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September 15, 2011

Volume 7 Issue 37

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3rd Quarter 2011 Week 37 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Sept 11 - 17 Page 1

Q: What building has the most stories?

ISSUE 2011.37

A: The library.

A Story Is Born pages 1-4

Overcoming the Odds: Children of War



pages 5-6

Tailwagging Heroes of 9/11 pages 7-8

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by T.A. Tafoya How do authors come up with the ideas for their books? Here’s a fun look at a few popular children’s classics and how they were conceived. •“Where the Wild Things Are” began with something else in the place of “Things.” Maurice Sendak, a young storybook artist, originally wrote a children’s story called “Where the Wild Horses Are.” The only problem with this title was he couldn’t draw horses. In 1963, Sendak changed “Horses” to “Things” in favor of monsters. He based these monsters on his scary Brooklyn relatives that he didn’t like as a child. • Sendak said of those relatives, “I remember how inept they were at making small talk with children. There you’d be, totally helpless, while they cooed over you and pinched your cheeks. Or they’d lean way over with their bad teeth and hairy noses, and say something threatening like, ‘You’re so cute I could eat you up.’ And I knew if my mother didn’t hurry up with the cooking, they probably would.” • Curious about “Curious George”? Author Hans Augusto Rey grew up in Hamburg, Germany. His favorite thing to do as a child was to visit the zoo. As an adult, he began writing children’s stories filled with the exotic animals from his past. turn the page for more!

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September 15, 2011


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A Cute Story Nancy was moving; so she had to rent a U-Haul truck. Of course Nancy had to present her drivers license. Kind of funny only legal residents must show identification. Well the person looked with shock at the license. She read Nancy, born September 5, 1960 and a strange look came over her face. Nancy said, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing” was the reply. But, my name is Nancy. And, I was born on September 5, 1960. Nancy said to Nancy “Where were you born?” Nancy replied, “Opelika.” “You mean you were born at Lee County Hospital now EAMC?” “Yes, Yes.”

Upon further conversation the two ladies were born an hour apart. Sometimes we are closer than we realize. This real life story was 2044 S. College Street • Auburn • 334-321-0165 • 334-740-5889 from Nancy Willingham, Owner, Grown Folks Blues and More. Nancy had a good move and is happy in her Condo. A STORY IS BORN (continued): • In 1940, Rey and his wife fled from the Nazi invasion of Paris. They were caught escaping on their bicycles and arrested as spies. An officer searching their belongings found the unpublished manuscript of “Curious George,” and after reading it, he let the Rey’s go, saying no spy could write such a wonderful story. • A.A. Milne gave his son Christopher Robin a stuffed bear for his first birthday in 1921. He named the bear Winnie the Pooh after Winnie, a real bear at the London Zoo. As his son grew up, Milne made up bedtime stories about adventures his son had with his Teddy Bear. A friend and editor of a children’s magazine thought they were so charming, he suggested publishing them. “Winnie-the-Pooh” was published in 1926. • E.B. White based “Charlotte’s Web” on his own experiences at his farm in Maine. White said, “One day when I was on my way to feed the pig, I began feeling sorry for the animal because, like most pigs, he was doomed to die. This made me sad. So I started thinking of ways to save a pig’s life. In the barn I had been watching a big, gray spider at her work and was impressed by how clever she was weaving her web. Gradually I worked the spider into the story, a story of friendship and salvation on the farm.”

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September 15, 2011

2nd Annual Yard Sale! Sat. Sept 17th 9-5

3rd Quarter 2011 Week 37 Sept 11 - 17 Page 2

Tailgate Party Inventory Clearance Food, Fun, Prizes Come watch the Clemson Tigers take on the Auburn Tigers on a HUGE Inflatable TV

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• In 1939, Ludwig Bemelman wrote the first “Madeline” book in Pete’s Tavern in New York City using the backs of the tavern’s menus as writing paper. The story was based on his mother’s life as a young girl in Bavaria and his memories as the smallest boy in boarding school. He named the main character after his wife Madeline.

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September 15, 2011

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• In 1990, while on a crowded train from Manchester to London, the idea for Harry Potter suddenly “fell into her head,” says author Joanne Kathleen Rowling. Rowling sent her manuscript “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to several prospective agents in 1995. After eight rejections by publishers, an offer came in but with one suggestion — that she change her pen name to a more gender-neutral name to address the fear that males in the targeted age group wouldn’t be interested in reading a novel written by a woman. She agreed and decided to use J. K. Rowling instead.

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A STORY IS BORN (continued): •

In 1941, during lunch with a publisher in New York, a famous French Air Force pilot and author named Antoine de Saint-Exupery doodled a picture of a little boy on a napkin. “Who’s that?” the publisher asked. “Oh,” Saint-Exupery reportedly replied, “just a little fellow I carry around in my heart.” The publisher suggested Saint-Exupery write a book about the character. “The Little Prince” was published in 1943, one year before SaintExupery’s death.

• While attending Dartmouth College from 1921 to 1925, Theodor Suise Geisel became editorin-chief of the Jack-O-Lantern, Dartmouth’s humor magazine. He got into a bit of trouble when he and his friends were caught throwing a drinking party, which was against prohibition laws and school policy. He was banned from all extracurricular activities, including the magazine, so he began signing his work with the pen name “Seuss.” He got the idea for his first published book, “And To Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” while on a ship. He began putting words to the cadence of the boat’s engines. The phrase he kept repeating was, “And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street,” which became the foundation of a tale about a young boy who imagines a parade that grows more and more outrageous. • While on a boat trip up the River Thames in London, Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was accompanied by three young daughters of his friend Henry Liddell. He entertained the girls with a story about a bored little girl named Alice who goes looking for an adventure.

2515 Old Whittlesey Rd, Suite D Columbus, GA

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• The girls loved the story and one of them, Alice Liddell, asked Dodgson to write it down for her. For Christmas in 1864 he gave Alice a handwritten copy of the manuscript entitled “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground,” dedicating it as “a Christmas gift to a dear child in memory of a summer’s day.” The book was published in 1865.

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• No one author is known to have written the story of Cinderella. Many versions of the folk tale have been shared for thousands of years throughout the world. The oldest recorded Cinderella story dates back to first century B.C. in ancient Greece. The tale is of a “rosycheeked” girl, who lived in the Greek colony of Naucratis in ancient Egypt. No matter how the story is told, the main character is always a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune. The theme remains constant — overcoming unjust oppression to 3rd Quarter find triumph and2011 reward. Week 37 Sept 11 - 17 Page 3


3rd Quarter 2011 THE ODDS: OVERCOMING Week 37 CHILDREN OF WAR The United Nations Sept 11 - 17 was established after World War II in hopes of creating peaceful resolutions Page 4 to conflicts between nations. In spite of this effort, between 1945 and 1992 alone, there were 149 major wars around the world, killing more than 23 million people. • Some of the greatest casualties of all wars are children. They are innocent victims who have little choice but to experience the same horrors as their parents. • Children of war are often separated from their families, driven from their homes, left orphaned, killed, maimed, sexually abused or exploited into becoming child soldiers. • In times of war, more children die from starvation and sickness than from bullets and bombs. Those who do survive are often traumatized from the violence and brutality they witness. Many generations of young people are emotionally affected for the rest of their lives. • According to Unicef, during the last decade, it is estimated that child victims have included: two million killed; four to five million disabled; 12 million left homeless; more than one million orphaned or separated from their parents; and some 10 million psychologically traumatized. • One increasing tragedy of war is the use of young children as soldiers. Children are used because they are more expendable and easier to intimidate into doing what they are told. Some children are forced to join military groups as a means of survival because they are provided needed food, clothing and protection, or they are recruited using threats of harm to their person or their family. Better than ever... persons who live, work, worship or attend school in lee county can join!!!

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CHILDREN OF WAR (continued): • There are children who will fight willingly and do so for varied reasons. They may fight to avenge the death of parents and families or like adults, they too may see themselves fighting for social justice or religious beliefs. Whole generations of children have grown up surrounded by violence as an everyday occurrence. This becomes their way of life. • To attempt to end the exploitation of children as solders, the United Nations, in partnership with Unicef, the Special Representative on Violence Against Children and the office for the High Commission of Human Rights, launched a campaign called Zero Under 18, which seeks to end the recruitment and use of child solders. • The organization’s goal is to achieve universal ratification of the Optional Protocol by the year 2012. This Optional Protocol is to enforce among all nations that no child under the age of 18 can participate in hostilities; no child can be forced to serve the national military or irregular armies; and that former child solders will be assisted by governments in finding a new existence after a life of violence, distress and alienation. • Universal ratification means that the world has succeeded in standing together by publicly declaring the end of this inhumane occurrence. Already, 132 countries have signed on to this promise; 53 others have not. These 53 countries are listed on an international List of Shame available at the campaign’s website at Sanctions have been proposed against these countries that continue to recruit and use children in armed conflict. • The Human Rights Watch estimates that right now, 200,000 to 300,000 children are serving as soldiers for both rebel groups and government forces in armed conflicts.

3rd Quarter 2011 Week 37 Sept 11 - 17 Page 6

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September 15, 2011

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Stop in and find out why. THE TAIL WAGGING HEROES OF 9/11 • There were many heroes in the terrible aftermath of September 11, 2001. A special group of those heroes were canines. Dogs of many breeds worked at Ground Zero, helping to search for survivors and offering their magical gift of therapy. • More than 350 dog and handler teams came from all over the United States and Canada to help in search and rescue efforts at the World Trade Center and Pentagon. These teams were from disaster-management agencies, police agencies and private search-and-rescue groups. • Omar Rivera and Michael Hingson were inside the World Trade Center along with their guide dogs Salty and Roselle. Both men are blind, but when the plane hit Tower One, the guide dogs knew what to do. Through the panic and commotion of thousands of fleeing people, these two heroic yellow labradors, guided their masters down the stairwell and safely out of the building minutes before the tower collapsed. • The first dog on the scene of the disaster was a golden retriever named Bear. Twelve-yearold Bear warmed the hearts of rescue workers amid the tragedy. Bear worked exhausting 18hour days searching for survivors and victims, sometimes being hoisted into sunken pockets of rubble, glass and metal to look for bodies. Although he found no survivors, Bear located many bodies, including that of NYFD Chief Peter J. Ganci Jr. Bear died just before his 13th birthday from an illness related to the toxic environment of Ground Zero. He is hailed as a hero.


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HEROES OF 9/11 (continued):


• Only one working dog was killed by the attack on the World Trade Center, a yellow labrador name Sirius. Sirius was a bomb detection dog. He was trained to search incoming vehicles for explosives. When the planes hit, he was in his cage in the basement of the North Tower. His partner, Officer David Lim, was unharmed and helped in rescue efforts. Sirius was honored at a memorial service by the Port Authority. Over 300 people attended the ceremony.


• The tiniest search dog at the World Trade Center was from Seattle. Weighing only 18 pounds, Ricky, a rat terrier, searched the rubble for 10 days, going where bigger dogs could not. Ricky trained with the Puget Sound Urban Search and Rescue for over two years. • Servus, a Belgian malinois police dog, fell into an elevator shaft while searching Ground Zero and nearly died. His handler Chris Christensen pulled Servus’ limp body from the ruins. Within minutes, firemen and rescue workers were there to help. A nurse suctioned the thick ash from his lungs, gave him IV fluids, then rushed him to the canine medical facilities. After several hours of treatment, he was released. Like a trooper, he jumped into the nearest police car used to transport dogs to the site. •

The dogs of 9/11 not only assisted in search and rescue but also served as therapy dogs. They were of every imaginable shape, size and breed. These dogs provided solace and comfort to the many rescue workers, grieving family members and desperate firefighters that were forever changed by that day.

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ThE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/ Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201

Motorcycles 2006 hONDA Shadow $3800 Serious Enquiries Only 334524-7005 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash Paid, Nationwide Pickup, 1-800772-1142, 1-310-721-0726. DIvOrCE $99.00 Covers Children, Custody, Property & Debts. Uncontested. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Unlimited Customer Support. Call 24/hrs. Free Information! 1-877-861-8585.

Pets & Supplies BlUE PITBUll Puppies For Sale. $800.00 256-621-2173 Jason

Real Estate

4 BEDrOOM - 2 Bath Call 334-749-7048

OFFICE SUITE up to 5 Offices and Conference Room, Utilities and Internet Included. Completely Renovated Call 334-705-5466

RV’s 1991 WINNEBAgO Chiefton 38,000 miles, Excellent Condition, Includes Cover, $19,000 obo Call 334.329.0679 or 334.826.0166 AUBUrN TIgErS E-Z-GO Golf Cart, Lifted, Full Custom, Make an Offer (706) 675-1429 PUBlIC AUCTION 300 + Travel Trailers, Camp Houses and Cottages. NO MINIMUM PRICE! Online Bidding Available Saturday, September 17, 10am Carencro, LA www. 225-6862252 Lic# 136

Trucks 2_1998 FOrD_ExPlOrErS Nations Quick Cash, Opelika, AL 334-737-0070

4 BEDrOOM - 2 Bath Call 334-749-7048

Rental Properties 3 BEDrOOM - 2 Bath Call 334-749-7048

Starters • Alternators • Brakes • Timing Belts • CV Axles

FREE Towing if Repairs are Completed in Our Shop!!!

1988 FOrD_F-350 four door duallywith a 351W 5Speed with Granny Low Gear. Great Work Truck $2500 OBO Call 334-321-8576 1997 FOrD Expedition, Eddie Bauer Edition, Leather, Fully Loaded, Clean, Excellent Condition -A Steal!!!!! 334.338.0055 or 334.826.0166 1998 ChEvY Utility Van, All Aluminum body, Runs like new, Great Truck for Handyman, Fully shelved and tool box inside. Must See!! $5,500 OBO (334) 524-7005 2000 ExPlOrEr $3500 Good Condition $800 Down, You Ride (334) 524-7005

1998 BlAZEr Nations Quick 2000 rODEO, auto, air, nice Cash, Opelika, AL 334-737-0070 SUV, financing available. Call now 706-689-6442 2002 FOrD Windstar Van Nations Quick Cash, Opelika, AL 334-737-0070

2003 S-10 Custom Pick-up 51,000 Miles $5,500, O.B.O. Must See 334.524.7005

2004 BlAZEr Nations Quick Cash, Opelika, AL 334-737-0070 95 DODgE Caravan, GREAT Work Truck, $1500, OBO (334) 01 NISSAN Xterra, 5 Speed, clean, runs good. $5,995 334- 705-0000 737-6076

3 BEDrOOM - 2 Bath Call 334-749-7048


Best Prices in town on all Minor Repairs!

02 SUBUrBAN, new tires, lots of room. Financing available call now 706-689-6442 03 JEEP Liberty, auto, cold air, good on gas, we finance 706-689-6442

Try Tidbits Classifieds

98 FOrD Explorer $3,500, Good Condition $800 Down, You Ride 334-524-7005 hUNTErS SPECIAl 83 Nissan 4x4, runs good, auto lock hubs. $1800 O.B.O - 706-689-6442

Vehicle Repair & Services SAvE ON your auto repairs with the convenience of door to door service! ASE Certified with guaranteed lower prices. If you don’t have time to go to the shop, let the shop come to you! Call Lesley Smitherman 334-750-8724

WANT TO BUY WANTED: DIABETIC Test Strips. We buy any brand. Unexpired. We pay up to $20 plus shipping. “Money In Your Pocket” Call 8am-8pm 1-866368-2269

Yard Sale

97 DODgE 1500 Extended Cab, hUgE YArD_SAlE, Friday, 4x4, cold air, hunters special, September 16, 2011, From 8am $2,800 334-737-6076 to 3:30pm at 1130 Gentry Dr., 97 JEEP Grand Cherokee, new Auburn, AL (334) 502-8652 tires, priced to sell, we finance 706-689-6442 98 DODgE Dakota Extended Cab, 5 speed, locking bed cover. $3,995 334-737-6076


Open Saturday & Sunday 7:00am to 6:00pm New Vendors & Customers Welcome 3338 VICTORY DR. • COLUMBUS, GA


• Pet Friendly • 2 Swimming Pools • 24 Hour Fitness Center Call Today!!!! 1-888-434-2770

420 North Dean Rd., Auburn, AL


We Buy JUNK CARS Running or Not

Top $$$ For Your Used Vehicles Will Come to You to Evaluate Your Car

(334) 524-7005

Sportsman’s Barber Shop y

onl $45 Tow Inside Columbus City Limits with this Coupon Only!!!

You Call... We Haul!!!



• • •

Includes: Haircut Hot Lather Neck Shave Hot Towel

Must Present Ad. Exp. 12/31/10

(334) 826-0620

1655 S. College Auburn, AL 36832 Behind Zaxby’s Mon.- Fri 8am-6pm - Sat. 8am-2pm

(706) 682-2525 Lowest Price in Town on ALL Parts Specializing in Honda Parts

946 Morris Road Columbus, GA 31906

Football $pecials Football $pecials E-Z-GO

Refurbished Carts

NEW 2011

• New Batteries • New Bodies • New Tires • New Seats • New Cart Warranty

08 E-Z-GO (PDS) Golf Carts



• Sales and Service • Pick-up and Delivery • Authorized E-Z-GO Dealer • Accessories Available • We Service and Repair All Makes of Golf Carts

• Rentals - Daily, Weekly & Monthly • Gas and Electric Carts • Rear Seat Kits, Utility Beds, Lift Kits, Tires, Wheels and Trojan Batteries

64 Volt 4 x 4 Available

Large Selection of Utility Trailers Best Prices Around • Sales and Service • Pick-up and Delivery • Authorized E-Z-GO Dealer • Accessories Available • We Service and Repair All Makes of Golf Carts

• Rentals - Daily, Weekly & Monthly • Gas and Electric Carts • Rear Seat Kits, Utility Beds, Lift Kits, Tires, Wheels and Trojan Batteries

Fun Carts 618 Lee Rd 113, Opelika, AL Fun Carts 618 Lee Rd 113, Opelika, AL of Opelika Jim Hadaway, Owner of Opelika Jim Hadaway, Owner

(334) 745-0660 (334) 745-0660

We’re Dealing at Carl gregory of auburn 11 DAKOTA

07 Nitro

1300 MILES

05 Pontiac GTO

06 VW Beetle

Low Miles, Shart, This is a Rocket!!!

Leather, Auto

10 Charger SXT

$18,998 $14,888 $16,999 $12,995 $18,479 06 Highlander

10 Kia Optima

07 Tahoe LTZ

05 Mustang GT

08 Ford F-150

Limited, Leather

LX, Sharp

Leather, 3rd Row, Loaded

Sharp with many Upgrades

Clean Truck, Built Ford Tough

$17,995 $16,988 $25,995 $14,995 $13,595 03 Hyundai Santa Fe

06 Dodge 2500

03 Hyundai Elantra

10 Impala LT

Heated Seats, Leather

Low Miles, Diesel

“Blue”, Gas Saver, Low Miles

Sharp Car AP 3434

10 Caravan

$6,990 $20,888 $14,990 $16,999 $18,995 CARL GREGORY FORD • LINCOLN • OF AUBURN


(334) 887-8571

Tidbits of the Chattahoochee Valley  

Auburn, Opelika, Phenix City, Columbus & Fort Benning. Tidbits is a Weekly entertainment magazine distributed Through out East Alabama and...

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