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College Internship Program: Guidelines for Credit Unions The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to serving Alabama and Florida credit unions through its efforts of charity, community and cooperation. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for credit unions to collectively effect change through charitable giving and education. Through the College Internship Program, students will have an opportunity to explore employment at a credit union as a possible profession while gaining valuable skills and experience to enhance their classroom learning. Credit unions will benefit from the fresh perspectives offered by the students and gain valuable assistance in their day-to-day operations. Overview 1. 12-week internships are available at designated credit unions in Alabama and Florida. 2. Selected applicants must work a minimum of 20 hours per week for the duration of 12 weeks. 3. Selected applicants will receive up to $3,500 in pay for the internship. 4. Internships are available for funding from June 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. 5. The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation will provide funding for the internship program but the selected applicants will be paid by their assigned credit union. Eligibility Requirements 1. The student must attend a college or university in Alabama or Florida. 2. The student must be a junior or senior. 3. The student must have a 3.0 overall grade point average. 4. The student must be majoring in finance/accounting, business, economics, marketing, communications, or a related field. 5. The student must complete the SECUF internship application form and submit at least one recommendation from a faculty member at their college/university. Internship Benefits 1. Gain hands-on experience in a professional work environment. 2. Observe and understand connections between coursework and the world of work. 3. Identify the skills and knowledge essential to working at a credit union. 4. Expose students to credit unions as a possible profession. 5. Demonstrate professionalism and increase the marketability of the college degree. 6. Develop practical skills in realistic environments where professional criticism is both immediate and constructive. 7. Successful completion of an internship often provides students with the confidence needed to begin a job search. 8. Contacts made through internships are valuable sources of information for securing future employment. Credit Union Requirements 1. For consideration of internship placement, a credit union must establish and submit a job description for the internship position. 2. The credit union must submit written goals and objectives for the internship position. 3. The intern will observe the pay periods of the credit union placement. Credit unions will submit the number of hours worked during each pay period to the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation and the Foundation will wire funds to the credit unions. 4. The participating credit union will be responsible for issuing paychecks, withholding taxes, and sending W2s.

Selection Process 1. Applicants will not be placed in a credit union where a family member is in a management position or a member of the board of directors. 2. Applicants will not be placed in an internship supervised by a member of their immediate family. 3. Selection committee will consist of LSCU Management and members of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation Board of Trustees. 4. Applicants must commit to a 12-week paid internship at the designated credit union. 5. Applicants must participate in an interview at the designated credit union. 6. Upon acceptance of the internship, applicants may be subject to a background check and drug screening. Evaluation 1. Intern and supervisor at assigned credit union will formalize an “Agreement of Responsibilities” and submit it to the SECUF. 2. Intern and supervisor at assigned credit union will each complete a mid-term evaluation and submit it to the SECUF. 3. Intern and supervisor at assigned credit union will each complete a final evaluation and submit it to the SECUF. 4. Upon completion of the internship, intern will submit a 500-word essay about their experiences working at the credit union to the SECUF.


College Internship Program: Agreement of Responsibilities Contact Information Credit Union ___________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ City ________________________

State ______ Zip _________

Email _________________________________________ Phone _______________________ Internship Supervisor _____________________________________ Internship Start Date _________________ Internship Completion Date __________________ Intern Responsibilities (Projects, Tasks, Etc) Academic & Professional Benefits: Describe some of the knowledge/skills the intern will acquire.

____________________________________________________________________________ Describe the criteria you will use to evaluate the intern.

____________________________________________________________________________ Provide the weekly schedule for the intern.


Student Signature _______________________________________

Date _____________

Intern Supervisor Signature _________________________________

Date _____________

This form is due by the end of the first week of the internship. Email or fax this form to: Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, or 850.558.1155. For more information, call 866.231.0545 x2181.


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