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3 Natural materials, vibrant cultures. HANDMADE IN PERU

The Brand // Our Story Threads of Peru is a social enterprise that connects the world to handmade treasures of the Andes. Since 2009, our vision has been to strengthen ancient craft techniques, empower rural indigenous women and make the world richer by fostering cultural diversity.

to live a traditional lifestyle and care for their children. The products in our 2019 Collection represent the work and the heritage of over 120 artisans in seven communities and four regions of Cusco, each region with its own distinct textile traditions and techniques. Each piece in this collection is carefully made by the hands of one of these artisans, and imbued with a touch of their personality.

Threads of Peru was started as a way to make global connections in a way that would revitalize not only one of the most beautiful aspects of Andean culture – backstrap loom weaving – but one that Ultimately, we hope our small efforts in would also bring needed economic opthe rural Peruvian Andes will inspire culportunities to rural communities. tural pride in the next generation and help Simultaneously, we share a vision for a more these remote communities to thrive. authentic, sustainable future for fashion – one that interconnects textiles, people and the planet. We work hand in hand with indigenous artisans to create beautiful, handcrafted natural accessories and home textiles. We value the unique beauty of traditional Peruvian textiles, and strive for ways to do things differently. In so doing, we provide an opportunity for artisans, particularly women, to earn supplementary income while continuing





Authentic. Timeless. One of A Kind. This Is the Threads of Peru Promise.

7 9 64 120+






Artisan Profile

Narcisa & Melchor

7 We carry the story of the people who make our clothes. ALI HEWSON

Melchor & Narcisa: power couple extraordinaire. Melchor Ttupa Quispe and Narcisa Quispe Rojo are a husband-and-wife team from one of the most remote communities we work with: Pitukiska. East of Cusco, between it and Manu National Park, lies a deep valley called the Mapacho Valley, cut through by a river of the same name. Few people – even in Cusco – are aware of this valley. High above in what they call the “eyebrows of the jungle,” the valley is ringed with verdant mountain peaks dotted with small communities. One of these communities is called Bombon, and behind it – in a windswept bowl guarded by mountains – is Pitukiska. For decades, Melchor and Narcisa lived in Pitukiska where they raised their children, herded alpacas and grew many varieties of potatoes. They both belong to the Mayu Ch’aska weaving association of Pitukiska, of which Melchor has frequently been president. Mayu Ch’aska means “river star” in Quechua, and refers to both the Milky Way – clearly visible in the absolutely light pollution-free nights of Pitukiska – and also the small river that flows through it, reflecting the stars at night. These days, Melchor and Narcisa spend more of their time in Amparaes – a three-hour walk away, and the nearest city – though they still remain closely tied to Pitukiska and the weaving association. They help us coordinate orders of Awaq bags and Chiri hats, as well as all of our natural dyeing. True masters of this art, Melchor and Narcisa worked tirelessly with the Threads of Peru team to develop our 2019 color palette. Although natural dyes are never an exact science, this artisan dream team worked wonders to be able to bring beauty and consistency to the colors throughout this collection.


Call it “eco fashion” if you like, but I think it’s just common sense. LIVIA FIRTH

Ma ter ials

We believe in providing a more sustainable future for the textile and clothing sector, starting with the materials. We foster ecological sustainability through the use of 100% natural fibers and dyes. Our textiles are handcrafted exclusively using wool and alpaca fiber, natural materials suited to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Alpaca is one of the world’s finest natural fibers: soft yet strong, and very warm. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and water-resistant. More robust items like bags and purses are made of fine, tightly-woven wool, giving them the resilience to withstand everyday use. From the soft pastels of the Dune colorway to the jewel tones of our Earth palette, every color in this collection is created with natural dyes, thanks to a rich heritage of traditional cultural knowledge and an abundance of flora and fauna in the Andes. The






collection are naturally derived from local dyes like cochineal, a bug native to Latin America.


Natural, always.


dune, earth, slate. apparel & home collection


Demand quality, not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it. ORSOLA DE CASTRO

This year we looked to the roots of the textile tradition in Peru, with an aim to reconnect our artisans with their creative ancestors. Our inspiration began with a trip to the Museo Amano in Lima, an incredible private collection of Pre-Columbian textiles from Peru. The knotted red fringe tunic from the Chimú culture inspired the alpaca fringe adorning our Qura pillows, while the tie-dyed textiles of the Nazca culture are behind our Tuta and Pacha tied-and-dip-dyed pillows. .Even the intricate gauze techniques from Chimú and Chancay became inspiration for the richly textured yet simple, monochromatic Awki pillow. And as always, we take inspiration from the place where we live and give Quechua names to all of our products – from Chiri (“cold”) to Pacha (“earth”) and more.






desert escape

Tupu Tote- Dune 100% Wool, Cow Leather

Tupu Backpack- Dune 100% Wool, Cow Leather


Sechura Kimono- Arid Alpaca & Wool Blend

Miski Blanket- Dawn 100% Alpaca

Qhapaq Crossbody- Dune 100% Wool, Sheep Leather

These pastels are as soft as white sand and faded as if bleached by the sun. Berries and seafoam blues are woven together in a won-dune-ful mix.


Sechura Wrap- Arid

Alpaca & Wool Blend

Miski Scarf- Agave 100% Alpaca



Our Kallpa poncho, “energy� in Quechua, will give momentum to any day and fiercely transform any outfit.

Kallpa Poncho- Dawn 100% Baby Alpaca


Qhapaq Change purse

Wayra Change purse

Finely woven on the ancient backstrap loom, our Wayra change purses and cosmetic pouches are fully lined and finished with a zipper closure at the top.

All three are made with 100% wool, plus our Qhapaq change purse incorporates sheep leather sourced from Lima, Peru.


Wayra Cosmetic pouch

Andean accessory collection




3 4

1 Pallay Pillow- Dune; 100% Alpaca 2 Pacha Pillow- Dune; 100% Wool 3 Qura Lumbar Pillow- Dune; 100% Wool 4 Qura Pillow- Dune 100% Wool Base, Alpaca Fringe

Vegetation may be hard to come by in the desert, but every dune has its own texture. Qura, “grass� in Quechua, inpsired us .to give this pillow its own unqiue fringe--like the grass that blows in the desert wind.


With appropriate support, the artisan sector provides an opportunity to transform the international economic landscape.


The Artisan Alliance


1 Tuta Pillow- Dawn; 100% Wool 2 Tuta Rug- Dawn; 100% Wool




r t h

n a t u r a l beauty

Tupu Tote- Earth 100% Wool, Cow Leather

Tupu Backpack- Earth 100% Wool, Cow Leather


This palette of the collection takes you to the evergreen forest, the lake, sunsets on the beach, and the red clay beneath your feet. The tones may be earthy but they’ll never lack in richness.

Qhapaq Crossbody- Earth 100% Wool, Sheep Leather


Sechura Kimono- River Alpaca & Wool Blend


Mayu Poncho- River 100% Alpaca


Qhapaq Change purse

Jewel tones for your gems...

Two of the three pieces from our Earth Andean accessory set are named Qhapaq, Quechua for “royal� . Combined with these jewel tones, each woven piece is a true gem in the palm of your hand.

All three are made with 100% wool, plus our Qhapaq change purse incorporates sheep leather sourced from Lima, Peru.


Wayra Cosmetic pouch

Wayra Change purse







1 Qura Pillow- Earth; 100% Wool Base, Alpaca Fringe 2 Qura Lumbar Pillow- Earth; 100% Wool 3 Tuta Rug- Clay; 100% Wool 4 Tuta Pillow- Clay; 100% Wool 5 Pallay Pillow- Earth; 100% Alpaca


6 Pacha Pillow- River; 100% Wool

Pacha, or Earth, is the center of Quechua culture and we hope this pillow will be the centerpiece of your decor.


Miski Blanket- River

100% Alpaca


S l

a t e

B o l d Essentials

Tupu Backpack- Slate 100% Wool, Cow Leather

Tupu Tote- Slate 100% Wool, Cow Leather


Sechura Wrap- Storm Alpaca & Wool Blend

Incan stone foundations are a trademark of Cusco, Threads of Peru’s homebase. For the third palette, we wove coals, creams, and warm greys into staples as sophisticated as the little black dress in your closet.

Miski Scarf- Marble 100% Alpaca

Kallpa Poncho- Slate 100% Baby Alpaca



Qhapaq Crossbody- Slate 100% Wool, Sheep Leather


F r o m

h o m e . . . 2





1 7 6




3 1 Pallay Pillow- Slate; 100% Alpaca 2 Tuta Pillow- Storm; 100% Wool 3 Awki Pillow; 100% Wool 4 Qura Pillow- Slate; 100% Wool Base, Alpaca Fringe 5 Pacha Pillow- Storm; 100% Wool 6 Qura Lumbar Pillow- Slate; 100% Wool 7 Pallay Lumbar Pillow- Slate; 100% Alpaca


Wayra Cosmetic pouch Qhapaq Change purse


Wayra Change purse

T o

o n

t h e

g o . . .


Miski Scarf- Slate 100% Alpaca


Miski Blanket- Slate 100% Alpaca

Tuta Rug- Storm

100% Wool

Like the night sky descends on us each day, we let the dye cascade in an elegant ombre over our Tuta (Quechua for “night�) rug and pillow. We hope you let yourself fade peacefully into these textiles everytime you step into the room where Threads of Peru is a part of your space.


C l a s s i c s Chiri Chullo- Earth Alpaca & Wool Blend


Chiri Chullo- Dune Alpaca & Wool Blend

Chiri Chullo- Slate Alpaca & Wool Blend


Bracelets Wato Bracelet- Natural & Multi

100% Alpaca

Senkapa Bracelet- Natural & Multi 100% Alpaca

Amaru Bracelet-Multi; Set of 3 100% Wool


Awaq Chuspa Alpaca & Wool Blend

Aw a q, “ to we ave”, a n d c h u s p a, a t ra d i t i o n al b a g us e d by A n d e a n p e o p le to c a r r y co c a le ave s , co m e to g et h e r i n o n e of o u r g o -to b a gs . I t d o e s n’ t g et m o re cl as s i c t h a n t h is .







Illariy Scarf



100% Baby Alpaca


Kallpa Shawl


100% Baby Alpaca

Clay Storm



M e e t Store & Tours K’uychipunku 366 Cusco, Peru +51 84 232 691 Online Follow us:

fb./threadsofperu in. @threadsofperu

U s


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