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Willa Ford April 2013


Thrifty Hunter

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Content Jessica Sutta Fashion Beyond Retro Marisa Quinn Don’t Kick Jimmy Absolute Vintage Uneekboteek My Coco’s Closet Willa Ford Jordan Miller The Closet Alexis Bellino Natalie Dreyfuss Jenny Dayco Carmen & Camille Kendra Richards Jud Tylor Two Moxie Fashion Malana Lea Haley Pullos Street Style

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Beyond Retro

Photography: Kayt Webster-Brown Hair & Makeup: Suki Miles Model: Carmen Obied Styling: Suki Miles

White/red jacket - £35 Red trousers - £18 1970’s green dress - £32

20 Thrfty Hunter

1960's Yellow dress - ÂŁ45

22 Thrfty Hunter

Jumpsuit - ÂŁ22

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Oriental gown - £25 Floral trousers - £16 Top - £15

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MARISA QUINN Twilight Breaking Dawn

Clothing by: Sumthin Cute Actress: Marisa Quinn Photographer: Emily Soto Stylist: Gabrielle Lewis Assistant Stylist: Bianca Strother Makeup: Kalie Johnston 28 Thrfty Hunter

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Dress: $17.99 Pearl Necklace $8.99 Sky Blue Earrings $6.99

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We heard you were

What would you describe your personal style as? My personal style is natural, boho, effortless, classic simplicity.

What stores do you shop in? I’m a bargain hunter, flee markets, thrift stores, Marshalls

Do you enjoy thrifty shopping? Why? Yes it feels good to wear things 75% off and get compliments on it. I savor the challenge of buying at a low cost. I love mixing high and low together. For example recently I went to a red carpet event and I wore loubitons with h&m and it worked!

“Keep it fresh & new and keep finding

working on a clothing line,

inspiration in everything around you,

would you be able to tell us a

friends family and places you travel”

little about it? Yes I am. It’s going to be a eco-

What was your favorite part of

couture collection called “Marissa

being apart of the twilight film?

Quinn” it was inspired by a bohemian

Being a part of the films was a surreal

style with bold colors. One of my

experience. I had been a fan of the

biggest inspirations was my trip to

books for so long & being able to step

India & the line is going to be made

into character, I got to be a part of

with sustainable fabrics and bamboo

the world I had read. I loved meeting

cotton etc. It will also reduce the

the big stars like Rob & Kristen and

carbon footprint tremendously

seeing how down to earth and cool

across the board.

they are.

Do you have any fashion advice

If you are able to share what is

for the fans?

your next film project you are

Never walk out of the house in

working on?

something you’re not comfortable in.

Im working on a theater project next

Even if you have to walk around the

and I will be heading to New York

house with it on a couple of times to

to workshop a new musical called

get used to it.

“Distant Thunder” its going to be a

If you’re comfortable your radiant!

native American musical.

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Dress: $15.99 Shoes: $27.99 Ring by In Plush

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Blouse: $12.99 Skirt: $14.99 Chain by In Plush

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Don’t Kick Jimmy

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“We all have our different styles of clothing”

40 Thrfty Hunter

When did you form your band and what inspired you to make music together? December 12th 2011 DKJ met and an open Mic at the University of La Verne. We had never played together before but decided to jam on stage in front of a sold out audience at ULV. The synergy was there from the first snare shot to the last pluck of the guitar, we knew then and there that we would keep it going and start a band. Two weeks later Don’t Kick Jimmy was formed. Do you write your own music? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time? Yes we write all our own music. Our songs range from political topics, love, and our real experiences that shape us as people. Yes the topics will change as we gather new experiences and grow as people. How did you come up with your unique name? That’s a secret! Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows? We play all over LA and Inland Empire we are going to be playing a Benefit Concert at the University of Santa Barbara in May,

details will be on the Don’t Kick Jimmy face book page. We also have a regular spot at “The Press” in Claremont, CA every Sunday from 1030-12, it’s a free show and we encourage all the readers to join us every Sunday for drinks and good music. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences? Not to sound Cliché but we are trying to push the limits of rock and music all together so DKJ is really turning into a genre of its own. We of course of influenced by other musicians some of our favorite bands are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Doors, Coldplay, Everything Everything, Parliament, and the Dear Hunter. As a band do you have a particular fashion style? Does each of you have your own distinct look? We all have our different styles of clothing, Phillip goes for a fresh European sort of Hipster feel, Matt goes for a John F. Kennedy at the beach feel and Scott goes for the sort of Homeless sheik look. As a band what are your future goals? Our Goals as band are to finish negotiation our contract with our Label “My Block”, make music that we can stand behind and be proud of and make some sort of mark in the music community.

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44 Thrfty Hunter

finding Grace

Seeking Lesley,

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46 Thrfty Hunter

Mustard 60s Cotton Coat £65 (UK Size 6-8, US Size 4-6, Euro Size 34-36) White 60s Top £5 (UK Size 8, US Size 6, Euro Size 36) Gold Toe Court Shoes £18 (UK Size 4, US Size 6, Euro Size 37)

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Pink 60s Style dress £30 (UK Size 6-8, US Size 4-6, Euro Size 34-36) Navy Toe Russel Bromely Court Shoes £20 (UK Size 4, US Size 6, Euro Size 37) Burgundy St Micheal's Scarf £3 48 Thrfty Hunter

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Photographer: Hannah-Beth Photographer Assistant: Daryl Bleach Model: Megan @ Bookings Make-up Artist: Rowenna Gill Hair stylist: Rowenna Gill Wardrobe Stylist: Samantha Rosling Clothing Provided by Absolute Vintage 50 Thrfty Hunter

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Photographer: Teresa Koehler Model: Alyena Makeup: Jenny Black Wardrobe: UNEEKBOTEEK Jewelry: Lisa Marinucci Jewelry Collection

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MY COCO’S CLOSET 54 Thrfty Hunter

Photographer Emily Soto Stylist Gabrielle Lewis Makeup by Kalie Johnston

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Photographer & Retoucher : Emy Lou Stylist: Lisa Fifer Hair & Makeup: Tamara Tott Models: Ashton Lee Parks / Isis Betaudier Photographers Assistants: 70 Thrfty Hunter

Javair Mansell Sophie Amelia Collins

T E S O L C THE e Close

sers: “Th

rou Shirt & T


lute Vinta

: “Abso t” Shoes

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72 Thrfty Hunter

Jumper & boots: “Absolute Vintage” Tunic: “The Closet”

74 Thrfty Hunter

Dress, Jumper, and Scarf : “Absolute Vintage”

76 Thrfty Hunter

Bed jacket, dress, shoes & sunglasses: “Absolute Vintage�

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Thrifty Hunter 101

Kendra Richards In your opinion, what is the most important quality of great makeup? If the make up look is clean beauty make up or for someone to wear in their everyday life I think what is most important is to enhance your favorite features. Use make up to play up your strengths. Minimal use of make up can make a big difference, for example a slight tweak of one eyebrow with brow pencil can create the look of balanced brows . Overall I think it is important to see the woman and not the make up. However if I am working on a job and the look calls for drama or a specific style I may create a look that is great for camera but not appropriate for everyday. For example sometimes for a photo I will pile on multiple pairs of eyelashes, that just isnt comfortable or appropriate for real life but looks amazing in photos. That is the great thing about what I do, it’s playtime every day. I am part of a creative team and the work we do is a collaboration. Each player has a role and when everyone is working in harmony beautiful things happen and we each elevate the other and the final results. What are some budding trends for Spring/Summer 2013? Dewy glowing skin and lots of bold color is a trend for Spring/Summer in everything from blue eye shadow to orange lipstick and green nail polish. Its really fresh and perfect for Spring/ Summer. How long have you been practicing makeup and what has been the hardest part of building your career? I have been working in the entertainment industry as a professional Make Up Artist for over 20 years. I never get over how blessed I am to do what I love to do and just enjoy every day and every job . What does your daily makeup routine consist of? My personal make up routine always 102 Thrfty Hunter

begins with Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep followed by Elta MD sunscreen 45 SPF, Armani foundation and concealer, black eyeliner smudged, I wear mascara if I am “dressing up”, blusher, bronzer Stila Sun Shade 2 is the best and lip balm or this great chubby stick by Clinique in Heaping Hazelnut. I dont wear bright lip colors or draw attention to my mouth, I focus on my eyes instead. I put my on in the morning and forget about it so it needs to take me through the day because when I am on set working long days I dont have the time to check myself, I have models or actresses to take care of. What is one beauty secret you have or use? I have a few insider tips: - Because skin is the canvas for make up, whatever you put on it will only look as good as the quality of the skin it rests on so I make sure to prep the skin always, it’s one of the main reasons why I created my own facial serum Ultimate Make Up Prep. Be sure to take care of the skin and the overall look will benefit greatly. >> I use VERY VERY little powder (and an incredibly finely milled one, very translucent and light)... and only where needed so that the skin does not look oily. But I find that so many people pile on powder and it makes the skin look dry and as women age it becomes very aging and not the best look. I wont name names but a very beautiful older actress taught me this years ago. Many actresses wont let you over powder them because they know that it makes them look older. Dewy skin looks fresh and natural and holds up to scrutiny much better than over powdered skin... ok, so I am preaching here but I feel so strongly about this. >> Invest in good quality make up brushes! They honestly make your work better, you cant do a good job applying make up with inferior brushes. And if you take good care of them they will last you a lifetime. I have been using some of my brushes for 20 years and they are still in my kit and I take care of them like they are gold... because for me they are!

Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out? The quickest way to create a day to night look would be to play up your eyes, begin by refreshing your eyeliner and adding another coat of mascara, maybe add a shadow with some shimmer that will catch the light. For added drama line the water line of both upper and lower lids. Lip stains are great for night so that if you are eating or drinking you dont have to worry about your lipstick color fading You’ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair? Beyonce is the first person to come to mind. Can you tell us about what inspired you to create Heir Atelier and facial serum Ultimate Make Up Prep? Because skin is the canvas for make up and directly affects the final look of the make up, I created my own facial serum because I could not find any 1 product to give me the results I needed which was a way to get the skin ready in one step before applying make up. Before I was mixing 3 or more products together to get the results I need. Make up looks best on nourished and hydrated skin. I would create the serum at home in my kitchen after researching ingredients and getting a beaker and scale and writing down my recipes that I was testing on set. I began getting requests to purchase my serum from models, celebrities and other make up artists so I decided to make it legit and find a chemist to replicate it and produce it for me. That is how Heir Atelier began and why I am so confident about it. It was created and tested by myself and make up artists on the models and celebrities we work with for over 2

years so I know how it performs on a wide range of people and skin types and it’s been enthusiastically embraced by the beauty insider community. Can you offer one tip to women with problematic or acne prone skin? It is worthwhile to see a dermatologist to get your acne under control and determine what the right products for your skin type and skin concerns. Sometimes people with acne prone skin irritate it further with harsh products or

treatments that only make it worse. Take care of your skin! It’s worth it. And dont forget oil free sunscreen! What challenges have you had to overcome by being a successful woman in the beauty industry? Challenges exist for everyone, dont focus on them, focus on your goals... I find that the power of my mind and the thoughts I keep are either my friend or my enemy... I believe in the power of our thoughts and the words we speak to ourselves not just to other.

>>Final note to your readers: Also it’s important to find mentors and create a healthy support system around you. Respect everyone and be gracious to everyone you meet, always do your best, listen to the person sitting in your chair, know that everyone has something to teach you, be humble and open to learning no matter how long you have been doing something. Always strive to grow and learn and be the best you can be.

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Jud Tylor

Photographer Rowan Daly Makeup Artist Elaina Badro Hair Stylist: Jessica Marquez Wardrobe Stylist: Bianca Strothers Clothing provided by Honey Zhuang

108 Thrfty Hunter

We heard that the movie you’re starring

ways it would affect someone living dur-

call it a draw. The first one is “Charlie

in”42” is set to come out in April, how

ing that tumultuous time. It’s a lot of fun

Wilson’s War”, working alongside legend-

was it working with Harrison Ford?

to step into the skin of a real life person,

ary director Mike Nichols, Oscar winning

How did you prepare for the role?

but there’s also the added responsibility

writer Aaron Sorkin and Oscar winning

of depicting them as truthfully as pos-

actor Tom Hanks. I guess it’s no surprise


that the movie itself was nominated for a

I don’t want to misrepresent myself. I’m actually not starring in the movie, it’s definitely a supporting role. Harrison Ford starred in some of my favorite movies as a child. Indiana Jones

Did you know any history on Laraine Day before you were cast? I knew that Laraine Day was a 1940s

was a hero to me, and the Star Wars

movie star but I didn’t know the details

trilogy tops my list of favorite childhood

of her personal life. She was a colorful

films. Having the opportunity to work in

character, with many facets. She was a

the same movie as a childhood icon was

glamorous movie star, wife, mother, Mor-

a surreal experience. I never thought I’d

mon, author, TV host, philanthropist and

meet Han Solo in the flesh. I actually had

environmentalist. She was an amazing

his action figure!

woman who lived an incredible life.

I prepared myself for the role of

What was the favorite film project

Laraine Day by reading the script and

you have ever worked on and why?

learning everything I could about her. I also took the era into account and all the

There are 2 work experiences that stand out as my most memorable, so I’ll

Golden Globe. The second is “The Three’s Company” movie with one of my all time favorite directors Jason Ensler. It was such a collaborative, creative and supportive work environment. We had cast rehearsals, breakfast meetings to discuss the script, and an amazing soundtrack complied by Jason himself to set the mood before shooting scenes. The movie spanned 3 decades so the wardrobe was as phenomenal as the music. Does Canadian TV differ a lot from American TV?

Thrifty Hunter 109

Canadian TV really reflects the Canadian way of

place in my heart. I love the people and I miss the sea-

life and Canadian sensibilities. This is expressed in

sons but I’m really enjoying my time in LA. The weather

the humor and characters on Canadian programs and

is gorgeous, and there’s so much to do. I live 6 blocks

Canadian shows are typically edgier, more sarcastic and

from the beach and I really couldn’t ask for more.

a little less stereotypical. Were you surprised that the first season of the series “Good God” was nominated for an award? This was actually the second season of Good God,

How would you describe your personal style? I would say that my personal style is mostly Bohemian chic but I like to shake it up and throw in a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces. I try not to follow

but it was called Good Dog for the first year. The title

rules and allow the way I dress to be a creative expres-

reflects each season’s content. Unusual, I know!

sion of my own personal style.

Not at all! Good God is hysterically funny, wildly intelligent and politically incorrect - all the ingredients for greatness. It reminds me of a hybrid cross between “Curb your Enthusiasm” and “The Office” and Ken Finkleman is a genius How do you like living in LA vs Canada? I grew up in Canada so it will always have a special 110 Thrfty Hunter

Do you like thrifty shopping and if so, why? Absolutely!!!!! The only thing better than finding something you love is finding something you love at a good price. The Rose Bowl and second hand stores are great places to find unique pieces at a fraction of the price you would pay for something new.

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124 Thrfty Hunter

Thrifty Hunter 125

PURPLE RAY 126 Thrfty Hunter

Photographer: Lasonic Sivongxay Assistant: Kevin Ho and Jeff Melgar Makeup Artist: Elaina Badro Hairstylist: Jonathan Thompson Wardrobe Stylist: Gabrielle Lewis Model: Faith Picozzi

Thrifty Hunter 127

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Haley Pullos Thrifty Hunter 141

142 Thrfty Hunter

What’s your dream role at the moment? Honestly, I’m really enjoying the role of Molly on General Hospital right now... who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention for two hot guys? However, I would LOVE to play “Alaska” in a movie version of “Looking for Alaska”. This is a book by John Green that I just finished and I absolutely love it!!

Do you have any plans to further your education outside the movie industry? I absolutely plan to graduate from College. I hope to go to UCLA, Julliard or USC.

We know you are just a teenager, but do you currently have a boyfriend? Ha ha, I wish!

Who are you looking forward to working with in the near future? With all of the Cassadines coming back to Port Charles, I would love to work with Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine). There could be some juicy storylines there.

Do you have a particular actor/

actress who you look up to? I really like Rachel McAdams. She plays such a variety of characters and does an amazing job with each one.

What do you see yourself doing seven years from now? Accepting my college diploma and my first academy award.

Tell us something that people don’t know about you? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I spend hours painting my nails with crazy designs. And they have to be perfect or I go insane.

Vintage clothing is something you love, so were you excited when you found out you would be featured in Thrifty Hunter? I was positively ecstatic! It was the best photo shoot I’ve ever done and I thought the clothes we found at the thrift stores were so cool and fun.

How would you describe your personal style in just a few words? Indy-eclectic-comfy. Thrifty Hunter 143

144 Thrfty Hunter

Thrifty Hunter 145

146 Thrfty Hunter

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148 Thrfty Hunter

Contributers Staff

Emily Soto

Chief Edtior Gabrielle Lewis

Rowan Daly

Graphic Editor Ricky Dorn

Michael Ng

Fashion Editor Bianca Strother

Hannah- Beth Todd

Contributing Layout Design

Emy Lou Harris

Jenny Dayco Page(s) 96 - 101

Kayt Webster Brown

Kalie Johnson Page(s) 82 - 87 ,134 - 139 Josephine Dejeu Page(s) 116 - 121 Contributing Photographers Josh Williams

150 Thrfty Hunter

Logan Cole Ricky Dorn Lasonic Sivongxay

Teresa Koehler Lasonic Sivongxay Contributing Vintage/Thrift Stores Unique Vintage Beyond Retro TwoMoxie Sumthin Cute Lost & Found Vintage Absolute Vintage

My COCO’S Closet Runway Boutique Fiori Couture LAFIORICOUTURE.COM Vintage Sanctuary Honey Zhuang UNEEKBOTEEK K.Hendrix Sponsors

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