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by Janet Spencer

On May 14, 1853, a patent application for commercially condensed milk was received, having been sent by a pioneer in milk technology, a man whose first name was Gail. Come along with Tidbits as we drink milk!

CONDENSING MILK • When a man named Gail was traveling by ship from England to America in the 1850s, cows were on board to provide milk for babies. The ship rocked so much that the cows could not produce milk, and several infants died. Gail knew there must be a way to preserve milk so it could be used on long voyages. • He knew that the religious sect known as Shakers used vacuum pans to preserve fruits, so he moved to a Shaker community in New York to use their equipment. Adapting their methods, he perfected a way of preserving milk in a can, calling it condensed milk. • He had a hard time marketing it because it was more expensive than fresh milk, and housewives thought real milk was better than canned milk. It didn’t catch on until the Civil War made it essential to get unspoiled food to soldiers. After the war, thousands of soldiers went home and introduced their wives to condensed milk. Gail’s company thrived and is still going strong today. The company is named after Gail’s last name. What was his last name? Answer on next page.

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ack says... “May is Rieker Month”


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Quiz Bits

4. What famous 1960s movie featured the character Benjamin Braddock? 5. Which nation established the first permanent European settlement in North America? 6. What is the name of Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend on TV’s “The Big Bang Theory”? 7. Who released the album titled “The Divine Miss M” in 1972?


1. This type of cheese was first manufactured in monastaries and its name comes from the Latin word for monastary. 2. This kind of cheese was first manufactured by Mr. Jacks in a California town? 3. Foot odor is caused by the same bacteria found in this particularly stinky kind of cheese. Name it.



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CONDENSED MILK (continued): • Gail’s last name was Borden. Incidentally, Gail Borden was distantly related to Lizzie Borden of axe fame who supposedly murdered her parents. FACT • 8 ounces of condensed milk has 982 calories; evaporated milk has 338; whole milk has 150; 2% has 121; 1% has 102; cultured buttermilk has 99; and skim milk has 86. MILK SAFETY • Germs responsible for transmitting tuberculosis, typhoid fever, cholera, and scarlet fever live in cow manure. When the cow kicks up the manure, the germs land on the teats. If they are not washed before milking, the germs go in the milk. In the 1890s scientists finally had the evidence they needed to prove that outbreaks of these diseases came from contaminated milk. • Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization just at that time. In pasteurization, milk is heated briefly to kill organisms without damaging or changing the milk. In 1891 in New Jersey the first milk plant to install a pasteurizer was exhibited as a modern marvel. Dairymen opposed the new technology for many reasons. They claimed it was unhealthy to alter milk this way; that the extra expense involved would send the price of milk prohibitively high; and that unscrupulous dairymen would rely so much on the pasteurizer to clean their milk that they would let their cattle and barns become filthy. Children, they claimed, were better off drinking live bacteria in real milk than dead bacteria in altered milk. • Teddy Roosevelt ordered the Public Health Service to do a study. They concluded that pasteurization did not alter milk in any way except to kill all deadly germs. The following year, Chicago became the first city to require all milk sold to be pasteurized.


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SPORTS QUIZ 1. In 2013, Detroit’s Max Scherzer became the fifth majorleague pitcher to win 18 of his first 19 decisions in a season. Who did it last? 2. Which quarterback has started the most NFL playoff games? 3. What is the record for most goals scored by one team in an NHL outdoor game? 4. Who has the most career steals in NBA playoffs history?

5. Name the only three drivers to win the Indy 500 more than three times. 6. Entering 2014, what was the only Grand Slam event in which tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have not faced one another? 7. Six players have hit at least 200 home runs for the Dodgers. Name four of them. 8. Michael Jordan holds the highest points/game playoff scoring average in NBA history (33.4). Who is second?

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MILK SAFETY (continued): • Opponents of pasteurization went to court, arguing that requiring pasteurization interfered with free trade. Chicago courts repealed the ordinance. In 1911, the American Medical Association came out in favor of pasteurization, and New York City ordered all milk pasteurized. Milk producers, arguing hardship, managed to get enough loopholes in the law that it was essentially still legal to sell raw milk. But in 1913 when an epidemic of typhoid hit New York due to unsanitary milk, the loopholes were closed. Eventually all cities followed suit. Infant mortality dropped drastically. Today the milk we drink rarely sees either light or air between the time it leaves the cow and the time it enters your glass. QUICK BITS • In the 1930s each milk bottle had an average life span of 35 round trips between dairy and home. • Before World War II, about 80% of milk was delivered directly to the door. Gas rationing hastened the end of that practice and people started buying their milk at the store. • Homogenized milk is milk that has been treated to prevent the cream from rising to the top. The milk has been forced through a fine mesh which breaks up the globules of fat which remain suspended in the milk instead of rising. It has nothing to do with purity. • Unfortified milk has only tiny traces of vitamin D. Vitamin D is found naturally in egg yolk and fish liver oil, but nowhere else. • Iron is added to many foods, but it is not added to milk because iron-fortified milk turns coffee green.

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• Sheep milk was popular in medieval England, and a sheep dairy was called a ‘wich.’ The name survives in many village names such as Greenwich, Norwich, and Sandwich.

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by Linda Thistle


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Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

LACKING LACTASE • Milk contains lactose sugar. In order to digest it, people have to produce an enzyme called lactase in their digestive tract. Babies produce this necessary enzyme naturally until they are about six. After that, their bodies continue to produce lactase only if they continue to eat milk products regularly.


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Why is Swiss cheese holey? Bacteria added to the cheese gives off gas as waste products. The gas collects in pockets, causing the holes in the cheese.

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• If a person goes for a long period without eating milk products, they lose the ability to digest milk and will suffer from stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea if they try to drink milk again. In many parts of the world where cattle were never domesticated, entire races of people lost the ability to digest milk and many cultures still believe that milk products are unclean and unhealthy. Today lactase is available in tablet form for people who suffer a deficiency of it but still enjoy eating milk products. COLIC CONNECTION • 20% of infants suffer from a little understood disorder called colic. This causes sustained uncontrollable fits of crying in the baby. A recent study has turned up evidence that colic may be caused by intolerance to certain antibodies produced in the cow and passed to the baby through the milk. But some babies suffer from colic even when they are fed exclusively human milk. Researchers theorized that these cow antibodies are passed to the baby through mother’s milk. They asked mothers to stop eating milk products themselves, and in half of the cases, the colic cleared up in the child as a result. SOUR MILK • In the 1932 film The Sign of the Cross Claudette Colbert plays a spoiled empress who luxuriates in a marble bathtub full of milk. Some 400 gallons of real milk were used. The scene took a week to film, during which time the milk became steadily more rancid. “Excuse me,” said Colbert, “But my bath is turning to cheese!”

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• James Kraft was born on a dairy farm near Stevensville, Ontario, Canada in 1874, the second of eleven children. He went to work in a local grocery store at the age of 18, and later moved to Buffalo, New York, where he invested in a cheese factory. The company sent him to Chicago to manage a branch of the firm. While he was there, he was ousted from the company. With only $65 to his name, James Kraft needed to do something to survive, but cheese was the only business he knew.


• At the time, selling cheese was a dicey business. Because there was no refrigeration, cheese melted in the summer heat and rotted quickly. Many merchants refused to carry cheese because the quality was iffy and the shelf life was short. In 1903, Kraft invested his $65 in a horse and wagon, and began buying cheese early in the morning and selling it to merchants before the heat of the day could spoil it. Profits were plowed back into his own dairy herd, and he spent his spare time experimenting with cheese, certain that there must be a way to pasteurize cheese the same way milk was pasteurized.

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• The problem was that heating cheese caused it to separate into oils and solids, rendering it unpalatable. However, Kraft eventually discovered that if he shredded the cheese first, and stirred it quickly while heating it, the growth of mold and bacteria would stop, and the resulting product was tasty and shelf-stable. It did not require refrigeration and could be shipped long distances. • Competing cheese producers insisted that Kraft label his product as ‘embalmed cheese’ because the aging process had been stopped. Federal regulations later ruled that his product be labeled as ‘processed cheese.’

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MOMENTS IN TIME • On May 22, 1843, a massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri. Known as the "Great Emigration," the expedition finally arrived in October, completing the 2,000-mile journey in five months. • On May 25, 1878, Gilbert and Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore" premieres at the Opera-Comique in London, beginning a near-record run of 571 performances. The story of Pinafore concerns a First Lord of the Admiralty who is thwarted in his attempt to woo and marry the beautiful young daughter of a British Navy ship's captain. • On May 21, 1901, Connecticut becomes the first state to pass a law regulating motor vehicles, limiting their speed to 12 mph in cities and 15 mph on country roads. The proposed legislation had requested a speed limit of 8 mph within city limits. • On May 23, 1911, the New York Public Library, the largest marble structure ever constructed in the United States, is dedicated in New York City. The day after its

The History Channel

dedication, some 40,000 citizens passed through to make use of a collection that already consisted of more than a million books. • On May 19, 1935, T.E. Lawrence, a former British Army officer known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia, dies as a retired Royal Air Force mechanic living under an assumed name. The legendary war hero, author and archaeological scholar succumbed to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident six days earlier. • On May 20, 1969, Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), in a Senate speech, condemns the battle for Ap Bia Mountain in Vietnam, which had become known as "Hamburger Hill." During the intense fighting, 597 North Vietnamese were reported killed and U.S. casualties were 56 killed and 420 wounded. • May 24, 1989, "Sex, lies and videotape," the debut feature from the 26-year-old writer-director Steven Soderbergh, wins the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The $1.2 million film was aggressively marketed by its distributor, Miramax Films, and went on to gross some $26 million. © 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

JAMES CRAFT (continued): • The new venture was successful and by 1909, several of his brothers had joined the company. By 1911, when James became an American citizen, the new company was advertising on billboards and reaching out to retail grocers with direct mailing campaigns. • The company opened its first cheese factory in Illinois in 1914, distributing 30 kinds of cheese. In 1915, Kraft sold $5000 worth of cheese. By 1916, sales had risen to $150,000. During World War I, Kraft supplied American forces with 6 million pounds of cheese, and soldiers were introduced to his product. By 1926, the Kraft Canadian organization was making 25 million five-pound boxes per year in British Columbia. • Meantime, the company kept introducing new products: Velveeta in 1928, Miracle Whip in 1933, macaroni and cheese in 1937, Parkay margarine in 1940, sliced processed cheese in 1950, and Cheez Whiz in 1952. In 1933, Kraft started packaging cheese spreads in a container that could be used as a drinking glass when emptied. Hand-painted and nicely designed, the glasses were called Swankyswigs. In the first year following their introduction, sales rose 601% and 94.3% of women who purchased the spreads reported that they were saving the glasses. Today Swankyswigs are collectible items. • “After we are gone,” he wrote, “There will be Kraft salesmen trekking the veldt of Africa, braving the snows of Siberia and battling the superstitions of Mongolia -- all earnestly striving to increase sales, which by that time will be far in excess of a hundred million.” He wasn’t far from the truth, as Kraft is now the second largest food conglomerate on the planet, after Nestles. • James Kraft died in 1953, by which time Canada had become the world’s biggest consumer of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

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by Linda Thistle

Draw a star in exactly 10 of the empty squares in the diagram below so that each numbered square accurately indicates how many immediately adjacent squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) contain a star.




H Easy HH Moderate HHH Yowza

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• When cream is placed in a crock and jiggled a lot, the result is butter. But one day in ancient times some person placed milk or cream in a sack made from the intestines or stomach of an animal. After being agitated, perhaps during a day’s ride, the result was not butter, but a primitive form of cheese. That was the first discovery that the enzymes and acids in the lining of an animal’s stomach will cause milk to coagulate. • Known as rennet, these chemicals are essential in the manufacture of cheese. Rennet contains many enzymes which coagulate the milk, causing it to separate into solids (curds) and liquid (whey). This helps young mammals digest and assimilate their mother’s milk.

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• The average American eats about 26 lbs. of cheese each year. CHEESE FACTS & ANECDOTES • A mouse will not eat cheese if other food is available. Mice have been known to eat glue, leather, plastic, paste, soap, bugs, leaves, roots, stems, and seeds— but they just don’t go for cheese. • Canadian cheese makers wanted to have a very unique display at Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition in 1983. They created a cheese centerpiece that weighed 22,000 pounds. The train that was hauling it to Chicago broke down under the strain several times on the way. When it was maneuvered into place at the Expo, it promptly crashed through the floor of the building.




• On a chemical level, there's not too much difference between blood and seawater. • If you've ever looked closely at a zipper, you may have noticed the letters YKK on the tab. The letters stand for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, which is Japanese for "Yoshida Manufacturing Shareholding Company," which produces most of the zippers found in the U.S. • An octopus has three hearts. • A recent study by scientist Karl Berg suggests that an adult green-rumped parrotlet, a tiny bird native to Venezuela, will "name" its babies, assigning each a particular series of peeps to identify it. Not only that, other parrotlets then learn to associate that exact series of peeps with that particular bird, and actually use the sounds to get its attention. * * * Thought for the Day: "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence." -Xenocrates


• It was noted British lexicographer Samuel Johnson who made the following sage observation: "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." • If an American black bear is pregnant when it goes into hibernation, she could give birth without ever awakening. While she is still in her torpor, her body will draw on reserves of fat to produce milk to nurse her young. However, if something that could be dangerous to her young comes within 50 feet of the den, the mother bear's heart rate will spike and she will wake to defend the cubs. • If you're holding your nose, you can't hum. Try it. • If you happen to be fortunate enough to spot numerous bears together in the wild (or unfortunate enough, depending on the circumstances), thanks to this column you'll be able to call the group by its correct collective noun: It's a sloth or sleuth of bears.


by Samantha Weaver

• Cheese is little more than artificially coagulated milk, with different types of bacteria and/or molds added. There are 18 different categories of cheese and well over 1,000 different varieties.

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DIFFERENCES: 1. Picture is missing. 2. Glove is different. 3. Rug is different. 4. Shirt is slimmer. 5. Phone cord is shorter. 6. Drawer pull is missing. © 2014 King Features Synd., All rights reserved.

CHEESE FACTS & ANECDOTES • President Andrew Jackson had just a few days DEERE. (continued): left in officeJOHN whenDEERE. a dairy presented him with • 1,400 It was while living in Illinois that John nolbs of cheese. What to do with it? Jackson ticed the problems thatin farmers faced when decided to hold a party the White House and attempting to till soil. Because the area had invite the public at large to attend. On February formerly woodland, soilofwas rich 22, 1837, hebeen threw open the the doors the White with hummus, which surged clumpedin.and to House and the public By clung nightfall, the blades of the plows farmers were accusthe only thing left of the cheese were stains left tomedbits to using. While repairing broken where of it had been groundainto the cirrugs, cular saw, Deere stumbled upon an idea. He furniture, and walls. When Martin van Buren employed his smith skills to fashion the steel moved into the White House ten days later, the blade into the shape of a plow. He affixed place smelled likethen cheese. two still wooden spokes, hitched the device

to a horse. It Jefferson plowed thewas heavy Illinois soil • When Thomas in office, cheeselike a charm. In fact, aMA, farmer who happened makers of Berkshire, decided to present to president be observing test runofimmediately put the withthe a cheese colossal proporin an order for his own John Deere plow. tions. They had 900 dairy cows among them, they order, turnedDeere a single • and In short gaveday’s up hisproduction blacksmithof milk lb. on cheese whichplows. was moved shopinto anda 1,200 focused making The bycompany sled, boat, and wagonand to added the White grew steadily manyHouse. employees. In the late 1840s, relocated the60 By the time it reached the John president, some entire to Moline, Illinois. Ashamed lbs. had operation to be removed because of deterioration, of the his president own lack was of education, Johnhe sent his a but so impressed made children to the state’s finest schools. One $200 donation to the church of Berkshire. of his proudest days occurred when son Charles

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• Asearned a practical joke, the Duchess of Marlborthe equivalent of an MBA from Bell’s ough once mixed slices of soap in with the Commercial College in Chicago. slices of cheese and watched her guests actu• With his son Charles managing the company, ally eat the soap rather than appear to have bad John found time to pursue philanthropic inmanners. terests. He co-founded both the First Nation-

• Inalthe mid-1800s, naval vessels of Brazil and Bank and the First Congregational Church. Uruguay were engaged battle when the He was elected the mayorin of Moline in 1873, where one ship of his the their replaceUruguayan ranfirst outactions of shot– for canmentThe of the city’sordered open drains withtoa load sewer nons. captain his men the pipe system – saved countless lives by reduccannons with Dutch cheeses which were too ingand the hard spreadtoofeat. disease. old The first two cheese canmissed their mark, butregistered the third in one • nonballs The original John Deere logo, crashed into the mainmast Brazil’s Two 1876, depicted a deer thatof was nativeship. to Africa. Thirty-six yearskilled later, in was resailors nearby were by1912, cheeseit shrapnel. placed with the image of a ripped North American After several more cheeses their sails, white-tailed deer.fled. In the decades that folthe Brazilian ship


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Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not

available in all states or in all GEICO companies. See geico.com for discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. lowed, the now-familiar “outline” logo took Some more details. GEICO and Affiliates. Washington DC 20076. GEICO See geico.com for more details. GEICO and Affiliates. Washington DC 20076. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2013. Gecko image © 1999-2013. © 2013 GEICO.© 2013 GEICO. Thanks for Reading over as the symbol of the John Tidbits! Deere brand.

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Sports Answers

1. Roger Clem- 6. U.S. Open 7. Duke Snider ens (2001). (389), Gil 2. Tom Brady Hodges (361), (26) Eric Karros 3. Rangers—7 (270), Roy goals against Campanella Devils in 2014 (242), Ron Cey 4. Scottie Pippen (228), Steve with 395 steals Garvey (211) 5. A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr. and 8. Allen Iverson with 29.7 PPG Rick Mears


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