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6. What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numeral CMXC? 7. What causes a hiccup? On average, how many licks does 8. Who was the shortest U.S. it take to finish off one scoop of an president? ice cream cone? 9. What year was the Lincoln What does Hagen-Dazs mean? Memorial dedicated—1922, Citizens of what country consume 1932, 1942 or 1952? the most ice cream per capita? 10. What brand of detergent advertised its effectiveness against What animated movie was pro“ring around the collar”? moted as “the greatest fairy tale never told?” TRIVIA What is the capital of Ohio?




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• Robert Green was selling soda drinks made of cream, syrup, and carbonated water at a festival in 1874 in Philadelphia. When he ran out of cream, he substituted ice cream instead. Green averaged $6 a day with his original drink, but brought in $600 a day selling the world’s first ice cream sodas. • In 1890 many preachers considered drinking soda pop on Sundays to be sinful. Evanston, Illinois has the distinction of being the first town to pass a law against the “Sunday Soda Menace” which outlawed drinking soda on Sundays. According to the story, the local drug store, now unable to sell any of their popular ice cream sodas on Sunday, invented a new soda-free dish: ice cream, covered in syrup, and topped with a cherry. Because this new dish was available only on soda-less Sundays, they called it the ice cream sundae. • The ice cream cone is thought to have originated at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Ernest Hamwi was a concessionaire selling a wafer-like pastry baked on a waffle iron, which sold poorly because of the heat. Next to his stand was an ice cream vendor selling scoops in small cardboard cups. When he ran out of containers, Hamwi came to the rescue by rolling his wafers into a cornucopia and putting a scoop of ice cream in its mouth. • Some ice cream novelties that never made it were ice cream in an aerosol can and the cone with a side-pocket for an extra scoop built in. The ice cream telegram flopped. It was a replica of a Western Union telegram, delivered to the home. IT'S A FACT • It was over ice cream in Robinson’s Drugstore in Dayton, Tennessee on May 5, 1923, that a young teacher named John Scopes was persuaded to test the state’s ban on teaching ‘theories that deny the divine creation of man,’ the famed Scopes Monkey Trial.

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Tidbits Grand Forks May 29 Issue  

"Ice Cream," "John McLaughlin" and "A New Soda Pop"

Tidbits Grand Forks May 29 Issue  

"Ice Cream," "John McLaughlin" and "A New Soda Pop"