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• In March of 1952, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio determined that he would like to meet Marilyn Monroe and within days, they had their first date. Due to his spectacular achievements with the New York Yankees, DiMaggio was much more of a celebrity at the time than the beautiful movie star. The two were married in a San Francisco civil ceremony in January, 1954, and just nine months later, were in divorce court. Raised in a strict traditional home, DiMaggio strongly disliked Marilyn’s film career, believing she should be a housewife caring for his home, and asked her to give up her career. For 20 years after her death at age 36, Joe had roses delivered to her grave twice a week. • Virginia McMath and Frederick Austerlitz made ten films together during the 1930s, a dance duo better known as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Prior to their first film, 1933’s Flyin’ Down to Rio, Rogers had never before danced with a partner. By 1936, the pair were top box office stars. From 1933 to 1949, the famous dancers made a total of 10 movies. Publish a

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Better half, soulmate, significant other – no matter how you say it, it’s all about being a couple. Tidbits has the acts on some famous couples both real and imaginary.

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Quiz Bits 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. On the TV show Roseanne, what was the last name of Roseanne and her husband Dan? Name Tom Hanks’ wife fo 26 6. What is the Arabic equivalent of years. the Roman numerals MMDLVII? What couple is associated with “A 7. What modern European country Cowboy’s Work is Never Done”? was called Lusitania in Roman Name the first song that Elvis and times? Priscilla danced to following their 8. Which one of the dwarfs in “Snow White and the Seven wedding ceremony. Dwarfs” did not have a beard? What were comic strip character Blondie’s maiden name and marTRIVIA ried name?



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FAMOUS COUPLES (continued): • The love story of Cherilyn Sarkisian and Salvatore Bono began in 1962 in a Los Angeles coffee shop. She was 16 and he was 27. Bono, who worked for a record producer at Hollywood’s Gold Star Studios helped get Cher a gig as a backup singer on some of the studio’s classic recordings, including The Righteous Brothers’ hit “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” By late 1964, the pair were married and performing together, calling themselves Caesar and Cleo, releasing a single “Do You Wanna Dance?” Early the following year, they switched their name to Sonny and Cher. Their signature hit “I Got You, Babe” was released in 1965. Their third album, in 1967, featured Sonny’s composition “The Beat Goes On,” another Sonny and Cher trademark. In 1971, they were offered a summer television series, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. The show was such a hit, the couple was offered a regular prime time program later that year, and it quickly soared to the network’s Top Ten. The program continued for four seasons, garnering 15 Emmy Award nominations. Unfortunately, by the third season, the marriage was unraveling, and although they separated that year, the show went on. A nasty divorce was finalized in 1975. Yet nothing seemed to hold the couple back, as they reunited in 1976 for The Sonny and Cher Show. Poor ratings resulted in its cancellation the following year. Cher went on to a successful solo singing and acting career, while Sonny was elected mayor of Palm Springs, California, for a term, followed by his election to the U.S. House of Representatives. While serving in that position, he was killed in a Lake Tahoe skiing accident, when he struck a tree. It seems only fitting that his tombstone’s epitaph reads, “And the beat goes on.”

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SPORTS QUIZ 1. Six players have hit 200 or more home runs for the St. Louis Cardinals. Name four of them. 2. Entering 2005, who had the better record (win percentage) of franchises that started play in 1993: the Colorado Rockies or the Miami Marlins? 3. Emmitt Smith holds the NFL career record for most playoff rushing yards. Name 2nd & 3rd.

4. Only three players have tallied 50 or more goals in a season for the New York Rangers. Name two of them. 5. Which men’s soccer player holds the record for most World Cup matches won? (hint: European player) 6. Of the NFL’s top-10 all-time single-season passing yards leaders, who’s name appears the most times on the list? 7. ....On that same top-10 list, name the only player on it that is retired.


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FAMOUS COUPLES (continued): • Biblical figure Samson was a judge over Israel when he fell for the seductive Delilah. Samson possessed supernatural strength endowed by God when he took a vow to be set apart for God’s service. Samson’s vow included never cutting his hair, and if he did, his strength would leave him. He had been exacting vengeance on the Philistines, and they were out for payback. The Philistine rulers approached Delilah, offering her a great sum of money if she could discover the secret of Samson’s strength. Delilah slyly wormed the information out of him, then “called for someone to come and shave off the seven braids of his hair…and his strength left him.” The Philistines gouged out his eyes and put him in prison performing hard labor. In his pain, Samson cried out to God, and as his hair grew, his strength was restored. During a Philistine celebration, they paraded Samson into the temple to entertain the heckling crowds. He braced himself between the support pillars of the temple and used his unearthly strength to bring down the edifice, destroying his enemies along with himself. • Olive Oyl was around long before her boyfriend Popeye. Olive first appeared in 1919 as a main character in the comic strip Thimble Theatre, a tall, extremely thin girl with her hair pulled into a bun. Popeye wasn’t introduced to the strip until nearly 10 years later, but immediately became so popular, the comic was renamed Popeye. Olive Oyl’s brother was Castor Oyl, her father was Cole Oyl, and her sister-in-law, Cylinda Oyl. Olive appeared in nearly 25,000 comic strips. Popeye’s first animated cartoons appeared in 1933. In 1937, he was so popular that the community of Crystal City, Texas, the self-proclaimed Spinach Capital of the World, erected a statue of Popeye in front of City Hall to honor the character who had turned spinach into a very popular food. Popeye proved himself a good boyfriend over and over when he rescued Olive from the clutches of his archrival Bluto.


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• On Dec. 28, 1793, Thomas Paine is arrested in France for treason. Though the charges against him were never detailed, he had been tried in absentia on Dec. 26 and convicted. Before moving to France, Paine was an instrumental figure in the American Revolution as the author of Common Sense. • On Dec. 24, 1801, British inventor Richard Trevithick takes his friends for a test ride on his "Puffing Devil," or "Puffer," the first steam-powered passenger vehicle. The Puffer could be put to work in mines, on farms, in factories, on ships and in locomotives of all kinds. • On Dec. 27, 1831, British naturalist Charles Darwin sets out from Plymouth, England, aboard the HMS Beagle on a five-year surveying expedition of the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans to gather knowledge of the flora, fauna and geology. This information proved invaluable in the development of his theory of evolution. • On Dec. 22, 1849, writer Fyodor Dostoevsky is led before a firing squad but receives a last-minute reprieve and is sent to a Siberian la-

The History Channel

bor camp, where he worked for four years. In 1866, he published "Crime and Punishment." • On Dec. 25, 1941, "White Christmas," written by Irving Berlin, receives its world premiere on the NBC radio program, "The Kraft Music Hall." The song went on to become one of the most commercially successful singles of all time. • On Dec. 26, 1966, Jimi Hendrix writes the lyrics to "Purple Haze" -- the song that would give him his breakthrough hit in the United States. "Purple Haze" actually had relatively little commercial success as a single. It was Hendrix's legendary, guitarburning live performance at the Monterey Pop Festival that established him as a star. • On Dec. 23, 1982, the Missouri Department of Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control inform residents of Times Beach, Missouri, that their town was contaminated when the chemical dioxin was sprayed on its unpaved roads, and that the town will have to be evacuated and demolished. In 1985, the city was officially unincorporated.

FAMOUS COUPLES (continued): • Twenty-five-year-old Elvis Presley was stationed in Germany in 1959, when he met the 14-year-old daughter of an Air Force officer at a party. Elvis and Priscilla Beaulieu had an eight-year courtship before finally marrying in 1967 in an eight-minute ceremony at Las Vegas’ Aladdin Hotel. He was 32, she was 21. Priscilla’s engagement ring was a 3.5-carat diamond surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds. The couple separated in 1972 and divorced in 1973. Ironically, their courtship lasted longer than the marriage. • You might not recognize the name “American Gothic,” but you’ve probably seen the image. It’s a 1930 oil painting of a farmer holding a pitchfork, standing alongside a woman in her apron in front of a farmhouse. Painter Grant Wood enlisted his sister Nan to model, while Wood’s dentist, Dr. Byron McKeeby posed next to her. Although some folks think they represent husband and wife, Wood intended the couple as a father and his spinster daughter. While driving through Eldon, Iowa, Wood happened to see a little wood farmhouse called the Dibble House, and had a vision of the couple standing in front of it. The couple he painted were, in Wood’s words, “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.” The painting was exhibited for the first time in Chicago’s Art Institute, where Wood earned a $300 prize and immediate fame. Although he is best known for “American Gothic,” Wood painted 27 other works, along with various murals, lithographs, ceramics, and other art.

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ELIZABETH ARDEN Where would the world of beauty be without Elizabeth Arden? Here’s the success story of this Ontario-born businesswoman who built a cosmetics empire in the early 20th century. • Elizabeth Arden was born Florence Nightingale Graham in 1884 to a poor farm family. Although her ambition was to become a nurse, she dropped out of a Toronto nursing school, but not before she had diligently studied the lotions used to treat burns. She made the move to Manhattan at age 23, where she worked as a bookkeeper for the Squibb Pharmaceuticals Company. Elizabeth spent all her free hours in their lab, absorbing all the information she could about skincare. • Elizabeth soon switched jobs to become a beautician’s assistant in 1908. Two years later, she and a partner each invested $1,000 to open their own salon, and when that partnership dissolved shortly afterward, she opened her own on Fifth Avenue. She dubbed her salon Elizabeth Arden, taking the first name from her former partner and the surname from the Tennyson poem “Enoch Arden.”




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• A trip to Paris enabled Elizabeth to learn new beauty techniques in that city’s salons. While in Paris, she developed a collection of rouge and powders, and upon her return to America, hired a team of chemists to develop her own personal line of face creams and lotions. • Within five years of opening that first salon, Elizabeth Arden was selling her products internationally. She opened several exclusive spas, offering the first makeovers, and pampering clients with expensive beauty treatments.

ELIZABETH ARDEN (continued): • Due to her efforts, the use of cosmetics began to be viewed as more appropriate and ladylike rather than something used by just the lower classes of women. Elizabeth was a woman ahead of her time, counseling women to stay hydrated, stay out of the sun, and practice yoga regularly. • A devoted suffragette, in 1912, Elizabeth marched the streets of New York in support of women’s rights with 15,000 other women. All of them wore red lipstick supplied by Arden as a symbol of their solidarity.

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• In 1922, Elizabeth opened a salon in Paris, which was followed by salons in South America and Australia. Even in the midst of the Great Depression, her company was grossing upwards of $4 million a year. In 1946, her picture graced the cover of TIME magazine, one of the first women to be honored in this way. • Elizabeth enjoyed spending her money on horses, purchasing a Kentucky horse farm, where she raised the winner of the 1947 Kentucky Derby, Jet Pilot. She also owned a Manhattan penthouse, a country cottage in upstate New York, and a 12th-century castle in Ireland.


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• When she died in 1966, Elizabeth Arden was 81 years old, a fact she had kept a secret from the public for years. She was one of the wealthiest women in the world, having founded one of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. There were 100 salons scattered across the globe, and a line of 300 cosmetic products. Five years after her death, the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical corporation purchased the company for $38 million. Today, its value approaches $1.5 billion.



Have a Safe & Festive Holiday Season.


by Linda Thistle

Draw a star in exactly 10 of the empty squares in the diagram below so that each numbered square accurately indicates how many immediately adjacent squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) contain a star.

In The Park

H Easy HH Moderate HHH Yowza

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This week is full of notable events in a number of different categories. Increase your knowledge by reading along. • December 15 is Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the day this group of freedoms became law in the United States in 1791. The term Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and details those freedoms not specifically designated in the main body of that document. These include freedom of religion and speech, the right to bear arms, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and from a warrant issued without probable cause. The prohibition of double jeopardy is also part of the Bill of Rights, as is the guarantee of a speedy, public trial with an impartial jury.

• Besides being former U.S. presidents, what do George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams have in common? As adults, they all • In 1950, a patent was issued collected and played marbles for a fork that automatically avidly. spins to wind spaghetti onto it. *** • You might be surprised to learn that painter and sculptor Michelangelo was also a wellknown poet in his day. © 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

Thought for the Day: "I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters." -- Frank Lloyd Wright




• It wasn't until 1933 that an act of Congress made the dime legal tender for all transactions. Before that, it could be used only if the item or items being purchased totaled less than $10.


• You've doubtless heard the term "bigwig" to refer to a person of importance, but you've probably never learned where the word originated. In the 18th century, King Louis XIV of France began wearing large wigs, and the fashion became a trend among the upper classes. At the time, wigs were made from human hair, which was very expensive to obtain; therefore, the larger the wig, the more hair was required and the more money the wearer had to spend to purchase it.

• Medieval times, it seems, were suspicious times. When nobles gathered for social events, each person would pour a little bit of wine from his or her own cup into the cups of others -- this was a way to ensure that no one was poisoning the drinks. The tradition continues today (with less suspicion, one would hope) when people clink glasses after toast.


• It was American industrialist Jean Paul Getty who made the following sage observation: "If you can count your money, you don't have a billion dollars."


by Samantha Weaver

• December 17 is a big day in the history of aviation. On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their historic flight of the first powered airplane on a beach at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The first flight of their Wright Flyer lasted 12 seconds and covered 120 feet, 20 feet above the ground. Three more flights followed that day. While Orville made the first flight, Wilbur piloted the record flight that lasted 59 seconds and covered a distance of 852 feet. On the same day 32 years later, the Douglas DC-3 airliner had its maiden flight, a plane that was to revolutionize air travel in the United States. With three refueling stops, the DC-3 was able to cross the U.S. in about 15 hours. On December 17, 1947, the Boeing B-47 Stratojet strategic bomber made its first flight. The country’s first multiengine, jet-powered bomber was designed to fly at high altitudes and at supersonic speeds. In 1949, the jet broke the record for crossing the United States, accomplishing it in under four hours, with an average speed of 608 mph.

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• Can name theplows longest-running American the you blades of the farmers were accustomed to While repairing broken sitcom? It’susing. The Simpsons, whicha aired forcirthe cular saw, Deere stumbled upon an idea. He first time on December 17, 1989, and chronemployed his smith of skills to fashion theworksteel icles the adventures a dysfunctional blade into the shape of a plow. He affixed ing-class family living on Evergreen Terrace spokes, thenThe hitched the device intwo the wooden city of Springfield. animation proto a horse. It plowed the heavy Illinois soil cess of each episode takes from six to nine like a charm. In fact, a farmer who happened months to complete. TV Guide has ranked The to be observing the test run immediately put Simpsons asfor #8 his on own theirJohn list of the “50 in an order Deere plow.Greatest TV Shows of All Time” and Bart Simpson • asIn#1short order,list Deere gave 10 up Biggest his blacksmith on their of “TV’s Brats.”

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shop and focused on making plows. The • Every yeargrew sometime December 20 company steadilybetween and added many emand 23, theInNorthern Hemisphere experiences ployees. the late 1840s, John relocated the Winter Solstice, based on the tilt of the Earth’s entire operation to Moline, Illinois. Ashamed axis. This the sun’s of his ownoccurs lack ofwhen education, John elevation sent his children to the state’s finest schools. Onemost of with regard to the North Pole is at its his proudest days occurred when son Charles negative value, with the North Pole tilted 23.5 earned the equivalent of sun. an MBA degrees away from the For from thoseBell’s of us Commercial College in Chicago. in the Northern Hemisphere, December 21, • 2014 Withwill his son Charles managing thethe company, be the shortest day and longest Johnoffound timeAll to those pursueliving philanthropic innight the year. above a latiterests. He co-founded both which the First Nationtude of 66.5 degrees north, is the ArcBank and the First tical Polar Circle, will Congregational experience 24 Church. hours of He was elected the mayor of Moline in 1873, darkness. Those in the Southern Hemisphere where one of his first actionsSolstice – the replacewill experience their Summer on that ment of the city’s open drains with a sewer day. The sun will be directly overhead on the pipe system – saved countless lives by reducTropic of Capricorn. Those locations below ing the spread of disease.



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66.5 degrees south latitude will have 24 hours • ofThe original John Deere logo, registered in daylight. 1876, depicted a deer that was native to AfriProfessional Home Inspection ca. Thirty-six years later, in 1912, it was reTHANKS Service placed FOR with the image of a North American white-tailed deer. In the decades that folREADING 218-779-2288 lowed, the now-familiar “outline” logo took www.homesweethomeinspections.net TIDBITS! over as the symbol of the John Deere brand.

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THIS WEEK'S EVENTS (continued): • On December 14, 1972, Eugene Cernan beDEERE. JOHN DEERE. (continued): came the last man to set foot on the moon • while It wasonwhile living in that John nothe Apollo 17 Illinois mission. Cernan was ticed theman problems that facedand when the 11th to walk onfarmers the moon, had attempting to till soil. Because the area had been in space on two previous missions beformerly been woodland, the soil was rich fore the final mission to the moon. with hummus, which clumped and clung to



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Quiz Answers Rita Wilson Sonny & Cher “Love Me Tender” Boopadoop and Bumstead

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Sports Answers 1. Stan Musial (475), 4. Adam Graves, JaAlbert Pujols (445), romir Jagr, Ken Boyer (255), Vic Hadfield Jim Edmonds (241), 5. Germany’s Ray Lankford Miroslav (228), & Mark Klose (17) McGwire (220) 6. Drew Brees 2. Marlins (.470), (4 times) Rockies (.469) 3. Franco Harris & 7. Dan Marino Thurman Thomas Please Recycle this copy of Tidbits. Share it with a Friend.

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