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I hit a block while writing this letter. This letter was one of the final pieces of copy that needed to be done before sending this book to the printer. I sat there, fingers poised over the keyboard, the flashing cursor impatiently blinking at me. My e-mail notifications continually reminded me of other things that required my attention. There was so much to say - talking about the new magazine-style format, the interviews, the articles, the drool-inducing pen photography - but I couldn't figure out just how to convey it to you. So, I took out my Rhodia Goalbook dot grid notebook and the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen with a 1.0mm stub nib that I had inked with Sailor Jentle Blue-Black ink. I started scribbling down the kernels of ideas you are reading here. It didn't look pretty. A lot of it was scratched out, partially legible, and written in short-hand. In all of that inky mess, it was there - the mental clarity that I was searching for. See, without digital technology, the pen might have gone the way of the Aramaic language, the Wooly Mammoth, and the floppy disk. It is through the internet that most of us have found each other in this mutual enthusiasm we share. If you had to rely on walking into your local office supply store to find a nice pen, you may have never heard of such wonderful writing instruments from Pelikan, Sailor, Retro 1951, and more. While Goldspot Pens was born on the internet and could entirely exist in digital form through the website, social media, and YouTube channel, here you are, picking up and reading this magazine. This is our way of saying, "analog is still important." So we encourage you to physically hold this magazine, flip its pages, dog ear the corners, highlight, notate, cut-out, and enjoy it. Read it for the informative articles or gawk at the all the beautiful pens, we won't judge. This was made just for you guys - the people who appreciate the tactile experience of analog. We hope you enjoy it. As many pens, refills, notebooks, and accessories there are in this book, there are 100 times more on our goldspot.com website and shop. If you have a question, you can call, e-mail, or message us for a prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous response. Sincerely, The Goldspot Pens Team Our store: www.goldspot.com If you like chatting on the phone: Call 800-963-PENS (7367) during our office hours of 9am to 5:30pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. E-mail us at: orders@goldspot.com Find us on social media @goldspotpens facebook.com/goldspotpens @goldspotpens goldspotpens youtube.com/goldspotpens



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PELIKAN SOUVERAN 800/805 The Pelikan Souveran Series represents the highest quality in writing instrument manufacture using only the best materials available. All fountain pens feature Pelikan’s unique differential piston filling system to ensure a large ink capacity with a visible indication of ink level via the translucent barrel (or portion of the barrel in the case of all black or dark blue pens). The Pelikan Souveran 800 fountain pen is an all-time classic for its traditional styling and impeccable performance. The 800 Series is oversized for those who prefer extra-large writing instruments. The fountain pen has a handcrafted 18kt bi-color gold and rhodium nib. It fills only from an ink bottle. The 800 series has solid brass inner components and 18kt gold layered clip and trim. Starting at $307.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/souveran800 Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

PELIKAN SOUVERAN 600/605 Pelikan’s flagship model of writing instruments is embodied in the classic, timeless style of the Souveran design. Built with the writer’s comfort in mind, the collection is separated by size, ranging from a petite, pocket pen (M300) to an oversized behemoth (M1000). Right in the middle, the 600 is the Goldilocks of the series. The Souveran 600 / 605 is suited for average size hands, an easy fit for both men and women. The fountain pen’s piston-filling mechanism draws a wealth of ink up into the barrel, storing the pen’s vital fluid until the writer makes it flow from the sumptuous 14kt gold nib. A matching capped rollerball pen and twist-action ballpoint pen are available in most color styles. Starting at $239.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/souveran600 Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen 4

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PELIKAN M200 & M205 Pelikan’s Tradition 200/205 series pens are meticulously hand-crafted with high quality materials. Precious acrylic resin is matched with solid black and trimmed with either gold or silver-colored accents. The fountain pen features a built-in piston filling system transparent ink tank and a smooth, yet durable stainless steel nib. Matching ballpoint, pencil and rollerball are available with select finishes. Starting at $131.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/classic200 Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

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HOW TO FIND THE ‘WRITE’ NIB FOR YOU For beginner and intermediate fountain pen users, finding the right nib size can be a daunting (and expensive) journey. Just how fine is extra fine? Am I better off with a Japanese medium or a Western fine? What is this “flex” that everyone is so crazy about? As most of us lack the ability to test an array of nibs in a brick-and-mortar pen shop before buying a fountain pen, we rely on reviews and feedback from people who may not have the same handwriting style. Getting a nib size that isn’t suitable for your handwriting can lead to a disappointing experience, shipping the pen back and/or spending money to get the nib modified by a nib specialist. The following primer is meant to increase the potential satisfaction for someone who is looking for their ideal nib size. The “right” nib size is a decision of both form and function. As an artist may select an array of brushes that suit a certain painting style, the writer has the same ability in the choice of their pen nib. Before exploring all the available nib sizes, ask yourself the following questions: ..How large is my typical handwriting? Is it big and bold or small and neat? ..How quickly do I write? More methodical and deliberate or loose and fast? ..Do I prefer butter smooth or writing with feedback? ..Is dry time a concern? ..Do I savor seeing the ink shading/sheen/shimmer on the page?

EXTRA FINE The size zero of fountain pen nibs, Extra-Fine tends to be a size that is best suited for those who write small and neat. The tipping is so small and delicate that it may cause some writers to experience a scratchy feel. Ink flow tends to be on the stingier side, so don’t expect to see beautiful pools of shading and sheen in the ink that is laid on the page. On the other hand, less ink on the page makes is quicker to dry and less prone to smearing. Best suited for: Technical, precise and deliberate writers. Those who are switching over from using 0.5mm tip gel pens or needlepoint tip pens. Not suited for: Writers with large and quick handwriting. People who love seeing the sheen, shading, and shimmering qualities of some inks. Neatness: 5/5 (Neatest) Writing Speed: 2/5 (Slow) Smoothness: 2/5 (Toothy) Dry Time: 5/5 (Quickest)

FINE Generally, most fountain pens are usually available in fine or medium point. However, not all fine points (or other nibs) are made equal. There isn’t any standard to say that they must produce at least a 0.7mm line (for example). As a rule of thumb, most are usually between a 0.5mm and a 0.7mm line, with the Eastern (Japanese) nibs being on the finer end and the Western (Italian, & German) nibs being on the thicker end. Going with a fine point is still better suited for smaller, more deliberate handwriting styles. Best suited for: General purpose writing, favoring those who have small, neat handwriting. Not suited for: People who want to show off the color of their inks. Those looking for a calligraphic flair to their letters. Neatness: 4/5 (Neat) Writing Speed: 3/5 (Moderate) Smoothness: 3/5 (Smooth) Dry Time: 4/5 (Quick)


MEDIUM The default nib for most fountain pen models, the “medium” point size might be the only option in certain pen designs. It’s the “middle of the road” - not too thick where smearing and bleedthrough might be a concern. It is also not prone to more feedback (A.K.A. scratchiness) like the finer sizes would be. Paper quality should be more of a concern with this size and larger, as the higher flow of ink on the page may cause feathering, bleedthrough, and show through on cheaper papers. Similarly to the fine point, some translation is needed between Eastern and Western sizing. (Generally, a Western medium nib is more like an Eastern broad nib. An Eastern medium behaves like a Western fine nib.) Best suited for: General purpose writing, signatures. Not suited for: Writing on cheaper quality paper, smaller handwriting. Neatness: 3/5 (Average) Writing Speed: 3/5 (Moderate) Smoothness: 4/5 (Smoother) Dry Time: 3/5 (Average)

BROAD Now, we’re dipping our toe into the deep end of the wet and wild. Most broad nibs lay down more ink and will keep up with quick, gestural handwriting. An ink’s shading, sheen, and shimmer (if applicable) are more evident when using a broad (or larger) nib size. The tradeoff is that you need to use fountain pen friendly paper to handle the volume of ink. Even with higher quality paper, increased dry time will be a concern, especially for left-handed writers. Best suited for: Quick signatures, letter writing, journaling. Writers who enjoy the fine qualities of their ink on paper. Not suited for: Small note-takers, cheap (or recycled) paper, those who like quicker dry times. Neatness: 2/5 (Gestural) Writing Speed: 4/5 (Quick) Smoothness: 5/5 (Smoothest) Dry Time: 2/5 (Slow)

STUB / CALLIGRAPHY NIB The defining characteristic of a stub nib is its shape. Instead of having a round ball of tipping material to create a monoline, the rectangular shape of the stub nib provides a broader vertical downstroke and a thin horizontal one. The purpose is to add a calligraphic flair to your handwriting. The degree of line variation will depend on how well the edges of the stub are polished. A highly rounded stub may not provide much line variation but will be smoother than a sharper stub nib that produces more dramatic line variation. These can be adjusted and fine-tuned by an experienced nib tinkerer. Much like a broad nib, you can expect to see more depth of ink on the page with higher dry times. Best suited for: Aspiring calligraphers, adding a touch of flair to your everyday writing. Those who love seeing the depth of their ink on paper. Not suited for: Small note-takers, cheap (or recycled) paper, those who like quicker dry times. Neatness: 2/5 (Gestural) Writing Speed: 3/5 (Moderate) Smoothness: 3/5 (Smooth - Varies) Dry Time: 1/5 (Slowest)

FLEX NIB Back in the days of old, pointed pen calligraphy or Spencerian penmanship would call for a flexible point that yielded generous line variation with gentle finger pressure applied evenly to the tines. In the golden age of what we refer to now as “vintage,” flexible fountain pen nibs were much more common and refined to be more responsive and flexible. By older standards, today’s modern “flex” nib is comparatively semi-flexible, providing some degree of line variation, but by no means, a “wet noodle” like you would find with certain vintage pens. Writing with a flex nib takes some practice to do correctly and there is a good chance that a newbie will push it too far and break the nib. Think of flex like driving a car with manual transmission. For those who have the patience to learn and enjoy the fine control, there’s nothing quite like it. Best suited for: Calligraphy, embellished signatures, other general purpose writing (when not using the flex). Not suited for: People new to using fountain pens, cheap copy or recycled papers. Neatness: 2/5 (Gestural) Writing Speed: 2/5 (Slow) Smoothness: 2/5 (Some feedback - varies) Dry Time: 2/5 (Slow when flexing)

STILL NOT SURE? TAKE A TEST DRIVE While you could do more research, watch videos, and read reviews about the pen you are interested in, you will never be able to get a better idea of how the pen will write until you get it in your hands. That’s why Goldspot Pens has a 30-day return policy. If you’re not sure about the nib size, dip test the nib or test fill it with water to see if the nib’s width, smoothness and feel in-hand are to your liking. If not, contact us and we’ll set you up with a return for exchange or refund. We want you to be in love with your new pen and use it as your daily carry.

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LAMY 2000 The LAMY 2000 has been writing its way into design history since 1966. Even today, many people regard it as one of the world’s most modern writing instruments. The lightweight, yet sturdy Makrolon material built into the space age profile of this pen has a brushed feel that feels welcome in the hand. The semi-hooded 14kt gold nib operates with smoothness and reliability over long sessions of writing. The pen’s superb balance, weight and ink capacity (piston mechanism - uses bottled ink only) makes this pen one of the most ideal for those who do a lot of analog writing. Starting at $55.20 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/lamy2000 Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

LAMY AL-STAR The LAMY AL-Star makes writing easier than ever. Made from lightweight, durable aluminum, with characteristic clear gray plastic grip section. The attached flexible clip is spring operated and made of brass wire. Made in Germany. Starting at $22.50 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/lamyalstar Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

LAMY SAFARI A LAMY classic, the Safari is a stylish and reliable addition to anyone's fine writing arsenal. Featuring a durable ABS plastic construction, comfort-molded grip section, and a unique flexible clip, the LAMY Safari is a go-anywhere do-anything pen for the modern writer. Starting at $16.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/lamysafari Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

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Fountain Pens

Going for the gold doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality of writing instrument out there. There are plenty of pens that use gold in a decorative sense. However, there is a short list of those that use gold efficiently in the place it will be noticed every time you write with it - the nib. You can spend a lot of money in purchasing a beautiful luxury pen. With a concentration on enhancing the writing experience, we present our curated list of 10 best gold nib fountain pens.


Pilot Custom 823

Lamy 2000

Pilot Vanishing Point

Aurora Optima / 88

Sailor 1911 Large / Pro Gear Regular

The vacuum-fill Custom 823 is a hardcore writer’s dream come true. The supple 14kt gold nib performs smoothly with a rich flow supplied by the massive capacity of ink in the barrel. Nervous about the possibility of ink burping? The 823’s filling mechanism can be closed down to restrict the ink flow, preventing the pen from expelling ink due to air pressure changes. Unscrew the blind cap to keep your thoughts flowing beautifully from this generously sized and well-balanced pen.

It’s hard to believe that this pen was originally designed back in 1966. The space-age, Bauhaus aesthetic of the iconic Lamy 2000 is beautifully complemented by the amazing writing experience of the 14kt gold nib. The piston-filling mechanism draws up a wealth of ink. The weight, balance, shape, and texture of the Makrolon pen body make this pen an absolute pleasure to write with for long periods of time.

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Vanishing Point’s 18kt gold nib performs with the smoothness and reliability that writers come to expect from Pilot. The pen’s capless design and simple one-click retractable mechanism offer the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the unparalleled writing experience of a gold nib fountain pen.

While many pen manufacturers may opt to get their nibs made elsewhere (usually Germany), Aurora produces everything, including their breathtaking 14kt & 18kt gold nibs, in their family-owned factory in Torino, Italy. The nib’s design is a work of art in itself, writing with an exquisite beauty befitting a luxury writing instrument.

Ask anyone who owns a Sailor fountain pen why they love writing with their pen and the answer will invariably be, “the nib.” Although the 21kt gold nib on the 1911 Large & Pro Gear Regular contains more gold content than your typical 14kt or 18kt nib, the nib holds firmly to paper. The variety of nib widths, ranging from extra-fine to music and zoom, write reliably out of the box, providing feedback like the feel of a high-grade wood case pencil.

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Pelikan Souveran M800

Platinum 3776 Century

Waterman Carene

Edison Pen Co. Collier

Pilot / Namiki Falcon

Considered the flagship of Pelikan’s Souveran line, the large, sumptuous 18kt gold nib installed on the M800 has a beautiful art deco design that is distinctive and elegant. Glassy smooth with rich ink flow, the M800 nib is a beautiful example of Germany’s finest pen craftsmanship. The M800 also sports a brass internal piston mechanism that flawlessly pulls up a wealth of ink inside the barrel, adding a significant heft that feels great in your hand.

The more you write with the 14kt gold nib on the Platinum 3776 Century, the more you fall in love with its uninterrupted flow, an on-demand writing experience thanks to the patented Platinum Slip-and-Seal cap mechanism that is lauded to keep the ink fresh in your pen for up to 2 years.

The unique profile and solid, brass-lined construction of the Waterman Carene provide a luxury look and feel. The 18kt gold inlaid nib on this cartridge/converter filling pen put it in a class above all other modern Waterman pens. The Carene lays down a smooth, wet line and looks absolutely gorgeous in your hand.

The Collier is the only pen on this list to be proudly made in the USA. Don’t let the large size of this pen intimidate you. Each fountain pen is machined from lustrous acrylic resin to provide a comfortable weight in hand. Each 18kt gold Jowo #6 nib is tuned and adjusted to write beautifully when you receive it.

When it comes to adding a flexible nib to your array of fountain pens, you can’t go wrong with selecting the soft 14kt gold nib of the Pilot / Namiki Falcon. The falcon’s unique shape and gold content allow the writer to produce on-demand line variation by gently adding pressure to the tines. Add flair to your handwriting and practice your calligraphic penmanship with this Japanese pen.

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PILOT VANISHING POINT The convenience of a click-top ballpen infused with the old-fashioned, smooth writing quality of a fountain pen, the Pilot Vanishing Point continues to be popular for writers and collectors alike. The Vanishing Point Fountain Pen (5.625�L x .5625� Dia., 1.1oz) uses an 18kt gold nib and fills by Pilot ink cartridge or converter for bottle filling. The retractable design allows no chance of leaking. So click away and take your fountain pen everywhere. Starting at $129.50 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/vanishingpoint

PILOT VANISHING POINT Decimo The Vanishing Point Decimo brings a new level of contemporary artistry to the Vanishing Point family. Designed and refined with a slimmer and lighter weight barrel, this fountain pen features a brushed metallic lacquer finish in combination with the classic Vanishing Point elements. Immerse yourself in a svelte and luxurious writing experience. Starting at $139.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/decimo


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PILOT CUSTOM 823 For the serious writer, the Custom 823 has got it where it counts. The elongated, cigar-shaped barrel has a comfortable and balanced feel. The vacuum-filling mechanism extracts a large amount of ink from the included Pilot ink bottle to keep you going during long brainstorming or note-taking sessions. The 14kt gold nib is absolutely sublime out of the box. The translucent amber brown of the barrel and cap are matched artfully with gold trims and clip. New for 2018, Pilot introduces the Custom 823 in translucent black “Smoke”, also complemented with gold trims. Starting at $287.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/custom823 Fountain Pen

PILOT CUSTOM 74 The classic size and profile of the Pilot Custom 74 is highlighted by the translucent body and cap, available in a collection of colors to suit the writer’s taste. The demonstrator design permits the user to see the ink level in the reservoir of the CON-70 push-button converter. If you prefer cartridges, you may also use the Pilot/Namiki cartridges in place of the converter. A rhodium-finished 14kt gold nib is fitted into the translucent gray section. Starting at $159.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/custom74 Fountain Pen

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PILOT EXPLORER Celebrating 100 Years of excellence with the highest quality writing instruments, Pilot is pleased to announce its new Explorer Collection. These pens, with their fluid lines and elegant finishes are modern classics. Featuring a stylish, premium matte metallic finish, Explorer is available in six classic colors with black trim and stainless steel nib. Elegantly presented in a lovely gift box and available in fine or medium point. Refillable for continued use. $23.60 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/explorer Fountain Pen


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FABER-CASTELL AMBITION This range exemplifies Faber-Castell's aim, which is to incorporate unique materials with a fresh writing experience. Precious resin, coconut wood, pear wood, and stainless steel are all materials you will find in this collection. Their take on a resin pen is also unconventional. Instead of a polished resin, Faber opts to givt it a brushed or patterned finish in their OpArt set of bold resin colors. The Ambition is regularly available as a twist-action ballpoint pen, 0.7mm mechanical pencil, rollerball pen (with cap) and fountain pen (with cap). The fountain pens are fitted with a stainless steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium or broad point. They include one international size ink cartridge to start and can fit an international standard converter (not included). $23.60 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/ambition Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

FABER-CASTELL GRIP Take hold of your best ideas with the Faber-Castell Grip collection. The ergonomic front section is ideal for writers looking for more comfort and a sensational tactile experience. $23.60 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/grip Fountain Pen

FABER-CASTELL ESSENTIO Ergonomic and fashioned in brushed, anodized aluminum, the Faber-Castell Essentio collection has a modern design that is both appealing and easy to use. The fountain pen’s stainless steel nib inks up with a standard international cartridge (converter sold separately). Also available as a click-top ballpoint pen with a spring-loaded clip. $23.60 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/essentio Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Free shipping on orders over $49


A GUIDE TO SAILOR 1911 FOUNTAIN PENS Sailor 1911 Standard

Sailor 1911 Large The 1911 model is a classic, cigar-shaped profile that bears resemblance to the Montblanc Meisterstuck without the snowflake on the cap finial. The pen is crafted from resin through-and-through, giving the pen a light weight-in-hand. Depending on the color of the resin, the trims are either gold or silver-colored. The pen fills using a Sailor’s proprietary cartridge/ converter system. Both ink cartridge and converter are provided with the purchase of any new Sailor 1911 to provide the writer with both options.

PICKING A SIZE: STANDARD VS. LARGE The 1911 is available in two sizes: standard (S) and large (L). Besides the length and girth difference, the most significant upgrade is in the nib. The 1911 Standard (or 1911S) is fitted with a 14kt gold nib. The 1911 Large (or 1911L) is fitted with a 21kt gold nib. The higher purity of gold in the Large model provides a slightly softer, more responsive writing experience.

CHOOSING A NIB SIZE As with any Sailor fountain pen, the main attraction is the nib. The Japanese pen maker is dedicated to the finely crafted art of writing. Each nib is given the proper attention to ensure that writing quality is consistent and precise. With many pen manufacturers paring down their nib selection to 2-3 choices (usually fine, medium or broad), it might seem a little intimidating that you would have to choose between 7 possible nibs. Hopefully, we can shed some light on the subject so you can make an informed decision on which nib is “write” for you. In general, Japanese nibs tend to run thinner than their Western counterparts. That means a Western extra-fine is roughly equivalent to a Japanese fine/medium. With that being said, Sailor offers extra-fine, fine, medium-fine, medium, broad, music, and zoom nibs.

Want to see each of the 7 Sailor nib sizes in action? Check out our informative nib comparison video by typing the link below in your browser.

IS THE 21KT UPGRADE WORTH IT? Many new writers ask if the upgrade to a higher degree of gold content is worth the additional expense. Without being able to handle both the 14kt and the 21kt, it’s going to be hard to make that determination. The difference can be detected by an experienced hand, for sure. If you are making the jump from writing with stainless steel to gold nibs, then the upgrade may not be as impactful as you may think. Remember, the 14kt is only installed on the 1911S and the 21kt only on the 1911L. So, if your preference in pen size overrides other writing “needs,” then you won’t have much choice in the matter. However, if you’re flexible with the size of the pen and this is your first Sailor, the 1911 Standard is a great option to get started because you can save the difference in cost to purchase another Sailor when a new color finish drops. If you’ve already experienced other gold nibs, and you have the budget to splurge, then the 21kt gold is definitely worth the investment. You won’t be disappointed with the writing quality of either gold nib, but the 21kt is the real deal.

Sailor 1911S Standard Length Capped: 5.3125” / 13.49cm Length Uncapped: 4.625” / 11.75cm Length with Cap Posted: 5.875” / 14.92cm Diameter at Section: 0.375” / 0.95cm Diameter at Cap Band: 0.5625” / 1.43cm Weight: 0.7oz Nib: 14kt Gold Filling Mechanism: Cartidge / Converter

bit.ly/sailornibs The extra-fine size is so thin, it does not have any Western analog. The Zoom is also a unique offering, as it lays down a different line width based on the angle that the nib touches the paper. Writing at an acute angle produces the thickest, wettest line possible, which is thicker than the Sailor broad. Writing at an angle that is perpendicular to the page will yield a line of medium thickness. The Music nib is not a traditional, three-tined music nib. It does have a thick downstroke that results in the broadest line possible with a Sailor pen, while the horizontal line is a thinner, medium size. Although the original intention of the Music nib is to write music, most writers who opt to own one of these pens seldom use it for that purpose. The shape of the nib instantly gives your handwriting a flair of line variation. The nib performs beautifully upside down as well, laying down a drier, thinner line for more concise writing.


Sailor 1911L Large Length Capped: 5.5625” / 14.13cm Length Uncapped: 4.875” / 12.38cm Length with Cap Posted: 6.125” / 15.56cm Diameter at Section: 0.45” / 1.14cm Diameter at Cap Band: 0.63” / 1.60cm Weight: 0.9oz Nib: 21kt Gold Filling Mechanism: Cartidge / Converter

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SAILOR 1911 Standard In honor of Sailor’s foundation year the 1911 Series was introduced 25 years ago. It has maintained the high quality material and craftsmanship from the start. The smooth writing quality of the wide selection of 14kt gold nibs available for this model is a testament to over 100 years of experience in writing instruments. The 1911 Standard has gold or silver accents with a traditional style polished resin body that epitomizes elegance and quality. D


Starting at $156.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/1911S Fountain Pen





SAILOR 1911 Large


The 1911 series commemorates the founding year of the Sailor Pen Company in Japan. Sailor has maintained high-quality material and craftsmandship from the beginning. The 1911 is known for the superior writing ability of the gold fountain pen nib. The full-size 1911L is a comfortable fit for many writers. The screw-off cap posts comfrotably on the back-end of the pen while writing. The sumptuous 21kt gold nib writes like no other. Starting at $248.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/1911L Fountain Pen Free shipping on orders over $49

A. Sea Glass w/ Rhodium Trim B. Royal Tangerine w/ Rhodium Trim C. Transparent w/ Gold Trim D. Stormy Sea w/ Rhodium Trim

E. Red w/ Gold Trim F. Yellow w/ Gold Trim G. Anchor Gray w/ Rhodium Trim H. Fresca Blue w/ Rhodium Trim I. Key Lime Green w/ Rhodium Trim



For Beginners


So, where to begin? Well, if you’re reading this magazine, there’s a good chance that you have an appreciation for a solid writing instrument to help you record down thoughts, take notes, and express yourself creatively. A fountain pen enhances that experience through the fluid delivery of ink to paper. The variety of nib sizes and the vast selection of ink colors provide the writer with an unmatched level of individual written expression. Being bitten by the “fountain pen bug” can be a rather costly addiction. Thankfully, there’s a great selection of reliable starter fountain pens that won’t break the bank. These entry-level pens are ideal for those looking to try their first fountain pen.

Diplomat Magnum $20 Noodler’s Ink Ahab $23 Monteverde Monza $16

Pilot Metropolitan Cost: $18.45 Overall Weight: 0.9oz / 26g Filling System: Pilot Proprietary Cartridge/Converter (both included) Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium, 1.0mm Calligraphy Stub (certain models) Colors Available: Over a dozen Classic, Animal Collection, Retro Pop Styles

Lamy Safari Cost: $29.60 Overall Weight: 0.2oz / 17g Filling System: Lamy Proprietary Cartridge/Converter (LT10 Cartridge included, LZ28 converter sold separately) Nib Sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad. (1.1mm, 1.5mm & 1.9mm Calligraphy nibs also available separately) Colors Available: Wide range including yearly, collectible special editions

Kaweco Perkeo Cost: $16.00 Overall Weight: 0.5oz / 13g Filling System: International Standard Cartridge/Converter (Cartridge included, converter sold separately) Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium Colors Available: White/Blue, Pink/Grey, Black/Pink, Yellow/Black

Pilot Kakuno Cost: $13.50 Overall Weight: 0.4oz / 11g Filling System: Pilot Proprietary Cartridge/Converter (Cartridge included, converter sold separately) Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium Colors Available: 7 youthful colors, including a demonstrator

Faber Castell Grip Cost: $20.00 Overall Weight: 0.5oz / 15g Filling System: International Standard Cartridge/Converter (Cartridge included, converter sold separately) Nib Sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Colors Available: 5 colors (black, silver, blue, turquoise, pink)

Free shipping on orders over $49


PLATINUM 3776 The Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pens are an ideal contemporary fountain pen with sleek design that provide and balanced writing and smooth flow. Perfect for speed and accuracy in your writing assignments. The innovative cap on these Platinum pens contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. Starting at $175.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/3776 Fountain Pen

PLATINUM PROCYON The Platinum Procyon, named after the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor. This design is a completely new body style available in a number of unique and deep colors. The pen employs Platinums famous “Slip-and-Seal” mechanism which keeps the ink from drying out in the pen for up to a year! This pen also features a new nib design as well as feed which allows you to use all the ink in a bottle. Comes with three specially-blended MIXABLE INK cartridges (one cartridge per color) - Dark Violet, Aqua Emerald and Gold Ochre. Starting at $51.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/procyon Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

PLATINUM MIXABLE INKS Platinum Mixable Ink allows you to create your favorite color! Nine colors can combine to make beautiful hues, subtle shades and dark rich tones. Platinum Mixable Ink uses the power of chemistry and the potency of pure and balanced pH aniline dyes. Use a converter with the fountain pen and be sure to use a Platinum Ink Cleaner set to wash the nib. Their Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Kit contains one empty bottle so your mixed ink can be stored. Let the inky fun begin! 60mL for $20 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/mixable 16

Sunny Yellow


Cyclamen Red


Flame Red


Aqua Blue


Silky Purple


Leaf Green


Earth Brown


Aurora Blue


Smoke Black


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A. Platinum 3776 Century Oshino $215.95

B. Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator $159.95 C. Noodler's Ink Ahab $23.00

D. Monteverde Monza $16.00

E. Sailor 1911L Demonstrator $248.00

F. Kaweco Classic Sport Demonstrator $25.00 G. Lamy Vista $29.60

H. Pilot Custom 74 $159.95 I. Pilot Prera $55.95

J. Platinum Cool $43.95

K. Noodler's Ink Konrad $20.00











CROSS PEERLESS The peerless 125 is the culmination of the Cross brand’s rich history of innovation and unparalleled accomplishment. This collection celebrates two great landmark moments in the brand’s history - The 1889 debut of the original Peerless Pen and the introduction of the iconic Century line in 1935. By fusing elements of these two classic designs together, they’ve created a collection that embodies the simply beautiful design language and attention to detail that has made the Cross brand legendary. Starting at $172.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/peerless Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

CROSS YEAR OF THE PIG The latest in the Chinese Zodiac Collection, this fine writing instrument was hand-crafted from the finest materials to honor the 2019 Year of the Pig. It features deep-etched engraving with 23KT gold-plated inlays with a stunning lacquer finish and is crowned with a brilliant red Swarovski crystal. This collectible celebrates those born under the sign of the pig, as well as their traits of honesty, loyalty, good-temperedness, and gentleness. It also symbolizes wealth and good fortune, and makes a truly unique gift.

CROSS CALAIS The Calais collection received an update from Cross with the addition of a fountain and rollerball pen technologies. Ideal for classic looking and reasonably priced corporate gifts. Lightweight, sleek, with chrome accents and a bold profile, it brings a crisp, clean look to the table every time. This matte black chrome finish with polished chrome appointments and center band are great for corporate gifts. Starting at $17.79 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/calais Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Starting at $238.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cross-zodiac Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen 20

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CROSS FERRARI Cross engineering and craftsmanship deftly collaborate with Ferrari to bring authentic Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 racing design details to the iconic profiles of the Cross Townsend, Century II, and Classic Century collections. It’s the ultimate collectible for car and writing enthusiasts. Whether you are on the track or off, this collection wraps the excitement of Ferrari into a stunning writing instrument that fits like a glove as it races across any page. Its finishes were inspired by signature Scuderia Ferrari looks. A.T. Cross engineering ensures its performance is as impressive as its style. Starting at $50.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cross-ferrari Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

CROSS X STAR WARS AT Cross proudly introduces the new, Cross X Star Wars Collection, commemorating Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and the Millennium Falcon. Each writing instrument is crafted with impeccable character detail on the finish, bringing the spirit of these Star Wars icons to life. The new Cross X silhouette features a powerful wide stance with strong lines symbolizing the boldness of the saga itself and its larger-than-life characters/motifs. This striking collection is a must-have for Star Wars fans and collectors, plus anyone who feels at one with The Force. $68.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cross-starwars Rollerball Pen

CROSS X LIBERTY UNITED Cross has proudly partnered with Liberty United to create this very special collectible Century Liberty United pen. It supports the mission of stopping gun violence on the streets of America by supporting programs to educate and protect at-risk children in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. Starting at $75.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/xliberty Rollerball Pen Free shipping on orders over $49




Making An American Pen

What makes an Edison Pen stand out from other brands with a long history of manufacturing writing instruments? We do a few unique things that I’m not aware of other pen companies doing. One is that we offer our Production Line which would be the typical selling model for all other pen companies. But we also offer our Signature Line, where everything is custom. With our Production Line, the pens are made assembly-line-style with no customizations at all. We can make these a lot faster in large batches, and since we have retailers across the globe selling them, our volume goes way up. This allows a lower price. You can only get these pens from our retailers, not directly from us.

How did you make the transition from making custom pens one-at-a-time to pens distributed to shops around the world? Really this had to do with the right space, the right equipment, hiring employees and growth. At the beginning, it was just me with a small tabletop manual lathe in our garage. It was (and still is) a piece of junk, but I still have it and use it for a few operations that don’t require super accuracy. A while after this we built a decent sized outbuilding next to the house which opened up a lot or room for physical growth. As we financially grew, I was able to buy a bigger and more accurate manual lathe, but the important word there is still “manual”. These machines still required me to manually create every single cut, bore, thread...everything. This limited me to being able to make about one pen per day. Around this time my wife had joined me as our son was going to pre-school and her full-time-mom duties eased up a bit. As we continued to grow, we could then afford a numerically controlled lathe, which meant that certain operations were automated, allowing us to create parts faster. At this point, we hired an employee. This allowed us to make our normal custom pens and also start to think about a line of pens that could be made faster but with the same quality. This led to our Production Line. Since then, we’ve added a lot more machinery, more employees, and moved to an even larger space. Editor’s Note: You can shop the Edison Production Line at Goldspot.com/edisonpens

Which pen are you most proud to have created? It used to be our Pneumatic Filler, as the designing around this pen was really challenging, and at the time it was quite the engineering feat for me. But a little over a year ago, I engineered our Draw Filler as a solution to some of the ink restrictions that our Pump Filler has. Using a latex diaphragm does not always play well with all modern “boutique” inks out there, and so our customers cannot put certain inks in those pens without the risk of the diaphragm being damaged by the ink. But with our Draw Filler, I took the concept of our Pump Filler (which is essentially a modern and improved Vacumatic), and re-engineered it with chemically resistant o-rings. This means that any ink can be used in these pens. Additionally, I simplified the design of the filler to where there are only four parts. A piston, bushing, push rod, and o-rings. This design has proved to be a huge advantage, as the pen displaces more volume. So the pen fills and empties more efficiently, has a greater capacity, and there are no ink restrictions. In the very long term, the simplicity of this design also means that there are less things that can go wrong. And if they do, they are easier to repair. We would often have our Pump Fillers come back for repair due to either a failed diaphragm from using a harsher ink, or parts that have failed in a much more complex design. With our Draw Filler, we’ve only had 2 pens that needed to come back to us for a repair in the 18 or so months that it’s been out. That makes me proud! Here are good examples of some of my personal favorite Draw Fillers that have left our facility....

But the Signature Line pens are bought only directly from Edison, and are totally custom. You can choose filling system, materials, trim, clipless, roll stops, longer, shorter, custom ground nib, etc. There are some limitations, but generally speaking, if the customer and I can dream it up, we can make it. Since these pens are made one at a time and create a lot more labor on each pen, they demand a higher price. Additionally, we’re a small company and want to keep it this way. We are able to tune and test the nib on every pen that leaves our facility, which is not common. When people contact us, either myself or our employee Jake will get back to you quickly, and I always make it a point to be the one that answers the phone. Many people are surprised that they can call the Edison Pen Company, and it’s the owner that they immediately speak with directly!

What are some of your favorite pens to write with and why? If I were to pick something from our own line, it would be our Menlo. It’s a design that fits my hand perfectly, and I feel that the aesthetics of the design are excellent. I’ve had a Menlo on my desk since I designed the pen in 2013, and I’ve never had reason to seek a different daily writer! If I were to choose another brand, I absolutely love my Bexley 2007 Owner’s Club. It’s a pen that is ebonite with multiple segments and rings to mimic bamboo. I love the overall design of the pen, but it also has special meaning to me. When I started in this business more than 10 years ago, Howard Levy who runs the Bexley Pen Company was always very open with me regarding information that would help me get off the ground. This meant a lot to me, as Howard certainly considered my company to be competition but he was still very open with tips on all aspects of pen manufacturing. We still share ideas today. I’ve learned by Howard’s example that sharing is a good idea in this small and niche market of fountain pens. I’ve taken the same route with other penmakers who might want to discuss how I approach certain aspects of penmaking, and it’s always been symbiotic, as all of us have little items that can help each other. I like this as opposed to seeing each other as “enemies”. You can run a successful business, share information, and also be great friends with your competitors, and I’ve always been proud to take this route.

If you were to make a pen for someone famous, who would it be for? What would the pen look like? Well, the person that I’d choose is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He is a fountain pen fanatic, and he already owns an Edison Fountain Pen! I have a real passion for science, science fiction, and astrophysics. I’ve been a fan of Neil’s ever since the mid 90’s when he had a regular column in Natural History Magazine, way before he started to make a name for himself with appearances on PBS. I attended one of his talks at Kent State University about 6 years back. Afterwards he was kind enough to approach the stage to shake hands and say hi to fans. I passed him a box with one of our pens within. Inside was also a kind letter letting him know how he’s effected me over the years as well as my son, who also looks up to him. I made a point to not highlight my company or promote Edison at all. I just wanted to let him know of my appreciation for his contributions to science education in my home as well as the world. Since I have a skill in making pens and since he loves pens, this was token of my appreciation. He thanked me, but was in a hurry so he put the package in his briefcase and had to go. I’m glad to know that somewhere in his collection lies an Edison Menlo in Tortoise Lucite!


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AURORA 88 A timeless legend designed by the famous Marcelo Nizzoli, the Aurora 88 is a rejuvenated pen design from the 1950’s. The rounded finials, generous profile, and engraved cap band exhibits a vintage style. The 88 is available in a wide array of designs and finishes, including limited editions like the 88 Anniversary Flex Nib, and the 88 Minerali (seen below). The 88 collection fountain pen utilizes a 14kt or 18kt gold nib and fills with bottled ink only using an internal piston mechanism. In certain finishes, the 88 is also offered in a matching twist-action ballpoint or capped rollerball pen.


Starting at $297.50 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/aurora88 Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Every part of an Aurora pen is made in their family-owned factory in Torino, Italy. The Ipsilon is the quintessential everyday companion to those who work, study, and achieve. The Ipsilon is available in a wide array of finishes, from colorful, satin resins, to polished sterling silver, and exquisite lacquers. Starting at $78.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/ipsilon Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

AURORA OPTIMA With classical underpinnings of a smart design, Aurora’s Optima model has a cigar profile with flat finials and a gorgeous, decorated center cap band engraved with a Greek key line. Offered in a variety of finishes, including the limited edition Optima resin colors fitted with a 14kt gold flex nib, there’s an Optima for every professional thinker and aficionado. The fountain pen utilizes a high-capacity internal piston mechanism to fill with bottled ink. A matching twist-action ballpoint and capped rollerball are available in certain finishes. Starting at $299.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/optima Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

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VISCONTI REMBRANDT Each finish available in the beautiful Visconti Rembrandt line echoes Rembrandt van Rijn’s painting technique, chiaroscuro: treatment of light and dark in a pictorial work of art. Upon close inspection apparently solid colors reveal the chiaroscuro nuances giving the illusion that each one is painted by hand. The clip presents a new mechanism, completely restyled and indestructible, made of only two parts besides the spring. The metal band is finely engraved with ornamental motifs used by the artist. This elegant, everyday carry collection of writing instruments are available as a stainless steel nib fountain pen, liquid ink rollerball pen and twist-action ballpoint pen. Starting at $165.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/rembrandt Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

VISCONTI VAN GOGH You don’t need to be an artist to appreciate the bold, colorful design of the Visconti Van Gogh collection. The variegated acrylic resin used to craft these exquisite pens each contain a unique color palette inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings. Since the collection’s rebirth in 2011, 8 of his works have been transformed into fine writing instruments, including a steel nib fountain pen, rollerball, and twist-action ballpoint pen. The rollerball and fountain pen utilize a magnetic cap. Starting at $245.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/vangogh Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

VISCONTI MIRAGE After ten years since the conception of Visconti’s Rembrandt, the 2018 Mirage collection pushes the boundaries toward a new vision for a luxury writing instrument. The tapered shape is uninterrupted following a harmonious and fluid line that the iconic Visconti clip orients with its arc shape. Injected vegetal resin swirls throughout the barrel, cap and grip section. The magnetic cap of the rollerball and fountain pen attach in defined grooves so that cap does not rotate once attached to the front end of the pen. The Mirage is fitted with a fully upgraded stainless steel nib that promises a beautiful writing experience from the first moment you lay hands on this pen. Starting at $139.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/mirage Rollerball & Fountain Pen 24

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DIPLOMAT MAGNUM A seamless writing experience is carried out by the sleek, classic look of Diplomat’s Magnum collection. Featuring resin casing, matte chrome fittings, and a special no-slip lacquer that gives the body a soft touch.


These pens are sure to please a variety of pen enthusiasts. The ergonomic grip zone is suited to offer maximum comfort when taking notes or creating a masterpiece. $20.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/magnum Fountain Pen

Diplomat Traveller Flame Collection is forged in fire, designed for innovation. Specifically crafted to showcase the versatility of metal, and there’s no better way than to pair it against the elements. Each pen was individually set under a blowtorch, ensuring a unique style on every fine writing instrument. Clear lacquer was applied during the finishing touches to offer a stunning sheen on the bodies of each pen. The hues and textures are truly original, and any pen lover is sure to appreciate the craftsmanship. Starting at $44 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/traveller Ballpoint & Fountain Pen

DIPLOMAT AERO Taking its design inspiration from the Zeppelin airship, the Aero is finely crafted from anodized aluminum with grooves that span the length of the pen. The fountain pen has a soft click closure when the cap is securely fitted to the front end. Currently available as a fountain pen in either stainless steel or 14kt gold nibs, and as a twist-action ballpoint pen.​ Starting at $124.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/aero Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

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PARKER SONNET The Sonnet is modern pen design at its best - it's the quintessential Parker pen and one of their most successful collections ever. Combining timeless contemporary style with a unique choice of perfectly balanced pen sizes diverse modes and high quality finishes the Sonnet writes beautifully feels comfortable and looks sublime. Sonnet the definitive Parker style. Starting at $171.95 For Styles Shown Here Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/sonnet 5th Mode, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

PARKER JOTTER The Parker Jotter line has been updated to include a new clip while keeping the distinctive Jotter 'click' sound. Communicating quality and craftsmanship, the Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last 60 years. The Jotter Core range has carefully selected hues and tonalities representing its personality. It is fitted with a Quick flow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing experience Starting at $16.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/jotter Ballpoint

PARKER JOTTER XL Many pens cater to the daily demands of the busy professional, but for some, the small size of pens in the market can make it uncomfortable to write with for long periods of time. Parker presents the Jotter XL. A larger pen for writing comfort. The same classic design icon in Jotter has been enlarged by 7% in length and width. The slightly larger Jotter XL is comfortable for those who need it. $34.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/jotterxl Ballpoint 26

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WATERMAN HEMISPHERE Reflecting the Waterman heritage of craftsmanship and style, the Hemisphere offers a sleek and elegant profile, perfect for everyday use. The Hemisphere is similar to the Expert, but with a slimmer shape and lighter feel. The range features metallic finishes, polished lacquer and brushed stainless steel. All styles are available in twist-action retractable ballpoint (5.375"L x .375" Dia., 0.9oz), capped rollerball and fountain pen (5.44"L Closed, 6"L Cap Posted x .5" Dia., 0.7oz) fitted with a polished stainless steel nib. The fountain pen fills up using Waterman ink cartridges or converter (not included). Starting at $71.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/hemisphere Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

WATERMAN CARENE Sometimes, the standard just doesn’t make the cut. For the individual seeking to elevate his or her writing experience, to comman authority for each line set to paper, for those who dare to strive for precision an excellence, there is the Waterman Carène Collection of fine writing pens. Skillfully crafted with painstaking attention to detail - from the streamlined silhouette of the barrel to the sleek audacity of the nib - each pen is the ultimate in contemporary style. Write with confidence in the elegant, precious style of the Waterman Carène collection. The finishes vary from polished lacquer to engraved, precious metals in a selection of twist-action ballpoint, capped rollerball, or a fountain pen fitted with an 18kt gold inlaid nib that fills by cartridge or converter (included). Starting at 155.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/carene Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen Free shipping on orders over $49


KAWECO CLASSIC SPORT Inspired by the compact design that originally debuted in 1935, the Kaweco Sport is enjoying a renaissance as a portable, everyday carry writing instrument. Made in Germany with injection molded resin, the Sport design has a faceted cap that keeps the pen from rolling when set down, if you’ll ever set it down. The fountain pens are fitted with a stainless steel nib and are filled using international ink cartridges or a special Sport piston converter (sold separately). Matching, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, and mechanical pencil available in most color styles. Starting at $20.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/classic-sport Pencil, Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

KAWECO AL SPORT The AL Sport series can be called a real survivor. The traditional, pocket friendly design of the Kaweco Sport becomes even more durable when crafted from solid aluminum. The AL Sport is the next step up in trending styles, including a new deep crimson look, a pitch-black version with matching nib, and always with a smooth, matte finish that is a pleasure to hold. Starting at $65.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/al-sport Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

KAWECO LILIPUT It was in 1910 that KAWECO first produced a Liliput fountain pen of ebonite. The remake of this series is now made of a variety of metals as a fountain pen with stainless steel nib. Only 97 mm long when closed, the Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens for standard ink cartridges. Starting at $48.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/liliput Ballpoint & Fountain Pen 28

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NOODLER’S INK NEPONSET Inspired and named after one of the first airships built in the early 20th Century, the Neponset has a grand shape and size, making it the biggest of the Noodler’s fountain pens. This pen introduces the “Vishnu Victory” triple-tined music nib that allows a significant amount of line variation and flexibility from the surgical stainless steel nib. Go from a very fine 0.4mm line to a wet 3mm line thickness with the proper pressure. The 3 fissure, ebonite music feed allows the ink flow to keep up with your writing. Starting at $75.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/neponset Fountain Pen

NOODLER’S INK AHAB Flex Nib In some ways, pen manufacturers are always hunting their own “white whale” in being able to provide an inexpensive, flex nib fountain pen for the masses. For many pen enthusiasts, the Noodler’s Ink Ahab hits the mark in terms of value. The large, rounded profile of this pen is crafted from a vegetal resin in a wide variety of colors, including several transparent demonstrator styles.


Starting at $23.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/ahab Fountain Pen

Inspired by vintage pen design, the piston-filling Konrad model has a transparent ink window and is offered in a variety of materials, including a biodegradable celluloid derivative, pearlescent acrylic or old-fashioned ebonite. Each pen is fitted with the Noodler’s steel flex nib to embellish your everyday handwriting. Starting at $20.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/konrad Fountain Pen

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LABAN LABRADOS The Laban Labrados features a silver colored pen with black designs of images ranging from your favorite sports to the beauty of nature. The clip and bands are rounded off for that stylish look. The Labrados is durable and comfortable, and a great choice for any enthusiasts of one of the available themes. Starting at $44.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/labrados Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

LABAN 325 Since 1981, Laban has utilized precious materials with the latest manufacturing technologies to achieve the quality of Old World craftsmanship while keeping the cost affordable for the masses looking to own a fine writing instrument. The Laban 325 is an expression elegance. The fountain pen is fitted with a gold-plated, stainless steel nib that fills by cartridge or converter (included). Starting at $103.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/laban325 Rollerball & Fountain Pen

LABAN TAROKO The Laban Taroko collection are beautifully appointed pens that resemble a look of antique exquisiteness with their colorful resins and gold-plated trim. Each barrel is crafted in a unique resin finish that is colorful and elegant. This collection is sleek in style and is perfectly balanced for every writer, accommodating even smaller hands. The Laban Taroko collection is fitted with a cigar shape cap with a gold-plated clip. Starting at $103.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/taroko Rollerball & Fountain Pen 32

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A. Pilot Falcon $152.00

B. Pilot Custom 912 FA $223.95

C. Conklin Duragraph Omniflex $51.95

D. Conklin All American Omniflex $75.95 E. Conklin Nozac Omniflex $131.95 F. Noodler's Ink Neponset $75.00 G. Noodler’s Ink Konrad $40.00


H. Aurora Optima Flex $585.00

I. Pineider La Grande Bellezza Gemstones $397.95

J. Namiki Pilot Iroshizuku Ink $19.95

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LABAN GRECIAN Beautiful, high-grade acrylic resin is matched with gold trims, clip, and a Greek key fret design on the cap band of this rollerball and fountain pen collection. The fountain pen is fitted with a stainless steel, gold-plated nib and fills by cartridge or converter (included). Starting at $103.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/grecian Ballpoint & Fountain Pen

LABAN MENTO From the moment you open the gift box, you will be impressed by the wonderfully expressive and artistic quality of the Laban Mento. Solid acrylic resin is crafted into a generously sized cap and barrel and matched with polished silver cap ring and clip. The materials are simply amazing to look at and the writing quality of the stainless steel nib will have you coming back for more. Starting at $103.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/mento Rollerball & Fountain Pen

LABAN CELEBRATION The Laban pen company continues its tradition of gorgeous pens with the Laban Celebration collection. Featuring wonderful swirls of color this fountain pen is also light in weight to offer supreme control in your writing. The pen's unique size and shape also provide great comfort during the writing experience. This is a pen that is too good to pass up. Starting at $49.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/laban-celebration Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

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SHEAFFER POP The Sheaffer Pop in bright, eye-popping colorful silhouettes makes a statement with a vibrant and modern looking profile. Sheaffer Pop is available in twist-action ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen technologies. Starting at $15.99 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/sheaffer-pop Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

SHEAFFER INTENSITY Representing Sheaffer's Heritage Collection, Intensity is a timeless design with a profile that is classic and contemporary. Three distinctive new finishes feature deep-etched custom ridge pattern with polished accents that add a new layer of sophistication to the line. Endlessly elegant, the Sheaffer Intensity is an affordable pen that's perfect for gifting to others or to yourself. Starting at $56.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/intensity Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen


Introducing the next generation of the top-selling Sheaffer Calligraphy collection. With bright and modern finishes, and an updated cap and clip design, Sheaffer has kept your favorite features, just made them better. These calligraphy fountain pens are perfect for beginner and experienced calligraphers alike and will bring a sophisticated, elegant touch of creativity to scrap books, journals, holiday cards, bridal invitations, and so much more. $16.00 Mini Kit / $29.95 Maxi Kit Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/sheaffer-calligraphy Fountain Pen




3 3/4”


Fine Item#

Medium Item#


$6.00 99334

$6.00 99335


$6.00 99324

$6.00 99325


4 1/2”


Medium Item#


$6.00 97335


$6.00 97325


2 5/8” Sheaf fer Fountain Pen Conver ter $10.00 each Item # : SH- 8670 0

2 1/16” Color

5-Pack Item#


5-Pack Item#


$6.00 96330


$6.00 96350


$6.00 96320


$6.00 96345


$6.00 96310


$6.00 96360

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Like A Pro

When it comes to buying ink for your fountain pen, you may first think to yourself, "Well, a blue ink is a blue ink, right?" No way!

With hundreds of colors produced by dozens of manufacturers around the world, writers have never seen such an amazing variety of fountain pen ink in the history of the world. Much like wines and craft beer, new inks are always being introduced to the market. To the uninitiated, the selection might seem a bit overwhelming. Allow us to be your bartender and help you select your new favorite drink for your fountain pen.

Does a particular brand matter?

Ink properties - shading, sheen, and shimmer Besides being more comfortable to write with, one of the main reasons why so many people choose to write with a fountain pen in the digital age is due to the analog nature of the experience. Handwriting a note is organic, bearing all of its idiosyncrasies on the page. Fountain pen ink amplifies this effect with inks that have a tendency to exhibit shading, sheen, and shimmer.

What is Shading?

Robert Oster - Caffe Crema When an ink "shades" well, it exhibits ample contrast between light and dark areas where the ink seems to "pool" inside of the letterforms. Examples of shading inks - Noodler's Ink Apache Sunset, Diamine Autumn Oak, Diamine Apple Glory, Visconti Turquoise, Robert Oster Caffe Crema, Diamine Marine, Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo

What is Sheen?

There are two different types of ink manufacturers - ones that also manufacture pens and ones that only produce ink. If safety is a concern for your delicate vintage pens, trust inks made by brands with a long history of vintage pens (Pelikan, Waterman, Aurora, and Sheaffer, for example). Also, to ensure peak performance of their respective pens, many manufacturers will recommend filling their pens with only their own ink.

Colorverse - Gravity Wave Usually found in highly saturated inks, "sheen" is apparent when the ink dries in concentrated areas, reflecting light back in a color that contrasts the base ink color.

Ink-only manufacturers: Colorverse, Robert Oster Signature, Diamine, De Atramentis, J. Herbin

Examples of sheening inks - Robert Oster Fire & Ice, Sailor Jentle Yama-Dori, Lamy Dark Lilac (discontinued), J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, Sailor Jentle Grenade, Colorverse Gravity Wave, Diamine Bilberry

Pen brands that also manufacture ink: Caran d'Ache, Pelikan, Pilot, Sailor, Lamy, Aurora, Monteverde, Noodler's Ink, Platinum, Faber-Castell, Visconti, Waterman, Sheaffer

What is Shimmer?

How permanent do you need your ink? Consider how you will be using the ink. Will it be used in an office setting, where you may need to sign official documents and write memos to coworkers? Or, are you using it for your own purposes to journal and take personal notes? Sketching illustrations? For a more conservative, corporate environment, you may want to stick to blues and blacks. If permanent inks are required, you should have a good "document" ink that is both waterproof and UV resistant. Illustrators enjoy using pigmented inks for their quick-drying, waterproof qualities. Document Inks (Waterproof, UV Resistant): Noodler's "Bulletproof" Inks, Noodler's "Eternal" Inks, Sailor Pigmented Ink, Platinum Carbon Black Pigmented Ink, De Atramentis Document Inks, Diamine Registrar's Ink

What's your favorite color?

If you are planning to write for yourself, or just don't care about what "the man" says regarding your ink color choices, then you have free rein to explore the entire color wheel. There are seemingly endless possibilities of ink color. The same "blue" from 5 different manufacturers will vary slightly in their hue, saturation, shading, and sheen qualities.


Diamine Shimmertastic - Magical Forest Shimmer ink is infused with tiny glitter particles, appearing to sparkle on the page. While safe to use in your fountain pens, a higher degree of care and maintenance is required to keep your pen clean to ensure proper flow. Examples of shimmer inks - J. Herbin 1670 or 1790 Anniversary Inks, Diamine Shimmertastic Inks, Lamy Vibrant Pink, Colorverse Brane, Colorverse Cat Still can't decide which ink? Let a professional do it for you. Just like pen reviews, there are experienced stationery writers on the internet that review fountain pen inks in detail. Chances are if you're interested in an ink, someone has posted a review of it online. Several great ink review websites to follow: mountainofink.com gourmetpens.com inkdependence.com penaddict.com clumsypenman.com Take the plunge! Give it a try! Browse the following pages to find our Ink Catalog filled with swatches of our best fountain pen inks. Many more ink colors can be found online at Goldspot.com.

For some, matching the ink color to the pen is imperative. An orange pen must write with orange ink. A green pen with green ink. So on and so forth.

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Robert Oster Signature Inks

Made in Australia, Robert Oster’s collection of signature fountain pen ink is born from his love of fountain pens. Inspired by the natural colors of the Australian landscape from one of the most famous wine producing regions of the world, each ink is exciting, unique, and safe for use with your fountain pens.


Caffe Crema




Astorquiza Rot


Dark Chocolate


Barossa Grape


Purple Rock


Melon Tea


River of Fire


Lipstick Red


Australian Opal Mauve


Blue Water Ice




Fire and Ice


Bondi Blue


NG Special ‘16


Blue Denim


Diamine Shimmertastic Inks

Diamine Shimmer Inks offer a unique writing experience. These 50ml fountain pen inks have a subtle sparkle in either gold or silver once dry on paper. Take your handwriting to a new level of sophistication with shimmering inks by adding a special touch to your handwritten holiday or special occasion cards.

50mL/Bottle $20.00

Brandy Dazzle


Enchanted Ocean


Golden Sands


Golden Oasis


Magical Forest


Sparkling Shadows


Night Sky


Moon Dust


Blue Pearl


Cocoa Shimmer


Purple Pazzazz


Caramel Sparkle


Lilac Satin


Pink Glitz


Blue Flame


Firestorm Red


Shimmering Seas


Magenta Flash


Blue Lightning


Red Lustre


Tropical Glow


Inferno Orange


Diamine Inks

The Diamine Ink Co have been ink manufacturers since 1864 and have upheld their reputation for producing the finest quality of fountain pen inks calligraphy inks drawing inks and writing inks. Imported from the UK we are proud to offer Diamine colors in 80mL bottles with select colors also being offered in 30mL.



80mL/Bottle $15.00

Ancient Copper


Jet Black


Poppy Red


Imperial Blue






Red Dragon


Majestic Blue


Imperial Purple


Asa Blue

DM-7078 Shop now at Goldspot.com

J. Herbin Inks

Since 1670, J. Herbin is one of the world’s oldest ink manufacturers and have the experience to create a wonderful selection of ink colors that are gentle on your fountain pens. Each of these colors are poured in a 30mL glass bottle that has a ledge for a pen rest.

30mL/Bottle $12.00

Vert Empire


Bouton d’or


Rouge Caroubier


Ambre de Birmanie


Rouille d’Ancre


Orange Indien


Vert Réséda


Cafe des îles


Rouge Opèra


Lie de Thé


Vert Pré


Gris Nuage


Rouge Bourgogne


Bouquet d’Antan


Rose Tendresse


Cacao du Brésil


Violet Pensée


Poussière de Lune


Rose Cyclamen


Perle Noire


Terre de Feu


Lierre Sauvage


Larmes de Cassis


Diabolo Menthe


Bleu Azur


Eclat de Saphir


Bleu Pervenche


Bleu Nuit


Bleu Mysotis


Corail des Tropiques


Vert De Gris


Rouge Grenat


Bleu Calanque


Bleu des Profondeurs


J. Herbin Anniversary Inks

The Anniversary Collection celebrates the rich life and adventures of J. Herbin, an enterprising French sailor of the mid-17th century. While he was in the employ of the Compagnie des Indes Orientales, he made a number of voyages to India, collecting ingredients and formulas for his sealing wax and inks. This collection of inks are highly saturated and contain particles give your writing shimmer and sheen. Although they are safe for use with modern fountain pens, special care should be taken when using these inks.

50mL/Bottle $28.00

1670 Bleu Ocean


1670 Rouge Hematite


1670 Caroube de Chypre


1670 Emerald of Chivor


1670 Stormy Gray


1789 Amethyste d L’Oural


1798 Cornaline d'Egypte


Caran d’Ache Chromatics

The new Caran dAche ink bottles synthesize a unique expertise: the science of colors. Chromatics INKredible Colors Collection uses Caran d’Ache’s color experience to master the most intense pigments across a spectrum of 12 vibrant shades. Each one has a definite character that reflects the technical expertise of Caran d’Ache in creating a rich chromatic range. From Idyllic Blue to Vibrant Green these inks give the written word soul and the text a uniquely vibrant style.

50mL/Bottle $35.95

Idyllic Blue


Delicate Green


Hypnotic Turquoise


Infinite Grey


Magnetic Blue


Organic Brown


Ultra Violet


Electric Orange


Cosmic Black


Infra Red


Vibrant Green


Divine Pink


Free shipping on orders over $49


Pilot Iroshizuku


The name Iroshizuku is a combination of the Japanese words Iro (Coloring), expressing high standards and variation of colors, and Shizuku (Droplet), that embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.


Yu-Yake Sunset




Yama Guri












































Pelikan Edelstein Premium Inks

Like the light refracted through the facets of a precious gemstone, the vibrant and pure color of Pelikan’s Edelstein ink is beautiful to behold. Each brilliant hue is specially formulated to provide extra-smooth writing and preserves the longevity of your fountain pen. The 50mL glass flacon can be considered desk art and should be displayed proudly next to your finest pens.


50mL/Bottle $34.98


















Smoky Quartz


Sailor Jentle

Sailor Jentle Bottled Ink is filled with 50 ml of a water-based dye ink that is designed to be used with all fountain pens. The internal reservoir of the bottle allows you to use all of the ink in the bottle without any waste. The high-quality ink is smooth-flowing and the unique bottle allows you to easily fill your Sailor fountain pen.

50mL/Bottle $25.00

Sky High












Ultra Marine












Kiwa Guro Super Black




Sei Boku Blue Black




Rikyu Cha


















Blue Black



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Noodler’s Inks

Noodler’s Ink is widely known around the fountain pen connoisseurs as one of the premier brands of fountain pen ink. Noodler’s has one of the most expansive selections of inks, ranging from fraud proof (Bulletproof) to highlighter ink and ink that helps lubricate your fountain pen (Eel collection). Proudly Made in the USA. More colors available online at Goldspot.com.

50mL/Bottle $12.50

Polar Purple


X-Feather Black


Legal Blue


54th Massachusetts


Bulletproof Black




Polar Black


#41 Brown


Eel Black


Blue Black


Apache Sunset



Proctor’s Ledge


Black Swan in Australian Roses

Revolution Blue


Black Swan in English Roses


Lexington Grey


Bad Belted Kingfisher


Air Corp Blue Black


Bad Blue Heron






Baystate Blue


Forest Green


Red Black


Dark Matter


Blue Nose Bear


Dragon’s Napalm


Colorverse Inks

65mL/Bottle + 15mL

Colorverse inks have been inspired by the elements of our galaxy to to “colorize your universe.” All inks are made of premium pure quality colorants, offering an array of crisp, clear colors. These high quality plant origin based materials provide a safe ink to be used on your most favorite fountain pens. The alcohol free chemical free odorants insures that you are using safe reliable inks without any unpleasant smells or odors. The optimal Neutral pH of 7-8 provides assurance that your ink will not dry or deteriorate easily in your pen.




Hubble Zoom




Mars Curiosity


Girls Just Wanna


Sea Europa




Sea of Tranquility




Morning Star




Crystal Planet












Gravity Wave


Proxima B




Saturn V


Vortex Motion


Einstein Ring


Dark Energy


Lights On Ceres




Space Laika


Black Hole


Free shipping on orders over $49






A. Pilot Metropolitan $18.45 B. Sheaffer Pop $19.99 C. Pilot Kakuno $13.50 D. Lamy Safari $29.60

E. Faber-Castell Grip $20.00 F. Platinum Preppy $3.95

G. Pilot Varsity 7-Pack $14.95 H. Kaweco Perkeo $16.00


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The biggest revelation I had from this whole channel was that the fountain pen community restored my faith in humanity and reminded me that there are good people in this world. What’s even better, is that the community isn’t in just the US. It’s through out the entire planet. You know there are about 7 billion people on this floating rock; all of them different; all of them with different backgrounds, religions and ideologies; yet the fountain pen community manages to share a common quality of awesomeness despite the many variables that stand to act as obstacles and barriers. So, as “Miss America” as this sounds, the community of the fountain pen virus infected motivates me to create content, where as when I started, I just wanted to try and help someone out there regarding the Pineider.

How long does it take you to complete a pen review and get it posted to YouTube? Walk us through the process. It used to take a while. A long while. It used to take me in the area of 20-25 hours to put out a video. Mostly because once I discovered video editing, I was learning as I go. I can barely make cereal and milk without causing a fire, let alone edit video on an advanced version of a Speak and Spell. Plus, I couldn’t come to a decision on style design.

What made you decide to go from being a pen enthusiast to one that makes pen review videos on YouTube? So, there are a couple factors. Some time ago, my buddy Marc, who is also infected with the fountain pen virus, came up to me and said “dude, you should start making review videos.” I told him “you’re nuts. I’m not doing that!” I remember thinking I have no clue how to do anything involving social media. Over the next couple months, he kept pushing it. He kept telling me that he really thought I would be good at it. So the seed was planted. I didn’t really think my putting out videos would be of any help to anyone while there were some pretty beast reviewers out there like Figboot, and SBRE Brown. What on earth could I bring to the table that they didn’t already do better? The truth is, nothing. So I kept thinking about it. I started to ask myself “why am I watching videos on the same pen from all three of these guys?” The answer was simple. It was because of “them”. It’s because I was interested and entertained by not just the pen, but their presentations, personalities and perspectives. I really enjoyed hearing from these guys, and even if they all reviewed the same pen, each review was fun and interesting. So then I realized, they all bring their personalities to the table, and that is the unique element that they, and no one else can do but them. So I also thought, maybe I can do this thing. While this is all going through my lizard brain, I’m constantly noticing there were no reviews on the recently released Pineider Legrande Bellezza Dolomite green pen that I recently acquired. I loved the pen, but I really felt before someone goes and pulls the trigger on it, they should know about some design elements. I originally planned to do the one review just so that I could help one person out there. So I banged out a review on it. Then after that one, it killed me that I didn’t do everything I could have to make the review more fun and entertaining. I was getting very positive feedback from viewers, whom were subscribing to my channel. It made me feel really guilty. I thought, “these folks just committed their time to my video and even subscribed. Then they even went out of their way to thank me.” I really felt that I owed them more than what I did. At first I thought I could put out a couple more videos, and try to make them better. But what does that mean? What does “make them better” mean in terms of videos? Is there anything else I can do other than film a video on my iPhone? I had no idea where to start. I had no experience with film or sound equipment. So, with little expectation of getting a response, I decided to shoot an email to Figboot. I told him of my video, and asked what I should do, and for some advice on how to make my videos better. The next day, he responded with lots of great information. This was very helpful and motivating.


Nowadays, it takes me about 5 hours to shoot and edit video. The hardest and longest part is the research and writing of the video. This is where I spend the most time and energy. How do I take material that is limited and sometimes dull in nature and present it in a way that is interesting and fun? I find that writing it out makes the process more organic. Figboot recommended that there be a format. So what I decided to do was incorporate a format using a theme. That theme was “the Good the Bad and the Ugly”. It was one of my favorite films as a kid. With that I added “background information”, “the Neutral Zone” and “It’s High Noon”. For those that don’t know, “the background information” is basically history and back story of the brand and the pen. “The Neutral Zone” are elements about the pen that aren’t good or bad or can be good or bad depending on the person watching. “The good” are the things about the pen that are good. “The Bad” is dedicated to anything related to cost and money. “The Ugly” are the things about the pen that could have been better or other things like design flaws and defects. Last, there’s a segment called “It’s High Noon”. This is where I discuss whether or not I think you should “pull the trigger” on the pen based on everything discussed.

What do you look for in a great fountain pen? That’s a hard one to answer because I don’t really have a check list or anything. For example: if I said a great pen has a gold nib and a cast acrylic body, then that rules out the Homo Sapien, since it’s not cast acrylic and has a palladium nib, yet it is a great pen. So I guess if I had to answer, I would say a great pen is in the totality of how it writes coupled with the care in the details.

If someone came to you with a blank check and a desire to purchase a great everyday writing pen, what would you recommend to them? That’s really hard to answer being that there are so many variables not just in the pen, but the person, that effects the answer. Do they like smooth, do they like feedback, do they like wet, do they like dry, do they like heavy, do they like light? There are so many factors… But I guess if I had to answer, I would start with a pen with high feedback, because if they like feedback great, if not they can always smooth it out, and being that money is not a factor…. I’d say the Aurora Optima Auroloide.

Which 3 pens do you almost always have inked? My Aurora 88 Minerale Green inked with Monteverde Jade Noir; the Monteverde Essenza inked with Noodlers Revolution Blue, and the Pilot Vanishing Point Storm Trooper inked with Noodlers Black.

youtube.com/penboyroy Shop now at Goldspot.com

CONKLIN HERRINGBONE CONKLIN DURAGRAPH Paying tribute to the classic flat-top designs of yesteryear, the Duragraph collection from Conklin has a vintage style and modern convenience. The marbled acrylic barrel is matched with a rich, black resin cap and trimmed in polished chrome appointments. The stainless steel nib fountain pen fills with international ink cartridges or converter (included) for filling with bottled ink.

Opulent and bold, yet sophisticated with a classic appeal, the Conklin Herringbone is a writing instrument that makes a fashionable statement. Rich, translucent lacquer is coated over the herringbone pattern, which is reminiscent of the crescent shape that is so iconic of this brand. Each pen is finished with chrome trims and a clip that is struck with the Conklin name. Starting at $47.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/herringbone Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Starting at $43.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/duragraph Ballpoint & Fountain Pen


CONKLIN NOZAC Conklin originally released the “No Sack” filling fountain pen back in 1931. This modern interpretation fills by an internal piston mechanism, drinking bottled ink through a stainless steel nib. The faceted cap and barrel are crafted from handmade acrylic resins. A magnetic cap seals with a satisfying click. Starting at $115.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/nozac Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Being the unofficial spokesperson for Conklin pens back at the beginning of the 20th Century, American writer Mark Twain raved about Conklin’s crescent-filling fountain pen. The modern Conklin Pen Co. introduces the Crescent-fill to a new generation of writers with the same innovative filling mechanism in a variety of vintage-inspired finishes. Fitted with a stainless steel nib, the Mark Twain Crescent loads up with your favorite bottled ink. Starting at $139.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/twain Fountain Pen Free shipping on orders over $49


MONTEVERDE INVINCIA When art and technology are blended in perfect symbiosis the result is a pen of extremes in perfect balance. The Invincia by Monteverde is the highest form of the penmaker's art. The Invincias have a large contoured profile that is well-balanced for writing comfort. The Monteverde Invincia emphasizes contrast and simplicity. Straight forward and always classic, the Invincia twist-action ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and fountain pens will compliment all fashions, styles and trends to come due to it's beautiful design and contrast of colors. This unique style truly makes it an eye-catching pen. Starting at $63.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/invincia Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

MONTEVERDE ESSENZA Cast with colorful, swirling European grade resins and trimmed in sterling silver, the Monteverde Essenza provides an essential quality writing experience with an artful style and sophistication. Available as a twist-action ballpoint or stainless steel nib fountain pen that fills with international ink cartridges or converter (included). Starting at $67.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/essenza Ballpoint & Fountain Pen

MONTEVERDE MONZA GIFT SETS Get started in the world of fine writing with the affordable Monza demonstrator fountain pens. These gift sets are perfect for aspiring pen & ink connoisseurs, offering an array of four 30mL bottled ink colors and a bottle of pen flush to keep your fountain pens running smoothly between inkings. Starting at $47.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/monza Fountain Pen


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PINEIDER AVATAR Like the virtual world, “Avatar” stands for the alter ego. This Italian pen collection from Pineider aims to be the writer’s extension of themselves. Whether you ghostwrite under a psuedonym or bare yourself to all in your words, the hope is that this pen will be the vehicle that manifests your creativity on paper. The Avatar is made of stone-effect resin in four vibrant colors. The clip is an interpretation of the goose quill and has a sturdy, spring-loaded mechanism to allow you to clip it securely to pockets, notebooks, papers and the like. The pen’s center band ring is inspired by the skyline of Florence, which is the origin city of the Pineider brand.


Starting at $142.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/avatar Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza Gemstones take inspiration from colorful semiprecious stones. In the past, such luster and depth of color would have been achieved through celluloid material. In the Gemstones collection, delicate celluloid is substituted with a resin based material infused with marble dust. The addition of the marble dust makes a harder, more durable compound and increases the shine of the swirling colors. The fountain pens in this collection are fitted with a 14kt gold “Quill” nib that provides a softer, more responsive writing experience. $237.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/bellagem Ballpoint & Fountain Pen

PINEIDER LA GRANDE BELLEZZA True beauty is timeless and appreciated throughout the ages. Under the careful guidance of Pineider’s master craftsmen, the hand-blended resin material of the La Grande Bellezza is machined to be reminiscent of the celluloid materials used in the golden age of calligraphy. The quill clip underscores the simplicity and efficiency of this great writing tool. Manufactured in marine steel, it offers an excellent performance that will hold up over a lifetime. The fountain pen’s 18kt gold nib with a two-tone finish gives it an exceptional value and writing performance. The soft-touch magnetic lock system allows a smooth and elegant opening and closing of the pen. Magnetism also holds the cap on the back end of the pen, posting it while writing if one so desires. La Grande Bellezza is limited to 774 fountain pens, rollerball pens or ballpoint pens and each of them is numbered individually on the cap band. Starting at $317.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/bellezza Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Free shipping on orders over $49


CARAN D’ACHE 849 Ballpoint The Swiss Made 849 collection is emblematic of the Caran d’Ache brand. Known for its faceted, hexagonal design reminiscent of a traditional wood case pencil, the 849 ballpoint is recognized as one of the best ballpoint pens in the industry. The proof is in the cartridge - the Goliath ballpoint refill is one of the smoothest and longest-lasting in the world. Starting at $19.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cda849 Ballpoint

CARAN D’ACHE 849 Fountain Heir to the 849 style, the popular hexagonal shape iconic to Caran d’Ache is now available in an aluminum body fountain, suitable for everyday writing. The metal body is coated is coated with a rich, colorful lacquer that makes this collection youthful and fun to write with. Inspired by Haute Ecriture know-how, the new, stainless steel nib boasts a powerful, modern design, engraved with hexagonal isotype emblem. The smoothness and flow of the nib is as you would expect from this historic, Swiss-made brand. Starting at $51.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cda849-fp Fountain Pen




Color (Pt. Size) Black (Broad) Black (Medium) Black (Fine) Blue (Broad) Blue (Medium) Blue (Fine) Red (Medium) Red (Fine)

Price Each $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50

Item# CA-8428109 CA-8428000 CA-8428009 CA-8422260 CA-8422000 CA-8422160 CA-8420000 CA-8420070


Color (Pt. Size) 0.5mm B 0.5mm HB 0.7mm B 0.7mm HB

Price Each $6.80 $6.80 $6.80 $6.80

Item# CA-6705351 CA-6705350 CA-6707351 CA-6707350

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CARAN D'ACHE LEMAN Bathed in light and ruffled by the wind, waves come to life with the Leman Grand Bleu. The delicately engraved background evokes the regular ripples of waves on the water’s surface. The Leman De Nuit features a transparent black lacquered outer layer with subtle graded “Cloud de Paris” hobnail pattern and guilloche engraving. Celebrating 20 years of heritage, this anniversary edition is as magical as the night and as festive as the sparkling colors of a fireworks display. Starting at $139.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/leman Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

CARAN D'ACHE ECRIDOR Caran d’Ache has an international reputation for exceptional beauty and quality in all of their products. For more than 75 years these prestigious writing instruments have been smart in looks and durable in performance. Quality has no limits as each Caran d’Ache writing instrument has the beauty that reflects their Swiss heritage. Founded in Geneva it remains Switzerland’s only manufacturer of pencils, fine art products and writing instruments. Expect perfect elegance in Caran d’Ache’s choice of precious metals and flawless function with every piece they make. The Ecridor pens from Caran d’Ache owe their success to their classic hexagonal design robust construction and legendary reliability. It is a classic in the true sense of the word. The precious metal finish is delicately engraved with a mesmerizing geometric pattern that gives each pen a unique identity. Starting at $139.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/ecridor Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

Free shipping on orders over $49


CLAIREFONTAINE ROADBOOK This handy travel notebook bears a nostalgic 1930's feel and features antique map detailing. -Available sizes: 3.5" x 5.5" or 6" x 8.25" -Earth tone hardboard colors in tan, black, red, blue & green -128 pages of fountain pen friendly, 90g ruled paper -Acid free paper with smooth, satin finish -Elastic closure Starting at $11.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/clairefontaine

CLAIREFONTAINE CLASSIC HARDCOVER For serious writers that cannot afford to use less than the best, chronicle your story in the premium, French-made paper of the Clairefontaine Hardcover Notebook. THe laminated hardcover protects the acid-free pages within. Color cover is chosen at checkout and is based on availability. If you have a special request, please do note in on our order form. -192 pages of 90g pH neutral acid-free paper with a smooth, satin finish -Ruled w/ margin -Size 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" -Reinforced with a waterproof laminated hard cover -Assorted colors chosen at random and are subject to inventory availability Starting at $18.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cf-hardcover

CLAIREFONTAINE STAPLEBOUND -Available sizes: 3.5" x 5.5", 4.25" x 6.75", 6" x 8.25", or 8.25" x 11.75" -96 ruled pages of 90g pH neutral, acid-free paper -Laminated covers -Reinforced staples for extra strength -Choose from standard ruling or French "Seyes" ruled notebook, which is helpful for practicing script handwriting -Assorted colors chosen at random and are subject to inventory availability Starting at $3.50 for 3.5" x 5.5" Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/cf-staple 48

Shop now at Goldspot.com

RHODIA GOALBOOK High quality ideas need a high quality paper to serve as the canvas for your creativity and productivity. Meet the Rhodia Goalbook, the first and last journal you need to succeed. What this notebook has that other bullet journal “wannabe’s” do not is luxurious 90g ivory Clairefontaine paper. Only the best paper for the greatest achiever. This A5 size journal (5.75” x 8.25”) is bound with a glued spine so it lays flat. 224 pages of the best paper for fountain pens is contained within an Italian Leatherette softcover in a wide range of colorful styles. The numbered dot grid pages allow you to index your notes using the 6-page table of contents. To keep up to date with events and appointments, you can use the undated annual calendar and undated monthly pages. $25.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/goalbook


These stable-bound notebooks are a perfect fit for ideas and projects of all sizes. Each pad consists of super-smooth 80g acid-free pH neutral paper that is great for use with fountain pens. The waterproof card cover is coated and bound to the 80 removable, micro-perforated sheets. Staplebound notebooks are available in a variety of sizes to fit your specific writing & drawing needs. Starting at $2.65 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/rhodia-pad

Free shipping on orders over $49


LEUCHTTURM1917 OFFICIAL BULLET JOURNAL The Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Bullet Journal dotted notebook is exclusively designed with the Bullet Journal system in mind. It contains instructional pages and all the reference information you need to get started. The paper handles fountain pen ink exceptionally well, with no bleed-through and very little show-through when using most pen and ink combinations. (5.70” x 8.27”) $24.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/bujo

LEUCHTTURM1917 DOTTED HARDCOVERS Clear, striking and timelessly modern, typical of scandinavian design. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Hardcover Dotted notebooks (A5 Size) have 80g paper and 185 numbered pages. Its handy size will fit most any bag (5.70” x 8.27”). Find the perfect notebook for you from a selection of 17 colors. $19.50 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/leuchtturm

LEUCHTTURM1917 PEN LOOP These high quality pen loops are self-adhesive. Leuchtturm1917 pen-holders are made from sturdy elastic. Simply attach to the back cover of your favorite notebook. The strong adhesive pad will keep your writing instrument secure. Choose from a variety of colors so you can carry your favorite writing tool with your notebook all the time. $4.95 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/pen-loop FREE Pen Loop w/ purchase of any Leuchtturm notebooks


Shop now at Goldspot.com


There are no “rights and wrongs” when it comes to putting together a journal that works best for you. Everyone has a mind that is as unique as their fingerprint. No one method or layout is the surefire way to keep a productive journal. That being said, here’s how you could start off the first several pages of your new work journal: 1. Make a list of all your job responsibilities. 2. If there are particular company metrics, like sales goals, feedback ratings, etc, then make a separate chart that tracks them over a defined period of time (weekly, monthly, quarterly). 3. Make a to-do list of what is currently on your plate. 4. Track a work project by outlining objectives, persons involved, deadlines, and other pertinent details on a dedicated page.

“Dear Journal,” Jim begins. “Today is Diversity Day. Michael got in trouble for making an inappropriate joke, so we’re all being punished by having to sit through this awful presentation. The worst part is, Dwight stole my sale while we were at the meeting.”

5. Schedule any time-sensitive meetings, project deadlines, work trips, seminars, and conference calls in a calendar.

The above example might be your idea of a work journal or an episode of a comedic television show. The reality is, keeping a work journal can help you get ahead while maintaining your sanity. Consider it like an external hard drive for your mind. Instead of wasting precious brain power in trying to remember everything, you can use that energy toward actively solving problems and moving closer to your goals.

To make the work journal a part of your daily workflow and task management, you have to rely on it. Carry it with you like you would your cell phone. Leave it out and open on your desk, ready to receive new tasks, check the day’s priorities, ready to receive your brilliant ideas. Just like locking your computer terminal as you walk away from your desk, get in the habit of closing and storing your notebook when you walk away to get coffee, go to the restroom, etc. While your deepest, darkest secrets may not be on those pages, you certainly wouldn’t want Dwight to see that you haven’t called your biggest client to close that sale yet, would you?

A work journal does not need to be a long form, “Dear Diary,” type of affair. It can simply be a daily list of to-do’s that gets re-written each day on a new page. For the more appointment-oriented, it can be a date book or planner. The overall idea is to make the journal an essential piece of your workflow. It’s the landing pad for all your ideas. It’s the rudder to point you in the right direction after being bombarded with distractions and interruptions. It’s the all-important sidekick - the Robin to your Batman, the Malone to your Stockton, the Jelly to your Peanut Butter.

REASONS TO KEEP A WORK JOURNAL • Recording important reference facts, notes from meetings, and having a hard copy of contact information • Project task management • Keeping a record of performance targets, goals, and deadlines • First drafts of initiatives, concepts, and creative projects • Self-reflect and evaluate workplace performance

Free shipping on orders over $49

6. List all important work contact information for a hard copy backup.

Set The Bar For Yourself Once your goals are set, the work journal acts as a roadmap to show you where you need to be each day, week, and month. The more specific and measurable the goal, the easier it will be to evaluate as you begin your journey. Refine general, pie-in-thesky goals like “Get raise” by grounding them in specifics and a concrete timeline. Instead of “getting a raise,” you could write down “Have a meeting with HR at the end of Q4 to determine requirements for a raise” as your goal. Break down the impossibly big goals into one task at a time, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro one step at a time. So, if HR comes back and tells you that you need to be performing to a certain standard over the course of the next year, then that will be how you measure your performance in your work journal.

Work/Life Balance If your “other part-time job” involves kids, travel sports, caring for family members, pets, a side business (beet farm) or fantasy football, it would be worth it to consider expanding your work journal to a whole life journal to keep track of all your work/life priorities. 51







A. Leuchtturm1917 Five Year Book $26.95 B. Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal $24.95 C. Rhodia Goalbook Journal $25.95

D. Retro 51 Tornado Special Editions $32.00 E. Retro 51 Big Shot Tornado Cigar $32.00



F. Nock Lookout 3-Pen Holster Pouch $25.00 G. Nock Brasstown Pen Case $40.00 H. Rocketbook Wave $27.00

I. Pilot Frixion 3-Pack $7.89

J. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers 10-pack $22.95

K. Pilot Enso Parallel Calligraphy Pens Assorted Kit $36.95


L. Itoya Profolio Journal Sidekick Magnetic Pen Holder $19.99



RETRO 51 TORNADO Classic Whether you are buying them for graduations, birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or even a gift to yourself for that promotion, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Tornado. The stainless steel barrel with vibrant lacquers, trademarked knurl twist-top and smooth rollerball refill make it a must have. Each one is packaged in a graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand and safe way of carrying your Tornado when not in use. Starting at $20.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-tornado Ballpoint, Rollerball & Fountain Pen

RETRO 51 VINTAGE METALSMITH Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The idea is: when you are at your sharpest, you can conquer any task. Pick up a Vintage Metalsmith to inspire you to work smarter, not harder. Starting at $26.40 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-vintage Pencil & Rollerball Pen






Price Each Item#

Black Easy Flow

$4.00 REF71

Blue Easy Flow

$4.00 REF77


Price Each Item#

Black Capless

$4.00 REF5P

Blue Capless

$4.00 REF57P

As America’s number one Gold Record Award winning rock group of all time, KISS can easily be named one of rock ’n roll’s most influential bands. The Hall of Famers released 44 albums, selling more than 100 million albums worldwide. Retro 51 captured the spirit of KISS with three rollerball designs that are sure to inspire your daily life. Whether you’re writing in a board meeting or penning lyrics, these capless rollerball pens will energize every task. Each design is packaged in a KISS graphic tube that also acts as a stand for when the pen is not in use. Starting at $40.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-kiss Rollerball Pen

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RETRO 51 RESCUE If you want to help rescue Cats and Dogs, then sign up with these ballpoint pens filled with furry friends! Retro 51 brings you the second edition that has been printed with several dog and cat breeds over a metal barrel and finished with chrome trim. With each sale, a donation is made to Operation Kindness to help care for homeless dogs and cats until each is adopted into responsible forever homes. Elephants and Rhinos are majestic animals that capture our hearts, but their populations are endangered to become extinct unless urgent action is taken to protect them. Retro 51 has created this special Tornado benefitting the nonprofit group ERP.ngo with a mission to protect the wild populations of Southern Africa. $36.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-rescue

RETRO 51 SMITHSONIAN When you visit the Smithsonian, you're entertaining the world's largest museum, education, and research complex, with approximately 154 million artifacts and specimens in its trust for the American people. The Museums are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, discovery, and learning about the world around us. In 2018, Retro 51 introduces an officially licensed collaboration of rollerball pens inspired by the Smithsonian collection. Each pen is individually numbered. (not a limited edition) $44.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-smithsonian

RETRO 51 SPEAKEASY Get into the creative spirit with the Tornado Speakeasy collection from Retro 51. Each retractable rollerball pen is designed after popular drink bottles and their accompanying labels. The Beer Tornado has a sculpted twist bottle cap top and full-bodied yellow lacquer finish complete with printed “cheers” label. Absinthe, the spirit of choice for artists and writers in the early 20th century has a bright green demon printed on the barrel that is completed with antique silver accents. Red Wine has a robust red barrel with a printed label that’s been topped with an actual cork. Always remember to write responsibly!

RETRO 51 YOGA Sometimes when life gets hard you need to step back and collect your thoughts. By removing yourself from the noise, you gain a fresh perspective that leads to better decisions. The Chakra Rainbow is printed with a colorful henna-like pattern with mandalas. Each color represents the different types of energies, along with the yoga positions that are illustrated in the design. The Hamsa is the symbol of protection, which is laser engraved on the bamboo barrel of the Tornado body. $36.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-rescue

$32.00 Shop the full collection at Goldspot.com/retro-speakeasy Free shipping on orders over $49




How would you describe a pen show to someone who has never attended one? For someone who has never been I would describe it as controlled sensory overload. It is an experience that is heightened exponentially by your enthusiasm. I see significant others looking for a chair while the pen enthusiast is starry eyed at all the pens, ink, paper and everything in-between. If there is one you can attend either by car, train or plane you absolute should attend.

Personally, what do you look to buy at a pen show? Honestly if there is not something specific I will look through tables for the unusual as every show has treasures to be found. I am always looking to pick up and hold the pens I have seen online to see if thy are right for me.

Which shows are the most fun to be a part of? They are all fun as the people who will always make it or break it. We always see friends we know by face and some just by name so every show it seems I meet people who I know but have never met in person. That being said I will not avoid the direct part of the question and rank San Francisco as king of the hill.

What would be three pieces of advice you would give to someone going to their first pen show? Three is hard to choose considering there are long articles on this exact question, but I’ll give it a go.

When did you attend your first pen show? Long Island Pen Show 2013

About how many (rough estimate) pen shows have you been to? Hmmmm I wish I know the real number but I would say it is in the 50 range.

What keeps you coming back? The people more than the pens. The community is amazing and the time spent after a show and just hanging out is the best part. It is such a diverse group you are always meeting new and interesting people.

How has the experience of exhibiting at a pen show changed now that you represent Kenro Industries (distributor of Aurora, Montegrappa, and Esterbrook)? The experience is different in that I am dealing more with explaining the specific brands and giving far more details on them than I ever have.


First is to walk the show twice before you buy anything. Take it all in and get a feel for what is there and what interests you. Second is to touch, feel, hold and write with as many pens as you can. Your dream pen that you have not seen in person may not fit your style at all. It can be disappointing but the reality of finding out can save a lot of frustration. The show is your prime opportunity to really know the pens and ask the questions. Third is to have a list BEFORE you arrive of what you want to see and test and questions you would like to ask. Pen people are awesome and we want to engage with you and put you on the right track with where you want to go in the hobby. I have to add these last couple in here. Use the ink testing stations! Bring the paper you like to use and test those ink on it. TALK to people and engage. Do not be shy as we are nice and want you to introduce yourself and sit at our table. There are very few “Used car salesman” at the shows and its not all about “what can we sell you”. If your 1 pen is a Pilot Preppy and you see a table of people just hanging out playing with a pile of exotic pens you can only dream of you are welcome to sit and chat and I think you will be surprised at the offers you get to try many of them out. See what classes are being given at the show. There is a wide range of classes that are fun and engaging and being taught by amazing people who are teaching them because they love it.

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GREAT AMERICAN PEN SHOWS Michigan Pen Show Oct.18-20*

San Francisco International Pen Show Aug. 23-25

The Ohio Pen Show Oct. 31-Nov. 3*

Colorado Pen Show Oct. 11-13 Los Angeles International Pen Show February 14-17* Jan. 11-13: Philadelphia Pen Show philadelphiapenshow.com Feb. 14-17*: LA International Pen Show lainternationalpenshow.com Mar. 1-3: Baltimore Pen Show baltimorepenshow.com Mar. 15-17: Arkansas Pen Club Show arkansaspenclub.com Mar. 16-17*: Long Island Pen Show lipenshow.com Apr. 5-7: Atlanta Pen Show atlantapenshow.com May 2-5: Chicago Pen Show chicagopenshow.com May 30 - Jun. 2: Triangle Pen Show trianglepenshow.com Jun. 21-23: St. Louis Pen Show stlpenshow.com

St. Louis Pen Show Jun. 21-23

Jul. 12-14: Miami Pen Show miamipenshow.com Aug. 1-4: D.C. Supershow dcsupershow.com Aug. 23-25: San Francisco Pen Show sfpenshow.com Sep. 15: Commonwealth Pen Show commonwealthpenshow.com Sep. 27-28: Dallas Pen Show dallaspenshow.com Oct. 11-13: Colorado Pen Show coloradopenshow.com Oct. 18-20*: Michigan Pen Show michpens.com Oct. 31 - Nov. 3*: Ohio Pen Show theohiopenshow.com

Chicago Pen Show May 2-5

Long Island Pen Show Mar.16-17* Commonwealth Pen Show Sep. 15

Atlanta Pen Show Apr. 5-7

Philadelphia Pen Show Jan. 11-13

Triangle Pen Show May 30 June 2

Arkansas Pen Club Pen Show Mar. 15-17

Dallas Pen Show Sep. 27-28

Washington, D.C. Collectible Fountain Pen Super Show Aug. 1-4 Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show Mar. 1-3 Miami Pen Show Jul. 12-14

* = tentative dates

PERSONALIZATION & CORPORATE SERVICES Celebrate life’s milestones with an exceptional gift that the recipient will remember and cherish throughout their lives. Personalized pens are an excellent choice for their sophistication, usefulness, and homage to traditional values. Having the gift engraved leaves a lasting impression on the individual you are presenting the item to. Goldspot Pens can personalize most pens and organizers from our selection with initials, name, business logo or personalized message. We encounter a number of creative requests on a daily basis, most of which we can oblige easily. If you’re looking for a proper personalized pen, there are a few tips we can offer to help guide you in your selection. Long name? Go for Initials : On most pens, we can engrave an average of 15-20 characters (including spaces) on the pen. A monogram (three initials for the first, middle and last name) would be more appropriate for longer names. Pick a font style that suits the person / pen : If the item has a modern look like a Lamy, go with a sans-serif font like “Block.” For a more classical pen like an Aurora Ipsilon, a serif font like “Times” would be more appropriate. See font style samples below. To Period or Not to Period : From our 15+ years of experience with personalizing gifts, we have seen both ways where our customers request a period after initials, but they are usually omitted by 70% of our customers. The Phrase that Pays : We’ve done a large number of small phrases and messages on pens, and they are exceptionally effective at conveying a sincere, intimate message to the recipient. Try to keep the phrase under 20 characters. If it is over, and our website is not accepting the limit of characters, please do include the message in the “Special Instructions” section of our order form. Sometimes, we can accommodate a larger message in two lines or by including an engraved plate with the pen box. Try Dating : If you’re celebrating a significant milestone like a wedding, graduation or retirement, personalizing the item with the date of the event would be a great idea. Shop our collection of pens that we engrave everyday to perfection at goldspot.com/collections/personalized-custom-pens Our engraver will typically select the font style that would best suit the pen, but if you have a specific request, please indicate your font style preference using the below styles for reference.


Block Font Style

Times Font Style

Script Font Style

Chancery Font Style

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Goldspot Pens doesn't sell the same-old pens you can find just about anywhere. Through collaborations with top brands in fine writing, you can find a treasure trove of exclusive items at goldspot.com that you won't find at other shops. Here are several noteworthy fine writing items that Goldspot customers enjoy. The Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Tornado "Skyline" series began with the NYC Skyline in January of 2018. The rollerball pen is decorated with an illustrated skyline of New York City and glows in the dark. The limited edition run of 333 pieces sold out within a couple of days. Paris was the next stop in June, followed by London in October. These pens are highly collectible and will continue next year with more locations around the world. Since Goldspot Pens started selling online in 1999, the plasmium gel grip Sensa pens have always been part of the collection. In the early 2000s, Sensa went out of business, leaving many pen enthusiasts disappointed and searching for any remaining pens. Goldspot cleared the Sensa stockrooms with one huge, final order. Today, there are but a few, rare Sensa pens left at goldspot.com and will be sold until the stock is completely exhausted. Other amazing, discontinued finds that you would see at goldspot.com include Lamy Safari Dark Lilac (2016) and Petrol (2017) special editions, Waterman Phileas / Kultur pens, Parker Insignia, and OMAS pens. All pens are new and covered by a 30-day return policy. Coming December 2018, welcome ashore the Sailor 1911 "Sea Glass" exclusive collection of demonstrator fountain pens. Available in the 1911 Standard and 1911 Large sizes with a choice of 7 different nib options. The pen fills by cartridge or converter (included) and is packaged in a Sailor gift box. Available only at goldspot.com in limited quantities. Fill up your fountain pen with a couple of exclusive Noodler's Ink colors Revolution Blue (Bulletproof) and Proctor's Ledge (blacklight-reactive). Want to be kept in the loop about all the latest exclusive pens, inks, and fine writing collaborations? Sign up for the "Write Stuff" weekly e-mail newsletter to stay informed and gain access to special coupons, closeouts, and special offers.

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PELIKAN M800 STONE GARDEN The Stone Garden represents a special place of deep meditation, a separation from the hectic pace of everyday life. The 2018 Souveran Special Edition “Stone Garden” evokes feelings of calm and serenity. The blue/brown marbling consists of cellulose-acetate, similar to the material used on the stripes of the classic Pelikan Souveran designs. The fountain pen is fitted with a sumptuous 18kt gold partially finished in rhodium to give it a two-tone appearance. The matching, twist-action ballpoint pen writes with Pelikan’s Long Life ballpoint cartridge. $339.95 Ballpoint $619.95 Fountain Pen Shop this special edition at Goldspot.com/stone-garden

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