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Irish Dental Association 2013

Sub Committees

Board of Directors

Head Office

President Dr Sean Malone

Chief Executive Officer

Accreditation Annual Conference

Fintan Hourihan


Elaine Hughes Vice President Dr Andrew Bolas


Honorary Secretary Designate Dr Maher Kemmoona

Assistant Chief Executive Clare Dowling**


Employment/Communications Officer President-Elect Dr Peter Gannon

Honorary Membership Officer Dr Ryan Hennessy

Honorary Secretary Dr Mark Condon

GP Group Rep Dr James Turner


Mena Sherlock Personal Assistant to CEO

Public Relations

Eileen Greene

Quality & Patient Safety Scientific

Accounts/Admin Mary Graham Reception/Admin

Honorary Treasurer Dr Nuala Carney

HSE Dental Surgeons Rep Pardraig Halvey*

Fionnuala O’Brien JIDA Co-Ordinator and Admin Assistant Dario Gioe Marketing and Events Admin

Council of the Irish Dental Union President Dr Sean Malone

Honorary Membership Officer Dr Ryan Hennessy

Orthodontic Group Rep Dr Ronan Perry

South Eastern Branch Rep Dr Eimear Norton

Vice President Dr Andrew Bolas

JIDA Rep Dr Seamus Sharkey

Elected Members Dr Gillian Smith Dr Saoirse O’Toole

Western Branch Rep Dr Peter Gannon

President Elect Dr Peter Gannon

CED Rep Dr Robin Foyle

Honorary Secretary Dr Mark Condon

GP Group Reps Dr James Turner Dr John Nolan

Honorary Sec. Designate Dr Maher Kemmoona

North Eastern Vacant

Metro Branch Reps Dr Adrian Loomes Dr Dermot Kavanagh

Eastern Vacant

Kerry Branch Rep Dr Rose-Marie Daly

HSE Dental Surgeons Group Dr Padraig Halvey

North Western Vacant

Munster Branch Rep Dr Maire Brennan

Honorary Treasurer Dr Nuala Carney

Midland Vacant

Union Branches Eastern



North Munster

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North Eastern

North Western


As of December 31, 2012 *Replaced by Dr Iseult Bouarroudj in 2014. **Replaced by Sarah Gill in 2014. Irish Dental Association




MISSION STATEMENT The IRISH DENTAL ASSOCIATION exists to promote the advancement of the interests of the dental profession and promote the wellbeing of our country’s population through the attainment of optimum oral health.

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Irish Dental Association


Irish Dental Association



President’s Report

I have had a very busy year as President of the Irish Dental

Our membership continues to grow, with a record total of over

Association. The main event was preparing our submission to

1,700 members at present. This is due to the excellent service

the Department of Health for the new Dental Act. I want to

provided by the Association, with financial advice, continuing

thank all the members who made suggestions, and also the

education, advocacy with the Government, and all our social

honorary officers and Council members who helped to

programmes. I want to pay tribute to all the hard working staff

prepare our submission. We had a consultation meeting with

in IDA House and our Honorary Officers, and Committee

the Department in March 2014, and we received some


indications about what to expect. When the Bill reaches Committee stage, we will need to lobby intensively for

I attended the HSE conference in Mullingar , and was given a

amendments. The devil will be in the detail.

great welcome. I would like to congratulate the HSE group and their President Dr Iseult Bouarroudj for their excellent

I did a large number of interviews in print and on radio and

letter to The Irish Times highlighting the disgraceful neglect

television (fiú amháin as Gaeilge) putting forward the Irish

of this Government towards the country’s dental health. I

Dental Association's stance on water fluoridation in Ireland. I

notice that there was no reply, which says it all.

think this is very important, because apart from doing the right thing, it promotes the image of a caring profession, and

There were two new ideas commenced this year. One was our

that the Association supports robust science.

radio advertising campaign. Our campaign consisted of 30second slots, which we booked on Today FM and over 22 local

As part of another interview on the Last Word on Today FM, I

radio stations. My feeling is that it was worth trying, but that

explained how the Government has taken €100 million per

anything more comprehensive would be too expensive. We are

year from the PRSI and the HSE dental schemes in private

looking at other options, for example, targeted sponsorship.

practice each year since 2010. As the economy improves, we

Secondly we developed our strategy plan. This is a long-term

will need to fight our corner to restore the level of dental care

project, and it gives us a roadmap of where we want to be in

to the public to which it is entitled.

five years, so that we become proactive, rather that reactive.

An interesting development has been the takeover of Smiles

Finally, I want to thank again everybody who helped me during

Dental. I believe that the Association should aim to have

this year. I learned two things: take nothing personally, and

representatives from large chains such as Smiles as active

don't be afraid to ask for advice. These will stand me in good

members and not just from the traditional single-handed or

stead for the rest of my life. I am so glad that I got the

smaller practices; particularly those dentists who did not

opportunity to be your President, and I wouldn't have missed

qualify in Ireland. As the profile of our profession changes, so

it for the world.

also should this be reflected in our representatives and leaders within the Association, be they associates, employees of dental chains, foreign graduates, locums, or part-time

Beir bua,


Another crucial issue has been the proposed new InfectionControl Guidelines from the Dental Council. The Irish Dental Association supports guidelines which protect the patient, and the dental team, but they must be financially workable. We sent a comprehensive submission again to the Dental Council, and we will have further discussions with the Council

Seán Malone

again in the near future.



Irish Dental Association


Chief Executive’s Report

Advocacy Dental Bill

Clear lines to identify procedures that are to be carried out only by qualified dentists.

The IDA lodged a comprehensive submission to the

Extending the divisions of the specialist register to

Department of Health, which launched a public consultation

accommodate specialities recognised commonly in common

exercise in the summer of 2013.

law jurisdictions such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia,

The Association emphasised its support for stronger

and New Zealand was also called for by the IDA. This would

safeguards for patients and the licensing of dental practices.

ultimately benefit the general public and offer a quality mark,

The inspection of dental practices should be carried out by

which gives transparency and peace of mind to the public.

the Dental Council.

Recognition of dental specialities encourages scientific

The Association believes that the Dental Council should be

advancement, promotes innovation and the highest standards

composed of an equal number of dentists and non-dentists,

of care, and rewards education and achievement, all of which

while there should be a majority of dentists on fitness-to-

serve to promote the highest standards of dentistry.

practice committees. The IDA also believes that dentists

Specialities should only be recognised within fields which

should not be identified at fitness-to-practice hearings until,

require unique knowledge and skills beyond those possessed

and unless, they are found to have committed sanctionable

by dental graduates and which assume a specified period of


post-graduate training or experience. This should not

While dentists support expanding the scope of practice for

undermine the entitlement of general dental practitioners to

hygienists, concern remains that there must be recognition

provide aspects of care which are provided by specialists,

of the fact that only qualified dentists are trained to provide

assuming they possess the necessary skills, expertise, and

the complete range of dental care and treatments. The role


of dentists and their primary role in undertaking full dental

In addition, the IDA called for a repeal of the existing ban on

examinations and prescribing x-rays needs to be properly

incorporation of practices, albeit with appropriate safeguards

understood and protected in the interests of patients and

for patients and ensuring that dental enterprises cannot deny

promoting better oral health. The distinction between direct

redress for patients by hiding behind a corporate mask. Special

access within the dental practice and independent practice

safeguards would have to be introduced where a non-dentist

was strongly emphasised by the IDA. Direct access within the

holds the controlling interest in dental practices.

practice alongside the dentist could only be supported where

The Association also called for an appropriate definition of

there are clear obligations to ensure dentists regularly

dentistry to be included in the new legislation, given the

examine patients.

dangers faced by non-qualified persons offering to take impressions, to provide tooth whitening and other treatments, which are more appropriately provided by dentists. The dangers associated with clinics that arrange examinations in hotels and other non-clinical settings before arranging treatment (or, very often, over-treatment) overseas, was also mentioned. In a similar vein, the IDA called for strong safeguards to be introduced to regulate advertising. The Association cited the criteria adopted by the American Dental Association in its Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Opinion in regard to advertising by dentists. The legislation should enable the Dental Council to identify, regulate, and sanction registrants and corporate enterprises that engage in false or misleading advertising. Mandatory CPD regulated by the Dental Council was also strongly endorsed by the Association.

Irish Dental Association



Chief Dental Officer appointed After many years of campaigning on this issue, we saw a welcome development in 2013, with the appointment of Dr Dympna Kavanagh as Chief Dental Officer. The need to fill this long-vacant position had been a priority for the Association in recent years. In recognition of the ongoing damage being done by the failure to fill this position, the Association joined with the Deans of the dental schools in Cork and Dublin, plus the RSCI Faculty of Dentistry, in combining to lobby for this position to be filled on a full-time basis, with appropriate seniority within the Department of Health and by open competition. Ultimately, the Department of Health decided to fill this position on a part-time basis by seconding Dr Dympna Kavanagh from her position as Oral Health Lead in the HSE for a three-year term of office. We look forward to working

Therefore, we call on the Dental Council to set aside the draft

closely with Dr Kavanagh in the years ahead.

as published and to engage in a proper and meaningful

Dr Dympna Kavanagh, Chief Dental Officer.

fashion with all stakeholders to review policy in a manner

Revised Dental Council Code of Conduct relating to

which can be justified according to risk and viability, and with

infection prevention and control

the aim of ultimately enhancing the oral health of the nation,

We prepared an extensive submission to the Dental Council

guided by appropriate quality and patient safety standards.

on proposed new infection-control standards.

Given the potential impact of what is being proposed, we

In regard to washer-disinfector units, we suggest instead

believe there is an onus on the Dental Council to produce

alternative levels of acceptable standards, which do not

evidence to support changes in existing policy, rather than on

assume universal use of washer-disinfectors.

stakeholders to show evidence to refute propositions

We take issue with the recommendation of a dedicated

unsupported by evidence.

decontamination room and suggest, as there is no compelling

There is a profound responsibility on policy makers, including

reason for such a recommendation, that this should be set

the Dental Council, to be fully cognisant of the impact on


patient attendance and oral health caused by increasing

Any recommendations in regard to blood-borne diseases

regulatory burden. They must also be aware of the

should await the publication of revised Department of Health

consequent onus on dental practices to pass on the costs of

guidance, while also taking account of revised guidance from

such extra operating requirements to patients and the

the GDC in regard to HIV-positive dentists.

inevitable impact on dental attendance and oral health.

We are supportive and committed to promoting the highest

We suggest that a full patient impact assessment (PIA) be

standard of infection prevention and control. Members

undertaken by the Dental Council before proceeding further.

support guidelines that are appropriate, clear, concise,

This should set any perceived risks, i.e., evidence-based risks,

enforceable, practical, financially viable, and evidence-based.

against the consequences of extra regulatory burden on

We are seriously concerned at the absence of any compelling

attendance and oral health gain.

evidence to demonstrate any level of risk necessitating such

A copy of our submission is available to view on our website.

radical changes or evidence, which supports the thrust of the changes being proposed. It is our belief that the only sure

IDA attends Oireachtas Committee hearing

result of implementing the changes proposed will be to

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children has

further jeopardise the viability of dental practices, to force

unanimously supported a number of key recommendations

ensuing costs to be passed on to patients, and to seriously

from the Irish Dental Association to deal with the current

diminish the oral health of the nation as attendance dwindles.

crisis in oral health.


Irish Dental Association


Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin (Sinn Féin) asked about orthodontic waiting lists in the north east, the eligibility criteria for orthodontic treatment, and raised questions in regard to the administration of the DTSS and delays in payments to dentists, as well as raising concerns on behalf of clinical dental technicians. Deputy Seamus Healy (Independent) raised concerns about difficulties in children being seen by the public service, as well as the guidelines for orthodontic care, the lack of a Chief Dental Officer, and the failure of the Department of Health and Children to respond to the Association’s proposals sent A number of submissions were made by the Association to the Department of Health. A recent delegation included, from left: Ms Sarah Gill; Drs Maher Kemmoona and Andrew Bolas; Mr Fintan Hourihan; Ms Elaine Hughes; Drs Sean Malone, Ryan Hennessy, Mark Condon and Ronan Perry.

in January 2012 regarding the replacement of the DTSS. The increasing incidence of oral cancer was raised by Deputy Denis Naughten (Independent). He also explained that there

The Association accepted an invitation to attend a meeting of

are currently 2,000 children awaiting treatment in the former

the Health Committee, which sought information on the

Western Health Board region and suggested that there are

impact of the cuts to the State dental schemes, as well as the

very different experiences and waiting lists for children on

reduced expenditure on HSE dental services. The Association

different sides of the same street, according to whether they

made a detailed submission and presentation to the

are in the previous Western Health Board or the Midland

Oireachtas committee hearing, which was then followed by

Health Board. He stated his great dissatisfaction at the lack

an extensive question and answer session. The Association’s

of attention being paid to this problem.

delegation comprised: Dr Andrew Bolas, President; Dr Peter

Senator Colm Burke (Fine Gael) queried how long the Chief

Gannon, Chair of the General Practitioner Group; Ms Clare

Dental Officer position has been vacant and also raised

Dowling, Employment and Communications Officer; and, Mr

concerns about the lack of health education programmes

Fintan Hourihan, Chief Executive.

relating to dental care here in Ireland.

The Committee unanimously supported writing to the

Deputy Mary Mitchell O’Connor (Fine Gael) raised questions

Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, calling for the immediate

about value for money associated with orthodontic care and

appointment of a Chief Dental Officer. In addition, the

raised queries about the opening hours of dentists (she was

Committee unanimously supported a number of proposals

advised by the IDA that dentists offer significantly expanded

from the Association intended to deal with the current

opening hours and, in fact, the chairman Deputy Jerry


Buttimer expressed gratitude for being seen by his own






recommendations included diverting some of the €85 million

dentist at 8.00am that morning).

previously assigned to the Treatment Purchase Fund to deal

The savings associated with spending and dental care for

with the maxillofacial and orthodontic waiting lists, as well as

children, and thereby saving the State significant expenditure

restoring marginal tax rate relief for orthodontic and other

in later years, was raised by Deputy Robert Dowds (Labour),

specialist dental treatments and addressing the anomaly

who also raised questions about the cost of restoring the

whereby those without an income are unable to claim tax

scale and polish and in relation to the extent which dentists

relief for dental treatments. The Association also called on

advertised their fees.

additional funding to be made available to the dental schools

The good work of dentists in caring for children was

to train orthodontists and orthodontic therapists.

acknowledged by Deputy Catherine Byrne (Fine Gael), who also raised questions about orthodontic care and Mouth

Irish Dental Association



Questions from the Oireachtas Committee on Health

Cancer Awareness Day. She also commented on the

After the initial IDA presentation, a wide range of queries and

important role of parents as educators and sought

questions were put to the Association from members of the

information on the extent to which children miss

Oireachtas Health Committee.

appointments with dentists.

The difficulties in east Cork for children seeing HSE dental

January 2013

care was raised by Deputy Sandra McLellan (Sinn Féin), who

4 Dentists welcome new rules for tooth whitening and mouth

also raised questions about orthodontic care and reform of

guards and issue tips for better dental health in 2013.

the Public Dental Service.

4 Dentists issue new guidelines on mouth guards.

The low number of dentists in practice in Ireland was raised

February 2013

by Senator John Crown (Independent).

4 IDA briefs Minister with responsibility for primary care.

The Chair of the Committee, Deputy Jerry Buttimer (Fine

4 Dentists highlight potential breaches of new tooth-

Gael) explained that the Committee had received a large

whitening regulations.

volume of emails in regard to fluoridation and sought the

April 2013

views of the Association. Dr Andrew Bolas explained that the

4 Annual reports show another busy year for dental bodies.

Association was fully supportive of fluoridation and

4 Dental Complaints Resolution Service issues its first

highlighted a new (soon to be published) cross-border study,

Annual Report.

which shows significant variations in the level of decay among

4 Three out of four people here do not avail of free check ups.

15-year-olds in Donegal and Derry as testimony to the value

4 Dental Association urges HSE to give dentists key role in tobacco control strategy.

of fluoridation. At the end of the two-hour hearing, the Oireachtas Committee decided to invite the HSE to respond to some of the concerns

4 An estimated 100,000 Irish people suffer from sleep apnoea.

raised by the Association after Easter and also agreed to put

May 2013

dental health on its work programme for the new Dáil term.

4 IDA hosts meeting of Council of European Dentists.

The Chair, Deputy Buttimer thanked the Association for

July 2013

promptly accepting the invitation to attend and the

4 Dentists adopt consensus statement on benefits of






contained a significant number of solutions, as well as raising concerns and explaining the extent of the current oral health

fluoridation. 4 IDA calls on Minister to restore all essential preventive treatments.

problems. He concluded by noting that the Committee would

4 Dentists warn that oral piercings can lead to serious illness.

now write to the Minister for Health, supporting the proposals

August 2013

from the Association in regard to dealing with the waiting lists

4 Irish Dental Association makes 10 key recommendations

and also calling for the urgent appointment of a Chief Dental Officer.

for Budget 2014. September 2013 4 Mouth Cancer Awareness Day takes place on Wednesday,

Media coverage

September 18.

The Association issued a number of press releases during the

October 2013

year, which attracted significant media coverage. All of these

4 Minister for Primary Care to launch review of oral health

press releases can be viewed in the news section of the IDA website. Spokespeople for the Association also participated in a number of radio and print interviews on a range of topics throughout the year. We are very grateful to all who gave up their time to take part in these interviews.

care policy at IDA seminar. 4 IDA’s Budget 2014 response: successive governments have removed €400m in dental supports from the general public since 2010. 4 Public dental service failing school children, special needs patients, and teenagers. November 2013

Submissions In addition to representations made to the Department of

4 Irish Dental Association seeks Employment/Communications Officer.

Health in relation to the Dental Bill and to the Dental Council

December 2013

in regard to infection control guidelines, the IDA made a

4 HSE Service Plan 2014.

number of other submissions during the year.


Irish Dental Association


All of these submissions are available to view on the IDA

The purpose of the gathering was to build a coalition of


opinion leaders, tasked with formulating an agreed set of

n Submission re DTSS fees part of consultation under the

priorities for presentation to Government addressing the oral

FEMPI Act 2009 (Jan 2013). n Submission to Joint Committee on Health and Children (March 2013). n Submission for Budget 2014.

health needs of the nation, developing the potential of the dental professions and identifying the key requirements for new models of dental care. Concise briefing material was prepared and circulated in advance for consideration by all attendees. A professional

National Oral Health Forum

rapporteur assisted Professor Steele and the steering group

A major initiative launched in 2013 saw the launch of the

to draft a report reflecting the views of the attendees.

first ever National Oral Health Forum. The forum was

It was hoped to see the final report published early in 2014

organised by the IDA and the Deans of the Dublin and Cork

and this would be followed by a series of meetings with the

dental schools and the RCSI Faculty of Dentistry.

Department of Health and other important decision makers

The invitation to almost 20 different stakeholders stated that

and opinion leaders.

it is universally acknowledged that a vision for oral health for

The forum marked a decisive step forward in assembling the

Ireland is long overdue and that, in these rapidly changing

various branches of the profession to speak with a united,

times, we need to take ownership of moving this agenda on.

stronger, and louder voice and we hope to see this initiative

The steering group of the new Oral Health Forum wished to

develop further in the years ahead. Particular thanks are

see an action plan developed, which would have broad

owed to our partners on the organising committee, especially

support across the profession in Ireland.

Professor June Nunn, who also made the DDUH meeting

A day-long summit of dental leaders took place in Dublin

rooms available for the inaugural summit meeting.

Dental University Hospital on November 21, 2013. Following an opening address by the Secretary General of the Department of Health, Dr Ambrose McLoughlin, the Chief Dental Officer, Dr Dympna Kavanagh, addressed the meeting. Professor Jimmy Steele facilitated the event, which featured three keynote speakers, followed by intensive engagement by all the attendees and, ultimately, the preparation of a consensus statement.

Oral Health Forum steering committee members, from left: Prof. June Nunn, Dean of the Dublin Dental University Hospital; IDA CEO Fintan Hourihan; Prof. Martin Kinirons, Dean of the Cork University Dental School and Hospital; and, Prof. Gerry Kearns, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, RCSI. Irish Dental Association



Scientific/Education/MCAD Journal Despite intense competition for advertising, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association remains the dominant publication for dentists in Ireland. A survey of members of the Association has proved the dominance of the Journal in the Irish market for dental publications. A representative sample (175 dentists) answered several questions about dental publications and readership. The sample was demographically representative in all ways: geography, gender, age, etc.

Completely dominant in Ireland Of those who responded to the survey, 64% chose the Journal as their preferred dental publication. Of the other publications, the next closest was Dental Update, which is the preference of 9%; while 7.5% prefer the British Dental Journal. A similar number (7.5%) chose Irish Dentistry, while 1.5% chose Ireland’s Dental. When excluding Dental Update and the

Online vs print

BDJ, the Journal is the choice of approximately 85% of Irish

The majority of readers prefer to read the Journal in printed

dentists. This tallies with previous surveys, most notably that

format, but other findings suggest that some readers would

carried out for Omega Financial Management in November

prefer to receive soft copies. We are also aware that meeting

2011. Therefore, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association is

CPD demands will also require greater online access to the

the overwhelming favourite of Irish dentists.

Journal and demand further innovations, which the

The Journal of the Irish Dental Association is now the dominant publication for dentists in Ireland.

Association is committed to deliver to help IDA members

Getting the publications?


Every respondent to the survey (100%) was in receipt of every edition of the Journal. Only 63.8% reported receiving Irish

Message to marketing managers

Dentistry, while a mere 31.9% reported receiving Ireland’s Dental.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean good value. And promotions are not always what they seem. Awards presented to those

Getting the message

who nominate themselves and pay for consideration hardly

The dominance of the Journal was confirmed by the question:

carry the same credibility as our own award of Ireland’s Most

“Which title do you prefer specifically for: peer-reviewed

Sensitive Dentist, which is awarded by peers on the basis of

articles; news; interviews/features; practice management;

nominations received from patients themselves.

editorials, CPD; HR advice; social news/events; obituaries;

Spending valuable marketing funds on advertising in the other

and, classifieds?” The Journal was the first preference of the

titles doesn’t make sense – and just to add the icing on this

majority of readers for every category.

particular cake, 85% of respondents said that they actively

Interestingly, the majority of dentists not only chose the

support advertisers in the Journal.

Journal as the best place for peer-reviewed articles of

The message from this survey is clear: the only meaningful

relevance to them, but more than 50% also said that they

publication for Irish dentists is the Journal of the Irish Dental

would like to see more peer-reviewed content in the Journal.

Association. To those who already support the Journal, both

A whopping 90% said that they would use the publication to

commercially and editorially, we are very grateful. To those

gain verifiable CPD points for answering questions based on

who are yet to advertise with us, we hope the above will close

articles in the Journal, if that was made available.

the argument.


Irish Dental Association


Quality and Patient Safety

Work in progress

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee was established in

Currently, the Committee is developing advice on the following

2009, with the purpose of helping IDA members achieve


compliance with the various regulations applicable to dental

4 data collection, usage, and protection;

practice and promote quality and safety for patients.

4 essentials of dental practice/dental practice inspections;

The Committee aims to ensure its advice is reasonable, practical, and based on the best available evidence. The

and, 4 safety statement for dental practices.

litmus test is that the advice can be applied in a standard dental surgery, without an unreasonable burden being placed


on the practice, financial or otherwise.

Our website attracted significant numbers of visitors during

The advice is prepared following a review of international and

the year, reflecting an expansion in the range and volume of

national standards and is subject to in-depth assessment by

content. Preparations for a major overhaul of the website have

the Committee.

commenced and we hope to have significant improvements

The advice is coupled with audit tools to allow self-

made to the website in the coming year, enabling online CPD,

assessment and to support risk identification and

a learning management system, and greater interactivity for


our Journal. The generous assistance of Drs Michael Crowe, Mark Kelly, and Maurice Fitzgerald in assisting Elaine and I

Work of the Committee

in developing the website is gratefully acknowledged.

Work completed

Twenty-nine countries were represented at the CED’s Dublin meeting, which took place in May.

So far, the Committee has developed advice in the following

CED meeting


It was a great honour to host the CED meeting in Dublin in

4 decontamination in dentistry;

2013 and it is particularly gratifying to report the unanimously

4 hand hygiene;

positive feedback from delegates for such a friendly and

4 emergency drugs and equipment;

professionally-organised event. Thanks in particular to Elaine

4 amalgam separation;

and our CED delegates (Drs Tom Feeney, Barney Murphy, and

4 waste management; and,

Robin Foyle), as well as Joan and Marian for their Trojan work

4 complaints procedure for dental practices.

in helping to organise the meeting. As is evident in the report by our delegation leader, Dr Tom Feeney, we value highly your involvement in, and attendance at, CED meetings, where important discussions take place around EU legislation affecting dentistry in significant ways and where the responses of the profession are decided. We are particularly fortunate to have such a strong and committed delegation and it is only appropriate that we recognise the sterling work of Dr Tom Feeney, who has just stepped down from our delegation after 20 years’ service on behalf of Irish dentists, including exhaustive work as a member of the CED board where he was so highly regarded. It is also great to report that such a highly-respected figure as Dr Nuala Carney has agreed to replace Dr Feeney as a member of our delegation.

Irish Dental Association



Services and benefits Complaints system handles 130 complaints in 2013 The IDA Dental Complaints Resolution Service handled 130 complaints in 2013, according to Michael Kilcoyne, mediator with the service. Michael received over 1,230 emails and letters and just over 260 phone calls last year. Ultimately, this resulted in 130 complaints being submitted, of which 28 cases have been resolved in full and 102 are still being processed. The majority of complaints related to disagreements or misunderstandings in relation to professional fees, followed by adverse clinical outcomes and communications difficulties. Dentists are encouraged to seek advice from their medical defence organisation and are strongly encouraged to avail of this voluntary service, which is proving very effective in resolving disputes, that may otherwise have been referred to the Dental Council or the law courts.

Affinity schemes

Michael says he is very satisfied with the engagement of

The Association has, over many years, negotiated a wide

dentists. Certainly the feedback we receive from members is

range of group schemes that provide members with huge

that this is a very welcome and successful initiative, which

savings on items that are necessary expenditures in any

helps to resolve disputes in an informal and less time-


consuming manner and which ultimately enhances confidence

The suite of financial benefits available to IDA members has

in the high standards of care and treatment provided by Irish

grown during 2013, making it even more attractive for all

dentists. An Annual Report for 2013 will be published by the

registered dentists to join their Association.

Dental Complaints Resolution Service shortly.

2013 saw the continuation of the affinity deal with Dental

A recently introduced benefit is the Tax Protection Policy which will meet all reasonable professional costs of IDA members who are subject to an audit of their business accounts.

Protection, which offers a massive €1,005 saving to IDA


members for those who are at least three-years qualified.

Reflecting the continued economic difficulties but also greater

This deal alone well covers the average annual fee of €785 to

FDA regulation in the US, 2013 was a challenging year for the

join IDA.

Association in regard to accreditation arrangements.

The agreement with AIB Credit Card Services has also been

Nonetheless, we remain optimistic that the gradual economic

negotiated in 2013 to give even more savings to IDA members

recovery and our firmly-established position as the voice of

on their credit card terminal transactions.

Irish dentistry should allow us to look ahead with cautious

We were delighted to see new affinity schemes commence in

optimism. Our intention is to maximise value for all those

2013 with the introduction of a deal with Swordfish Medical

organisations with whom we have long-standing commercial

for the purchase of loupes, giving a big saving of over €800 to

arrangements and who are strong supporters of the

members. We also saw the introduction of a deal for bottled

Association and the profession.

water and water coolers with Irish water company

Enhanced and closer collaboration with suppliers of services


and products to the dental profession makes sense for so

A service introduced in 2013 was a tax protection policy taken

many reasons and offers mutual gains, which can only help

out by IDA on behalf of all members with brokers DAS. The

provide better services to IDA members. The future offers

scheme allows any IDA member who is going through a tax

significant opportunities for the Association and our friends

audit to claim back all reasonable costs involved with the audit

and supporters and we are determined to explore how we can

of their business accounts. The scheme proved so popular in

maximise these possibilities in an appropriate and mutually

2013 that DAS renegotiated the deal in 2014 and will now

beneficial fashion.

cover up to €4,000.


Irish Dental Association


Income protection continues to be a product very popular with

After labouring in the sweltering heat for a few hours,

members, for obvious reasons. Any self-employed dentist

thoughts soon turned to the fantastic barbecue refreshments

who, for whatever reason, finds themselves unable to work

and some liquid rehydration. We were delighted to have the

due to illness or injury can supplement their income. Day One

President, Dr Sean Malone - joined by his wife Norma -

offerings are now available through our preferred provider

present some wine to the overall winners - Drs Gerry Cleary

Omega Financial Management, and we would continue to

and Brendan Fanning, Terry O’Brien and Maeve O’Flynn.

encourage members to take out income protection.

Particular thanks to Drs Ciara Scott, Gerry Cleary, and Garrett

Glennon Insurance continues to offer discounted rates to

McGann for helping organise the event along with the helpful

members on home, motor, and dental practice insurance.

staff in Fitzwilliam. There is already talk of the next social

Other financial offerings include: discount on health

tennis day in 2014 and if it’s half as enjoyable as the inaugural

insurance (VHI); Bank of Ireland Gold Visa Card; 10%

day, everyone lucky enough to reserve a place will leave very

reduction with DLT Magazines for your waiting room; 50%


reduction in classified adverts in our Journal; and, massive savings on CPD courses, some of which are exclusive to IDA

Collaboration with American Dental Association


The Association is most fortunate to enjoy a very close

Now more than ever, it makes sound financial sense to be a

relationship with the American Dental Association and this

member of IDA.

has enabled us to collaborate on and work together in a number of ways, which have been very beneficial for Irish

The IDA Tennis Tournament proved to be a big success.

First social tennis day for dentists

dentists. Previously we agreed an arrangement whereby

The Association’s first ever social tennis ‘gathering’ saw the

members could access the Journal of the American Dental

courts in Fitzwilliam Tennis Club bathed in glorious sunshine

Association without charge. In 2013, we agreed also to extend

for a very memorable day in early July.

access to the Professional Product Review, a really useful

Travelling from as far as Donegal, all concerned were thrilled

resource for dentists.

to meet old friends and make new acquaintances.

The ADA Professional Product Review aims to provide

With the emphasis on the social as much as the tennis, the

information that is user-friendly, unbiased, clinically relevant,

format gave everyone plenty of time for chat and court-side

and scientifically sound.

refreshments between some keenly-contested games of

From 2006-2011, the ADA Laboratories in Chicago conducted

tennis. The doubles format allowed everyone to play against

numerous product evaluations, from LED curing units and

a variety of pairings and plenty of court time was assured for

flowable composites, to digital radiography systems,


CAD/CAM and more than 70 types of restorative materials. The Review has published expert panel discussions, extensive product survey data, product category ‘primers’ and practitioner input. More recently, the Review has featured topics on dental therapeutics, clinical techniques, and clinical collaborations with dental schools. In April 2012, the Review moved entirely online as a digital magazine and a PDF and executive summaries are now printed in the corresponding issue of JADA. All issues of the Review can be accessed in the archives.

Irish Dental Association



CPD/training CPD 2013 saw a significant expansion in the range of CPD activity on offer and we have prioritised initiatives which are available exclusively to IDA members – our CPD Roadshows being a perfect example. Significant thanks are due to Elaine and Dario in IDA House for organising and managing these events and especially to those speakers who have given so generously in sharing their knowledge and expertise. As the primary provider of CPD, we are well aware of the opportunities, as well as the challenges, posed by the introduction of compulsory CPD in new dental legislation. We are harnessing the expertise of not just the Board of Directors, but also the Editorial Board of the Journal, our CPD Committee, our PR and Public Affairs Committee and our

There were also presentations on marketing a dental practice

Website Committee to plan how we can enhance our CPD

and social media in dentistry from leading experts in their

offerings to members. This has also been a priority objective


in our new strategy plan, so members can be assured this will

A very interesting presentation took place in the afternoon,

be foremost in our thoughts and actions in the years ahead.

when three IDA members - two of whom had recently opened

Hands-on courses are a feature of the Annual Conference.

dental practices and one who is in practice for a number of

HSE Seminar

years - gave their stories as to what works for them in

2013 was a very difficult year for the HSE Seminar, with

practice: how they build their practice, attract new patients,

significant challenges from the HSE in allowing staff to attend,

market their services, and use the community, social media,

and funding cuts to budgets for CPD. However, the event took

websites, etc. The three presenters gave a great insight into

place in October in Mullingar and was a great success. We

their business models and were very willing to share what

have seen a decline in delegate numbers at this event in

worked and, in some cases, what didn’t work for them.

recent years, yet the feedback from those who did attend was

This is the one event annually that has no clinical content and

very positive. Three days of scientific lectures, along with the

it gives delegates the opportunity to review their businesses

group’s AGM and other social events, filled the schedule for

and see how, from a commercial perspective, it can grow and

over 100 HSE dental surgeons.


A word of thanks to our trade companies who attended our trade show at this event.

Putting gums on seats – practice management The National Convention Centre in Dublin was the venue for this year’s annual event on practice management. The day kicked off with the annual meeting of the GDP Group, with an address from the Chief Dental Officer, Dr Dympna Kavanagh. She outlined her role in regulation, governance, and accountability and in policy making with the Department of Health. Next up was John O’Mahony from Behaviour & Attitudes, who reported very interesting findings from a comprehensive survey of Irish attitudes to dentists and oral health.


Irish Dental Association


Minister of State for Primary Care, Alex White, T.D., addresses the Annual Seminar of the Public Dental Surgeons.

Governance Board adopts new three-year strategy plan The IDA Board of Directors has adopted an ambitious threeyear plan, which sets out a map for the next three years. The plan was adopted following an extensive consultation and strategy-planning exercise, undertaken over the past three months. Members were surveyed, key external stakeholders were interviewed, and a working group of dentists was formed to develop the plan with the assistance of strategy experts, Prospectus Consulting. The vision for the IDA is to become the authoritative voice of Irish dentistry, focused on realising the full potential of our members. We aim to be recognised as innovative and progressive in achieving excellent oral health for Ireland. Therefore, our mission is to be dedicated to the advancement of the profession and its members, the promotion of oral health, and the provision of a quality service to the public. The plan identifies six key strategic objectives for the Association/Union. These are to review and enhance services to: support the evolving needs of members; position the IDA as the leading authority on dentistry and oral health; consolidate the IDA’s position as the primary provider of CPD and education; facilitate the development of successful practices; provide appropriate professional representation and advice; and, promote quality and patient safety amongst our members and the public. A comprehensive plan of actions under these headings has been developed and oversight committee is to be established to monitor progress in implementing the plan.

Membership survey With record levels of membership, it was no surprise that there was a broad measure of satisfaction expressed by members in a recent survey carried out in preparation for a new strategic plan. In preparation for the new plan, the Association undertook a survey of members, which elicited 242 responses. Members expressed broad satisfaction with the work of the Association and 79% stated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the services offered by the Association, while an impressive 84% said they rated the service provided by staff at IDA House as good or very good. Two thirds of members said they believed that the services, representation and performance of the Association has improved over the last three years. Particularly strong satisfaction was expressed in Irish Dental Association



regard to the provision of continuing professional education, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association, and communications with members. The survey also identified a wealth of other messages from members, which reflect the desire to see continued expansion of services and benefits. Members stated they were anxious to see the excellent range of CPD services expanded and made more accessible and were also very strong in insisting that the Association had to devote greater resources to lobbying Government, but also to undertaking public awareness campaigns and promoting the positive work of dentists in Ireland. The survey also identified the priority areas to which the Association should devote attention in the coming years. Members set out what they see

of the membership, met on four occasions in 2013.

to Eileen and to Clare and to welcome and offer our best Several representatives of the wishes to Sinead and Sarah. Association appeared on television throughout the year; Committee guidance and this combined Detailed guidance notes were prepared in 2013 for members with a strong PR of the Quality and Patient Safety Committee, CPD Committee, campaign on our objectives throughout and the Public Relations Committee. The guidance all media. documents provide information on: the status of the

The purpose of the Committee is to review expenditure levels,

committees; the purpose of the committees; the duties and

to monitor income and expenditure against budgets, to

responsibilities of committee members; membership; the

overview savings and banking arrangements, to monitor

relationship with the secretariat and with Council; its tenure;

monetary compensation payments, and to advise the Board

arrangements for notice and conduct of meetings; guidelines

and Council as appropriate.

for Committee members; as well as information on dealing

as the key challenges and opportunities for dentistry at this time of considerable change and uncertainty.

Audit and Finance Committee The Audit and Finance Committee, which comprises the Honorary Treasurer, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, and the Treasurer/Secretary Designate, as well as two nominees

with conflicts of interest, decision making, and provision to

Trade union status

review the guidance regularly.

An application was made in early 2013 to secure a trade union license, after the Irish Dental Union was formally registered by the Registrar of Friendly Societies.

AGM At the 2013 AGM, it was decided that Article 5.12 would be amended to state as follows: “Entrance fees and annual subscriptions shall be such as the Board of Directors may determine at the final Board meeting in each calendar year, following full consultation and deliberation by Council.�

Staff changes The number of staff employed by the Association remained unchanged in 2013. Ms Eileen Green retired after many years of distinguished service and was replaced by Ms Sinead Kelly, while Ms Clare Dowling left and was replaced by Ms Sarah

Fintan Hourihan

Gill. I wish to put on record our appreciation and best wishes



Irish Dental Association


Honorary Secretary’s Report

Last year was another busy and successful year for the Association. Not only did we expand the educational, scientific, and advocacy activities for and on behalf of the profession, we also extended the range of benefits and services to members. This has also contributed to a record rise in membership numbers and I am pleased to say that membership currently stands at a record high. Clearly, this reflects the contribution and effort of a great number of colleagues, both dentists working in a voluntary capacity on behalf of the profession within the Association and also our excellent and dedicated staff in IDA House.

Membership Overall membership increased to 1,700 dentists in 2013 and this confirms that the Association is not only representative of the overwhelming majority of dentists in practice in Ireland, but is clearly the authoritative voice of Irish dentistry. In 2013, we undertook a new strategic planning exercise and produced an exciting and challenging three-year strategy plan. The plan identifies six key strategic objectives for the Association/Union. These are to review and enhance services to support the evolving needs of members, to position the IDA as the leading authority on dentistry and oral health, to consolidate the IDA’s position as the primary provider of CPD and education, to facilitate the development of successful practices, to provide appropriate professional representation and advice and to promote quality and patient safety amongst our members and the public. The need for a strong, vibrant, and engaged membership is paramount if we are to realise these ambitious objections and I am delighted that we have arranged an oversight committee, which will meet regularly to review progress and to brief the Board of Directors on the realisation of the targets set out in our three-year strategy plan.

New Dental Bill After many years, we finally saw some activity and progress within the Department of Health towards updating the legislation governing the practice of dentistry. The existing legislation is almost 30 years old and many urgent reforms are required at this stage, given the many advances in dental practice since 1985. The Association prioritised the preparation of a submission to the Department of Health in 2013 and a very comprehensive and robust submission was prepared on behalf of members. We would hope to see Irish Dental Association



publication of a new Dental Bill in 2014 or early 2015 at the

introduction of universal health insurance. There are many

latest. Hopefully this will facilitate the ongoing development

other significant changes which the profession is preparing

of dental practice and will only serve to underscore the

to deal with and for all these reasons, it is critically important

highest standards of quality which are obtained across the

that we retain a strong organisation with the highest levels of

profession. The Association was also very busily involved in

membership and active and engaged participation by

engaging with the Dental Council, which has proposed to

members. Therefore, it is incumbent on us all to play our part



as members and hopefully we will continue to see the active

consequences of these changes are very significant and we




involvement of volunteers within the Association to work

have sought to emphasise the need to ensure reasonable

closely with our Secretariat in representing the interests of

standards, which do not threaten the viability of dental

the profession.

practices and which are evidenced-based and appropriate to dental practice.

Thanks In my final year on the Board of Directors, I would like to

Oral Health Forum

record my thanks and appreciation to all those colleagues

The establishment of the Oral Health Forum in conjunction

with whom I served on the Board and indeed on various other

with the Deans of the Dental Schools in Cork and Dublin as

committees over the past three years. I would also like to

well as the Faculty of Dentistry in the RCSI was another

thank my practice colleagues and my family for supporting

significant innovation in 2013 and we hope to see increasing

me in participating as a Board member and finally, I wish to

collaboration between the key stakeholders in dentistry as we

thank especially the members of the Secretariat in IDA House,

seek to forge a common agenda and to oblige the Government

who have offered unstinting support and assistance over the

and the powers that be to address the badly-needed

past three years.

investment and reforms for dental care in Ireland. The appointment of a Chief Dental Officer after many years

I would strongly encourage colleagues to consider

campaigning on this issue by the Association is also worth a

participation within our committees or on the Board of

mention and, in spite of reservations we voiced about the

Directors in due course. It has been a very enjoyable and

structure of the appointment, the Association is fully

enriching experience and I would recommend it strongly to

committed to engaging productively with the new Chief Dental


Officer, Dr Dympna Kavanagh, and hopefully this will also contribute to a better understanding of the needs of the dental profession and our patients within the Department of Health and elsewhere.

Looking ahead As mentioned earlier, the Association has embarked on a strategic review in 2013 and this involved a significant input by the Board of Directors and the Secretariat. This has resulted in the development of a significant new plan, which will offer a roadmap for the Association over the next three years. At a time of significant change in health care, it is important that we take stock and review the landscape on a regular basis and also to prepare a plan which will guide us in representing members and the patients we care for and treat on a daily basis. The years ahead promise significant further changes with

Mark Condon

new legislation for dental care, as well as the proposed

Honorary Secretary


Irish Dental Association


Honorary Treasurer’s Report

Attached to this report you will find the audited accounts for

to €9,184 – reflecting the reduction in HSE members,

the year ended December 31, 2013. Our auditors for the

constraints on availability, and pay cuts.

period were Grant Thornton, chartered accountants and

‘Branch contributions’ refers to monies held by IDA branches

registered auditors.

in their accounts. These funds are generally raised by the branches themselves to defray their own running costs.


Irish Dental Association



There was a net increase in combined IDA/IDU income for the


year of €112,571, i.e., from €1,163,284 to €1,275,855.

Total outgoings for the IDA/IDU was €1,130,492 - €77,800

Combined membership income showed a substantial

more than for 2012. Although no staff member received an

increase from €884,869.89 to €992,816.28, reflecting an

increase in pay in 2013, the payroll has increased by 12%. This

increase of 18% in membership subscriptions. This accounts

was as a result of several one-off costs that occurred in 2013.

for 78% of Association/Union income.

There were general increases in taxes and employer

Accreditation income has fallen to €119,138.66, as a result of

contributions, several staff changes, retirement and

the loss of the Johnson and Johnson accreditation contract.

‘dovetailing’ of staff, staff members who worked many

This is a reflection of what is happening in the business world,

weekends, and some performance-related payments.

where accreditation and sponsorship contracts are being

VHI subscriptions have also risen substantially, although most

withdrawn generally. Unfortunately, we can no longer

of the 30% increase was in fact related to 2012, which

presume to retain these contracts from year to year and must

artificially reduced the 2012 figure, and consequently

refocus our attempts to widen the range of income sources.

increased the 2013 sum.

The income raised from training courses run by the IDA has

In 2013, the IDU introduced an insurance cover for members,

risen substantially from €10,009 to €32,944 - this is a

including a helpline service, cover for tax audits and other

potential source of further supplementary income that should

legal and health issues - the cost of this was €14,049.

be a focus in the future.

Members have received benefits of almost €65,000 from this

It is gratifying to see that the numbers at the Annual Scientific


Conference had risen again in Galway, resulting in a

The public relations expense (€51,316) suffered from the loss

significant rise in income from €70,599 to €87,614 - an

of €14,400 LEARGAS funding, which we received in 2012.

increase of 24%. We would hope that, with rising membership

Other increases in PR costs relate to several new online

numbers, the conference will go from strength to strength.

communications methods for keeping in touch with members,

The income from the PDS Conference was down from €11,901

printed newsletters, and the pre-Budget submission.

Journal costs rose this year from €32,558 to €45,197. This was

The costs associated with these projects are a necessary and

primarily due to two bumper editions late in the year,

vital part of development, however we are cognisant of the

necessary in order to bring up-to-date peer-reviewed articles

need to continue to be prudent, and to have a nest egg well

which had been accepted for publication, and which were

maintained for contingencies.

becoming backlogged. The Journal of the Irish Dental

The staff at IDA House continue to do everything possible to

Association continues to be the most popular professional

maintain cost controls and ensure that the organisation runs

publication for Irish dentists, and enormous credit is due to

in the most cost-efficient manner. As the organisation grows,

those who edit and produce it on a very limited budget.

and new, increased demands are made, the existing facilities

Members’ travel and compensation expenses have increased

are getting tighter and tighter, and we appreciate the need to

due to the changes in the rules regarding eligible claims for

review spatial organisation in the future.

members who attend committee/Council meetings during

I am indebted to the members of the Audit and Finance

surgery hours. It is hoped this will encourage more members

Committee, who meet quarterly, for their sound advice and

to become actively involved in the Association.

honest appraisal of our finances on a regular basis. Their

Research comprising a comprehensive consumer survey of

collective wisdom and integrity has been a great support.

patients attitudes to dentistry was carried out by Behaviours

I am extremely grateful to our CEO, Fintan Hourihan, for his

and Attitudes on our behalf. This has yielded fascinating and

constant patience and support, and advice whenever needed.

valuable information and insights for the profession. The

Also sincere thanks to Elaine Hughes, Assistant CEO, for

Board, in association with Prospectus Strategy Consultants,

continuing her excellent work in managing to maintain as

put considerable time and effort into the strategy plan for the

many of the accreditation contracts as she has, despite the

organisation for the coming three years.

very difficult business environment. Elaine continues to do

Research was also carried out into factors inhibiting and

sterling work co-ordinating both the CPD roadshows and the

facilitating engagement of members within the IDA. This

ASM, without which our balances would be very different.

helped inform the approach to strategy planning, and

A special thanks to my right hand lady, Sinead Kelly, our new

planning membership services in the future. These combined

financial administrator. Sinead has brought enormous skills

costs totalled €58,389 for research and development.

to the IDA, she is superbly competent, and carries out every

We hosted the very successful May meeting of the Council of

request with a smile. I count myself very lucky to be working

European Dentists. This is a one-off cost, and the Irish

with her. Thanks also to our auditors, Grant Thornton, for their

hospitality industry was much appreciated I am told.

expert advice and guidance as always.

Cost containment has been effective in general at IDA House,

Finally, a special thank you to my predecessor, Ray McCarthy,

with our running costs (€120,376) only slightly increasing in

who has continued to generously give advice and support

2013, compared to 2012 (€114,540).

whenever asked, and to serve on yet another committee.

Overview of 2013 Although the economy continues to struggle, there are signs of stabilisation, and it is extremely encouraging to see the IDA growing hugely in membership during these challenging times. There has never been a better or more important time to be part of both the Association and the Union, and the numerous benefits of membership continue to grow. This solid membership base has put us in good financial stead to face the potential challenges of the coming years. The Board has adopted a stimulating strategy plan, encouraging new initiatives and services for members, which will make the association even more dynamic and maintain our position at

Nuala Carney

the forefront of the profession.

Honorary Treasurer


Irish Dental Association


Group Reports

Orthodontic Group The year proved to be another busy one for the Orthodontic

The second meeting, in November, was held in Adare Manor,


Co. Limerick. Drs David Bernie and Nigel Harradine

There were two meetings of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland

presented their ‘Excellence in Orthodontics’ course. Each of

during the year. The first meeting was held in April in the

the speakers has over 30 years’ experience, having first

Westin Hotel in Dublin. The clinical issues that were

presented the course in 1987. The speakers had addressed

discussed included early Class III treatment and retention.

the orthodontic group in 2004, and they were most welcome

The issue of timing of Class III treatment has always been a

back. The speakers covered a broad range of topics over two

topic of great debate. Equally, retention is paramount, and

days. These topics included treatment mechanics, new

various retention regimes were outlined.

technologies, such as customised appliances, and digital

Meetings provide a great framework to catch up with


colleagues. They allow clinicians the opportunities to listen,

The AGM was held after the November meeting.

and learn from each other, and, as always, the social part of the meeting plays an important role.

Dr Ronan Perry Orthodontic Group Rep

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day









outstanding, with over 602 dentists around the country 2013

signing up in 2013 and 8th

giving free oral cancer examinations to patients on the day. We continue to receive


The fourth Mouth Cancer Awareness Day took place on September 18, 2013 and once again it was a tremendous success.

We dn

es d a y S e pte



excellent media coverage both nationally and regionally and the cancer survivors stories It is estimated that over 400 cases of mouth, head and neck

are truly remarkable each year.

cancer are detected in Ireland each year, however,

As a result of MCAD 2013, two cases of mouth cancer were

awareness of this disease among the general public is still

detected and are continuing to be treated.

quite low.

The IDA would like to express its sincere gratitude to all

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day (MCAD) is a collaboration

participating dentists in 2013. Without the support of the

between a group of cancer survivors, the Irish Cancer

dental profession, the event would not be possible. Well

society, the Dental Health Foundation, the Cork and Dublin

done to you and your entire dental team.

Dental University Hospitals and the Irish Dental Association.

Irish Dental Association



The objective of the annual campaign is to raise public and

On a sad note, we also said goodbye to our great friend and

professional awareness of oral cancer in Ireland and to

supporter in MCAD, Gerry Collins. Gerry passed away after

emphasise the importance of prevention and early

a very brave fight with cancer.


Ar Dheis Dé Go Raibh a Anam.

Committee Members 2013

Board of Directors

Journal of the IDA Editorial Board

Dr Sean Malone


Professor Leo Stassen Editor

Dr Andrew Bolas

Vice President

Dr Dermot Canavan

Dr Peter Gannon


Professor Finbar Allen

Dr Mark Condon

Honorary Secretary

Dr Michael Crowe

Dr Nuala Carney

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Ioannis Polyzois

Dr Maher Kemmoona

Honorary Secretary Designate

Dr Chris Lynch

Dr Ryan Hennessy

Honorary Membership Officer

Dr Ciara Scott

Dr James Turner

GP Group Rep

Dr Mark Kelly

Dr Iseult Bouarroudj

HSE Dental Surgeons Rep

Dr Seamus Sharkey

Deputy Editor

Ms Jennifer O’Rourke


Dr Simon Wolstencroft

Dr Pat Cleary

Mr Tom Cullen

Dr Anne O’Neill

Mr Paul O’Grady

Ms Elaine Hughes

Mr Fintan Hourihan Ms Elaine Hughes

Audit and Finance Dr Nuala Carney

Ms Fionnuala O’Brien Honorary Treasurer

Dr Mark Condon

Public Relations Advisory

Dr Kevin Dunne

Dr Rose-Marie Daly

Dr Jane Renehan

Dr Susan Kiely

Dr Andrew Bolas

Dr Andrew Bolas

Dr Maher Kemmoona

Dr Ultan McGuckin

Mr Fintan Hourihan

Dr Brian O’Loughlin


Dr John Walsh


Dr Pat Cleary

Dr Tom Feeney (replaced by Dr Nuala Carney)

Ms Clare Dowling

Dr Robin Foyle

Mr Fintan Hourihan

Dr Bernard Murphy

Quality and Patient Safety

Mr Fintan Hourihan

Dr Eamon Croke

CPD Dr Garry Heavey


Dr John Adye-Curran Chair

Dr Nick Armstrong

Dr PJ Byrne

Dr Barry Harrington

Dr Paddy Crotty

Dr Liam Jones

Dr Ciara Scott

Dr Ray McCarthy

Ms Elaine Hughes

Dr Daniel McIllgorm Dr Barney Murphy

Scientific Dr Tiernan O’Brien

Dr Jane Renehan Chair

Dr James Tarpey

Professor Frank Burke

Ms Clare Dowling

Professor Stephen Flint

Mr Fintan Hourihan

Dr Frank Quinn


Irish Dental Association


Committee Reports


CED meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Irish Dental Association and started with a welcome address by the

Accreditation by the Irish Dental Association indicates the

Minister of State for Primary Care in Ireland, Mr Alex White.

acceptance of a product as being generally safe and of benefit

The second day of the meeting started with an address by Mr

when used by those for whom it is indicated in accordance

Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament and President

with the manufacturers’ recommendations and under

of the European Movement International.

reasonable foreseeable conditions of use. It also implies that the claims made by the manufacturer are justified and based

Continuing professional development

on sound advice.

During the plenary session, members of the CED

The Irish Dental Association now has accreditation deals in

unanimously adopted a resolution on continuing professional

position with the following companies:

development (CPD) of dentists. CED members stressed that


Colgate Total;

engaging in CPD is a professional obligation of every


GSK – Sensodyne; and,

European dentist, who, in order to assure the quality of patient


Wrigley’s – Wrigley’s Complete and Wrigley’s extra

care, must update professional knowledge and skills


throughout their entire professional life.

Unfortunately, Listerine, Johnson & Johnson did not renew

The CED recognises that health systems delivering oral

their contract with IDA in 2013. This was due to a decision to

healthcare are different across the European Union and

cease all of their accreditation contracts worldwide.

supports the diversity of continuing education activities on

For their selfless work, I wish to record our appreciation to

offer and the principle of free choice by the practitioners that

the members of our scientific committee: Dr Tiernan O’Brien,

are in line with the policy of each member state.

Dr Frank Quinn, Professor Frank Burke and Professor Stephen Flint, and also our accreditation committee,

Tobacco products directive

comprising Drs Pat Cleary, Anne O’Neill and Ms Elaine

CED members unanimously adopted a resolution on the


proposed tobacco products directive, which, at the time, was being considered by the European Parliament and the

Dr Pat Cleary

Council. The European dentists welcomed the European

Accreditation Committee

Commission’s initiative to review EU legislation on tobacco (Directive 2001/37/EC) and strongly supported it, as it aims at improving general and oral health of European citizens. The CED particularly supports initiatives related to tobacco use and call for de-normalisation of tobacco products.


The CED supports also the intention for the proposal to encourage full implementation of the WHO Framework

The voice of dentists and oral health in Europe for 50 years.

Convention on Tobacco Control, which is binding for the EU

The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a European not-

Medical devices legislation

for-profit association, which represents over 340,000

CED members confirmed their position on the future

practising dentists through 32 national dental associations

regulation on medical devices, which was being considered

and chambers from 30 European countries. Its key objectives

by the European Parliament and the Council.

and all member states.

are to promote high standards of oral healthcare and effective

Irish Dental Association



patient safety-centred professional practice across Europe,

November meeting

including through regular contacts with other European

In November 2013, representatives of CED member and

organisations and EU institutions.

observer organisations met in Brussels under the

Ireland was the venue in May 2013 for the regular six-monthly

chairmanship of CED President Dr Wolfgang Doneus.


CED board elections

basic dental training comprising of at least five years of

The CED board elections took place with Dr Susie Sanderson

study, which may in addition be expressed with the

(United Kingdom), Dr Peter Engel (Germany), Dr Pirkko

equivalent ECTS credits and consist of at least 5,000

Grönroos (Finland), and Dr Roland L’Herron (France) being reelected as Directors. They join the current CED President Dr

hours of full-time theoretical and practical training; n

to the profession on the grounds of public health

Wolfgang Doneus (Austria), Vice-President and Director Dr


Marco Landi (Italy), and Directors Dr Nikolai Sharkov n

(Bulgaria) and Dr Alexander Tolmeijer (The Netherlands).

the possibility for member states to refuse partial access

the obligation for member states’ competent authorities

The CED Board of Directors is composed of eight members

to alert, through a specific alert mechanism, the

who must be dental practitioners and share the powers of

authorities of other member states about professionals

administration of the organisation, including communication

who are no longer entitled to practice as a result of a disciplinary action or criminal conviction; and,

and representation of the CED towards third parties, in particular







implementation of CED policy and financial management.


the possibility for member states’ competent authorities to conduct language controls in order to verify that professionals are in possession of necessary language

Membership of Croatian Dental Association in the CED


Following Croatia’s accession to the European Union on July 1, 2013, the Croatian Dental Chamber requested to become a


full member of the CED. The CED members unanimously

The Irish Dental Association was represented during the year

approved the request.

by Dr Tom Feeney, Dr Barney Murphy, Dr Robin Foyle, Mr Fintan Hourihan, and Ms Elaine Hughes. Dr Feeney

CED updated policy on dental amalgam

completed his term of office in November and Dr Nuala

In light of the Minamata Convention on mercury signed on

Carney was elected to succeed him.

October 10, 2013, the CED members adopted a position on the Convention in which they reaffirm their continued engagement







environmental impact of the use of dental amalgam and

CPD Committee

acknowledge, with appreciation, the progress achieved in Europe in this area, and now worldwide.

2013 saw the continuation of our CPD roadshow in six

The CED believes that the signing of a globally-binding treaty

regional locations around the country. Over 450 dentists have

on the use of mercury is a sensible outcome, which

now attended at least one workshop and the feedback from

recognises the practicalities of improving oral health. For

attendees is very positive.

many years, the CED has stressed the importance of avoiding

A huge thanks to all of the CPD roadshow presenters, who

a complete phase-out of the use of mercury in dentistry,

were so giving of their time and expertise to travel around the

particularly in a short timeframe.

country to these workshops. Without their co-operation and

The CED also welcomes the flexible approach adopted to take

sharing of their knowledge and skills we would not be able to

into account countries’ domestic circumstances and believes

run these regional events. Their contribution is much

that the treaty reaches a good balance between the use of


amalgam and non-mercury based materials.

We were also delighted to welcome GSK Sensodyne as sponsor of the workshops in 2013.

Professional Qualifications Directive

The CPD committee introduced a number of hands on

CED members welcomed the final adoption of the revised

courses throughout 2013 namely:

Professional Qualifications Directive by the EU Council on

4 Endodontics – Pat Cleary

November 15, 2013. The main features concerning the dental

4 Clinical Photography – Dr PJ Byrne

profession include:

4 Introduction to Implants – Drs Ronan Allen & Dr Ed O’Reilly


Irish Dental Association


4 Cone Beam Imaging – Drs John Lawlor and Spencer Woolfe

professional who may have an article to contribute. High

4 Oral Radiology – Dr Brendan Fanning

quality, practical, and educational, they will be a perfect

Most of these courses were fully subscribed, with some of

complement to our already well-regarded peer-reviewed

them experiencing waiting lists for further courses in the

papers. We will award a prize for the best such paper each

autumn. Thank you to all our course tutors and to our many



We have also spent time in 2013 developing plans for a dedicated website for the Journal. This would tie-in closely

Committee: Chair, Dr Garry Heavey; Drs PJ Byrne, Paddy

with the aims of the Association in relation to CPD activity. We

Crotty, Ciara Scott, and Elaine Hughes.

intend to provide a site that will be searchable by author, article, and subject.

Get involved

Journal of the Irish Dental Association – Editorial Board

While there were no resignations from the Editorial Board of the Journal in 2013, our corporate governance policy provides for a regular turnover of members. Any dental professional is welcome to apply to become a member of the Board. There is a small number of meetings each year, and of course, a

Progress and development

willingness to follow up any commitments made at these

Our professional publication, the Journal of the Irish Dental

meetings is important. However, the work is not, and should

Association saw another year of progress and development in

not, be too onerous. Please consider volunteering – it will be

2013. The heart of the Journal is peer-reviewed content and

to the benefit of the profession and to you in the long run.

in 2013 we received 42 papers for consideration. As you will see from the table, 18 of these were from international


authors, and 24 from Irish authors. We published 10 papers

One of the reasons why being on the Editorial Board is not

in 2013, while we have published a further two already in 2014

especially onerous is because of the support put in place by

and have another five awaiting publication. Although several

the Association. This is manifested in most instances in the

are still in the review process, 17 papers were rejected.

work of Journal Co-ordinator, Fionnuala O’Brien, who liaises

These are very healthy figures and given that we already held

brilliantly between authors, reviewers, editors, publishers,

a good stock of high-quality papers from 2012, it was a

and the Association. We are grateful to her, to our publishers

challenge to get so many published. The Editorial Board is

Think Media, and to all members of the Editorial Board for

grateful to the Council of the Association, which gave

their commitment and contribution to the Journal. May I also

permission for additional papers to be published in the

most sincerely thank all our advertisers. We need and

second half of the year. This allowed the backlog to be

appreciate their commercial support and it allows us to

removed and we have now returned to a reasonable time schedule for publishing. The Journal is very grateful to all the

Table: Peer reviewed papers for JIDA in 2013

authors and reviewers who provide such an invaluable service to our readers.

Total submitted in 2013


(18 international, 24 Irish)

Plans for 2014

Accepted and published in 2013

In our most recent issue, plans developed during 2013 for a

Accepted in 2013, but published in 2014


series of step-by-step, practice-oriented clinical articles

Accepted and still awaiting publication


came to fruition. The article from Dr Una Lally in the April/May

Awaiting resubmission following review


2014 edition is to be the first in a series of such articles. The

Still in review


resources of the Journal, our publishers Think Media, and the

Rejected articles

Association, are all available to assist any dentist or dental Irish Dental Association





produce a better Journal. Finally, we thank our readers who support us so loyally, and who consistently rank the Journal

4. To work towards improvements in internal PR within the member group of the association.

as their favourite dental publication.

OCTOBER 2013: Professor Leo Stassen

Consultation with the Chair of the CPD Committee

Honorary Editor

Plans to develop the theme of early visits as both a professional and public message were discussed with the chair of the CPD committee, Dr Garry Heavy. It was agreed that the initial steps for this measure would be to assess the

Public Relations and Public Affairs Committee

level of support from the specialist representative group in paediatric dentistry in Ireland and amongst members of the association, in particular the GP group. A letter was written to the Irish division of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry.

MARCH 2013:

The response to the letter was overwhelmingly positive and

Consultation with Behaviour and Attitudes

strongly in support of the profession doing more to promote

2013 was an exciting year for our committee. The committee

early visits. The GP group representative Dr Peter Gannon and

was represented at the planning stages of the research

current president echoed these sentiments. It is intended that

undertaken by Behaviours and Attitudes. This involved a

this be reflected in the planning for educational needs for the

number of teleconferences and the review of drafts for

association in future.

questions appropriate for the survey to be undertaken.


Appointment of the liaison person with Council

Meeting with Fintan Hourihan following

James Turner was appointed as the liaison person for the

appointment as Chair of the Committee

Board of Directors.

After becoming Chair of the PR Committee during the summer, a meeting was scheduled in Dublin to review the

Teleconference with the Committee

role, the title and the function of the then Public Relations

We held our first teleconference meeting in November. The

Committee. It was agreed to change the name of the

main body of work for the meeting was a review of the website

committee to the Public Relations and Public Affairs

requested by Council. Feedback was collected. It was agreed

Committee. The role of the committee was outlined. In the

that, given the diversity of the website and the range of

first instance, the committee is there to act in advisory

different sections, the committee would take responsibility for

capacity to the Board of Directors. It was agreed at this

information aimed at the public. The data has been collected

meeting, that in order for this role to be fulfilled, it was

and this material is to be brought forward to the next meeting

necessary to appoint a liaison person to communicate on

of the website committee.

behalf of the Board of Directors. It is vital to the functioning of the committee that the Board of Directors involve the


committee so that we can be effective.

Meeting with Public Affairs Lobbying Specialist

The aims of the committee were set out as follows:

A draft proposal was prepared based on the pre-budget

1. To promote and support an advertising campaign for the

submission for review by the specialist lobbying company GFC

Association. 2. To promote early visits as a public and professional health message. 3. To look at the feasibility of a pilot study for public affairs lobbying.

consulting. Following a review of the draft prepared by GFC consulting, it was agreed that a project of this scale was outside the budget for the coming year, but it is intended that this will be revisited in future budgets, if there is sufficient appetite for this amongst members of Council.


Irish Dental Association


Consultation with the Strategic Planning Group The committee was represented in a consultation with strategy development consultants, Prospectus. A long

Quality and Patient Safety Committee

discussion took place to reflect the aims of the committee and questions were structured around present and future

The Irish Dental Association’s Quality and Patient Safety

challenges, opportunities and priorities of the Association.

Committee was established in 2009. The purpose of the Committee is to assist IDA members in achieving compliance

Involvement in the advertising campaign

with the various regulations applicable to dental practice, and

The committee was represented at the meetings held in

promote quality and safety for patients.

preparation for the IDA radio campaign. Vice Chairperson Dr

The Committee aims to ensure its advice is reasonable,

Susan Kiely attended these meetings in Dublin.

practical and based on the best available evidence. The litmus test is that the advice can be applied in a standard dental


surgery, without an unreasonable burden being placed on the

Representation at the meeting

practice, financial or otherwise.

with Dr Dympna Kavanagh

The advice is prepared following a review of international and

The committee was represented at a meeting with the Chief

national standards and is subject to in-depth assessment by

Dental Officer in January 2014. This meeting was reflective of

the Committee. It is coupled with audit tools to allow self-

the stages for planning in Dr Kavanagh’s new role set out over

assessment and to support risk identification and

the next three years.


MARCH 2014:

Work completed

Meeting with PR company

So far, the Committee has developed advice in the following

A meeting was held with myself, Mr Fintan Hourihan, Ms Sarah


Gill, and Mr Kieran Garry of Gordon MRM in Dublin in March 2014.


decontamination in dentistry;

Past activity of our PR company was reviewed and discussed in


hand hygiene;

relation to value for money and effectiveness. A new month-by-


emergency drugs and equipment;

month plan was agreed upon for public affairs and relations for


amalgam separation;

the upcoming eight months. Plans were made for a press


waste management; and,

conference meeting to be held in advance of the AGM, to


complaints procedure for dental practices.

encourage important networking opportunities for the Association with key figures in the Irish media. It was agreed that more would

Work in progress

be done to develop the website using multimedia and videos on

Currently, the Committee is developing advice on the following

topical issues. There are a number of other exciting ideas which


have yet to be discussed at our upcoming committee meeting.


data collection, usage, and protection;


essentials of dental practice/dental practice inspections;

Review of membership and a call for new members A decision was taken in consultation with Mr Fintan Hourihan

and, n

safety statement for dental practices.

to review the membership of our committee. Those with an interest in the committee are invited to consider joining.

Review of the Association’s best practice website

I would sincerely like to thank the members of the committee

The best practice website is regularly reviewed to ensure

for their enthusiasm, good will, and assistance over the last

accuracy of information to members. Decontamination in

number of months. It has been a pleasure to be involved.

Dentistry was recently reviewed and alterations made to the advice on the use of autoclaves. The Committee will update

Irish Dental Association



Dr Rose-Marie Daly

the website when the Dental Council publishes its new Code


on Infection Prevention and Control.

The Committee welcomes all enquiries or suggestions

CPD Committees and, of course, the Council of the IDU. The

regarding the content of the best practice section of the

Committee also works with the Conference Committee.


Communication with members Miscellaneous work

The Committee is concerned at what appears to be a low level

The Committee is regularly asked to review documents that

of awareness amongst members of its work and sought

may be in a consultative process, like the recent document

Council’s assistance to improve the dissemination of the

from the Dental Council on infection prevention and control,

advice available to members.

EU directives, or legislative and work practice changes. The

The Committee’s primary method of communication with

Committee reports to the Council of the IDU on all matters.

members has, so far, been by way of the best practice section of the members’ area of the IDA website


Workshops on the various areas of advice have been

Advice for dentists setting up in practice

presented at the last three Annual Scientific Conferences. The

Dr Barry Harrington, a Committee member whose input is

Committee is anxious that the workshops remain a fixed


feature of the Conference and are greatly encouraged by








comprehensive document entitled General Facilities to be

Council’s response.

considered when setting up in Dental Practice. The Committee

The workshops have been presented in various venues around

believes this document contains a wealth of information and

the country at the behest of the local branch.

will work with Barry on the development of this document.

The Journal of the Irish Dental Association offers another important outlet for the work of the Committee. The Journal


published an interview with the chair of the committee in the

The Committee is working with Dr Andrew Bolas on a review

October/November 2013 edition. The chair encouraged all

of the Best Practice Advice on Radiology, which was published

members to use the information on the best practice website

in 2009.

to position their practices in advance of inspections being mandatory.

Membership of the Committee

The Committee also asked that its work be regularly

The Committee endeavours to ensure all sections and profiles

highlighted in emails sent to members by the Association and

of the profession are represented. The Committee recently

in the members’ section of the Journal.

welcomed three new members. At present, there are 12 members of the Committee, with a good mix of public and


private members. The Committee regularly recruits members

Dr Jane Renehan, in conjunction with Mr Brian Rogers of

to ensure it is replenished on a timely basis.

Rogers Consultants, presented workshops on waste management at the Annual Conference, in Galway in April

Link with Council of the IDU

2013. These were well supported by enthusiastic attendances

In the past year, the Committee welcomed the President, Dr

and the ensuing discussions were useful to all who took part.

Sean Malone, to a number of its meetings. The Committee

This year’s workshop is again a collaborative effort, as it will

invites the incoming President each year to attend a

be jointly presented by a member of the office of the Data

Committee meeting prior to the commencement of his/her

Protection Commissioner and Dr Eamon Croke. The topic is

term of office, to facilitate appraisal of the Committee’s work.

Data Collection, Usage and Protection and an audit tool will be

The President-Elect, Dr Peter Gannon, is also the current

unveiled in the course of the workshops.

liaison member between the Committee and the Council of the IDU.

Communication with other committees

Dr Eamon D. Croke

The Committee is in regular communication with the GP and



Irish Dental Association


Branch Reports

Kerry Branch

on milling by Dr Paul Quinlan, and finally a lecture on hypnosis and sedation in practice by Dr Emma Corrigan.

This year the committee members include Dr Padraig Cronin

Our January meeting was a joint meeting with the Irish

as President, and Mr Paul Keogh as secretary and treasurer.

Endodontic Society, at which Drs Willy Pertot and Luc van der

I have been acting as Branch Representative. This year we

Sluis gave two lectures on ‘Instrumentation’ and ‘The future of

had three meetings. I gave the first lecture in November 2013

root canal disinfection and the role of ultrasonics’ respectively.

on pain and anxiety management in young children. Mr Paul

Our ASM was held on Friday, February 7, entitled ‘Best

Keogh, consultant oral surgeon, Tralee, gave an excellent

Practice’. It consisted of a hands-on component in the

presentation on oral surgery entitled ‘Five Salient Points’.

morning, with two courses running simultaneously. The first,

Finally, we were delighted to welcome Dr Michael O’Sullivan

on posterior composites, was given by Professor Robbie

from the Dental Hospital in Dublin, who gave a comprehensive

McConnell, in association with Dentsply, while the second was

and up-to-date review of the management of hypodontia. All

a rotary endo course given by Dr Lynda Elliott, in association

talks were well attended. It has been reported that obtaining

with Kerr and Sybron. Lectures ran from 1.30pm until

CPD from the Dental Council has been problematic this year,

approximately 5.30pm and included speakers: Drs Alison

as they request significant advance notice of meetings.

Dougall on medical emergencies; Eddie Cotter on loose dentures; Fiona O’Shaughnessy on safety statements and clinical waste management; Mr Cliff Beirne on avoiding

Dr Rose-Marie Daly

litigation; and, Prof. Robbie McConnell on treatment planning.

Branch Representative

The ASM was followed by a drinks reception and dinner, where Ivan Yeats was the guest speaker. At our September, October, November, and March meetings, we also held Suppers for Learning with specialists discussing topics in small groups in an informal setting before the

Metropolitan Branch

lectures. These were expertly co-ordinated by Dr Una Lally, with help from Drs Rebecca Carville and Mick Lavin.

On the occasion of our AGM 2013, Dr Dermot Kavanagh

We are very grateful to all our speakers for their hard work.

passed over the chain of office to the new President, Dr Adrian

We are also especially grateful for the generosity of our

Loomes. The President-Elect is Dr Laura Houlihan. Honorary

sponsors, which allows us to hold these meetings.

Treasurer is Dr Rory Maguire and Honorary Secretary is Dr

The Committee met on several occasions throughout 2013:

Laura Houlihan. Drs Dermot Kavanagh, Catherine Wynne,

March 26, April 16, May 21, July 2, July 30, August 27, October

Rebecca Carville, and Nicola Zammit are continuing as

3, October 29, December 10; and, in 2014: January 14, January

committee members and are being joined by Drs Michael

30, February 18.

Lavin, Saoirse O Toole, and Una Lally.

I would like to thank all the committee members for their hard

The theme of our first meeting in September 2013 was mouth

work over the year. In particular, Dr Rory Maguire for his

cancer, to tie in with Mouth Cancer Awareness Day, and was

continuous work as treasurer, and Dr Adrian Loomes for his

very well attended. We invited Drs Conor McAllister, Michael

hard work and enthusiasm during his Presidency.

Freedman, and Cal Condron to speak. It was a very

A final word of thanks to all the staff in IDA House for your

informative evening on the Mouth Cancer Awareness

courtesy, patience, hard work, and help. It is greatly

Campaign, including discussions on when to refer and when


not to, and botox. The October meeting consisted of three 20-minute lectures on implants by Drs Paul O Reilly, Declan Furlong, and Anne O’Donoghue.

Irish Dental Association



In November, the first lecture was on ‘Optimising your

Laura Houlihan

website’ by Dr Mark Kelly, followed by an informative lecture

Honorary Secretary

Munster Branch

Trace – Introduction to Motivational Interviewing and its application to Dentistry; with a particular

President – Dr Maire Brennen Secretary – Dr Liz Kelleher

focus on Smoking Cessation. April

Treasurer – Dr Kieran O’Connor

Dr Dermot Canavan - Acute Dental Pain – Current Concepts and Treatment Options.

In June, Fintan Hourihan met with the Munster Branch

Local support

Committee and outlined the process of electing a branch

The Branch has donated €1,500 to the Irish Dental Benevolent

member for President of the IDA for 2015/16. This process

Society in support of its work. In addition, it has also

was completed, and at September Branch AGM, Dr Anne

supported the 2014 UCC Dental Outreach Project to Ghana,

Twomey was ratified as Munster Branch candidate for

donating €1,000.

Presidency. Outgoing Branch President, Dr Fiona Twohig handed over the Chain of Office to Dr Maire Brennan. The

Dr Judith Phelan

committee met on eight occasions during the year.

Committee Member

Dr John Barry resigned from committee after many years of dedicated service to the Irish Dental Association at both local and national level. The Committee, on behalf of the Munster Branch, would like to formally acknowledge and thank John

North Munster Branch

for his immense contribution. Branch Officers

Continuing education programme

President - Dr Eoin Mullane

The Munster Branch had another very active year under the

Secretary - Dr Joe Callanan

Presidency of Dr Maire Brennan. The academic programme

Treasurer - Dr Eamonn Noonan

began in September, with a collaborative lecture evening with

(GDP Rep. to be confirmed) Dr Neil Griseto

Cork Dental Hospital given by Dr Eleanor O’Sullivan prior to Mouth Cancer Awareness Day.

Each season/cycle (October to April), we organise five

The Annual Scientific Meeting was held at the popular Fota

meetings, with a different speaker each month. Topics

Island Resort. It was an information-packed day for the 80


delegates with visiting lecturers Dr Marga Ree, Dr Paddy

endodontics; motivational techniques; implantology; oral

Crotty, and State Pathologist, Marie Cassidy ensuring that a

medicine (orofacial pain); and, composites (updates in:

wide range of topics were covered.

bonding, layering and glass fiber posts). Attendance at





meetings vary, but, on average, we have approximately 20

Evening lecture series

GDPs attend each meeting.


Professor Tara Renton, King’s College London –

The NMB has also started a Christmas drinks night, which we

Turning Wounds into Wisdom: Trigeminal nerve

plan to hold every December. We have held it for the last two

injuries in relation to dentistry.

years and it was well attended last December. We feel it’s

November Terry Prone – Dentistry - Image and Reality.

important to emphasise the social side of the Branch.

December Dr Patricia Shalloe, Mr John O’Keefe, Mr Bill



Holohan, and Mr Simon Martin – Cybercrime –

Plans for the year ahead

Implications for Dental Practice.

We will hold two further meetings this season/cycle and our

Dr Jennifer McCafferty - Preventative Dental


Care for Children: Tips for tots to teens.

We also plan to invite two oral surgeons to speak to the NMB

February’s meeting was rescheduled to March

Members in October and November 2014. Topics to cover

due to local storms. Dr Sharon Curtin and Anna

include: oral cancer and oral infection.


Irish Dental Association


Western Branch Report 2013 The Western Branch has seen a significant increase in membership in the past year, with the total number of members now close to 140. There were few meetings over the course of the year but these were well attended. The Saturday morning CPD roadshow meetings were very popular and we are thankful to the speakers who travelled west for both of those days. Our Branch Committee is not active at the moment and it is important that a few members take on this responsibility.

Peter Gannon

Irish Dental Association





Irish Dental Association


Directors’ Report

The directors present their report and the financial statements of the company for the year ended December 31, 2013.

Principal activities and business review The principal activity of the company during the year was the provision of support services and information for its dentist members and it is envisaged that this will continue to be the company's main activity. The Irish Dental Association Limited is focused on professional advocacy, education and scientific publishing and seeks to promote the education of the dental profession and the attainment of optimum oral health. The directors are satisfied with the company's performance during the year and look forward to continued improvement in the future.

Results The results for the year are set out in the company profit and loss account on page 37. The directors have not recommended a dividend.

Financial risk management objectives and policies The company has budgetary and financial reporting procedures, supported by appropriate key performance indicators, to manage credit, liquidity and other financial risk. All key financial figures are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Important events since the year end There have been no significant events affecting the company since the year end.

The board of directors

Registered office Unit 2 Leopardstown Office Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18

Dr Ryan Hennessy Dr James Turner


Dr Andrew Bolas

Grant Thornton, Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditor

Dr Mark Condon

24 - 26 City Quay, Dublin 2

Dr Nuala Carney Dr SeĂĄn Malone


Dr Patrick Halvey

Bank of Ireland, 1 Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Dr Maher Kemmoona

Allied Irish Bank, 33 Blackthorn Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18

Dr Peter Gannon

Permanent TSB, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Dr Mark Condon

Company secretary

Solicitors O'Connor & Co., 8 Clare Street, Dublin 2\

Irish Dental Association



n make judgements and accounting estimates that are

Directors The directors and secretary who served the company during the year were as follows:

reasonable and prudent; and

n prepare the financial statements on the going concern

Dr Ryan Hennessy

basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the

Dr James Turner

company will continue in business.

Dr Andrew Bolas

The directors confirm that they have complied with the above

Dr Mark Condon

requirements in preparing the financial statements.

Dr Nuala Carney

The directors are responsible for keeping proper books of

Dr Seán Malone

account that disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time

Dr Patrick Halvey

the financial position of the company and enable them to

Dr Maher Kemmoona

(Appointed April 18, 2013)

ensure that the financial statements are prepared in

Dr Peter Gannon

(Appointed April 18, 2013)

accordance with accounting standards generally accepted in

Dr Conor McAlister

(Resigned April 18, 2013)

Ireland and comply with the Companies Acts, 1963 to 2013.

Dr Ray McCarthy

(Resigned April 18, 2013)

The directors are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the company and hence for taking reasonable steps for the

Directors’ responsibilities

prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.

The directors are responsible for preparing the Annual Report and the financial statements in accordance with applicable

Books of account

Irish law and generally accepted accounting practice in

The directors believe that they have complied with the

Ireland including the accounting standards issued by

requirements of Section 202 of the Companies Act, 1990 with

Financial Reporting Council and promulgated by The Institute

regard to books of account by employing personnel with

of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

appropriate expertise and by providing adequate resources to

Irish company law requires the directors to prepare financial

the financial function. The books of account of the company

statements for each financial year which give a true and fair

are maintained at Unit 2 Leopardstown Office Park,

view of the state of affairs of the company and of the profit or

Sandyford, Dublin 18.

loss of the company for that year. In preparing these financial statements, the directors are required to:


n select suitable accounting policies and then apply them

The auditors, Grant Thornton, will continue in office in


accordance with section 160(2) of the Companies Act 1963.

Signed on behalf of the directors



Dr Nuala Carney, Director

Dr Seán Malone, Director

Approved by the directors on April 10, 2014


Irish Dental Association


Independent auditor’s report

We have audited the financial statements of The Irish Dental Association Limited for the year ended December 31, 2013.

The financial reporting framework that has been applied in

inconsistent with, the knowledge acquired by us in the course

their preparation is applicable law and United Kingdom

of performing the audit. If we become aware of any apparent

Accounting Standards (United Kingdom Generally Accepted

material misstatements or inconsistencies we consider the

Accounting Practice).

implications for our report.

This report is made solely to the company's shareholders, as a body, in accordance with Section 193 of the Companies Act,

Opinion on financial statements

1990. Our audit work has been undertaken so that we might

In our opinion the financial statements:

state to the company's shareholders those matters we are

n give a true and fair view, in accordance with Generally

required to state to them in an auditor's report and for no

Accepted Accounting Practice in Ireland of the state of the

other purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do

company's affairs as at 31st December 2013 and of its

not accept or assume responsibility to anyone other than the

loss for the year then ended; and

company and the company's shareholders as a body, for our

n have been properly prepared in accordance with the

audit work, for this report, or for the opinions we have formed.

requirements of the Companies Acts, 1963 to 2013.

Respective responsibilities of directors and auditor

Matters on which we are required to report by the

As explained more fully in the Directors' Responsibilities

Companies Act 1936-2013

Statement set out on pages 2 to 3, the directors are

n we have obtained all the information and explanations

responsible for the preparation of the financial statements

which we consider necessary for the purposes of our audit.

giving a true and fair view. Our responsibility is to audit and

n in our opinion, proper books of account have been kept by

express an opinion on the financial statements in accordance with Irish law and International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland). Those standards require us to comply with the Auditing Practices Board's Ethical Standards for Auditors.

the company.

n the financial statements are in agreement with the books of account.

n in our opinion the information given in the Directors' Report on pages 2 to 4 is consistent with the financial

Scope of the audit of the financial statements


An audit involves obtaining evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements sufficient to give

Matters on which we are required to report by

reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free


from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or

We have nothing to report in respect of the provisions of the

error. This includes an assessment of: whether the

Companies Acts, 1963 to 2013 which requires us to report to

accounting policies are appropriate to the company's

you if, in our opinion, the disclosures of directors'

circumstances and have been consistently applied and

remuneration and transactions specified by law are not made.

adequately disclosed; the reasonableness of significant accounting estimates made by the directors; and the overall

Tony O’Carroll

presentation of the financial statements. In addition, we read

For and on behalf of GRANT THORNTON

all the financial and non-financial information in the annual

Chartered Accountants& Registered Auditor

report to identify material inconsistencies with the audited

24 - 26 City Quay, Dublin 2

financial statements and to identify any information that is apparently materially incorrect based on, or materially Irish Dental Association



April 10, 2014













Administrative expenses OPERATING PROFIT/(LOSS)



Other provisions







Interest receivable




Interest payable and similar charges








LOSS ON ORDINARY ACTIVITIES BEFORE TAXATION Tax on loss on ordinary activities







_____ _____

_____ _____

All of the activities of the company are classed as continuing.

Statement of total recognised gains and losses There are no recognised gains or losses other than the loss of €788,673 attributable to the members for the year ended December 31, 2013 (2012 - loss of €59,053).

Signed on behalf of the directors



Dr Nuala Carney, Director

Dr Seán Malone, Director Approved by the directors on April 10, 2014


Irish Dental Association



2013 Note

2012 €

FIXED ASSETS Tangible assets






Cash at bank and in hand









CREDITORS Amounts falling due within one year














CREDITORS: Amounts falling due after more than one year






_____ _____

_____ _____




Other reserves



Profit and loss account








_____ _____




_____ _____

Signed on behalf of the directors



Dr Nuala Carney, Director

Dr Seán Malone, Director Approved by the directors on April 10, 2014

Irish Dental Association




2013 Note



2012 €
















CAPITAL EXPENDITURE Payments to acquire tangible fixed assets





_____ (9,731)







FINANCING Repayment of bank loans





_____ (19,384)

_____ 18


_____ _____




_____ _____


Irish Dental Association




Basis of accounting

Post retirement benefits

The financial statements are prepared in accordance with

The company has agreed to provide certain additional post-

generally accepted accounting principles under the historical

retirement benefits to selected senior employees. The

cost convention and comply with financial reporting standards

estimated cost of providing such benefits is charged against

of the Accounting Standards Board, as promulgated by the

profits on a systematic basis over the employees' working

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, and Irish statute

lives within the company.

comprising the Companies Acts, 1963 to 2013. Financial instruments Turnover

Financial instruments are classified and accounted for,

The turnover shown in the profit and loss account represents

according to the substance of the contractual arrangement,

amounts invoiced during the year.

as either financial assets, financial liabilities or equity instruments. An equity instrument is any contract that

Fixed assets

evidences a residual interest in the assets of the company

All fixed assets are initially recorded at cost.

after deducting all of its liabilities.



Depreciation is calculated so as to write off the cost of an

The income and loss before tax are attributable to the one

asset, less its estimated residual value, over the useful

principal activity of the company.

economic life of that asset as follows: Freehold Land & Buildings

- 2% Straight Line

An analysis of income is given below:

Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment - 20% Straight Line

Finance lease agreements Where the company enters into a lease which entails taking substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership of an asset, the lease is treated as a finance lease. The asset is recorded in the balance sheet as a tangible fixed asset and is depreciated in accordance with the above depreciation policies. Future instalments under such leases, net of finance charges, are included within creditors. Rentals payable are apportioned between the finance element, which is charged to the profit and loss account on a straight line basis, and the capital element which reduces the outstanding obligation for future instalments.

Irish Dental Association



Republic of Ireland






_____ _____


_____ _____

3. OPERATING PROFIT/(LOSS) Operating profit/(loss) is stated after charging: Directors' remuneration Depreciation of owned fixed assets Auditor's remuneration - as auditor Operating lease costs: Plant and equipment





4,501 _____


4,970 _____




4. OTHER PROVISIONS The provision arises on the revaluation of land and buildings as detailed in note 9 overleaf.

5. PARTICULARS OF EMPLOYEES The average number of staff employed by the company during the financial year amounted to: Number of administrative staff



_____ _____

_____ _____



Wages and salaries



Social welfare costs



Other pension costs

35,033 _____

26,269 _____

263,173 _____ _____

281,063 _____ _____

The aggregate payroll costs of the above were:

6. INTEREST RECEIVABLE Bank interest receivable



_____ _____

_____ _____

3,409 _____ _____

5,301 _____ _____

7. INTEREST PAYABLE AND SIMILAR CHARGES Interest payable on bank borrowing

8. TAXATION ON ORDINARY ACTIVITIES Factors affecting current tax charge The tax assessed on the loss on ordinary activities for the year is higher than the standard rate of corporation tax in Ireland of 12.50% (2012 - 12.50%). Loss on ordinary activities before taxation

Loss on ordinary activities by rate of tax Expenses not deductible for tax purposes Timing differences Additional tax arising on profits chargeable at 25%





_____ _____

_____ _____









Losses carried forward

(5,181) _____

3,976 _____

Total current tax

_____ _____

_____ _____


Irish Dental Association


9. TANGIBLE FIXED ASSETS Land & Buildings Freehold €

Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment €




COST At January 1, 2013 Additions Revaluation At December 31, 2013

– (1,025,588)

_____ 475,000

_____ _____









_____ _____

_____ _____


DEPRECIATION At January 1, 2013



Charge for the year





Revaluation At December 31, 2013

NET BOOK VALUE At December 31, 2013 At December 31, 2013


_____ –

_____ _____ 475,000

_____ 1,295,193

_____ _____



_____ _____




_____ _____



_____ _____




_____ _____

On March 31, 2014, Mr Jason Fielden and Mr Brian Gibson of Lisney valued the property at a current market value of €475,000 (Original cost €1,500,588).

10. DEBTORS Corporation tax repayable Other debtors Prepayments and accrued income



€ 4

€ –




_____ 332,611

All amounts are receivable within one year.

_____ _____




_____ _____

11. CREDITORS Amounts falling due within one year

2013 € 19,419

2012 € 17,501

Trade creditors



Corporation tax


Bank loans

PAYE and social welfare Amounts due to related party Accruals and deferred income






_____ 539,087

_____ _____




_____ _____

The bank loans due within one year are secured on the property at Unit 2 Leopardstown Office Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18. Irish Dental Association



12. CREDITORS Amounts falling due after more than one year Bank loans



€ 210,828

€ 232,130

_____ _____

_____ _____

The bank loans due after one year are secured on the property at Unit 2 Leopardstown Office Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

13. RELATED PARTY TRANSACTIONS The Irish Dental Association Limited is related to The Irish Dental Union and during the year, The Irish Dental Association collected subscriptions on behalf of The Irish Dental Union of €744,612 (2012: €675,115). The Irish Dental Association Limited paid expenses totalling €592,699 (2012: €500,878) during the year. The balance owing to The Irish Dental Union at the year end was €133,413 (2012: €149,237). No other transactions with related parties were undertaken such as are required to be disclosed under Financial Reporting Standard 8.

14. COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE The company is limited by guarantee and therefore does not have any authorised or issued shares. The maximum contribution required by each member is €1.27.


Capital reserve



€ 257,988

€ 257,988

_____ _____

_____ _____


Balance brought forward Loss for the financial year Balance carried forward

2013 € 774,644 (788,673)

_____ (14,029)

_____ _____

2012 € 833,697 (59,053)



_____ _____


Operating profit/(loss) Depreciation (Increase)/decrease in debtors Increase in creditors Net cash inflow from operating activities

2013 € 7,459

2012 € (56,724)






_____ 5,919

_____ _____




_____ _____


Irish Dental Association


18. RECONCILIATION OF NET CASH FLOW TO MOVEMENT IN NET DEBT 2013 € (Decrease)/increase in cash in the period Net cash outflow from bank loans


2012 € 160,342




____ (5,825)


____ Change in net debt




Net debt at January 1, 2013



Net debt at December 31, 2013





____ ____

____ ____


Cash flows €

At 31 Dec 2013 €

Net cash: Cash in hand and at bank







Debt: Debt due within 1 year




Debt due after 1 year








_____ _____ Net debt

Irish Dental Association





_____ _____





_____ _____




2013 € INCOME Member subscriptions Journal / Ad sales Accreditation Branch contributions Other Income Surplus from Annual Conference Surplus from Public Dental Surgeons Seminar Surplus from Training Courses

OVERHEADS Wages and salaries Employers PRSI Staff pension contributions VHI Rates and water Light and heat Insurance Repairs and maintenance Cleaning Estate service charge Members compensation Travel and subsistence Presidential expenses Telephone Council of European Dentists meeting costs Equipment leasing charges Printing, stationery and postage Staff training Meetings, delegations and courses Sundry expenses Subscriptions and affiliation fees Public relations and advertising Website development Legal and professional fees Auditors remuneration Depreciation charge Bad debts written off Bank charges

OPERATING PROFIT/(LOSS) Other provisions

Bank interest receivable


2012 €

248,204 30,946 119,139 17,150 3,211 87,615 9,184 32,944

168,780 24,096 147,663 52,846 2,421 68,249 11,901 10,010





(206,235) (21,905) (16,972) (18,061) (4,948) (3,633) (2,399) (11,109) (299) (858) – (10,888) (3,946) (7,627) (19,576) (4,501) (81,623) (3,845) (5,130) (8,029) (7,898) (33,560) (2,575) (15,566) (8,262) (36,296) – (5,193) _____

(230,377) (24,417) (17,748) (8,521) (5,009) (2,734) (2,035) (11,277) (780) (601) (4,800) (17,958) (3,989) (6,673) – (4,970) (53,212) – (12,026) (3,895) (5,357) (13,776) (17,298) (43,075) (9,102) (34,330) (1,837) (6,893) _____ (540,934) _____

(542,690) _____



(794,431) _____




1,708 _____

2,972 _____



(3,409) _____ (788,673) _____

(5,301) _____ (59,053) _____


Irish Dental Association



Motion number 1

Motion number 2

Motion number 3

That the audited accounts and report

That this AGM appoints Grant Thornton,

That this AGM authorises the directors

thereon for the year ended December

Chartered Accountants, as auditors to

to fix the remuneration of the auditors.

31, 2013, be accepted.

hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting at which accounts are laid.

Proposed by: Dr Nuala Carney

Proposed by: Dr Nuala Carney

Proposed by: Dr Nuala Carney




Dr Mark Condon

Dr Mark Condon

Dr Mark Condon

Motion number 4

Motion number 5

Motion number 6

That the Association condemns the

That the Association calls on the

That this AGM calls on the Department

lack of preventative state-funded dental

government to address the alarming

of Health and the HSE to ensure


rise of caries in children.

appropriate and timely provision of dental general anaesthetic services for children and special care patients in order to avoid unnecessary delays in treating pain, sepsis and dental trauma.

Proposed by:

Irish Dental Association



GP Committee

Proposed by:

GP Committee

Proposed by: HSE Dental Surgeons Group

Unit 2 Leopardstown Office Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18 Tel: +353 1 295 0072 Fax: +353 1 295 0092 Email:

IDA Annual Report 2013  
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