-breaking inventions introduced during that decade. • In 1974, a patent was granted to Dr. Raymond Damadian for an “Apparatus and Method for Detecting Cancer in Tissue,” the world’s first MRI machine. Dr. Damadian completed construction of the first whole-body scanner three years later. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and is a means of looking inside the body without surgery or Xrays. The scanner uses magnetism and radio waves to take internal pictures. Dr. Damadian discovered that different types of tissue emit signals of varying lengths, and that cancerous tissue’s signals last much longer than non-cancerous. • The food processor came to North America in 1973, when American inventor Carl Sonthemier improved on the 1971 French machine, the Le Magi-Max. This new appliance hit U.S. shelves using the name Cuisinart. • The 1970s were an exciting time in the electronics world. The floppy disk was invented in 1970, an invention that revolutionized the storage of computer data. In 1973, the first word processor that used floppy disks for storage was introduced by Vydec, a media system capable of holding 80 to 100 pages of text. Early printers included the LA30 dot matrix printer and the daisy-wheel printer, named such because of its resemblance to the flower. Both were introduced in 1970 and were able to print 30 characters per second. IBM debuted its Model 4640 ink-jet printer in 1976, followed up by its 3800 laser printer, able to print 20,000 lines (215 pages) per minute in 1979.





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• We’ve been “flicking our BIC” since 1973 when BIC introduced its disposable lighter with an adjustable flame. The BIC lighter could provide 3,000 lights before wearing out. Today, BIC produces about 6 million lighters daily worldwide. There have been more than 30 billion lighters sold in 160 countries. Entertainment Weekly has named the “Flick Your BIC” advertising campaign as one of the 50 best campaigns of all time. • In 1974, two Italian doctors, father and son Arpad and Giorgio Fischer, were responsible for the invention of a blunt, hollow surgical instrument called a cannula that enabled the creation of tunnels between major blood vessels of the body. Adding a suction device known as an aspirator, the pair were able to suck out body fat, creating the cosmetic surgery operation known as liposuction. • Are you familiar with the term “timeshifting”? It’s the word used to refer to recording a television program to play back at a more convenient time, a process facilitated by the invention of the VCR in 1971. The first VCR for home use was the Phillips Model 1500, introduced in 1972. It was an expensive item and for many years, most consumers chose to rent rather than purchase this pricey technology. • In 1979, Sony introduced an item that changed the way people listened to music. Sony’s co-founder Masaru Ibuka loved opera music and wanted to listen to it while traveling by air. He approached a company engineer with his idea of a portable audio cassette player. The engineer designed it, adding lightweight headphones and the Walkman was born! By 1995, sales of Walkman units had reached 150 million. Improvements over the years have resulted in 300 different Walkman models produced to date.

• On Sept. 16, 1620, the Mayflower sails from Plymouth, England, bound for the New World. Along the way, the settlers formulated and signed the Mayflower Compact, establishing constitutional law and the rule of the majority, an important precursor to American democracy. • On Sept. 17, 1796, George Washington prepares a final draft of his presidential farewell address, officially announcing that he will step down as the nation's first president. Rarely, if ever, in the history of Western civilization had a national leader voluntarily relinquished his title. • On Sept. 15, 1916, during the Battle of the Somme, the British launch a major offensive against the Germans, employing tanks for the first time in history. Some of the 40 or so primitive tanks advanced more than a mile into enemy lines. • On Sept. 20, 1946, the inaugural Cannes Film Festival opens in the resort city on the French Riviera. The outbreak of World War II had forced the cancellation of the inaugural Cannes festival in 1939. • On Sept. 19, 1957, the United States detonates a 1.7 kiloton nuclear weapon in an underground tunnel 65 miles north of Las Vegas. The test was the first fully contained underground detonation and produced no radioactive fallout. • On Sept. 18, 1960, Fidel Castro arrives in New York City as the head of the Cuban delegation to the United Nations. Castro's visit was climaxed by his four-hour speech, a blistering attack on American "aggression" and "imperialism." In January 1961, the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Cuba. • On Sept. 14, 1975, Elizabeth Ann Seton is canonized by Pope Paul VI at the Vatican in Rome, becoming the first American-born Catholic saint. In 1797, Seton founded the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children in New York. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.


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• Line junk drawers in the kitchen or bathroom with inexpensive sheets of corkboard. Things don’t slide around as much, and you can even use pushpins or finishing nails lightly inserted into the cork to make custom compartments in the drawers so things like pens don’t roll around. • “If your eyeglass screws tend to come loose, just unscrew, brush clear nail polish over the threads and rescrew tightly. As the polish dries (in seconds), it will form a tighter bond.” — I.D. in Oregon • Shaving cream can be used as a spot cleaner for most carpets. Simply dab a bit of the cream into the stained area, scrape off any excess and wipe away dirt with a clean, damp washcloth. • Ways to remove gum from your child’s hair: laundry pretreatment rubbed in with the fingers; ice cubes to harden the gum so that it can be picked out in chunks; and good, old-fashioned peanut butter and a comb. • This one is an oldie, but a preschool goodie, from L.R. in Washington: “Use wide rubber bands around a drinking glass for children. It will provide a little non-slip protection, especially if the glass is filled with a cold drink. The rubber band is reusable, and you can write the child’s name on the band with a ballpoint pen in order to identify his or her cup!” • How do you keep cats away from your plants in the garden? One reader suggests strips of tin foil. Another recommends mothballs (which can be toxic, so use carefully and follow all safety instructions). Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. © 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

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• “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t” was the jingle originated in the 1970s by Peter Paul to advertise its chocolate and coconut candy bars Mounds and Almond Joy. The original slogan of Mounds, a confection created in 1920, was “indescribably delicious.” It was the result of a contest that challenged entrants to come up with the best two words to sell a candy. The winner took home $10. Almond Joy (for when you feel like a nut!) came along in 1946.

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• How long have we been in good hands with Allstate? The company was founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck, & Company, but the familiar slogan didn’t come along until 1956. A company sales executive came up with the idea based on his comforting words to his wife when a doctor was caring for their child. It’s now ranked as one of the most recognizable slogans in America. • Nothing outlasts the Energizer. It keeps going, and going…” The pink bunny in the sunglasses and sandals beating on his bass drum has proven the effectiveness of this slogan time and time again. Appearing in commercials since 1989, the term “Energizer Bunny” has become part of our vocabulary referring to anything or anyone that continues endlessly. • Plenty of exhausted young mothers have uttered the phrase, “Calgon, take me away” since that catchphrase was introduced in the 1970s. A quiet, relaxing bath in Calgon bath products was the solution to the stress of everyday life. The product takes its name from “calcium gone,” referring to its ability to prevent the formation of unwanted elements in the water. ...continued

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Quiz Answers

1. Porsche 2. Miller Lite 3. WISK 4. Pillsbury 5. Maxwell House 6. Avis

7. Irish Spring soap 8. Chiffon margarine 9. Harley Davidson



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Sports Answers 5. Paul “Bear” 1. In 1971 they Bryant (292), swept Oakland. and Vince 2. Boston Red Sox Dooley (201). hit .302 in 1950. 6. Maine’s Paul 3. Eleven years Kariya in (2002 to 2013). 4. Roger Maris (61) 1993 & Mickey Mantle (54), in 1961.


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• 1-Mile Range • 2-Way Feedback • Inverted LCD Screen • Includes 2-Way & 1-Way remote

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Reduce Glare, Heat, and Block Harmful UV Rays from damaging your vehicle.

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