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Native American Art & Artifacts Two Sessions — JANUARY 14, 2022 | 11 am

Featuring a small but choice, privately-owned collection of Native American artifacts… All are laden with cultural significance.

Auction Information Our auctioneer sells approximately 65-70 lots per hour.

Friday, January 14 Two Sessions — 225 Lots

Session One - Lots 1001 - 1073 | Session Two: Lots 2001 -2152 Lots 1001 to 1073

11am – 12pm

Lots 2001 to 2065

12 pm – 1pm

Lots 2066 to 2130

1 pm – 2pm

Lots 2131 to 2152

2 pm – 3 pm

PREVIEW: January 10 -13, Monday - Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm


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Native American Art & Artifacts Two Sessions — January 14, 2022 | 11 am

Session One:  A small but choice, privately owned collection of Native American artifacts Session Two:  20th c. Native American art, pottery & jewelry

Bid in-person, by phone, absentee or online. There will be a live gallery audience for this sale. The auction will be live streamed on three online platforms: Thomaston Live | Live Auctioneers | Invaluable


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We are thrilled to be able to continue offering live in-person bidding at our auctions. Given the current concerns regarding Covid variants, we will continue to require masks be worn in our galleries, during previews and auctions, regardless of vaccination status. We will continue to provide multiple remote viewing and bidding options to ensure an entertaining auction experience. PRESENTED IN SESSION ONE, LOTS 1001 – 1073 comprise a small but choice, privately-owned collection of Native American artifacts. They represent a rare opportunity to own significant historical Native American objects, the majority of which date between the Battle of the Little Big Horn June 25-26, 1876 and the events at Wounded Knee. Included are items worn and weapons carried from the fight with Custer, and stellar examples of weapons and dress from the fourteen-year period following the battle. Many are unique, most are rare, some have direct connections to Geronimo and his flight north into Canada involving the “Mangas Caves.” All are laden with cultural significance. The Moon photo album of Pueblo subjects provides a fitting coda from a somewhat later era; the photographers ownership and original cased display of a war shirt from the Little Big Horn brings us full circle. For Session Two, lots 2001–2152, we have gathered items from a variety of sources to include late 19th c. and early 20th c. Native American artifacts, baskets and pottery, rugs, art and jewelry.  —Kaja & the staff

KAJA VEILLEUX Owner, Appraiser & Auctioneer

Most notably, the collection’s significance is perhaps best

evidenced by the consignor’s generous decision to NOT include two items in the sale, but rather return them to the members of the Mniconjou Sioux tribe. Both items, the pistol and knife that belonged to Spotted Elk (Chief Big Foot), who died with most of his tribe while peacefully camping along the Wounded Knee Creek on Dec 29, 1890, were repatriated on Indigenous People’s Day, Oct 11, 2021 as facilitated by this gallery. PHOTO OPPOSITE (TOP): Lakota Elders, all with a family connection to Spotted Elk, accepting the Chief ’s pistol and knife. PHOTO LEFT: Horse shield in buffalo hide. See Lot# 1012, pg. 9

Two Mniconjou Lakota Sioux Chief Artifacts Returned to Tribe


HOMASTON, ME: ON OCTOBER 11, 2021, the Mniconjou Lakota Tribe received donations of a pistol and knife that belonged to Chief Spotted Elk (18261890), who was killed in the 1890 Massacre at Wounded Knee (South Dakota). Maine auction company Thomaston Place Auction Galleries managed the transfer of these important artifacts on behalf of an anonymous client who wanted them returned to the Tribe.

Steve Vance, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, said: “We greatly appreciate the donation of these important pieces to our collection at the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Cherry Creek, SD, Chief Hump’s camp and the oldest still inhabited Mniconjou community in the Dakota’s, was the place Spotted Elk stopped before the final journey towards Wounded Knee.” Chief Spotted Elk’s Smith & Wesson Schofield Second Model 45-caliber single action pistol was one of his possessions later found in Geronimo-Mangas Caves (Canada). It is accompanied by documentation from Deborah Spotted Tail Elk, the Chief ’s great-great-granddaughter, confirming that this pistol belonged to him. His personal knife with 19th Century blade, stag elk handle, and brass fittings was assembled by Spotted Elk

himself as part of the Ghost Dance tradition. This piece was removed from the Chief ’s frozen body by a soldier after the Wounded Knee massacre. “We’re honored to support the return of these historic artifacts,” noted Thomaston Place Auction Galleries owner and auctioneer Kaja Veilleux. “Our client, a collector and dedicated student of Native American history, is thrilled to see them back home where they belong and where they can be preserved for future generations.” Spotted Elk became hereditary chief of the Mniconjou Sioux in 1874. He participated in the Indian Wars of 18751876, most notably the Battle of Little Big Horn, and he took part in the exodus to Canada in 1876. On return to the United States, the Tribe was assigned to the Wounded Knee Creek Reservation. With the rise of the “Ghost Dance” (a spiritual movement that prophesied the reunion of Indian tribes and removal of the white man), of which he was a proponent, and the death of Geronimo in 1890, the leader known by U.S. soldiers as “Big Foot” was deemed to be the last major threat from the Sioux, which the Army solved by massacring them all in their winter camp.

For additional details and images visit our website 3

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries 1001

1001 CARL MOON (1878-1948) CIRCA 1900 PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM OF (40) NATIVE AMERICAN PORTRAITS With gold tone on cover, the last image hand colored, all originals taken and printed by Moon, this album is referenced in Driebe’s book on pg.194. An imposing hardcover album from Moon’s Pasadena, California Studio to display his photos. Inset onto the front inside cover is a gold tone of Moon’s most famous image, his remarkably sensitive bust portrait of a “Navajo Boy”, which has sold for over $15,000 by itself. Waist length photo of “Pedro Cayeete” on front cover. The album contains forty selected images printed in matte finish, ranging in size from 6 1/2” x 5 1/2” to 7 1/2” x 9 1/2”, each image matted on a heavy album page, set off by a gold liner. The album is 10 1/2” x 13 1/2” x 2 1/2”. Very good condition. $15,000 – $25,000 Photos mounted in pages, on both sides of each, are titled by typed slips of paper, front to back: “Reflections”; “Storyteller” (Taos); “Gray Hawk” (Taos); “Voice of the Stream”; “Wild Flowers”; “Their First Born” (Taos); “Hostin Nez”; “Bear Legs” (Osage); “Navajo Mother and Child”; “Homeward Bound” (Hopi Second Mesa); “Hopi Mirror”; “Warrior”; “Jim Little Feather”; “The Wolf ” (Cho Bah Begey...Navajo); “Warrior’s Bride” (Albida); “Mending Arrows”; “Taos Arrowmaker”; “Dancing Lesson”; “Taos Medicine Man”; “Medicine Drum”; “Hopi Weaver” (Village...Tewa); “Navajo Weaver”; “Scout”; “Return of the Harvesters” (Walpi); “Standing Elk” (Taos...War Captain); “Lone Singer”; “Flute Player”; “Mo Hi Qui Ilo” (Hopi); “Aleda”; “Zuni Baking Ovens”; “Zuni Building”; “Ko Mah Qua Ee” (Hopi); “Hopi Sisters” (Arabi); “Ancient Hopi House”; “First Mesa” (Walpi); “Grinding Corn” (Olha Chi De); “Nampeyo” (Hopi Pottery Maker); “Corn Song”; “Love Song” (Taos); “Azi” (Osage); “Little Daughter of the Desert” (This last is hand colored and mounted inside the back cover). Reference: “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, Pa. 1997. p. 194.

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022


1002 CROW DOG PICTOGRAPH FROM HIS TRIAL IN DEADWOOD, SD, IN AUTOGRAPH ALBUM (SIGNED BY GEN COOK, OTHERS), WITH COURT DOCUMENTS, 1881 One of three books found in October of 2000 in the Jail Office in Deadwood, South Dakota, at the back of a file cabinet. One remained in the Deadwood Jail, one is in the collection of the Adams Museum in Deadwood, the third is from the consignor’s collection. Vintage autograph album having pictograph account of the murder of Brule/Teton Lakota Chief Spotted Tail by Crow Dog, Chief of the Rosebud Police, in August of 1881 in Deadwood, in a conflict over a police job. A trial was initially handled informally on the reservation. Crow Dog gave horses, money and a blanket to Spotted Tail’s family and the matter was considered settled, but the Territorial powers brought him to Deadwood for trial. The single pictograph, drawn by Crow Dog during his trial to give his account of events, is an idealized version of the murder, as Crow Dog shot Spotted Tail while the latter was riding in his wagon back to the reservation from Deadwood. He was convicted but ultimately freed when his lawyer argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that the authorities had no jurisdiction. 4” x 7” album with dated 1878 chromolitho front page. Signatures date from the 18841888, include the Judge and twelve members of the “Crow Dog Kaw-Gi-Shun-Ca Jury”; PLUS his Attorney Thomas E. Harvey of Deadwood; Whirlwind Soldier (his mark), Spotted Tail’s Nephew; Iron Tail (his mark), Indian Police, Cousin to Spotted Tail; Chasing Hawk (his mark), Rosebud Agency; Spotted Tail, Jr. (his mark) Chief of the Brule Sioux; Brig. Gen. John Cook; Thunder Hawk (his mark), Indian Police, Cousin to Spotted Tail, Jr.; Ring Thunder (his mark), Chief Councillor [sic]; Kill on Horseback (his mark), Chief Councillor [sic]; Capt. RH Montgomery, US Cavalry; Captain Thigh (his mark), Chief Indian Police; C.P. Dare, Ex-US Marshal, Arizona Territory; Windy Horse (his mark); Shooting Cat (his mark); Bad Gun (his mark); Wm. J. Cleveland, Rosebud Indian Agency; Hill’s Mother (her mark), Spotted Tail, Jr’s mother; PLUS List of (12) Indian names matched to English names of signatories; PLUS many other autographs, including two pages in Chinese. $10,000 – $15,000 Similar to the album in Adams Museum in Deadwood. Includes letter from Ross Frank, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California, San Diego, dated Oct 4, 2013, describing the historical significance of this case for the establishment of independent reservation law enforcement. Spotted Tail was an interesting character who brought his tribe onto the reservation and initiated a connection to the Carlisle Industrial School for Indians in Pennsylvania, for which the U.S. Government built him a “mansion,” but supplied no furnishings! No matter, his family hated living in a building anyway and just pitched their tepees in the surrounding gardens. He had great political clout as a result of his government connections, and basically used the Indian Police to guard his fiefdom. For additional details and images visit our website 5

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries


1003 RARE EARLY HAND-CUT HEAVY FRENCH RED STROUD BLANKET WITH CROW BEADWORK Probably Canadian or Northern Plains. Authentic 19th c. example, the pattern and style of which has been heavily replicated in the 20th c. Hudson Bay material. Applique and beaded, possible museum piece. 2 1/2” strip, pendant bells, single ‘floating’ icon with bell and horsehair tassel, long deer hide ties, roughly 30” x 67”. Faint surface loss to felting and on short edge, some discoloration. Wear consistent with age and use. $8,000 – $12,000 1004 CIRCA 1890 RAWHIDE DRUM WITH WOOD   FRAME, POSSIBLY ‘GHOST DANCE’ Shallow double-sided form, surface painted with sun and moon designs, hexagonal form, hide laced double heads, buffalo hide strap (now separated). 4 1/2” x 25”. A rare pictorial survivor. $6,000 – $8,000


1005 IROQUOIS HEADPIECE ON STAND Horsehair Roach with red stroud trade fabric lining, stitched white yarn, porcupine quills. On museum stand. Roughly 18” 1005 overall. $2,000 – $3,000 6 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 1006 1820’S COMANCHE WARRIOR’S CAPTURE OR TROPHY SHIELD WITH 1860 SIOUX COVER, BELONGED TO “ONE HAND” USED AT LITTLE BIG HORN Dance Shield Hide Cover over even Earlier Shield of Fire Hardened Buffalo Hump Core, the pliable cover with Sioux decoration of green Thunderbird figure with Nadowiessi serpent in claws (Hawk Clan), having replaced pendant turkey feathers; the core having Comanche linear decoration in red and black, translation of “One Hand”, 18” diam. $30,000 – $40,000


With illustration, letter from Wendell Grangaard, author of “Documenting the Weapons of the Little Bighorn” (Mariah Press, 2015). Translation of Togia read as the elements earth/ water/fire/air (representing the four clans of the Sioux) and “One Hand”. Per Wendell Grangaard letter: “One Hand, a Hunkpapa Sioux was born in 1821. He became a member of Sitting Bull’s Bad Bow Band of the Icira. He did not marry so he lived with his younger brother, One Who Breaks Arrow and his wife Red Woman. They all followed Sitting Bull and fought with his band.” Includes additional letter of authentication from Howard Bernard Roloff II; and letter from Ron McCoy Ph.D. dated July 15, 2008. Purchased in 2005 by consignor.


1007 FORT PECK LAKOTA RIFLE SCABBARD MADE BY BLACK DOG FOR HER SON SITTING WHITE BUFFALO, INDIAN WARS CA. 1875, ROSEBUD & LITTLE BIG HORN North Plains Indian Wars Survivor, brain-tanned hide, decorated in the style of the Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux, originally done for a carbine or short gun, then extended, with early lazy-stitched pony beading in blue, yellow and red on green and Togia glyphs (iconic native language) for Sitting White Buffalo, and Black Dog, his mother (made by her for her son, born in 1852), retains fringe and original pony strap. 41” long plus 15” fringe. Marked with coup. $25,000 – $40,000

Per Wendell Grangaard of Guns of History, Sioux Falls, SD: “From a young age, he (Sitting White Buffalo) was raised by his mother, after his father was killed by the Crow. His father belonged to the Kangiska band of Hunkpapa, so when Sitting White Bull came of age, he joined this band, who at that time was headed by Gall. At the Battles of Rosebud and Little Big Horn, Sitting White Buffalo rode with Gall and Kangiska. When Gall and his band went into Canada, Sitting White Bull, his mother and his sister A Voice That Can be Heard followed. He and his family surrendered in 1881 with Gall and 52 other families. Sitting White Buffalo settled and lived the rest of his life near Gall on the Standing Rock Reservation.” The area of Ft Peck was a hotbed during the Indian Wars. Originally surrounded by both Assiniboine and Sioux (Hunkpapa and Lakota) in 1870, then President Grant designated Ft Peck reservation status and awarded the tribes to the Methodist Missionaries. This was done as an experiment whereby the US military presence and influence was to be decreased by placing the reservation work under missionary control. Ill-fated, the Sioux Warriors of Ft Peck joined with Sitting Bull during the Sioux campaigns of 1876-77. In retaliation, rations were cut by the US Government to the reservation and then with the drought of 1883 the Indians were faced with starvation. Years later in 1896, the government discontinued missionary aid to the Indian populations. Purchased from Michael Kokin at Sherwoods Spirit of America in Santa Fe, NM, 07/31/2007. For additional details and images visit our website 7

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries 1008 1860 SOUTHERN CHEYENNE TOBACCO PIPE BAG This Warrior Pipe Bag (also known as a pouch), is one of the finer examples of a warrior’s pony (because of its size) tobacco bag. The size is that which a warrior would carry with him when he would go on a hunting, trading or warring trip. The larger bags would be used for more family living, since both men and women smoked. This specific bag was originally found and collected from the Plains Middle Raven Band. It has been part of the Gaylord Torrance collection in Kansas City, MO, and the Perry collection of Colorado. The Cheyenne bag is beaded in seed beads on both sides and is completely sinew sewn on buffalo hide. The patina is excellent with a classic geometric design. It was important that the maker of the bag (usually a woman) match the tobacco bag to the pipe. The bag or pipe needed to be specifically sized and carry the characteristic of the warrior, family or tribe. Buckskin with wine, dark blue, white and ochre beading; pale blue and black squares, fringe, four flap top, tapered sides, 10 1/2” plus 6” fringe. $4,000 – $7,500


1009 X-RARE LAKOTA WAR SPEAR/LANCE, 1870S OR EARLIER Very delicate, extremely hard to find on the market, very few survived, with drop having (legal) replacement feathers, original stroud (?) tassel detached from spear. Representative of the Kiowa, Comanche or Southern Cheyenne design of the early Indian Wars. The entire shaft is painted with green and red pigment, the spear point is 1009 attached by heavily patinated sinew. Through the shaft of the spear are three-hair bones with legal (probably replaced with legal) feathers attached by rawhide thongs, using red stroud cloth wrappings. Hand forged blade attached with inverted buffalo rawhide wrap, with a single horsehair drop attached to the point of the shaft. A great surviving warrior’s decorated War Spear that is nearly 150 years old. 88 1/2” long overall, 7” exposed metal blade. $14,000 – $18,000 From Blackpipe to the Sheridan collection. Obtained from Bill Begoon of Dakota Indian Collectibles, Sioux Falls, SD. 08/14/2007. 1010

1010 LATE 19TH C. FRINGED BUCKSKIN RIFLE COVER WITH QUILL BANDS IN BRIGHT PINK AND PURPLE 44” envelope, plus 10” fringe. Some breaks in quilling. $2,000 – $4000

1011 BUFFALO HIDE GUN CASE USED BY LEONARD MOUNTAIN CHIEF IN MOVIE “THE PATRIOT” (1998) Fringed leather, beaded, carried by Blackfoot Indian Leonard Mountain Chief (1939-1999) as Grandpa in the 1998 Steven Seagal movie “The Patriot”. Includes photo of the actor in costume for the role, carrying this case. 51” toe to heel with 22” of 22” long fringe. Beading in white, green, yellow, light blue, dark blue, red and lavender. $2,500 – $3,500 8 For additional details and images visit our website


Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022

One of the finest examples in existence today.


1012 RARE 1860S BUFFALO HUMP CHEYENNE CHIEF THUNDERBIRD HORSE SHIELD IN BUFFALO HIDE FROM THE CARL MOON COLLECTION This Pre-Reservation War Shield (1868 treaty) was displayed by Moon in his studio as a prized gift from his time photographing the Native Americans, 1890s-1940s. Decorated with buffalo tracks and later feathers (owner’s vision represented as protective), failure to act as required by the vision would result in the loss of the protective powers of the shield. The Plains Indians seldom spoke to outsiders, or even members of their own tribe about the vision that is indicated by the shield. Highly charged personal items, they were typically buried with their owners. Six pendant hawk style bells, red stroud cloth (representing Brave Horse Society), with rawhide ties, buffalo brain used as glue, back flame scorched as part of the hardening process, retaining original buckskin fringed strap, one bullet deflection mark on front, roughly 23” diam. Remarkable condition. One of the finest examples in existence today. Very large and thick (3/8” to 1/2” thick), designed by a horseback warrior. Retains great old patina, surviving ochre paint and clear Warrior graphics. Museum quality. $40,000 – $60,000 “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, PA, 1997. Chief Thunderbird (1866-1946) was Cheyenne, too young to fight in most of the Plains battles. He inherited the shield from his father Buffalo Bear who was in battles, and then presented the shield to Moon at the turn of the century. He appeared in twenty films but was credited only in major films such as Wild West Days, For the Service, Silly Billies, Custer’s Last Stand, Annie Oakley, Cyclone of the Saddle, Laughing Boy, and Heroes of the West. For additional details and images visit our website 9

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries


Includes documentation and letters of provenance.

1013 SIOUX QUIVER SET WITH PONY BOW AND THREE ARROWS, BATTLE COUP MARKS The warrior that this set belonged to was extremely accomplished in both battle and raids. The arrow quiver is beaded on each end with eight rows of beads that form a colorful geometric pattern. But, it is the central area of the arrow quiver that is historically unique. It is divided into four panels, alternating arrows representing the number of battles fought (10) and inverted ‘U’s, for pony stealing raids (8), with (8) more of each in the other two panels. Faint orange horseshoes on the sides of black ones have an unknown meaning, possibly coups without successful theft. 35” long plus 8” fringe. $30,000 – $45,000 Remarkably, the two components were re-united after the arrow quiver appeared in Baldwin’s book on Bows and Quivers, the bow holder in a Massachusetts collection, matching in every detail. Buffalo hide and sinew bow, decorative colored beadwork, fringing inside and out, arrows represent the number of battles participated in, also has ‘U’s seen on pony club. Replaced strap, arrows with replacement hawk feathers. Includes documentation and letters of provenance.

The only Cougar Quiver set that experts in the field have seen.


1014 RARE COMANCHE COUGAR OR MOUNTAIN LION HIDE BOW CASE AND QUIVER Circa 1880-1890 One-of-a-Kind Complete Southern Plains Comanche Set, osage orange bow and three arrows, circa 1870, in brain tanned hide retaining the hair of the Cougar, an animal that was very difficult to hunt and and required an act of bravery to kill. The only Cougar Quiver set that experts in the field have seen. Remarkably the case retains its drawstring, extra bow string of woven sinew, a beaded handle awl, and a beaded ‘strike-a-light’ bag, geometric designs done in European trade beads. The osage orange bow retains its original sinew wrap, a very strong yet flexible design, valued at the equivalent of a good horse. The entirety combines to present a full warrior’s outfit, seldom found intact. 42” case plus 6” fringe, 45” bow. Outstanding condition, retaining most of the hair on the hide. $30,000 – $50,000 Purchased commercially by the consignor from Sherwood Spirit of America in Santa Fe, NM., includes documentation with signed letter from Michael D. Kokin, owner of that shop, dated Nov 17, 2004.

10 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022

1015 1870’S QUIVER FROM GERONIMO-MANGAS CAMP, MOON COLLECTION, DRIEBE COLLECTION Chiricahua Apache Bow and Arrow Quiver in pony hide, associated with Geronimo, with spirit feathers attached to make the warrior more cunning and quiet. 50” long plus 11” fringe. Matches Rifle Case in this sale (Lot 1017). $5,000 – $8,000

Given to Carl Moon with provenance going back to 1886.


From last camp of Geronimo (Chiricahua Apache) before surrender, weapons were hidden in caves. Mangas was a nephew of the Chief Mangas Coloradas, unifier of the Apache Nation (killed in 1863). They hid in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, surrendered in Sept 1886 in Skeleton Canyon, AZ. Given to Carl Moon with provenance going back to 1886. From Thomas J. Driebe collection, Moscow, Pennsylvania. Includes a 2007 letter from Tom Driebe indicating he got this directly from the Moon family and that they were gifted to Moon by Geronimo. Reference: Pictured in numerous books and articles, including, “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, PA, 1997. pg. 314 and “Who’s Who in Indian Relics, No. 9”, by Janie Jinks-Weidner, pg 77.

1016 OSAGE ORANGE BOW & FOUR ARROWS FROM GERONIMO-MANGAS CAMP, CHEYENNE LITTLE HORSE Rare Cheyenne Bow and Four Arrows (all but one retaining metal points), buffalo hide with sinew wrap. Possibly carried at Little Big Horn by Little Horse. 53 1/2” bow, arrows roughly 23” long. Found in quiver from Geronimo-Mangas Camp (Lot 1015). $10,000 – $15,000 From last camp of Geronimo (Chiricahua Apache) before surrender, weapons were hidden in caves. Mangas was a nephew of the Chief Mangas Coloradas, unifier of the Apache Nation (killed in 1863). They hid in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, surrendered in Sept 1886 in Skeleton Canyon, AZ. Given to Carl Moon with provenance going back to 1886. Reference: Pictured in numerous books and articles, including, “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, PA, 1997. pg. 314 and “Who’s Who in Indian Relics, No. 9”, by Janie Jinks-Weidner, pg 77. Included is a copy of signed statement by Wendell Grangaard, President of The Guns of History, dated Oct. 2, 2017, that attributes the bow to Little Horse. He states, “During my examination of this long bow, I found the name Little Horse written in togia, cut into the wood of the upper part of the bow. Little Horse was born in the late 1830s to a Northern Cheyenne father and Crow mother. At the Little Big Horn battle, Little Horse was noted as wearing a great war bonnet. He rode with Two Moon and led a group of the Kit Fox Warrior Society. Little Horse testified that he was the one who stripped Tom Custer’s body after the battle, taking his coat and pants, scarf and Spencer sporting 56-46 cal rifle, S/N 61391. He said someone else took Tom Custer’s 45 cal revolver. He also noted that a woman (Monaseetah) had smashed Tom Custer’s head with a turnip masher. After the battle, Little Horse followed Dull Knife and eventually camped on the Red Fork of the Powder River. The camp was celebrating a victory over a Shosone tribe when the Cavalry attacked the camp at dawn. Little Horse lost everything in his lodge during the attack to Bill Garrett, a scout for the Cavalry.”


Little Horse was born in the late 1830s to a Northern Cheyenne father and Crow mother.

For additional details and images visit our website 11

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries


1017 1870’S HORSE HIDE PURSE PIECE RIFLE CASE FROM GERONIMO-MANGAS CAMP, MOON COLLECTION, DRIEBE COLLECTION Remarkably Intact Chiricahua Apache 1873 Winchester Carbine Pony Skin Gun Case, associated with Geronimo, with dagged green trade cloth edging, having attached knife sheath holding small antler handled knife and a cartridge pouch. Retaining original strap of the same size. 42” long. Matches the pony skin quiver in this same sale (Lot 1015). $4,000 – $6,000 From last camp of Geronimo (Chiricahua Apache) before surrender, weapons were hidden in caves. Mangas was a nephew of the Chief Mangas Coloradas, unifier of the Apache Nation (killed in 1863). They hid in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, surrendered in Sept 1886 in Skeleton Canyon, AZ. Given to Carl Moon with provenance going back to 1886. From Thomas J. Driebe collection, Moscow, Pennsylvania. Includes a 2007 letter from Tom Driebe indicating he got this directly from the Moon family and that they were gifted to Moon by Geronimo. Reference: Pictured in numerous books and articles, including, “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, PA, 1997. pg. 314 and “Who’s Who in Indian Relics, No. 9”, by Janie Jinks-Weidner, pg 77.


1018 CAVE GUN FROM GERONIMO-MANGAS CAMP, POSSIBLY CARRIED AT LITTLE BIG HORN, POSSIBLY A CAVE BURIAL GUN, NEVER PUBLICLY OFFERED Chiricahua Apache 73 Winchester Carbine, s/n removed, with butt of rifle wrapped in hide, as it was common practice to remove the butt plate for use as a buffalo hide scraper. 39” overall. Heavily corroded. $10,000 – $15,000

Included are illustrations by Wendell Grangaard, President of The Guns of History, that interpret the togia that he discovered carved on both sides of the stock. According to Grangaard, they identify the Oglala Sioux warrior Thunder Bull who fought at the battles of Rosebud, Little Big Horn and Wolf Mountain. The togia indicate he rode with Bear Rib the Younger at Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn) and that when he died (in 1914) he was buried in Wind Cave in the Black Hills. According to Grangaard, “Since he was a Heyoka Akicita warrior, he was buried in a cave to guard the underworld. I believe this to be one of the few surviving burial guns.” From last camp of Geronimo (Chiricahua Apache) before surrender, weapons were hidden in caves. Mangas was a nephew of the Chief Mangas Coloradas, unifier of the Apache Nation (killed in 1863). They hid in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, surrendered in Sept 1886 in Skeleton Canyon, AZ. (Apaches were generally not friendly with the Lakota Sioux, but weapons were traded from the Northern Plains.) Given to Carl Moon with provenance going back to 1886. From Thomas J. Driebe collection, Moscow, Pennsylvania. Reference: Pictured in numerous books and articles, including, “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, PA, 1997. pg. 314 and “Who’s Who in Indian Relics, No. 9”, by Janie Jinks-Weidner, pg 77.

12 For additional details and images visit our website

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1019 MODEL 1873 WINCHESTER INDIAN RIFLE, .44-40 CAL WCF, BELONGED TO TWO FEATHER, NORTHERN CHEYENNE, PROBABLE LITTLE BIG HORN CARRY Rifle with Togia translated by Grangaard identifying owner, s/n covered by rawhide stock wrap, overstitched hide grips, 23” octagonal barrel, 43 1/2” overall, came out of Northwest Cultural Center in Walla Walla, WA in1979. Owned by Two Feather at the time of Little Big Horn, he was well-recorded as being present. $8.000 – $12.000


Letter from Wendell Grangaard, President of The Guns of History: “During my examination of this 1873 Winchester Rifle, I discovered the serial number was covered by leather. However, the name Two Feather is written in togia on the right side of the receiver as part of the message “hunted buffalo killed eight”. On the right side of the stock is the band mark in buttons of Little Wolf ’s Elk Horn Scraper Society of the Cheyenne. There is also a cross chasing mark of Little Chief ’s Dog Soldiers. The same Dog Soldier mark is found on the elevator. On the left side of the receiver, Two Feather tells of the time, in togia when he traded with some traders. He says “many buffalo hides for eight sheeps”. I believe the togia on this rifle was written as a tribute to time gone past. Two Feather was a Northern Cheyenne, who rode with Crazy Horse and Two Moon at Rosebud, and with Two Moon at Little Big Horn. While at Little Big Horn, Two Feather’s horse was killed, so he continued to fight on foot, running and shooting alongside Beard. On April 20, 1877, he surrendered with Two Moon at Fort Keough to General Miles. When Wooden Leg was writing the book with Dr. Thomas Marquis, Two Feather gave his testimony about the battle, which was included in the book “Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer”.



1020 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 RIFLE, .38 CAL OCTAGONAL BARREL Winchester s/n 168707A, (mfg 1876) with untranslated Togia tribal markings on stock and frame. 24” barrel, hide wrapped stock, domed square shanked brass tack decoration, rear sight removed for saddle sheath, 43 1/2” overall. $8,000 – $12,000

1021 CHILD-SIZED RIFLE GIFTED FROM ABRAHAM LINCOLN TO HIS SON ROBERT TODD LINCOLN (1843-1926) ON HIS 12TH BIRTHDAY AUGUST 4TH, 1855 Child-sized Kentucky Percussion Rifle with presentation engraving in the wood of the stock, from Philadelphia gun maker Joseph Golcher, active 1836-1855. 25” octagonal barrel, 41” long overall, brass double hair trigger guard, buttplate, patchbox, with original ramrod. Stock was later engraved “My Dearest Son, Robert Todd Lincoln, Happy 12th Birthday, August 2, 1855”. $40,000 – $50,000

First appeared on the market in NYC at the 1945 antiques exhibition at Madison Square Garden. Includes original 1945 receipts and program from the NYC Antiques Show of 1945 that contains the dealer in the listing. 1854: Lincoln re-enters politics to oppose the Kansas-Nebraska Act and is elected to the Illinois legislature but declines the seat, hoping instead to become a U.S. Senator. 1855: Lincoln loses the election for U.S. Senator; at this time, senators were chosen by the Illinois House of Representatives, not by direct election. The Lincolns were still in Illinois at the time of Robert’s 12th birthday. For additional details and images visit our website 13

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He was a signatory of the Treaty with the Sioux Nation on 27th October, 1876, sent to Spotted Tail Agency, where he witnessed the murder of Crazy Horse.

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1022 WAR SHIRT OF OGLALA SIOUX CHIEF STANDING BEAR (1835-1898), AT LITTLE BIG HORN, GIVEN TO PHOTOGRAPHER CARL MOON (1878-1948) Never before on the market. Absolute circa 1870 War Shirt that belonged to Chief George Standing Bear, Oglala (Upper Brule) Sioux, aka Spotted Horse, (a member of the Shirt Wearer’s Society) buckskin shirt and bib with buffalo beading, yellow ochre on front and sleeve, having a hole under the left arm, transferred via his eldest son Luther Standing Bear (18681935). Unlikely that this was worn at Little Big Horn as it was 100 degrees that day. Most warriors were nearly naked. This would have remained with Standing Bear’s possessions in camp. Cased by Carl Moon circa 1914 with his shop stencil on back of case, was on display in his Sacramento, California studio store, beadwork tells story (red and white hearts, greasy green) slight de-beading at left breast. Case measures 38”h x 32”w x 10”d. $75,000 – $125,000 George Standing Bear sat in the Council of 1868 Treaty, sat in war council in April 1876 prior to the June 26th Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn) Battle. His teepee was next to Uncle Crazy Horse in the greasy grass encampment. He was a signatory of the Treaty with the Sioux Nation on 27th October, 1876, sent to Spotted Tail Agency, where he witnessed the murder of Crazy Horse. After removal to the Pine Ridge Reservation, he opened the first Indian owned drygoods store in the Pass Creek District and met with enough success to send all his four children to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, beginning with Luther, who became a great proponent of the school. Wendell Grangaard of The Guns of History, Sioux Falls, SD, provided letter certifying this shirt as having been at Little Big Horn, saying he believes accounts by his first and second wives, Lena One Horn and Ellen Her Eagle Blanket. The same band mark on the shirt repeats on his war bonnet. Not to be confused with the Minneconju Stephen Standing Bear or “Mato Najin” (1859-1933), who rode into the battle at age 16 and painted one of the greatest pictographs of the Battle of Little Big Horn circa 1899, brutal in its honesty. He later performed in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and appeared in early movies, ending his days in 1933 on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Pictured in Moon’s book “In Search of the Wild Indians” on page 349 and spoken about on page 425. Also see photo on pg. 349 of Driesel book. With letter from Wendell Grangaard of The Guns of History, Sioux Falls, SD. Binder of research and letters from collector Wendell Grangaard, author of “Documenting the Weapons of the Little Bighorn” (Mariah Press, 2015). Reference: “In Search of the Wild Indian: Photographs and Life Works by Carl and Grace Moon” by Tom Driebe, Maurose Publishing Co., Moscow, Pa. 1997. p. 349.

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Thomaston Place Auction Galleries 1023 SANTEE SIOUX BEADED TOOLED LEATHER BANDOLIER BAG WITH HORN AND ACCESSORIES Early 18th c. powder horn with decorative circles that signify ownership by a chief, tooled bag in ‘Morningside’ pattern, with buffalo hide strap, inside bag is another small group of findings, including cap for horn, three-color pony ‘lazy stick’, white, blue and black beaded strap. 9 1/4” x 7 1/2” bag, 53” x 4 1/4” strap, 8” horn. $25,000 – $40,000 Purchased from Tommy Hass.


1024 1860’S LAKOTA SIOUX BREAST PLATE Mallard Scalp and Wing Bone with wrapped quill center, adornment of a white pendant in early glass pony beads, unknown material. Center band and edging with dark green banding. Roughly 23” x 13”. Replaced neck strap. $8,000 – $10,000 This piece displays great patina on the horizontal mallard bones and retains a remarkable amount of the original emerald green mallard head plumage. The entire piece is strung with rawhide. This majestic 150+ year old piece is in incredibly good condition. Warrior Breast Plates were individually fashioned by each warrior and imprinted with his own style to provide a spiritual advantage to that warrior over their opponent. Their Breast Plate was felt to give a sense of personal strength. It was designed for protection from arrows and spears. From the collection of Tom and Rose Wyatt, Manhattan, Kansas. Pictured in “Who’s Who in Indian Relics, No. 9”, by Janie Jinks-Weidner, pg 77. 1024 1025

1025 1870S-1880S NATIVE AMERICAN MAN’S BELT BAG No strap, made from a cavalryman’s boot perhaps ceremonial, silver concho on flap, intricate seed bead work, red-white hearts with light blue, dark blue and yellow. 11 1/2” x 9 1/2” plus 4 1/2” fringe. $5,000 – $8,000


1026 SIOUX CATLINITE PIPE WITH STEM AND LONG POUCH 19th c. tobacco pipe with markings, having a late 19th c. carved wood stem decorated by tacking, incised lines and dots, in a somewhat later deerhide pouch with tin and red bead fringe, single long upper edge fringes with same tin and bead, red trade cloth trim, the stem now wrapped in a bit of blue and white cotton batik cloth, 24” long overall when assembled, 18 1/2” stem, 6 3/8” x 3 1/2” pipe. 16” bag with 8” fringe. $3,500 – $4,500


1027 CHEYENNE 1870’S WAR SHIRT, FRINGED ELK OR DEER HIDE, BEADED Native Brain Tanned Hide Poncho-style Shirt having traces of green paint, with panels of buffalo hide having worn opalescent glass beading in bear claw design, (Venetian source), later used as a parade shirt, decorated with red and white hearts, green and greasy yellow, cobalt blue and white in pony beads. 16” fringe on arms. Front and back triangle yokes in beaded red trade cloth. Orange dyed horsehair drops at shoulders. Self hide fringe at bottom of shirt. 17” shoulder, 30” long. $50,000 – $75,000 Warriors earned the right to be ‘shirt-wearers’ through brave deeds, which were recorded in the beadwork. Never traded by their owners, great warriors might have more than one shirt, but typically one was used for a lifetime. Receipt from Sherwoods Spirit of America, Santa Fe, NM, Michael Kokin’s shop.

1028 EX-RARE VERY EARLY AND TRADITIONAL AUTHENTIC PLAINS INDIAN PIPE TOMAHAWK Tomahawk with rifled pipe bowl, pewter inlaid rasp, burnt finished surface with braided quill work lightly engraved handle. Later but not modern pendant ribbons and dyed horsehair. 20 1/2” long, 8” blade. Fine condition. $18,000 – $30,000 There are many tomahawks on the market that are attempting to copy the age and quality of this absolutely period piece. 1028


1029 NORTHERN PLAINS TWO-PART CATLINITE PORTRAIT PIPE With figural wooden stem, with unusual raised geometric forms, trapped sliding rings (carved of one piece) on stem. 19 3/4” stem, 8 1/4” x 5 1/4” stone bowl. $3,000 – $5,000 For additional details and images visit our website 17

1030 RARE PRE-UNION CIRCA 1840 WESTERN APACHE OR SOUTHERN UTE WAR SHIRT, MOUNTAIN LION HIDE Brain Tanned Mountain Lion Hide, perforated for ventilation, fringed and painted in earth pigments. Eight Point Star overlay on back, with red and blue trade cloth backing. 16” shoulder, 21” sleeves. Worn. $20,000 – $30,000 1031 PIPE TOMAHAWK WITH BRITISH TRADE IRON BLADE Great Hardwood Haft with pewter inlay, blade engraved with the English Royal Coat of Arms, and GR cypher (George Rex I, reign 1698-1727) incorporating the ‘Royal Order of the Garter’, 19” x 7”. $15,000 – $20,000 From collection of Diker.


1032 MID 19TH C. CHILD’S TOMAHAWK Pewter mounted wood, decorated with hearts, brass tacking, with faux smoking bowl, pewter blade set into wood with pierced heart, 13 1/2” x 4 3/4”. Repaired blade. $1,000 – $2,000

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1033 VERY EARLY & RARE “PRE-PONY” HAND FIGHTING SHIELD, CIRCA 17801800, WITH CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Used in hand to hand ground combat, but abandoned after the introduction of horseback fighting, and ultimately cavalry with firearms, decorated with painted Buffalo. 16” diam. Retaining rawhide straps for wrist and forearm, possibly a unique intact example. Configured differently from the pony shield in both size and rigging. Includes binder of information on XRF Element Analysis, Paleo Research Institute authentication letter 04/2017, PLUS “Circles of Power” reference book. $25,000 – $30,000

1034 UPPER PLAINS WARRIOR’S “PONY CLUB” CA. 1860-1870, POSSIBLE LITTLE BIG HORN CARRY Superb Native American Fighting Weapon, acknowledged by many experts as one of the finest known surviving warrior weapons, with metal spike affixed in ball end, retaining original tassel and hawk feathers, rarely seen quilled drop attached by buffalo thong. Brass square shank tacks in five ‘U’ hoof prints on both representing horses stolen, ‘X’s carved on one side indicating battles. Made from a single piece of hardwood, with curved shank having scalloped exterior edge, these clubs were stylized to the individual warrior, never used for hunting, only warfare or ceremony. 27 1/2” long. $30,000 – $40,000


Purchased by the Royal Ontario Museum in 1976, possible Little Big Horn connection. Grandfather of donor was a doctor in the Wood Mt. area of Sask in the 1870s, left in 1881, when the Indians left the area. Collected from the Sioux that left the area for Canada after the Battle of Little Big Horn. Museum closed in 1979. Sold to Mr. Mellon of Calgary in 1981, upon his death his wife sold it to Bing Dobson.

1035 1795 PENOBSCOT CHIEF’S SCEPTRE, DISPLAYED AT THE SMITHSONIAN IN THE 1970S Root Club with a cluster of figures: bear, eagle, turtle, pike and owl, unusual design with band of bark, with binder of documentation, letter of authentication, handwritten note, came out of the Green Collection, Florida. 24 1/2” long, 9 1/4” head. $15,000 – $20,000


The “Vital Records from Stoneham, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849” records the early history of this club. Republished in 1918 by the Essex Institute of Salem, Mass., it recounts the story of the “Chief ’s Sceptre Club” as belonging to, “an Indian man” who was brutally murdered. The story is included in a letter from Mrs. Green that reads: “During the late 1700s small towns were being settled in Massachusetts, they were familiar with Indians camping near ponds, erecting wigwams, hunting, etc. Such a location was Stoneham, Mass. near ‘Spot Pond’. An Indian named Crevay and his wife camped near the pond for a November night. Both of the St. Francis tribe, they were shot by four renegade white men. Two of the men (one named Livermore) were caught and then executed, one received hard labor for life and one escaped justice. It is recorded that among Crevay’s belongings was this King’s Sceptre (club).” The St. Francis Indians were actually Androscoggin from Vermont and New Hampshire. As they moved south they settled in the area of Lake St. Francis, hence the name given them by French Ecclesiastics. Most of the tribe was killed in 1759 during the attacks of the French and Indian War. The survivors joined the Penobscot, who carried this style of root club. In addition to the Smithsonian exhibition titled “Design Is”, 1972-75 that included historical Native American cultural items, this club has been exhibited at the Maryland Academy of Science 1969-1970, Maine Historical Museum 1997, The Hudson Museum of Maine, 1999, and others.

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1036 1884 COLT MODEL 1873 SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER, NIMSCHKE ENGRAVED, KISER COLLECTION, PEARL EAGLE GRIPS Model 1873 Colt Nickel-Plated SAA Revolver s/n 116470 (mfg 1884) with Mother-of-Pearl eagle relief carved handles, black powder, shipped ‘soft’ for engraving. The cylinder shows traces of original darkened gold gilt and over 80% of the original nickel remains. The gun is sharp, crisp and shows super high relief carved pearl grips with American eagle of the best quality and completely genuine to the period of manufacture. $14,000 – $18,000 Louis Daniel Nimschke (July 4, 1832 – April 29, 1904) was a master firearms engraver of the 19th century who engraved over 5,000 firearms between 1850 and 1900. This particular Colt was the favorite of Joe Kiser, who was the founding member and first president of Colt Collector’s Association, and was known for his extensive collection of over 200 SAAs. He felt the engraving on the trigger guard and backstrap being continued into the overall pattern and the deep wide scrolls were superb. Joe kept this fine Colt to the end as he felt it had great artistic appeal. This was the last SAA he sold, his favorite.


1037 1883 COLT MODEL 1873 SINGLE ACTION ARMY ENGRAVED REVOLVER, NIMSCHKE STAR Model 1870 Colt Nickel-Plated SAA Revolver s/n 112667 (mfg 1883) with 4 3/4” barrel, Mother-of-Pearl steer head relief carved handles, black powder, shipped ‘soft’ for engraving outside of the factory to Hartley & Graham, New York, NY; on Nov 28, 1885 with 10 guns in the shipment. $12,000 – $15,000 Louis Daniel Nimschke (July 4, 1832 – April 29, 1904) was a master firearms engraver of the 19th century who engraved over 5,000 firearms between 1850 and 1900. Includes letter of authentication from Colt Firearms dated Aug 8, 2001.

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1038 METCALF ARMY BELT WITH ORIGINAL US BRASS BUCKLE, FOUR EARLY APPLIED BEADED SLEEVES Cotton web khaki belt, 3” x 44”, with 3 1/4” x 3” buckle. The “Swastika” that is part of the beadwork is an ancient symbol for the four geographical directions. $11,500 – $2,000 1039 7TH CAVALRY GUN POSS CARRIED BATTLE OF LITTLE BIG HORN, PROBABLY AN INDIAN SCOUT, ‘CUSTER RANGE’ COLT SAA, WITH HOLSTER & BELT Model 1873 Colt SAA “Little Big Horn” weapon assembled from three serial numbered parts, the frame number within the “Custer range” of issue, the US stamped frame s/n 5039 (lot 5 issued SAA), barrel s/n 4794, cylinder s/n 5296, having military marks indicating it is a “Peace Gun” with US holster 1039 issued to scouts, 5 1/2” barrel, issued late June, 1874, to 7th Cavalry, prior to the Black Hills Campaign, SAA returned to Rock Island Armory for parts. Grips marked 1901 & OCH (Odus C. Horney). Refurbished parts of this revolver are from Manufacturers Lots 3, 4 and 5 (RARE). With Model 1881 Flagler holster flap marked D-15, having a large silver Indian concho on the flap, Metcalf model 1881 web belt, nickel-plated metal buckle, 3” x 47” belt. $12,000 – $18,000 Odus Creamer Horney (1856-1957) was an officer of the U.S. Army from 1891 to 1930. Horney transferred from infantry to ordinance in 1894. He co-designed the M1903 Springfield rifle and invented the smokeless powder plant factory. During World War I, Horney returned to serve as lieutenant colonel. In 1919, Horney was reappointed as lieutenant colonel and ordinance officer of the Philippine Department. Includes a binder of provenance.


1040 EARLY MGM STUDIOS “FANCY COWBOY SET” OF HOLSTER AND BELT WITH COLT PISTOL Colt SAA s/n 122016 (mfg 1886), .38 cal. black powder, re-blued, with black leather holster and belt having nickel domed decoration. 36” x 3 3/4” belt. Brass tag between holster and back flap reads “MGM Studio Properties, Culver City”, 1940s-50s. $3,000 – $5,000 1041

1041 TRAPPER’S SET OF COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY .45 CAL PISTOL WITH BELT & HOLSTER PLUS KNIFE Colt SAA, s/n 38840, 1876 production, 7 1/2” barrel, nickel-plated (worn), in hand tooled ‘slim jim’ holster, on brass dome tack decorated belt, the knife stamped and dated 1837 by Lampson & Goodnow, the oldest knife maker in the US, with hide wrapped wooden handle. $6,000 – $8,000

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1042 EARLY 19TH C. TRAPPER’S KNIFE WITH SHEATH AND BELT Single edge with lead hilt, wooden handle, set in leather sheath with matching belt, the square shouldered oak handle having two pewter filled rivets, the belt and sheath decorated with domed brass square shank tacks. 9” blade, 13 1/2” overall. $2,500 – $3,500

1043 1042

1043 RARE EARLY DOUBLE PATCH BAGS, FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR ERA Two expanding leather pouches with intricate stitchwork, linen wrap at top, meant to hang over the belt, held paper cartridges, with fringing, thread decor, about 60” long stretched out. $2,000 – $3,000 The collector has never seen an intact example.

1044 DISPLAY CASE WITH (6 PC) MID18TH C. BOY’S MUSKET SHOOTING SET Including shoulder slung musette bag, shot pouch, bone needle, two rare priming horns, one bird beak figural, lead shot and bullet mold, #180 stamp, 6+ shot pieces in set. 5” x 4 1/2” bag. $800 – $1,200 1044


1045 CIVIL WAR ERA LEATHER SHOOTING POUCH ALONG WITH DATED HORN Made from horse harness with covered pouch, includes small powder horn engraved “HERMAN EVANS, 1863”, possibly Pennsylvania Dutch or Upstate New York symbols, with measure. On shoulder belt. 5 1/2” x 6 1/2” pouch, 24” overall including strap, 6 1/2” horn. $1,500 – $2,000

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 1046 SUPERB & HISTORICAL MANDAN GRIZZLY BEAR JAW KNIFE, 1820-1830 North Dakota Dagger with Jukes Coulson stamped blade, double edged, the handle from a jaw having 2 1/2” incisors, six teeth remaining in jawbone, found at gravesite, ‘X’ rotted off, thong replaced, 8” blade, 15” long overall. Wire repair to handle. With bearskin sheath. It is very difficult to find a bear jaw dagger in any condition. Most warriors would have had their weapons, especially their knives buried with them. Next to an Indian War Shield, an Incisor Jaw knife is the most difficult to find. $35,000 – $50,000


Claimed as the knife featured in Charles Bodmer’s painting “Assiniboines and Cree Attack a Small Encampment of Blackfeet”, August 28, 1833. See reference from painting.

Includes Richard Pohrt, Jr. letter dated 1/31/99, authenticating the handwritten interview transcript by Richard Pohrt, Sr. with Milford Chandler in Sierra Madre, California in 1977, describing the history of this knife. Was in the collection of a man in Detroit who was a friend of William Rolston, who said he had picked it up in North Dakota at the graveyard “you might call it” of the Mandan near Fort Berthold. He said it was “laying on the ground, not protected in any way, exposed to the weather”. He rewrapped the handle with leather thong. Previously sold for 85K by Bob Nelson (Morningstar).

1047 SIOUX KNIFE SCABBARD OWNED BY “TAKES ALIVE” FAMILY, CIRCA 1860 From Cheyenne River Reservation, having ornamented upper cuff likely reused from prior arm band decorated in quill, lazy stitch beading, buffalo rawhide scabbard in vermillion red trade paint (from China, originally brought west by Lewis and Clark), with brass tack and copper rivets. $7,000 – $8,000 Thomas Mails describes this old style painting of rawhide in his book, “Plains Indians (Dog Soldiers, Bear Men & Buffalo Women)”. From Browning Museum in Montana, there was an attached paper tag which carries the museum description and identification number A-g-7-19. 1047

1048 DOUBLE EDGE WOOD HANDLED DAGGER WITH PEWTER INLAY, JUKES COULSON STAMPED BLADE, CIRCA 1850 Beaver Tail Blade with Elm Handles having lead inlaid six-pointed stars, ‘cog’ at top, two bands, 8” blade, 15” overall. $8,000 – $10,000 1048

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Thomaston Place Auction Galleries 1049 RARE BLACKFOOT DAGGER WITH BEAR JAW HANDLE, CIRCA 1890, GHOST DANCE ASSOCIATION 19th c. single edge steel blade, two part handle with two rivets. 7 3/4” blade, 12 1/2” overall. $12,000 – $15,000 Per Wendell Grangaard of Guns of History, Sioux Falls, SD: “During my examination of this Blackfoot knife, I found the name Bull written in Togia on the right side of the blade, along with this message: ‘Fast Cloud son Bull’. On the left handle I found ‘Bull’ three times, with the togia mark of Blackfoot. On the left side of the blade I found ‘Bull’ written twice, with the mark ‘Ghost Dance’. On the right handle, the name ‘Bull’ is written twice with the message ‘son-Fast Cloud’. The bottom of the handle contains a special togia message: ‘rode together Bull Plenty Cups married departed’. Bull was born in 1824 to Blackfoot parents. He joined John Grass’s band of Sihasapa when he came of age. He married Plenty Cups and they had one son, Fast Cloud, who was born in 1841. Plenty Cups left her family at some time and married another man, Omaha. Bull then moved in with his son Fast Cloud and his wife, ‘Her White Baby’.


I believe this knife was handmade by Bull for the Ghost Dance movement. Kicking Bear, a Mniconjou, brought the Ghost Dance to the Sioux at the Pine Ridge Reservation, and then brought the ways of the dance to Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull gave Kicking Bear permission to teach it on the Standing Rock Reservation. The Ghost Dance was originally a peaceful dance, but because Sioux tended to make many things warlike, the Dance became so as well. According to historical stories, Kicking Bear was told by Wovoka, the creator of the Dance, that each person who participated in the Dance must wear one thing that was personally made by them, such as the Ghost Dance shirt. The participants were not allowed to wear or carry anything made by the wasicu (white man). The Sioux also felt it was important to be armed at all times, so each dancer tended to make a knife or a hatchet to carry during the dance. Bull and his son lived on the Grand River in the John Grass Community on Standing Rock.” From Blackpipe to the collection of Tom Hampton. Folder of documents with letter from Gragaard describing Togia inscriptions.

1050 OJIBWA HORN HANDLE DAGGER, CIRCA 1850 Two Part Shaped Handle with nine rivets, 2 1/2” wide double edged blade. 7 1/4” blade, 13 1/2” overall. $7,000 – $10,000 Collection of Ralph Vellich, via Glenbow Museum.


1051 OJIBWE MOUNTAIN RAM’S HORN HAFT PLUNGE KNIFE, CIRCA 1850 Double edged wide forged blade, two part handle with four brass rivets, hide wrapped grip. Includes document binder. 8” blade, 13” overall. $7,000 – $10,000 From Sherwoods Spirit of America, Santa Fe, NM, 01/25/12

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 1052 RARE NATIVE AMERICAN WOLF JAW KNIFE, CIRCA 1860 Double-edged plunge knife with original molars, steel ferrule, brass riveted construction, 12 1/2” overall with 7 3/4” hand forged blade, nearly 2” in width. Retaining one large canine tooth and rare four jaw teeth, two brass rivets hold the haft in place, the blade sharpened many times, nice patina. $10,000 – $15,000 1052

From Ralph Vellich Collection, collected in 1940s-1970s, most of the collection sold in the 1990s by Sothebys. Pictured in “Who’s Who in American Artifacts #7” by Janie Jinks-Weidner. With document binder.

1053 MID-19TH C. BLACKFEET DAGGER WITH BUFFALO BONE HANDLE, PROBABLY ORIGINAL BUFFALO HIDE SHEATH The Thrust Dagger retaining a very sharp doubleedge pointed dagger, the bone handle having two steel rivets, possible inscription on one side (in togia?). From buffalo hide with cuffed top, horse hide fringe, sinew stitching, brass tacks at bottom, one red stained horsehair tassel, braided horse hide with red and black cotton grosgrain trade ribbon pendants, 5 1/2” blade, 9 1/4” overall dagger; 9 1/2Z” sheath, excluding pendants. Probably Montana. $3,000 – $4,000



1054 APACHE BONE HANDLED KNIFE Wide double edged forged knife with two-part bone handle with six rivets, attached multi-strand quill tassel. 7 1/2” blade, 14” overall. $8,000 – $12,000

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Thomaston Place Auction Galleries 1055 SIOUX KNIFE OWNED BY “TAKES ALIVE”, CIRCA 1860 Quench hardened blade hand forged, often sharpened, with heavy haft, blacksmith made, with wooden handle having hand driven copper rivets. $5,000 – $7,000

Decommissioned from museum. 7” blade, 12 1/2” overall. From Browning Museum in Montana


1056 BLACKFOOT EFFIGY KNIFE, CIRCA 1850 Wooden Handle with three copper rivets, full round carved human head, double edged blade, unmarked. 7 1/2” blade, 13 3/4” overall. $6,000 – $8,000


1057 SCARCE BLACKFEET COYOTE JAW KNIFE, A WOMAN’S WEAPON 19th c. Montana, built using a steel single-edged thin trade blade (probably French), retaining a sharp edge, the jaw holding four teeth, set by a single brass rivet, the haft joined by a punch decorated cuff of pewter. No sheath. A fine example. 4” blade, 8 3/4” overall. Some corrosion, as expected. $2,000 – $3,000


1058 PAWNEE EFFIGY DAGGER, CIRCA 1830 Wooden handle with fully dimensional human head and chip carved decoration, double edged blade, two brass rivets, unmarked. 7 1/2” blade, 14 3/4” overall. $6,000 – $8,000 1058

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1059 EARLY 20TH C. WAR SHIRT WITH APPPLIED SALVAGED 19TH C. APPLIQUES Buffalo Hide, quilled horse hair drops, 21” shoulder, 35” long. Worn. $15,000 – $20,000


From the Museum of the Old West at Cheyenne, Wyoming.

1060 MID 20TH C. COWBOY SHIRT Unique shirt by Watt Frontier Clothing Co. Made in the USA, bib front with round five domed silver star buttons, dark blue cotton, large. 19” shoulder, 25” sleeve. $300 – $500


1061 PR OF 19TH C. SIOUX BEADED MOCCASINS Original rawhide soles, hand stitched, beaded coarse lined buckskin uppers. Red and green over white grid tops, 10 1/2” long. Some loss to beading, still pliable. $500 – $800


1062 NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN’S TOY CANOE, GREAT LAKES REGION Single piece, stiffened bark construction, hand split frame, circa 1900, 22” long. $800 – $1,200


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1063 PAINTING COMMISSIONED BY CONSIGNOR, REPRESENTING ITEMS IN THIS COLLECTION, BY RAYMOND NORDWALL (NM/OK, 1965) Oil on canvas, signed and dated 2007, verso marked Santa Fe, NM; unframed, black painted edge, 36” x 30”. $2,000 – $3,000


1064 PAINTING OF NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIOR Oil on canvas, signed “ID”, unframed, 36” x 24”. $3,000 – $4,000



1065 EARLY 20TH C. SIOUX FRINGED AND BEADED MEDICINE BAG Soft Elk Hide Pouch with flap, belt loop and short strap, decorated with a four directions symbols in trade glass seed beads, in three colors of blue on a white lazy strung field, the round flap having a wide band with dark blue edging, slip bead thong closure, fringe on three sides (one strand having a captured fetish), 6” x 6” excluding 6” fringe. $800 – $1,200

1066 A COLLECTION OF MODERN NATIVE AMERICAN ACCOUTREMENT DRESSINGS Rawhide Strands with Feathers and Bone Discs (early 20th c.); (2) Mink Skins; Claw and Bone Fetish; Five Color Horsehair Tassel; Strands of Blue Glass Beads; (17) Alternating White and Black Horsehair Tin Cone Tassels. $300 – $450 28 For additional details and images visit our website


Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 1067 (22) BOOKS AND REFERENCE MATERIAL GROUP #1: AMERICAN INDIAN HISTORY Including: “The Book of the American Indian” Written by Hamlin Garland, Pictured by Frederic Remington, 1923, stated first edition, stained covers; (2 copies, 1 damaged) “A Pictorial History of the American Indian” by Oliver LaFarge, 1957; “Through Indian Eyes”, Reader’s Digest, 1995; (2 copies) “The Plains Indians” by Colin F. Taylor, 1994; “Indians of Yesterday” by Marion E. Gridley, illustrated by Lone Wolf, 1940; “The Indians of the Great Plains” by Norman Bancroft-Hunt and Werner Forman, 1989; (2 copies) “America’s Fascinating Indian Heritage” Reader’s Digest, 1978; “American Indian Survival Skills” by W. Ben Hunt, 1991; 1067 “The Blackfeet, Artists of the Northern Plains” by Bob Scriver, first edition, 1990; “The North American Indians” written and illustrated by Ernest Berke, first edition, 1963; “Indians” by Robert May, 1982; “Great Lakes Indians, A Pictorial Guide” by William J. Kubiak, 1970; “The Life & Art of the North American Indian” by John Anson Warner, 1990; “Fighting Indians of the West” by Martin F. Schmitt and Dee Brown, 1963; “Curtis’ Western Indians” by Ralph W. Andrews, first edition, 1962; “Last Trail to Bear Paw, Flight of the Nez Perces, 1877” by Rowena L. Alcorn; “The Spirit of Native America: Beauty and Mysticism in American Indian Art”, by Anna Lee Walters, 1989; “Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood” by Laine Thom, 1992; “A Guide to America’s Indian: Ceremonials, Reservations and Museums” by Arnold Marquis. Generally very good condition. $600 – $800

1068 (19) BOOKS AND REFERENCE MATERIAL GROUP #2: AMERICAN INDIAN CRAFTS & RELICS Including: “Indian Trade Relics: Identification & Values, by Lars Hothem, 2003; “Hau, Kola! The Plains Indian Collection of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology” by Barbara A. Hall; “Collecting the West: Cowboy, Indian, Spanish American and Mining Memorabilia” by William C. Ketchem, Jr., 1993; “North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment: From Prehistory to the Present” by Lois Sherr Dubin; “Sacred Circles: Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art”, Exhibition Catalog from1977 Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City; “Indian Signals and Sign Language” by George Fronval and Daniel Dubois, 1978; “The Book of Indian Crafts and Costumes” by Bernard S. Mason, 1946; “Art of the American Indian Frontier” by David W. Penney The Chandler-Pohrt Collection, 1993; “Indian Art in North America: Arts and Crafts” by Federick J. Dockstader, 1961; “Accoutrements” by James R. Johnston, undated; “Accoutrements II”, ibid, undated; “Accoutrements III”, ibid; “Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume” by Josephine 1068 Pateek, 1994; “A Sure Defence: The Bowie Knife Book” by Kenneth J. Burton, 1998; “The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork” by Monte Smith, 1983; “Native Paths: American Indian Art from the Collection of Charles and Valerie Diker”, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1998; “Indian Trade Goods and Replicas by Preston E. Miller and Carolyn Corey, 1998; “Indian Handicrafts” by C. Keith Wilber, 1990; “Illustrated Catalog of Civil War Military Goods” Schuyler, Hartley & Graham. Generally very good condition. $600 -$800

1069 (20) SMALL BOOKS/BROCHURES ON NATIVE AMERICAN LIFE AND RELICS Including: “The Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore by Julian H. Salomon, 1928; “The Oglala Sioux” by Robert H. Ruby, first edition, author signed, 1955; “Buckskin and Buffalo: The Artistry of the Plains Indians” by Colin F. Taylor, 1998; “The book of American Indians” by Ralph B. Raphael, 1959, damaged covers; “The Complete How-to Book of Indiancraft” by W. Ben Hunt, 1973; “Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants” by Horace C. Beck, 1981; “American 1069 Indian Beadwork” by W. Ben Hunts and J.F. ‘Buck’ Burshears, 1996; “Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of the American Southwest” by Franklin Barnett, 1991; “Indians of North America: The Cheyenne” by Stan Hoig, 1989; “Apsaalooke: Art and Tradition”, undated; “Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux” by Carrie A. Lyford, 1992; “Crow Indian Beadwork: A Descriptive and Historical Study” by William Windschut & John C. Ewers, 1985; “The Flat Bow” by Hunt & Metz, 1940; “Step-by-Step Brain Tanning the Sioux Way” by Larry Belitz, 1981; “Tomahawks Illustrated” by Robert Knock, 1977; “Four Days in a Medicine Lodge” by Walter McClintock, reprint of 1900 original brochure; “The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plans” by E. Adamson Hoebel, 1960; “Blackfeet Crafts” by Ewers, undated; “Plains Indian Beadwork, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, 1977; Matthew Chase catalog. Mostly very good condition. $300 – $450 For additional details and images visit our website 29

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

1070 1947 COLT FIREARMS CO. STOCK CERTIFICATE, FRAMED s/n C7736, with stamp indicating change of company name. $200 – $400


1071 SINGLE MEXICAN IRON SPUR High quality engraving, with 4” rowel. $700 – $900


1072 (9) BUFFALO NICKEL BUTTONS, NATIVE AMERICAN MADE Lead back originals, pounded into domes: PLUS (2) original US Marine Corps buttons. $200 – $300


1073 GAR MEDAL WITHOUT RIBBON Civil War Union Soldier’s Medal from “The Grand Army of the Republic”. $75 – $125 1073

THIS CONCLUDES THE FIRST SESSION, A Private Collection of Native American Artifacts. The second session, which includes 19th and 20th century Native American Art & Jewelry begins with Lot 2001

30 For additional details and images visit our website

2001  RARE COIN SILVER INDIAN PEACE MEDAL 1792 Medal depicting George Washington receiving a peace pipe from a Native American chief. U.S. Seal verso. Large version, engraved, not cast, with what looks like a lion seal at the hasp, riveted edge. Includes chain. 6 5/8” x 4 7/8”, very good condition. 8.98 ozt. $5,000-7,000


2002  NATIVE AMERICAN TOMAHAWK Bronze Trade Hammer Tomahawk Head, mounted on Iroquois style shaped walnut and brass studded haft, 19th c., 21 1/4” long overall, 5 3/4” blade. Good condition. $1,000-1,500


2003  PENOBSCOT NATVE AMERICAN WAR CLUB Exceptionally Fine 19th c. Native carved decorative war club; hand carved and painted portrait of a native face, handle is chip carved with stars, bow and arrow, peace pipe, and leaf design; base of handle has birch bark wrap. 26” long, head is 8” at widest point, 5 1/2” deep, great condition, superb patina. $1,000-1,500


For additional details and images visit our website 31


Native American Art & Artifacts | SESSION TWO

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2004  PENOBSCOT NATIVE AMERICAN WAR CLUB Exceptionally Fine 19th c. Native carved decorative war club; top depicts a well carved bird form head, the shaft is chip carved with leaf and geometric design, base of handle has birch bark wrap, 23 1/2” long, head width 11”, 8 1/2” deep. Very good overall condition, superb patina. $1,000-1,500 2004

2005  EARLY 20TH C. PENOBSCOT WAR CLUB Maine Native American Carved Birch Root Ball Club, with carved animal head depictions at top, chip carved brown painted shaft, 27” long. Handle paint losses, chip at top of shaft. $600-800


2006  NORTHEAST NATIVE AMERICAN WOOD AND BONE FISHING HOOK Carved Cypress Halibut Hook, Alaskan Inuit, early 20th c., with bone spur and cotton twine binding, having a portrait of the owner carved in straight stem, roughly 10 1/2” x 4 1/4”. Very good condition but with wear from use. $500-1,000 2006

2007  LATE 19TH C. LAKOTA SIOUX FRAME DRUM PAINTED WITH A BATTLE SCENE Vintage painted drum, created by a member of the Sioux tribe (Plains Indian). The drum was constructed of rawhide, stretched over a bent oak needlepoint hoop and is hand-painted with pictographic elements of two warriors on foot firing rifles, a man on a horse who is also firing a rifle back, several glyphs at edges, rendered in black cartooning, with red, green and brown decoration, 11 3/4” diam. Good condition. $2,000-3,000


32 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022


2009  CARVED & PAINTED OWL KACHINA DOLL SIGNED ‘S.J.’ Vintage SW Native American Crafted Kachina Doll, in carved wood with painted features, feather and fur headdress, mounted on round wooden base, marked ‘Owl’ and S.J.’ on base, 10 3/4” high, 5 3/4” x 3 1/2”. Good condition. $300-400


2010  HOPI NATIVE AMERICAN CARVING Kachina of a Red Tail Hawk Dancer, signed “Roy Nahsonhoya”, First Mesa, Arizona Hopi Reservation, Fall of 1989, roughly 8” x 9” x 2 /2”. Good condition. $300-400


2011  MID-20TH C. KACHINA DOLL Hopi Peoples, Arizona, Kachina Figure in painted cottonwood with string and feathers, standing, having a black face, white band around forehead, black skull cap, with feathered finial, yellow eyes, red lips and white zigzag teeth. She has yellow shoulders, black chest and arms, white hands, a white knee length skirt and a concho belt, with yellow legs and red/blue moccasins. 8 1/2” tall. Very good condition. $600-800


For additional details and images visit our website 33


2008  LARGE PUEBLO NATIVE AMERICAN HANDMADE DRUM Pow Wow Ground Drum from a single hollowed out section of a Cochiti tree trunk, both ends covered in animal hide, with rawhide thong crossed ties, single rawhide handle and loop for the single deer hide topped beater included. No decoration. Roughly 23” x 21” diam. Fine condition. $500-700

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2012  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN MASKS Both with original purchase tags from Native American galleries, incl: Mohawk woven cornhusk mask of abundance, Ontario, Canada, dated ‘94, 17” x 17”; and Iroquois Onondaga Nation “Broken Nose” mask, in carved and painted pine with copper eyes, by artist Hayo Was (He Drives a Boat), 11 5/8” x 6 1/4” (without hair). Good condition. $300-500 2012

2013  20TH C. NATIVE AMERICAN MASK AND PORTRAIT RATTLE Northwest Tribal carvings, Tlingit peoples, in red cedar with red and black decoration, horsehair on the mask, which is inscribed verso “Young Shaman Mask; George Pennier, 91, Chehalis, B/.C. 6 1/2” x 5 1/2”. The Rattle is labeled “Michael Epp, Artist”, 6 3/4” x 4”, good condition. $300-400 2013

2014  NATIVE AMERICAN STYLE BEADED DEEERHIDE SHIRT & GLOVES 1970s vintage, unmarked, machine stitched, glass beads, Sioux pattern decoration, short fringe at chest of shirt, four small pockets, (5) celluloid buttons, 16” shoulders, 22” sleeves. Worn, spots on shirt, soiling to gloves. $400-500 2014

2015  (3 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK, MID-20TH C. Including: Chippewa Squash Blossom Belt panel, 3” x 36”, all hand stitched, possibly a bit earlier; PLUS a Pair of Cuffs with heart, squash blossoms and initials ‘AA’, 6” x 6 1/2”. Good condition. $600-800


34 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2016  PR OF 19TH C. NATIVE AMERICAN CHILD’S MOCCASINS Plains Indian, with four-color glass seed bead pinwheels, rawhide soles, 7” long. Dried out. $150-250 2016

2017  19TH C. HOPI PUEBLO KACHINA BOWL Circa 1890 Terracotta Bowl with white, black and orange decoration of a Kachina head, 2 1/4” x 7 1/4”. Losses, wear to image. $800-1,200


2018  19TH C. PLAINS APACHE OLLA JAR Black on Orange decorated, having broad flattened shoulder with tapered medium neck, having four bands of geometric forms, including shooting stars, 4 1/2” x 7 1/2”. Loss to rim, sloughing from underside. $600-800 2018

2019  MARIA & JULIAN MARTINEZ SAN ILDEFONSO POTTERY JAR Vintage Black on Black Pottery Vessel, circa 1930s, by Maria Martinez (1887-1980) and husband, Julian Martinez (1879-1943), decorated with stylized bear paw and geometric motifs, signed “Maria & Julian” on base, 3 3/4” high, 5 1/4” diam. $800-1,200 2019

For additional details and images visit our website 35

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries


2020  NATIVE AMERICAN BLACKWARE POTTERY - BLUE CORN & STELLA CHAVARRIA Lot of (2) Vessels, incl: Blue Corn, San Ildefonso bowl, attributed to Crucita Gonzales Calabaza (1921-1999), with carved serpent decoration in matte and glossy finish, signed “Blue Corn, San Ildefonso Pueblo”, 3 1/4” high, 4 3/4” diam., rim flakes; and Jar by Stella Chavarria (1939- ), Santa Clara Pueblo, daughter of Teresita Naranjo and granddaughter of Christina Naranjo, with carved feather and avanyu design, base signed “Stella Chavarria, Santa Clara”, 5” high, 4” diam., good condition. $600-800

2021  SANTA CLARA BLACK CLAY POT SIGNED BY JUDY & LINCOLN TAFOYA Deeply carved with thunderbird feathers at top, avanyu water serpent at bottom, 5” x 6”. Good condition. $600-800 2021

2022  (2 PCS) BLACK CLAY SANTA CLARA PUEBLO POTTERY, BOWL IS SIGNED MARIE SUARZO The Bowl with deeply carved decoration, 2” x 3 1/2”; the dish is unsigned, with matt to gloss decoration, 1” x 5”. Nick to edge of dish. $400-600 2022

2023  SANTA CLARA BLACKWARE VASE BY PETRA MONTOYA GUTIERREZ (1905-?) Native American Black on Black Pottery Vase, Santa Clara Pueblo, mid20th c., with decoration of a stylized bird or reptile, base incised ‘Petra, Santa Clara, 6 3/4” high, 8” diam. A few side scuffs. $600-800 2023

36 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2024  MARIA & SANTANA MARTINEZ (NM, 20TH C.) BLACKWARE VASE Native American Polished Black on Black Spherical Pottery Vase by Marie Montoya Martinez and her daughter-in-law Santana San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM, circa 1960s, signed on base “Marie & Santana”, 7 1/4” high, 8 3/4” diam. Rim flakes, surface wear, drilled as a lamp. $300-500 2024

2025  ADAM & SANTANA MARTINEZ BLACKWARE POTTERY JAR San Ildefonso Pueblo Black on Black Pot, by Adam Martinez (19032002) and wife, Santana Martinez (1909-2002), bulbous form with geometric decoration, signed on base “Santana - Adam”, 3 1/4” high, 3 1/2” diam. Base edge smudge/gloss loss. $300-500 2025

2026  BLACKWARE WEDDING PITCHER Early 20th c. Pueblo Blackware Pottery Double Spout Wedding Jug, with molded decoration around body, unsigned, 11” high, 10” diam. Surface wear and glaze losses. $300-500


2027  (2 PCS) SIGNED SANTA CLARA PUEBLO TERRACOTTA POTS A Medium Olla with black on orange decoration signed in pencil “Laura Tafoya”, 5” x 6”; PLUS Melon Form small bowl signed “Marie, Santa Clara”. Good condition. $300-400 2027

For additional details and images visit our website 37

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2028  (2 PCS) SOUTHWESTERN REDWARE, THE DISH BY ADELPHIA MARTINEZ (1935 - ), SAN ILDEFONSO PUEBLO, CIRCA 1980S Small dish featuring thunderbird feathers and a serpent, signed by Adelphia, 6” diam.; PLUS a small bowl with split steppe design, 2 1/2” x 3 1/2”. Good condition. $300-400 2028

2029  NATIVE AMERICAN BLACKWARE BOWL Polished Blackware Seed Jar, light weight with thin walls and in-curved rim, hand carved geometric design and polished surface, rounded base, unsigned, 3” high, 5 1/2” diam. $300-400



2030  NATIVE AMERICAN BLACKWARE POTTERY Lot of (2) Black on Black Vessels, incl: Bowl by Santanita Suazo (19252005), Santa Clara Pueblo, with feather decoration, signed “Santanita Suazo” on base, 2 1/4” high, 3 1/4” diam., good condition; and Small unsigned vintage bowl with geometric decoration, 2 1/8” high, 2 3/4” diam., surface wear, small glaze flakes, small indentation below decoration. $200-300

2031  (2 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY Including: Margaret Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo, 20th c.) blackware bowl, with geometric shoulder decoration, signed on base “Margaret Garcia, Santa Clara Pue., N. Mex., ‘88”, 3 1/2” high, 4 1/2” diam.; and Unglazed bowl with incised basketweave motif decoration, signed “G.W.” on base, 3 1/4” high, 3 3/4” diam. Good condition. $200-300 2031

38 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2032  LARGE HOPI POTTERY WATER JUG Rounded Top with Tapered Bottom, having double spout and flat loop lugs, in terra cotta with black and red decoration of hocker salamander figures, 12 1/4” tall, 14 1/2” wide at lugs. Good condition. $400-600


2033  BERNICE WATCHMAN (US, 20TH C.) NAVAJO POTTERY JAR Native American Crafted Incised Polychrome Jar, ovoid shape with flared rim, signed ‘Bernice Watchman, Navajo’ on base, 8 1/4” high, 5 1/2” diam. Good condition. $200-300


2034  SAN JUAN PUEBLO POTTERY BOWL Circa 1970 Incised Mica Clay Redware Vessel, by mother and daughter Dominguita Sisneros-Naranjo (1942- ) and Tomasita Montoya (18991978), signed on base “Dominguita Montoya”, 3 3/4” high, 4 1/2” diam. Good condition. $100-150 2034

2035  NATIVE AMERICAN SEED POT SIGNED ‘CLBZ’ Southwest Hand Crafted Pottery Seed Pot, with Kokopelli decorated top, base incised CLBZ, 1 1/4” high, 2 3/8” diam. Good condition. $30-50


For additional details and images visit our website 39

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2036  CLASSIC EARLY NAVAJO SADDLE BLANKET Circa 1860 Navajo Horse Blanket woven of two types of raveled bayeta, 3-ply saxony, in cochineal. The design is a vibrant pattern of green, black and white zigzag lines where the points meet to create a visual design of diamonds with one side having a row of four white crosses. The blanket was woven vertically. 25” x 32”. Old repairs, light staining, edge losses. Old tag with faint writing reads “Half-Size, given to Sarah Day by John in 1891, at Bureau Affairs Co. (C.H. Michaels).” $1,000-2,000 2036

2037  NAVAJO EYE DAZZLER RUG, CIRCA 1900 In sand, black, red on a buff field, black, black-red and buff border, 31” x 56”. Fine condition. $1,000-2,000


2038  NAVAJO YEI-BI-CHEI RUG Six Figure Dance Rug with polychrome figures on a tan field with black border, finely woven, 72” x 52”. Very good condition, one side sun faded. $1,000-1,500


2039  MEDIUM NAVAJO RUG A single rug in Two Grey Hills pattern with four cross designs, wind border, flat weave, in grey, black and buff, 31 1/2” x 37”. Excellent condition. $1,000-1,200 2039

40 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2040  NAVAJO YEI-BI-CHEI RUG Six Corn Dancers with a seventh wraparound protective figure, polychrome on a cream ground with grey and sand border, 55” x 74”, very good condition. $800-1,000


2041  SMALL NAVAJO RUG Soft weave with graphics of open eye and double ended arrows, in tan, white, ochre, red and dark brown, 34” x 48”. Excellent condition. $700-900 2041

2042  1970S NAVAJO YE’I BI CHEI RUG 1970s handspun Shiprock Ye’i dyed with vegetal and aniline colors, depicting three ye’i between rows of corn, in bright primary and secondary colors on a pale blue field, 33” x 40”. Good condition. Purchased in 1972 by the consignor directly from the weaver. $600-800 2042

2043  20TH C. NAVAJO RUG IN BROWN TONES Five Medallion Diamond Steppe Pattern of interesting brown tones, with tan, red and gold, moss green, black edges, string fringed ends, 62” x 98” (5’-2” x 8’-2”), fine condition. $600-800 2043

For additional details and images visit our website 41

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2044  VINTAGE NAVAJO RUG Early Style Striped Wearing Blanket, having red, brown and black stripes on buff, 42” x 31”. Bleeding, stains and holes, corner and edge loss. $600-800


2045  NAVAJO RUG Two Grey Hills, red, sand and black on cream, fringed ends, 52” x 66”, good condition. $600-800 2045

2046  LARGE EARLY NAVAJO RUG Flat Weave Wool in vegetable dyes, circa 1880s, composed of red, brown, cream and sand, having a three line border of red diamonds, central panel of wind symbols with mountain symbols at each end, short fringe at one end only, bound edge, 54” x 63”, faded, one large hole, one small hole, one short split, corner losses. $600-800 2046

2047  NAVAJO RUG Cream Field with stripes containing bear claw and red diamonds, stripes centered on orange, tan and grey, 36” x 54”, stained, corner loss. $500-700 2047

42 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2048  SMALL NAVAJO RUG Eye Dazzler X design, in tan, white, ochre and red, 33” x 49”. Some edge loss, otherwise excellent condition. $500-700


2049  NAVAJO SADDLE BLANKET Crystal Pattern in grey, black, brown and white, 26” x 38”. Light stains. $400-600 2049

2050  SMALL NAVAJO RUG A single Two Grey Hills pattern rug, flat weave, with graphic arrows, central stepped diamond, in tan, white and black, 30” x 48”. A few small spots, otherwise very good condition. $400-600 2050

2051  NAVAJO WEARING BLANKET, CIRCA 1910 Lightning Steppe Pattern in traditional red, white and black, ochre bands at end, heavy weave for winter use, 54” x 79”. Multiple holes. Needs cleaning and restoration. $350-450 2051

For additional details and images visit our website 43

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2052  SMALL NAVAJO RUG Steppe Diamonds eye dazzler, flat weave, in tan, ochre, grey, red and black, 34” x 48”. Some bleeding, light stains. $350-450 2052

2053  NAVAJO RUG Charcoal Grey with orange, red and gold stripes, bold red thunderbird symbols, 28” x 64”, very good condition. $300-400


2054  NAVAJO MAT Two Grey Hills, with tag from Toadlena Trading Post in Newcomb, NM. Weaver Ella Shorty. 20” x 29”, good condition. $200-300 2054

2055  NAVAJO MAT Spring Rain Pattern, with dark sand cross at center, on ochre field, with water pattern in cream, black ends and edge wrap, 24” x 28”, very good condition. $200-300 2055

44 For additional details and images visit our website

Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2056  (2 PCS) NAVAJO 20TH C. TEXTILES, A RUG AND A BLANKET 1960s Rug in sand, light and dark brown on a buff field having a large central diamond and square geometric center border, striped ends with fringe, 58” x 94”; PLUS 1920s Blanket in lightweight tight weave, having a buff field with center diamond surrounded by four smaller squares, in red, green and brown, no fringe, two joined pieces off a narrow home loom, 55” x 72”, stained, corner loss, rings stitched on to hang. $200-300 2056

2057  NAVAJO WOVEN MAT Personalized Grey Hills pattern with “Taylor & Dale” at center. 26” x 26”, good condition. $100-200 2057

2058  HUDSON BAY POINT BLANKET 100% Wool Trade Blanket in classic Hudson Bay off-white having black, yellow, red and aqua stripes, four black hash marks, retaining a worn original woven label, circa 1920s, 69” x 90”. Frayed short ends. $200-400


2059  EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS (WA/CA, 1868-1952) (4) Sepia Photogravure Native American Portraits from “The North American Indian”, 1910, including (3) small: “Nine Pipes - Flathead”; “Huachuca - Yuma”; “The Parley”; PLUS (1) large chine colle: “Sitting Elk - Apsaroke” (1908). All in matching burl mahogany and black box frame, matted under UV glass, the smaller are OS: 14” x 12 3/4”, SS: 7 3/4” x 5 3/4” (“Parley” is horizontal format); the larger is OS: 28” x 22”, SS: 17” x 11”, only the last, a chine colle, is lightly rippled. Not examined out of frame. $2,000-3,000 2059

For additional details and images visit our website 45

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2060  ALFRED M. HOFFY (1790-1860) FOR CHARLES BIRD KING (DC/RI, 1785-1862) “AP-PA-NOO-SE, Saukie Chief ”, from “History of the Indian Tribes of North America”, ca. 1836, hand colored lithograph on paper. Published by Frederick W. Greenough, Philadelphia; Drawn Printed & Colored at I.T. Bowen’s Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St. Entered according to act of Congress in the Year 1838. In the original birds eye maple ogee frame, glazed, OS: 22 1/4” x 18”, SS: 16” x 11 1/2”. Some foxing. $300-500 2060

2061  CHARLES BIRD KING (1785-1862) (2) FRAMED PRINTS OF NATIVE AMERICANS: “Stu-ma-nu, a Flathead Boy” & “Push-ma-ta-ha, a Chocktaw Warrior”. Lithographed, colored, and published by J. T. Bowen, Philadelphia. “History of the Indian Tribes of North America”. Publisher: Philadelphia: F.W. Greenough, 1838-1844. In matching mahogany ribbed frames, under glass. OS: 10 1/2” x 8”, SS: 9” x 6 1/2”. Painted highlights are discolored. $300-500 2061

2062  JOHN NICHOLAS PACE (CA, 1930-2006) A Lone Sioux Sentinel on Horseback, rendered in sepia tone, oil on canvas signed lower right, in black edged mahogany slat frame, OS: 28 1/2” x 22 1/2”, SS: 28” x 22”. One light scuff lower left. $300-500 2062

2063  JOHN NICHOLAS PACE (CA, 1930-2006) A Group of Native Americans Traveling in a Deep Snow, rendered in sepia tone, oil on canvas signed lower right, in black edged mahogany slat frame, OS: 22 1/2” x 28 1/2”, SS: 22” x 28”. One light scuff lower right. $300-500 2063

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2

2064  WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT OF NATIVE AMERICAN BRAVE Watercolor painting in a molded edge frame under glass. Signed lower right “E.C.Pax...”; signature is partially illegible. 8 1/4” high x 6 1/2”. Toning to paper surface. $100-200 2064

2065  X-RARE VOLUME OF ONE OF THE EARLIEST CATALOGS OF NATIVE AMERICAN CRAFTS “Arts and Crafts of the Totem Indians”, Collected by Captain D.F. Tozier, United States Revenue Cutter Service. Classified and Photographed by Prof. W.H. Gilstrap, Curator, Ferry Museum, Tacoma, Washington. Published by Central News Company, Tacoma, Washington, circa 1890. OCLC lists only three extant copies on record, with only one other appearing at auction since 1945. Blue wraps with Indian basket weaving overlay, two glass beads at spine. Paper label. 7 1/2” x 9 1/4”, 20 photos with identification on facing page. Wear to binding, lightly edge stained on short edge throughout. $1,500-2,500 2065

2066  MID-20TH C. APACHE BASKET Grain Basket in grass and bear claw, with black edge and repeating geometric pattern, 5” x 11”. Fine condition. $400-600 2066

2067  VINTAGE NORTHWEST INDIAN COVERED BASKET Northwest Coast Salish American Indian Imbricated Basket with lid, circa 1900, having red and black decoration, folding loop handle on lid, 9” x 12”. Very good condition, some loss to finish. $300-500 2067

For additional details and images visit our website 47

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

2068  SOUTHWESTERN COIL BASKETS Lot of (3) Native American Coil Woven Bowl Form Baskets, 11 1/4”, 15 1/2” and 15 3/4” diam. Good condition. $300-500


2069  (10) SMALL DECORATIVE BASKETS Collection of (10) Vintage Small Storage Baskets, mainly Native American crafted, with paint, and ribbon decoration, most with lids (two lids in painted celluloid), 5 3/4” x 2 1/4” x 2 1/4” to 12 1/2” x 4 3/4” x 3 1/4”. Surface wear, minor breaks. $300-400 2069


2070  MAINE WABANAKI BASKETS Lot of (4) Finely Crafted Sweetgrass and Ash Splint Baskets, incl.: Passamaquoddy acorn shaped string holder with ring form carry handle, green dyed splints, side handles and rim wrap, 4 3/4” high (without handle), 4 1/4” diam., rim wrap loss area, one side handle detached (but present); Round lidded hair receiver (or thread/yarn holder), with red dyed splints, rim and rim wrap, 2 1/2” high, 4 1/2” diam., minor sun fading; Finely woven round lidded and footed basket, with orange dyed splints, ring lid finial, 2 3/4’ high, 4 3/4” diam., sun fading; and Round lidded flat bottom basket, with red and orange dyed lid and side splints, ring lid finial, 2 1/4” high, 3 3/4” diam., minor sun fading. $200-300

2071  (2) WABANAKI ARTISAN CRAFTED BASKETS Including: Micmac black ash splint and sweetgrass round lidded basket, made by Theresa Sunday of Snye, Quebec, with raised curlicue and sweetgrass bands, 5” high, 8 1/2” diam.; and Penobscot etched birchbark basket by Barry Dana, with images of a moose and cattails, porcupine decorated lid, signed and dated ‘07 on base, 4 1/4” high, 4” x 3 1/2”. Good condition. $200-300 2071

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2072  MAINE WABANAKI CRAFTED BASKETS Lot of (2), incl.: Micmac fixed handle round ash splint basket, signed on base “Mary Saupass” and dated 9-27-11, with red, yellow and green dyed splints, red curlicues, 12 1/2” high, 11 1/4” diam., good condition; and Round lidded ash splint and sweetgrass basket, probably Micmac, with curlicue decoration to lid and base, 6” high, 10” diam., minor sun fading. $200-300 2072

2073  MAINE WABANAKI BASKETS Lot of (4) Finely Woven Sweetgrass and Ash Splint Baskets, incl.: Round basket with double carry handles, curled sweetgrass rim, 7 1/2” high (incl. handles), 6 1/2” diam.; Round lidded basket with single carry handle, peach and blue dyed splints, 5 1/2” high (without handle), 5 1/2” diam., one broken lid center splint; Rectangular lidded basket, 2 3/4” high, 8 1/4” x 6”; and Round lidded basket, with multi-color splints to lid and base, 2” high, 7 1/2” diam., sun-faded top, one broken splint to lid center. Good condition, except as noted. $250-350 2073

2074  (4) NORTHWEST INDIAN MINIATURE COVERED BASKETS, CIRCA 1920 California Northwest Coast Haida Tinglit Indian Polychrome Miniature Baskets in finely woven grass, with various decorations, ranging in size from 1 3/4” x 3” to 3” x 4 1/4”. Good condition. $200-400 2074

2075  (2) WOVEN BASKETS Lot of (2) Baskets, incl: Round Native American crafted lidded storage basket, interior and base with green dyed splints, 4 1/4” high, 9” diam., minor damage to lid finial; and Vintage large lidded storage basket, with side handles, 15” high, 14” wide, misshapen. $125-175 2075

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2076  (3) SMALL WOODEN BOATS Incl: Birch bark canoe, probably Native American made, 13” long, 2 7/8”; Small hull model, 2 1/4” high, 8 1/4” long, glue losses; and Dinghy, 2” high, 7 1/4” wide; PLUS (3) carved oars., 4 3/4” to 5 1/2” long. $200-300


2077  PASSAMAQUODDY BASKET BY THERESA NEPTUNE GARDNER (1935-2004) Lidded Strawberry Basket, in red dyed ash splint with sweetgrass wrapped rims, surface covered in porcupine curls, signed ‘TN.G’ and dated ‘96 on lid rim, with original artisan card, 3 1/4” high, 2 3/4” diam. Sun faded surface. $200-300 2077

2078  PENOBSCOT BASKET BY ALBERT J. NICOLA Vintage Hand Crafted Fixed Handle Splint Basket, by Albert J. Nicola (1890-?) of Enfield, ME, with bentwood handle and double rim, branded maker’s mark to rim edge, 10 1/2” high, 12 3/4” diam. Good condition. $200-300 2078

2079  MAINE WABANAKI SEWING BASKET & ACCESSORIES (5) Piece Lot, incl: Rectangular woven ash splint and sweetgrass basket, with side handles and attached interior woven splint accessories compartment, with ring form side handles with raised loop sweetgrass decoration, footed base, 4” high (including side handles), 12 3/8” x 8”, sweetgrass handle loss area; and (4) Sewing accessories baskets - scissors holder: 3 1/8” long, needle case: 2 5/8” diam.; and two small pin baskets, 2” and 2 1/4” diam., larger with lid center and edge damage. $150-250 2079

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2080  MAINE PASSAMAQUODDY LIDDED BASKETS Lot of (4) Vintage Native American Crafted Round Lidded Baskets, finely woven in sweet grass and ash splint, one with tag marked ‘Alberta Willey, Xmas 2008’, 2 3/4” high, 5 3/4” diam. to 3 3/4” high, 9 1/2” diam. Some sun fading of dyed splints, otherwise good condition. $150-250 2080

2081  MAINE WABANAKI CRAFTED BASKETS Lot of (2) Barrel Form Sweetgrass and Ash Splint Baskets, with sweetgrass wrapped rim and drop ring side handles, one with red dyed splint side bands, both with blue-green dyed splint bases, 11” high, 9 1/2” x 8”. One basket with sun fading, rim damage and splint breaks to side; other with one small side splint break. $100-150 2081

2082  NATIVE AMERICAN DOLL IN COIL BASKET Sleeping doll wrapped in blanket with fur hood inside a coil basket with handles. The basket is 5” high, 13 1/2” x 5”. A few spots of wear to the weave on the basket has broken, in otherwise good condition. $125-175


2083  CHARLES LOVATO (NM, 1937-1987) (2) Lithos: The first ‘Song of the Earth, 1977’, signed lower center, 30” x 22”; The second ‘You Give Me Reason to Live, 1977’, signed lower right, numbered VII/X. Both unframed, full sheet Strathmore with deckled edge. Very good condition. Published at Western Graphics. $600-800 2083

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2084  20TH C. NATIVE AMERICAN KNIFE IN SHEATH Texas Flint Blade Knife with Ochowa Cactus handle with Arkansas crystal at end, housed in a fur covered leather sheath with braided leather thong, cobalt blue glass beads, 9” long overall. Fine condition. $200-300


2085  PABLITA (TSE TSAN-GOLDEN DAWN) VELARDE (NM, 1918-2006) “Mimbres Sheep”, gouache on board, signed lower right, in hand carved wooden frame, matted under non-glare glass, OS: 16” x 18 1/2”, SS: 10” x 13”. Good condition. $800-1,200



2086  SCOTT ROGERS (TX/UT, 1961 - ) “Calling the Buffalo”, a monumental patinated bronze of a Native American decoying in a herd wearing buffalo hide and horns, crouched over with shield and club, standing atop the ‘ghosts’ of many a beast; signed and titled on integral base, dated ‘05, numbered 1/30, a foundry pre-casting order, mounted on a molded walnut plinth with concealed turntable, bronze plate giving title and artist’s name, 35” tall overall, 23” x 23” at base. Fine condition. $10,000-15,000

2087  STANFORD P. STEVENS (TX, 1917-2000) “Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux Warrior”, cast and patinated bronze on marble and teak plinth, signed on right side “S.P. Stevens, Cast L.P. Stevens Art Foundry, S.A. Texas”, with a circled ‘2’. Bronze nametag mounted on front. Roughly 32” x 17” x 11” overall, good condition. $800-1,200 2087

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2088  ELLISON VAN PAQUIN (NATIVE AMERICAN ZUNI, 1953-1995) Mother of the Pueblo, carved alabaster on teak base, signed lower back, 14 1/2” x 17” x 5” including attached base. Good condition. $500-700


2089  SOAPSTONE LOON SCULPTURE Loon Among Reeds, relief carved soapstone slab, signed ‘AK, 56’ in rectangular cartouche verso, possibly by an Alaskan or Pacific Northwest Native American carver, 9 1/2” high, 12 1/4” x 4”. Scratches and wear. $200-300


2090  AMERICAN WESTERN THEMED MODERN IRON FLOORLAMP WITH DECORATED SHADE Consisting of three forged iron bent arrows bound by pale grey leather strapping, presented feather end down, the points curved out to the edge of the shade, with an arrowhead finial, capped by hand painted red cloth shade with yellow ‘glyphs’, 65” tall. 25” diam. shade, 17” diam. at feet. $300-500 2090

2091  STERLING & TURQUOISE BELT BUCKLE BY HARRISON BITSUI Finely Crafted Sandcast Silver Belt Buckle by Harrison Bitsui, Navajo, with openwork silver frame center set with an oval polished dark green turquoise stone, back stamped ‘Sterling’ and ‘H B’, 3 3/4” x 2 1/4”, 2.58 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500 2091

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2092  NORMAN E. FREEMAN SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Native American Crafted Sterling and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet by Norman E. Freeman, Navajo, set with three large natural shape turquoise stones in beaded frames, openwork frame, interior stamped ‘NEF’ and ‘A.D.F.’ (possibly a retailer mark), 1 1/2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 1 3/4”, 2.78 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500


2093  (2) NAVAJO SILVER & TURQUOISE BELT BUCKLES & MONEY CLIP Lot of (2) Native American Crafted Silver Belt Buckles & (1) Money Clip, incl.: Buckle by William Douglas, with engraved decoration and set with a polished round turquoise stone, back stamped ‘W. Douglas’, 3” x 2”; Buckle with engraved decoration and center set with natural shape turquoise stone, unsigned, 3” x 2”; and Money clip set with seven polished turquoise stones, unsigned, 2” x 1”; 3.64 ozt tw. Good condition. $250-300 2093

2094  NATIVE AMERICAN CONCHO BELT Finely Crafted Native American Belt, with black leather strap and ten sandcast openwork silver conchos (one is the buckle), each set with a polished oval turquoise stone, unmarked, conchos: 2 1/4” x 2”, strap: 1 1/2” wide, overall length: 42 1/2” long. Good condition. $800-1,200 2094

2095  NATIVE AMERICAN SANDCAST SILVER, TURQUOISE & RED CORAL BRACELET Finely Crafted Open Work Sandcast Silver Bracelet, center set with red coral and two polished turquoise stones, surrounded by silver beading, interior engraved ‘H-75562’ and ‘RXXX’, 2 3/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 2”, 2.83 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2095

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2096  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELETS Lot of (2) Openwork Cuff Bracelets, incl: Bracelet center set with small oval turquoise stone, unmarked, 1” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/8” x 1 1/2”, good condition; and Bracelet set with five square turquoise stones, marked ‘Sterling’, 1 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x1 5/8”, 2.51 ozt tw., underside frame repair. $300-400 2096

2097  NATIVE AMERICAN COYOTE TOOTH & TRADE BEAD NECKLACE Vintage 33” Long Necklace, strung with (90) canine/coyote teeth and glass beads. Tooth chips, surface wear. $250-350


2098  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Finely Crafted Native American Open Work Silver Cuff Bracelet, set with three large polished turquoise stones in rope turned and feather form silver bezels, with interior engraved maker’s mark ‘JK’, 1 1/2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 5/8” x 2”, 3.10 ozt tw. One stone is cracked. $300-400 2098

2099  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Necklace, single strand of hollow silver beads with five natural shape turquoise stones, 22 1/2” long. Good condition. $100-200 2099

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2100  SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET BY MARTHA CAYATINETO Sterling Silver Open Work Cuff Bracelet, by Navajo artisan Martha Cayatineto, oxidized silver frame is center set with a rectangular polished turquoise stone, interior stamped ‘Sterling, MC’ and ‘QTD’ (possibly a retailer mark), 1 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2” x 1 3/4”, 1.4 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500


2101  NATIVE AMERICAN CONCHO BELT Finely Crafted Belt with Rectangular Turquoise Nugget Conchos, consisting of black leather strap, silver buckle set with (30) turquoise stones, and nine rectangular silver conchos, each with (20) turquoise stones, unmarked, buckle: 2 3/8” x 1 7/8”, conchos: 1 7/8” x 1 1/2”, leather strap: 1” wide, overall length: 40 1/2” long. Good condition. $800-1,200 2101

2102  NATIVE AMERICAN SANDCAST SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Large Openwork Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, center set with a polished oval turquoise stone, unmarked, 2 5/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, 3.80 ozt tw. Stone is cracked. $300-400 2102

2103  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELETS Lot of (2) Silver Cuff Bracelets, incl: Sandcast silver openwork bracelet, center set with natural shape polished turquoise stone, unmarked, 1 3/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 1/2”, good condition; and Small bracelet with five inlaid rectangular turquoise stones, interior stamped ‘Sterling’ and with Bell Trading Post retailer mark, 3/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, one stone is chipped and all are cracked. $300-400 2103

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2104  TURQUOISE NUGGET NECKLACE Ten-Strand Necklace of Polished Turquoise Nuggets, in graduated lengths, with sterling silver lobster claw clasp, with tag marked ‘925’ and ‘China SX’, 16 3/4” long. Good condition. $100-150


2105  NATIVE AMERICAN CONCHO BELT WITH BUCKLE Vintage Native American Crafted Concho Belt, with black leather strap, silver buckle, and seven silver conchos, each with engraved decoration and set with red coral and turquoise stones, includes seven oval conchos and one rectangular buckle, unmarked, oval conchos: 3” x 2 1/2”, rectangular buckle: 3 1/4” x 2 3/4”, leather strap: 1 3/8” wide, overall length: 42” long. Leather wear. $600-800 2105

2106  TURQUOISE NUGGET NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Double Strand Turquoise and Heishi Shell Bead Necklace, with natural shape polished turquoise alternating with groups of heishi shell beads, 28 1/4” long. Good condition. $100-200 2106

2107  SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET BY PEARLENE SPENCER Sterling Silver Bear Claw Design Sterling Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Artisan Pearlene Spencer, with shadowbox set turquoise stones, interior stamped ‘Sterling, Pearlene Spencer’, 1” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/4” x 2”, 1.33 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2107

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2108  NATIVE AMERICAN STERLING BRACELET SIGNED “YELLOWHORSE” Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, with engraved bear and geometric decoration, interior with script signature “Yellowhorse” and marked “’85”, 3/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, 1.34 ozt. Good condition. $200-300 2108

2109  TURQUOISE AND SILVER NUGGET NECKLACE Vintage Native American Choker Form Necklace, of strung graduated turquoise stones, with two silver nugget spacers and seven end pieces, unmarked, 12 1/2” long. Good condition. $300-400


2110  SILVER AND TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Squash Blossom Necklace, with (14) shaped and engraved silver butterfly shaped ‘blossoms’ set with turquoise stones, central naja with seven natural shape turquoise, on double strand of hollow silver beads, screw type clasp, unmarked, 23” long, naja: 2 1/4” x 2 1/4”. Good condition. $600-800 2110

2111  SILVER & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELET SW Native American Crafted Cuff Bracelet, set with seven polished graduated oval turquoise stones, engraved decoration, unmarked, 1” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, 1.17 ozt tw. Good condition. $200-300 2111

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2112  (3 PCS) SILVER & TURQUOISE JEWELRY (3) Pieces of Vintage Native American Crafted Jewelry, incl: Ring with feather decoration and polished turquoise stone, size 7; Pair of screwback earrings with bezel set polished turquoise stones surrounded by rope turned rims, 1” x 3/4”; and Oval pendant, center set with polished turquoise stone with rope turned and beaded surround, marked ‘sterling’, 1 1/4” x 3/4”; 0.77 ozt tw. Good condition. $200-300 2112

2113  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN CRAFTED RINGS Lot of (2) Silver Rings Set with Semi-Precious Stones, incl: Zuni ring by W.J. Panteah, with inlaid turquoise, red coral, onyx and mother-of-pearl, size 8; and Ring set with onyx and turquoise, unidentified conjoined animal tracks mark, size 7; 0.68 ozt tw. Good condition. $200-300 2113

2114  NAVAJO SILVER & TURQUOISE NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Silver Bead Necklace, having a central drop pendant with feather and rope design surround bezel set with a polished oval turquoise stone, 24” long, pendant: 1 1/2” long, 1.60 ozt tw. Good condition. $200-300 2114

2115  STONE INLAID STERLING BRACELET BY ALVIN YELLOWHORSE Finely Crafted Silver Cuff Bracelet by Navajo artisan Alvin Yellowhorse, with a cut and set mosaic band of multi-colored polished stones, including turquoise, lapis, onyx, oyster shell and sugalite; signed on interior, 3/4” wide, inside dimensions: 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”, 2.55 ozt tw. Good condition. $500-800 2115

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2116  (9 PC) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER JEWELRY Collection of Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Pawn Jewelry, includes: (4) bracelets; pill box; and (4) rings. Various sizes. $250-350


2117  CALVIN BEGAY NATIVE AMERICAN NECKLACE Sterling Silver Bib Form Link Necklace, by Navajo artist Calvin Begay, centered with three articulated carved links with inlaid opal, onyx, orange spiny oyster, and wild horse stone, ends supported by a rectangular and round link chain, signed “Calvin Begay, Sterling”, 7/8” wide, approx. 20 1/2” long, 1.22 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500 2117

2118  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BRACELET WITH GREEN TURQUOISE STONES Unmarked late 20th c. Pueblo split cuff silver bracelet with three cabochon mounted stones spaced by four silver beads, 2” x 2 1/2”. Good condition. $300-400 2118

2119  SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Silver Squash Blossom Necklace, with single strand of engraved silver hollow beads, (18) silver ‘blossoms’, and central naja set with a single square green turquoise stone, ‘NUXZ’ engraved on backside of naja, 25” long, naja: 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”. Good condition. $500-700 2119

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2120  ZUNI BRACELET BY EUGENE & YVONNE MAHOOTY Native American Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, shaped edge set with (20) polished turquoise nuggets, interior stamped ‘EYM, Zuni’, 1 3/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/4” x 2”, 3.6 ozt tw. Good condition. $500-700


2121  J.M. BEGAY SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Native American Crafted Sterling Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet by J.M. Begay (Navajo), with round central medallion flanked by side panels, all set with teardrop shaped polished turquoise stones, openwork frame, interior signed ‘J.M. Begay’, 2 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 7/8” x 1 3/4”, 1.7 ozt tw. One stone has angled slightly in its setting, several stones have cracks. $600-800 2121

2122  SILVER & COPPER GREEN TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Squash Blossom Necklace, with double strand of silver hollow beads, (10) shaped silver “blossoms” set with oval copper green turquoise stones, and central naja with eight stones, unmarked, 27 1/2” long, naja: 3” x 2 3/8”. Good condition. $800-1,200 2122

2123  SILVER & MOTHER-OF-PEARL SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Squash Blossom Necklace, with double strand of hollow silver beads, (10) silver ‘blossoms’ set with oval polished mother-of-pearl, and central silver naja set with six polished mother of pearl cabochons, unmarked, 23” long, naja: 2 1/2” x 3”. Good condition. $400-600 2123

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2124  E.S. MITCHELL SANDCAST SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Native American Crafted Sandcast Sterling Open Work Cuff Bracelet by E.S. Mitchell (Navajo), set with oval polished turquoise center stone, interior stamped ‘ES Mitchell’ and ‘Sterling’, 2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 2”, 3.1 ozt tw. Good condition. $600-800


2125  STERLING & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELETS Lot of (3) Native American Crafted Bracelets, with openwork silver side bands and bezel set natural shape turquoise stones, all unmarked, 3-stone bracelet: 1 1/2” wide, inside: 2 3/8” x 1 3/4”; largest: 2” wide, inside: 2 1/2” x 2”; other single stone: 1 5/8” wide, inside: 2 1/2” x 2”; 4.56 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500 2125

2126  NATIVE AMERICAN CONCHO BELT Vintage Leather Belt with Nine Heart Shaped Silver Conchos, each with engraved decoration, on a narrow brown leather strap with small open buckle, unsigned, conchos: 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”, belt: 1/2” wide, overall length: 41” long. Leather wear. $300-500 2126

2127  (3) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BRACELETS Group of (3) Finely Crafted Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets, incl: Openwork Zuni bracelet with engraved decoration, interior signed ‘HEX’, 1 7/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 1/2”; Unsigned openwork bracelet, 1 1/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 1 1/2”; and Small bracelet with engraved and shaped decoration, hand form terminals, marked ‘MW’ or ‘WM’ and ‘Sterling’, 3/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”; 5.86 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500 2127

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2128  (4 PCS) ZUNI TURQUOISE & SILVER JEWELRY Group of (4) Pieces of Vintage Native American Crafted Jewelry, each piece in silver set with multiple small polished turquoise stones, unsigned, incl: Cuff bracelet, 1 3/8” wide, inside dimensions: 2 1/8” x 1 3/4”; Round brooch, 2 3/8” diam.; Ring, size 8 1/2; Pair of screw back earrings, 5/8” diam.; 1.85 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500


2129  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN SANDCAST SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELETS Lot of (2) Finely Crafted Sandcast Silver Cuff Bracelets, both with openwork frames and center set with a polished turquoise stone, bracelet with larger stone: 2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, bracelet with smaller stone: 2 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 2”; 4.19 ozt tw. Good condition. $400-500 2129

2130  STERLING & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELETS Lot of (3) Native American Crafted Bracelets, all bezel set with multiple natural shape turquoise stones, all unmarked, 7-stone bracelet: 1” wide, inside: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”; 5-stone: 1” wide, inside: 2 3/4” x 1 7/8”; 4-stone: 1 1/8” wide, inside: 2 5/8” x 1 3/4”; 4.27 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2130

2131  STERLING & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELETS Lot of (3) Native American Crafted Bracelets, with openwork silver side bands and single bezel set turquoise stone, largest, stamped SMW or MWS with sun pictograph: 1 1/2” wide, inside: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”; Twist band, marked “sterling” and “Stolth”: 1/2” wide, inside: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”; smallest, marked “sterling”: 3/4” wide, inside: 2” x 1 5/8”; 1.94 ozt tw. Good condition. $200-400 2131

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2132  TURQUOISE NUGGET AND SILVER BEAD NECKLACE Vintage Native American Crafted Turquoise Nugget Necklace, with polished stones in graduated sizes and hollow silver bead spacers, with attached silver tag engraved ‘JN’, 28 1/2” long. Good condition. $200-300


2133  NATIVE AMERICAN HEISHI FETISH NECKLACE Vintage Southwest Native American Necklace, containing (25) carved stone animal fetishes, separated by polished shell heishi beads, 29” long. Good condition. $200-300


2134  NAVAJO SILVER AND TURQUOISE BRACELET Vintage Native American Crafted Silver Cuff Bracelet, with shaped and engraved edges, set with turquoise stones in a mosaic design, twice stamped XC (unknown maker), 2 1/2” wide, inside dimensions: 2 5/8” x 1 7/8”. Good condition. $800-1,000 2134

2135  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE NECKLACE Finely Crafted Five-Pendant Necklace, with double strand of silver hollow beads, and silver feather design pendants, each bezel set with a polished turquoise stone, unsigned, but probably Navajo, 21” long, center pendant: 2 5/8” x 1 1/2”, 5.27 ozt tw. Good condition. $500-700 2135

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2136  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELET Large Finely Crafted Cuff Bracelet, in silver set with two natural shape polished turquoise stones, openwork design with feathers, beading and link chains surrounding the stones, stamped ‘LP’ maker’s mark, 3 1/2” wide, inside dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, 4.81 ozt tw. Good condition. $400-600 2136

2137  (3 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY Including unmarked silver and turquoise bracelet, 2 1/2” wide; PLUS Aztec cougar style money clip with MOP and teak, unmarked, 2 1/4” long; PLUS Belt Buckle of turquoise Earth and wooden moon over a mountain landscape, mounted on brass, marked “E. Schmiedicke, Albuquerque, NM, 1982”, 2” x 2 3/4”, good condition. $200-300 2137

2138  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER FIVE-STONE CUFF BRACELET Vintage Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Bracelet, shadow box design set with five polished turquoise stones, accented with silver beads, unmarked, 1 5/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 2”, 2.19 ozt tw. Missing one silver bead. $300-500 2138

2139  (9) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & STONE RINGS Group of (9) Vintage Native American Crafted Silver Rings, all set with stones, five set with polished turquoise, one with tiger eye, one with red coral, and two with red coral and turquoise, assorted sizes, 2.16 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500 2139

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2140  NATIVE AMERICAN CUFF BRACELET Vintage Native American Crafted Sterling Silver Bracelet, shadow box design set with three polished natural shape turquoise stones and two pieces of oval red coral, applied silver wires and silver beads, stamped maker’s mark ‘H’, 1 1/2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, 2.58 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500


2141  (5) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BEAD NECKLACES Lot of (5) Hollow Silver Bead Necklaces, various lengths, two with graduated bead sizes, three marked sterling, one made in Mexico, 14 1/4” to 20 1/2” long, 4.76 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2141


2142  SILVER & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELET BY WILSON PADILLA Native American Navajo Crafted Sterling Cuff Bracelet by Wilson Padilla, openwork three-strand silver frame center shadow box set with a natural shape polished turquoise stone and silver beads surrounded by a textured round frame and embellished by two silver feathers, stamped ‘WP’, 1 7/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 7/8”, 1.62 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2143  (8 PCS) NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE JEWELRY Lot of (8) Pieces of Vintage Native American Crafted Jewelry, incl: Pendant by Robert Dishta, Zuni, set with seven turquoise stones, on sterling chain, signed ‘R. Dishta’, pendant: 1” x 3/4”, chain: 20 1/2” long; Cuff bracelet by Navajo artisan Johnson Ralph, set with three natural shape polished turquoise stones, silver feather embellishments, stamped ‘sterling’ and ‘JR’, 5/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”; Brooch, round design, set with polished oval malachite stone, stamped ‘D’ (possibly for John Delvin, Navajo) and ‘sterling’, 2” diam.; Turtle form watch mounts, with turquoise inlay, marked ‘sterling’ and with unidentified pictograph mark, currently attached to old Timex watch head, each piece: 1” x 5/8”, turquoise loss to one small area; Small silver cuff band inlaid with seven rectangular turquoise stones, unmarked, 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/8” x 1 3/4”; and (3) Small silver cuff bracelets, all set with multiple round turquoise stones, probably Zuni crafted, one marked ‘sterling’, 1/8” to 1/4” wide; 3.84 ozt tw. Good condition, except as noted. $300-500 66 For additional details and images visit our website


Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022 SESSION 2 2144  (2) NATIVE AMERICAN NECKLACES (2) Vintage Silver Bead Necklaces, incl: Hollow bead necklace with three bear claw form turquoise inlaid spacers, 19” long; and Plain silver bead necklace, 22” long; 3.91 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-500


2145  STERLING CUFF BRACELET BY HENRY CALLADITTO, NAVAJO Native American Crafted Sterling Feather Form Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Silversmith Henry Calladitto, stamped ‘sterling’, ‘Henry Calladitto’ and ‘Navajo’, 1” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, 1.94 ozt. Good condition. $300-500 2145

2146  SILVER & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELET BY JULIANA WILLIAMS Native American Navajo Crafted Cuff Bracelet by Juliana Williams, openwork two-strand silver frame center set with natural shape polished turquoise stone, with rope turned surround and embellished by a silver feather, stamped ‘JW’, 1 1/2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, 1.17 ozt tw. Slightly bent frame. $400-500 2146

2147  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER & TURQUOISE BRACELET Hand Crafted Silver Cuff Bracelet, openwork frame set with three natural shape polished turquoise stones surrounded by rope form bezels, with shell form silver embellishments, unmarked, 1 1/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 1 3/4”, 1.64 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2147

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2148  STERLING & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELET BY JASON LIVINGSTON Native American Crafted Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Artisan Jason Livingston, engraved sterling silver band center set with an apple green polished gaspeite cabochon, stamped ‘sterling’ and ‘J’, 3/4” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 2”, 1.05 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400


2149  STERLING & TURQUOISE BRACELET Vintage Native American Crafted Sterling Cuff Bracelet, probably Zuni crafted, with openwork four-strand silver frame set with (48) greenhued turquoise polished cabochon stones, flanked by engraved bands, marked ‘sterling’, 1 1/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 3/4”, 1.76 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2149

2150  NATIVE AMERICAN CUFF BRACELET BY J. MUTTE, NAVAJO Vintage Sterling Silver & Turquoise Bracelet by Navajo Artisan J. Mutte, double silver band with inset rope turned wire, center set with an oval polished turquoise stone surrounded by rope turned silver wire, terminals stamped ‘J. Mutte’ and ‘sterling’, 1 1/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 5/8” x 1 3/4”,1.01 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2150

2151  NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER CUFF BRACELET Heavy Cast Silver Cuff Bracelet, openwork design center set with oval polished turquoise stone, pictographic maker’s mark -- double diamonds intersected with line, 2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 2”, 2.66 ozt tw. Good condition. $300-400 2151

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Native American Art & Artifacts | JANUARY 14, 2022

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2152  (5) NATIVE AMERICAN CUFF BRACELETS Collection of (5) Hand Crafted Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelets, set with polished stones, incl: Sensa Eustace (Zuni) bracelet, with openwork three-strand silver frame, with teardrop shaped multi-stone inlaid center, stamped ‘sterling’ and ‘S.E.’, 1” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 1 3/4”; Curved openwork five-strand silver bracelet center set with polished turquoise stone, with engraved ‘GW’ maker’s mark, 7/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 1/2”; Openwork frame double strand silver frame bracelet, center set with polished oval tiger eye stone, with rope twist surround, stamped ‘sterling’ and ‘MS’ or ‘SW’, 7/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”; Openwork two-strand silver bracelet with small oval turquoise stone, unmarked, 1 1/8” wide, inner dimensions: 2 3/8” x 1 5/8”, bent frame; and Small twostrand tiger eye bracelet, unmarked, 1/2” wide, inner dimensions: 2 1/8” x 1 3/4”; 2.58 ozt tw. Good condition, except as noted. $500-700

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Empire Style Work Table SOLD: $40,000

Qing Dehua Quanyin SOLD: $650,000

Jasper Francis Cropsey (1823-1900) SOLD: $150,000

Patek Philippe Watch SOLD: $15,000

Tiffany Floor Lamp SOLD: $13,000

Werkstatte Tea Set SOLD: $11,000

Ewald Matare (1887-1965) SOLD: $54,000

Qing Gilt Bronze Kylin SOLD: $550,000

Marsden Hartley (1877-1943) SOLD: $145,000


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SOLD: $13,200 This miniature Persian Qur’an was brought to us on Free Appraisal Day. The consignor’s father was a US diplomat who purchased it as a gift for his wife in the 1950s. The octagonal banner box, set with semi-precious stones, contained an octagonal Qur’an with gilt leather covers. At auction, this unique and rare item started a bidding war that far exceeded the consignor’s expectations!

GLOSSARY OF AUCTION TERMINOLOGY Absentee or Book Bid: A bid submitted in advance of the auction by a bidder which allows them to participate in the bidding process without physically attending the auction and are executed by a representative of the auction company. Absentee Bidder: A person (or entity) who bids via absentee bid. “As Is”: Also known as “as is, where is” and “in it’s present condition”. Authorship Definitions: A. “By” or “Maker/Artist” — in our opinion, the work is by the artist or maker stated B. “Attributed to” — in our opinion, the work is probably, but not definitely, by the artist or maker stated C. “Signed” or “Marked” — in our opinion, the signature or mark is that of the stated artist or maker D. “Bearing the signature (or mark) of ” — in our opinion, the signature or mark is probably, but not definitely, that of the artist or maker stated E. “Circle of ” — in our opinion, the work is of the period and by an artist or maker closely associated with the stated artist or maker F. “School of ” — in our opinion, the work is by a pupil or follower of the stated artist or maker G. “Manner of ” — in our opinion, the work is of the period and done in the style of the stated artist or maker H. “After” — in our opinion, the work is a copy of a work by the stated artist or maker Bid: A prospective buyer’s indication or offer of a price they will pay to purchase an item at the auction. Bid Increments: The amount an item increases in price after each new bid. The Auctioneer sets the bid increments. Bidder (Paddle) Number: The number issued to each buyer who registers to bid at the auction which the auctioneer will recognize the winning bid by. Buyer’s Premium: A charge (generally a percentage of the hammer price), for which the buyer is responsible, which is added to the price of items sold at auction. Competing bid: During a sale, the auctioneer may be accepting competing bids for an item from several sources, these include, but are not limited to: Bids from an in-house audience member – telephone bids – absentee bids – internet platforms. Consignor: The person or authorized agent or entity that consigns goods to an auctioneer. The consignor is usually the seller. Fair Warning: Or “Last Call” a warning sometimes used by the auctioneer that the hammer is about to come down on a lot. The fair warning offers one last chance to increase the bidding. If there are no subsequent bids, the auctioneer’s hammer falls and the sale is complete. Hammer Price: Price established by the last bidder and acknowledged by the auctioneer before dropping the hammer (gavel) to indicate “SOLD” and sale is complete. Lot: An item or set of items for sale in an auction usually denoted by a “lot” number. Estimates: Each lot is given a low and high estimate, representing the opinion of TPAG experts about the range in which a lot might sell at auction. An estimate provides prospective buyers with a preliminary guide to an items value. Online Bidder: A person who is bidding via the internet and has registered with the auction company to bid on items. Opening Bid: The first bid offered by a bidder at an auction. Outbid: To submit a maximum bid that is higher than another buyer’s maximum bid. Pass or Withdrawal: The failure of an item to sell at auction either by not opening at a level commensurate with its worth or failing to meet reserve. Once an item is passed it is no longer available for sale in the auction. Preview: Specified dates and times items are available for prospective buyer viewing and audits prior to the auction. Provenance: Is a term used to describe the factual possession or placement of an item in history. Provenance can significantly impact the value of an item. Reserve Price: The minimum price a seller will accept for an item to be sold which is generally not disclosed prior to auction. Unreserved or Absolute: An item to be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Preserva�on Genera�onTM

Conditions of Sale

Please Note: Our Conditions of Sale have recently changed TERMS OF SALE: By registering to bid on any lot or any participation in an auction at Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (TPAG), you (the bidder or agent bidding on behalf of others, ref. par.13) agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Sale. CONDITION OF ITEMS & WARRANTY INFORMATION: Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (TPAG) makes every attempt to uphold the highest standards in the auction industry. Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest level of products and services to our customers. Our catalog descriptions represent what we have deemed appropriate to identify each object; however all items for sale are offered “as is,” and it is the bidder’s responsibility (present, absentee, phone or online) to determine the exact condition of each item. Please take time to familiarize yourself with our terms and make your bidding decisions accordingly. 1) All items are “as is,” and it is the bidder’s responsibility to inspect, research, and determine the authenticity of all items upon which bids are placed. Determination of age, materials, condition, quality, authenticity, classification, purported history and perceived value, regardless of what is written or said by TPAG, is the sole responsibility of the bidder/buyer. 2) TPAG nor its consignor(s) makes any expressed or implied guarantees, warranties or representations in regard to the property merchantability or the correctness of the catalog or other description of the authenticity of authorship, physical condition, size, quality, medium or material, period, culture, source, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibition, literature or historic relevance of the property or otherwise. 3) The absence of any reference to the condition of a lot does not in any way imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free of wear, imperfections or the effects of aging. 4) Condition Reports for items may be requested. We will make every effort to answer all submitted questions in a timely manner however, we cannot guarantee that a request submitted will be answered prior to the auction date. Neither TPAG nor its consignor makes any guarantee or warranty with regards to these reports. It is the buyer’s responsibility to examine each item and make their own assessment prior to the auction. 5) All items are sold for display purpose. If electrical, mechanical or other working parts are inoperable, even if working at the time of sale, TPAG is not liable due to the inherent nature of the age of antiques and items. 6) Goods made from or containing materials

from protected species - TPAG does not accept any responsibility or liability for the sale of items containing materials from protected species or for any omissions in marketing or labeling goods as containing materials from protected species. Such materials include, but are not limited to ivory from elephants and walruses, tortoise shell, crocodile skin, whalebone, rhinoceros horn, some species of coral and certain woods. Restrictions on the importation, exportation, sale, transfer, and/ or possession of goods containing materials from protected species derive from international, federal and state laws and regulations promulgated thereunder. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to research and satisfy the requirements of any laws and regulations that apply to the import and export of property as described in the aforementioned paragraphs. All buyers agree to comply with any and all domestic and international restrictions and licensing on the trade of protected species as a condition of the sale. The inability or delay in obtaining permits, licenses or other permissions to import or export goods containing material from protected species will not constitute a basis for rescission or cancellation of the sale or the delay of payment of purchased items in accordance with these bidder Terms and Conditions of Sale. (If you are not able to make what you consider to be a comfortable decision about an item or if you believe an item may be incorrectly described in our catalog, we suggest that you refrain from bidding on said item.) RETURNS 7) Items may be considered for return under very specific conditions and within 30 days after the auction. It is important that you pay for and acquire your item in a timely fashion. In the event we have made a significant attribution or disclosure of condition error such that there is a major effect on the value of an item, please contact us immediately (within 30 days after the auction.) We will review under the following circumstances:

A. The item has been paid for and the buyer has possession of the item. B. The buyer, at his/her own expense, must have the item reviewed by an independent party who is approved by TPAG, and is a recognized expert within the field of the item in question. C. The expert provides a written report with specific and detailed reasons as to why the item is not as it was represented to be. The written report must be submitted to TPAG. D. Our descriptions include what we deem to accurately portray an item’s general condition. However, opinions about condition can vary and as such, the auctioneer shall make the final determination in the possible event of a refund. E. The timeline for this process is 30 days from the date of the auction. In the event a committee or review board must convene to review the item, TPAG must be notified in order to extend the time beyond the 30 day limit. Otherwise after 30 days, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. F. Once TPAG has accepted the ruling of the expert(s), the buyer is to return the item to TPAG at buyer’s expense. In order to be eligible for a refund, the item must be returned in the same condition it was in when it left TPAG’s possession. G. In the event a refund is issued, it will be for the cost of the item, buyer’s premium and any sales tax paid. The refund will be made in the same form as the payment of the original transaction. 8) No Chargeback Policy - Purchasers agree that disputes of any nature will not be resolved by a credit card chargeback and further agree to refrain from filing any chargeback claim against Thomaston Place Auction Galleries and/or its credit card merchant. By purchasing with us, the purchaser waives the right to initiate a chargeback and furthermore agrees to pay a minimum of $500 plus administrative fees, attorney fees, and/or any other charges associated with responding to said chargeback. 9) Jewelry, Timepieces, Stamps & Coins: All sales are final. There are no returns or refunds for any reason. Jewelry and items with mechanical parts such as clocks, timepieces, mechanical banks, music boxes, etc. are sold “as-is” on the day of sale and may require servicing. The lack of a condition report does not imply that the item or lot is free from imperfections, defects or wear and tear of aging. This includes but is not limited to deficient stones, needed repair or defects. GENERAL INFORMATION: 10) Bidder recognition: The auctioneer shall only accept bids from properly registered bidders who place bids live on the auction floor, by absentee bid, telephone bid, or online bid. The auctioneer shall acknowledge the top bidder as the winner. In the event of a disputed bid, the auctioneer will have sole and exclusive authority to resolve the dispute and determine the winning bidder. 11) The auctioneer has sole discretion and reserves the right to: A. Reject or refuse to accept any bid or bidder that may

be deemed inappropriate for any reason. B. Pass/withdraw any items in the auction which do not open at a price commensurate with the items’ value. C. Open bidding and bid up to, but not exceed the reserve on behalf of the seller. 12) Anyone 18 years of age or older and of good creditworthiness (as determined by TPAG), may bid at this auction, including the auction staff. 13) Bidding on behalf of others: Unless you are registered as a buyer’s agent prior to the start of the auction and we have written authorization from your buyer naming you as his/her appointed bidder, you are responsible for all the purchases under the terms and conditions of this bidding agreement. 14) Buyer’s Premium on all items purchased in this auction: The buyer’s premium is 20% for live, absentee, and phone bidders. The buyer’s premium is 25% for all internet bidders, including absentee and live online bids. 15) Reserves: Some item(s) in this auction may be offered subject to a reserve, which is a confidential, minimum price, below which the item cannot be sold. No reserve may exceed the pre-auction low estimate as stated in the item description. 16) Any dispute or litigation resulting from the sale of items in this auction will take place in the judicial system in the State of Maine. BIDDING INFORMATION: Bidding is an indication of your acceptance of all terms stated herein, including any changes/supplements added to the catalog, posted on our website, announced at the time of the sale or posted in the auction gallery, without exception. Acceptance of these terms and conditions constitutes a legal and binding contract and will be executed without exception. If you have any questions, please be sure to seek clarification before you bid. 17) Live Bidders: May register to bid any time during auction preview and during the auction. Unless you have previously registered with us, you will need to furnish at least one form of valid state or government issued identification. Your signature will be required to indicate acceptance of the Conditions of Sale. 18) Telephone and Absentee Bidders: May register in person, by fax, phone or email. To secure bids, every bidder is required to provide complete contact information, either a valid credit card number or a cash deposit of 20% of the low estimate, and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the auction. A. These bids must be in our possession by 5:00 PM the day prior to auction in order to be properly processed. NO phone bids will be accepted the day of the auction unless approved by TPAG management. Phone will be accepted on items with estimates greater than $500.00. Bids less than $500.00 must be executed by absentee bid only unless approved by TPAG management. B. Telephone and Absentee Bids are offered as a convenience to our buyers. TPAG will make reasonable effort to contact and carry out bids on behalf of its buyers but TPAG will not be liable for failure to do so or for errors or omissions in connection with absentee or phone bids.

If we receive identical absentee bids on a particular lot and it is the highest bid, it will be sold to the person whose written bid was received and accepted first. 19) Online Bidders: Must follow the registration steps required by the applicable bidding platform and are subject to both the terms and conditions of the online bidding company AND TPAG’s Conditions of Sale. We will use reasonable efforts to carry out online bids and do not accept liability for equipment failure, inability to access the internet or software malfunctions related to the execution of online bids. PAYMENT: 20) Successful live bidders are expected to pay in full for all purchases immediately following the auction. Buyers must pay the entire amount including the hammer price, buyer’s premium, all applicable taxes and other charges. 21) Successful absentee, phone, and online bidders will be notified of their purchases by email or regular mail within 5 business days of the auction. Payment is due no later than 15 days post sale. Payment for packing and shipping is a separate charge covered under the “Shipping” section. 22) All payments must be in US Dollars. We accept payments in cash, by personal, business, bank or cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and bank wire transfer. For domestic buyers, payments in excess of $25,000 must be made by wire transfer unless otherwise approved. For international buyers, payments by checks drawn on US banks or a wire transfer are the only acceptable methods of payment. 23) No items will leave TPAG until payment is made in full. 24) TPAG reserves the right to hold all merchandise until payments clear our bank. 25) All returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 processing fee. 26) In the event payment in full is not received within 15 days from the date of the auction, any outstanding amounts will be charged to the credit card on file. A. If payment is not received 30 days from the sale, there will be a 1.5% per month surcharge added to the total invoice, and; B. If no credit card is available or if payment has not been received within 30 days, TPAG will pursue alternate collection avenues in order to collect the balance due plus any storage, administrative, collection, attorney and/or court fees. C. After 30 days from the day of the sale, storage fees will be charged at $50 per item, per month. D. After 30 days, the warranty no longer applies. E. If payment in full is not received 45 days from the sale, all ownership rights to any items on a bidder’s invoice are forfeited and the bidder will be responsible for any outstanding amounts including, but not limited to storage and collection fees. F. Additionally, TPAG may report the buyer’s name to other auction houses and online platforms regarding creditworthiness and restrict the buyer from future bidding at TPAG and our associated online platforms. SALES TAX: 27) The State of Maine sales tax of 5.5% will be assessed

on all purchases except when buyer provides a copy of a valid state-issued resale certificate (business type must pertain to the item/s being purchased). International sales do not include customs or VAT charges. SHIPPING / PICK-UP / STORAGE FEES: 28) On completion of payment TPAG will help coordinate shipping. Please contact TPAG with any questions. 29) If either someone else other than the buyer, or a shipper other than one represented on the invoice, will be picking up auction items, the buyer must inform us in advance so we may release the items. Items for shipment will not be released without an initialed release form or a verbal release by the buyer. 30) Shipments will be insured for the full purchase price unless other coverage is requested by the buyer. Any damage or delivery issues (regardless of any assistance offered by TPAG) are between the buyer and the shipper. Items with gesso surfaces, frames, mirrors, furniture, etc. that exhibit loss/detachment due to normal handling (no obvious signs of neglect or abuse) are exempt from damage claims. 31) If the shipping address is different than the credit card billing address, TPAG will hold shipment for 30 days from the date of payment. 32) TPAG will not alter any catalog descriptions or declare less than the full purchase price on any international customs paper- work. All international customs documents and costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 33) All items must be picked up from our auction facility within 30 days of the sale unless prior arrangements have been made. For items unclaimed after 30 days: A. Items left at TPAG for more than 30 days will be subject to a storage fee of $50 per item, per month to be paid prior to collection of items. B. Items left at TPAG over 45 days after the date of sale may, at the sole discretion of TPAG, be re-sold on buyer’s behalf. The above costs of storage, plus any other costs directly related to the items and an auctioneer’s commission of 30% will be subtracted from the proceeds. C. Items unsold or unclaimed by 180 days from the date of this agreement will become the sole property of TPAG and may be sold or otherwise disposed of without reporting or liability of any sort to the buyer. 34) The inability to choose an acceptable shipping option is NOT a reason for non-payment of an item’s full purchase price. 35) Attention online bidders: Any items won during auction will not be available for pick-up until the second business day after the auction. Please call ahead! 36) Anyone planning to pick up items from TPAG, should call 24 hours in advance to make arrangements. Kaja Veilleux: ME License # AUC902 Uniform Commercial Code: Maine Uniform Commercial Code, Title 11/ Section 2-328 applies to this auction Maine Auctioneer Rules and Regulations: Regulated by the Maine Board of Licensing of Auctioneers, 35 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333

Registration & Absentee / Telephone Bid Sheet Name __________________________________________ Business Name ___________________________________ Check if change

Address ________________________________________________________________________ of address

City _____________________________________________________________ State ________ Zip______________ Phone # _____________________ Alternate # ______________________ Email _______________________________

A Valid Credit Card OR a Deposit of 20% of the Low Estimate is required to execute ALL absentee and phone bids Optional: Check this box to authorize TPAG to use this card for payment of items purchased in this sale.

Name on card_____________________________________________________________________________________ MC/VISA/AMEX/DISCOVER # __________________________________ Exp Date __________ Security Code _________ Signature ________________________________________________________________ Date____________________

I wish to place the following bids. I understand that Thomaston Place Auction Galleries will execute all bids as a convenience, and therefore will not be held responsible for any errors or failure to execute bids. I understand that my bids are executed and accepted as per Conditions of Sale in our current catalogue and on our website. To ensure registration, all bids must be received by 4:00 PM Eastern Time prior to the auction. Bids received by phone or fax on the day of the auction are not guaranteed to be executed.

Signature (required)________________________________________________________ Date____________________ PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY





+1 (Y/N)

Bidder must fill in lot number, description and check whether a phone or absentee bid. “+1” means that the bidder would like to bid one increment above the absentee bid in the event of a tie bid. If “+1” is not indicated by bidder, a “no” response will be assumed. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the lot # and the description, the representative will go by the description. If the description is not clear, bid will not be executed. WE DO NOT ACCEPT BIDS THAT ARE LESS THAN 50% OF THE LOW ESTIMATE WHERE THE LOW ESTIMATE IS $1,000 OR GREATER.

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THOMASTON PLACE AUCTION GALLERIES, INC. P.O. Box 300 | 51 Atlantic Highway, Thomaston, ME 04861 PH: 207-354-8141 FAX: 207-354-9523 |

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ABOVE 1820’S Comanche warrior’s capture or trophy shield. See Lot# 1006, pg. 7 ON FRONT/BACK COVERS  War shirt of Oglala Sioux Chief Standing Bear (1835-1898). See Lot# 1022, pg. 14-15