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I write this shortly after the horrible tragedy in Connecticut. While we will all heal from the experience, it sure emphasizes how different our world is today from when we were growing up. I’m sure every generation gets that feeling as they grow up, have kids, and start worrying about things. But this kind of senseless violence beats all. Our thoughts and prayers continue with the family and community around Sandy Hook Elementary. It’s the beginning of the year and it’s already starting off with a BANG! We’ve already signed on to sponsor some of the best rallies and events this Spring: • • • • • • • •

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre * Hondo * February 8-10 Spring Rally Kick Off Party * Galveston * February 23 Blowout’s Biker Bash * Hitchcock * March 14-17 Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally * Lake Somerville * April 11-14 Hill Country Holler * Boerne * April 12-14 Oldest Town in Texas (OTT) Rally * Nacogdoches * April 19-21 (NEW DATES) Texas State HOG Rally * San Antonio * May 16-18 Working – Brendan’s Wish (DFW area; year-long series of events, finale ride in September); Hill Country Run (Luckenbach, May); Bike & Barbeque Festival (Houston; April); Bikes & Bugs (Houston area; series of events through the spring)

If you have an event you want us to sponsor, just email the information and we’ll see what we can do! We’re always looking for great events of all shapes and sizes to support across the entire state of Texas. We hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were the best you’ve ever had! And most of all, that 2013 brings even better. Ride safe... and ride with THUNDER! Shelly “TX Dragonfly” Horan Editor / Owner, Thunder Roads Texas and Owner, Top of Mind Marketing

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January 2013

THUNDER ROADS TEXAS @ HOG CHAPTER PARTY Houston Area #1 HOG Chapter invited me (Shelly) to their annual Christmas party. I gratefully accepted their invitation and joined them for a lot of fun! I even won a Bloody Mary kit, complete with vodka, in the drawing for goodies! And they acknowledged my presence, presenting me with a HOG Challenge Coin for their chapter. Thanks especially to Cathy Abbott-Shouse (which we found out we went to high school together!) for the invitation and Monica McClaskey-Clark for her continual support for, and enthusiasm of, the Points Across Texas reader rides program (see below). Shelly Horan, Editor and humble attendee! POINTS ACROSS TEXAS STARS For three years, we have provided many riders with a reason to ride through our Points Across Texas reader rides program. The Houston Area #1 HOG Chapter has embraced the program, planning rides to combine Points Across Texas (PaT) with the Harley-Davidson Texas passport program. They have traveled in groups varying from 5 to 40 participating riders. We sincerely thank Monica McClaskey-Clark for being a driving force behind so many PaT patch earners!!

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

SINCERE THANKS FOR COVERAGE Mornin’ Everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say Thanks for the great article and spreading the news of Iron Cowgirl Music! :) The band and I will be ROCKIN’ the Hawgs of Texas Rally, Thursday, April 25th.. 6:00-7:30pm! Columbus, Texas! Also Rockin’ the charity event for We Fight Like A Girl on April 27th at Pork Chops for a “One Night Stand”! :) www.wefightlikeagirl. org We LOVE TEXAS & ALL YOUR SUPPORT!! Ride Free, Rock Hard! Chasin’ Dreams! :) EDITOR’S NOTE: We have received great feedback for this new feature (Biker Band Corner, page 42). If you have a favorite band that frequently plays biker rallies, motorcycle events, or biker friendly establishments, please tell us about them!

January 2013


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MAXIT® Product Review e all know that Harley-Davidson has great marketing. It is convenient to locate a dealership to buy anything that the name can be printed, painted, or embroidered on. We all joke and say “HD stands for Hundred Dollars” and that we pay for the name. However sometimes we need to step outside tradition in our quest to purchases the best of state of the art material technology. At Two Wheel Thunder TV we like to find and bring to our readers, views on new, innovative and/or superior products. We believe we have found not a new company but a superior product that fills that quest. MAXIT Designs, Inc. invented versatile headwear in 1985 with the introduction of the HEADGATOR® 6-in1 headgear. The word “HEADGATOR” is a registered trademark product of MAXIT®. This amazing product delivers both warmth and versatility. It was truly an innovative design that has spawned many copycat products. However, the HEADGATOR and many other MAXIT products remain unique in the competitive headwear market because MAXIT also developed a one of-a-kind fabric in 1985 they call ProMAX IV™. ProMAX IV fabric is a unique blend of polypropylene and Lycra® spandex fibers. When MAXIT blended these special fibers they created a unique performance fabric that sounds almost too good to be true. But it is true and we have never experienced anything like it! We can best sum up MAXIT ProMAX IV fabric as a performance fabric that offers maximum warmth without any bulk. It also provides total comfort and protection against the elements while transporting moisture (think wicking) away from the skin faster and more effectively than any other fabric, including fabrics made from polyester, wool and silk. As a result, ProMAX IV fabric prevents the “chill” often associated with cold weather headwear as well as the “clammy” feeling some of us get as the temperature warms up. It is so effective at transporting moisture that MAXIT uses this fabric to make summer headbands! Perhaps best of all, ProMAX IV fabric is cottony soft, highly stretchable, very breathable, hypo-allergenic, extremely durable, and very easy care for. MAXIT makes this fabric and all of their products in the USA! Maxit products not only offer superior protection from the

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January 2013

cold and wind, they also serve as an extra layer of protection from the bugs, and the blowing dust, dirt or sand, depending on where you are riding. If you buy one that covers the mouth and chin, it also protects against pollen and other funky things floating thru the air. Another advantage we found was that if you wear a helmet, it is a great layer to protect your scalp from the itchy scalp syndrome. Unless you buy a custom helmet specifically for your head, you will find that the ultra-light material helps to create a nice snug properly fitting helmet. If you don’t choose to wear a helmet, it still protects you from both the elements and the bugs. After MAXIT Designs introduced the HEADGATOR® 6-in-1, they began to make other products with their unique fabric. At the request of NFL teams, they started producing thermal clothing, too. In fact, MAXIT was a NFL Proline Supplier! Many NFL teams still buy their performance apparel products from MAXIT. In addition to NFL players, countless other professional athletes and US military troops wear MAXIT products. These products have been worn around the world and they’ve been proven to be effective even in environments as harsh as Antarctica and Mt. Everest. Motorcyclists are athletes in their own right. We deal with the same elements, and environments. We push ourselves to the limit and we ride! We deal with wind velocity. That means if you are going 65 mph in 50 degree weather, it means the “real feel” is 39 degrees or less. Humidity and altitude will affect that temperature as well. (Our Northern readers don’t realize that is close to freezing and our southern readers’ think that is below Freezing!) The point is, we all ride in less than favorable conditions and we all deal with bugs, dust, sand, and weather! It’s in your best interest to check them out. They offer a convenient way to shop; you never even have to leave your house. Go online and order from Try MAXIT you will be as impressed we are.

Thunder Roads Texas * Page 11 * January 2013

In Search of the World’s Largest Ball of String ell my fine lovers of pork products, it looks like it is the start of another new year for us. I trust that the holidays were good to you. With so many new and exciting things coming up for the New Year, I wanted to close out 2012 by telling you about our big trip to St. Louis. So sit back, pop open a cold one, and enjoy another “knees in the breeze” bull session. If you remember way back in Novembers issue I wrote about Rainman and I taking a 2,000 mile road-trip to St. Louis on the bike during the week of Thanksgiving. We did just that. Rainman used everyone’s advice and made all the preparations needed. We

added one addition to our plans, if you remember back in October I wrote about a benefit held for our friend, Chuck Coy. Chuck had stage 4 lung cancer. The week before we left for the trip Chuck’s condition had taken a turn for the worse and he ended up in ICU. Time was limited for our dear friend. We visited Chuck in the hospital before we left on the trip. Rainman and I both felt we needed to do something special for our good friend. So we dedicated the trip in Chuck’s honor. We wanted to give Chuck one last ride. With Chuck’s road name being “Taz”, we brought a Taz along for the trip. We promised to do updates on Facebook at each stop so Chuck could see our progress and be a part of all we were doing. To honor Chuck even more, Rainman had his name painted on the back of his helmet so that everywhere we went; people knew who we were riding for. We told Chuck that we would call this trip “In Search of the World’s Largest Ball of String.” Since this would be our first long distance trip across state lines we wanted this trip to be a good one. No worries about time and schedules. We planned for extra stops to see the sights and maybe have some good food at every greasy spoon diner we could find. My goal was to consume lots of cold beer and see how many friends we could make along the way. Taz and I wanted to drive Rainman a little nuts before we left. So we started arguing over who got to sit up front on the bike first. It’s funny how an argument can be settled when both participants are hogtied to the back of a motorcycle. The plan was to head north of Dallas and into Oklahoma. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why on earth would we want to ride in Oklahoma?” Well we wanted to run some of the old Route 66 and the shortest path to get there was straight up through Oklahoma on Highway 69. The trip started out with a beautiful sunrise that Sunday morning with just a touch of cold in the air. The temperature was hovering around 50 degrees. It wasn’t the cold that got you, it was the cross wind making it feel more like 45 degrees instead. Our first fuel stop wasn’t planned until Temple, TX. But all that changed 23 miles south when, without warning, the bike ran out of gas. A quick flip over to reserve gave us enough fuel to find a station. In all of our planning for the trip, the one variable we (Rainman) left out was the headwind reducing our mileage. Onward we stopped at Carl’s Corner where I posted on Facebook that we were hungry for some donuts. To our delight, Chuck replied back for us to stop and have some. Taz selected chocolate while I went with the strawberry filled. The trip up I-35 through Dallas and southern Oklahoma has been done numerous times with not much new to see. That night we stayed in McAlester, OK. We had dinner at the Brangus Feed Lot (a steakhouse). Answer me this riddle; why is it every time you walk into a bar there is always three local dumbass hillbillies there? And one of those dumbasses has to be the tough guy of the group who stares you down and wants to fight. Being from out of town and outnumbered, we went and sat down on the other side of the restaurant and ignored them. Only in Oklahoma! The next morning it was a quick jog to Muskogee and on to Tulsa. Just outside of Tulsa, we picked up the famed

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January 2013

“mother road” Route 66 in Catoosa, OK. Within five miles we saw our first road side attraction. Well let’s just say that Taz spotted it first. We almost missed it trying to translate Taz’s “Bla, Bla, Bla.” What he was trying to tell us was, “Look guys, it’s a blue frigging whale.” We stopped for a few pictures and sent them to Chuck to enjoy. In Claremore OK, we stopped at the Jim M. Davis Gun Museum. There they had over 50,000 different kinds of guns. It was really cool, although Taz was a little disappointed when they wouldn’t let him shoot any of the cannons. We continued on to follow the old Route 66. The towns in between were not much different than any other small town USA. It wasn’t until around Vinita (in the northeast part of Oklahoma) where we started to see some pretty country. Big, wide open farms all well kept and clean. You could tell the locals here had pride in what they do. We stopped for lunch in Vinita at a local diner called Mom’s Home Cooking. I have to tell you, it wasn’t the hamburgers that made this stop memorable, it was our waitress. She was a small town gal, in her mid 30’s and not too bad looking. She approached us and asked, “What can I get you boys?” I looked up to respond and saw she had four breasts poking out of her sweater. (I’m not lying, there where four of them all poking out and saying HELLO.) I guess there is more than one way to get bigger tips. If I knew I could have gotten away with it, I would have posted that on Facebook for all to enjoy. After lunch we continued our Route 66 journey and went on into Kansas. Baxter Springs had one refurbished gas station from the old Route 66 days. It was very pretty, but other than that, the rest of the town was all modern. In Galena, KS, once an old mining town, we saw the old Railroad Museum. We moved on east to Joplin, Missouri and then into Carthage. There we found the mother lode of the mother road. At the Kellogg Roadside Park we found road bed that was built pre-1926. It was sacred ground of the original road warriors. It also had a creek running next to it with a small water fall. The quite and peacefulness of the area made it fitting for paying homage to the road travelers of long ago. These were people of the past who traveled this road to find their fortune, people who traveled this road

in times of war and of peace. The famous and the not so famous had all at one point converged right here. They all had an influence in what makes this country so great. And in the quite of the moment, we were standing right there among them. I think what made that moment even more special was the fact that we also found a roadside marker placed there by the Federated Garden Clubs Blue Star Memorial Highway Program. The markers are dedicated to all veterans who have served in our nations wars. What made that marker important is that Rainman’s mother is the national chairman of the program. She had been there once before to do the marker dedication. We made sure to post what we found on Facebook. Riding through all the small towns along the mother road on that crisp air day showed us they still had something to offer from the past. There were reminders of a time that once was with restored buildings and businesses along with the vacant or abandoned buildings. Just slow down and look carefully for the signs; you will see the past everywhere. After visiting St. Louis, the return trip home took us down old Route 66 some more. In Cuba, MO they are very proud of their Route 66 heritage. The town had gotten together and refurbished the downtown buildings and then painted murals of times long forgotten on the sides. They are beautiful to behold. While you are there, I would recommend stopping at Shelly’s Route 66 Café. It is good food served with a friendly smile and friendly chat with the locals. On your way out of town be sure to stop and see the world’s largest rocking chair. It is a sight to see. The Devils Elbow in St. Roberts, MO is one you don’t want to miss. Take exit 169 off of I-44 and make the jog towards the southeast. You will find another great section of Route 66 dating back to 1926 that is still in use. Today, the condition of the road is still smooth and a pleasure to ride. As you travel along you will come up on the Elbow Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

Inn. A nice little biker bar next to the Devil’s Elbow Bridge. The bridge is a one lane bridge built in 1923 and is still functional today. Continue up the hill and you will find a look-out point with a view of the valley below. In Springfield, MO, we turned south and took a different route home. We wanted to drop down through the top of the Arkansas mountains. Fill your gas tank up in Branson and take a run down highway 412. It is filled with some beautiful Arkansas country with plenty of hills, twists and turns. We stayed in Bentonville that night. A cold front blew in and we woke the next morning to 23 degrees and a dead battery. So much for Rainman listening to Rex and making sure the battery was good before we left! Saturday would prove to be our most difficult day of the whole trip. It never warmed up above 45 degrees. After a 4-½ hour late start and $200.00 less in our pockets, we had a lot of miles to catch up on. We finished up our ride in Arkansas and headed back into Oklahoma. Our goal was to stop in Hillsboro, TX that night, but we were not going to make that before nightfall. Rainman didn’t want to travel through downtown Dallas at night on a holiday weekend so we stopped for fuel and some lunch in Eufaula, OK. It was there while we ate; we checked in online and learned we had lost Chuck. Our friend had passed away before we could make it home. There, in that Subway shop was a moment or two when it seemed that there was no further point to continue the trip; there was no reason. But then Rainman looked over at me, he smiled at me with that stupid grin of his and said “Pig, Chuck was no quitter and neither are we. We have to finish this ride for Chuck”. I could not have agreed with him more. We mounted back up and continued on our ride to Sherman, TX for the night. Not much was said for the rest of that day. It was hard to just sit there and chatter. Well it was more like Taz and I stayed in the saddle bags playing poker. (It was too cold to ride outside.) Sunday morning held the final leg of the ride home. It was filled with a few surprises we were not expecting. It was a day that would test all of our riding skills. We got on the road early so we could get through Dallas before it woke up. What we were not expecting was the headwind we had that day mixed with the cold. Was this what grandpa meant when he said “do something significant in your life” I would like to think so. This trip tested every one of our riding abilities. We battled the elements of cold weather stinging our fingertips and a head-wind so strong it beat us down like a red-headed stepchild. There were the numbing vibrations tingling through our feet and legs. There were quick calculations of fuel mileage vs. head-wind that had to be performed on a moment’s notice of the next exit. We also lost a good friend along the way. My friend, Pole Cat told us before we left that we would return different than when we left. And he was right; we were changed in more ways than one. There would be no fan fare to welcome us home, no applause. Just a nod of recognition from riders more experienced. We didn’t find the world’s largest ball of string out there. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We did, however, find ourselves through our time of reflection. We learned how much we love our family and friends. And we learned how a new adventure awaits us just down the road. This trip will live in our hearts forever. Having Chuck along on this trip is what made it possible for us to complete it. Chuck was a good friend. Better yet, his determination not to let his cancer slow him down gave us the inspiration to ride on. To remember who we rode for, each of us was sent with the message of “This is for Chuck”.

So, this one is for you, Chuck. May you Rest In Peace January 2013


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In 2012, Thunder Roads Texas sponsored 11 weekend-long rallies, more than 20 one-day rallies and benefit events, and had correspondents covering an additional 40-plus events around the entire state of Texas. We have a great track record of being where the bikes are! In this section, we offer the “final” fall rally wrap up for 2012. and, if you’re already looking into this year - check out our Spring Rally Preview, starting on page __.

Lone Star Shoot Out * The Lone Star Rally Galveston * November 1-4, 2012 By Don “DB” McGovern, TRT Correspondent and Sales


ovember 1-4, 2012, the 11th Annual Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas brashly lived up to the reputation as the largest, and baddest, four-day motorcycle rally in the country. This year I had the real pleasure of not only attending the rally but also assisting well known motorcycle event photographer and journalist Pete Alva in his newest endeavor as producer and director of a major motion picture documentary about bikers and

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January 2013

their events. I was introduced to Pete through a mutual friend, longtime rocker Pat Savage, and I read several feature articles by Pete in leading publications like Quick Throttle, New York Rider and Easy Rider Publications. We shared experiences about covering our two-wheeled industry and when Pete invited me to join him in Galveston, the Harley was quickly packed. Having shot footage at Sturgis,

Laughlin, Detroit, New York, Ohio, and Denver, Pete now set his sights on Texas. I have been behind a camera as a correspondent but could not anticipate the opportunity I was offered to assist this 15-year veteran photographer and filmmaker during the production of a unique viewpoint of the biker culture. From our Galveston hotel, just a block off the Strand, we set out each morning, working late into the evening,

threading crowded streets to capture those perfect moments. I quickly learned that it was no easy task hauling video and still cameras, as well as extra film and batteries through festive crowds of revelers. We visited vendors and manufacturers at the newly restored Seawall (no event has had a presence there since Hurricane Ike in 2008.) We roamed local taverns filming live bands on stage and even women riding a mechanical bull. We hung off balconies and sometimes filmed from street level, a wheel-spoke point of view as thousands of bikes rolled by in an endless procession. I truly had some anxious moments watching this fearless professional step into the thick of the action on his crusade to capture the best that Lone Star, and Texas, could throw his way.

time friend Eric and I sped across the Causeway and into the countryside as the cameras told our story. We joined fellow riders bonding in a two wheeled celebration of freedom, called Lone Star. For now, the outside world would wait as we soared in the wind. Many, many thanks go out to Pete Alva with ForWorld Pictures; Candace of the Lone Star Rally; Shelly Horan, editor of Thunder Roads Texas; Eric Hoffman, Ray Ray McGibbons, Laura Benson, Lonnie Fitch, Blowout Morrow (my apologies to those whom I may have forgotten) for your hospitality, your contributions, and a THUNDEROUS good time. We’ll see you at the next one!

Plenty of good riding was not denied. With Pete safely planted in our truck, my long-

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Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

January 2013


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FINAL FALL RALLY WRAP UP Roar by the Shore South Padre Island (SPI) Bikefest South Padre Island * October 11-14, 2012 By Donna Herrin, TRT Correspondent


hat do you look for in a Motorcycle Rally? Rides, bands, bikes, events, vendors? The South Padre Island (SPI) Bikefest had that and more. Over a four-day weekend, starting on Thursday, there was the “Buns on the Run” ride, SPI Bikefest Welcome party, and the Ms. Bikefest competition registration. On Friday there were demonstration rides at the local Mad Boar Harley shop, Biker Bras’ Dunk-a-Babe event, Wheel Revolution Stunt show, the Biker Bras auction, along with the bands Marshall Law, Six Strings Down, the AliCat Project, Ram Denesse, and Lance Lopez. On Saturday, a lot was happening including the Bike Show. There was the Bikefest Decathlon, a 150-mile ride with 10 different stops along the way. Each stop featured an event where riders had to complete an activity to win a string

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January 2013

of Mardi Gras beads. Bikers who collected all 10 strings of beads got an extra chance at the motorcycle giveaway. One of the stops was a local shooting range where participants got to shoot 40 caliber guns. Another stop was a civil war reenactment. At this stop, participants had to match the decade to the bike’s debut, with bikes going back to the 1920s. This event was also open to participants of the reenactment. There were kids who did as well or sometimes better than some of the bikers at matching the bikes to the year of issue. Bikers have a great sense of humor and everybody had a good time. Whatever the event on the stop, participants had to complete it satisfactorily to collect the Mardi Gras beads. And, did I mention the ride was 150 miles across and around the Rio Grande Valley? The Biker Bras continued their Dunk-a-Babe event and there were more demo rides at Wild Boar Harley shop.

There was also a tattoo contest, field events, and the finals for the Ms. Bikefest competition. The winner of the Bike Show was announced as well as the winner of the Ms. Bikefest competition, Ms. Alejandra Campos. Just before sundown, the Iron Horse Memorial Parade started in Port Isabel, crossed the Queen Isabella Causeway, and wound its way across the Island arriving at the Convention Center. People lined up early for this rally favorite, both as participants and parade watchers. I have ridden in the parade and I’ve watched from the sidelines. It’s always fun and different and the mix of bikes is amazing, from the sport bikes to the custom trikes and everything imaginable in between. The South Texas Fighting Championship cage fight was the highlight of the evening; followed by the bike give away. Bands were Point Blank, Six Strings Down, and The AliCat Project. There was also a 12-step meeting

every day of the rally. Sunday started off with Biker Church by the Christian Motorcycle Association, 1 Wheel Revolution Stunt Show, the kid’s field events and did I mention the vendors? There was plenty of bling for your bike and bling for your babe. In addition to all of this, there were the local eating and drinking establishments who threw open their doors to the bikers. The weather was good except for a short rain (we need rain badly down here) and everybody had a great time. This was the 16th Annual Roar by the Shore event. It would have been the 20th except for a name change that took place early on. Local events included such things as the Lighthouse Market Day where you could buy all kinds of neat things and collectibles. There were condominiums and upscale hotels as well as a few of the more affordable places to stay and then there were the restaurants. My personal favorite is Dirty Al’s down by the jetties. This was the first time that the National Wrestling Alliance World Class Wrestling made it to SPI Bikefest and boy did it draw a crowd. It featured four matches and included the current World Title holder, Adam Pearces’ last title

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

defense in Texas. This was his fifth and last fight, having announced his retirement earlier in the year. It was the Bad Asses of Wrestling (BAW) vs. Las Fresas in four bouts. On the BAW team, in addition to Adam Pearce, there was lone star champ, Genesis and Texas wrestling legend Chaz Taylor. On the Las Fresas side, there were A.J. Summers, Rudy Russo, and Ben Galvan. Of course you can’t have a wrestling match at a bike rally without hot biker babes! All money collected by SPI Bikefest is donated to local charities. For more information about this year’s events, visit or find them on Facebook. SPI Bikefest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes “Roar by the Shore”, the largest motorcycle rally in South Texas and third largest in the state to raise funds for deserving non-profits agencies, primarily in the Rio Grande Valley.

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January 2013


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FINAL FALL RALLY WRAP UP Honoring the Blues Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV) Remembrance Ride & Concert Dallas * October 7, 2012 By Don “DB” McGovern, TRT Correspondent and Sales


n August 1990, Double Trouble opened for Eric Clapton in two concerts at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI. After a memorable performance all of the musicians boarded four helicopters bound for Chicago. In dense fog, the helicopter carrying Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV) veered to the left and crashed into a 1000-foot ski hill. All of the passengers were killed instantly. Stevie’s memorial was held on August 30, 1990 at Laurel

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January 2013

Land Cemetery in Dallas; he was buried next to his father. Along with the family, other notable figures in the music world including Kim Wilson, Jeff Healey, Charlie Sexton, ZZ Top, Colin James, and Buddy Guy attended a private chapel service. Stevie Wonder, Jackson Browne, and Bonnie Raitt sang Amazing Grace. On October 3, 1991, then Texas governor Ann Richards proclaimed “Stevie Ray Vaughan Commemoration Day”,

including a memorial concert held at the Texas Theatre. In 1993, a memorial statue of SRV was unveiled on Auditorium Shores (on Lady Bird Lake in Austin). This was the first public monument of a musician in Austin. In 1993, with Mrs. Vaughan’s blessing, the Annual SRV Remembrance Ride & Concert was started to honor his life and music. Proceeds from the event established the SRV Memorial Scholarship Fund creating an award offered by W.E. Greiner Middle School for students who intend to

pursue the arts as a profession. On this chilly October 7, 2012 morning, people came together to remember the Texas Legend. Local media, vendors, manufacturers, and 1,000 plus riders participated in this year’s ride. The Dallas Police Department turned out in force, providing an escort from the largest Hooters in the world, in downtown Dallas, passing through Laurel Land Cemetery by the SRV gravesite, and on to the 3,500 seat Cowboys Dance Hall in Arlington. Once we were safely parked, it was time for a celebration of the blues. Our hosts, Shon Beall and Rick Choate, imported the best blues talent for our entertainment. Tallan Noble Latz jammed with Michael Lee, Bryan

Schwab, Ian Moore, Chris White, Van Wilks Kouichi Morita, Nick Harless, Ian Moore, Wes Jeans, and Kayla Reeves. This benefit had it all, and more; a pre-party at Strokers, a ride day breakfast at Hooters, riding past the SRV gravesite, the concert at Cowboys, a raffle of a S.R.V. Replica Guitar and an after-party at Diamond Jims. We got so much more than anticipated from our entry fee. Our hosts will be challenged to top this effort in 2013. And I will be there to let you know. So put this event on your schedule because you are guaranteed to have a THUNDEROUS time. See you there!

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Celebrating Western Heritage The White Buffalo Bikefest October 5-7, 2012 * Snyder By Randy “Harley Doc” McCamey, Associate Editor


f it is the first weekend in October, you will find the White Buffalo Bikefest happening in Snyder. Between Abilene and Lubbock, I’m not sure if Snyder is technically classified as a West Texas town or a Panhandle town. Whichever is correct, Snyder is centrally located in that part of the state and draws bikers from all across Texas including Wichita Falls, Amarillo, El Paso, and many other places in and out of the state. The longest ride winner was Ariel DuCarme who rode in from Florida! The rally, hosted by the Snyder Chamber of Commerce, was attended by some 8,000 bikers with over 70 companies, clubs, and organizations as sponsors. Bikers from the Christian Motorcycle Association were among the rally’s many volunteers and their drill team performed some incredible slow-speed maneuvers and riding formations during the rally.

The weather was unusually cool for the first week in October, but most of us enjoyed a break from the summer heat and did not mind getting out the cool weather gear. Of course, performances by the Flaunt Girls helped heat things up too! Music all day and half the night kept everyone two-steppin’ and high-steppin’ to the tunes.

Page 20


January 2013

Along with the bike show, the rally included a number of the traditional contests and competitions including a poker run and a tattoo contest. The women’s tattoo competition was won by Katera and the men’s tattoo competition was won by Jon Boy. The loudest pipes competition was topped by Gary Featherstone on “Ol’ Fat Boy”. The American Motordome Company performed stunts in their Wall of Death, where one or more bikes were ridden along the vertical walls of the giant wooden cylinder. Stunt Garbage, a group of stunt riders from Dallas and Houston, performed absolutely insane wheelies, front-wheel stops, and other riding tricks on their hopped-up performance bikes. The rally grounds were filled with dozens of vendors from lights to leathers to leggin’s and everything in between including lots of food and beer. “There is a lot of activity during the rally both inside and

outside the coliseum,” says Debbie Turnbow of Dirty Goatees, “and, having been at the White Buffalo rally for several years, sales are usually good even if the weather isn’t.” One unique feature of the White Buffalo Bikefest is that it is held during the White Buffalo Days; a celebration of a legendary buffalo hunter, J. Wright Moar, who brought down a rare white buffalo on October 7, 1876. The city of Snyder hosts a arts and crafts fair, dancers and musical performances around the courthouse square the same weekend as the rally. This helps enhance the bike rally and brings even more visitors to the area – not a bad idea; something other bike rallies and rally locations should consider. Overall, I give the White Buffalo Rally a winning score. If you are looking for a moderately sized rally to start the fall riding season next year or if you need something to really get you in the mood for a larger rally like the Lone Star in Galveston, mark your calendar for October 4-6, 2013 and check out the White Buffalo Rally.


Thunder Roads Texas * Page 21 * January 2013

Thunder Roads Texas * Page 22 * January 2013


Event Listing

The MOST comprehensive motorcycle event listing published in the State of Texas!


Legislative Weekend 2013 FEBRUARY Austin Region: Hill Country Metro: Austin

New Year’s Day CMA Bike Blessings Texas City Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston Chopper Show & Swap Meet Dallas Region: Prairies & Lakes Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth Parts & Party! Longhorn Ballroom (216 Corinth Street, Dallas). Admission only $8 adults; $5 kids (5-14) & Military; Kids under 5 FREE. Lots of vendors! Booth space goes fast, so reserve today. Only $40 for 10x10 space and includes one admission. Mail payment to Texas Scooter Times, 124 West Main St, Itasca, TX 76055. Payment must be received one week in advance. Walk-in vendors are welcome, but beware… reserve early to guarantee space.






Brendan’s Wish Celebrity Bartending Addison Region: Prairies & Lakes Metro: DallasFort Worth Brendan’s Wish is expanding their fundraising effort to include a series of events during the year that leads up to their ride in September. First up is the new Celebrity Bartending event that includes local celebrities helping out, auctions, raffles and entertainment.Proceeds of all fundraising efforts benefit histio research. Visit for more information about the brave young man behind this ride.

17 22-23

Thunder Roads Texas BIKE NIGHT SOUTH Kemah Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston Hosted by Jackie’s Brickhouse on Marina Bay Drive (FM 2094) just west of Highway 146. Cosponsored by the Outlaw Dave Show. Live music, Big Ass Beer, door prizes, CRAWFISH, and more! Reserved motorcycle parking. Rain or shine!


Thunder Roads Texas BIKE NIGHT NORTH Houston Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston It’s a HAPPY NEW YEAR (late) party! Hosted by Concert Pub North (2470 FM 1960 West, Houston, 77068). Co-sponsored by the Outlaw Dave Show. Live music with no cover or drink minimum, drink specials (big ass beer night!), vendors, stage games, door prizes, and MORE! LARGE reserved motorcycle-only parking, with plenty of cage parking, too. Bob & Shelly will be here this month! Rain or shine… the BEST and longest continually held bike night in Houston!

Bikers’ Expo & Swap Meet Fort Worth Region: Prairies & Lakes Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth Parts & Party! Will Rogers Memorial Center (3401 West Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth). Admission only $8 adults; $5 kids (5-14) & Military; Kids under 5 FREE. Lots of vendors! Booth space goes fast, so reserve today. Only $40 for 10x10 space and includes one admission. Mail payment to Texas Scooter Times, 124 West Main St, Itasca, TX 76055. Payment must be received one week in advance. Walk-in vendors are welcome, but beware… reserve early to guarantee space. Jalapeno Bike Rally and Bike Run Laredo Region: South Texas Metro: Laredo Spring Kick Off Party at the Loading Dock Galveston Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston You want to PARTY with the Best of Texas?! Of course you do! The Loading Dock, Strip Club Choppers of Texas, CrossTown Renegades host all your favorite Spring Rallies! Thunder in the Hill Country, Oldest Town in Texas, Blowout’s Biker Bash, Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally, Hawgs of Texas Rally, and Bikers Adult Rally! The event is sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas and VIP Apparel. Pole Dance Contest, hosted by Strip Club Choppers. LIVE Music all day. 50/50 drawing benefitting We Fight Like A Girl!

March 8-17 Daytona Bike Week Daytona, FL March 14-17 Blowout’s Biker Bash Hitchcock Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston Registration is now open for Blowout’s second annual biker rally & party. Bike games; special contests, including best leprechaun nighty contest; best dressed leprechaun; best St Patty’s Day themed campsite. Live music all weekend. Adult rally; 21 & up only. Held at the Galveston County Fairgrounds. $35 weekend pass includes FREE tent camping. $140 Self-contained RV sites include 2 FREE weekend passes. Preregister by March 3, 2013 and get a FREE T-shirt per weekend pass. Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas! March 22-24 2nd Annual Route 49 Biker Rally Jefferson Region: Piney Woods Metro: Longview April 4-6 Louisiana State HOG Rally Houma, LA April 5-7 Robert Arellano Dawg Fest Rally Mt. Pleasant Region: Piney Woods Metro: Longview April 10-14 Arizona Bike Week Scottsdale, AZ April 11-14 Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally Somerville Region: Prairies & Lakes Metro: Bryan/College Station Join Damon Dave and the crew for a weekend full of music and fun at Big Creek Park on beautiful Lake Somerville! Live bands, plus Bag Lady Sue returns to entertain. RV Sites, free tent camping (with entrance fee), bike & cart games, vendors and more. The party never stops with the Battle of the After Hours Campsite Parties! Registration is open now – with special “Early Bird” pricing. Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas! April 12-14

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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Boerne Region: Hill Country Metro: San Antonio 36th Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre hosted by Alamo City Gypsy MC. We’re returning to our roots and heading back to Hondo, TX! Come join us at the Hondo City Park and Fairgrounds located at 733 FM Rd 462 N. Plenty of camping and room for self-contained RV’s. Over 45 food and merchandise vendors. Run Pins for the first 1000. 1st Annual Jalapeño Eating Contest. For info visit our website or call (210) 601-1932. Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas!


EvenT Listing Hill Country Holler Boerne Region: Hill Country Metro: San Antonio A new Texas rally with an Old West twist! Held at the beautiful Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne, surrounded by some of the most beautiful riding in the US – the Texas Hill Country. Live music, old western town central, onsite camping, lots of vendors, trick shooting & wild west who, quick draw contests, covered wagon rides, tours of the exotic wild life preserve and MORE. Saturday headliner, Bad Compan featuring Brian Howe. Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas! April 12-14 TMRA State Rally Comanche Region: Prairies & Lakes Metro: Abilene


April 19-21 The Oldest Town in Texas (OTT) Rally Nacogdoches Region: Piney Woods Metro: Tyler Year Five – bigger and badder! NEW DATES… Join the OTT team for another rockin’ year in Nacogdoches! Special “Thank You” Cash Giveaway (Friday and Saturday drawing - $500 each), plus live music all weekend, custom ride-in bike show, bikini contest, burnout competition, BBQ Cook Off, Charity Poker Run, Downtown Parade, vendors, onsite camping, beer gardens, biker games by Blowout, and awesome scenic rides through the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods. Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas! April 19-21 Beach-n-Biker Fest South Padre Island Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Brownsville/Harlingen April 20-23 TCOC&I State Rally Katy Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston April 24-28 Laughlin River Run Laughlin, NV April 2628 Leesburg Bike Fest Leesburg, FL May 2-4 Arkansas State HOG Rally 479.890.6241 Hot Spring, AR

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January 2013

... continued

May 9-11 New Mexico State HOG Rally Albuquerue, NM

August 30-September 3 Thunder in the Rockies Loveland, CO

May 10-19 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally Myrtle Beach, SC

September 5-7 Hot Springs Rally Hot Springs, AR

May 16-18 Texas State HOG Rally San Antonio Region: Hill Country Metro: San Antonio

September 18-21 Bikes, Blues & BBQ Fayetteville, AR

Hosted by San Antonio this year in the Alamodome! Registration deadline is March 28. Register by January 30, 2013 and be eligible to win a Three Night Stay at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, our host hotel. Vendors, brothers, concerts, rides and more! Sponsored by Thunder Roads Texas! May 16-19 Rally in the Crater - Spring Mount Enterprise, TX Region: Piney Woods Metro: Longview May 16-19 The Aspen Cash Rally Ruidoso, NM May 22-27 Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally Red River, NM May 24-26 Party in the Pines Longview Region: Piney Woods Metro: Longview May 31-June 3 Branson Motorcycle Rally Branson, MO June 6-16 Laconia Motorcycle Week Laconia, NH June 13-15 Colorado State HOG Rally Greely, CO June 13-16 Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally Austin Region: Hill Country Metro: Austin

September 18-22 The Golden Aspen Rally Ruidoso, NM Septembe 26-29 Rally in the Crater - Fall ount Enterprise, TX Region: Piney Woods Metro: Longview October 2-6 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Fall Rally Myrtle Beach, SC October 11-13 Boo Benefit Jefferson Region: Piney Woods Metro: Tyler October 11-13 SPI Bike Fest South Padre Island Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Brownsville/Harlingen October 17-19 Oklahoma State HOG Rally Norman, OK October 17-20 Biketoberfest Daytona, FL October 31-November 4 Lone Star Motorcycle Rally Galveston Region: Gulf Coast Metro: Houston

August 5-11 70th Annual Sturgis Bike Week Sturgis, SD


Thunder Roads Texas * Page 27 * January 2013

SPRING RALLY PREVIEW Thunder Roads Texas is pleased to be a preeminent sponsor of many of the BEST rallies and Texas! This year will be no different. In fact, we plan to sponsor even more, helping organizers across the entire state bring you great events. Take a look at what’s in store this spring. Mark your calendars for some or all of these great events. It’s going to be a great year for riding events, if this list is any indication. Keep picking up Thunder Roads Texas, as we add more events to our sponsorship portfolio. And of course, you can always get a comprehensive list of events from our website or Facebook. If you have an event that you’d like to see us sponsor, please send an email with information to We are always looking for more great events to support and let our readers know about!

1st Annual Celebrity Bartending Fundraiser January, 17, 2013 * 8-10:00pm Hosted by The Back 9 Sports Grill Addison * Prairies & Lakes Region * DFW Area

36th Annual St Valentine’s Day Massacre February 8-10, 2013 Medina County Fair Grounds Hondo * Hill Country Region * San Antonio Area

Brendan’s Wish is expanding their fundraising effort to include a series of events during the year that leads up to their ride in September. First up is the new Celebrity Bartending event that includes local celebrities helping out, auctions, raffles and entertainment.

This popular first-of-the-year rally is back for their 36th year. The rally is organized by the Alamo City Gypsy MC as a fundraiser for Therapy for Disable Children Through Horses. Live music Friday and Saturday night, fun run, exotic bike exhibit, adult & children’s field events, onsite camping, and more. New this year, their 1st Annual Jalapeno Eating Contest… can you hang with that? Attend as a club and you could win $1,000 for your charity.

Proceeds of all fundraising efforts benefit histio research. Visit for more information about the brave young man behind this ride. 817.490.8898 (see ad page 28)

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January 2013 210.601.1932 See ad page 22

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Thunder Roads Texas * Page 29 * January 2013

Thunder Roads Texas * Page 30 * January 2013


SPRING RALLY PREVIEW 2nd Annual Blowout’s Biker Bash March 14-17, 2013 Galveston County Fairgrounds Hitchcock * Gulf Coast Region * Houston Area

This year’s theme is “Steppin’ Back in Time” with all kinds of contests, including a “Battle of the After Hours Campsite”, the 4th annual cart races, cart and campsite decorating, and more. Carts, Bikers & Babes is well known for the after-hours parties! Bring your happy beads and drinks and have some late night fun!

This is the second year for Blowout’s venture into organizing his own biker rally. He’s spent year honing his skills as a popular emcee and biker game host at rallies all around the great state of Texas. He throws a big party for the 21-and-up crowd. All the standard rally fare of bike show, bike games, wet T-shirt contests, stage games, live music all weekend, PLUS he offers unique activities, such as the Naughty Lebrechaun Contest… and don’t be shocked when you see a real life leprechaun milling around! 979.742.3284 See ad page 21

Online registration is open now. Preregister by March 2, 2013 to receive a FREE event T-shirt. 832.768.4345 * 832.768.4349 See ad page 18 Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally April 11-14, 2013 Big Creek Park & Marina on Lake Somerville Lyons * Prairies & Lakes Region * Bryan/College Station Area This will be Damon Dave’s third year for this spring rally, presented by The Texas Rally. Back by popular demand is Bag Lady Sue for both Friday and Saturday night. Also back are Victim, CrossTown Renegades and Chris Brade, offering a wide variety of music for everyone’s taste. Also secured, new to the rally this year, is Six L 6.

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

Hill Country Holler April 12-14, 2013 Enchanted Spring Ranch Boerne * Hill Country Region * San Antonio Area Original organizer of the Lone Star Rally brings you a new rally in the Hill Country at beautiful Enchanted Springs Ranch. This is a beautiful venue that offers camping, an old wild west town, a wildlife preserve, and, of course, the most scenic riding in Texas! The “new Texas rally with an Old West twist” offers some unique activities, mixed in with normal biker rally fun. There will be trick shooting and wild west show, quick draw contests, cover wagon rides, and tours of the exotic wildlife who call this ranch their home. Of course, there’s live music; with Bad Company featuring Brian Howe. They plan to continue adding “superstar headliners”, so visit their site for updates to the schedule. See ad page 29

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January 2013


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SPRING RALLY PREVIEW 5th Annual Oldest Town in Texas (OTT) Rally April 19-21, 2013 Nacogdoches Exposition Center Nacogdoches * Piney Woods Region * Longview Area Celebrating five years, the OTT Rally has moved from a fall event to a spring event. But they come with all the same great features that have drawn thousands in the past… just, hopefully, without the weather concerns they were facing in the fall! If you’ve not been to OTT, this event offers scenic rides around the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods through historic small towns; a BBQ cook off, a large bike parade through the red brick streets of downtown Nacogdoches, a well-attended bike show, plus live bands, tons of vendors, onsite camping, and more. Thunder Roads is tickled to have been with the rally from the beginning!

Hill Country Run Motorcycle Rally May 3-5, 2013 Luckenbach * Hill Country Region * Austin Area “More than just a plain ole motorcycle Rally!” The Optimist Club of Fredericksburg hosts this annual event as their major fundraiser. The proceeds help fund many community youth programs of the club. Live music all weekend, vendors, bike games, great food and drink, bike show, Cowboy Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (included), live auction, escorted rides around the

H 830.997.8515 Texas State HOG Rally May 16-18. 2013 Alamodome San Antonio * South Texas Region For the HOG in everyone! HOG chapters from all over Texas, and beyond, will hit San Antonio en mass to celebrate 30 years of HOG and 110 years of Harley-Davidson. The area features great Hill Country riding, the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and more. The rally is still finalizing all the activities, but we’re sure they’ll include organized rides, concerts, vendors, games, exhibitions, and more. 936.632.4936 See ad page 27

Page 32

Hill Country, and more. All in this quaint little area with a big name, Luckenbach. Online registration is open now.

January 2013

Register before January 30, 2013 to be entered into a drawing for a FREE three-nights’ stay at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk. 210.860.7233 See ad page 30

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January 2013


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Thunder Roads Texas * Page 34 * January 2013

Lights, Fossils... and Points! By: Shelly Horan, Editor


his month, we head out to Big Bend country. Always beautiful rides; many with nothing much in between stops than breathtaking views of Texas mountains and park land. The area is loaded with fossils and other geological specimens. Stop just about anywhere, walk around, and the rock hound in you will be in heaven. A note... some of the roads in the area are not paved. Please use all caution when traveling in the area.

A windmill at the center of town served as the first jail. Men arrested for petty crimes and drunkenness were chained to the base. The next jail was a one-room adobe house, but frequent and colorful escapes caused the town to build a better jail. They dug up rocks from a ledge on the northwest part of town to create the new jail. Eventually, used cells from the Alpine jail were installed. Visitors can see the old Marathon Jail still standing. Also of interest, the Historic Gage Hotel. Today, it’s the most visible landmark in Marathon. Designed by El Paso architects Trost and Trost, in 1926, it was built as a hotel and ranch headquarters for Alfred Gage’s 500,000 acre ranch. Today, the old building has been returned to its original glory. If you like old cemeteries, Marathon Cemetery has been around since before the town founding. Located in the southeastern portion of Marathon, visitors can better understand the town’s colorful past by walking around and observing the layout and arrangement of the graves. Also still standing is the original 1888 “first school house” of Marathon. It’s the oldest school building in Brewster County. Restored in 1928 by the ladies of

Marathon Study Club, the building is also known as the “Club House”. Onsite is a historical marker. One more thing to see before leaving this quaint town is the old bank vault. It’s just standing there on a corner by itself! Before banks, local merchants acted as bankers for their customers. In 1907, Marathon State Bank was organized. In 1920, fire destroyed the building, but the vault remains. Next up on our jaunt is Alpine. Simply climb on Highway 90, heading west. It’s one of the largest cities in the region, with a great history. Created in 1882, when a few railroad workers and their families pitched tents along a small spring-fed creek at the foot of what is now known as “A” Mountain. The area became known as Osborne. The best of the springs was on a section belonging to Daniel and Thomas Murphy. The railroad needed access to the spring as a source of water for its steam engines, so it did a deal with the Murphys to change the name of the area to Murphyville in exchange for access to the spring. As the town grew, residents desired a change and in February 1888, and the town name was officially changed to Alpine. Alpine is listed as one of the fifty safest and most economical places for retirement in the US and is often spoken of as the “heart of Big Bend” or the “Alps of Texas”. Alpine was formally incorporated in 1929. Sul Ross Normal College was built in 1921, later changed to Sul Ross State University. The college is credited for a lot of the town’s growth and welcomes visitors. The Brewster County Courthouse is located in Alpine. It was built in 1877 by an architect who has log since been forgotten, along with a matching jail; both of which can be seen today. In the old courthouse, step back through the years and enjoy

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

This program is free to our readers solely as inspiration to get out and visit our great State. For those that have participated, they are thrilled with the program – love the lists, set up rides to participate, and proudly sport the annual patch. Each year, we update the program… changing it up some. This year, we combine the Points Across Texas program into our Monthly Ride Map. The “base” destination points remain (county courthouses and jailhouses, Texas “capitals”, etc). This year, the “theme” portion of the list will be offered through our Monthly Ride Map feature. Any city or site identified by name in the ride map is automatically a qualified destination point for Points Across Texas. All efforts will be made so each ride map affords the ability to earn a patch. Ride any or all of the maps, use any or all of the designated “Points”, submit photos identifying the “points”, and we’ll send you a Points Across Texas patch after you submit five photos. Don’t wait to submit all five, go ahead and send them in as you ride. Continue visiting beyond a single map or patch! Ride three different maps and send in ten pictures from those maps and receive a Thunder Roads T-shirt ($15 value). Ride six different maps and get a FREE year’s subscription to Thunder Roads ($29 value). Also NEW this year, pick up each issue of Thunder Roads Texas and see if we published your photo. If you identify your photo and contact us (via contests@thunderroadstexas. com), we’ll send you a Thunder Roads Texas T-shirt. Deadline for photo submission for this year is January 15, 2014. For more details, visit

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In March 1887, Buchel and Foley Counties were formed out of Presidio County, along with Jeff Davis and Brewster. However, due to the counties not ever forming, they were attached to Brewster County in 1889, and eventually annexed into Brewster by 1897. This formed what is now the largest county (by land mass) in Texas.

POINTS ACROSS TEXAS A Reader Rides Program


The map starts in Marathon, “Where there’s nothing ‘to do’!” (city motto). Located in an ancient sea bed known as the Magnificent Marathon Basin, surround by mountains at over 4000 feet, the community only has 430 full time residents. Because of their location the town is blessed with the darkest skies in the lower 48 states. Founded in 1882 after San Antonio brothers, Solomon and Mayer Halff, leased part of their land to the federal government. Camp Pena Colorado (a US Army post) was established, which became the local center of population before the railroad. Captain Albion E. Shepard, a former sea captain, bought land in the area in March 1882 and established the Iron Mountain Ranch, north of the site of current Marathon. Shepard named the site Marathon because its terrain reminded him of the plains in Marathon, Greece.

Lights, Fossils... and Points! ... continued

displays of early Alpine. Visit the “Wrigley-Style” Kokernot Field. In 1946, Herbert L. Kokernot, Jr, retooled the semi-professional baseball team, the Apine Cats, into the Alpine Cowboys. He also built them their town stadium, opened in 1947. The elaborately decorated stadium included important infield clay shipped by train from Georgia. The team used the stadium from 1947-1958, with a decent winning record.



Alpine is full of exterior building murals. There’s the one depicting scenes from the motion picture “Giant” (filmed in nearby Marfa); or the one by Stylle Read (a popular Western artist specializing in murals) displaying images of West Texas and Alpine; or a theater decorated with images of John Waye, Darth Vader, and many other movie characters. All around Alpine is geological heaven. Great fossils and geological specimens are in abundance. The area is so known for these treasures, the town hosts the Alpine Agate Festival (April 19-21, 2013). While traveling around the outskirts of town, stop the bike, take a stroll. Who knows what you may find; the next unknown dinosaur fossil? After finishing up in Alpine, head further west on Highway 90, into Marfa. The name of the town still rings in our hearts as Mean Gene Kelton’s (1953-2010) first foray into movie making. But what really makes this small town famous is the mysterious Marfa Lights. The town’s motto embraces this phenomenon by saying, “We’ve been leaving the lights on for you for 120 years!” Marfa was established in 1883 as a water stop and freight headquarters for the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway. The strange name, they say, comes from the wife of a railroad executive who was traveling through the area while reading The Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1880). Marfa was one of the minor female characters in the book. The high altitude town (4,830 feet) is protected by the Davis Mountains, Chisos Mountains, and the Chinati Mountains; located on what is known as the Marfa Plateau. Because of the elevation and proximity to Mexico, the town has played important roles in the Mexican Revolution, Civil War, Prohibition enforcement (smuggling booze), World War I, and border patrol.

Marathon, TX Marathon Jail Gage Hotel Marathon Cemetery First School House Bank Vault Prada Marfa

In 1885, Marfa replaced Fort Davis as the Presidio County seat. Yes, this means another courthouse for the Points Across Texas program! Built in 1886, the Second Empire style features projecting surfaces and Mansard-style roofs that were in fashion in Europe mid-19th Century. J.H. Britton originally designed the building and the Texas Historic Commission funded a complete restoration of it, with a rededication in 2001. Visitors can take and elevator or stairs to the cupola and enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Marfa Plateau and nearby Davis Mountains. Marfa is also known as an artists’ haven. This eclectic community has art installations all over and the influence can be seen in nearby businesses, such as the El Cosmico. This place offers “a new concept in luxury hotels” – trailers! Stay in an individual trailer, tee-pee, safari tent, or bring and pitch your own tent. Another nearby oddity to behold, the Prada Marfa. It’s a permanent “pop art” sculpture installed by artists Elmgreen and Dragset. It depicts a Prada store in the middle of nowhere. The store is stocked with handbags and shoes personally chosen for the display by Miucca Prada. Don’t try to steal the items, though! After the store was vandalized and burglarized just a few days after installation, the shoes are for the right foot only and the handbags have no bottoms. Additionally, there is an elaborate security system. To see the town’s most popular site, Marfa Lights, visit the viewing center. The lights were first noted by settlers in 1883 and today, theories abound as to what causes them; everything from scientific to paranormal. The eight-acre viewing center features a viewing deck, rest rooms, and information about the lights. From Marfa, the route turns south on Highway 67, toward Presidio. But before that is the small ghost town of Shafter. Founded as a mining town in 1880, when John W. Spencer discovered silver ore in the area. Spencer showed a sample to Colonel William R. Shafter, commander of Fort Davis. Spencer, Shafter, and two other officers from Fort Davis convinced the state to allow them to buy huge tracts of school land. However, while they owned the land, they did not have the resources to mine it. In 1882, they leased some of their holdings to a California mining group and a new company, Presidio Mining Company, was formed. This brought Shafter into existence, formally. The small

Points Across Texas Qualified Destination List January 2013 Ride Map Alpine, TX Marfa, TX Sul Ross State University Davis Mountains Brewster County Courthouse Chisos Mountains Kokernot Field Chinati Mountains Mural Presidio County Courthouse Fossil/Agate El Cosmico Alpine Agate Festival Marfa Lights Viewing Center

The mountains around Alpine. mining company was plagued with law suits and bad fortune, closing and reopening several times through the 1920s-1930s. During the early 1940s, World War II related installations supported the town. But after the war ended, the town lost its momentum. The town is worth the stop; just follow the town sign designating Shafter a Ghost Town. Remnants of buildings, an old cemetery, and historical markers offer a walk through history. Now on to the final destination, Presidio; continuing south on Highway 67. The town is located on the border of Mexico and the United States. Believed to be the oldest continuously cultivated area in the United States, Presidio boasts a long history, with farmers noted as far back as 1500 BC. First were American Indians, next were Spanish settlers, with Anglo settlers in the area after the Mexican War in 1848. In 1830, the name of the area was changed from La Junta de lost Rios to Presidio del Norte. After almost being destroyed by a Comanche raid in 1849, Presidio survived to be firmly established by 1868. Nearby is the Peguis Canyon. This 2,000 foot deep canyon offers inspiring scenery. Another close place for history and interesting scenery is the Fort Leaton State Historic Site. In 1848, Ben Leaton built a fortified adobe trading post known as Fort Leaton. He dominated border trade with the Apache and Comanche Indians. Riders can visit Big Bend Ranch State Park, offering some of the most interesting archeology and history in the region. There are more than 500 documented sites in the park. With more than 300,000 acres of the Chihuahuan Desert wilderness, this is Texas’ largest state park. The visitor center, Barton Warnock Visitor Center, is located near Lojitas (south on FM 170 from Presidio). So that’s our New Year’s jaunt around the northwestern portion of the Big Bend area. Beautiful landscapes, interesting historical perspectives, great architecture… but hey, what else did you expect from Texas? Be sure to keep the map and Points Across Texas list handy each month! These maps are always archived online (http:// for download. The Points Across Texas program only includes 2013 and beyond at this time.

 Shafter, TX Presidio, TX Fort Leaton State Historic Site Big Bend Ranch State Park Barton Warnock Vistor Center

Quick Rules: • Locations/items must be easily identifiable in the photo. Signs are best (cities, events, mountains, parks, etc.), but some are self-explanatory (like Prada Marfa, a mural, the bank vault, etc.). • Your OR your bike must be in the picture. • Items, such as the fossil/agate, are simple - take a picture of you or your bike with a sample from the area. • Photos must be emailed to PaT@ThunderRoadsTexas.comor can be posted on our Points Across Texas Facebook page ( • Deadline for 2013 photos is January 15, 2014. Full rules and details are available on our website. Page 36


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Things that sound dirty on a football broadcast, but aren’t... • • • • • • •

He had to stretch to get it in He’s got great hands He bangs it in He could go all the way He gets it off just in time He found a hole and slid through it He gets penetration into the backfield

A lady is throwing a party for her granddaughter and had gone all out – a caterer, a band and a clown. Just before the party started, two bikers showed up looking for a donation for one of their charities. Feeling sorry for the bikers, the woman told them that she would give them a donation if they would help chop some wood for her out back. Gratefully, they headed to the rear of the house. The guests arrived and all was going well. The children were having a wonderful time. But the clown hadn’t shown up. After 30 minutes, the clown finally called to report that he was stuck in traffic and would probably not make the party at all. The woman was very disappointed and unsuccessfully

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tried to entertain the children herself. She happened to look out the window and saw one of the bikers doing cartwheels across the lawn. She watched in awe as he swung from tree branches, did mid-air flips and jumped high in the air. She went up to the other biker and said, “What your friend is doing is absolutely marvelous. I have never seen such a thing. Do you think your friend would consider repeating this performance for the children at the party? I will pay him $50.” The other biker says, “Well, I dunno’ lady. Let me ask him. ‘Hey bubba! For $50, would you chop off another toe?” The huge college freshman decided to try out for the football team. “Can you tackle?” asked the coach. “Watch this,” said the freshman, who proceeded to run smack into a telephone pole, shattering it to splinters. “Wow,” said the coach. “I’m impressed. Can you run?” “Of course I can run,” said the freshman. He was off like a shot, and, in just over nine seconds, he had run a hundred yard dash. “Great!” enthused the coach. “But can you pass a football?” The freshman hesitated for a few seconds. “Well, sir,” he said, “if I can swallow it, I can probably pass it.”

Biker Bob was very excited because he just won a ticket to the Super Bowl. His excitement lessened as he realized his seat was in the back of the stadium. As he searched the rows ahead of him for a better seat, he found an empty one right next to the field. He approached the man sitting next to the empty seat and asked if it was taken. The man replied, “No.” Amazed the young man asked, “How could someone pass up a seat like this?” The older gentleman responded, “That’s my wife’s seat. We’ve been to every Super Bowl together since the day we were married but she has passed away.” “Oh, how sad,” the man said. “I’m sorry to hear that, but couldn’t you find a friend or relative to come with you?” “No,” the man said, “They’re all at the funeral.” Marvin Ventner, the football coach was asked his secret of evaluating his new recruits. ‘Well,’ he answered, ‘It’s easy. I take ‘em out in the woods and make ‘em run. The ones that run round the trees, I make into running backs. The ones that run straight into the trees, I turn into linemen.’

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his month, we feature a Houston-based Country Band that’s rocking (and kicking) bike rally stages of late. This will be the second year they have played a Texas Rally event, hitting the stage Saturday night at the Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally (April 11-14). Biker audiences are enjoying a change in the scenery from local rallies offering something other than the head banging hard rock of yesteryear. Chris Brade (pronounced brah-dee) offers a great show that you can kick up those biker boots with! Brade offers a beautiful voice, lots of energy onstage, and girls… he ain’t bad to look at either! With Chris is Cassidy Hurst. They’ve now teamed up as Brade & Hurst, a joint venture they are hoping will catapult them to the national stage. They play all over Texas and surrounding states at such venues as Mo’s Place in Katy; Armadillo Ballroom in Brazoria; Coushatta Casino & Resort, Coushatta, LA; Music in the Mountains in Breckenridge, CO; Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo BBQ Cook Off (Holy Cow Cookers), Houston; Choctaw Casino in Idabel, OK; and more. Along with Chris and Cassidy, are Bill Collin on drums and Anthony Klonaris on lead guitar. A small band, sure, but big Country sound. One of their recent popular song for audiences is “It’s a Ying Yang Thing”. With lyrics like “She’s a ying, I’m a yang; She likes rock, I like twang”, your toes will be tapping. This pretty much sums up what happens at the biker rallies with Chris Brade on hand! Not to mention, it’s a great song. We encourage you to join us at Carts, Bikers & Babes Rally to experience this dynamic duo for yourself.

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Biker Friendly These businesses are SERIOUS about serving the Texas Motorcycle Community. The list is set up in business categories. Regional and Metro information is included. An “ * ” means the location is a Thunder Roads Texas distribution point. Visit to find a full listing of distribution points. Tell them you saw them in Thunder Road Texas! Want to be on this list - it’s only $149/YEAR - visit our website or email for information.

Accessories & Parts * Stitches 1308 Hwy 6 South Houston, TX 77077 281.558.8572 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

Bands & Entertainment BE THE FIRST! ONLY $149/YEAR

Bars & Restaurants * Deanville Bar & Grill 1789 FM 60 S Deanville, TX 77852 979.535.7776 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Bryan/College Station * Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop Bent Rim Grill 657 West Ranch Rd Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.6629 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio * Headwaters Saloon 229 S Ranch Rd 783 Harper, TX 78631 830.377.5034 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio * Hot Rods and Harleys Bar & Grill 13124 FM 306 Canyon Lake, TX 78133 830.864.2911 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

* Johnny O’s Ole House Tavern 9905 Camp Bowie West Fort Worth, TX 76116 817.874.2535 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth

* West of the Brazos 23220 Hwy 36 Damon, TX 77430 979.742.3100 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Loading Dock, The 504 25th St Galveston, TX 77550 409.765.5155 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Yankee’s Tavern 8703 Ada Oaks Ln Anderson, TX 77830 936.873.3314 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Bryan/College Station

* Noah’s Ark Bar & Grill 4438 Boulevard St Bacliff, TX 77518 281.339.2895 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston * Rolling Thunder Bar & Grill 6441 County Rd 2173 Fluvanna, TX 79517 325.573.HAWG (4294) Region: Panhandle Closest Metro: Lubbock * RPM’s Bar 26210 FM 2978 Magnolia, TX 77354 281.259.7789 Region: Piney Woods Closest Metro: Houston * Tommaso’s Italian Restaurant 507 N Gordon St Alvin, TX 77511 281.331.6262 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

Dealerships & Shops * Collin County Choppers AKA Frisco Custom Cycles 6427 Main St Frisco, TX 75034 214.387.0650 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth * Cowboy’s Alamo City H-D 11005 IH 35 North San Antonio, TX 78233 800.397.7875 Region: South Texas Closest Metro: San Antonio * Custom Cycles Texas 14205 River Rd New Braunfels, TX 78132 210.846.1081 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio

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Biker Friendly

... continued

* Cycle Heaven 3770 Hwy 69 N Lufkin, TX 75904 936.634.8404 Region: Piney Woods Closest Metro: Tyler

* Longhorn Harley-Davidson 2830 West I-20 Grand Parairie, TX 75052 972.988.1903 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Ft Worth

* Thunder Alley Cycles 416 NE Wilshire Blvd Burleson, TX 76028 817.295.0955 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Ft Worth

* Harley-Davidson of Kingwood 111 Northpines Dr Kingwood, TX 77339 281.358.0457 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Mancuso Harley Davidson - Crossroads 12710 Crossroads Park Dr Houston, TX 77065 281.970.9700 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Tugs Cycles 19529 County Rd, #2 Brazoria, TX 77422 979.798.6061 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Harley-Davidson of Waco 4201 S Jack Kultgen Expy Waco, TX 76711 254-753-0393 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Waco

* Motorcycle Tire Shop Welding/Technical Services 1917 S Hackberry San Antonio, TX 78210 210.533 BIKE (2453) Region: South Texas Closest Metro: San Antonio

* Hawgs N Dawgs Motorcycle Shop & CafĂŠ 1333 SE Military Dr San Antonio, TX 78214 210.924.0203 Region: South Texas Closest Metro: San Antonio

* Phantom Rider Choppers 6535 West Hwy 46 New Braunfels, TX 78132 830.228.4606 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio

* Javelina Harley-Davidson 29078 I-10 West Boerne, TX 78006 800-860-9696 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio

* Potterosa Cycles & ATVs ON! 18143 FM 314 AT I C O L Conroe, TX 77302 NE W 281.572.4774 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Legacy Harley-Davidson 12100 W Hwy 80 East Odessa, TX 79765 800.788.6921 Region: Big Bend Closest Metro: Midland/Odessa

* Southern Metal Choppers 11116 Middle Fiskville Rd, Ste E Austin, TX 78753 512.833.5044 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: Austin

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* Woods Cycle Country 1933 I-35 East New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.606.9828 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio * Yamaha of San Antonio 15664 I-35 Selma, TX 78154 210.655.2625 Region: South Texas Closest Metro: San Antonio

For the Girls * Coco & Duckie 20 E Main St Bellville, TX 77418 979.865.9393 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Houston GOT GREAT BIKER GIRL GEAR? ADVERTISE HERE!

Insurance & Attorneys * Ball Insurance 416 S Main St Highlands, TX 77562 800.444.7014 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

* Farrar & Ball Law Firm; Law Tigers 1010 Lamar, Ste 1600 Houston, TX 77002 713.221.8300 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston * Insurance Lady Agency 642 W Rhapsody, Ste A San Antonio, TX 78216 210.403.2216 Region: South Texas Closest Metro: San Antonio Walker Texas Lawyer 1924 Portsmouth Houston, TX 77098 713.552.1117 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

Lodging & Campgrounds * D’Rose Inn & Cabins Highway 83/Market St Leakey, TX 78873 830.232.5246 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio DUBL-C Guest House (Vacation Rentals by Owner) Kerrville area: located on Hwy 39 between Ingram & Hunt; Stay 2 Nights, get 3rd FREE 866.427.8374 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio

* Three Sisters Rally & Lodge 751 River Road Camp Wood, TX 78833 Region: Hill Country Closest Metro: San Antonio Motorcycle Towing Cyclone Cycle Rescue 1100 Crane Dr Euless, 76039 76039 817.308.9086 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth * Dragonstar Motorcycle Transportation PO Box 444 Bryan, TX 77806 281.935.8890 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Bryan/College Station Riding Gear & Leather Goods * American Man Cave 18 E Main St Bellville, TX 77418 979.865.9383 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Houston

* Motorcycle Outpost, The 103 S College Westminster, TX 75409 972.838.8222 Region: Prairies & Lakes Closest Metro: Dallas/Fort Worth Miscellaneous AFL Motorcycle Camping Trailers 281.685.5814 Cell, 832.695.0077 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston American Legion Post 402 11457 US Highway 190 West LIvingston, TX 77351 936.646.7411 Oklahoma Backroads 405.996.0411 888.785.8733 Outlaw Dave Productions PO Box 25028 Houston, TX 77265 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

The Overnight Bunkhouse Bed & Kitchen 13132 Highway 90 North Singleton, TX 77831 936.395.2601 Region: Gulf Coast Closest Metro: Houston

Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

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Texas-based, Texas-focused, Texas PROUD!

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