Thomas Jacks Ltd

Stratford-upon-Avon, GB

Thomas Jacks is the UK's leading Trade Only Distributor of night vision, high performance thermal imaging technology and day optics, tactical gear, outdoor clothing and much more. We supply a comprehensive range of products to suit all budgets and a variety of applications. The brands we distribute, include Pulsar, Yukon Advanced Optics, Cobra Optics, Gerber, EOTech, Seek Thermal, Spypoint, Hazard 4 and ShooterKing, to name only a few. We have a network of Consumer and Commercial retail partners, as well as providing equipment to both the Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. Our products are used for non-professional or professional wildlife observation, conservation, security, land management, game keeping, pest control, marine, emergency services and search & rescue. Head over to our social media networks, where we regularly share the latest news and content.