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Memories of the first 14 hours: “Brilliant weather on the first day and an amazing sunset; the foot baths provided by our wonderful support crew.� Emma Terleske All quotes in this brochure are from previous Trailwalker participants but not necessarily those pictured.

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Your time ! starts now

What is Trailwalker? Trailwalker is a 100-kilometre trek for teams of four – over 30 hours in tough conditions. The route follows the stunning South Downs Way, finishing in Brighton. Trailwalker tests a range of skills: team work, stamina, endurance, navigation, and self-discipline. It offers you the chance to make new friends, to get out, get fit, and to raise money for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. These organisations share a purpose – to end poverty and change lives for good. The blisters and the ‘buzz’

How did it all start?

Trailwalker is tough, it’s true. But

The first Trailwalker was held more

from the time you start putting your

than 25 years ago by the Queen’s

team together, through training

Gurkha Signals Regiment as a training

and fundraising, to crossing the

exercise. Since then, Trailwalker UK

line, yours will be a unique and

has grown into a major fundraising

unforgettable journey. It will make a

event for Oxfam and the Gurkha

difference to the way you feel about

Welfare Trust (GWT). And there are

yourself, your team mates, support

now Trailwalker events in Australia,

crew, and maybe even life itself!

New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland,

And most importantly, the money you

Belgium, Netherlands and Japan.

raise will make a huge difference to

The Gurkhas are still a big part

people all over the world. People who

of Trailwalker UK, running the

are working their way out of poverty.

event in more ways than one – last year’s fastest Gurkhas finished the course in 10 hours 13 minutes!

Trailwalker 009 18/19 July 2

State Street is the principal sponsor of Trailwalker, and has sponsored Trailwalker events around the globe.

“When I first signed up I really thought of it as a personal challenge – now I understand that it is the ultimate team event. We couldn’t have finished it without each other – walkers and supporters alike.” Clare Hallett

More memories: “Getting caught in the thunderstorm right on top of the ridge during Stage 9; that feeling of ‘Oh my god what am I doing?’ at the half-way point.” Mhairi Coyle

So what’s in it for you? You mean apart from the massive sense of achievement, and profound feeling of making a difference in the world? Well, we’ll look after you and your team mates on every step of your Trailwalker journey with heaps of advice, support and facilities. Before

At the end

You’ll receive a whole suite of

Hot showers, a massage (volunteers

fundraising and training materials,

permitting), a genuine Gurkha

as well as online support at:

curry, drinks, cheering crowds and and a

a medal for every finisher. Not to

contact at Oxfam for personal advice.

mention a very warm glow and

Plus there’s a preparation session

incredible sense of achievement!

run by Oxfam and the QGS to give you the best chance of completing.

At the start

Afterwards That sense of achievement stays with you. And there’s a special

Experience a special ‘night before’

Trailwalker celebration evening,

atmosphere, with free camping and feast

where we give out a great range

to set you up for the challenge ahead.

of prizes and awards.

On the way We set up checkpoints where you can meet up with your support crew, receive emergency First Aid cover, and get huge motivation and moral support from Oxfam and the Gurkhas. We’ll even throw in a hot meal at Checkpoint 7!

What do I need? A team leader and team

Support crew

Trailwalker is a team challenge –

You need a crack team of friends and

so first and foremost, you need a

family to be your support crew. You can’t

Team Leader who can recruit a

complete Trailwalker without one – and

team. Teams of four must sign up

not just because we won’t let you! Your

together, start together, and cross each

support crew will supply you with food,

checkpoint and the Finish Line together.

extra water, minor medical supplies,


seats, shade, and encouragement.

Most people can complete Trailwalker, but training for it is essential. Even if you’re physically fit already, you need to build up mental strength and stamina, too. Everyone is different – you need to learn about yourself and your needs

You’ll need them to pack your tent at the start, ferry your waterproofs around in the middle, cheer you over the finishing line, and carry you home when you can’t walk any more. We can’t emphasise enough how important these people are.

before the event. How often you need

Sole mates

to drink, how tiredness affects you,

Get the right shoes. Seriously.

which footwear you prefer, and so on.

Whether you prefer trainers or hiking

Training with your team will help

boots (or to alternate between them

you to set your pace, and to work

at different stages), get expert advice

out your roles within the team, and

when you buy them. Good footwear can

how best to support each other.

correct your stride and prevent knee, hip, and back pain caused by repetitive impact. Break them in well, have at least one back-up pair, and make sure your feet feel loved. You’ll need them to be on top form.

Time to plan

“I remember the sunset at the top of a long steep hill near Checkpoint 7 and the lights shining in the darkness. The Gurkhas were amazing, as was the whole experience. The pain was most definitely worth it – it lasts a few days but the memories will last forever.” Siobhan Ashton-Cleary

“My memories are of the truly emotional feeling at the end and the amazing reception from family, friends and strangers! The sense that the world was my oyster – if you can complete Trailwalker, you really feel you can do anything!” Ruth Dickson

Your dream team Who can enter? The only criteria are that you are in a team of four including a Team Leader; you have a support crew; and that all walkers are aged 18 or over on the day of the event. Trailwalker is open to teams of friends, colleagues, corporate teams, family teams, university teams, all sorts of teams!

How do I get people interested? If the quotes in this brochure aren’t enough to help you motivate and recruit your team, there are lots of resources online at: And you’ll receive leaflets to help you spread the word!

What sort of team mates do I want? Make sure everyone brings a quality to the team, whether it’s energy, enthusiasm, organisational skills, fundraising ideas, map-reading skill, or an endless stream of amusing chat.

What if a team mate drops out before the event? It’s best to plan for this from the start. As well as your team of four, get others involved – as fundraisers, support crew, or pacers, so if someone drops out, one of those people may be able to step in.

We all work full-time. Will we have time to train? Most Trailwalkers work full-time and make it over the Finish Line – and so can you! Training is often about quality not quantity, and you need rest periods between long treks anyway.

Leading the way Some things to consider as you decide who is best-placed to be your Team Leader. It saves time, money and confusion if the Team Leader acts as the main contact between your team and the Oxfam office – to let us know any changes in your details, for example, if anyone drops out, and is replaced. Team Leaders need to be good at co-ordinating fundraising,

n up today! g i S training, and logistics. They shouldn’t

try and do everything themselves, but they need to keep track and make sure everything is being done. During Trailwalker, every member of your team will have a low point when they’ll really need support – so it helps if the Team Leader is able to take the lead in cheering them along.

Closing datreing for registe 009* 31 March 2

*Places are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

Step up and get going So you’re ready to take the next step – to sign up and get started. Here’s a simple guide to help you on your way. Step 1 Make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions at the back of this brochure. Step 2 Recruit your Team Leader and team. Step 3 Work out your fundraising target – we need to know this when you sign up. Step 4 Fill out the application form at or call 0300 200 1244 if you don’t have Internet access. You will need all the info on the checklist opposite, as well as your credit card to pay your entry fee of £200 per team (or £100 before 12 December 2008, £150 before 31 January 2009).

Congratulations! You’re a Trailwalker! Step 5 Start thinking about your fundraising and get it underway, using all the tips online, including the e-fundraising facilities. Step 6 Now’s the time to start training. Trailwalker is an unusual event and it’s hard to find training advice for ultra-distance walks, so we’ve put together a Trailwalker Training and Safety Guide to make sure you’ve got all the info you need to prepare for the event. Step 7 Come to one of our preparation sessions – it’s best if someone from your team and your support crew come to hear about the event from Oxfam, the Gurkhas, and walkers who have done it already. Step 8 By now, the rest of your event kit should arrive – a map and directions for the route, an Event Guide for you and your support crew. Getting excited now? Time to plan your meals and get packing! Step 9 Arrive at the campsite and begin to feel ‘the buzz’. Step 10 Turn up at the Start Line and have the time of your life!

y! Sign up toda

Team information checklist Make a note of all the information below: Team name Tier (see overleaf) AND pledged amount Team type. For example: friends, work, club, other Name of organisation being represented Names and addresses of Team Leader, all Team Members, and Support Team Leader Email addresses of all Team Members Contact phone numbers: daytime, mobile and evenings Oxfam supporter number (if known) Age bracket of team members, ie: 18-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, 50+ Any special requirements: (eg dietary)

Now go to or phone 0300 200 1244

Making it all worthwhile – sports therapy massage at Trailwalker 2008.

Your pain. Our gain. Simple really – the more money you raise, the more people you’ll be helping. Fundraising is a challenge in itself, but by doing it as a team you’ll be surprised just how much you’ll raise. And it’ll make every step of Trailwalker feel all the more worthwhile. Entries for Trailwalker 2009 are split into

amounts can seem huge. But to help

tiers. Choose the tier you wish to enter,

you along, we’ve developed a special

and then choose a specific target for

Fundraising Guide which includes a

your team within that tier. For example,

sponsor form, loads of ideas, and the

you could choose the Silver tier, and

opportunity for online e-fundraising, too.

pledge to raise £4,000. Places within

You’ll be surprised by how much you can

each tier are limited, so sign up quickly

raise – and how much you enjoy doing it.

to make sure you get a space in yours.

On average, teams raise around £2,000,

If you haven’t done any fundraising

but our top fundraising team ever, raised

before it can seem daunting, and the

more than £20,000!

Trailwalker 2009 fundraising tiers: Standard

£1,500 - £1,999


£2,000 - £2,999


£3,000 - £4,999


£5,000 - £7,999


£8,000 +




of En


Bank of En

Tried and trusted Matched giving Ask if your employer offers a matched giving scheme, where they will pledge the same total again as you raise for charity.

Sponsorship forms and giving online are still winners.

World changing stuff The money you raise will help Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. You’ll be helping tackle poverty and suffering, changing thousands of lives, and giving hope of a better future to poor people, their families, and their communities. Oxfam

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

Oxfam is a vibrant global movement

The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) funds

of people fighting poverty worldwide –

community projects across Nepal.

together. Your money could help us to

For example, GWT works in partnership

provide disaster relief, or help to fund

with DfID to supply safe, reliable water

our long-term development work. Or it

and promote good hygiene in rural

might help with our campaigning work –

villages. Last year, 1,171 tap stands

pushing for changes that will make the

were provided and 20 school latrines

world safer and fairer for everyone.

built – benefiting 14,887 people.

What your money can do: Raise £1,500 And it could pay for 11 Oxfam bicycle ambulances (pictured right), so that

The project is part of GWT’s community aid programme, which also includes school building and repair work.

Other beneficiaries

people in remote villages in Mozambique

The Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment

can get medical care when they need it.

have chosen the Army Benevolent Fund

Raise £3,000

as an additional beneficiary.

And it could allow the GWT to build six tap-stands to provide safe, Raise £8,000 And GWT could provide an irrigation system for 312 families, helping them to grow more to eat and to sell; improving nutrition, health, and incomes.

Photo: JGeoff Sayer/Oxfam

clean water for a Gurkha village.

Above: Running the checkpoints is just one of the ways the Gurkhas play a vital role in Trailwalker UK. Main: A tap stand funded by the Gurkha Welfare Trust, Nepal. Photo: Soldier Magazine

Terms and Conditions The Event l Undertake to walk or run 100km in teams along a predetermined route within 30 hours in order to raise, in sponsorship, funds for the beneficiary charities. l Oxfam and QGS reserve the right to alter the course without notice and/or cancel the event in consultation with and under the direction of Emergency Services and major event stakeholders/land owners. If the event is cancelled participating teams can request a 50% refund of their registration fee. Beneficiaries l Acknowledge that Trailwalker UK

2009 is a fundraising event in aid of Oxfam GB (reg. charity in England and Wales 202918 and Scotland 039042) and the Gurkha Welfare Trust (reg. charity no. 1034080), and The Army Benevolent Fund (reg. charity England and Wales 211645, Scotland SC039189) exclusively. Roles and Responsibilities

l Acknowledge that the event is organised by

the Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment (“QGS”, the organisers) and is promoted by Oxfam GB (reg. charity in England and Wales 202918 and Scotland 039042, “Oxfam”) in order to raise funds for the beneficiary charities. l Agree to raising as a team the amount stated as the fundraising pledge on the online application form and share collective responsibility for raising this amount. Fundraising l Understand that the amount of funds raised

by your team does not include the sums paid as entry fees, nor the funds which may be subsequently reclaimed by the charities in Gift Aid. l Agree that all funds raised must be paid to Oxfam GB by Oxfam’s stipulated methods by the fundraising deadline of 30 September 2009. l Understand that failing to meet your fundraising pledge may result in refusal from subsequent Oxfam Sponsored Challenges l Agree that no funds raised will be paid to any charity other than Oxfam GB and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Entry to the Event l Understand that your application must be

submitted before the entry deadline of 31 March 2009. l Acknowledge that entry is worked on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis and that once the event has reached capacity no further applications will be accepted. l Agree that valid details for all four team members must be recorded at the point of application, or the application will be deemed void. l Agree that submitting an entry does not automatically guarantee entry to the event. Your place in Trailwalker 2009 is not confirmed until you have received confirmation from Oxfam GB.

Liability l Agree that, while neither QGS nor Oxfam GB exclude liability for personal injury or death caused by their own negligence, you undertake the event entirely at your own risk and will not hold the QGS and/or Oxfam GB responsible for: (a) any damage to, or loss of personal property or (b) any accident or injury which does not result from the negligence of QGS or Oxfam GB arising directly or indirectly or in any manner howsoever out of or in connection with the event. The Hazardous Nature of the Event l Understand that the event involves sustained

physical exercise in a remote area, and may involve walking at night. l Agree that you are responsible for your own fitness to take part in the event, and for consulting a doctor about your participation if necessary. l Understand that the organisers may need to cancel, halt, delay, or re-route the event in response to hazards including fire, flood, path instability, foot and mouth or other such disease. In such instances, you will be given as much notice as possible, and any necessary alterations will attempt to preserve the nature of the event. Rules and Regulations l Agree that you must take part in teams of four

people, all of whom must be 18 years of age or more on the day the event starts. l Understand that team members must start together, remain together on the trail and must check-in at each checkpoint and the Finish point together. Team members may not leave a checkpoint until the whole team has reached that checkpoint. l Agree that a team’s recorded time at each checkpoint and at the Finish will be the time of the last team member. l Acknowledge that it is the team’s responsibility to ensure that they have been correctly checked-in at each checkpoint. l Agree that you may not be transported by vehicle along any portion of the trail or between any points on it, unless you have formally withdrawn from the event. l Agree to wear the wristband and identification number at all times during the event. l Do not drop litter. Participants and support crews must respect the environment. Use the litter and recycling bins at the checkpoints. Registration l Understand that registration is a mandatory

safety procedure and it is each team’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed in good time prior to its allocated start. l Understand that no substitution is permitted after the team has registered. Registration includes an equipment check to ensure that each team member is adequately equipped to take part. l Agree that if you are deemed by the organisers to be inadequately equipped or prepared you may be disqualified on safety grounds. (A list of essential items is given in the Training Guide). l Smokers agree to smoke only in the designated area provided.

Results and Awards l Agree that only registered participants who complete the 100km trail will receive a medal and certificate. l Agree that only teams that complete the course as a team of four within the 30-hour time limit, and who entered their team into the relevant award category, will be entered into the official results and qualify for the fastest team awards. There will also be an award for the team displaying ‘best team spirit’, ‘the top fundraising team’, amongst others. Withdrawals and Injuries Before the event: l Understand that the entry fee covers the cost of your participation in the event and is non-refundable. l Agree that substitution of team members is permitted until 30 June 2009. All changes must be communicated to Oxfam before this date. During the event: l Agree that any member who is injured or exhausted must be brought to the nearest checkpoint for assistance. If the casualty cannot be moved, one person must stay with them while the remaining members seek help. Under no circumstances is a casualty to be left unattended. l Agree that if you wish to withdraw from the event you must first report to the nearest checkpoint or contact Race Control. l Understand that it is the responsibility of the remaining team members to ensure that the organisers are aware of the withdrawal and may not continue until it has been reported. l Agree that teams of three members will be permitted to start the event or continue in the event if a team mate withdraws somewhere on the course. l Understand that if two team members withdraw, the remaining two may only continue if another team formally accepts responsibility for them for the remainder of the event. l Understand that teams of two may not start the event unless they can be paired with another team of two. Support Crew l Agree that each team must have a support

crew to provide practical and emotional support on the event. l Understand you must organise your own support crew to transport you to the Start and from the Finish and to provide assistance at checkpoints along the trail. l Agree to communicate to your support crew that they must drive safely, and park safely, without hindering the flow of traffic or endangering the safety of participants and other people. Disqualification l Understand that failing to wear identification

numbers, failing to comply with safety order notices issued by QGS, or acting dangerously or unfairly to gain advantage during the event may result in disqualification. Marketing l Agree that

images and interview material taken on the day of all participants and support crew members may be used by Oxfam to promote Trailwalker and Oxfam Sponsored Challenge Events in the future.

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State Street is the principal sponsor of Trailwalker UK. State Street has a long history of involvement with Trailwalker around the globe and has in the past sponsored Trailwalker events in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. State Street is the world’s leading provider of financial services to institutional investors, with $13.04 trillion in assets under custody and $1.93 trillion assets under management (as of 30 June 2007). Photographs, other than those already credited: Karen Robinson, Craig Richardson, Richard Wilson, Howard Davies and all other contributors

The Trailwalker Team, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY

Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales: 202918 and Scotland: 039042. GWT Registered Charity No. 1103669 inhouse 3898 Trailwalker UK is a QGS trademark. • 0300 200 1244 •

Trailwalker UK 2009  
Trailwalker UK 2009  

The challenge: a team of 4, walk 100km in 30 hours! This is an updated version of the Trailwaker brochure.