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Promotional Strategic Marketing & Communication Plan

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Table of Contents

Aim - Purpose - Goal For Whom & Why?

Internal Analysis


Brand Identity, Brand Book

External Analysis


Market participants & Relevant Trends


5 Conclusions & Best Opportuni-

SWOT Analysis ties

Vision - Mission - Strategy


Brand Concept Brand Values & USP

Target Group



For Whom & Why?



Where do we stand compared to competitors?


Main Objectives of Strategy


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Das Ziel Le But El Objetivo The Aim... ... and purpose of this elaborate plan is to create a manual of guidelines, meant for everyone involved in the company from investors and production managers to designers, all of whom are striving to create a cohesive, current and commercially sellable brand. Especially in these times of economic decline, it is of vital importance to have a waterproof plan in order to become a longlasting market competitor. So, in order to become one, we have to make sure that we find the best possible opportunities and possibilities.


Internal Analysis

Brand Identity, Brand Book

Siren’s Song is a brand with a high focus on sensuality and exuding that in the garments we sell. Furthermore, there is a slight sense of morbidity present, to give the brand a more ‘adult’ feel and to differentiate from all the other brands that are out in the market. The high level of sophistication places us in a higher segment. We aim to create committed partnerships with our consumers.

External Analysis

Market Participants & Relevant Trends

Whereas most brands focus on doing either Lingerie, or clothing, Siren’s Song sells it all in one place. That means the competition might be spread quite fragmented; Lingerie-brands like Agent Provocateur (lingerie and nightwear), Boudique (caters to a younger audience), Marlies Dekkers (focus solely on underwear), erotic stores like Christine Le Duc (too obscure), Female&Co and Coco de Mer. And of course the brands that sell clothing like Gucci for example. So, there is a lot of competition among these different brands, but Siren’s Song manages to blend all that into one space. The initial inspiration was derived from the fact that Luxury will play a big role in retail and the fact that people have been bombarded with the Democratization of Fashion, makes some long for that personal, intimate concept they only share with their most intimate friends; some-

-thing to treasure. Furthermore, there is a lot going on with vampires (TrueBlood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight), or at least a more morbid sense of humor featuring strong women, able to defend themselves. (Dexter, Six Feet Under). Burlesque (Dita Von Teese, Paloma Faith) has been a trend for a while now, a form of sensual performance on music but with a higher level of sophistication, which blends seamlessly with Siren´s Song. There is also an increase in women reading thrillers, as well as a wide variety of thriller novels focusing on a female lead character very much like our Target Group. ( Karen Slaughter, Patricia Walker, Joy Fielding) And, most importantly, apparently 2010 is the year of the female. If you want to invest, professonals are stating it’s best to put money on the ladies from now on, whether it be SingerSongwriters, Comedians or Actresses. The female consumer is a powerful one and not one to underestimate but with the right tactics you might obtain life-long loyalty.


SWOT Analysis

Conclusions & Best Opportunities

Strengths Caters to an existing Target Group & fills a need a growing group of (fashion) savvy women have. The brand has a very distinctive look & feel. It is a concept that fuses elements which are often sold fragmented in the current economy.

Weaknesses There is an extremely fine line between eroticism/sensuality and becoming too tacky or obscure, which are characteristics unlike our Target Group, possibly alienating them.

Opportunities Becoming a lifestyle rather than ‘just’a brand. Extending the Product line to a more service orientated one, like producing female friendly erotic movies, organizing the Boudoir Bash and opening up sponsored nightclubs. Obtaining high global brand awareness even though our target group is a niche market and not everyone can afford it and relate to it.

Threats Female nudity or anything related can generate negative responses (religious protest like the HunkemĂśller billboard), which in itself can become an advantage since it generates a buzz around the brand and/or product. Possible threats when wanting to expand to countries like Dubai and other highly religious countries.

Conclusion(s) Focus on Europe Starting-point is Europe, to limit possible set-backs & to strengthen the brand. Possible expansion to other countries over time, or a diffusing line better suited for those ‘risky’ areas.

Slightly more mature Target Group It is vital for Siren’s Song to emphasize its high-end lifestyle in order for the brand to maintain its exclusive position in the market, as well as to differentiate itself from its competitors. This is applicable to nearly everything; from the materials and finishings to campaigns and the total look & feel of the brand.

High (er) Segment Exuding exclusivity must be one of the main focus points in order to actually remain exclusive but also because it is of vital importance to our target group. They are not looking for the mundane and despite them being a slightly older target group, this does not mean they have to be targeted as such. In fact, if there’s one thing a woman does not like, it is exactly that. And since the base of the relationship with our clients is one of trust and intimacy, like girlfriends among eachother, this is to be taken seriously.


The Vision Even in 2010, women are still deemed ‘the weaker sex’, to much frustration of succesful females.

The Mission To reunite women around the world, empowering them. Making them not only in control over their own bodies as well as of those of the opposite sex.

The Strategy To accomplish the above, a firm approach is needed. This might include an image, like the one on the right page, to cause a stir and deliver a message at the same time; that these women are not to be messed around with, conveying empowerment to other females.


Brand Concept & Values

Siren’s Song aims at catering to succesful, powerful women . Taking them from their everyday, often influential, positions and turning them into sultry seductresses.


Central Theme ( Fatal ) Seduction Central Value ( Slightly) Occult/Morbid

Expressive Values Tantalizing,Titillating & Evocative Functional Values Sultry, Empowering & Enigmatic Unique Selling Point Siren’s Song fuses elements like evening wear, day-wear, under-wear and erotic toys, with a high level of craftmanship, all in one place.

Target Group Siren’s Song aims at catering to women from 25 to 45. An independant woman, often with a high position among a male dominated environment. She is most probably single, as she is too busy concentrating on her carreer as well as maintaining her social life. This can be intimidating to most men, especially since she has a high disposable income. This woman is also more inclined to make an online purchase because of convenience and a lack of spare time. What she’s missing however, is an offline shopping experience that offers her more than just a wardrobe. Something sincere, something intimate, something you only share with your closest friends. She frequently visits sites like, and She has a facebook page to try and maintain some of her social life. She reads books by authors like Karen Slaughter and Charlotte Roche.

This woman knows how to pick-and-mix her way through what the world offers her. She does visit Zara for example, but isn’t gratified afterwards. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like and certainly won’t settle for less. She is not that close to her family, because of her busy life and finds her substitute in her close friends and her luxurious lifestyle. Her favorite magazines include French Vogue, Numéro and Purple. She loves fashion but is not phazed by trends. She is well aware of how to work her body and dresses accordingly. She hardly ever cooks but makes conscious decions on what se eats. This woman does not shy away from adventure and experimenting and travels a lot by herself, especially around the holidays because she hates being a third weel. Because of this enormous amount of confidence and personality, she has trouble meeting and dating the right man. Some might even say she has issues with commitment and compromising. And even though she is not lonely because she has such a busy schedule, at times she longs for a companion, a soulmate.


Where do we stand compared to our competitors? • Level of Craftmanship High

• Marlies Dekkers • Coco de Mer

• D&G • Gucci • Siren’s Song

• Agent Provocateur

• Product range

Older Wide


• Boudique • Christine Le Duc • Hunkemöller • Female & Partners

• Target Audience

• Christine Le Duc • Female & Partners • Coco de Mer • Siren’s Song • Hunkemöller • Agent Provocateur • Gucci • Marlies Dekkers • D&G



• Boudique Low

• Product range


• Level of Sophistication High

• Siren’s Song • Coco de Mer • Marlies Dekkers Low

• Price Level

• Agent Provocateur • Boudique

• D&G • Gucci High

• Hunkemöller • Female & Partners • Christine Le Duc Low


Main Objectives of Strategy • Creating 40% brand awareness after month of launch • 2500 pre-sold party tickets • 50.000 hits on website at the launch of site. • 1000 online subscriptions • free publicity in at least 5 magazines, 5 newspapers, 5 different TV channels


Das Product Le Produit El Producto The Product... Siren’s Song offers a wide range of pro ducts, varying from a complete wardrobe to cosmetic products and high-end sex toys. Main focus is evening-wear and lingerie. Sizes will range from 2 to 12, depending on the sort of garment, since there is also the possibility to have something tailormade; like a bra.Which range from a 70A to a 90E for basic models. The intangible product can best be described as a personal secret, something hush-hush. Wearing something only you know. There is a high priority on details and finishings. Lingerie is made out of the most exquisite silks and charmeuses, and often a specialist has been involved in making the perfect bra

or strapless dress. The collection will not only consist of garments, but also a variety of cosmetic products.

Production Since Siren’s Song focuses on high quality garments and objects, this is reflected in our production. Materials can range from Morocco to Italy, as well as the finishings, which are mostly done in Italy. More basic lingerie garments can be made in Sri Lanka, where there is a high expertise in doing so, and won’t affect the lead time since it involves more basic garments. More intricate designs are made in Paris, where there are still a number of small fashion houses which specialize in producing certain parts and elements. At the same time by doing so, we hope to help these small businesses to stay in business, as well as offering our consumers the best possible quality, expertise and craftmanship.

Place As already stated, the main focus will be on selling in European countries like, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Moscow etc. Besides an amazing offline shopping experience, the online experience should be equally as important. Example location: First store will be opened in Amsterdam, in a beautifully renovated mansion in Oud-Zuid; simulating a Victorian Boudoir. Reason for doing so is to not be stuck in the Kalverstraat, where there is a completely different Target Group. Also because Siren’s Song doesn’t like doing the expected, so it might not even be located in a shopping street at all, rather in a more discreet manner like a stately mansion with enough privacy for our clients to feel as comfortable as possible.

Presentation Since discretion plays a big part, the location will have an impressive shop-window, but one that doesn’t give an overview of the rest of the store, as to obtain intimacy. Only women are allowed to enter, as they are being buzzed in at the entrance. Presentation-wise it is essential to have a wide variety of mannequins; ranging in skin colors and facial features as well as sizes going from 4 to 12 (US-size), and 6 to 14 (UK-size). The mannequins are of a high quality with the ability to use wigs and eyelashes of real hair. This way we are able to show our complete product range, (false eyelashes, make-up, hair accessories) instead of just showing clothes. This and the body positions of the mannequins can add to the dynamic feel of the whole. As stated, the look and feel of the shop environment can best be described as the ancient Victorian boudoir of a Vampire Princess.

Packaging Not everyone feels as comfortable showing off where you shopped. Especially the women we target . So to remain the discretion, your purchase will be put in a glossy black carrier bag, made out of recycled cardboard. Before it is put in this luscious looking bag, the garment or object will be wrapped in silk foil, then put in a glossy black gift-box. Even though you are buying something for yourself, that does not mean it can’t be a present, right?

Price Pricing Strategy will be according to the Price Follower and Cost Plus principle. Because it is hard to compare to another company dealing in the same genre, offering the same product range, pricing will be according to what other brands with same level of exclusivity and craftmanship offer. Dresses range from 499 to 1999 (Average is 1250) Set of Lingerie (Depends on the model, material and whether or not you want it made-tomeasure) but silk made to measure sets range from 249 to 799 (Average is 550) Erotic toys can be purchased from 99 for a basic vibrator, but can lead up to 499 for a diamond-encrusted vibrator with your initials on it (Also dependant on what kind of material is used in production) (Average is 300)


Costprice Mark Up profit margins is about 6, which means the costprise of the average dress would be around 210, for a vibrator 50 and for a set of lingerie 100. And so if the costprice of a dress is about 210, since there is no wholesaler as middleman, times 6 is 1260 euro retail price.

Competitive Pricing

• Set of lingerie • Agent Provocateur • Boudique • Christine Le Duc • Coco de Mer • D&G • Female & Partners • Gucci • Hunkemöller • Marlies Dekkers • Siren’s Song


100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800


Price Range per • Evening gown

Product Group

• Manteau’s • Blouse • Kimono • Skirt • Trousers • Tops


250 350 450

550 650 750 850 950 1050 1150 1250

• Glass • Marble • Jade

• Masks

• Lace • Silk • Leather

• Whips


Price Range per

• Vibrator • Glass • Marble • Jade • Dildo


Product Group

• Human Hair • Horse Hair



100 125

150 200 250 300 350 400 450


People Siren’s Song employees are discrete, mature women with the expertise and wisdom to help, advise and guide you to find your perfect purchase. This way you can request your own personal assistent, which is quite important when buying garments that require technical knowledge; 7 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size for example. These women are not there to sell you stuff but make sure that IF you buy something, it will be a life altering experience; making consumers come back because of this pleasant service.

Distribution The ultimate shopping experience you can find in one of our own stores, since that way we can obtain complete creative freedom. However, we do sell our collection in high-end retail department stores like De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam en Collette in Paris. This to create a wider consumer base, as well as maintain the image of exlusivity and luxury. Besides the offline environment, the online shopping opportunity will provide a lower threshold for women interested in our concept, but too intimidated to acually enter. Furthermore, the purchasing of erotic toys is for some still a taboo, offering the service to deliver discreetly from door-todoor will help generate more profit and make women more inclined to re-visit.

Tone of Voice 2 examples of an ad-campaign that uses a concise amount of words to convey some gloomy mood. In the example to the right, it is implicitly said that this girl will kick her attacker’s ass without actually saying it. Siren’s Song will use a similar approach to convey its message. Not saying stuff literally, but having people read between the lines, evokes curiosity and

raises interest, as well as giving people the idea only they get it. The tone is always sultry , gloomy and evocative but never vulgair or solely for shock-value.


Operational Promotion Plan & Communication Strategy Now it is clear who Siren´s Song is, what they are selling and to whom, we can determine HOW we are going to achieve this. We will start the communication process 2 months before the launch of the brand; enough time to create a buzz and for all the activities to take place in a chronological order.

Communication Objectives • Pique interest & raise curiosity. • Create a buzz. • Create a virally spread campaign. • Create a space/ an event where our target group meets eachother and interacts with the brand. • Generating Brand Preference and Brand Loyalty. • Spread through word of mouth.


• Get our target group to come in and buy, but most importantly, to come back. And again, and again.


Tools • Pique interest & raise curiosity. Cognitive Objective

-Striking ad campaigns in printed media like, Vogue, Elle and Numéro. -A teaser -Posters on billboards and abri’s.

• Create a buzz. Affective Objective • Create a virally spread campaign.

-A teaser -Social Media Networks, like Facebook & Twitter.

• Generating Brand Preference and Brand Loyalty. Behavioral Objective

-Added Service; tangible or intangible

• Word of mouth marketing

-Social Media Networks, like Facebook & Twitter.

Behavioral/ Affective Objective

• Create a space where our target group meets eachother and interacts with the brand. Behavioral Objective

-Word of mouth -Media Coverage -A sponsored magazine coming out every 6 months.

-An added service not only catering to our target consumer but also their friends and inner social circle. -Website -An event/party -Branded nightclub

Budget: 250.000 euro Cost: 30.000 euro Billboards/Abri´s • Cognitive Objective The ad will feature an enlarged snapshot of a handsome man, smiling into the camera. It reads: Missing! Last seen on... with a detailed description of the man in question. Because of the mysterious nature of this ad, this will generate some curiosity. Start

on May 6th - May 20th

At the launch of the brand, July 1st 2010, we will use Day & Night billboards. This means during the day we have a censored version of the late night one, or at least a prequel to what will be seen when the billboard changes after midnight. Not only gives this the opportunity to generate interest, simply because the average billboard is just a poster with a slogan, but more importantly because it fits seamlessly with Siren’s Songs values. Siren’s Song is not just a brand and so this needs to be reflected in the way we communicate as well. Through billboards and ad’s we are able to reach a wide range of people at the same time. Not all of these people belong to our target consumer, but they can add to the process of word of mouth; a strong form of marketing. They are in line with the attention and interest elements of the AIDA-model.

Teaser: TV/Internet Cost: 30.000 euro • Affective Objective

2 teasers from about 60 seconds will be aired on sites like,, and more places on the web, as well as on TV. Preferably on a channel like Net5, which already targets a more mature, female demographic. These teasers will cost about 2000 euro´s to make and since the original version was meant to be aired after midnight, there is a prequel being aired before 21.00. This way we maximize the opportunity to be aired and to be seen.

Start on May

20th- June 3d The first trailer will follow a pair of women´s heels, camera never going beyond ankle height, until she stops for traffic. With her back to the camera, the camera will slowly rise to film her silhouette as she´s crossing over. Next shot will still be her back, as she´s unlocking the front door. Then it stops. The second one will start with her heels again, as she pulls open the heavy door. This way the viewer sees her expensive heels and the nice marble floor, as she´s climbing a wide stairs from the beautiful hallway to the second floor, and is re-assured she belongs there. Yet on the top of the stairs, the camera notices a splash of blood. She walks past an open door, and the camera films a pair of feet lying on the bathroom floor. As she opens the door opposite the hallway, she enters a room where you get full view of a man bound in a cage; appearing unconscious. She pulls him up by his hair and slaps his face as the camera slowly fades, as well as the song playing on the background, and you can tell it is the guy from the billboard ad´s. The logo and website appear on a black screen,urging: `If you like to play? Visit or get your ticket now at TicketSale or PayPal. Women Only. This way we can measure how many hits the website has, as well as how many subscriptions. By using TV & Internet we are able to elaborate and give an extra dimension to an otherwise static form (like an ad from a magazine). At the sime time, by choosing the right channel, time and period, we are able to naarow down to which consumer we are targeting; a much more effective and efficient way of reaching our target consumer.

• Affective/ Behavioral Objective

Cost: 20.000 euro

The website will launch at the same time the commercials and teasers start airing. Since we put a high value on our E-commerce opportunities, there is a larger budget available to create a visually stunning website and one to navigate through easily.

Subscribed members will be able to get access to more elements than regular visitors. They can print out a coupon to get their sizes measured in our flagship store for example, or a 10 % discount on one of our toys. There is a large amount of imagery available of our collection, as well as music, video’s, blogs, relevant articles etc. There are tips & tricks to show off your best assets, to seduce a man or to make the perfect Long Island Ice Tea It should be a place where women not only come to shop, but also to interact with eachother. This will make them more inclined to come back and we will end up with more data to use to our best advantage.

It will feature all the information about the party in the form of a teaser; mashed-up up songs and burlesque performances for about 45 seconds. Information about the location, time and dress-code ( Boudoir Masquee) are revealed, as well as cost of ticket (15 euro). After the party, we can post pictures and video’s on the site. This will make it visual to other people, making them inclined to go the next time Instead of looking for a place to find and target our consumer, the website enables this in the other way around; by creating the right page, the target group will come to us. It also gives us the popportunity to find out more details about our consumer by surveys or polls. Besides the opportunity to sell our collection to a wider audience it also creates a platform for women to mingle and interact with eachother.

Boudoir Bash An added service

Cost: 10.000 euro • Behavioral Objective This service allows women to host a party, together with at least 6 girlfriends. The service can best be described as a Tupperware party with erotic toys. One of our representatives will come by at the assigned address This also allows women who can’t afford to buy an expensive dress, to still experience the brand. More importantly, they share the experience with their friends, which generates the purest form of word of mouth. This tool allows us to build a direct relationship with our consumers, alligned with the brand’s values. Besides generating extra profit, it also enables us to infiltrate in finding out what our customers want and need, before they do.

Party Cost: 100.000 euro July 1st 2010

• Behavioral Objective A large budget for the party is necessary to make a lasting impact. This is reflected in the venue, preferably a mansion-like location. There is the possibility to hire the Krasnapolsky, which would be perfect to turn into a Victorian boudoir. The place will be decorated with tall champagne glasses, in which several burlesque performers will perform during the night. There will be a soundproof, secluded area where there will be a different ambiance; more jazzy. There is a singer , singing tunes behind a microphone and the back of the wall will feature small movies, clips, interviews etc. Creating an environment where our consumers are able to meet in real life, strengthening the relationship they have with the brand, and bring them in contact with like-minded women, will add to the orignality and authenticity in which we communicate with them. It is also a great opportunity to diffuse the brand into a lifestyle and to expand our brand philosophy in all area’s and disciplines. The idea is to create a ‘living’ brand in the form of a branded nightclub. Dressing employees in Siren’s Song garments, or using props we sell online, is the perfect way of ‘brandvertising’; making people inclined to come back for more than just a product.

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