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THE AGELESS ERA We have been living in a time and a society in which youth has become most highly sought after. It is not uncommon for 12 year old bloggers to sit front row at fashion shows, 10 year olds modeling in French Vogue and 15 year olds posing in beauty campaigns. We’ve been living in a world that sells products with terms like ‘anti-ageing’. What does that mean? That the product in question reverses the ageing process? Or more literally, that the makers are blatant ageists? (I imagine them protesting in front of retirement homes with signs that say: Stop Ageing Now) It seems we’re on the threshold of entering a new era; one with a newfound appreciation for the elderly and the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age.

The latest issue of The Gentlewoman has a sublime cover shot by Terry Richardson featuring Angela Lansbury. The contrast between the photographer and his subject could not have been any greater and the titillating result evokes a sense of ‘Spirit of the Times’; a slice of ‘Zeitgeist’. With the rest of the content equally matching up to the amazing cover, including an excellent interview with FOAM’s creative founder and director Marloes Krijnen on her latest photographic venture UNSEEN, it was this particular issue that became the catalyst for a trend in which age proves to be nothing but a number. Another example is the recent Lanvin advertising campaign in which ‘real’ people function as models, including 82 year old Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, a former Apollo dancer. (To check out the full campaign video, press here) A legend in her own right, Jacqui has gathered quite the following since the launch of the ads, admired for her elegant sense of style, something


not my age"

"dianA vreeland: the eye has to travel."

in cinemas from october

Betty White

The Dutch Golden Girls

Judith Rodin -

Iris Apfel -


which got her featured many times on the renowned Advanced Style blog. This webbased cultural phenomenon tracks down the most stylish senior citizens around the globe and praises them for their unique sense of style. Less likely to appear on the cover of Vogue, though she most certainly should have in 2011, is the great Betty White. The last remaining Golden Girl’s career is peaking at 90 and has captured the hearts, yet again, of the American people and of those around the globe. This actually led to a Dutch remake of the Golden Girls, 27 years after the original, and despite the fact such a move remains risky, it can only be applauded that it creates acting roles for older women on TV. Besides more visibility of older women in popular

media, are there more signs of a cultural movement towards ‘pro-age’? Well, Betty White certainly is not the only one banging a lilac-grey do right now, as many hipster girls like model Charlotte Free, are too. The taboo on corrective underwear, also known as Spanx, has been lifted and even features a prominent place in high-street shops like H&M’s lingerie department. In general there is a vibe towards a more retro way of (under) dressing and cosmetics. Balconette-bras, garters and stockings, peplums and pencilskirts add a hint of nostalgia to the current fashion landscape. This also includes more baroque atomizer perfumes, all adding up to the experience of getting dressed like in the (g)old days.

Second sight ageing  

An article exploring the visibility of older women in today's popular culture.

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