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Best Resolution Run in the North


who was putting together the run

remarked in an email that she didn’t think that

was presented with a check for $1,000. Lee is

enough to form a pool at the construction site

attending college at SUNY Geneseo.

on upper Lake George Avenue. Curiously, a dust devil of leaves greeted them

many would attend the January 1st Resolution Run, since the temperature at race time may

Runners commented that they were fortunate

on the return. Amazingly, the group ran into Lee

only get to 15 degrees. The temperature didn’t

to have this event to initiate the 2009 running

Gabler at the same place as they encountered

get near that high but the runners came ready


him during last year’s run.

to run and to run fast!

CCC Christmas

“Retro, twenty years ago!” someone said about the $2.00 entry fee as he signed up. Runners were pleased with the snacks and hot chocolate

During the run the topics ranged from the concept of “paradoxical intention,” to GPS watches, to

Day brought out







at the end of the race, and with the speed at

Classic, a half-marathon event. Dave Burrows

which the results were tabulated on that chilly

needed more so he did a 15. This year’s route


went down and back on Baldwin, and down and back on Black Point.

After the awards ceremony, Lee Berube, the winner of this year’s Duane Crammond Scholarship,

running plans for the new year.

The temperature was fine for the event, warm

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s Jamaica Half Marathon Kettlebells Pictures Link s Results

Reggae Half Marathon



run, standing in the dark on a December morning.

You need

A line of torchbearers lined the street on both

to be an early riser to

sides and the torches were raised as the gun

beat the heat, so it is

sounded and the runners took off.

training for and running the Hairy

common to see other

past the entrances of resort hotels, then smaller

Gorilla half in late October, Matt and I decided

runners on the beach

hotels, motels and restaurants, as we neared

that we should commit to the Reggae Half

at sunup. We stayed at

the center of the village.

Marathon on December 6, 2008.

We planned

Couples Negril which is

a vacation to Negril, Jamaica that happened

located on a sheltered

to coincide with the race.

bay on the western tip


By Heidi teRiele Karkoski


On our honeymoon

there in 2006; we were on a catamaran excursion


of Jamaica.

when Matt spotted a passenger’s ditty bag with the race name and date on it.

A couple

Except for the drive to and from the airport, the

on the boat had run the full marathon a few

race was the first time we had ventured off the

days earlier.

grounds of the resort.

We thought we should take the

A shuttle bus picked us

opportunity presented to us and run the race

up at 4:30 am in front of our resort. We drove

during our stay.

along the main highway in Negril, deserted except for race vehicles, to the start area at a beach-

Jamaica’s temperatures

park a few miles from our hotel.

are quite unchanging

out reggae tunes and pumped up the crowd as


we waited on the pavement.



A DJ cranked

An announcement

daytime highs in the

told us that runners had come from all over

low 80s and nighttime

the world to participate.



enthusiasm it seemed that the U.S., Canada, and

Our warm

Jamaica were best represented. There was a full

up was a run on the

marathon, half marathon, and 10K with a total of

beach for a few miles

about 650 runners; 362 finished the half.

low 70s.


Friday morning.

Based on noise and


of us are comfortable

It seemed odd to be dressed for a hot summer

We ran

The uniqueness of

running in the dark, save for streetlamps, made

people on, even early in

the miles go by quickly.

Music was placed

the race. The marathon

Matt was most impressed by the talent of the

sporadically around the course with either small

course went beyond the

young 10K runners there.

live bands with steel drums or tricked out little

resort section and into

and schools participated. The winning time was

cars with huge stereo speakers blaring reggae


30:30 by a 17-year old, with other young runners


the ocean.

Sometimes we were reminded we were


in a third-world country by the city smells that


wrinkled your nose.


(This is different from the


We learned





funny smoke we could smell at the starting line!

were mistreated by local

I hope it wasn’t the shuttle bus driver.)

bystanders. One woman even had to fight off a

Matt had a goal for the

would-be thief who tried to take her iPod. This

race; I’m there to beat it

is a reminder that our ultimate playground is

out and get the t-shirt.

home to people who are far less fortunate than

The course is a loop so

we are.

I saw him twice during the race.

They offered

The last mile is called “Bob’s Mile” after Bob




Marley, and there were signs with lyrics from his




songs and Bob trivia. I finished before the sun

in sealed pouches that

came above the mountains, so heat was never

you ripped open with

a factor. The finish area had cold sponges and

your teeth.

towels, a “misting” tent and Red Stripe beer.

We both

took fluids at every opportunity. The volunteers

Talented volunteers used huge machetes to cut

they had were plentiful and did an outstanding

open a fresh green coconut for each runner; the

job. The course was absolutely flat except for a

coconut water is drunk from a small hole in the

short rise that doesn’t really qualify as a hill in

top of the fruit.

Ticonderoga standards.

swim in the ocean.

We passed on the beer and a It was time for breakfast.

We had accomplished a lot before 7:15 in the Spectators came out of the hotels and cheered


close behind.

Local running clubs

I was impressed by the huge

number of volunteers that helped put the race on. turn.

They were cheerful and smiling at every Their motto is, No Problem, Mon.

Half Marathon Results December 6, 2008 - Jamaica Matthew Karkoski bib number: age: gender: location: overall place: division place: gender place: time: pace: 2.9mi: 5.8mi: 9.5mi: chip time:

462 46 M Ticonderoga, NY 17 out of 362 3 out of 47 16 out of 181 1:29:34 6:50 19:17 39:19 1:04:49 1:29:28

Heidi Karkoski bib number: age: gender: location: overall place: division place: gender place: time: pace: 2.9mi: 5.8mi: 9.5mi: chip time:



to those who renewed at

the Resolution Run. A renewal for can be found on the last page of the newsletter.

Cold Weather Running Tip



461 42 F Ticonderoga, NY 62 out of 362 4 out of 56 8 out of 180 1:53:31 8:39 25:00 50:10 1:22:05 1:53:19

Monthly Report Monthly Report identifies activity for

each month in the report time frame for the club site. Remember that each page hit can result in several server requests as the images for each page are loaded.

you are using a fuel belt on a long run do

Depending on the report time frame, the first

what Margie does; heat your bottles and keep 2

and last months may not represent a complete

in a cooler and pick them up on a return sweep.

month’s worth of data, resulting in lower hits.

It beats drinking slush!

Summary number of finishers: 362 number of females: 180 number of males: 181 average time: 2:26:00


calories more efficiently. weight

with kettlebells is to develop muscles and joints

environment where the body must work against

which can act in the real world through the

gravity , enable an highly efficient workout –

normal maximal range for the particular muscle/

much more can be achieved in a shorter time



frame as many muscles are activated.

Though “free weights” are acknowledged as

The handle and off-centered weight translate to

the most effective form of weight training, as

The basic swinging movement from which torso

increased leverage and tremendous development

a rule and as practiced with dumbbells and

(core) strength is developed and from which all

of grip strength and grip endurance – useful in

barbells, these are flexor/extensor movements.

other movements are based, requires the use of

everyday life (luggage, undoing lids, removing

All very 2-dimensional The spine and torso and

the physically large back and leg muscles. Each



limbs are however, designed to function in all

repetition requires activation of tonic (stabilizing)

carrying shopping, gardening and landscaping)

planes of movement, including rotation. It is this

muscles as well as phasic (moving) muscles. This

and in numerous sports e.g. racquet sports, ball

rotational element which kettlebells work Using

contrasts with the situation with weight machines

sports, rowing, martial arts. Swinging movements

kettlebells gives you the advantage of weight

& benches where part of the body is supported

develop great muscle control – the muscles

training (increased resilience through increased

assisting to negate the effects of gravity – fewer

are taught to contract/relax appropriately, with

strength of muscles, tendon , ligaments, cartilage

calories are burned, which is what your average

a functional pattern and full, useful range of

and bones) with the flexibility advantages of

gym owner maybe doesn’t want you to realize.


yoga (but without special emphasis on extreme

That’s why you have to stay there at least an

Clearly , swinging and pushing weights improves

flexibility, which can be detrimental to joints and



to athletic performance).

Put simply, with kettlebells you have to work

moving the joints in a natural & full range of

As with yoga , most people find initially they are

harder for each rep and indeed a kettlebell “rep”

motion , with equal emphasis of extensor &

significantly tested with respect to flexibility and in

cannot be completed by cheating; as each unit

flexor muscles. When practiced appropriately,

particular stability/control at the edges of range

of “work” requires a corresponding expenditure

muscle imbalances from side to side and from

of motion. Usually many joints are compromised

of “calories” you become leaner more quickly.

an extensor/flexor points of view are ironed out.

but with regular kettlebell practice over a period

As you replace excess fat with lean muscle your

Whilst using a weight machine however , the

of months to years, a full, normal, strong &

metabolic rate increases so that even though

muscle may well be “isolated” (and is this really

your weight may remain the same , you utilize

a good or beneficial thing?), but in general the

controlled pattern can be regained. http:// JLkoIR k htm l


don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that






range of motion is greatly diminished. The aim in











Three GPSs need to communicate with satellites. Three of them were in the snowbank in

front of Rut’s hut, doing just that! Nine runners congregated for the Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run. And they were not disappointed! When the runners stepped outside on that morning, the temperature was -4 degrees. Two runners, plus a dog, did the 10.3 classic loop. Everyone else did the 6, but it did encompass the hill. Tim Malaney brought his dog, a retriever. Tim has run with 3 dogs, Correction! Tim says that the first one was a person. The second was a dog who thought he was a person, and Tim says that the third is a “dog.” The snow squeaked. There were few cars. Everyone commented that it is better to run on a zero-degreed, windless, blue-skied day, than on a 80 degree one. We’ll see! After the run,

the group gathered at

Membership Thanks to those who renewed early! Berube, Ellie Brown, Colleen Burrows, David Costello, Karen Cunningham, Jim P. Gabler, Jeanne Graney, Mike Greer, Jeff Hayes, Shawn Herbst, Fred Huseman, Marge Karkoski, Matt & Heidi Kiely, Brian Leavens, Jim Lonergan, Craig Natale, Dave Rutkowski, Dave Sherman, Linda Wells, Jay

pd pd pd

pd pd pd pd pd pd pd

Rut’s Hut for a post race brunch. That lasted longer than the run! Runners brought a dish, and there was quite a collection, fortunately, the dishes were filled. There are some pictures of the event in the newsletter and there are more on the

web site.

A reminder...Dues are due on Feb. 1st.

Fred LaPann Memorial Road Race S a t u r d a y, F e b . 1 4 , 2 0 0 9 Hague, NY

Yaktrax They


They are light, made of springs and rubber and


Saturday, a five-mile road race, the Fred LaPann Memorial Road Race, will be contested.

The race will start and finish at the firehouse which is located at the bottom of West Hague Road. The course will be an out-and-back race on West Hague Road. Race registration will start at 8:45 a.m. and the run begins at 9 a.m. Runners age 19 and younger can compete for free, while adult racers will pay a $7 registration fee.

grip on ice and packed snow. The early January weather brought plenty of snow, ice and sleet. Not fun to run! Yaktrax put the fun back. You may not even go any slower. The springs also feel good, giving you cushioning if you do hit

The Hague Fire Department breakfast will be held Saturday and Sunday mornings, 7-11, at the Hague fire house. Serving will be al a carte and prices vary depending on selections. Hague will host its Annual Scholarship Weekend. Formerly known as the winter carnival, this marks the 35th year of the event held the weekend prior to President’s Day in Hague. For further information:

fit on the bottom of running shoes, affording

the black top. Suppose that the roads are partially clear. No problem! Run in the slop on the shoulders, giving you the additional benefit of working your proprioceptive


The yak is not included!

C r o s s C o u n t r y Te a m N e w s


La Chute Road Runners gave the

Cross Country team $182 towards shirts. The Sentinels have commpeleted another successful cross country season!


Treasury Report the clubs regular account we have $893.85,

and in the scholarship fund we have $10,013.76 as of January 12th.

I don’t know if it is a good shoe, but it is the most expensive one we have!

L C RR C Running Clubs La Chute Road Runners Adirondack Runner s Albany Running Exchang e Hudson Mohawk Runner s Northern Lights Saratoga Stryders

Links Results ARE Cool Running M embership PD F

Resolution Run 1 2

FEMALES 20-29 Marge Huseman Emily Stahl

1 2

John Cook Joel Cook

1 2 3

Lee Berube Jay Berube Josh Cook

1 2 3

Lee Gabler Jesse Berube Jay Wells


Dave Natale


Dave Burrows


Tim Malaney

1 2 3 4

Frank Woodard Jim Cunningham Red McDonough Dave Rutkowski

1 2 3 4 5 6

WALKERS Peg Carroll Kevin Kuhl Michael Stahl Veronica Stahl Jane Kuhl Debbie Yaw


24:36 28:38




32:58 33:21


17:26 19:35 19:37










Jan. 1, 2009

17:26 17:26 17:26 24:53 19:50 23:49 24:11 24:51 25:13 28:52

34:21 35:33 35:59 35:59 36:57

Dartmouth Relays 37

Wells, Jay

3000 Meters Lachute RR

More Results 9:11.34

La Chute Road Runners

Goals Encourage the youth of the community to get involved in a beneficial activity. Provide competitive opportunities for its membership. Provide membership with educational and social opportunities.

Activities Sponsor the Montcalm Mile, Resolution Run, Heritage Day 10K, Footrace at Fort Ticonderoga Support a LCRRC Point Championship Series Hold an annual Awards Banquet Provide a newsletter Provide organized training opportunities Membership in Road Runner’s Club of America


Club Membership/Application Waiver I know that running and volunteering to work in club races are potentially hazardous activities. I should not enter and run in club activities unless am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decisions of a race official relative to my ability to sagely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running and volunteering to work in club races including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, the conditions of the road and traffic on the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this waiver and knowing there facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the La Chute Membership type Road Runners, and all sponsors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my Family $10.00 ( ) participation in there club activities, even though that liability may arrive out of negligence Individual $5.00 ( ) or carelessness on the part of the person named in this waver. Student $2.00 ( ) Signature___________________________________________Date_____________________ First: ___________________ Mi: ____ Last: ______________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________________ Home Phone: __________________________Email: ________________________________ Date of Birth: ____________ Gender: M F

Email: ______________________________

Mail to: Dave Rutkowski 253 Corduroy Road Ticonderoga, NY 12883 Checks: La Chute Road Runners Newsletters will be emailed Family Members:

La Chute Newsletter February Issue  

The La Chute Road Running Club is located in Ticonderoga, NY. The issue has running articles and race information

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