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November 22, 2012





Issue # 795

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Retirement. How do you get there?

Your good neighbor has a roadmap just for you.

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Dakota Pediatric DENTISTRY

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During this time of year as we focus on being thankful, Tidbits urges readers to take a few moments to improve their emotional wellbeing and happiness by thinking positive! • What makes us happy? Psychologists suggest that each person has a happiness “set point,” which is a personal tendency to be very happy, somewhat happy, or not at all happy. About 50% of the explanation for a person’s set point is determined by genetic make-up, which helps to explain why some folks just seem to be naturally happier than others! It also helps explain why long-term levels of happiness appear to be resistant to many significant life events, both good and bad. Lottery winners initially feel “overjoyed” and people who have experienced a negative life event, such as a job loss or death of a loved one, feel “sorrowful,” But most of these individuals eventually settle back to their set point. Research confirms that personal circumstances, such as level of wealth and where we live, account for a measly 10% of happiness. • Are happier people more successful in their personal and professional lives? It appears so partly because happy individuals’ positive moods motivate them to work enthusiastically toward their goals.

ack says...


by Kathy Wolfe

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Why Medicap Pharmacy?

THINK POSITIVE! (continued):

WhyDrive-Thru Medicap Pharmacy? Window.

Drive-Thru Window. “I love the drive-thru window. No walking through

They lean toward feeling confident, optimistic, and energetic, they have a positive perception of themselves, and others find them more likable. Happier folks seem to perform better in job interviews and secure better positions as a result. They also tend to have less absenteeism at work.

“I lovestore the drive-thru window. walking through a large just to pick up myNomedicine.” a large store just to pick up my medicine.” - Another Satisifed Medicap Patient

- Another Satisifed Medicap Patient

HOURS HOURS M-F 9-7 M-F 9-7 Sat. 9-1:30 Sat. 9-1:30

Jeff Theige R.Ph.

Theige, R.Ph. JeffJeff Theige, R.Ph.

• Level of happiness also affects an individual’s health. Data indicates that happier people have Med Park Mall • 1395 S.S. Columbia Road • •746-1800 Med Park Mall • 1395 Columbia RoadRoad 746-1800 Med Park Mall • 1395 S. Columbia • 746-1800 lower levels of hypertension and lower blood pressure. Those who use humor to cope with difficulties have stronger immune systems, and • Advanced Digital Technology are less likely to get sick. They have fewer doc• FREE Hearing Evaluation • 60 Day Hearing Aid Trial tor visits, use less medication, and are much less • Service Most Makes likely to experience substance abuse.

Complete hearing aid care

2514 S. Washington • Grand Forks Hours: • Mon-Fri 9-5 • Sat 9-1

746-7000 • 1-800-658-3442 •

Quiz Bits

5. During which war did Harry Truman fire Gen. Douglas MacArthur? 6. When did Australia become a commonwealth nation, largely gaining independence from Britain—1891, 1896, 1901 or 1906? 7. What hit video game did Sega introduce in 1991 to show off their Genesis video game console’s blazing speed?


1. In the 1920s, Singer Sewing Co. spent $1 million on this expense alone. What was it? 2. Singer became the largest single employer of these. Who were they? 3. Who is credited with inventing bifocal lenses? 4. What was the name of Smokey Robinson’s group?


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• Do you think you’d be happier if you just had more money? Not so, say researchers! Income actually has a weak effect on levels of happiness. In the workplace, employees seem to gain more satisfaction from their rank, position, and sense of achievement than they do from their pay. Surprisingly, spending money on others – as little as $5 a day – creates a boost in happiness levels. • Wondering what you can do to increase your happiness level? Since 40% of happiness is subject to self-control, a person’s deliberate choices and intentional activities can amp up cheerfulness and contentment. High-quality social relationships contribute to life satisfaction, and research indicates that married people are generally happier than single ones. Socializing with cheerful people increases the likelihood of being happier. • Think happy thoughts! The average woman has 60,000 thoughts a day – can you believe that 48,000 of them are negative? Avoiding “negative self-talk” can improve attitude and enhance happiness. Rather than saying, “I’m not good at this,” try, “What can I do to get better at this?” Substitute “That’s too difficult,” with “I’m going to give it a try.”

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sports Quiz 1. How many times have the Minnesota Twins gone to the World Series? 2. Which Division I college football team holds the record for most yards rushing per carry for a season? (hint: 1945) 3. Who was the last NBA player before Minnesota’s Kevin Love in 2010-11 to average more than 20 points and 15 rebounds per game for a season? 4. What team ended Wayne Gretzky’s 51-game streak of scoring at least one point in the 1983-84 NHL season? 5. How many World Cups in men’s soccer have been won by the host country? 6. Who took part in the only heavyweight boxing title fight held in Maine? 7. How many Grand Slam singles finals did Ivan Lendl lose before winning his first of eight in 1984 (French Open)?

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THINK POSITIVE! (continued): Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones allows you to focus on all that is good in life. Keeping a journal listing three things that went well each day produces satisfaction and contentment as well. • Having an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the best ways to possess emotional well-being. Counting your blessings causes you to consider all that is valuable in your life. Gratitude during the bad times actually helps you cope with and adjust to adversity, helping you bounce back to that happiness set point. Taking stock of all you have and recalling contributions others have made for you cause you to be more likely to help others and be less materialistic and envious of others, as well as alleviating bitterness. • You are what you eat! Did you know that a diet low in fiber has been linked to depression? Likewise, a Vitamin B-12 deficiency can produce irritability and depression. Residents of countries who eat the most fish possess the lowest rates of depression. A wide variety of whole foods provides brain-enhancing nutrients, causing your mind to be sharper and more energized. Too much sugar can contribute to shrinkage in the areas of the brain involved in regulating your moods. • Letting go of offenses, anger, and resentment is a sure-fire way to be happier and healthier. Brooding and obsessing over wrongs done to you and refusing to forgive takes its toll on your happiness levels as well as your physical health. • Don’t worry, be happy! Worriers experience muscle tension, agitation, irritability, sleep problems, difficulty with concentration, and an inability to relax. They spend much of their time trying to predict the future, and worrying about all that could go wrong. Much of the problem involves trying to solve issues that are not solvable.


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Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

60+ Years Experience

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• Positive mindsets can be elevated by visualizing your “best possible self.” This involves imagining success at your life goals, realization of your life dreams, and achievement of your best potential, followed up with using this to guide your current decisions.

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• Increase your positive outlook with random acts of kindness. Research has established that these acts induce positive thoughts and can alleviate negative feelings. It seems that individuals get a strong sense that they’re doing something that matters, and subsequently, mood is enhanced.

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Nov. 23 thru Dec. 31 Lincoln Drive Park 5:30-10:00pm

2 October 2011

As Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

• What about age? Studies have determined that people in their mid- to late-50s are happier, worry less, and have less stress than young adults in their 20s. Part of that finding may be that older people have learned how to control their emotions over the years.

Sponsored by: Lions Club of Grand Forks

2 October 2011

THINK POSITIVE! (continued):

Be Watching for the

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• Practice optimism! Happy folks look at the bright side of each negative situation and find the silver lining in every black cloud. • Unhappy people watch 30% more TV. Happier ones are out socializing, exercising, reading, volunteering, or attending religious services. And along that line, studies show that spiritual and religious people are happier and healthier than others. • Regular vigorous exercise reduces stress and contributes to great levels of fulfillment. Joggers are 70% less likely to have a high level of stress and dissatisfaction with life. Just 17 to 34 minutes per day produces a significant difference. Need more good news? Exercise also contributes to lasting cognitive functioning in old age.

Festival of Trees

Thanksgiving Weekend until Sunday, December 2nd Located in the Sears wing of Columbia Mall

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At the western end of Paris’ Champs-Elysees on the right bank of the Seine, the regal Arc de Triomphe stands guard over the city. Here are the highlights about this monument, the Arch of Victory, the brainstorm of Napoleon Bonaparte. • Following his most important victory of the Napoleonic Wars, Bonaparte ordered the construction of the Arch in 1805. He intended it as a commemoration to all French soldiers who had fought during the wars, and it was his plan that his soldiers would march through the arch upon their return home. However, it took two years just to lay the foundations, and when Napoleon entered the city in 1810, he came from a different direction. • When the architect of the monument died in 1811, the work was taken over by another for a few years. However, when Napoleon lost power, construction was halted and did not resume until 1833. The Arch was not completed until 1836. Meanwhile, Napoleon died in exile on the island of St. Helena in 1821 and was buried there.

In 1840, King Louis Philippe I arranged for Napoleon’s remains to be returned to France and at long last, Napoleon entered Paris through the Arc de Triomphe. • The Arch sits at the center of 12 main avenues which radiate outward. It reaches 162 feet (49.5 meters) to the sky and is 72 feet (22 meters) deep. Its base features four groups of elaborate sculptures, the most famous of which is “La Marseillaise,” featuring the woman Marianne, the national emblem of France representative of Liberty and Reason. Six other reliefs are sculpted on the facades of the Arch depicting important battles of the


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ARC DE TRIOMPHE (continued): French Revolution and Napoleonic era. On the inside of the Arch, a list of French victories is engraved, as well as the names of the military leaders of those battles. The names that are underlined represent those who were killed in action. Still more sculptures representing characters of Roman mythology decorate the Arch. • Beneath the vault of the Arch lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, interred there on Armistice Day (November 11) of 1920, to commemorate the signing of the armistice between France and Germany in 1918. Prior to the interment, the Arch was the site of troops parading after military victories, as well as the annual Bastille Day military parade. However, as a sign of respect, parade traffic now marches to the Arch, but then turns to go around its side. A ceremony is held there every November 11. • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier contains an eternal flame that burns in memory of all the unidentified dead. When President John F. Kennedy and wife Jacqueline visited Paris in 1961, they paid their respects at the Tomb. After JFK’s assassination two years later, Mrs. Kennedy recalled the eternal flame and asked that one be placed at her husband’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery. • Following 1919’s victory parade celebrating the end of World War I, French aviator Charles Godefroy flew his biplane through the Arch, a feat captured on a newsreel. • If you want to reach the top, you can either climb 284 steps, or ride an elevator to the mid-point and climb 64 steps. • Paris’ Arc de Triomphe held the honor of largest triumphal arch in existence from 1836 until 1982. It was displaced by the Arch of Triumph built in Pyongyang in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

: i Hair grows almost everywhere on your skin except your lips, the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet. i Dolphins may be smarter than chimpanzees.


Nobody Has Better Bands Than Big D's! Fri. Fri. Fri. Sat. Fri.

Nov. 23 Nov. 30 Dec. 7 Dec. 8 Dec. 14

24-Seven (Pop Rock - Fargo) 32 Below Tripwire Jeez Loueez The Johnny Holm Band

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Place a letter in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9 box square contains all of the letters listed above the diagram. When completed, the row indicated will spell out a word or words.

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• Isaac Merritt Singer patented his first machine in 1851, incorporating Howe’s lockstitch mechanism into his machine. Howe sued Singer for patent infringement and won the suit, and Singer was ordered to pay royalties to Howe, making Howe a very wealthy man. • Isaac Singer lived on his own from the age of 11. He had a love of the theater and joined a troupe of traveling stage performers and earned his living as an actor for more than 20 years. When ticket sales were slow, he worked as a machinist in his brother’s shop. In 1839, he obtained his OF GRAND FORKS first patent, one for a machine that drilled rock, which he sold to a canal buildBoth FULL-Time and ing company for PART-Time Positions $2,000. With a Apply Online at: financial ion in place, he or stop into Sears returned to the located at Columbia Mall stage.


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This model beeps & lights up to show you the vehicle has started

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“Stitch your stress away” seems like sound advice. How much do you know about the machine that allows you the privilege? Read along and see! • Although the word “Singer” is synonymous with sewing machine, Singer’s machine was far from the first one on the market. European inventors were devising mechanical sewing machines as early as the mid-1700s, with most designed for making shoes. In the United States, Elias Howe, Jr. patented his first sewing machine in 1846, one with a lockstitch mechanism, capable of sewing 250 stitches per minute. His invention moved the world toward mass production of clothing, lowering the cost of clothes and making it more readily available.


2-Way Remote 3,000 ft. range





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Find at least 6 differences in details between panels

• Eleven yearsJOHN later, atDEERE. age 38, using $40 borrowed DEERE. (continued): from a friend, Singer presented his sewing machine, WEEKLY • It was while living in Illinois that John nothe first one practical for home use, which became SALES! • CLOTHING ticed the problems that farmers faced when the model for all future machines. It incorporated a • HOUSE HOLD attempting to till soil. Because the area had ITEMS needle that moved up and down rather than side to formerly been woodland, the soil was rich NATIONS • FURNITURE DO side as previous models did, resulting in a great with hummus, which clumped and clung to NEEDED • KIDS TOYS reduction in needle He also replaced the blades of thebreakage. plows farmers were accus-the Donations benefit & LINENS armtomed cranktowith a foot pedal, and later added cira carGrand Forks CVIC using. While repairing a broken rying case. innovations resulted in idea. a machine cular saw,His Deere stumbled upon an He thatemployed could produce 900 stitches per minute. his smith skills to fashion the steel bladeunveiled into thehis shape of a plow. • Singer improved modelHe at affixed the 1855 two wooden then hitched the device World’s Fair in spokes, Paris, earning first prize. Before Hours: M-Sat: 9-6 to a horse. It plowed the heavy Illinois long, there were several Singer factories insoil New 1375 S. Columbia Rd., GF • 701-757-0451 likePerhaps a charm.Singer’s In fact, amost farmer who happened York. important contribu(Located in the strip mall next to Scheels) to be observing the test run immediately put tion was his marketing technique. With the goal an order for his own plow. home, of in putting a machine in John everyDeere American demonstrated machine numerous •Singer In short order, Deerehisgave up his at blacksmith 4. The Miracles 1. Advertising country otheron gatherings, using hisThe flair shop fairs and and focused making plows. 5. Korean 2. Door-to-door 6. 1901 salesmen forcompany the dramatic entice and buyers. Hemany hiredemtravgrewtosteadily added 7. Sonic the 3. Benjamin ployees. In thebut latemost 1840s, John relocated the eling salesmen, importantly, introduced Hedgehog Franklin operation to Moline, Illinois. Ashamed an entire installment payment plan for the $99 machine, of his own education, Johntosent his enabling thoselack withoflower incomes purchase Insure all your children to the state’s finest schools. One the machine, and he also included a trade-inofalhis proudest days occurred when son Charles vehicles with with GEICO. lowance in his shrewd marketing plan. Due to theInsure all your vehicles GEICO. earned women the equivalent of anpooled MBA from expense, frequently theirBell’s money You could save You could save a bundle. Insure all your vehicles with GEICO. College in Chicago. andCommercial purchased one machine jointly, shared by all. a bundle. You could save a bundle. With his son Charles managing company,the • •Isaac Singer retired 14 years after the he invented John machine found time pursue in-he sewing andtomoved to philanthropic England, where terests. He co-founded both the First Nationbuilt a magnificent 115-room mansion, complete al Bank and the Firstand Congregational Church. with a separate theater riding stables. He was elected the mayor of Moline in 1873, • The Singer thereplaceworld’s where one Company of his first introduced actions – the first computer-controlled sewing machine, ment of the city’s open drains with a sewerthe Touchtronic, pipe systemin–1978. saved countless lives by reducing the spread of disease.

Quiz Answers

Differences: 1. Bead strand is missing. 2. Hair is shorter. 3. Sign is missing. 4. Bow is missing. 5. Cap is different. 6. Ornament is different.

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•Sports The original John Deere logo, registered in Answers 1876, depicted a deer of 19 that was native to Afri1. Three (1965, 5. 6 out with the last ca. &Thirty-six years later, in 1912, it was re1987 1991) being France 2. Army (7.6 yds placed with6. the image of a North American Muhammad per carry) white-tailed deer. In the decades that folAli beat Sonny 3. Moses Malone Liston in 1965 “outline” logo took inlowed, 1982-83 the now-familiar 7. Four 4. L.A. Kings over as the symbol of the John Deere brand.

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It’s true — your local GEICO office could help you save on more than just car insurance. You could enjoy a Multi-Policy Discount when you insure more than one type of vehicle, or a Transfer Discount when you switch your motorcycle insurance to GEICO. Think you’re getting the best price on quality coverage for all your vehicles? Contact your local GEICO office for a quote now and see how much you could save.

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Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered Grand Forks, ND 58201 discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. Homeowners, renters, boat, and flood policies are written by non-affiliated to be reliable, but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed.Some insurers through the GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. Motorcycle and ATV coverages are underwritten by GEICO Indemnity Company. The GEICO Personal Umbrella Policy is provided by Government Employees Insurance Company and is available to qualified Government Employees Insurance Company and GEICO General Insurance Company policyholders and other eligible persons, except

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It’s true — your local GEICO office could help you save on more than just car insurance. You could enjoy a Multi-Policy Discount when you insure more than one type of vehicle, or a Transfer Discount when you switch your motorcycle insurance to GEICO. Think you’re getting the best price on quality coverage for all your vehicles? Contact your local GEICO office for a quote now and see how much you could save.



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in MA. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2011. © 2011 GEICO.

First Name Last Name | Street Address | City Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO

companies. Homeowners, boat, are written by non-affiliated through Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features arerenters, not available in all and states flood or in allpolicies GEICO companies. Homeowners, renters, boat, andinsurers flood policies are written by non-affiliated insurers through the GEICO Inc. Motorcycle and ATV are underwritten by GEICO Indemnity Company. The GEICO Personal Umbrella Policy is provided by Government theInsurance GEICOAgency, Insurance Agency, Inc.coverages Motorcycle and ATV coverages are underwritten by GEICO IndemEmployees Insurance Company and is available to qualified Government Employees Insurance Company and GEICO General Insurance Company policyholders and other eligible persons, except in MA. GEICO is a registered mark of The Government Employees Insurance Company, Policy Washington, D.C. 20076; aby Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2011. © nity service Company. GEICO Personal Umbrella is provided Government Employees Insurance 2011 GEICO.

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Company and is available to qualified Government Employees Insurance Company and GEICO General Insurance Company policyholders and other eligible persons, except in MA. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2011. © 2011 GEICO.

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