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Relationship with Me: • Housemate/close friend • Live together • Went to the same foundation college • Known her for 2 years

Relationship with Friends: • Sundays- youth cell • University friends • Enjoys to socialize: cinema, shopping • Likes to talk about how her religious beliefs are practiced in her life.


Relationship with Family: • One brother (younger) • Parents separated and happy - never married • Being the oldest- feels responsible for her brother. • Typical friend/mother and daughter relationship

Relationship with God: • Practising Christian • Once a week goes to church • Organizing a christian society at uca • Reads the bible regularly • Relates to scriptures and quotes to get through personal stuggles.

Interview with Karina Name: Karina Louise Mensah Age:19 Date of Birth: July 19th 1991 No. of siblings: 1 Brother Feels a kind of responsibility and protectivness over him. They Age: 17 maintain a close ‘friend’ relationship and often keep in touch. Status of parents: Separated- (both in new relationships) Hobbies: Bowling/ Shopping Gym Interests: Singing Has had time to adjust and mature about the situation and Reading the Bible arangments. Collecting keyrings/rings Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be? A: One of those nice houses on the beach Q: Do you prefer modern or traditional? A: Kind of tradition, not too snazzy, I like old. Q: How many houses have you lived in? A: I have lived in 7 different houses. Q: Has this changed your relationship with your parents? A: It has caused me to not get attached easily. I also lost respect for them and thought they acted selfishly when moving. Q: What would you reincarnate as? A: A turtle as I would be able to live in and out of water. Q: If you had a time machine where would you go back to? A: To meet Jesus , and visit Egypt to see how they made the pyramids Q: How has living out affedted you? A: I feel more independant, also see it as a place to escape.

Interview with Karina continued... Q: Biggest achivevement? A: Being baptised, I feel like I have been forgiven of all my sins and been able to start fresh Q: Most memorable childhood game? A: I used to love playing monopoly and Ludo with my dad Q: What is your preffered season? A: I love summer, as it doesn’t come around often Q: What’s you biggest fear? A: I hate spiders or anything creepy crawly Q: How would you describe yourself in a few words? A: Kind, over emotional Q: What materialistic value is most important to you? A: I would say my phone, or y Bible as it’s what I personally live by Q: Do you enjoy living away from home and why? A: Yes and no, I do enjoy the freedom and living with friends, having fun. But then I do get home sick quite alot because i’m quite family orientated Q: Have you achieved anything in particular that your proud of? A: Getting a merit for my foundation, G.C.S.E results, my media c/w Q: Is being a christian important to you? and why? A: Yes, because I have faith in what the bible teaches, I try and pray and lead my life to the way god wants us to lead it Q: Do you feel that there’s pressure? A: Yh, I do when you tell people your a christian they expect you to be perfect, or to be a certain way, but it’s like were all human at the end of the day, we all make mistakes, but I try to be as much as a good christian as I can. But obviously you slip up Q:Whose the closest person to you and why? A: My mum, because I see her as a friend but also as a role model. She is a strong and independant woman, which is what I consider myself to be too.

Karina’s Favourites Favourite Biblical quote? ‘I can do all things through Christ, he strengthens me’ Favourite Theme park? I like chessington, because its full of adventures and as i am not really a thrill seaker I do enjoy mazes, fair games, logers leap, subtle water rides. Favourite Holiday? St Lucia, because it was the last caribean resort me and my parents took me to Favourite colour? I consider myself to be quite girly, so it won’t come as a surprise....Pink Favourite Animal? I wouldn’t call myself an animal lover, however I do think butterflys are pretty Favourite Material? I like the texture of velvet, and it also reminds me of an old sofa we used to have Favourite Disney film? Beauty & the Beast, I always felt sorry for the Beast Favourite food? Chocolate? I’ve also been to visit a chocolate factory in belguim Favourite Memory? Recently my baptism, I enjoyed the achievment I felt after the ceremony Favourite Drink? Chocolate milk, reminds me of my childhood Favourite A ctivity? I love going bowling, However I’m not really that good at winning.

Interview with Yewande Q: How do you know Karina? A: She is my foolish housemate and friend and classmate Q: How would you describe Karina? A: Bubbly, stressed at time, someone you can talk to Q: Whats your most memorable moment with her and why? A: Late night snack sessions, because the’re funny and we watch random video clips online till late Q: How do you see karina’s desired future? A: I think karina is on a journey of discovery, through finding herself and religion Q: What’s karinas favourite game? A: Fall down on her blackberry Q: What do you have most in common with karina? A: We both love to eat food, anything goes Q: Why do you think she gets stressed? A: Time managment pressure Q: What is she addicted to? A: Her christian radio Q: What’s the funniest story karinas told you? A: She sneezed and her granma come and splashed her with water. and she was in shock and asked her mum why her granma did that and it was apparently to get rid of the bad spirits

Ideas for 2.5d Environment Paradise/beach Karina mentioned that she was quite fond of caribean resorts and beaches. I decided to use this image of a beach in St Lucia to convert into 2.5d. I thought this enviroment in particular represents her view of ‘paradise’ and a place she desires in after life. I also think I may incorporate this into the 3d enviroment as an ultimate place where she feels calm and relaxed, especially as she struggles with stress.

Carnival Hammer Bell Karina enjoys Fun Fairs and carnivals, I thought that this hammer bell would be interesting if I was to change the top to her personal ultimate goal. The idea would be that karina has the find the strenght in herself to achieve her goal in life and if she sets her mind to it she can do it.

One of Karinas favourite activities to play is bowling, I thought that I could use the pins and bowling ball as a metaphor of her tackling her challenges. Apart from being just the obvious link to her favourite game, i thought I could insert text or images onto the pins as the appear to be falling down.

Themes/Ideas Ludo



Adventure Obstacle course

Alice in Wonderland



Style Sheet

Style Sheet

Style Sheet

Creating characters using 3D Max During this tutorial I learnt to create a human character using the objects available. I created basic shapes which represented human features. I then linked these objects to eachother in order to allow it to move and express human physical qualities. Although this took several attempts , I was finally able to start animating. I begun by clicking auto key to record and moved each points further to cause the leg to move. Then I continue this with both hands and legs to create a dance movement. When I played it the movement was successful and the character appeared to be dancing. For the enviroment I intend of developing facial features as well as defining the body.

3D Max Tutorial

The 3D Max tutorial helped me develop my skills in creating unique objects. I also gained more knowledge on how to use this program for this particular project. It is essential I understand how to modify and edit my objects in order to create what I intend to for my enviroment. These print screen images are an example or what I achieved by the end of that lesson. I feel more comfortable with the program and confident that I can independantly create basic shapes, create a material library and ultimately the assests in my enviroment.

Unity Tutorial

I found using Unity quite easy after stuggling with 3D max which happens to be more complicated. This allowed me to create a basic island which I could control through the character. I designed a water fall and volcano to make look interesting to walk around. After completeing this island I then learnt how to bring in my 3d max objects to personalise this enviroment. This was quite simple as it was a matter of saving the objects into a unity assest folder. The objects then appear in the unity library which i then could drag onto my enviroment. I feel like I have developed enough understanding of the program to work on my virtual enviroment.

Documenting Real World/ Daily Activities

Pre Production Synopsis The island is going to be structured like a maze but rather than using walls I intend to create a pathway with obstacles along. This will allow the person to interact with the enviroment. The obstacles will be personal challenges which my interviewee has experienced. The ultimate destination will be Karinas version of ‘paradise’. This will consist of a small beach with calming sounds of the sea and nature to create a relaxing atmosphere. Treatement This enviroment is based on a metaphor of Karinas life. The interview which i carried out allowed me to gaather an indepth understanding of karina identity. The idea of a maze structure formed from a past memory of her and her father playing monopoly and Ludo. As Karina is a christian she personally feels a strong relationship with God and therefore she practises her faith in the way she lives. After analysing this through attending a christian union she leads I have begun to understand that her faith plays a large role in how she percieve the world and acts everyday. Her life seemed to be a discovery of her self through her religion, thus I have chosen to portray this concept in an enviroment set along a pathway to her ultimate ‘paradise’. Motivation As the enviroment will consist of obstacles, this will motivate the player to overcome these inorder to complete the journey. The world will be a metaphor of her life and therefore will be considered Dystopia as it is a controlled and furturistic society based on the person. There will also be light which will continue to get light through the pathway; this will also be a motivation. As the bible is karinas guide, I also thought to use is as a metaphor of her map to get to this final destination. Therefore quote will be embedded to help the controler find their way through. Exterior/ Interior: As the theme will consist of a maze, the interior will be made from walls, however within the maze will be obstacles such as water, tyres, tunnels which will allrepresent the challenges she faces daily. Colour: The colours will be quite varied and bright to represent not only the colours she wears but also her personality. Contrasting colours such as black and white will represent the contradiction in her faith and societys doubt it in.Pink will also be in a main colour as she is very fond of the colour. Aesthetics and Texture: Textures I wil use are water, velvet. Inhabitants: I intend to have human character to represent the people she has around her, but also a divide in the people who share her belief and those who don’t as she tends to unintentionally issolate herself.

Script Initial Ideas: Theme: Maze The player/controller will be positioned at the begining of the pathway, they will then be led through via the help of sign, quote and obstacles. Along this pathway they will come across: Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4:

Final Ideas: Theme: Maze Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4:

Existing Examples

Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein was a popular first person shooter game in the 90s. I specifically remember playing this and enjoying the anticipation of each room when the door would open. I researched this game because it contains a structure alomost like a maze, where the aim is to shoot your way through the pathways to find the next hidden door and complete the level. The motivation of this game in particular is to kill the human characters in order to get past them. You have to then identify hidden doors or traps along the way to that will eventually lead you to a new room. The ultimate goal it to complete the level which is where you will then be met with more obstructions and evil people. The journey through this maze resembles similar intentions to mine for my enviroment. This inspired me to include obstacles which relate to my informant.

Existing Examples

Super Noah’s Ark 3D Super Noah’s Ark 3d is a similar person person game to Wolfenstein and Doom, except it is less violent and is targeted to christians. The layout also mimics a maze theme which you have to follow pathways to get to different room. However the difference is that the gun is replaced with a sleeping rifle which already is a more friendly and less violent method of overcoming possible obstructions. The inhabitants in this game are animals from the story of Noahs ark.

Existing Examples

Tomb Raider Maze Tomb raider Anniversary Walk through is based on a maze theme and allows lara croft to walk though the maze to find hidden rewards and find the ultimate destination. She is on a journey through the maze to find a house which she will the enter and discover passage ways and find powerful artfacts. This

Existing Examples

Omnious Fortress

Existing Examples

Design that matters

Existing Examples Time Bandits

Further Interview... What are your personal struggles? My self confident, I still lack in some areas, such as in myself, my appearance. I can be insecure about my weight and I tend to compare myself to other people. I think thats why I buy so much clothes, to make myself feel better pysically. When I look nice, I feel like it helps my confidence. Do you find that you are met with faith challenges? I get angry easily because I shouldn’t let it get to me so much. I know what I believe and if I truely believe that then I shouldn’t get so worked up. What are they? and how do they make you feel? When people challenge my faith it just makes me want to express it more. Thats probably why I started the christian union, because I want people to see how i am committed. I guess you cant make everyone believe what you believe so its kust accepting that. What are your opinions on other christian interpretations of the bible? It upsets me that there are so many different outlooks on it, I think if were all christians were all ment to believe in the same things, but then again were all people and people have different opinions. I dont agree with some of the things some christians say, because I believe in the bible and take it quite literally whereas some dont. I believe im truely christian now rather than before when it was just a weekly routine with the family, I wasnt passionate about it, but now its different. Do you feel like there are some questions you can’t answer as a christian? how do you feel about this? Yh, because only God knows everything, and we only know what we read or what’s been told to us. Personally I dont know the bible like the back of my hand, but I’m still reading it, so I dont know everything that’s been said. And I think we can’t always answer everything, some things will always be unquestionable , that why we have faith, if we knew everything there would be no point in faith because everyone would have the answers. Do you think that there will be a time you will have an answer or are you satisfied with not ever knowing the answer? I feel like I’m getting better, the more I read the Bible the more I listen to my Christian radio, the more I’m learning about my faith, and it prepares me on how to answer difficult questions. Theres only so much you can tell people, if they dont have faith then you cant force it on them. There is a confrence in the summer I want to go to which talk about answering tough questions, which will be good towards my C.U aswell. On a scale from 1-10 how christian are you? (strict wise) Its quite hard. I believe I’m a true christian now because I’m certain I believe in God and Jesus being the son of God. Each day is like a daily process, I would say that im a 10 in the sense that I truely believe there is a God and there no doubt about that, but the whole strict christian, people might not see me as one because I go out and drink. But I dont think thats whats being a christian is about, and theres not where in the bible that says you cant, but as long as you have control and I believe I do.

Interview continued... Do you feel that your personal struggles affect the people around you? why and how? Yh, it makes me question why I’m handling them in a bad way and it hurts my family and friends because they dont like to see me like that. My mum gets quite upset alot , I don’t really share it with my dad, that im upset, to him im very happy karina so he doesn’t see this side of me and I think he wouldn’t know how to deal with it. I probably protect my dad from it because I dont feel I can relate to him like that, I don’t think anything he says would even comfort me. I feel to not bother letting him know when I’m down. Whereas with my mum, even though she does get upset I know that she can help me with what she says and comforts me alot more. Do you consider it a christian thing to do by allowing your fustration to be shared with these people? No, thats why it upsets me so much because your character is ment to be christ like and yh Jesus did get angry at people but that was one time only, and he knew it was wrong. Im so glad that it happened because it shows that even Jesus got angry, he was human aswell. We just have to deal with these emotions, but I don’t think it’s christ like and thats why I pray that I will find a way to deal with it and try not to be angry as I am recently. When did these emotional feelings start to get the better of you? I think as a child I grew up very timid and angry and I always held my emotions in instead of going to my parents. I also used to cry alot when I was angry, After my parents separation, the crying all the time turned to anger and I got very angry with my parents and I feel like I’ve forgiven them and that was really hard but I have. When I think back I dont get worked up, I just think thats wht happened and deal with it. But now its fustrations with myself. I have quite high expectations of myself. What would you say triggers the majority of these emotions and why? Well recently it deffinately is my course and I think its because I spent all these years working towards it and now I’m stuggling and it doesn’t seem to be what I enjoy. When I doubt my ability it gets me down. How does your faith help you get through this? I know it does because it gives me the motivation and purpose for life. Sometimes i think what am I doing on this course but then I think God has guided me through life, and when I look back everything I’ve done is for a reason and has got me to where I am.So I just think I’m here for a reason and purpose God wouldn’t want me doing something which I’m not ment to be doing.I feel like im not going to fail, yh im finding it hard but gods with me in this. How do you aim to get out of this funk? And be in a happy place again? I wake up knowing I feel bad, and its because im thinking about it, and the more I think about the less I get out of it. Its just like a vicious circle. I just try to wake up and think, Its a new day I cant let it get to me and think its going to get better. The way i’ll get out of it is when I start believe in myself .

Map of my Enviroment

In the middle will contain her ultimate safe place/ version of heaven. I will include elements of her favourite beach holiday with the family, her church and the things which make her happy.

The walls will be made out of tall building as she would prefer to city in the city and loves London.

There will also be trees and nature to show the contrast and contradiction. She also mentioned she likes nature and the calmness in her interview.

3D Enviroment Assets

3d enviroment  

sem2 wookbook