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ABOUT Tuxedo Dames: The title given to women equivalent to the rank of knight, fully indie and determining their own affairs as a soldier in armor. Tuxedo Dames officially debuted Summer 2012 with the “Casualties Of A Dice Game” collection, comprised of handcrafted accessories made with authentic dice, domino, vintage toy cars, keys and scrabble pieces, merging games involving chance with the gritty aspects of the street tale conveyed throughout the late rapper Big L’s track of the same namesake. was founded in 2011 by northern California native Kylah Benes-Trapp, the creative force behind all things TXD. As she cultivated her vision to develop a clothing and accessory line for women, the indie brand blossomed earning features in notable online publications and making its way into several Atlanta-based boutiques. The website relaunched in 2013 with the goal to expose the TXD audience to new content and highlight Kylah’s own personal favorites in music, fashion, art and more. The blog aspect of now serves as a digital correspondent to events and original interviews, as well as an invitation into the Tuxedo Dames lifestyle.

THE CREATOR The internet itself has become my medium, translating the growth of an idea into substance through my curiosity for aesthetics. Thanks to this unrelenting curiosity, I began to develop a women’s brand that would speak for my imagination. As a culture, we often share the same ideas, opinions and concepts; however, the way we interpret and respond to them are what create our unique identities and personalities. Through my journey in creating, I found the magic in mistakes is merely recognizing their worth. A Tuxedo Dame is just that, one who does not succumb to failure. All that inspires me can be thought of as an elaborate place I sometimes go to dream, but mostly it’s quite simple: I evolve with every discovery. The passion I possess has well acquainted itself with the soliloquies of an underdog. My revenge is artistic, not personal.

- Kylah Benes Trapp




SUMMER ‘13 COLLECTION She’s the hottest girl on your block--the Juicy Judy of your neighborhood, your strawberry bubblegum. She’s a Bad Flamingo. In Living Color, “Fly Girl” influences merge with sweet vintage charm and dream up the Bad Flamingo collection, a highly curated flamboyance of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia hand selected and styled by Kylah BenesTrapp to bring you the thrills and threads of summer. The assortment of distinct era styles reflects a raw sense of how urban culture re-wrote the rules of cool. An ode to the influences and the likes of Aaliyah in Tommy Hilfiger, Run DMC in Adidas and the hood in Timberlands--the essence of American classics renewed in rare finds, this one’s for you.

Mickey Mouse 3-Tone Hat

Contact Information Item Description This 100% cotton camper hat features a tri-tone dark teal, yellow and bright red crown with solid red underbrim. Walt Disney Company’s flagship character, Mickey Mouse, is adorned in multiple poses surrounding all facets of the crown, upper and top of the bill. One Size Fits All.

$10.00 Desert Western Blouse Item Description The Desert Western Blouse is rare piece sure to catch the eye of even the most dedicated melinnial cowboy. The Vintage Circle T by Marilyn Lenox is a one piece blouse joined by a scenic patterned vest and adorned with metal embellished tassels. The 50/50 Cotton-Poly blend ensures it will hold up for quite some time. (Model pictured in size Medium)

$40.00 Adidas Track Jacket Item Description

Important Information

An 80’s icon in athletic apparel, Adidas created this full zip track jacket with athleticism in mind. Little did they know the two pocket with zipper pull template would become an urban fashion staple for decades. This bright pink nylon outwear piece is a perfect addition to any bad flamingo’s wardrobe. (Model pictured in size Medium)


website: email: twitter: vimeo: @TuxedoDames


(BELOW) DJ SpeakerFoxxx shown modeling the three-finger dice ring for Wildflag Boutique

(ABOVE) Ashley Outrageous: “When I hear/see people working hard for what they want to achieve, I’m always inspired. Take these girls as an example.”

(ABOVE) Nylon Mag: NY Fashion Week video featurette. (ABOVE) Project Runway: Featured “Nina” gun earring.

Tuxedo Dames - Bad Flamingo Boutique Collection  

Press kit for Tuxedo Dames clothing and accessories brand 2013 collection.

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