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THE 2017 ARTISTS’ GUIDE TO WORKSHOPS, CLASSES, AND SCHOOLS Artists painting at the Lyme (CT) Summer School of Art in 1904. Photo Courtesy the Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT.

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Educational Opportunities for All Artists*

A Carolyn Hesse Lowe offers a critique during a workshop sponsored by the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

James Coe teaches a workshop for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson attended by artists interested in wildlife images.

George Post (1906-1997) teaching a plein air watercolor painting workshop in 1955. Photo courtesy


rt workshops provide wonderful ways for people of all ages and levels of ability to explore their creative interests. The only expectation is that people pick the workshops that best meet their budgets, availability, and goals. Generally speaking, workshops are threeto 14-day-long educational programs, sometimes requiring participants to travel some distance to attend and to stay in a motel or school dorm. There are some standard routines in most workshops that include demonstrations by the instructor, critiques of student work, and one-on-one assistance for the students, but there are other aspects of these classes that vary from one session to another and from one teacher to another. Unfortunately, not everyone who offers workshops is well organized, has strong communication skills, is empathetic, or encourages students with positive comments. One nationally known artist was known to be so harsh in his criticisms that students were reduced to tears. Another spent most of his time painting and expected students simply to watch silently. It is therefore recommended that before you sign up for a workshop and commit your money and time, you should find out as much as you can about how the class will be run and decide whether you really like the instructor’s artwork. You might also want to talk to your artist friends or people who have recently studied with the instructor to learn more about his or her personality and teaching method. One of the best things about any workshop is the chance to meet informally with other students and make friends with people who share your interest in art. You’ll pick up a lot of helpful tips about painting and professional activities, and you’ll be comforted by the fact that just about everyone else feels the same anxieties, confusions, and joys as you. As one workshop participant said to me, it is like studying a language for years and finally being in the country where it is spoken.

February-March 2017 /

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Artist Jeanne Mackenzie (right) teaches a young artist about plein air painting during a workshop in Wyoming sponsored by the Susan K. Black Foundation.

A display of work created by artists who participated in one of PleinAir magazine’s Publisher’s Invitational

Developing a Personal Style When studying art in a class, workshop, atelier, or personal studio, one of the issues that might come up is how artists establish a personal style. Years ago, the editors at an art book company conducted a survey to determine the subjects they should cover in upcoming publications. One of the top requests was for a book that provided specific guidance in establishing a distinctive, personal style. The respondents were looking for help in bringing an identifiable look to their paintings, one that would help make their paintings easier to identify and appreciate and more attractive to potential buyers. When the editors searched for someone who could develop such a book, however, they couldn’t find an author capable of giving dependable advice and concrete examples for such an individual, personal quality. Style may be both the most important and the most elusive aspect of painting. It requires mastering the fundamentals — drawing, shapes, values, edges, perspective, scale, balance, harmony, and surface development — but also searching for what will express the artist’s individual response to a subject as well as his or her ability to communicate that expression to people who view the work. Most artists begin their careers exploring variations on their teachers’

Californian Frank Serrano teaches an outdoor painting workshop

styles, or they imitate the style of a well-known a guide, but it wouldn’t be a firm indicator. artist. As they experiment with materials and If you ask a number of painters how they ideas over time, they change their palette of arrived at their style, they will often mention colors, procedures, and the subject matter. the influence of images seen early in their Developing an identifiable personal style lives, especially those reproduced on posters of painting seems to be very important to or prints or in books or magazines. They artists who’ve only recently begun painting might even recall one specific moment when outdoors. Unless an artist has a great deal of they saw a painting in a gallery or museum experience painting in a studio, however, the is- that motivated them to say to themselves, sue of style needs to be put aside until he or she “Someday I want to be able to paint like that.” has spent a few years painting in the field. In Those early impressions and ambitions most cases, a definite style will evolve without usually linger in the mind, taking artists conscious effort. It just seems to happen as you on a journey to find their own method for make decisions about your favorite places to painting in the manner of Rembrandt, Wyeth, paint, the colors you prefer to use, the manner de Kooning, or Cézanne. In the end, their in which you apply paint to a substrate, and ultimate professional style of painting is the amount of detail you want to include in a founded in those early visions. Knowing this, painted image. a person can make a conscious and deliberate Some of the artists who were consulted attempt to eventually “paint like that” with by the book editors mentioned above said his or her own variation on the master’s much the same thing, explaining that a style signature style. evolves naturally during the process of painting a large body of work. There is no way to * Portions of this article are excerpted, with predict what distinctive elements of design, permission, from a forthcoming book, The color, subject matter, or pattern might conArt of Plein Air Painting. An Essential Guide stitute a style. Speculation about what might to Materials, Concepts, and Techniques for contribute most to the development of a style Painting Outdoors by M. Stephen Doherty would be like forecasting the weather six (Monacelli Studio, New York, NY, 2018) months in advance. Past experience might be / February-March 2017

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WORKSHOPS PUBLISHER B. Eric Rhoads • Twitter: @ericrhoads • Facebook: /ericrhoads EDITORINCHIEF M. Stephen Doherty • MANAGING EDITOR Brida Connolly • • 702.299.0417 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Alfonso Jones • • 561.655.8778 ART DIRECTOR Kenneth Whitney • DIRECTOR OF SALES Jason Kelley • • 802.579.1058 ART DIVISION DIRECTOR Anne Weiler-Brown • • 435.772.0504 Faith Frykman (assistant) • • 920.559.0685

Kathryn Riedinger and Mark Boyle painting in the White Cloud Wilderness - July 2016

Bringing The Masters To The Mountains

NATIONAL SALES MANAGER, SUPPLIERS Richard Lindenberg • • 415.948.6142 NATIONAL MARKETING MANAGER Yvonne Van Wechel • • 602.810.3518 R EGIONA L SA LES M A NAGERS

Krystal Allen We s t C o a s t I nt e g r a t e d M a r k e t i n g M a n a g e r 5 4 1 . 4 4 7. 4 7 8 7

Ketchum | Sun Valley, Idaho | 208.928.7728

Proudly Representing Christopher Blossom | Kenneth Bunn | Jill Carver G. Russell Case | Len Chmiel | Logan Maxwell Hagege Richard Loffler | Michael Lynch | Dave McGary (1958-2013) James Morgan | Terri Kelly Moyers | John Moyers Ralph Oberg | Dan Ostermiller | Andrew Peters | Daniel Pinkham Cary Schwarz, TCAA | Grant Redden, CAA | R. S. Riddick, CAA Amy Sidrane | Matt Smith | Kathryn Stats | Wayne Wolfe

Violeta de la Serna F lor i d a , Ne w Yor k , Ne w E n g l a nd , International Integrated Marketing Manager 3 0 5 . 215 . 0 9 2 3 Tr a c e y N o r v e l l Mid-Atlantic, Southeast Integrated Marketing Manager 918 .519. 0141 Gi n a Wa rd Central Integrated Marketing Manager 9 2 0 .74 3 . 2 4 0 5 A n n e We i l e r- B r o w n We s t e r n I nt e g r a t e d M a r k e t i n g M a n a g e r 435.772 .050 4 DIGITAL AD MANAGER Sarah Webb • • 630.445.9182

2017 Plein Air Workshop Instructors Dan Young | March 27-30 | Painting Snow Jill Carver | June 21-24 A Broader Approach to Landscape Painting Outdoors Skip Whitcomb | June 26-29 Understanding Color: The Power of a Limited Pallette For Workshop Information Contact Kathryn Riedinger 303.809.9425


February-March 2017 /

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PleinAir Today Bob Bahr, Editor Andrew Webster, Contributing Editor Subscriptions: 561.655.8778 or WEBSITES • for artists for collectors Attention, retailers: If you would like to carry PleinAir magazine in your store, please contact Tom Elmo at 561.655.8778. One-year, 6-issue subscription within the United States: $39.97 (two years, 12 issues, $59.98) One-year, 6-issue subscription, Canada and Europe: $76.97 (two years, 12 issues, $106.97) Copyright ©2017 Streamline Publishing, Inc. PleinAir Magazine is a trademark of Streamline Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. PleinAir Magazine (ISSN 2160-0694) is published 6 times annually by Streamline Publishing, Inc., 331 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33432, for $39.97 per year in U.S.A. (two years $59.98); Canadian and European subscriptions $76.97 for one year ($106.97 for two years). Periodicals postage paid at Boynton Beach, FL (and additional mailing offices). POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: PleinAir Magazine, 331 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33432. Any reproduction of this publication, whole or in part, is prohibited without the express written consent of the publisher. Contact Streamline Publishing, Inc., at address below. All subscriptions, renewals, and changes of address should include address label from the most recent issue and be sent to the Circulation Department, PleinAir Magazine, 331 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33432. Copying done for other than personal or internal reference without the express permission of PleinAir Magazine is prohibited. Address requests for special permission to the Managing Editor. Reprints and back issues available upon request. Printed in the United States. Canada returns to be sent to Bleuchip International, P.O. Box 25542, London, ON, N6C 6B2.

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One of the strongest influences the style of contemporary plein air artists is the art of John Singer Sargent (1856-1925). His watercolor and oil paintings, many created outdoors, demonstrate how painters can balance loose, gestured brushwork that verges on pure abstraction with the identifying details of a portrait or landscape painting.

A painter’s style is often defined by his or her focused choice of subjects, compositional arrangements, and palettes. In the case of Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009), he often painted the same people and landscapes near his homes in Maine and Pennsylvania, he used asymmetrical compositions rather than balanced designs, and he worked with a limited palette of earth colors and blues.

Taking risks with unfamiliar painting materials or techniques can sometimes lead to the discovery of a captivating style of painting. Indiana artist C.W. Mundy breaks up the surface of his oil paintings with unorthodox techniques like wiping the oil colors with twoply Kleenex or making random marks with a palette knife. He uses those techniques in the belief that “the power of the suggestive is much greater than the statement of reality.”

Frostbitten Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) 1962, watercolor on paper © Andrew Wyeth Private collection

Adirondack Mountain, St. Regis Falls C.W. Mundy 2013, oil, 16 x 20 in. Collection the artist Plein air

The Hotel Room John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) c. 1906-7, oil on canvas, 24 x 17 1/2 in. Private collection

Spring Fed Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) 1967, tempera on masonite © Andrew Wyeth Collection of Bill and Robin Weiss

Santa Maria della Salute John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) 1904, translucent watercolor and gouache over graphite underdrawing, 18 3/6 x 23 in. Collection Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Miz Shirley Shrimper, San Carlos Island C.W. Mundy 2013, oil, 9 x 12 in. Courtesy Gallery 1261, Denver, Colorado Plein air / February-March 2017

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1/16/17 8:26 AM

“Pastels are Perfect for Plein Air” Study with a Master Pastelist Oils are welcome as are All Levels of Skill

Open Air Italy Roger Dale Brown, OPA

“His encouragement was the first fuel behind this endeavor.”

Nancie King Mertz

S. Patton (student)

PSA-MP, CPP-MP, IAPS-MasterCircle

San Diego, CA, April 24-28 Plein Air Convention Faculty, pastel & oil

...10 years of specializing in small plein air workshops and retreats in beautiful European locations with world class instruction at an affordable cost.

2017 Workshops

Arezzo, Italy, May 21-29, pastel & oil

Plein-Air & Studio

Albuquerque, NM, June 7-11 IAPS Convention Faculty, pastel

DVD Organize and Paint The Woodland Interior landscape

Dubuque, IA, June 19-23 Mississippi Art River Workshops, pastel & oil


Chicago, IL, July 7-9 sponsored by UArt, plein air pastel

A Passion for Painting

Petosky, MI, Aug. 22-25 Crooked Tree Art Center, pastel Cape Cod, Sept 22-24 Masters Class for Pastelists

Workshops & Retreats

For detailed information visit

Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, Oct. 1-8 Pastel Workshops Croatia Tallapoosa, AL, Oct. 30--Nov. 2 Tallapoosa School of Art, pastel & oil Naples, FL, Nov. 6-10 SWFL Pastel Society

Tuscany Larry Moore June 3-10 Provence Painter’s Retreat June 16-23 Lake Como Roger Dale Brown Sept 12-19 Amalfi Coast Mary Garrish Oct 10-17 1.321.626-2717


February-March 2017 /

2017 Travel & Paint Italy France England Africa

Paint ZAMBIA / Paint TUSCANY! 2017 Workshops & Adventures with Katerina Ring June 12-23 • PLEIN AIR SAFARI • Zambia (non-instructed) Oct 18-28 • INSPIRED BY TUSCANY• Lucca, Italy (with Abbondanza Toscana) for more information: / February-March 2017


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February-March 2017 /

Plein Air Painting in Tuscany with

Nancie King Mertz May 21–29, 2017

Providing caring, professionally organized tours since 1993. tuscany---nancie-king-mertz.html 212-414-8875

“Premier Destination Workshops!”

2017 Workshops

Mary Whyte - Studio - New Orleans, LA - Mar 6 - 8 - wc - Laguna Beach, CA- Jul 11-13 - wc Alvaro Castagnet - Plein Air - San Francisco - Mar 25 - 27 - wc - San Francisco - Mar 29 - 31 - wc Karlyn Holman - Studio - Cruise - Apr 25 - May 15 - wc Santiago, Chile - San Francisco, CA Richard McKinley - Studio & Plein Air - Bend, OR - Jul 31 - Aug 4 - pastel Herman Pekel - Studio & Plein Air - Bend, OR - Aug 7 - 11 - wc - Bend, OR - Aug 14 - 18 - wc Fabio Cembranelli - Studio - Bend, OR - Aug 21 - 25 - wc Jane Davies - Studio - Bend, OR - Aug 28-Sept 1 - acrylic David Taylor - Plein Air - Monterey, CA - Sept 11 - 15 - wc Charles Reid - Studio & 1 day Plein Air - Charleston, SC - Oct 16 - 20 - wc - Charleston, SC - Oct 23 - 27 - wc Now accepting registrations online! Come visit us today at:


Carol Strock Wasson Oil and Pastel Paintings

Barbara Jaenicke OPA, AIS, PSA, IAPS/EP


see website for workshop schedule: 937.459.6492 |

February 9 - 11 • Fresno, CA April 20 - 22 • Redondo Beach, CA May 19 - 21 • Oregon City, OR June 25 • Cumberland, MD July 19 - 21 • Bainbridge Island, WA Aug. 17 - 19 • Richmond, IN Sept. 23 - 25 • Bend, OR Oct. 16 - 19 • Landgrove, VT Nov. 3 - 5 • Bridgewater, NJ / February-March 2017




Old Faithful by Shirl Ireland

Workshops Lectures Demos On line classes Exbitions Competetitions Weekly classes Speasel Events

Artist-owned luxury guest lodge overlooking Yellowstone Park on the Yellowstone River. Bring your plein air group and join us for an unforgettable creative experience.


We Love ArtiStS!

z Lori Putnam z Hai-Ou Hou z Larry Moore z Colin Page z Marc Hanson z Kevin Beilfuss z Vladislav Yeliseyev z William Schneider z David Shevlino z Scott Christensen z Daniel Gerhartz z Rose Frantzen z David Shevlino z Kevin MacPhearson z Andy Evansen z Jennifer McChristian z Barbara Jaenicke z Quang Ho z Calvin Liang z Mary Whyte

10% off in Septem ber

Chesapeake 609 Thompson Creek Road Stevensville, MD 21666 410-200-8019


February-March 2017 /

KIM CASEBEER 2017 Plein Air and Studio Workshops


Individual Online Mentoring to reach your painting goals. Face to face weekly review of your work. May 6-7, 2017 Penn Valley Park Plein Air Creative Compositions Kansas City, MO June 23-25, 2017 Simplifying Plein Air in Beautiful Evergreen, CO July 28-30, 2017 Understanding Light and Color in the Landscape Studio Workshop Ulysses, KS

Visit 2017 Workshops on my website for updated schedule and online mentoring. ph. 785-409-8949

St. Mary River-Glacier Park

2017 WORKSHOPS SCOTTSDALE ARTISTS SCHOOL   Feb.28-Mar.3  800-333-5707 ENUMCLAW, WASHINGTOM     Apr.29-30, Sept.15-17     BREMERTON, WASHINGTON May 5-7     SEDONA, ARIZONA   May 22-25.     SEATTLE, WASHINGTON   Aug. 18-20       MCDOWELL ARTS CENTER-MATHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA     Oct. 16-20        SARASOTA, FLORIDA Oct. 26-28       FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA   Nov.10-12 Yolanda-cre8vfun@gmailcom      CARMEL VISUAL ARTS-CARMEL, CALIFORNIA     Nov.15-17  Rich Brimer-831-620-2955 • / February-March 2017


Workshops with

Bethanne Kinsella Cople

SHARON WEAVER Plein Air Painter and Instructor

For 2017 workshop information, visit

Bethanne Kinsella Cople

EXPERIENCES FOR THE ARTIST IN YOU. Over 100 fine art workshops in Door County, Wisconsin

All media • All levels

2017 Faculty Christina Body

Paint the Town: Architecture, Street Scenes, and Cars June 5-7

Joe Gyurcsak

Painting Interior Light June 8-10

Charlie Hunter

Composition in Plein Air July 6-8

Mitch Baird

Learning to See Your Subject en Plein Air July 31-August 3

and many more! 920.868.3455 12

February-March 2017 /

American Women Artists Master Signature American Impressionist Society Signature Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters

omePaint in C armel C

2017 Painting Workshops Michael Obermeyer (Plein Air) March Paul Kratter (Plein Air) March Scott W. Prior (Plein Air) March Peggi Kroll-Roberts (Still-Life/Figure) April Robert Liberace (Figurative) May Calvin Liang (Plein Air) May Teresa Oaxaca (Figurative) June Robert Lemler (Figurative) July Aimee Erickson (Still-Life/Figure) July Marc Dalessio (Plein Air) July Huihan Liu (Figurative) Aug Randall Sexton (Plein Air/Figurative) Aug Karen Blackwood (Seascape) Sept James Kroner (Urban Plein Air) Sept Max Ginsburg (Figurative) Oct Ned Mueller (Studio Landscape) Nov

Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA

Rich Brimer, Director 831.620.2955

Plein Air Landscape Class Ongoing In-Studio Landscape Class Starting in February Landscape Painting Bootcamp Workshop Coming in May KLINE ACADEMY of FINE ART 3264 Motor Ave. LA, CA 90034 (310) 927-2436 A place where time stops and imagination begins…


Original paintings at:

2017 Workshops at the studio of Nancy Tankersley Study in a spacious light-filled studio in charming Easton, MD or paint the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region en plein air


2017 In Person & Online Workshops


Catch the color & light!

or study with Nancy at other locations: Sept. 3 - 17 FRANCE sponsored by La Bonne Etoile

Nov 2-5 Cedarpark, Texas sponsored by Qiang Huang Studio

For more information: 410-770-4421 / February-March 2017




Fine Art Paintings and Instruction

Parrish Aspen pastel 12x12


Arizona New Mexico


AUSTIN, TEXAS March 24–26 CALIFORNIA: LOS GATOS May 5-7 REDWOOD COAST June 2–4 CARMEL August 28–31 CALGARY, CANADA September 7–10 VERMONT September 20–23

Introducing a new teaching space in the SF Bay Area: “THE CROCKETT ATELIER”

‘The Art Whisperer’




+San Diego 22-28 April Plein Air Convention Faculty &‘Watermedia for Newbies’ +Carmel 5/6/7 Plein Air


+Dubois Susan K Black Foundation 17-24 Sept


+Seattle 16-21 May Daniel Smith Stores


+Mudgee 11/12 March wait list only +Australian Artist Magazine Tour Western Australia 1-14 April


+Olhao Art in the Algarve Workshop 14-21 June


+Provence Art Experience 25 June to 4 July


+Taupo North Island 18/19 Nov +Wanaka South Island 25 Nov-2 Dec

For ongoing classes, workshops, and galleries visit:

*students may work in any medium. Georgia demonstrates in watercolour, acrylic and water-soluble oils depending on group.

email for brochures and bookings 14

February-March 2017 /

Light on the Grasses, oil, plein air, 16x12 To view a current listing of scheduled workshops or to schedule a workshop, please contact Doreen at her email address or visit her website.


Unique Island Setting, Exceptional Workshops 2017 & 2018 Workshops Vlad Yeliseyev watercolor workshop Nov 13-16, 2017 Kathleen Conover mixed media Jan 14-18, 2018 Marie Natale watercolor Feb 19-22, 2018 Kathy Durdin watercolor/acrylic Nov 12-15, 2018

The ferry ride is just the beginning...

All workshop are held in studio I at 3030 Shell Mound, FMB For more information see or contact

Let our Island Magic inspire you!

A $100 deposit holds your spot.



Chantel Barber Enriching Hearts and Lives Through Art

Iain Stewart AWS/NWS .................. June 5-9 Konstantin Sterkhov ............... June 19-23 Chien Chung Wei AWS/NWS ....... June 26-30 Joe Paquet ............................. July 10-14 Bryan Mark Taylor .................. July 24-28 Herman Pekel .................... July 31-Aug 4 Frank Eber.............................. Aug 14-18 Leon Holmes ........................... Aug 21-25 David Taylor AWI/FVAS .......... Aug 28-Sept 1 Plein Air Painters of America Master Workshops ...................Sept 25-29


The Portrait in Acrylic With Chantel May 20-21, 2017 Watkinsville GA (706) 540-4025

Jane Davies ............................ July 24-28 Sterling Edwards CSPWC/TWSA/WPA Aug 7-11 Ted Nuttall .............................. Aug 21-25 Margaret Dyer ........................Sept 11-15 Fabio Cembranelli ...................Sept 18-22

June 23-25, 2017 Oregon City OR (503) 866-5507 October 20-22, 2017 Calgary, Alberta, Canada (403) 258-3500 See website for more information

Online Registration Is Easy WWW.MADELINESCHOOL.COM

715-747-2054 / February-March 2017


William A. Schneider AISM, OPA, PSA-MP 804.358.2771 | 1616 W. Main Street Richmond, VA 23220

Having Work Done | Larry Moore | 15” x 30” | Oil

2017 Workshops Larry Moore Creative Realism en Plein Air Oil Painting June 27 - 30

“Jose” 20x 16, Oil

MAKE 2017 YOUR YEAR! BECOME A BETTER ARTIST WORKSHOPS: Evocative Figures and Portraits in Pastel March 8 - 11, 2017 Mt. Vernon, WA (888)345-0067 x 5 Start to Finish – Creating a Beautiful Painting May 5 – 8, 2017 Schneider Studios Crystal Lake, IL (815) 540-3121 Revealing the Soul – Sensitive Portraits and Figures August 4 – 7, 2017 Stevensville, MD

“You concentrate on the art while we handle the details” • Unparalleled art experience in a first class learning environment • Nationally acclaimed professional art instructors

Maggie Siner Color and Shape Oil Painting December 1 - 3

• Intimate class settings • All-inclusive retreat experience for one low price: - Workshop - Luxury Lodging - Meals, wine and after workshop gatherings • Located in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country

2017 Plein Air

Christine Lafuente - Oil - 7/17 - 21 Lois Griffel - Oil - 8/21 - 25 Steve Rogers - WC - 9/4 - 8 and more!

Painterly Portraits October 17 – 20, 2017 Carmel, IN (317) 517-1213 see website for more information (815) 455-4972

February-March 2017 /

Acadia Workshop Center

Top Instructors / Coast of Maine

Portraits in Pastel and Oil September 18 - 21, 2017 Fredericksburg, TX (830) 997-0515


Tom Lynch Watercolor Plein Air August 4 - 6 Please check our website for upcoming 2017 scheduled workshops 512-847-9344

Details at:

Save the Date for Upcoming Workshops

Drawing the Portrait in Pastel June 5 – 8, 2017 Instructor: Prix de West™ artist Susan Lyon Watercolor: Simple and Dramatic June 12 – 15, 2017 Instructor: Prix de West™ artist Joseph Bohler Still Life Painting in Oils July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017 Instructor: Small Works, Great Wonders artist Kelli Folsom ®

Drawing the Portrait in Charcoal August 3, 10, 17, 24, 2017 Instructor: Monte Thompson Forming Silver with Mark Drain October 3 – 6, 2017 Instructor: Mark Drain

1700 Northeast 63rd Street • Oklahoma City, OK 73111 Mon – Sat, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. • Sun, Noon – 5:00 p.m. / February-March 2017


A Jewel in the Desert for Artists

Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey Pecos, New Mexico (25 miles SE of Santa Fe)

Come to paint in solitude or conduct a workshop. Let the Spirit move you as you bring your canvas to life in the beauty of this monastery. For more information:


LOIS GRIFFEL, AISM Painting the Impressionist Landscape


Workshops – 2017/2018

Enroll now to learn something new, refine your own abilities & feed your personal artistic passion. DURANGO


Landscape Painting WITH S HARON A BSHAGEN MARCH 17-19

Abstract Landscapes WITH BJ B RINER MARCH 24-26


Basket Making

Landscapes & Portraits WITH M ICHAEL L EWIS APRIL 1 & 2

Landscape Painting WITH S TEPHEN D AY APRIL 7-9

Still Life Painting WITH M ARTHA K ELLAR APRIL 8 & 9

Landscape Painting WITH P EGGY I MMEL APRIL 28-30

Acrylic Layering WITH K EVIN R ED S TAR APRIL 21-23


Register Today!

2017 Workshops February ~ Huntsville, TX April ~ Tampa, FL June ~ Bainbridge Island, WA August ~ Acadia, ME September ~ Chatham, MA 2018 La Romita School of Art ~ Terni, Italy Dillmans Art Workshop Retreats Lac de Flambeau, WI For more workshop and book information, please visit or contact 18

February-March 2017 /


May 19-26 Orvietto, Italy Plein Air – Countryside & Hilltop towns March 17-18 - Beginning Pastels July 13-15 - Plein Air Pastels Dakota Art Center - Mt. Vernon, WA Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 Washburn, Wisconsin Studio & Plein Air at Lake Superior or Chris Lindsey 715-373-2259 2018 September 18-27, 2018 Plein Air - Island of Korcula, Croatia


Plein Air Convention Faculty OPA Speaker/Demo Artist

A dventure Artists Since 1996 with

Sharon Rusch Shaver


2017 Workshops Rocky Mountains & Italy


May 12th - 14th, 2017

The Artistic Anatomy of Trees, Water, Rocks and Sky Location: Taylors Falls, Minnesota Register:

June 23rd - 25th, 2017

Plein Air Figure in Landscape Location: Taylors Falls, Minnesota Register:

September 28 - October 5, 2017

Paint Italy in 2017 with Mary Pettis Location: Cinque Terre, Italy Register:

Enroll Now / February-March 2017


SPENCER MEAGHER Watercolor Workshops


匀瀀爀椀渀最㨀 䴀愀礀 ㈀  - ㈀㜀 䘀愀氀氀㨀 匀攀瀀琀⸀ ㈀㌀ - ㌀ 

“Flat Iron Eureka Springs”

March 23 St. Charles, MO - Missouri Artist On Main April 26 Augusta, MO - Augusta Plein Air May 18-20 Eureka Springs, AR - Eureka Springs School of Art June 17 Cedarburg, WI - Cedarburg Plein Air June 23-25 Grand Marais, MN - Grand Marais Art Colony Sept 25-29 Eureka Springs, AR - Eureka Springs School of Art TBD Nashville, TN - Warehouse 521 Contact: or 618-516-3860

Ring of Kerry Ireland 2017 Workshops

Tallapoosa School of Art


2017 Spring & Fall Workshops April 18-20 Ronald Bayens May 2-5 Qiang Huang May 8-11 Greg Barnes May 16-19 Bill Farnsworth May 22-25 Katie Dobson Cundiff September 26-28 Barbara Binford Davis October 2-4 Hodges Soileau October 9-12 Mark Beale October 17-19 Craig Reynolds October 23-26 Charlie Hunter October 30-November 2 Nancie King Mertz November 7-9 David Boyd, Jr.

Roxanne Steed – Sketchbook 6/18-25 Brian Murphy – Plein Air 6/25-7/2 Barbara Mastaglio – Plein Air 7/16-22 Painting on and around Valentia Island and the Ring of Kerry, 7 nights accommodations at a local B&B (sharing), daily demos & critiques, transportation to/from Shannon Airport on arrival & departure day, daily transportation to creative locations, Monday-Saturday breakfast & lunch, plus 2 dinners Cost $2500(pps) (Airfare not included. Single room surcharge $550) 20

February-March 2017 /

For workshop information

A new and exciting way to paint with a palette knife and achieve vibrant color and dimensions all in one session–Alla Prima. Class sizes are small (maximum of four students) and one-on-one instruction. All students need to bring are some images; everything else is supplied, including lunch. For more details, visit JAMESPRATTFINEART.COM/workshops

or email me Nationally Recognized

Joseph Gyurcsak presents

Capturing the Light & Atmosphere

Workshop Dates:

6/27/2017 - 6/29/2017

From beginners to advanced, artists will learn to see and paint with more confidence! Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor mediums welcome

Location: Gibson House, B&B Haverhill, New Hampshire

For details visit: or Also offering Studio Painting Lessons and Group Lectures & Demos CALL: LISA @ 609 510-9299 for details

WORKSHOPS IN FRANCE 2017 Romel de La Torre & Tim Tyler Premiere Château Workshop in Provence September 20 - 30, 2017

2017 Art Retreats All media - all levels Aix-En-Provence Poppy Season May 28 – June 6 Aix-En-Provence Vineyards and Harvest September 6 - 15

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Paint Russia!

Au g u st 4 - 1 5 , 2 0 1 7 Location Painting Moscow & St. Petersburg Tour Russia’s Finest Museums

Russian Art Tour 415.761.7001 / February-March 2017


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Photo: View of Monte Soratte from Civita Castellana, Italy

in the of outdoor painting An Italy Workshop Experience With

Jason Sacran & John P. Lasater IV July 24 - August 7, 2017

You’re invited to take your outdoor paintings to the next level with John P. Lasater IV and Jason Sacran, while painting the beautiful motifs of Civita Castellana, Italy. Civita Castellana was a favorite destination of artists such as Corot, Turner, Ingres, Bidault, and Bertin, as well as many others before them, and it’s easy to see why. The severe plateaus and pastoral hills dotted with ancient architecture are nothing short of Arcadian. It’s an en plein air dream, really. As a part of the JSS IN CIVITA Summer program, you will also have the opportunity to attend lectures, critiques and demonstrations by Israel Hershberg, Yael Scalia, Susan Jane Walp and others, as well as excursions to famous Italian destinations. Known for their string of awards in American plein air competitions, Jason and John excel at design, sophisticated color mixing, paint application and edge-control. And now, with years of teaching under their belts, expect to be encouraged and challenged by their demonstrations and hands-on help; all of this in what is arguably the birthplace of outdoor painting!

“I want to give you a ‘rave’ review for a wonderful workshop. I highly recommend that everyone take your workshop and to experience the generosity, kindness, friendship, fun and talent you both possess. You two represent the best of the best in the painting world!” —Andrea K, Georgia “I felt that after you got to know our individual abilities, you really fine-tuned your comments for each of us. I also appreciated how open you were in answering questions…and your humor. Your workshop left me feeling prepared, motivated and inspired to continue my own practice. Thanks, again, for being so generous with your talent and knowledge.” —Jenny W, Arkansas “You taught me something more than ‘how to paint what I see’ more effectively, although I did learn that. I came away from the workshop understanding more about creating art. Every person in the workshop produced work that seemed to reflect their own spirit and their own journey. It was a pretty special learning experience.” —Kathryn F, Missouri

www.jssincivita .com/john-lasater-jason-sacran

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PleinAir's 2017 Artists' Guide to Workshops, Classes, and Schools  
PleinAir's 2017 Artists' Guide to Workshops, Classes, and Schools