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The Most Maneuverable Vacuum In the World

Issue # 870







by Janet Spencer

In 1846, Nancy Johnson invented the first handcranked ice cream freezer. On May 30, 1848, William Young of Baltimore registered her invention with the Patent Office, naming it the Johnson Patent Ice-Cream Freezer. Come along with Tidbits as we enjoy a few scoops! JUST DESSERTS • In 1851, Baltimore milk dealer Jacob Fussell sat down to figure out what he could do with all his surplus cream. Ice cream was his solution, and soon he was making more money dealing in ice cream than in milk. By 1856 he had become the nation’s first ice cream wholesaler. • Because he owned dairy herds, whereas other ice cream manufacturers had to buy their supply of cream, Fussell was able to undercut their prices, selling it for 25 cents a quart while competitors were selling it for 60 cents a quart. Even poor people could afford Fussell’s ice cream. When the local confectioner’s association insisted that he raise his price to an outrageous $1.25 per quart, he refused – and was nearly lynched by rival ice cream makers as a result. • He moved his factory to Boston. Soon his factories were popping up across the country, and he was later bought out by Borden. More than anyone else, Fussell brought ice cream to the masses. Turn the page for more!

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Quiz Bits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numeral CMXC? 7. What causes a hiccup? On average, how many licks does 8. Who was the shortest U.S. it take to finish off one scoop of an president? ice cream cone? 9. What year was the Lincoln What does Hagen-Dazs mean? Memorial dedicated—1922, Citizens of what country consume 1932, 1942 or 1952? the most ice cream per capita? 10. What brand of detergent advertised its effectiveness against What animated movie was pro“ring around the collar”? moted as “the greatest fairy tale never told?” TRIVIA What is the capital of Ohio?




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• Robert Green was selling soda drinks made of cream, syrup, and carbonated water at a festival in 1874 in Philadelphia. When he ran out of cream, he substituted ice cream instead. Green averaged $6 a day with his original drink, but brought in $600 a day selling the world’s first ice cream sodas. • In 1890 many preachers considered drinking soda pop on Sundays to be sinful. Evanston, Illinois has the distinction of being the first town to pass a law against the “Sunday Soda Menace” which outlawed drinking soda on Sundays. According to the story, the local drug store, now unable to sell any of their popular ice cream sodas on Sunday, invented a new soda-free dish: ice cream, covered in syrup, and topped with a cherry. Because this new dish was available only on soda-less Sundays, they called it the ice cream sundae. • The ice cream cone is thought to have originated at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Ernest Hamwi was a concessionaire selling a wafer-like pastry baked on a waffle iron, which sold poorly because of the heat. Next to his stand was an ice cream vendor selling scoops in small cardboard cups. When he ran out of containers, Hamwi came to the rescue by rolling his wafers into a cornucopia and putting a scoop of ice cream in its mouth. • Some ice cream novelties that never made it were ice cream in an aerosol can and the cone with a side-pocket for an extra scoop built in. The ice cream telegram flopped. It was a replica of a Western Union telegram, delivered to the home. IT'S A FACT • It was over ice cream in Robinson’s Drugstore in Dayton, Tennessee on May 5, 1923, that a young teacher named John Scopes was persuaded to test the state’s ban on teaching ‘theories that deny the divine creation of man,’ the famed Scopes Monkey Trial.

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SPORTS QUIZ 1. Who is the only full-time designated hitter to win an American League batting title? Hint: 1995 2. Since 1970, five NFL coaches have reached the conference championship game in each of their first two seasons. Who is the only one of them to do it for three seasons? 3. What opposing team has the Dallas Cowboys beaten more times than any other?

4. Who holds the NHL record for most saves in a regulation-time shutout? (hint: it just happened in 2014) 5. When was the last time before 2014 that the U.S. failed to medal in Olympic speedskating—1972, 1980, 1984 or 1998? 6. Name the only PGA golfer to be a wire-to-wire winner of the Arnold Palmer Invitational—Fred Couples, Tiger Woods, Tom Kite or Payne Stewart?


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COLD WAR • During the Korean War, General Lewis Puller announced that it was ridiculous to pamper marines with ice cream and demanded that the Armed Forces serve troops beer and whiskey instead. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union howled, enlisted men howled, and the Pentagon announced that ice cream would be served in mess lines three times a week. • During World War II, escort destroyers were rewarded with 20 gallons of ice cream for every pilot they pulled out of the water. • When the aircraft carrier Lexington was damaged and the order was given to abandon ship, someone mentioned that the ship was carrying a lot of ice cream. Sailors ate their fill before leaping into the sea.

• British airmen would put ice cream mixtures in cans in the rear compartments, where the plane’s vibration combined with the freezing temperatures at high altitudes would yield especially delicious ice cream. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH • In 1934 the movie Kid Millions starring Eddie Cantor was released. Moviegoers were treated to a color talking picture featuring an ice cream fantasy as a finale. The scene occurred in an ice cream factory where chorus girls carried chocolate and strawberries to a huge freezer while other scantily clad girls skated across the freezer and coasted around on large slabs of Neapolitan. Cantor meanwhile was treating hundreds of ragged children to an ice cream banquet, and a reformed gangster shot cherries into each kid’s dish from a machine gun. ICE CREAM RIOT • In 1952 on the Yale campus, the police ordered a portable ice cream cart off the campus. The result was a riot involving 1,500 students that was quelled with hoses and clubs. The owner of the pushcart was ultimately allowed to return to the campus, and a victory rally was held in his honor.

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IRV & BURT (continued): • Irv’s father owned an ice cream store in Tacoma, Washington, and Irv often helped out. After World War II, he decided to open his own ice cream shop in Glendale, California. Meanwhile, Irv’s sister married a man named Burt, who was in the men’s clothing business. Irv convinced his brother-in-law that selling ice cream was a lot more fun than selling suits. So Burt opened an ice cream parlor in Pasadena. • Together they worked to invent new flavors, until they had one flavor for every day of the month. By 1948 Irv owned five ice cream shops and Burt owned three. By this time they realized they were paying less and less attention to each individual store, so they decided to combine their efforts and sell the shops to the store managers in a franchising operation. What should they name their franchise? • They decided to use their last names, so Irv and Burt flipped a coin to see whose name would be first. By 1949 they had 43 stores; there were more than 100 running by 1960; and in 1967 when they sold out to United Fruit Company for $12 million, they had around 500. Burt died six months later, but Irv remained involved in the company until he retired in 1978. By the time Irv died in 2008, what started with a single ice cream parlor in California was now the world’s largest chain of ice cream stores with 5,500 outlets worldwide. What were Burt and Irv’s last names? Answer at the bottom of the page. FAVORITE FLAVORS • Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are the three favorite flavors, in order. Vanilla accounts for 51% of all ice cream sold, chocolate 13.5%, and strawberry 6%. Among sherbets, orange captures 40% of the market. Together there are over 1,000 flavors of ice cream. Answer: Burt Baskin & Irv Robbins www.tidbitsgf.com

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• John McLaughlin was born 1865 in Ontario and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1885 with degrees in Pharmacy and Chemistry. When he married a red-headed New York woman named Maud, he used her dowry to open a carbonated water plant in Toronto, selling his product to local drugstores. Soda jerks mixed the carbonated water with fruit juices and flavorings to create sodas that they sold on the spot. • McLaughlin began tinkering with his own soda drink recipes and created McLaughlin Belfast Style Ginger Ale. The problem was that the only place you could drink his product was at a drug store soda fountain. He realized that what he needed was a way that customers could take his product home with them, or carry it with them on outings. Soon he developed a method of mass bottling his product. Now people could drink sodas at ball parks and beaches, and one of his main marketing methods was to hand out free sample bottles to people who gathered at such places.

• At Maud’s suggestion, McLaughlin refined his ginger ale recipe by lightening the dark color and improving the sharp taste of his first ginger ale. He named the new product Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale, and Maud suggested the slogan, “The Champagne of Ginger Ales.” He patented the recipe in 1905. • When referring to a drink, the word “dry” means “not sweet” (as in dry wine). In the early 20th century, most ginger ales were dark, syrupy, and sweet, and Canada Dry broke that mold. • With the business growing, he decided to import his product to the United States. As early as 1907, Canada Dry was being shipped to U. S. grocery wholesalers in Buffalo, Brooklyn, and Detroit.

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Keep the Skeeters Down in Your Neighborhood Finally….. it appears that the winter of 2013-2014 has come to an end. The snow has melted, the skies have opened, and now what used to be snow and ice, is melted and alive with little wrigglers, also known as mosquito larvae. The recent rains and increasing temperatures have the mosquito habitat producing those pesky skeeters again. It generally takes 10-14 days for mosquitoes to go from egg to adult. However, this time line can occur faster as conditions become warmer. The Grand Forks Health Department maintains a comprehensive larvicide program. Crews have identified and mapped more than 1,000 sites around our community. These sites are inspected and treated with public health pesticides on a regular schedule. But we still need help from homeowners to identify and eliminate breeding sites on private property. We do not have the resources to inspect all private property in the city. You can help by inspecting your property and getting rid of any standing water. If you have a large site that cannot be drained or a swimming pool that is not being used or may not be used until later this summer, contact the Health Dept. at 701-787-8110 and we’ll inspect and treat the water with a product designed to prevent mosquitoes from hatch. This service is free for citizens with property located within the City of Grand Forks.

Common Mosquito Breeding Habitat: • Drainage Ditches • Old Tires • Swimming Pools not being used • Wading pools • Boats or a saggy tarp on a boat • Leaky garden hose or outside faucet • Plugged rain gutters

• Rain water collecting barrels • Cans, bottles, plastic jugs, jars • Any open container that has water – i.e. recycle bins, garbage cans and lids, wheel barrow, flower pots, even something as small as a pop bottle cap.

• Any standing water is a potential breeding site for mosquitoes. • Thank you for helping us reduce mosquitoes in our community!

For information about mosquito control visit our website at www.gfmsoquito.com or call the Information Line at 701-787-8144

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JOHN McLAUGHLIN (continued): • In 1914, John McLaughlin died at the age of 48. His brothers took over the corporation in spite of the fact that John had wanted his eldest son to take over. John’s brothers also cut Maud out of the company, leaving her penniless and dependent upon the charity of her in-laws. Had she been able to retain the 25,000 shares in the company she was entitled to, she would have become one of Canada’s richest citizens. • In 1922, the two brothers opened a manufacturing plant in New York which turned out 25,000 bottles of ginger ale per day. However, by 1923, demand far exceeded supply. The McLaughlin brothers needed to either expand or sell out. They elected to sell out. Ontario-born Parry Saylor and his partner James Mathes bought the company for $1 million U.S. dollars. • Because the U.S. had recently increased import tariffs on ginger ale by 50%, Saylor and Mathes saved a lot of money by moving the company to the U.S. Because they were spending a fortune on railroad freight fees, they instigated licensing agreements so others could manufacture the product locally. They opened factories in Chicago and L.A. But they really hit pay dirt when Prohibition was enacted: Canada Dry was the perfect mixer for harsh homemade hooch. • Profits for Canada Dry in 1923 were $98,000 and for 1925 they were $1,240,000, enough to pay for the million dollar purchase price. Within three years, it was the bestselling ginger ale in the world. By 1930, the corporation was worth $30 million. Prohibition Officers were so impressed by its sudden popularity that they analyzed it for alcoholic content. • Today Canada Dry retains a firm hold in a niche market. In 2008 it was acquired by the Texasbased Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

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• In the 1890s Caleb Bradham opened a drugstore and soda fountain in North Carolina. He wanted to invent a drink that would soothe an upset stomach without using narcotics. Using kola nut, vanilla, and extracts, he whipped up a new concoction. He named it after a stomach enzyme that aids digestion, because he believed his drink would aid digestion just as the enzyme does. • The company expanded rapidly, but a major ingredient was sugar, and when sugar prices fluctuated during World War I, Bradham declared bankruptcy. Another entrepreneur bought the drink company from the bank, but declared bankruptcy during the Depression.

• Even the world's best high jumper is unable to stay in the air for more than a single second.

• Before he became a comedian and actor, Bob Ne• The name of the state of whart worked as an acWyoming comes from the countant at the Illinois State Office. Algonquian word chwe- Unemployment wamink, which translates • Those who keep track of as "at the big river flat." such things say that Elvis Pre• If you pay attention to poli- sley had 18 TVs at Graceland. tics at all, you've almost cer- One of them was installed tainly heard the term "ger- in the ceiling over his bed. rymander" used to describe the practice of carving up electoral districts in such a way that one party has an advantage. You probably don't know, though, how that term entered the lexicon. In 1812, a




Thought for the Day: "It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." -- Carl Sagan © 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

Answer: Pepsi, and pepsin.


• You might be surprised to learn that some fish can hibernate. During the long, dark winters, the Antarctic cod will burrow under the seabed and stay there for days at a time, cutting its metabolism by two-thirds.

• Then he began selling the drink in a 12 ounce bottle for a nickel, whereas Coka-Cola came in a 6-ounce bottle for a nickel. Customers flocked to his product. Today the firm does $39 billion in business annually and has 185,000 employees. What’s the name of the drink? (Bonus points for naming the enzyme it was named after.......Answer at the bottom of page) IT'S A FACT • During Prohibition, the Women’s Christian Temperance union attacked soft drinks as being potentially addictive. This inspired an editor of a Kansas newspaper to write a satire in which he worried about “men returning home sodden with Coca-Cola” and men “caught in the grip of the Coca-Cola habit.”


• If you're like the average American, you will consume 22 pounds of lettuce this year.

new district in Essex County, Massachusetts, was created, and a journalist thought the twisting boundaries caused the district to resemble a salamander. A cartoon highlighting the resemblance was created, and because the party that did the redistricting was led by Gov. Elbridge Gerry, the practice was dubbed "gerrymandering."


• It was beloved "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz who made the following sage observation: "Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use."


by Samantha Weaver

• In 1931 Charles Guth bought the company for $10,500 out of sheer spite. He owned a chain of over 100 candy stores with soda fountains and was angry that Coca-Cola wouldn’t give him a price break on the enormous volumes of soda he sold. He wanted to give them some competition, but he too ran into financial problems and even offered to sell out to Coca-Cola, a deal they refused.

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ANOTHER NEW SODA POP • Charles Grigg went to work for an advertisDEERE. DEERE. (continued): ing agency JOHN in St. Louis where one of his cli• ents It was while living in Illinois thatHe John nowas a soft drink company. became ticed theby problems farmers faced intrigued the softthat drink business andwhen went attempting to till soil. Because the area to work for the manufacturer, tinkering had with formerly been woodland, the soil was rich recipes and inventing a successful new soft with hummus, which clumped and clung to drink called Whistle (as in ‘wet your’). After the blades of the plows farmers were accusa tomed falling-out with his boss, he went to work to using. While repairing a broken cirfor a different softstumbled drink maker invented cular saw, Deere upon and an idea. He anemployed orange-flavored soft drink called Howdy. his smith skills to fashion the steel Howdy was the popular blade into shapebut of ita could plow. not He compete affixed with which the market sewn twoOrange woodenCrush spokes, thenhad hitched the device uptotight. a horse. It plowed the heavy Illinois soil like a charm. In fact, a farmer • Eventually Charles started his who ownhappened firm, and to be observing the test run immediately put in 1929 came out with a lemon-lime flavored in an order for his own John Deere plow. soda called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime • Soda. In short order, Deere blacksmith ‘Bib-Label’ wasgave for up thehisbottle’s label shop and focused on making plows. The which was hung around the neck of the bottle company steadily and added emlike a bib, grew and ‘lithiated’ was for many the lithium ployees. In the late 1840s, John relocated citrate (a mood enhancing substance) thatthe the entire operation to Moline, Illinois. Ashamed drink contained in trace amounts. of his own lack of education, John sent his • Charles luckfinest to release hisOne product childrenhad to the the bad state’s schools. of mere weeks before the stock market crash of his proudest days occurred when son Charles earnedDuring the equivalent of an MBA fromthat Bell’s 1929. the Great Depression folCommercial in Chicago. lowed, he hadCollege a lot stacked against him: his difficult name, the it was priced • product With hishad son aCharles managing company, higher than the competition, and he had John found time to pursue philanthropic ain-lot He co-founded ofterests. competition. The oneboth thingthe heFirst couldNationchange al Bank and thesoFirst Congregational Church. was the name, he changed it to something He was elected theBy mayor of Moline in 1873, extremely simple. the 1940s his re-named where one of the his third first best actions – thesoda replacesoft drink was selling in the ment of the city’s open drains with a sewer world. What’s the new name? (Answer at botpipeofsystem tom page) – saved countless lives by reducing the spread of disease. IT'S A FACT • The original John Deere logo, registered in • A failed cola company in Ohio named their 1876, depicted a deer that was native to Afrinew pop Norka, advertising, “Remember— ca. Thirty-six years later, in 1912, it was reNorka backwards placedspelled with the image ofisaAkron.” North American



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Quiz Answers

7. Involuntary 1. 50 licks 2. Nothing. It’s contraction of the diaphragm completely 8. James Madison made up. 3. Australians at 5 ft. 4 in. 9. 1922 4. “Shrek” 10. Wisk 5. Columbus 6. 990

white-tailed Answer: 7-Up.deer. In the decades that fol-


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Sports Answers 1. Seattle’s Edgar 4. Ben Scrivens had 59 saves Martinez hit for the Oilers. .356 in 1995 2. 49ers’ Jim Har- 5. 1984 baugh (2011-13) 6. Fred Couples, in 1992 3. Redskins (64-40-2)


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