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Four WWE Records That Will Never be broken

As the old saying goes, you can never ever say when it comes to the WWE. Well, we never say.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of broken records in sports entertainment. New Day has become the longest team champion of all time. A Gauntlet match on Raw has become the longest fight in WWE history. Asuka's unbeaten streak eclipsed Goldberg. Indeed, two albums were broken in one night during the event The Greatest Royal Rumble, when Daniel Bryan broke the record of Rey Mysterio in a Rumble fight, and Braun Strowman led Roman Reigns in the most eliminations in a Rumble. with 13.

The records, of course, were made to break. However, we discovered four recordings that could be made of vibranium, because nobody breaks them. Not even Braun Strowman.

The Undertaker's 21-win Wrestle Mania Streak The series may be a thing of the past, but 21 consecutive wins Undertaker with zero loss in the biggest stage of all is still legendary. For over two decades, The Deadman has defeated

all of WrestleMania's opponents standing in front of him in an act of determination, skill and determination that we will never see again in sports entertainment. Currently, nobody is in the race. In addition, it is likely that we will never see another superstar competing in 26 fights at WrestleMania like The Undertaker.

Mr. McMahon's WWE Title Win at Age 54 Of course, Mr. McMahon can have a heart, 206 bones and everything that makes up a human body, but it's clear that the WWE president is made of something different from the rest of

us. There is a reason he is known as The Genetic Jackhammer, after all. That's why Mr. McMahon was able to capture the WWE title at the age of 54, an age at which the biggest challenge men face is another prostate exam. Who else will win the WWE title in their fifties? Who else will even try? Well, maybe John Cena.

Nicholas' Raw Tag Team Title Win at Age 10 Ten years 10! At an age when most kids are struggling to build the coolest city of Minecraft, a guy named Nicholas won the Raw Tag Team Titles along with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34. Strowman randomly started out Strowman, who introduced himself to WrestleMania without a partner and in desperate need, Nicholas has become, by far, the youngest champion in WWE history thanks to the dismantling of Sheamus and Cesaro by Strowman. He could have given up his title to be able to return in the fourth year, but Nicolas' record will never be broken. Unless a really strong baby appears.

Bruno Sammartino's 2,803-day WWE

Championship Reign Bruno Sammartino's statistics are untouchable. In total, Sammartino's two reigns as a WWE Champion totaled more than a

decade, with his longest reign as 2,803 days. The WWE Hall of Fame fighter has defended himself against countless murderous villains, including Killer Kowalski, Gorilla Monsoon and Stan Hansen.

Sammartino has been revered as a fighter, a sports entertainment icon and the WWE champion against whom all others will be measured forever. And your record will never be broken.

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WWE Records That Will Never Be Broken  

As the saying goes, the records were made to break. WWE thought these four records would stand the test of time. From Bruno Sammartino's WWE...

WWE Records That Will Never Be Broken  

As the saying goes, the records were made to break. WWE thought these four records would stand the test of time. From Bruno Sammartino's WWE...