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bowback stool 31-37h x 22w x 20d $1,075 $800 | aria stool 39-45h x 17w x 21d $1,850 $1,575 | 02 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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The holidays are a time when family traditions come to the forefront of everyday life, and the gifts we exchange represent what we hold dear. This season, we have chosen a selection of timeless pieces that reflect our commitment to fine workmanship, simplicity, utility, and graceful design. Our goal is to create vessels of meaning designed to be passed down through generations. We stand behind every piece with a lifetime guarantee and are confident these heirloom quality pieces will be cherished for years to come. Order today to take advantage of this limited-time offer of holiday savings and we’ll send you a lovely gift box just in time for the holidays, featuring an image of the item that will be handcrafted especially for you or your loved one. Also, don’t miss your chance to win the gift that lasts a lifetime—a week-long Customer in Residence session. See page 14 for more information. edo stool 32-38h x 19w x 18d $1,675 $1,425

Happy holidays from the Moser family to yours! 800 862 1973 |


stools: form follows function Handcrafted stools are a staple here at Thos. Moser, and we offer a selection of timeless stool designs. All of our stools are offered in three standard stool seat heights to accommodate most counters and bars. In addition, we offer two stools, the Bowback and High Stool, in an 18� seat height for use as occasional seating or to comfortably pair with tables, desks, and vanities. Forty years is a long time to practice, and the result is a family of versatile, heirloom-quality stools guaranteed to please.

04 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

To create the back crest of the Harpswell Stool, we begin with a three-inch-block of cherry, called a twelve-quarter by the lumber mills. As we carve into the block, swirling grain patterns emerge. Each crest is an individual canvas—no two are alike. When the seats are lined up together the effect is stunning. We’ve added our skill as joiners of wood, but nature has held the paintbrush. harpswell stool (opposite and left) 37-43h x 17w x 21d $1,575 $1,250 eastward stool (above) 38-44h x 20w x 22d $1,050 $900

800 862 1973 |


Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

06 | 800 862 1973

Like all of our furniture, we create our stools to be highly utilitarian with a reverence for material and workmanship that is almost unknown in these days of mass production. The hallmarks of Moser stools are structural integrity and enduring design. We believe that stools should withstand generations of daily use and we build them accordingly. coal shovel stool (left) 25-31h x 19w x 18d $850 $600 high stool (center) 25-31h x 22w x 20d $975 $725 ellipse stool (right) 25-31h x 18-19w x 16d $800 $675

800 862 1973 |


sitting is believing: good design is ageless Our signature piece, the Continuous Arm Chair, remains a unique, trademarked Moser design. To form the arms eleven knife-cut slices of the same board just one-tenth of an inch thick, called flitch, are laminated together. Then each continuous arm is painstakingly rasped, filed and sanded to a perfect smoothness.

08 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Six years in the making, the Newport Chair is a worthy heir to its earlyAmerican design heritage. The simple yet sturdy form of a centuries old Windsor chair inspired our own 21st-century edition. A refined workhorse of a chair, it will happily endure the rigors of everyday life, growing more beautiful over time. Thos. Moser Continuous Arm ChairTM (opposite) 41h x 24w x 24d $1,325 $1,050 newport chair (left) 30h x 22w x 22d $1,225 $1,050 table minimus oval (above) 23h x 21w x 15d $625 $500 See back cover for full selection of Tables Minimus.

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10 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The intent of the Pasadena Rocker was to build a quintessentially functional Moser piece in the “studio� genre, with rollover edges and flowing joints. The result is an award-winning stand-alone sculptural piece, satisfying the visual senses while offering hours of relaxation. pasadena rocker (shown in walnut) 42h x 25w x 40d cherry: $3,200 $2,725 | walnut: $3,500 $2,975

800 862 1973 |


Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A rocker from Thos. Moser can create the perfect new perch in your home, whether in an entry, living space, kitchen or bedroom. Our rockers coordinate with any style of dĂŠcor and provide hours of lasting repose. The result is handcrafted seating of exquisite design, uncompromising comfort and the promise to last a lifetime. new gloucester rocker (above) 39h x 23w x37d $1,825 $1,450 edo rocker (right) 35h x 24w x 37d $2,825 $2,250

12 | 800 862 1973

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win the experien

* Enter online at No purchase necessary. Eligibility restricted to legal residents of the 50 Unites States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry. One entry per email address. Void where prohibited. Selection of winner is subject to Official Rules. Visit thosmoser. com/gift for details or click here for Official Rules.

14 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

ce of a lifetime

Enter to win a Customer in Residence session. Back in the fall of 2007, we launched our first “Customer in Residence� program, a week long immersion into the Thos. Moser workshop environment. This program was inspired by one of our friends who asked if he could come into the workshop for a week or two to learn how to build something with his own two hands. Under the watchful eye of one of our craftspeople, he was able to take a simple design from start to finish all by himself. It was such a great experience, he encouraged us to offer it to others. Five years and over a hundred participants later, we are excited to complete our year-long celebration of our

40th anniversary with a Customer in Residence 2013 session giveaway*! Enter to win this week-long intensive internship crafting the piece of your choice and experience the process and satisfaction of building Moser furniture for yourself. Work side-by-side with a master cabinetmaker in our shop and learn about the intricacies of joinery, the shaping and molding of solid cherry and even how to bring out the natural luster of wood with the right amount of wax and elbow grease. Share your workshop experiences on a daily basis and enjoy two special group dinners with fellow attendees.

Click HERE to enter to win a Customer in Residence 2013 session! 800 862 1973 |


Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

16 | 800 862 1973

Our Chaise is a celebration of both the art of design and relaxation. Designed in a collaboration between Tom and David Moser, the 2–position Chaise takes its inspiration from designs created by European architects in the 1920s and 1930s. Handcrafted from cherry and upholstered with premium full–grain leather. chaise 41h x 26w x 55d $3,775 $3,200

800 862 1973 |


Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

18 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Vita Living collection merges the sentiments of modernism with the substance and grace of solid cherry and leather. This design harnesses the natural strength of wood to achieve suspension and cantilever with minimal form. Hand-stitched cushions ensure a sleek, tailored surface that is most comfortable. vita chair (left­—shown in walnut) 28h x 25w x 33d cherry: $3,675 $2,950 | walnut: $4,225 $3,400 vita cube side table (left­—shown in walnut; above in cherry) 16h x 18w x 16d cherry: $1,500 $1,275 | walnut: $1,725 $1,475 vita coffee table (above) 12h x 39w x 20d $1,950 $1,650

800 862 1973 |


Rounded corners, a crescentshaped apron, and a true thumbnail edge bestow the surface of the Wing Hall Table with a feminine softness. The lower shelf is exquisitely notched, providing a visual line that renders the entire silhouette aesthetically complete. wing hall table 29h x 49w x16d $1,500 $1,275

20 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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occasional tables: a style for every taste

22 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A thoughtfully placed occasional table can add new life to an otherwise neglected space. And because we handcraft every piece at our shop in Maine, most of our table dimensions can be modified upon request to suit your specific needs. edo cantilever side table (opposite, top) 20h x 18w x 23d $1,100 $875 lolling coffee table (opposite, bottom left) 18h x 50w x 22d $1,500 $1,125 lolling side table (opposite, bottom right) 19h x 29w x 19d $1,000 $800 square end table w/drawer & shelf (left) 26h x 20w x 20d $1,500 $1,275 crescent end table w/drawer (above) 26h x 19w x 20d $1,650 $1,325

800 862 1973 |


Shaped to support the curvature of the back, the tufted leather-covered padding of the Lolling Chair strikes just the right balance between firm support and cushioning. A simple shift of the five-position back transforms the angle from upright to reclined. The removable headrest is also adjustable. lolling chair 40h x 29w x 36-44d $2,975 $2,525 lolling ottoman 16h x 24w x 18d $975 $825

24 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Balanced proportion and scale, clean gracious lines, and a reverence for timeless design are our hallmarks. Scaled to the human form, our lounge pieces offer comfort and support for hours of relaxing. Solid cherry bases are built for a lifetime of use, but are unassuming in their refined simplicity. Exacting attention is paid to our fabric and leather selections, as well as to the upholstery process, with the end result being a clean, tailored seat that sacrifices little in form, but offers well-deserved comfort. wing chair 39h x 28w x 35d $3,700 $3,150 | wing footrest 17h x 21w x 15d $1,000 $850 drift chair 39h x 27w x 36d $3,200 $2,725 | drift ottoman 16h x 22w x 22d $1,000 $850

26 | 800 862 1973

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28 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

An attractive and practical solution to seating, several of our benches can be made to different lengths to accommodate a variety of uses. They pair nicely with a number of our dining tables and chairs, and can fill an entryway or sit at the foot of a bed. continuous arm bench (opposite—shown in walnut) 42h x 49w x25d cherry: $2,600 $1,825 | walnut: $3,000 $2,100 eastward bench (above) 34h x 63w x 22d $2,275 $1,925

800 862 1973 |


wall clock 24h x 11w x 4d $725 $625

wall mirror 32h x 24w x 1d $425 $350

desk clock 9h x 8w x 5d $375 $325

An important part of every family’s journey is collecting memories and treasured objects to be passed on to future generations. We supply the object. You add your own history, and life’s journey is enriched for generations yet to come.

windward bookcase 36h x 36w x 13d $1,650 $1,400

thos. moser continuous arm chairTM rocker 38h x 24w x 29d $1,600 $1,350 30 | 800 862 1973

crescent stool 9h x 15w x 8d $275 $200

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

When you purchase a Thos. Moser piece, we enter into a lifetime of service based on trust and commitment. If you are not wholly satisfied with any standard Thos. Moser product, we will refund or replace it within 30 days of purchase. And once you have purchased a piece of our furniture from us, we will guarantee our workmanship for your lifetime.

captain’s chest 16h x 39w x 17d $2,150 $1,825 800 862 1973 |


32 | 800 862 1973

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

To become a master at anything requires daily practice and intense study. In the end, a master is able to make very complicated work appear effortless. A true masterpiece need not hide behind artifice and trendy distraction; its quality is simple, organic, and undeniable. When you come across objects with this quality, you know it instinctively. It is what we strive for in all of our work at Thos. Moser, and what we hope we’ve achieved with our heirloom-quality case pieces. dr. white’s chest (above) 71h x 42w x 21d $10,825 9,200 blanket box (opposite) 25h x 41w x 20d $5,050 $4,300 800 862 1973 |


G u a r a n t e e d

t o

l a s t


l i f e t i m e .

Christmas present...and future

Treat their home to a little treasure. These petite tables stand 23" high and are a delight to behold in their diminutive, balanced proportions.

Visit us today at a showroom nationwide! 149 Main Street | Freeport, ME | 207 865 4519 72 Wright's Landing | Auburn, ME | 207 784 3332

table minimus rectangular 23h x 15w x 21d $525 $425

19 Arlington Street | Boston, MA | 617 224 1245

table minimus round 23h x 15diam $575 $450

699 Madison Ave | New York, NY | 212 753 7005

table minimus square 23h x 15w x 15d $525 $425

3395 Sacramento Street | San Francisco, CA | 415 931 8131

table minimus oval 23h x 21w x 15d $625 $500

55 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich, CT | 203 661 7278 625 West Lancaster Ave | Wayne, PA | 610 995 9500 Customer Care Center | 800 708 9045

Prices effective as of November 10, 2012 and are subject to change without notice. Vol. XII, No. 196

Thos. Moser 2012 Holiday Gift Guide  

The holidays are a time when family traditions come to the forefront of everyday life, and the gifts we exchange represent what we hold dear...

Thos. Moser 2012 Holiday Gift Guide  

The holidays are a time when family traditions come to the forefront of everyday life, and the gifts we exchange represent what we hold dear...