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January 23, 2014

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On January 24, 1935, the first beer in cans was placed on sale in Richmond, Virginia. In honor of that event, come along with Tidbits as we take a look at beer!

A CRUCIAL INVENTION • Ermal Cleon Fraze, born in 1913, grew up to found a tool and die company in the mid 1940s called Reliable Tool and Manufacturing Company. He invented a wide variety of products for clients including General Electric, Ford, and even NASA. But his most famous invention came as a result of a picnic in 1959. • Ermal had brought plenty of beer to the picnic, but he had forgotten the can opener, which, at that time, was the only way to crack open a cold one. He was forced to resort to opening the cans using the bumper of his car. “There oughta be a better way,” he thought to himself. • Several months later, he couldn’t sleep, so he got up to spend a few hours puttering in his workshop. The result of his tinkering was the first pop-top pull-tab can. He received a patent for it in 1963, selling the invention to Alcoa. The first customer to use the new pull-tab can was the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, makers of Iron City Beer. By 1975, 75% of U.S. Turn the page breweries were using them. for more! Publish a We provide the opportunity for success!

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Quiz Bits

5. How many times will a typical beer bottle, in Japan, be recycled? 6. What are the four main ingredients in beer? 7. What U.S. state has had more breweries in its history than any other state? 8. What is the oldest brewerey in North America? 9. What year was Anheuser-Busch started—1852, 1862, 1882 or 1902?


1. What country tops the list of the people who drink the most beer? 2. What age group spends the most money on alcohol? 3. Beer is the fourth-most popular drink in America. Name the three drinks that are more popular than beer. 4. In a six-pack, which costs more to produce: the beer, or the containers?


TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE • Drinking beer makes the drinker urinate a lot— much more than drinking an equal amount of water or juice. The number of trips a beer drinker makes to the bathroom has nothing to do with the amount of liquid consumed. It has to do with something called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) produced by the hypothalamus in the brain. ADH regulates urine production and the amount of water in the bloodstream, maintaining the balance between water and salt in the tissues. Alcohol inhibits the production of ADH, so the kidneys don’t receive the normal signals from the brain. They go on drawing water out of the bloodstream at a constant rate because they are not told to stop. This dehydrates the body. That’s why thirst is a main symptom of a hangover. A good way to diminish a hangover is to drink a couple quarts of water before going to bed. Coffee is not a good thing to drink after getting drunk because caffeine is also an ADH inhibitor, and coffee messes up the signals to the kidneys too. Coffee has never sobered anybody up. Drunkenness is caused by unprocessed alcohol in the blood, and nothing can remove it but time. Alcohol plus coffee equals a wide-awake drunk. SODA FIZZES; BEER FOAMS • Why does soda fizz whereas beer foams? It’s caused by the chemical processes that occur during fermentation. Fizzing and foaming both involve carbon dioxide rising to the surface, but soda pop is not fermented as beer is. Brewer’s yeast feeds upon the sugar in the ‘wort’ which is the sugary substance in malt, which comes from barley. The yeast gives off carbon dioxide as a by-product. During fermentation, that carbon dioxide dissolves into the liquid. When the pressure is released when a can or bottle is opened, the carbon dioxide rises to the surface. The chemical reactions that have occurred between the carbon dioxide and the proteins in the wort make the bubbles last much longer than the bubbles in pop, champagne, or cider.


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SPORTS QUIZ 1. How many times did pitcher Greg Maddux strike out 200 or more batters in a season during his 23-year majorleague career? 2. Before 2012, when was the last decade that Harvard’s men’s basketball team made the NCAA Tournament? 3. Which 2 NFL quarterbacks have made the most career Super Bowl appearances?

4. In 2012, Adrian Peterson became the second Minnesota Vikings running back to have five consecutive 100-yard-rushing games. Who was the first? 5. During the 1980s, three major-leaguers each played for their father, who was the manager. Name the players. 6. Who held the NBA mark for most 3-point field goals made in a season before Golden State’s Stephen Curry (272) broke it in the 2012-13 campaign?

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BEER FACTS • Frothingslosh was a brand of beer made by Iron City Brewing of Pittsburgh exclusively at Christmas time. The advertisements breathlessly exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, it’s Frothingslosh!” It was billed as the “pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom.” How did they get the foam on the bottom? They pasted the label on upsidedown. • A little cobalt is absolutely necessary for good health, but a lot can kill. Brewers in Quebec and Omaha at one time added cobalt salts to their beer because it gave the brew a better head. When beer drinkers began dropping dead, the practice was halted.

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All proceeds go to the efforts to build the Sunshine Hospitality Home, a home in Grand Forks for families and patients of all ages affected by critical illnesses, diseases, and injuries, who must travel to fulfill their healthcare needs. A hospitality home provides individuals with a place to sleep, eat, keep their belongings, relax and find comfort. It will be open to all ages and situations and will welcome families form the Grand Forks area and surrounding region. For more information on how to get involved or make a donation, please contact us at: info@sunshinememorial.org or www.sunshinememorial.org

• When escape artist Houdini attempted to escape from a large can filled with beer, the stunt nearly ended in disaster when he was overcome by the carbon dioxide. The alert stage manager noted the lack of sounds coming from inside the can and released him in the nick of time. • One kind of male Australian beetle always seeks out the largest female to mate with. An Australian beer manufacturer unwittingly made their beer bottles in the shape and color of the female beetle, albeit at a fantastically large size. When it was brought to the company’s attention that thousands of male beetles were trying to mate with discarded beer bottles, they redesigned the bottle. • Linseed oil soaked rags burst into flames spontaneously late one night in a restaurant in Alameda, California. The heat from the fire popped the tops on the bottles of ten cases of beer. The suds doused the flames. • In the course of the 1949 British Open, Harry Bradshaw drove a ball into a beer bottle by accident. The ball broke the bottle’s neck and ended up inside the bottom of the bottle. Rather than risk a penalty, Bradshaw decided to play it where it lay. He smashed the bottle with his club. The bottle traveled about 30 feet.

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WORD ORIGINS • The focal point of Irish social life is the pub. This is a term derived from ‘public house.’ At pubs, beer is served by the pint or the quart, which are abbreviated ‘P’ and ‘Q’ on the patron’s bar tab. If a bar owner was concerned that someone was running up too much of a bill, he might tell the person to ‘mind your Ps and Qs.’ A tab was often called a ‘scot’ and if the owner lost the scot or forgot to write the drink down on the scot, the drinker got off ‘scot-free.’ On Aug. 21, 2013 ...

AND ONE OF THOSE YOUNG MEN, initially in critical condition, still has not returned home. KYLE JOHNSON of Grand Forks Health Department’s Mosquito Control team is in rehabilitation at Courage Center in Golden Valley, Minn., for traumatic brain and brain stem injuries.





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• In the 1830s a temperance society in Michigan was campaigning against the evils of drink. They offered their members two pledges: one was a pledge of moderate drinking, the other was a pledge of total abstinence. On the membership rolls those who had made pledges were identified as either “O.P.” for those who had taken the “Old Pledge” to drink moderately, or “T-Total” for those who embraced total abstinence. This group eventually became known as Teetotalers. • In sailing, a sheet is a line that attaches to the lower corner of a sail. When you pull the sheet in, the sail is tight against the wind and the ship sails quickly. When you let the sheet out, the sail sags and flaps in the wind and the ship comes to a standstill. A ship that has “three sheets to the wind” is floating helplessly in the water, just as a person who has had too many drinks is helpless. DUI FACTS • Drunk drivers kill 25,000 people a year, compared to 20,000 killed by homicide in the U.S. annually. They injure more people than do criminals who commit assault with a deadly weapon, and cause more property damage than all forgers, burglars, and robbers combined. • Nearly half of the 45,000 U.S. highway deaths in a year are alcohol-related.

: i When it gets cold enough, Niagara

Falls can freeze over. i There is a millipede that has 750 legs. i Tabasco can make bee stings hurt less.


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• Susannah Oland and her nine children left England in 1865, heading for Nova Scotia, where her husband John James Oland had gotten a job on the railroad. Susannah brewed beer inIf you didn’t use H&R Block last year, bring in your return for a Second Look® Review. We find a ®different result which can mean more money for our clients. We’ll check for the backyard, as most people did in a day andusually missed deductions to We’ll help make get the maximum refund you’re forand ourcredits, clients. checksure foryou missed deductions and credits, age where drinking water could be dangerousentitled money to. We’ll also certify whether or not your original return is accurate.¶ to help make sure you get the maximum refund you’re entitled to. We’ll due to contamination. But Susannah’s beer also certify whether or not your original return is accurate.1 was excellent, and soon people were urging her to go into business. Based on Second Look Reviews conducted 2009-2011. Fees apply for Second Look® reviews or if you have us prepare a corrected or amended return. will vary. If H&R Block makes an error on your return, we’ll pay resulting penalties and interest. If you are audited, we’ll explain your audit • In 1867 a small brewery went up for sale, and¶Results notice and the documentation you should provide to the auditor. ©2011 HRB Tax Group, Inc. Susannah and John Oland bought it. Although the business was named James Oland & Son, Based on Second Look Reviews conducted 2009-2011. Fees apply for Second Look reviews or if you have us prepare a corrected it was Susannah who managed it. When John or amended return. Results will vary. If H&R Block makes an error on your return, we’ll pay resulting penalties and interest. If you are audited, we’ll explain your audit notice and the documentation you should provide to the auditor. ©2011 HRB Tax Group, Inc. died in a riding accident in 1870, Susannah 2600 Demers Ave 2475 32nd Ave S 107 East 2nd Street NEW LOCATION: East Grand 56721 nMN218-793-0035 Grand Forks,210 ND Gateway Dr NE, Grand Forks, ND Forks , MNCrookston, 56716 was forced to sell of majority interest in the n 218-281-3658 Phone: 701-746-7361 Phone: 701-746-0425 Phone: 107 E 2ND St, Crookston , MN 56716 4 Area Locations: 218-281-3658 brewery. However, seven years later she came into an inheritance after the death of a relative. 210 Gateway Dr. NE 2475 32nd Ave. S. East Grand Forks, MN Grand Forks, ND She used the money to start a new brewery, If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a smaller tax liability, we’ll refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must 218-793-0035 be made during the calendar year in 701-746-0425 renaming it ‘S. Oland, Sons, & Co.’ to hide which the return was prepared. OBTP# B13696 ©2012 HRB Tax Group, Inc. the fact that a woman was in charge. Her sons, 2600 DeMers Ave. 107 E. 2nd St. Conrad and George, helped run it. Eight years Grand Forks, ND Crookston, MN 701-746-7361 218-281-3658 later, the brewery was lost– twice– due to fire. They rebuilt each time. 1

• The local military personnel were her best customers, leading to a name change to the Army and Navy Brewery. When Susannah died in the year 1886, her sons renamed the business again, calling it the Maritime Brewing & Malting Co. • In 1917, an explosion of a munitions ship in Halifax harbor wiped out most of the town. The blast killed nearly 2,000 people, including Conrad Oland. The brewery was ruined. Within a year, George re-opened in a different part of Halifax, using the insurance money. A second plant began production in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1928. This location is currently company headquarters.

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OLAND FAMILY (continued): • In 1931, George introduced a pale ale he dubbed Moosehead. It became so popular that in 1947 the company was renamed for a final time, becoming Moosehead Breweries. • Through the years, the business evolved as it was managed by a continuing succession of Susannah’s descendents. Computers now control production. Hydraulic valves have replaced hand valves. Computer monitors now stand where control panels used to be. The facility in Saint John now cranks out 1,600 twelve-ounce bottles per minute.

MOMENTS IN TIME • On Jan. 29, 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven,” which begins “Once upon a midnight dreary,” is published in the New York Evening Mirror. Poe’s macabre work often portrayed motiveless crimes and intolerable guilt in his characters. • On Feb. 2, 1887, Groundhog Day, featuring a rodent meteorologist, is celebrated for the first time at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa. According to tradition, if a groundhog comes out of its hole on this day and sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather; no shadow means an early spring. • On Jan. 30, 1943, the British Royal Air Force begins a bombing campaign in Berlin that coincides with the 10th anniversary of Hitler’s accession to power. To make matters worse for the Germans, the following day a massive surrender of German troops occurred at Stalingrad. • On Jan. 27, 1967, a launch-pad fire during Apollo program tests at Cape Canaveral, Fla., kills astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White II and Roger B. Chafee. An investigation

The History Channel

indicated that a faulty electrical wire inside the Apollo 1 command module was the probable cause of the fire. • On Feb. 1, 1974, University of Washington student Lynda Ann Healy disappears from her apartment and is murdered by serial killer Ted Bundy. In the summer of 1974, Bundy attacked at least seven young women in Washington. By the time he was captured in 1979, Bundy had become America’s most infamous serial killer. • On Jan. 28, 1985, 45 American music artists gather to record “We Are the World,” a record that would eventually sell more than 7 million copies and raise some $60 million for African famine relief. The instruction producer Quincy Jones sent to pop stars doing the recording: “Check your egos at the door.” • On Jan. 31, 1990, the Soviet Union’s first McDonald’s fastfood restaurant opens in Moscow. Throngs of people line up to pay the equivalent of several days’ wages for Big Macs, shakes and french fries. Customers were most amazed at the politeness of the workers.

• Today, the Moosehead Brewery is run by two sixth-generation descendants, with Andrew Oland as CEO and Patrick Oland as CFO. Although it’s largely run by the male descendents of Susannah, Patrick Oland insists that the Quality Control department is populated mostly by women, because he feels they have a more sensitive palate. • Andrew Oland says, “My father, Derek, says that beer is a reward for hard work. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just mowed the lawn, it’s Friday night and you’ve finished a tough week of work, or you’re getting together with friends. To me, it’s every time that you’ve worked hard and you’ve accomplished something and you want to reward yourself and celebrate your success.” • The company brews a number of beers aside from Moosehead Pale Ale, including labels such as Barking Squirrel, Cracked Canoe, and Lawn Chair. • Moosehead is now Canada’s oldest and largest independent brewery, as well as being the only independently, family-owned brewery in the country. The company currently employs about 350 people in New Brunswick. Great-greatgreat Grandma Susannah would be proud.

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Draw a star in exactly 10 of the empty squares in the diagram below so that each numbered square accurately indicates how many immediately adjacent squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) contain a star.


H Easy HH Moderate HHH Yowza


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• Clydesdale is a district in Scotland (named after the Clyde River) which is now best known for breeding a particular type of draft horse. Bred for pulling heavy wagons or sturdy plows, the horses are known for being strong, patient, and docile. • The breed began with a strain of Flemish horses that were imported to Scotland and bred to local mares. The term ‘Clydesdale’ was first used in 1826, and the first official registry of Clydesdales appeared in 1877. Between 1885 and 1945, about 20,000 were exported to other countries, especially Australia and New Zealand. • Originally, they were short and stocky animals. By 1940, breeders were working hard to increase the physical size of Clydesdales, turning the breed from a compact horse to a large stately horse that looked more impressive in parades.

by Samantha Weaver




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• Of the approximately 4,000 Clydesdales that currently live in the U.S. and Canada, about 250 belong to Anheuser-Busch, making it one of the largest herds of Clydesdales in the world. They are bred in Missouri not far from the Anheuser-Busch brewery, and turn out about 15 new foals per year. Three different teams of ten horses each are constantly on tour, attending parades, fairs, and the Superbowl.


stop off in Gold Hill to see the Oregon Vortex, where strange phenomena are said to occur. In the mid-20th century, a scientist and mining engineer named John Litser conducted experiments on the property and came to the conclusion that the site contains a spherical field of force and 15 crisscrossing magnetic fields. Before his death in 1959, he burned his notes, reportedly saying, “The world is not ready for this.” Those who tour the attraction today might see balls roll uphill or brooms stand on end. Some people appear to be much shorter and some much taller. There are even those who say visiting the Vortex eases back pain. • Before he became famous, singer Rod Stewart briefly had a job as a grave digger. * * * Thought for the Day: “Television makes so much at its worst that it can’t afford to do its best.” -- Fred W. Friendly


• It was Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran who made the following sage observation: “I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.” • In Japan, black cats are considered to be good luck. • If you’re ever longing for the “good old days,” you might want to keep this tidbit in mind: In 19th-century America, one of the most popular cure-all remedies was “snail water,” which was made by pounding earthworms and snails together, adding the paste to beer and boiling the whole thing. Those in need of a tonic drank it. • Sea turtles can breathe through their backsides. • If you could leap over the St. Louis Arch unassisted, you would have jumping power equivalent to that of a flea. • If you’re planning a trip to Oregon, you might want to

• Conscripted for use during World War I, their numbers tumbled drastically. Increasing mechanization led to further decline in the population. Soon they were rare. By the mid-1970s, there were fewer than 900 breeding Clydesdale mares in all of the United Kingdom. Today, their numbers have increased, although there are still fewer than 20,000 registered worldwide.

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Quiz Answers

1. Czech Republic 2. 45-54 year olds 3. Milk, soda pop, and coffee 4. The cans cost more 5. About 20 times

6. Water, hops, yeast, malts 7. Pennsylvania 8. Molson brewery, est. 1786 9. 1852

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BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES • When Adolphus Busch married Lilly AnheusDEERE. erDEERE. in 1861,JOHN he married into(continued): a family-owned • brewery. It was while living in Illinois John noHe jumped into the that business. His ticed the problems that faced when suggestions turned the St.farmers Louis factory into a attempting to till soil. Because the area had showplace. formerly been woodland, the soil was rich • When he discovered a new recipe for beer with hummus, which clumped and clung to which involved the were brew accustwice, the blades of thefermenting plows farmers hetomed bought the rights and named athe new beer to using. While repairing broken cirafter the Czech town where he discovered cular saw, Deere stumbled upon an idea. He the recipe: Budweis. Aftertostudying work employed his smith skills fashion the the steel ofblade Louisinto Pasteur, Adolphus became the first the shape of a plow. He affixed totwo pasteurize beer, which allowed it to be wooden spokes, then hitched the device shipped without loss ofthe quality. to a horse. It plowed heavy Illinois soil like a he charm. a farmer who happened • When died In in fact, 1913, his brewery was one to be observing the test run immediately put of the foremost in the country. His son August in an order for his own John Deere plow. Busch took over, but then disaster struck: Pro• hibition. In short For order, Deere up his blacksmith years the gave brewery hung in there, shop andbyfocused The squeaking on salesonof making yeast andplows. a nonalcocompany grew steadily and added many emholic beverage. ployees. In the late 1840s, John relocated the • When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, a celentire operation to Moline, Illinois. Ashamed ebration was called for. August’s son (August of his own lack of education, John sent his Jr.) had recently purchased a team of magnifichildren to the state’s finest schools. One of cant Clydesdales a gift for hisson father, and his proudest daysas occurred when Charles they garnered so muchofattention that August earned the equivalent an MBA from Bell’s Sr. knew he could spin a major media specCommercial College in Chicago. tacle out of them. • With his son Charles managing the company, • He hadfound a gleaming wagon and six magJohn time tobeer pursue philanthropic innificent Clydesdale horses delivered St. terests. He co-founded both the First from NationLouis to New York where they Church. paraded al Bank and the FirstCity Congregational upHeFifth with 10,000 peopleinfollowwas Avenue elected the mayor of Moline 1873, ing. At the very moment Prohibition was where one of his first actions – the replacerepealed, employees handed legalabeer ment of the city’s open drainsa with sewerto pipe system saved who countless lives by reducGovernor Al –Smith, had constantly lobing the spread of disease. bied for repeal of Prohibition. The brewery of free fromregistered this specta• got Thepages original Johnpublicity Deere logo, in cle, and has been associated with Clydesdales 1876, depicted a deer that was native to Afriever since. ca. Thirty-six years later, in 1912, it was replaced with the image of a North American • Anheuser-Busch is the largest brewing comwhite-tailed deer. In the decades that pany in the U.S., providing about half offolall lowed, the now-familiar “outline” logo took beer consumed in the country. over as the symbol of the John Deere brand.

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Sports Answers 1. Once (1998) 2. 1940s (1946) 3. Tom Brady & John Elway (5 each) 4. Robert Smith, in 2000

5. Dale Berra, Billy Ripken, Cal Ripken, Jr. 6. Ray Allen had 269 3-pointers for Seattle in 2005-06 season

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