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Brand new book is available to Pre-order from PLUS get ‘Secrets of Kefir’ E-book FREE. Includes Information on how to use this powerful probiotic to heal yourself and your family, plus smoothie recipes.

Patsy Hi, I'm Patsy, head of the white Saanen goats here at Chuckling Goat. That Teasel thinks she's so great, getting her picture on the cover of the book, but who does all the heavy milking in the winter when all the other goats dry up? It's the Saanens like me, that's who!

Anyhow, looks like it’s down to we goats to put out the magazine again this month, because now the humans are all busy preparing for the launch of our book - ‘Secrets from Chuckling Goat’. It’s the story of how we taught our people to join us in a joyous healing ecosystem – and use our goatsmilk to save themselves when they were ill. Simple stuff, really – but it took those humans ages to figure out what we goats knew all along, about the healing power of nature! If you’d like to read about how Shann saved Rich from a life-threatening MRSA infection, using only natural essential oils and the probiotic kefir that we help them make here on the farm, you can pre-order the book here... Happy healing!

Patsy, Head of the Saanen goats. Click here to


To get a FREE ‘Secrets of Kefir’ E-book. Includes information on how to use this powerful probiotic to heal yourself and your family, plus recipes.


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watch shann talk about the inspiration for the book here...


secrets from chuckling goat... So, what’s the book about? Shann Jones never expected to fall in love with a Welsh farmer at the age of 41. She didn’t anticipate leaving her city girl existence as a radio talkshow host in San Francisco, to end up on a 25-acre self-sustaining farm in Wales. She thought her biggest challenge would be learning to milk a goat, make her own bread, cheese, jam and soap and being able to feed her new family of eight around the farmhouse table – but she was wrong! After her husband contracted a deadly superbug infection, Shann found herself fighting to save his life, armed only with natural remedies like essential oils and the goatsmilk probiotic that she had learned to make on the farm. This is a true story, taken from Shann’s diaries. It’s about second-chance love stories, and happy endings that pop up when you least expect them. It’s a story about nature, and farm life, and ancient recipes. And most of all, it’s about the miracles that can happen when you refuse to give up hope.

Follow Shann’s step-by-step journey as she learns to harness the healing power of nature.


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pre-order the book now and get a ‘secrets of kefir’ E-book absolutely



by Shann nix Jones

y “I could see that m ith all previous city life, w its fast pace and s, had labour-saving device any of been stripped of m w, the things that no me on the farm, made hole“. feel content and w

“This book is my diary, as I recorded my daily battle to to sa ve my husband's life, using only the ingredients I had to hand on the farm“.

“I turned to the natural magic, and power, and wild strength that I had learned on the farm. I got out my biggest pan, and all my essential oils, and my goatsmilk probiotics, and I set to work“.

“I must be the luckiest woman in the world“.

“We have to le arn to co-exist with the world inside - all th e t of tiny cells liv rillions ing on us and in us wit hout which we could not exist. We are the plane t. Literally“.

You can pre-order the book now and get a ‘Secrets of Kefir E-book absolutely FREE from: The book is available in both print and for kindle and other e-readers, lly. kefir from“Traditiona the following sellers;

grains were thought of UK part of the wealth as Sellers of a family, to be passed on from generation to generation”. US Sellers Shann Nix Jones


chuckling goat book reviews Author Shann Nix Jones. First published and distributed in the United Kingdom by Hay House UK Ltd, Astley House, 33 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JQ Tel: +44 (0)20 3675 2450; Fax: +44 (0)20 3675 2451 ‘From Brynhoffnant to Fortnum & Mason – an impressive story of risk and determination, but ultimately one of human fulfilment. This deeply personal story of a Ceredigion farm and its inhabitants will strike a chord with many families across rural Britain. And as for Chuckling Goat’s many products – I am a convinced convert!’

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion

‘Shann Jones describes an almost magical journey from high flying journalist to goat farmer and natural products entrepreneur. The book is a very powerful illustration of the healing powers of natural products, positive thinking and hard work!’

Professor Tom Humphrey, Professor of Bacteriology and Food Safety, Swansea University

‘I have enjoyed this book very much! It is written with wonderful warmth and humour. It is a story of revelation, transformation and discovery of the essence of life itself. I warmly recommend it!’

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MMedSci(Neurology), MMedSci(Nutrition) and author of Gut & Psychology Syndrome

‘This book is a refreshing reminder that the secret to the universe is always right in front of us. Shann’s book reads like a sleigh ride through the countryside and every page reveals a new landscape that delights our senses. An epic journey of one woman’s belief in her ability to rediscover the wisdom in nature and the goodness of life while facing the most daunting of circumstances.’

Peter Meyers, President, Stand & Deliver Consulting Group, global communication and leadership consulting

‘Secrets from Chuckling Goat is a compelling account of one woman’s remarkable journey. Shann’s is an engaging, and at times poignant, tale of her life with Rich and their “blended” family, as they face the joys and sorrows of making a living from the land and developing a new goats’ milk enterprise. Shann chances to discover the healing properties of goats’ milk products, which, as well as saving Rich’s life, also launches her business into the world of natural medicine. This heartwarming account of finding true love in the face of adversity, and the healing properties of goats’ milk, is laced with a good measure of human kindness – I commend it to you.’ William Powell - Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Mid- and West Wales, Shadow Minister for food and Farming, National Assembly for Wales.



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