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THIIS Trade Magazine • Issue 229 • October 2017



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Issue 229 October 2017

Providing news and views in the trade since 1999

Precious time Retailer uses time to gain a competitive edge

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Care Plus Mobility


21/09/2017 14:14

Why sell a stairlift when you can sell a real lift? ●

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Surpisingly affordable lift options, prices start from just £10,000 No load bearing walls required; can fit almost anywhere, even in a small cupboard

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Exciting and unique product offering; an easy referral

Great commission structure

Various sizes of eye catching point of sale

Simple process, just collect the client details and we do the rest



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0808 274 2789



21/09/2017 18/02/2016 14:14 11:05

16 11:05


…from the editor As you may have noticed, THIIS has undergone a bit of a change. With Trade Days bringing the industry together in October, we decided it would be the perfect time to reveal a refresh to the magazine.


ur October issue is full of the same great content as before, but sports a more modern look and feel. If you are attending the show, swing by stand TDD6 and let us know your thoughts of the redesign. At the show, we will also be interviewing people in the trade to get their opinions regarding topics in the industry. If you fancy taking part and gaining some great exposure for yourself and your company, drop by the stand. In this issue, we look at how one independent mobility retailer has managed to turn time into a unique selling point, offering customers a 24hour test drive to help compete against the big boys in the market. We also look at how manufacturers, especially in the specialist seating sector, are going the extra mile to work with their retailers in order to achieve success in tough market conditions. The October Product Showcase is a Trade Days special, highlighting some must-see products from across the industry, as well as which stands they can be found on. Our November Product Showcase will be covering wheelchairs and walking aids so if you have a new product that fits into that category, get in touch and let us know. I look forward to seeing many of you at Trade Days.

Calvin Barnett Editor

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Editor Calvin Barnett 01933 278086

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38 Howzat for hospitality

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TRAVEL FURTHER WITH •RELIABLE •LONGER LASTING •100% GENUINE GEL Full Range of Haze GEL Batteries available Easystart Ltd. Tel: 01536 203030 Website: Email: Thiis October 2017.indd 5

21/09/2017 14:14

more about...


EASYSTART After two decades of supplying companies with batteries, it is safe to say Easystart knows a thing or two about powering mobility scooters. THIIS caught up with Sales Director Cillian Brugha and Area Sales Manager Katie Horner to learn more about the importance of staying local, the need for knowledge and valuable battery tips for retailers


ased in Corby; Northamptonshire, the company was started in 1996 by Trevor Horner and began by supplying starter batteries for vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. Since that time, the company has expanded its portfolio and now provides batteries to a range of industries and applications including industrial, commercial and leisure. One of the organisation’s strongest areas is mobility, where it has successfully supplied the Haze range

of both gel and AGM batteries to dealers for over a decade. Cillian and Katie discussed the company’s enduring 20 years of success and how the mobility market has changed. THE POWER OF STAYING LOCAL For Cillian, one of the fundamental aspects of Easystart’s success can be attributed to its focus on locality. “We have always centred around the idea of supporting local business,” he explained. “We supply within 100

miles of our three depots (Corby, Manchester & Belfast) with our vans, so we can be very hands-on and flexible with the customers that are local to us. I think customers really appreciate that, which is why we still have a lot of customers that have been purchasing from us since day one.” Cillian continued: “We don’t need to have nationwide-coverage and nextday distribution to absolutely everyone in order to have a good business model. There are services we offer to

6 |

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21/09/2017 14:14

The Easystart team in Corby

distributors around the country to use our products, but for us, the areas local to our depots are great.” Alongside the targeted regional activity, Easystart has also managed to gain and retain years of industry knowledge within the company, which Katie acknowledged as being key to company’s development. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER “For me, it really comes down to the people at Easystart. There are a handful of guys who have been with the company since the start and they

have so much knowledge. You can send them a picture of a battery and they’ll know exactly what it is and exactly what it is fitted on,” she said. “The guys in the office offer a lot of technical advice for when something comes back that a client believes is not working. They have a good knowledge on what could be causing issues and if the customer is in the boundary area, we will go and pick up the battery and do all the checks for them quickly. This is important because if the dealer knows the battery is good, then they will also know that there is something else wrong with the device.” Cillian also highlighted the need to have the right experience in the industry in order to offer effective customer service, stating that “it is an industry that can’t be learnt from a book.” One of the key lessons the company has learned over the years is the importance of quality when it comes to supplying batteries and being able to determine the good from the bad. Katie explained: “We have been through years of trial and error and a long time ago we thought we

needed to supply batteries that were affordable but possibly sacrificed quality to meet a demand for them in the market. We have learned that this just leads to more problems than it is worth, so we only supply the best of what is out there now. We also have the knowledge needed to determine what is best and are able to tell very quickly if something has been misssold.” Echoing Katie’s sentiments, Cillian discussed what processes the company carries out to ensure it supplies the highest quality batteries available. “Importantly, we only deal with manufacturing brands. Every time there is a new product released, we do a lot of testing ourselves before we begin distributing it to our customers. If we aren’t happy with it, then it would be impossible for us to release it to the market,” he said. “The focus is definitely on customer service and selling reliable batteries. People really do rely on their scooters and powerchairs for their daily lives and if they are using a product that can’t be relied upon, they will blame their dealer.”

“We want to see the mobility market and our customers continue to grow. It is not slowing down; our range is only getting better.” CILLIAN BRUGHA | 7

Thiis October 2017.indd 7

21/09/2017 14:14

more about... HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED Having supplied batteries to the industry for so many years, Cillian and Katie remarked how the industry’s attitude to batteries has changed. “As I mentioned, Easystart did a lot of trial and error with cheap batteries many years ago; I think so too have a lot of mobility companies and they came to the same conclusion. It would seem most are moving away from buying cheaper, purely because of warranties. It’s more hassle for their customer and therefore, more hassle for themselves,” she said. “Some turn to the internet, thinking they will be able to grab a bargain, until the battery goes down. Then they have to pay to send it back and if it is fine, pay to receive it back. And it can go back and forth. This can become costly for the dealer, especially if the battery supplier isn’t based in the UK and frustrating for the end-user.” Cillian agreed, highlighting the problems that cheaper batteries can cause for dealers and customers. “It often comes down to buy cheap, buy twice. There is a lot of that out there and unfortunately, mobility is a notorious marketplace for it. Anyone can type ‘mobility battery’ on the internet and pick from hundreds of options, but you just don’t know where they are coming from and, as Katie said, can be very costly if there is a problem with it,” explained Cillian. “I do think the growth of online sales has made people go to the other end of the spectrum however. These are the ones who understand that shortterm savings aren’t necessarily always beneficial for the long-term. I think people are really seeing the value in

quality, factory brands, because they know they can rely on them.” Katie pointed out that despite the rise of the internet in the industry, many of her brick and mortar retailers are enjoying growing success. “Most of my mobility customers are thriving at the moment because people want to go into stores and speak with someone face to face to get reassurance that they are buying the right product,” she commented. “When we go to see one of our customers, we go to do training with them, going over topics such as correct charging, testing and the different ranges available for different needs. Our customers become knowledgeable about the batteries they are selling, which they in-turn pass on to their customers.

both the dealer that we sell to and their customer.” TOP BATTERY TIPS FOR RETAILERS Working with their customers in the industry for so many years, the company has picked up some valuable advice along the way which Cillian and Katie were keen to share. “A battery should very much be sold on a user basis. If someone uses their scooter once or twice a week, then having the standard AGM batteries should be perfectly adequate for what they need. If they use it every day or load it up with things like the weekly shop, they would be better off using gel batteries,” Cillian told us. “We would never say one is better than the other, although we do find

“People rely on these scooters so much now that if they are not looking after the batteries, they will get caught out eventually” CILLIAN BRUGHA

This training and advice on how to correctly use and care for batteries and ensuring the right battery is used for the right customer works really well and we have such a low return rate because of it.” Cillian added: “A lot of people can sell a cheap battery; you can sell anything if it is cheap. But to sell a quality item at the right price, that is going to last, is a lot harder. We sell top of the range products and that comes with a price tag but it comes with reliability and peace of mind for

we are selling and recommending gel more as people are relying more on their mobility scooters.” The pair agreed that the most useful advice they could give retailers to relay to their customers is the need for correct battery care. “Battery care will make a battery last so much longer,” stressed the Sales Director. “People rely on these scooters so much now that if they are not looking after the batteries, they will get caught out eventually. They need to be put on charge immediately after

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21/09/2017 14:14

Don't get left behind... Join the Scooterpac revolution!

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The Scooterpac Canopy is a world first – a waterproof folding canopy that fits 99% of scooters on the market today. It features a rigid foldable frame that can be operated with one hand, and a thick waterproof fabric cover that seals the scooter against wind and rain. • • • •

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Call us on 0330 124 1733 or visit Thiis October 2017.indd 9

21/09/2017 14:14

more about... they are used, even if it has only been five minutes. “If a battery is used even 10 percent, left discharged at that 10 percent and then used later on without a recharge, it will start to damage the battery. The worst thing for a battery is to be left flat or to be used in a discharged state because the lead plates start to break and capacity is lost.” Cillian asserted that this is especially the case with an AGM battery, which will see a step down in performance if not fully charged which can never be recovered fully. Katie described a common issue that she has found occurs every Spring in the industry. “We always have an influx of warranties that come back around April time and it is because people are getting their scooters out after the Winter. Almost 90% of the batteries that come back to us around this time are just flat from not being used and

left in a discharged state, so we just give them a big charge up and send them back ready to be used.” The last tip from the battery specialists is not to neglect the importance of the battery charger, recommending that every time a new battery is purchased – every three to four years – a new charger is needed as well. Cillian explained: “The two will work together a lot longer from new. If an end-user starts using a five-yearold charger with a brand-new set of batteries, it might not be doing the full job.” CHARGING INTO THE FUTURE Katie highlighted how technology perceived to be expensive has become more affordable over the passage of time, making Easystart’s quality batteries more accessible. “Traditionally, a gel battery is noticeably more expensive than an AGM. However, as the technology

and as Haze’s manufacturing facilities have evolved, we buy just as much gel now, if not more, as we do AGMs. This means we have a good buying power that we pass on to our customers. People before would believe a gel would be a lot more expensive, but now it is just a matter of a few pounds.” With mobility being one of the largest sectors in Easystart’s portfolio, the battery experts gave us some insight into what are their ambitions for the market in the future. Cillian commented: “We want to see the mobility market and our customers continue to grow. It is not slowing down; our range is only getting better and people seem to be happy with the way we supply them so we are planning to continue as we have been and look forward to the next 20 years.”

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Finance Available

Insurance cover

Roadside Recovery

No consumer credit license required

Comprehensive cover with amazing customer service

24/7 recovery to get your customer and their mobility vehicle home

Just call or email us – our friendly team is waiting for your enquiry!

01582 840 067

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more about...

Haze Gel batteries power more than mobility scooters!

BACK TO THE FUTURE In the car industry today, all the talk is about electric being the future. An interesting project Easystart has been involved with however, shows that this trend towards electric is nothing new


t the start of the 20th century, 38 percent of American automobiles were powered by electricity. Among that 38 percent was the Waverley Pope, produced from 1896 to 1914. The car has now made a 21st century reappearance after Glyn Powell-Evans, a photographer and inventor based in Surrey, restored an antique Waverley Pope to working order with help from Easystart. What makes the project particularly interesting is that it is powered by the same batteries used in a mobility scooter! Cillian explained: “Glyn got in touch with us initially around April time looking for some leisure batteries.

After we found out what they were going to be used in, we suggested to use gel batteries instead; the exact same batteries we use in mobility scooters. The batteries were perfect for powering an electric car.” Using a tiller from a boat to steer the 1906 vehicle, it is powered using an electric motor and five Haze gel batteries and is capable of doing 30 to 40 miles on a charge. “The car is completely road legal, although we doubt he will be breaking any speed limits! There are only three or four of these vehicles in the entire country,” added Cillian. “It such a unique project and something we’ve never knowingly done before. The funny thing is, it is

the exact same concept as a mobility scooter, in as much as it is an electric motor running a 4-wheel vehicle.” To find out more about hiring the Waverly Pope for events and special occasions, email glyn@powell-evans. com

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The full power-chair range on show! You need to be atxxxxx We are looking forward to welcoming dealers to our stand TD F9 this year. You will be able to see the latest, full range of mobility power-chairs, including our comfort ‘K-Move’ with rehab and captain seat options! It’s a must go to event for UK mobility dealers.

The super-portable K-Chair will be on display at Trade Days. How quickly can you dismantle and reassemble it?

CALL YOUR AREA SALES MANAGER NOW! Central – Patrick Bevan 07803 000017

Thiis October 2017.indd 13

South West – Martin Garrett 07850 501634

South East – Keir French 07515 282647

North – Brian McCarry 07714 739763

21/09/2017 14:14

OU on TR




efndy Healthcare, a manufacturer and supplier of aids to daily living, has created a dedicated Trade Login for the company’s website. In 2015, the company released the YESS (Your Equipment Size Solution) range of plus size products. Chris Young, Commercial Services Coordinator for Cefndy, told THIIS: “The YESS range was a storming

success and to coincide with this, we completely rebuilt our website.” “Following on from this, we wanted to add something for our valued trade customer base, leading us to create a dedicated Trade Login for our website. From here, those with Trade accounts will be able to peruse the website, view and buy products at trade prices.” Cefndy Healthcare will officially

launch the login at Trade Days on the 8th & 9th October in the NEC Birmingham. Chris added: “If you’re there, swing by Stand B13 to get an exclusive sign up bonus, giving you massive savings on your first order!”



For More Info...

er 2017

8th & 9th Octob

.uk days deda trade w.tra www. ww 15 tober 20 15 2017 er20 tober Octob Oc 8th 19thhOc 19t &&9th hh& 18t 18t m ham ngha ming Birmi NECCBir NE

Quality Slippers Available In A Wide Range Of Sizes And Styles

Phone Email Web

01254 619000

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21/09/2017 14:14

iGo and

Come and say hello at Trade Days STAND C8


DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE The new i-Go from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd features advanced folding technology, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease. The i-Go features front suspension, durable seating system, under seat storage and much more.

19.8 kg Total weight without batteries when folded

The Hudson

The Camberley

USB handset, Dual Motor low cost British Manufactured Lift Chair


Exceptional Dual Motor British Manufactured Lift Chair The Camberley is a new cost effective lift chair from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd. The dual motor design allows you to rise or recline to find your perfect position.





32 Wedgwood Road, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 4UL | Tel: 01869 324600 | Fax: 01869 323070 Web: | Email: iGo and Camberley advert.indd 1 Thiis October 2017.indd 15

18/09/2017 14:14 16:21 21/09/2017



H Collaboration leads to new industry training


he Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) and British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) are collaborating on a new joint initiative that will see the organisations delivering training courses for the healthcare industry. Working with the BHTA, DLF will now deliver the BHTA’s current training programme at the same time as developing new modules for the future. BHTA’s current courses include pressure care, stoma care and assistive technology, with the range set to expand as a result of consultation with member organisations. Courses will be published shortly and learners will be able to find out more and sign up to courses through the DLF’s website.



ertfordshire-based retailer Better Mobility has launched a new range of premium wheelchairs from Italian manufacturer Progeo. Earlier in the year, THIIS reported that Progeo was searching for dealers to bring their high-end range of wheelchairs to the UK. Impressed by the Progeo range’s design and aesthetics, Better Mobility will now supply four of the manufacturer’s chairs, including the ‘Noir’ which weighs only 6.6kg. Craig Topping, Sales Manager for Better Mobility, commented: “We had previously seen Progeo wheelchairs a few years ago but they were not available in the UK at that point. We are always looking for new and innovative products so we arranged to visit a few mobility exhibitions this year to look at their range, with interest in a potential future relationship. “Having met the team from Progeo, we were pleased with their professionalism and the pride they take in their products, making it easy for us to decide that they were a team we wanted to work with.”

nglia Ruskin University has launched the Positive Ageing Research Institute, with a new walking aid on its list of projects. The new research institute brings together a multi-disciplinary team representing backgrounds including medicine, nursing, technology, business and the arts who have research interests and projects in the field of ageing. Anglia Ruskin has received 456,000 Euros from the European Regional Development Fund. Projects include sensors which map out the normal movement patterns of an older person living alone, an app which is aimed at organising family members centred around an older person living alone, underwear for mild incontinence and the new walking aid.

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21/09/2017 14:14

Thiis October 2017.indd 17

21/09/2017 14:14



retailer spotlight


18th & NE

CARE PLUS MOBILITY: COMMITMENT TO A CORE BELIEF After discovering that her mother had been sold an unsuitable and overpriced mobility scooter, Stacey Showering decided to launch a retail store to better service the industry


ow, 17 years on, the company has three branches, launched two new websites and refurbished one showroom. As with many that enter the industry, Stacey Showering, Managing Director of Care Plus Mobility, was inspired to first launch her store after

an experience with a loved one left her disappointed at the levels of service provided. Stacey told us: “It all started when my mother became ill and decided to go ahead and buy a mobility scooter. A few weeks after using the scooter, we realised it wasn’t quite the product

for her needs, even though she had told the person she wanted the scooter to be portable. “I was shocked to find that the sales person was with my mother for four hours, knowing that the treatment my mother was going through makes her very tired. When I did some further

18 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 18

21/09/2017 14:14





8th & 9th October 2017 / NEC Birmingham

18th & 19th October 2015 VISIT USNEC ONBirmingham


18th & 19th October 2015 NEC Birmingham


For Further Information Visit Or Please Contact Us: Head Office: Able2 UK Ltd. Moorgate Street, Blackburn, BB2 4PB Tel: 01254 619000 Email: Fax: 01254 619001

Thiis October 2017.indd 19

21/09/2017 14:15

retailer spotlight research, I found that she had paid way more than she should have and feel that she was pressurised into the sale.” Dissatisfied with the experience, Stacey decided to launch Care Plus Mobility in Bath in August 2000, aiming to more accurately locate and provide products to suit individuals’ needs at affordable prices. The business model seemed to strike a chord with customers, with the company growing over the last 17 years. Now with additional branches in Bristol and Swindon, the company provides an extensive range of products to consumers in the South West, including powered wheelchairs, scooters, riser recliner chairs, stairlifts, bath aids, ramps and more. Operating in Bristol since the early 90s, Bristol’s Mobility Centre is the latest addition to the Care Plus Mobility store line-up, having been purchased by Care Plus Mobility in April 2016.

Stacey explained what it was that attracted her to Bristol’s Mobility Centre and helped explained the company’s longevity. “Putting the customer first was always the ethics of the previous owners, and that was very well suited to our own attitude,” said Stacey. As well as sharing the philosophy of putting customers first, Bristol’s

Mobility’s branding, Bristol’s Mobility Centre’s showroom has undergone a recent refurbishment. Talking about the refurbishment, Stacey told us: “Bristol’s Mobility Centre has done very well over the years but after the purchase of Bristol’s Mobility Centre, we decided the time was right for a new, fresh and brighter look. We have redecorated


“We will still insist that proper assessments are carried out before a product is selected, either at a customer’s home or in the showroom”

W a s a o


Mobility Centre also boasted an experienced sales team and engineers that are quick to respond to clients’ needs. Now, promising a new experience for customers and aiming to bring the new store more in line with Care Plus


the store, changing the colour scheme to reflect the colours of Care Plus Mobility and to encompass our redesigned corporate logo. “The store layout has now been re-arranged as well, which has given us more space in the showroom for



F o



20 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 20

21/09/2017 14:15

Introducing the NEW Days Escape Lite Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Includes all the features o f the Best-Se lling Escape Lite Attenda nt Wheelcha ir!

With an exceptionally lightweight and foldable aluminium frame, the Escape Lite has been specifically designed for ease of transportation and storage, making it an ideal chair for occasional use.

New Features •

Quick release MAG wheels

Supplied with attendant & user breaks

Increased user weight to 120kg

Life Without Limits For more information on specifications and to place an order, contact your Sales Representative today!

Tel: 01623 448 845 Email: Website:

Thiis October 2017.indd 21

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retailer spotlight wheelchair users and to demonstrate our wider product range. We have also created areas of the showroom to be specific for adjustable beds & for riser/recliner chairs and with the help of Quantum, have a stunning new wall display to top it off.” With three branches under the Care Plus Mobility name, we were interested to know if South West could look forward to seeing more stores pop up in the near future. Stacey told us: “We have no specific plans at the moment to add more branches but we would always consider carefully any opportunity that arises from another part of the country.” Along with the refreshed retail space, Bristol’s Mobility Centre and Care Plus Mobility both just launched new websites, showcasing the companies’ ranges of products and services offered. The company does not sell directly via the internet, however. “Although we will promote our products on the website, we do not have an online shop,” stated Stacey. “We will still insist that proper assessments are carried out before a product is selected, either at a customer’s home or in the showroom.”

Motivated by the poor experience her mother endured, Stacey’s stance on not selling directly via the internet and insisting on assessment is certainly admirable, especially as more and more price-conscious consumers turn to the internet in search of bargains. Rather than internet retailing, Care Plus Mobility is doubling down on the elements of the business that have


they are dealing with customers; nothing is too much trouble. “We feel it is important to have a close relationship with the manufacturers within the industry and all our staff have regular product training. We carry a wide range of products and it is essential the staff are fully aware of the features and specifications to help customers find the correct product for their needs.”

“We often have clients come to us and ask if they can part-exchange a scooter they have just bought online as they find it is not suitable for their requirements” STACEY SHOWERING

served so well over the years; offering a great service with knowledgeable staff. Stacey explained what factors she saw as being key to Care Plus Mobility’s success: “To be honest, I am really lucky to have a great team working for the company. All the staff are always willing to help their fellow colleagues in the daily running of the business and this is also key when

As well as ensuring staff are knowledgeable on the company’s broad product range, Stacey is also investing more time and effort into marketing and advertising the stores. “As a company, our aim is to be pro-active with our advertising, especially with new product launches. It is also very important for us to go out and meet the public, which is why our recent roadshow event worked.”











Fresh look for Bristol’s Mobility Centre

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Thiis October 2017.indd 22

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CC New Ambassador Advert D3 FINAL 200917 PR lr.pdf 1 20/09/2017 11:42:18

Introducing the...

Ambassador Waterfall Back New



Matching Sofa & Static Armchair also available on Made to order C





Year Guarantee

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Riser Recliners

Riser Recliner available in stock






- love the choices you have... Dual-motor Seminar Tilt-in-Space mechanism with Variable Angle Lift 25 Stone weight limit 3 sizes - small, medium & large Choice of 8 quality fabrics in stock Tested by FIRA

British Design & Craftsmanship

0800 252 614 Thiis October 2017.indd 23

21/09/2017 14:15

Trade D

retailer spotlight The roadshow event saw the retailer visiting shopping centres across Bristol with one of its key suppliers, Quantum, engaging with the local community, raising awareness of the store and promoting Quantum’s new products. “The Mobility Roadshow was a great success. We got the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and it has resulted with lots of enquiries. A big thank you to Quantum’s Mark Shergold for assisting us with the events of the roadshow,” said Stacey. Whilst the company has continued to enjoy success, Stacey asserted that the issue of customers buying the wrong goods for their needs is still prevalent today, with internet retailers playing a primary role. Stacey said: “The main challenges are from several large companies who are selling products online at

very low cost. These companies are box shifting and they fail to do any personal assessment of the customer’s needs, preferring instead to send out a product that may not be suitable. “They use the bulk buying principle to buy cheap and sell cheap, but do not have the overheads which a local dealer with a showroom and engineers have to bear.” This common issue has led many brick and mortar retailers in the industry finding it difficult to remain competitive on price and worrying about customer safety, as consumers in search of a bargain purchase devices that can end up doing more harm than good. Stacey continued: “We often have clients come to us and ask if they can part-exchange a scooter they have just bought online as they find it is

F a

not suitable for their requirements. As recommended by our trade association, BHTA, we always insist on doing a full assessment of the client’s requirements to achieve the correct product for their needs.” In the face of these challenges, Stacey remains optimistic for the future and plans to continue on with the same assessment, needs-based resolve that inspired her to first open the doors to Care Plus Mobility 17-years ago.

The essential learning event for moving and handling in healthcare

Moving & Handling People brings its CPD-certified mix of practical workshops, best-practice seminars and peer-to-peer problem-solving to new audiences Moving & Handling People North Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th September 2017 Newcastle Racecourse

Moving & Handling People South Wednesday 31st January & Thursday 1st February 2018 Watford Hilton

Book now at Disabled Living Foundation Tel: 020 7432 8008 Email:


Reg Charity No: 290069


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From the UK’s leading adjustable bed manufacturer


Tel: 01384 408844 Thiis October 2017.indd 25 | 25

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ollowing Kymco Taiwan’s termination of its distribution agreement with distributor MASCO, the company’s UK operations are undergoing a change in structure. The new structure will see Kymco Healthcare – the mobility side of the business - maintaining its existing mobility activity as a division of Kymco UK. A new division for petrol products is also being established under Kymco UK,, focusing on the brand’s motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. The announcement comes as the sole importer and distributor of

Kymco’s motorcycles, scooters and quad products, MASCO, entered liquidation. Kymco Healthcare has been manufacturing mobility scooters for more than 15 years and the announcement led to speculation as to what impact the change in structure would have the company’s mobility activity. Mark Hermole, Managing Director of the new Kymco UK, confirmed to THIIS that the change would have little to no effect. “We are setting up a new structure

to handle the scooter, motorcycle and ATV division, however, that sits completely separate to our healthcare structure and should have no impact on our mobility operations,” he commented. The Bridgend-based company will continue to service existing motorcycle, scooter and quad customers and dealers of Kymco, stating it will strive to keep disruption to a minimum over the transitional period.

MR MOTIVATOR GIVES COMPANY ON THE UP A LIFT Celebrity fitness guru Mr Motivator raised energy levels in Acorn Stairlifts’ West Yorkshire head offices and factory as the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. “Our main advertising slogan is ‘Give your life a lift’,” remarked Acorn’s marketing manager Simon Webster, “and Mr Motivator certainly gave everyone’s life a lift when he called in to see us.”


SSTTA AN ND D CCF15 1 15 8th & 9th Octo

ber 2017

For More Info... Phone Email Web

01254 619000

Wheelchair & Scooter Accessories

ww w ww .trad aded eday co.u .ukk 8tth h & 9th Oc 18 18 th &&19 19th thOc Octo tobe to berrr20 be 2017 20 15 15 NECCBi NE Birm rmin ingh gham am

26 |

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Mobility For Life


UK Walker 2


Lightweight Double Folding Aluminium Rollator

4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter

£630EA Red

Available colours:

Lightweight folding Aluminium Transit Wheelchair





M Brand Marlow


Available colours:

Available colours:


Light Brown


ZT-TRI-WLK AL Folding Aluminium Tri-walker with bag, basket & tray


ZT-665-36 Aluminium Scooter & Wheelchair ramp £55.00 each

Red Frosted

ZT-LITE ROLLATOR Folding Compact Aluminium Rollator Assembled

3 for £38.00 each Available colours: Blue

£133EA ZT-600-604 Folding Steel Transit Wheelchair 2 for £68.00 each

Available colours: Blue


Folding Heavy Duty Steel Wheelchair 20” seat width

4 for £39.00 each Sliver



Dual Okin Motor Riser Recliner.




Available colours: Blue

Valid until 3rd Nov 17

ZT-043 Deluxe tilt top overbed table (with brake casters)

ZT- TRI-WLK-C Steel Tri Wheeled Walker with Bag, Basket & Tray

3 for £27.00 each

3 for £32.00 each

Red Sliver

More fantastic offers available online at Tel: 01384 481111 Thiis October 2017.indd 27

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STILTZ LIFTS CLAIM DEALERS CAN SAVE CUSTOMERS £1000’S Stiltz Lifts says homeowners looking to downsize due to mobility issues or a desire to ‘future-proof’ their home could save more than £5,000 by making the home adaptation in order to remain in the family home.


ccording to data taken from the Land Registry, Stiltz Lifts determined the average house price for a detached property in the UK is £325,000 whilst the average cost of moving home to be £18,250 with research from Compare the Market. The home lift specialist believes dealers can capitalise on this data by providing end users with the type of in-home mobility solution offered by Stiltz. The entry-level £12,950 Stiltz Home Lift ensures a customer can stay in the home and save them £5,300 on moving costs. The company offers dealers free installation training to selected partner companies at its headquarters in Kingswinford to become an Accredited Stiltz Lifts Installer Partner. For more information about the Stiltz Home Lift Training Academy contact the Stiltz Lifts Technical Team on 0330 222 0334.

B b

S d c


• • • • •


• • Mike Lord, Chairman of Stiltz Lifts

G f

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AHM ha













Boost your business profits through bathroom adaptation referrals?


Selling a bath lifter can temporarily solve mobility bathing issues. Why not double or triple your profits through referral commission, by offering your clients a bespoke bathroom adaptation?

What you get: • Referral commission on every bathroom sold • Trained AHM Surveyor in your area to assist you • Nationwide installation service established for 18 years • Refined ‘customer journey’ experience based on family values • Access to a full range of wetrooms, walk in baths and low level showers.

How to sign up: • Call us 0800 7316495 • You will receive FREE posters, banners and leaflets • FREE visit from a Surveyor to advise your staff on products.

How it works: • Call us with a new customer’s details • Our trained Surveyor will visit your customer and quote FREE of charge • After ordering the installation completes in approx. 3-4 weeks • You are paid referral commission on completion.

Give your shop the edge over competition and secure your bathing future by becoming a trading partner today. AHM October half page advertv2.indd Thiis 2017.indd 29 1

23/08/2017 21/09/201707:57 14:15

new to the team

New National Trade Manager at Terry Lifts


erry Lifts has appointed Roger Hammond as the company’s new National Trade Manager. With more than eight years of industry experience, Roger has worked as Business Development Manager in Terry Lifts Public Access division for the past three years. The company says the new appointment will enable Terry Lifts to offer a more focused and efficient service to all its Trade Partners. “I look forward to meeting all of our partners in the coming weeks to better understand what we can do to develop our business together and deliver an unbeatable package to the market,” commented Roger. Roger will be available to assist with the specification of lift products, surveying, pricing, CAD drawings, combined local marketing & advertising, ordering and product training. To contact Roger, contact 07788 253 136 or email rhammond@

NEW APPRENTICE JOINS THE BHTA TEAM After completing his Business Studies course with a local college, Charlie Lawrence has joined BHTA under the government apprenticeship scheme to find out how the theory works in practice. Working closely with Marketing and Communications Manager Steve Perry, Charlie will be involved in all aspects of Marketing and Communications, Events and Exhibitions. Charlie is currently actively supporting two BHTA campaigns on Twitter, covering the Steptember fundraising events and the Pressure Ulcer Guide. Keen to develop his business skills whilst at BHTA, Charlie commented that he looks forward to meeting members at section meetings, events and exhibitions over the coming months.

NEW SEATING PRODUCT SPECIALIST JOINS INVACARE Jody Marie-Davies joins the Marketing team at Invacare as the Product Specialist for Seating. Having worked within the DSE side of seating for more than 3 years, Jody brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support our Specialist Seating Rehab sales team with product support and marketing of seating, cushions, backs and accessories. Jody has a degree in Business and Management and enjoys keeping fit with a keen passion for rock-climbing and outdoor activities. You can contact Jody on 01656 776351 or email jdavies@invacare. com

Do you have a new team member? Why not let the industry know? Just send us a short news item and photo.

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introducing the powerchair technology of tomorrow, today

See NEW LiNX touchscreens on stand TDD15 at Trade Days

#redefiningmobility Find out what LiNX can do for you T: 01656 776222

Thiis 2017.indd THIISOctober A4 ad Oct.indd 1 31

21/09/2017 14:15 15/09/2017 14:01:56

INDUSTRY TO HAVE A SAY ON NEW PERSONAL WHEELCHAIR BUDGETS NHS England and the Department of Health have announced that expressions of interest are now open for the first national market engagement for personal wheelchair budgets, taking place at the Kia Oval in London on Wednesday 18 October


he event will provide manufacturers and suppliers of wheelchair equipment the chance to hear about the plans for the new personal wheelchair budgets and explore how the industry can support the move to great personalisation in wheelchair services. It was announced in May 2016 that CCGs in England would replace the existing wheelchair voucher scheme with personal wheelchair budgets during 2017/2018. With a greater focus on an individual’s health goals, the new personal wheelchair budgets will inform people how much money is available for their wheelchair following an

assessment of their particular needs. The new scheme comes following a period that has left many to claim the NHS wheelchair services are falling short in the provision of appropriate wheelchairs for users. Data released

from CCGs around England highlighted that many requiring wheelchairs faced significant delays, with 70 percent waiting over three months, 30 percent waiting more than six months and 15 percent waiting

“Companies can give their views on how industry can help open up the market to innovative, holistic solutions and support individuals who wish to spend their budget outside the NHS” SARAH LEPAK

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Manufacturers of bespoke rise and recline chairs and handcrafted adjustable beds for the mobility and healthcare market


For furniture offering comfort, independence and a higher standard of care, contact;

Tel: 0115 913 3572


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Dr Hannah Barham-Brown addressing the BMA annual representative meeting

over 12 months. The issue was raised by Junior Doctor Hannah Barham-Brown at the British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual representative meeting earlier in the year, who was personally affected by the service she received from the NHS. Dr Barham-Brown told the association that after waiting for six-months for the NHS to offer her a wheelchair that was inadequate and weighed 20kg, she was forced to turn to a crowdfunding website to raise the funds privately. Dr Barham-Brown commented: “I was very lucky that some very generous people funded it. Without them, I wouldn’t be here in front of you. I wouldn’t be a doctor.” Through frustration and desperation, many requiring wheelchairs have turned to raising funds themselves and are increasingly using crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and JustGiving. Figures reported by the Guardian suggest that JustGiving saw a fourfold increase from £365,000 to £1.8 million between 2015 and 2016 for amounts raised for wheelchairs, with the trend continuing into 2017. The NHS hopes personal wheelchair budgets will provide greater clarity for users about the choices available, helping users access the wheelchairs and accessories that meet their individual needs.

The event will be an opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of wheelchair equipment to hear from NHS England, The National Wheelchair Leadership Alliance and the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) about the changes, and have an opportunity to consider how the industry can support the movement to more personalised wheelchair services. Sarah Lepak, Director of Governance and Policy for the BHTA, commented: “This event will provide an opportunity for industry to hear the latest thinking on how personal

wheelchair budgets will work. Also, companies can give their views on how industry can help open up the market to innovative, holistic solutions and support individuals who wish to spend their budget outside the NHS.” The event will also offer a limited number of exhibition spaces for manufacturers to showcase products that support personalisation. To register interest in attending the event or to find out about exhibiting, email england.pcevents@nhs. net, stating full name, job title and organisation.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS AT THE EVENT Person level integration and pooled funding to help meet people’s whole needs How manufacturers can support integrated funding options for personal wheelchair budgets, and support reducing duplication in the system, improving outcomes and providing cost effective solutions Increasing choice within NHS commissioned wheelchair services How increasing choice and control through personal wheelchair budgets can improve access to innovative products Ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness outside of NHS commissioned wheelchair services How the industry can support quality and cost-effective provision when personal wheelchair budgets are deployed outside of NHS commissioned services

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trade deals

DealON! Looking for a deal? Then this is the place to come. Deal On features the best trade deals you will find this month. Just pick up the phone to take advantage... All offers are valid until October 31st 2017 unless otherwise stated. BetterLife – Hurrycane Sticks


Red – Blue – Black Box of 10 £200 ex vat 33% GP margin RRP £29.99 ex vat Order today – Call us on 0330 311 6498 or email at

Mobility business for sale

Mobility business for sale – Unique opportunity SEE AD ON PAGE 44 Relaxor heat and massage system for just £99 (normal trade price £155) In the latest phase of its ongoing retailer support programme, Repose Furniture is offering its UK retailers a Relaxor heat and massage system for just £99 (normal trade price £155). To benefit from this offer, retailers just need to quote October2017 between the 1st and 31st of October. Call 0844 7766 001 or email

Installer Partner Programme Stiltz Home Lifts are looking to develop their new, exciting Installer Partner Programme. Signing up for both sales and installation will make the Stiltz business far more profitable that a straightforward sale. Full training will be provided. For more information, call/email Trade Sales Manager, Gino Farruggio on 07940 437 835 /

Two Free Home Delivery Smartphone Apps (worth £750)* UNIQUS® iRetailer. Stock & barcode management software specially designed for the VAT complexities of mobility retailers. Affordable subscription. No big initial outlay. Fully integrate your quotation, sales, purchasing and stock process on one platform. Cloud based and paperless, iRetailer CRM will help you gain efficiency, save time and increase sales opportunities. See our advertisement in this issue or visit *Requires Windows Smartphone. Order before end of October 2017 to qualify.

Relaunch of Van Os’ Medical Travelux Tiempo is finally here! This portable, lightweight boot scooter has been redesigned with oodles of upgraded features, LED lighting, larger wheels both front and rear AND a delta tiller all included as standard, choice of four striking colours to satisfy all tastes. Available on the Motability scheme from Q4 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for the relaunch of the Tiempo Rapide also coming soon. Contact 01977 681400 or email

Free Haze smart charger... ...with your first order of four or more batteries (18Ah and bigger) Please call Easystart on 01536 203030 or email for more information

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Order before noon for same day despatch

Healthcare Edition Colour coded by size for ease of identification, our small, medium and large single tilt in space motor Wendover Healthcare Edition is offered for same day despatch* with our most popular cushion configuration, the Waterfall back, and optional pressure relief care seating on orders that are confirmed to us by noon Monday to Friday.

The Wendover We offer same day despatch* on standard small, medium and large Wendovers that are made with a single tilt in space motor and Waterfall back and upholstered in our Terrazza Natural or Terrazza Mocha fabric. *Orders must be confirmed to us by noon Monday to Friday. Other motors and cushion configurations and colours are available to order and can be ready for despatch in as little as five days depending on the fabric chosen.

Call 01494 471821 or email to find out about doing things ‘The AJ Way’

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customer hospitality

Handicare’s Clare Brophy (centre) with some of the retailers at Edgbaston

HOWZAT FOR LOOKING AFTER YOUR CUSTOMERS! A full day’s hospitality at Day Three of the first ever day/night test match with accommodation at a top-class Birmingham hotel – that’s what Handicare treated some of their retail partners to recently. And, with England taking 20 West Indies wickets in a day, as you might imagine, their customers were well and truly bowled over by the experience


dd in a visit from Windies legend Sir Curtly Ambrose, a gin tasting presentation and a resident cartoonist drawing the guests throughout the day and Handicare’s business customers went home on the Sunday with plenty of memories. Handicare’s National Sales Manager Paul Stockdill told THIIS: “Our customers are at the heart of our business and we do all we can to show that we value them on both a professional and a personal level. “Over the years, we have invested

a lot of time and effort to create relationships that drive sales and growth for our dealers, as well as our own business; relationships that are built on mutual respect and shared values and which, we believe, give us the edge over our competition.” He added: “Regular partner events such as the one held recently at the first day/night cricket match at Edgbaston are a great way for our team to say thank you to our customers. They’re not about business, they’re about people.

Feedback at and after these events, which are always well attended, is excellent, and we know that everyone appreciates the opportunity to spend some time celebrating what we have achieved together.” Paul says that keeping the spark alive in long term relationships can sometimes be challenging, particularly when times are hard. “Going the extra mile to show your customers how important they are and how much you appreciate them is something which we believe is worth

38 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 38

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Thiis October 2017.indd 39

21/09/2017 14:15

customer hospitality doing, and worth doing well.” And the guests definitely felt appreciated. Craig Dunnage of Dolphin Mobility told us: “It was as if the whole day had been arranged just to suit me… It was great to meet Sir Curtly Ambrose. He was an absolute gentleman, indulging me by chatting about the plight of West Indies cricket for 10 minutes. He even took it upon himself to go over to Michael Hambrook’s Grandad, who he’d spoken to earlier, to say goodbye before he left. Completely unexpected, but absolutely made an old man’s day and showed him to be the class act he always was on the cricket field. “Apart from watching the cricket, the food and hospitality shown by everyone from Handicare and the staff at Edgbaston was absolutely first class. The hotel was also excellent and capped off by being able to meet some of the England players. Thanks again to everyone.” And Jonathan Muir of EMS Stairlifts added: “Everyone made a huge effort to ensure our day was wonderful and I was amazed how much I actually enjoyed the game. Especially as we destroyed the Windies!” Mike Williams of Ableworld believes that getting together at informal events is important. “It was excellent day and I think it’s very important for suppliers to occasionally relax with retailers in a friendly environment, it can only bring the Trade closer together. It is very prevalent in other industry and can only work to the good of our own industry.” Paul says that Handicare committed to an ambitious growth strategy across all areas from Accessibility

to Moving and Handling to Bathing Solutions. “A key part of the strategy, is a new approach to supporting our dealer network, following the success of an Accredited Partner scheme for its mobility retailers launched earlier this year.”

number of sectors. “Dealer sales are a huge part of our growth strategy, as well as enhancing other commercial functions. We’re not intending to grow in just one area, we’ll contribute an equal amount of focus to all processes. Having said that, we

“Going the extra mile to show your customers how important they are and how much you appreciate them is something which we believe is worth doing” PAUL STOCKDILL

“We already have a fantastic team and customer-focused operation that is growing our market share steadily,” said Paul. “Our dealer and retail networks are expanding, and now we want to make things even easier for all our partners to grow their business today and in the future. We’re investing heavily in a comprehensive Partner Programme designed to help increase dealers’ commercial activity as well as rewarding their commitment and loyalty.” And he says that the company are well placed to deliver. “We are fortunate in that we have the right skillset within the organisation to create bespoke business development plans for our partners, offering them the level of product and commercial training according to their needs and ambitions. For Handicare, it’s about choice and we’d like to allow our partners to choose how much support they want from their preferred product partner.” The company is aiming to grow in a

believe by assisting our partners with improved service we’ll achieve an uplift in sales in the Accessibility sector.” Call 01384 408700 for more information.

Craig Dunnage of Dolphin Mobility meets Sir Curtly Ambrose

A full day’s hospitality saw England wrap up the win

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UK manufacturer, established in 1996 Curve & Straight lifts to suit all staircases Innovative, adjustable ERGO chair Award-winning reconditioned scheme

• • • •

Space seat for narrow staircases Fastest lead times in the industry for a hand-built, custom-fit, curved rail Outstanding service and aftercare

Freephone 08000 355 591

Genie + Electric Folding Scooter Available in red & blue – £1450 ex vat Quote ‘this GENIE’

Free next day delivery

Chiltern High Back Chair Trade price – £169 Retail price – £229 Quote ‘this Chiltern’

Available in Terracotta, Green & Beige

Georgia Riser Recliner Chair Trade price – £189 Retail price – £329 Quote ‘this Georgia’

Thiis October 2017.indd 41

Available in Mink, Stone, Navy & Wine

Dedicated account manager Order today – Call us on 0330 311 6498 or email at

21/09/2017 14:15

OT perspective


STAIRLIFTS VS THROUGH FLOOR LIFTS Four things to consider before recommending a Through Floor Lift


s an OT, one of the most important things I can do for the people under my care is ensure they’re able to get around their home safely, especially Stuart Barrow when transferring of Promoting from one floor to Independence another. And in many circumstances, a stairlift is the correct option to perform this function. But as you know, installing a stairlift is not always possible, which is why through floor lifts are popular in some circles. But before you go ahead and make that recommendation to your customers, it’s worth thinking it

through carefully – it’s something that must be seriously considered. With that in mind, I’ve put together the four key things you must consider before deciding whether to recommend a through floor lift – I hope it helps!


Is provision of a through floor lift reducing risk as far as is reasonably practicable? There are numerous times when moving from a house to a flat or bungalow negates the need for an adaptation, thus reducing risk significantly. Likewise, building a ground floor bedroom and wet room extension removes the risk also, but is this reasonable in every situation? Of course not. Should you provide for a person who has a progressive neurological

condition, knowing that they may require care or support to use the lift safely? Clinical factors to consider regarding stairlifts are sitting tolerance, stability, transfer ability, cognitive ability and risk of seizures on the stairlift, however these considerations apply to through floor lifts as well. Environmental factors to consider with stairlifts are space on the stairs at the top, bottom and going past. Additional factors include other family members, radiators, cupboards, hoarding, pets, small children; a through floor lift removes these concerns. It is often a consideration that anyone who is wheelchair dependent should be considered for a through floor lift. Obviously depending on

5 NEW SCOOTERS FROM TGA. 01787 882244

The UK’s leading range of mobility products since 1985

1634TGAad.newstripJul17v2.indd 1

42 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 42

21/09/2017 14:44

environmental and resource availability, this must be the optimal solution for those whose home environments are on more than one floor level. Stairlifts pose great problems for some wheelchair users and some thoughts are the dislike of the transfer, especially at top. I have been asked for stairlifts in the past with ceiling track hoists to aid transfer to and fro, top and bottom, but that’s not an option I would provide in 99.9% of circumstances.


Is installing a through floor lift reasonable and practicable? The design and layout of the property and staircase can also influence the outcome, for example, split levels and steps into bedrooms.

For relatively able-bodied persons, a stairlift would suffice if the stairs are wide enough. Consideration must be made for other ambulant stair users and the level of use. The stairs are an area of least interest within the home - you don’t often sit in the hallway looking at the stairs. For wheelchair users, a through lift becomes a greater necessity. As a general rule of thumb, on smaller properties, a stairlift may be the only option; on a larger property, through lifts are a more sensible choice. One key concern that must be considered when thinking about a through floor lift is the fact that each unit has a mirror in it as standard. The use of mirrors in a care

environment can cause anguish or agitation for many living with dementia, with many dementia suffers unable to recognise the person in the reflection as themselves. Paying attention to small details such as this can make a huge positive impact on the well-being of a customer.


Is installing a through floor lift necessary and appropriate? It all comes down to a comprehensive assessment of the situation at the initial period, but consideration must also be given to how the client’s needs may change. Manufacturers are often called into properties where the stairlift is no longer practical due to balance or transferring problems.

1) Minimo Plus 4. 2) Maximo Plus 3) Ibex. 4) Zest. 5) Zest Plus Watch our videos and discover why the numbers always add up with TGA. QR scan to watch 20/06/2017 16:58 | 43

Thiis October 2017.indd 43

21/09/2017 14:44

OT perspective The through floor lift can be a simple, long-term solution, where the users condition may be likely to deteriorate and should be considered first to avoid extra costs. Ben Hutchins of Pollock Lifts explained that the impact the through floor lift may have on other people living in the property and even neighbours also needs to be considered. Ben further explained Pollock Lifts continually adds innovations to their lifts to adjust to the needs of the users. If through floor lifts can be amended and adapted to become appropriate, is there a risk that we are dismissing this option too soon?


What if we do not provide anything? As an Occupational Therapist, I have battled with the issue of what would happen should I not provide a stairlift or come up with another safe option?

There is a fine balance between weighing up the manufacturer’s input, my clients, the retailer or supplier, the families, the fund holder and my clinical opinion. It is also important to look long term at a customer’s needs, time taken for funds to be approved, and have the necessary skills & experience of the client’s medical condition(s) and the possible choices available to make the decision that feels right, even if that’s saying no! I have visited clients who have fallen down the stairs, who are breathless on the stairs and on one occasion I remember calling an ambulance because my client could not catch her breath or recover from ascending the stairs despite having inhalers for her breathing difficulties. If provision of a through floor lift is not possible, a stairlift may be recommended as it reduces risk more so than non-provision. Alternatively,

BUSINESS FOR SALE An exciting opportunity has arisen to acquire one of the longest established Mobility companies in the country, based in the Midlands. The Company was set up in 1984, incorporated in 1986 and is a successful family-run business. The business has been consistently returning gross profits of between 53% and 57%. There is vast potential to increase sales. At the moment the business is run from large leased retail premises where 20% of turnover is earned from 'showroom' sales. It is currently being run by a staff of 4, 3 of which are office/showroom based.

adding an extension to the property or relocating to a new property could be a safer alternative and should be considered too. Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference (OTAC) run seminars around stairlifts and through floor lifts and in December 2017 at Edinburgh OTAC, we will be having an ‘ask the expert’ session around this topic. Stuart Barrow of Promoting Independence is a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists panel and a recognised contributor in the field of home adaptations. His experience is sought by manufacturers and service providers looking for an expert opinion. He also runs the Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference

Unique opportunity...



Established 20 years • Impeccable reputation


producing 50%+ gross profit Premises optional

Focusing currently on chairs and beds (central UK) RIPE FOR EXPANSION and stairlifts (nationally) Stairlift lead generation systems alone currently produce in excess of 50 enquiries weekly. Huge client and prospective client data bases

A customer database of 3000 clients is maintained and clients are communicated with on a regular basis. 60% of sales come from existing customers. The sale is due to retirement and ill health reasons only. Please phone 07825 984823 for further details. Tel 0800 832 1355 01606 950215 • 01785 390193 Email:

44 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 44

21/09/2017 14:15

Bring a bit of colour and style into your showrooms this autumn with the all-new 2018 range soft launch this October

Travelux Tiempo

Excel GlobeTraveller

Excel Roadster

Excel Galaxy LCD

Call today to discuss showroom plans and demonstrations

Van Os Medical Ltd. Excel House Ashbrooke Park Sherburn in Elmet North Yorkshire, England, LS25 6 PJ

Thiis October 2017.indd 45

T: +44 (0) 1977 681 400 E: W:

21/09/2017 14:15

Thiis October 2017.indd 46

21/09/2017 14:16

Discover truly uplifting furniture from the UK’s leading riser recliner experts Sitting Pretty Our new look trade brochure (2018) and new website is currently under construction. For great trade deals on high quality products please call us today on 01773 811 610, or book a visit from our show van which is “out n about” 45 weeks of the year. Email for more information. Thiis October 2017.indd 47

21/09/2017 14:16

W i


• • • • • • • •

Danielle Hughes, Head of Customer Relations, at Newcastle Quayside Millennium Bridge




Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dependable Mobility is looking to stand out from the crowd with the introduction of what it describes as the ‘ultimate free home test drive’


ustomers can try out a scooter for 24 hours, meaning that they can take their time when making a decision to buy. Paul Cookney of Dependable told THIIS that the new promotion is designed to raise awareness locally and compete in the marketplace. “We’ve decided to offer this extended test period to give ourselves an edge and help us to compete with the big boys and online competitors. The 24-hour test drive will allow people looking to buy from us the opportunity to get to know and understand the product they have chosen and also the freedom that it can give them.” “We are looking to stand out from our competitors and also put the customer in control with the try before they buy, with no pressure put on them to sign on the dotted line. We have always made sure that we don’t put people under pressure to buy something and this new promotion goes even further, giving them all the time they need to

make the right choice.” Paul gives an example of how the longer test period has already worked for them. “We had a call from someone who said that their dad reckoned that he could lift a scooter into a car boot, however they didn’t think he would be able to manage. We dropped off our lightest scooter for them at 10am the next morning. By 3pm, they had decided that it was the right product for them and they made a purchase.” “By taking the time to think through the process with the product in their hands, they got to experience properly what using the product would be like.”

Paul says that there’s no catch, they drop off the product and give the customer the usual demonstration to make sure that they know how to use it properly and then leave them to it. “We collect it at a prearranged time and there is absolutely no catch; if the customer doesn’t want to buy, then that’s fine. We are confident though, that this approach will gain us more sales than we lose and will enable our customers to feeling very confident that they are buying the right product for themselves. To contact the retailer, call 0191 649 8733.

“We are looking to stand out from our competitors and also put the customer in control with the try before they buy” PAUL COOKNEY


ww 01

48 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 48

21/09/2017 14:16


WE DELIVER YOUR PROMISES We are a nationwide delivery company based in the heart of Yorkshire. We specialise in the delivery, installation, demonstration, handover and testing of all types of healthcare products.

Our services include: • • • • • • • •

Delivery and Installation of ALL Healthcare Products Engineering Call Outs Removal and Disposal of Old Products Honour Manufacturers Warranties Customer Service Management Full Annual Services Inbound Receipt and Warehousing LOLER / PUWER Testing


Visit us at @HDDltd



Scooters that add ‘style’ to reliability, safety and performance Discover the all new Comet & Orion 01656 776222

THIISOctober half page2017.indd ad Sept.indd491 Thiis

STYLE IS FOREVER. 21/08/2017 15:27:04 21/09/2017 14:16




REPOSE HELPS RETAILERS RELAX WITH OCTOBER PROMOTION As part of its ongoing retailer support programme, Repose Furniture is offering a Relaxor heat and massage system for just £99 (normal trade price £155).


elping soothe tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth, the Relaxor heat and massage system uses a separate handset to control different vibration zones built into the chair to massage upper back, lower back, upper and lower thighs and calves. Lisa Wardley, Managing Director of Repose, commented: “We have taken the decision to offer the heat and massage system in October as we know many of our end users benefit

from the positive effects of warmth, especially at this time of year.” The user can choose their own intensity and speed of each of the pairs of pads whilst the heat pad in the bottom lumbar of the back cushion completes the relaxing process. To benefit from this offer, retailers should quote October2017 between the 1st and 31st of October.

ampshire County Council and their telehealthcare partner, Agenti, are piloting a scheme with online retail giant Amazon and a customised version of their Echo device. The initiative will be tested with 50 adult social care clients, with each being provided their own Amazon Echo which will give voice activated prompts and reminders for day-to-day actions such as taking medication. The scheme aims to reduce social isolation in the elderly, support independent living for longer and avoid the need for additional care packages. Amazon has been making waves in the world of retail, expanding into various sectors including the mobility and healthcare industry, with the group selling tens of thousands of products including rollators, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and aids to daily living; often at far reduced prices to that of the regular retail price. Clients are expected to have received their device by the end of 2017, with the scheme running throughout the following year.

50 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 50

21/09/2017 14:16

Thiis October 2017.indd 51

21/09/2017 14:16

Doing business around the world just got easier Global Healthcare Trader (GHT) is designed for companies looking to find distributors around the world. A simple search facility enables companies looking to import new products the ability to find businesses looking to sell into their own country in just a couple of clicks. If your company is looking to build business around the world, then it could well be the easiest, quickest and simplest way to do it.

Take a look at GHT today... To discuss the opportunity, call 01536 710050 today 52 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 52

21/09/2017 14:16

product showcase


TRADE DAYS On the 8th and 9th of October, manufacturers and retailers will come together for Trade Days, the industry’s only dedicated trade show, to talk business. This month’s product showcase is highlighting some of the new, must-see products being exhibited at the show and which stands to find them on. | 53

Thiis October 2017.indd 53

21/09/2017 14:16

product showcase


Self-propel StrongBack revealed


elivering an innovation in ergonomics with a contoured backrest for effective lumbar support, the original attendant-controlled StrongBack wheelchair delivered significant success for TGA dealers since launching in 2016, according to the company. The popular design is now available as a self-propel version, providing wheelchair users with greater upper body mobility the benefit of improved posture and comfort. Including all the benefits of the previous StrongBack, the simple to fold, selfpropel version has a remarkably high user weight capacity of 135kg for such a lightweight design. The wheelchair also includes a low lifting weight of 7.9kg (without wheels and leg rests), 24� quick release wheels, anti-tip castors, 40 and 45cm seat widths, attendant brakes and pre-welded pins for easy Powerpack fitting. The StrongBack is suitable for a wide variety of customer needs without the need for complex bespoke adjustments, reducing time for retailers and increasing availability to high street consumers.

Following the recent acquisition of NEXUS by APEX Medical, the company will be demonstrating a range of products at the show that combines expertise in Pressure Area Care with a pedigree in Profiling Beds of all sizes and specifications. The APEX-NEXUS team will be demonstrating cost-effective options such as the ICON Community Care bed and Domus 4 mattress combination, which the company says offers something different from the norm and gives greater opportunities for conversations with care professionals and end-users alike. Meanwhile, a unique collection of specialist solutions, including the innovative, programmable Rota-Pro chair bed, looks to offer dealers new ways to diversify customer offerings in a market where product differentiation is harder to come by. Stand C15

Stand TDB8


ORION BY INVACARE. Great design banner ad.indd 1

01656 776222

STYLE IS FOREVER. 15/09/2017 16:48:36

54 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 54

21/09/2017 14:16



MODERN. DISCREET. IN DEMAND. Our Elephant Feet are available in black for a limited time only. Ask your Gordon Ellis distributor for more information. Thiis October 2017.indd 55

21/09/2017 14:16

product showcase



pecially designed to help users stay connected, the new, simple to use amplicomms M9500 offers the same benefits of a smartphone with some exceptional features. Allowing remote accessibility with a unique HELP function, care givers can access the phone to support operation or help in an emergency. The care giver function also allows for remote ‘Call In’ for status check, Find my Phone operation and more. The device also includes an SOS button for emergencies, providing a Google Maps GPS location of caller and is hearing aid compatible, an amplified ringer (90Db) and amplified calls (40Db) and press & hold operation to avoid accidental touch dialling. Retail £179.99 SIM-free. Stand TD F19

NEW EFOLDI ROLLED OUT New mobility scooter company Suntech UK (eFoldi), are seeking trade partners who may be looking for a lightweight, compact and versatile personal mobility vehicle to add to their range of offerings.


imed at those who require help walking long distances but do not want the labels that come attached with traditional mobility scooters, the eFoldi can be neatly folded to a suitcase shape for easy transport and storage, as well as converting into a chair to rest on. The device features an innovative, patented design that is forged with an aluminium frame and supreme Li-ion

battery and only weighs 16kg for ease of use when transporting. Suntech UK are launching the new eFOLDi Mark 1.5 in October 2017. The device won the title of British Invention of the Year 2016, Winner of Scottish Edge 2016 and Finalists of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Business VOOM 2016. Stand TD A5

56 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 56

21/09/2017 14:16


8th & 9th October 2017 / NEC Birmingham Mobility • living Aids • Assistive Technology

Add more cards to your deck with APEX and NEXUS Visit STAND Cl5 to see how APEX Medical's recent

acquisition of NEXUS can help you offer a better range of quality products, combining expertise in Pressure

Area Care with a pedigree in Profiling Beds of all sizes and specifications.

Find out more on Page 54! I

Thiis October 2017.indd 57


Care for a Healthy Life

Member at the APEX Group

21/09/2017 14:16


product showcase


P r B

HomeLifts specialist Stiltz Lifts are introducing two new home lifts to Trade Days visitors, the Duo+ and Trio+


Stiltz Trio+ Homelift

Trio+ Homelift The spacious wheelchair-friendly Trio+ has been designed to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair or comfortably carry up to three passengers.


An ideal alternative to a stairlift or hydraulic domestic lift or for homeowners looking to ‘future proof’ their homes, the compact Stiltz Duo+ aims to make life easier for end users to move around their homes. Taking less than a day to install, with no hydraulics or load bearing walls required, and powered by a quiet, self-contained motor, the Duo+ plugs straight into a standard mains socket and travels quietly between floors in under 30 seconds on self-supporting rails. With an overall footprint of just 1040mm x 760mm, the versatile homelift can be installed in the corner of a room, in a cupboard or in a stairwell void. Alternatively, it can take pride of place in the centre of a room or entrance hallway. The unique thru-car option also allows entry and exit from both sides, creating more options when choosing a suitable location for the lift.

esigned with a warm grey aluminum frame, the Trio+ has a transparent main body like the smaller Duo+, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the background of any room. With a gently sloping ramp included as standard, the luxury homelift also offers the added option of an automatic door to make entering and exiting the lift in a wheelchair easier.  The car body has been specifically built with wheelchair users in mind, with wide entry and exit points, but its overall footprint is still unobtrusive at just 1040mm x 1378mm. Having undergone extensive testing, the Trio+ fully complies with BS 5900:2012 powered home lifts along with BS EN 81-41 accreditation and enables trade dealers to offer a practical and stylish product to the consumer market and local authorities. Stand TD H8

Stiltz Duo+ Homelift


58 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 58

21/09/2017 14:16


The answer is YES!

Now, what was the question?

Primacare manufacture in the UK an extensive range of bespoke Rise & Recline chairs including Bariatric chairs, Care chairs and Porter chairs.

Do you need your chair quickly? It could be made and delivered to you within days! Without comprimise on quality or options, choose from; 2 styles, 3 sizes, 4 fabrics and 3 different actions to make the chair you need now! Ask your Primacare Dealer for full details.

Seating Experts in Assistive Technology

Primacare ltd Unit 26, Heads of the Valleys Industrial Estate Rhymney, Tredegar. NP22 5RL

British made for comfort, quality and reliability. Thiis October 2017.indd 59advert Prima AUG2016.indd 1 A161327 Primacare THISS

telephone (01685) 845900

21/09/2017 13/09/2016 14:16 08:31

product showcase

Mobility aids ideal for those who travel Cavendish Health Care & Mobility are showcasing two interesting mobility aids at this year’s show, the SupaScoota Spartan and Eazi Chair.

STYLISH CONCEALED COMMODE The ultra-discreet Walton Commode uses a stylish weave design to make the device look like a regular chair, with the seat pad and cushion cover designs helping it blend in with the home. Height adjustable legs and a strong plastic & aluminium construction make it a secure and stable commode, with the ideal seat height for the user. Featuring the Burton Pan with lock and lift lid for the easiest and cleanest disposal, it can hold up to 9 litres which is Gordon Ellis’ biggest pan yet. Available with either a brown or white weave, it suits a range of homes and styles.

The SuperScoota Spartan One of the only folding mobility scooters with a load capacity of 28 stone, the SupaScoota Spartan has been equipped with electronic stability control, slowing the scooter when turning a corner. The anti-tip wheels also provide extra stability and peace of mind. The Eazi Chair The Eazi Chair can be folded in under 10 seconds and stored upright or horizontally in a small storage space. With a tight turning radius and lightweight qualities, the portable powerchair is perfect for use in the home and for longer days out. Both products are also suitable for travel by car, train, aeroplane and cruise ships according to the company. The company has been helping customers retain their independence through a wide range of mobility solutions for over nine years from their two showrooms in Devon and Hampshire. As the sole distributors of these products in the UK, Cavendish Health Care & Mobility says it is an excellent opportunity for attendees to join their network of dealers. Stand TD G7

SuperScoota Spartan

Stand TDC17

60 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 60

21/09/2017 14:16

Move Up! on Introducing the

P327 XL and P327 Mini

Seat Lift

now with − as launched at

Trade dayS

Call your Area Dealer Manager to arrange a product demonstration

0800 252 614

Thiis October 2017.indd 61

21/09/2017 14:16

product showcase

FOUR NEW PRODUCTS FOR KARMA Karma Mobility will be launching four new products at Trade Days, including the VIP2 tilt in space and the E-Flexx

VIP2 tilt in space



n upgrade of the popular VIP self-propelled manual chair, the VIP2 now features a tilt in space function, deeper seat and more space to fit third party backs and lateral supports. Additional features include adjustable height, flip back armrests, footrest hangers that swing in and out, ergonomic headrest and lumbar support. The wheelchair is also foldable for easy transportation and storage.

E-Flexx A lightweight powerchair ideal for travelling, the E-Flexx builds on the success of the Flexx lightweight manual wheelchair. Two new manual wheelchairs will also be making their UK debut at Trade Days, with the Karma Mobility team on hand to demonstrate all four products in addition to providing information on the other models from Karma’s portfolio at the show. “Tradedays is a great opportunity for us to engage with retailers from across the UK and we are looking forward to a busy two days” commented Mark Duffield, General Manager.

VIP2 tilt in space

Stand TD C6

62 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 62

21/09/2017 14:16

Spartan Space saving... folds in seconds Suitable for travel by car, train, aeroplane and on board cruise ships

The SupaScoota Spartan oers a level of comfort that is equal to many road class scooters. It is ideal for the larger person, as it has a load capacity of 28 stone but keeps the amazing manoeuvrability and portability of the SupaScoota range.



Ground clearance 45mm



Ideal for the larger person who wants to retain their independence with an easily portable travel scooter. TO FIND OUT MORE, PLEASE CALL

Lithium battery upgrade available, please ask for further information.

We are looking for established mobility retailers in various locations in the UK to complete our network

Mobility Trade Supplies

02392 240335 Please call Alison for further information

11 The Parkwood Centre, Aston Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7HT Email: Thiis October 2017.indd 63

21/09/2017 14:16

product showcase



alking stick specialists Classic Canes will exhibit their largest collection of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas yet at this year’s show. New products will include a range of handbag size folding canes, which fold to five sections instead of the usual four, making them more compact and easy to fit into a lady’s handbag.

A recommended retail price of under £30 and three neutral yet decorative colour-ways should ensure these are a very saleable addition to any retailer’s range of walking sticks. Other new items from the familyowned firm will include leather seat sticks and collectors’ canes such as lion, boot and skull canes. Stand TD G3

BLACK ELEPHANT FEET LAUNCHED Building on the success of Elephant Feet, Gordon Ellis & Co. have added new black raisers to their range for a limited time. The black Elephant Feet help to blend in better with a wider range of furniture, offering a more discreet solution to raising furniture, and will be available until March 2018. An ideal solution for disabled and elderly people or those who have recently had hip or knee surgery, furniture raisers reduce overbending when sitting or standing by raising a chair or bed. The perfect raise height should make the user’s knees and hips level when seated, providing more comfort and stability. Elephant Feet are one of the most popular and trusted furniture raisers on the market according to the company. Easy to fit, they provide a simple solution to raising furniture by offering either a 3.5 inch or 5.5-inch raise. Stand TDC17

64 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 64

21/09/2017 14:16

Bacon butties? Definitely Tea or coffee? Of course Promo Freebies? As usual

...Its all about NEW products!

But this year...

Find out more visit stand TDF13

Telephone: 0845 0600 333

Thiis October 2017.indd 65


21/09/2017 14:16

THE SOLE TRADE ONLY SHOW IN THE MOBILITY SECTOR The team here have a renewed dedication to make sure you are getting the most out of your time while you are at the Trade Days. This means that this year you can expect to find... VOUCHER BOOKLET


d by an ck em Ba ar d l pu



at tra EE d edays. /thiis









Regis t atten er to d for


















PLUS... More giveaways More business More networking

More trade only deals More savings More exclusive offers


More reasons to attend New website New team


Organised by: Partners:

Thiis 2017.indd 66 THIIS (2 PAGE AD) 170918.indd All Pages 3135 October - Trade Days - A4 advert

21/09/2017 14:16

DON’T MISS THE HOW-TO ARENA SESSIONS Sunday 8th October 10:15 10:45

How to get a slice of the ‘signposting market’ – working with the companies that can bring you customers Think that because you are a local retailer, you can’t win business in the Community Equipment marketplace? Think again. More and more, customers are being ‘signposted’ to a trusted supplier and if you are on the list, then it could generate a seriously useful source of retail business. Andrew Stevenson - Sales Director - NRS

11:15 11:45

How to recruit top people to your team When you are looking to add to your team, how do you decide which people to interview? What are the key questions you should be asking and what clues should you be looking for during an interview? Anthony Elkington - Managing Director - Trusted Recruiter

12:15 12:45

How to use words, images and videos to get a customers’ attention Good, effective marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. By using words and images in the right way online and offline, any business, from the smallest retailer to the largest multinational, can get in front of customers without spending an arm and leg. Learn how. Calvin Barnett - Editor - THIIS Magazine

13:15 13:45

How to do precision marketing with social media A common trend with social media marketing is to focus on going viral and generating as many impressions as possible, however one of the most powerful aspects of social media is the ability to reach out to and engage with people who fit a very specific profile. This session looks at a number of techniques that can be used, including some that are free, in order to not only identify but reach out and engage with precisely the people that you want to, giving you the confidence in knowing that your marketing budget isn’t being squandered on irrelevant prospects. David Glenwright - Social Media Trainer - JC Social Media

14:15 14:45

15:15 15:45

How to turn your customers into your sales people and generate new business at very little cost Why would you pay £100’s for a sales lead when you can generate them for almost nothing? By following some very simple steps, you can produce sales enquiries by building a big salesforce using one of your most important assets – your customer base. David Russell - THIIS Magazine How to look after a customer so that they keep coming back The easiest way to build your business is to sell more to your existing customers, but how do you make sure that they want to buy more from you in the future. You’ll learn how in this session. Dave Sutton - Director - DPS Associates

Regis t atten er to d for


at tra EE d edays. /thiis

Monday 9th October 10:15 10:45

11:15 11:45

12:15 12:45

13:15 13:45

14:15 14:45

15:15 15:45

16:00 16:30

How to get your product accepted by the Community Equipment Providers and into their catalogues If you have a product that you think should be part of the range offered as part of the community equipment contracts, but are not sure how to go about getting it listed in the catalogues of the major providers, then this session is for you. Andrew Stevenson - Sales Director - NRS How to get the most out of social media and make it work for your business Whether you are using Social Media every day or you are just thinking about whether it could help you grow your business, in this session you’ll discover how you can use it to generate new leads and connect to your existing customers without spending a great deal. David Glenwright - Social Media Trainer - JC Social Media How to mentor and coach your team members so that they are happy and successful in their jobs Whether it’s product knowledge, company procedures, meeting objectives, interacting with customers and fellow colleagues or understanding the company strategy and plans, everyone benefits from good guidance and advice. This brief session does not aim to give you all of the answers, however it will provide you with useful tips and suggestions to take back to your companies as to how to go about coaching and mentoring your most important asset-your staff. David Beavis - Managing Director - Medismart How to tell the story of your brand so that customers want to buy from you and not your competitors Every business had a brand. It’s a name, a look, the way you do business. But how do you get the message across to your customers that you are the people to buy from? Learn how to personalise your customer’s experience, stand out from the crowd and make sure that your customer knows that you have a real business, run by real people, offering real value. Gail Gibson - Managing Director - Gailgibson How to stay on the right side of the law There are a number of ways that a business in our marketplace could break the law as rules and regulations tighten. Presented by someone whose job it is to know the things that are changing in the future and highlight all the important stuff you need to know to keep on the right side of the law. Peter Stonely - Managing Director - Stonely Training How to communicate effectively with all your customers, no matter what age they are If you are good at what you do, these days you could keep a customer for 20, 30 or even 40 years. This session will explain how to engage with customers at an earlier stage than is traditionally the case within the mobility/independent living sector. David Silver - Director - Years Ahead How to know how good or bad your marketing is in just 30 minutes In just 30 minutes you’ll get a very good idea about whether you are really on the ball when it comes to marketing your business, or whether you are missing out on some very simple, low cost but very effective ways to promote and sell. David Russell - THIIS Magazine

These sessions are correct as of date of print, please consult the online programme for any changes.


21/09/2017 14:16 18/09/2017 14:17:19

specialist seating

SPECIALIST SEATING SUPPLIERS STAND OUT IN TOUGH TIMES As manufacturers feel the squeeze of rising costs caused by international demand of resources, a weakening pound and economic uncertainty, a number of specialist seating firms are seeing significant growth. THIIS explores how some custom seating companies are realising success in demanding market conditions.


ith slow economic growth forecasted, the cost of living for consumers rising and a weakening pound causing overheads to increase, seating manufacturers are facing various challenges in the near future. Lisa Wardley, Managing Director of Birmingham-based Repose Furniture, told us of some the unique challenges that exist within the sector. “Uncertainty never helps and the volatility of the pound against the euro has certainly had an impact on our parts suppliers and their costs as many of them trade across Europe. Currently, we have not had to make any major changes to our pricing structure as a result of this uncertainty, but everyone in the industry is watching matters closely as this could have a major impact over the next 24 months,” she said. “However, one of the major impacts on our supply chain over the past 12 months and which is continuing is the impact of globalisation on the availability of resources. Some of the major countries, such as China and Russia, are placing high demand on timber and chemicals used in foams, forcing price rises in both timber and foam. As with Brexit, we have been able to absorb much of the cost increases but continue to monitor the situation.” With various pressures facing companies in the sector, some manufacturers are going above and

beyond to develop closer relationships with their dealer networks, understanding that retailers play a fundamental role in their commercial success. Currently selling through a network of more than 200 retailers, Repose Furniture has been engaging and supporting its dealers with its retailer

support programme throughout 2017. The campaign has seen Repose offering its retailers special offers and deals each month, with discounts on floor models and heat systems to free chair ‘care-kits’. The company has also released new literature, an essential marketing tool for retailers. “We have offered our retailers a Repose’s Melrose Chair

“Some of the major countries, such as China and Russia, are placing high demand on timber and chemicals used in foams, forcing price rises in both timber and foam” LISA WARDLEY

68 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 68

21/09/2017 14:16

special discount every month in 2017 and the response to this initiative has been extremely positive. Our dealers are at the very heart of our success and we understand the need to continue to build extremely close partnership relationships with them,” commented Lisa. One manufacturer that has reported positive commercial results in the tough climate is High Wycombebased AJ Way. The seating specialists recently announced that the company has seen its half year sales of made to order and bespoke Riser Recliner armchairs grow by over 18% compared to that of last year. Tony Mercer, Managing Director of AJ Way, explained that whilst an increased desire to buy British had played a role, it was the way the company worked with its dealers that made the real difference. “ AJ Way has so much more to offer than its strong pedigree, although this undoubtedly has had an influence in fuelling our growth,” he said. “Returning to having a dedicated dealer sales team has had a positive impact. We are always on the lookout for ways of improving our partners’ experience. We have launched next day despatch for selected domestic and healthcare products and we have re-launches planned for a number of products, supported by new marketing collateral all coming through the pipeline as the year progresses.” Part of the new marketing collateral includes double sided posters that cleverly gives dealers flexibility on how to use them. Featuring a different design on each side, the dealer has the choice of using the posters landscape or portrait to fit with the space available to them. Additionally, the poster’s message can be tailored by the dealer to focus on either the benefits of bespoke seating or the various AJ Way chairs available to their customers. “We are developing many types of point of sale materials to support the products and highlight the benefits of our products, such as bespoke Riser Recliners to the customer in the shop. This supports our quest

Lisa Wardley, MD of Repose (second from left) with team members

“Returning to having a dedicated dealer sales team has had a positive impact. We are always on the lookout for ways of improving our partners’ experience” TONY MERCER

to deliver versatile solutions that will meet the varying needs across our dealer network. We have found that business development meetings are an important ingredient to help us understand dealers’ requirements and goals and then offer tailor made support to help our customers achieve their objectives,” explained Tony. This attention to marketing collateral that takes retailers goals into account is sure to be celebrated by retailers’ eager to get their hands on more point of sale materials.

Tony Mercer, MD of AJ Way, understands the importance of dealer support | 69

Thiis October 2017.indd 69

21/09/2017 14:16

specialist seating Speaking with retailers’ Chris Cox of Cinque Ports Mobility and John Payne of Kent Mobility in April this year, both stressed the need for up-to-date marketing literature and point-of-sale materials in order to sell effectively. “For manufacturers that don’t provide a lot of details on a product, it actually gives the impression that they are not certain of their products… the knock-on effect is it makes us less likely to show and recommend it to our customers,” explained John. Aware of this need for dealers to have up-to-date literature to accompany the new products, Primacare has also released a new brochure to accompany a new range of chairs launched. David Tomlin, the company’s Managing Director, stated the company has enjoyed record levels of business and growth in the sector, resulting in the company expanding its range.

The Comfort Collection from AJ Way

Chatsworth with Waterfall cushions UP TO

Tate II with Firm Back and drop arms

Chatsworth with Soft Back and wings

Hallingbury with Waterfall cushions

Wendover with Waterfall cushions

Waddesdon with Firm Back and wings

functions With AJ Way Riser Recliner armchairs you can pick and mix fabrics, cushions and bespoke options, to match your needs and your style. Thanks to their range of standard sizes and your handmade AJ Way Riser Recliner armchair will be tailored to your requirements.

AJ Way posters landscape 594x1782 AW.indd 1

“We have developed new ranges of chairs, including the Affinity, Alpha, Adelphi and Broadway, in response to an ever-increasing demand for more specialist seating. They all can use our new high-risk pressure management cushions, including our gel and air comfort options,” he commented. “Our new 85-page specialist seating brochure is also available and later in the year we have a series of six local shows around the country for dealers to see the new ranges.” As well as expanding the range and running shows with dealers, the South Wales based seating specialist

AJ Way’s versatile new marketing material aims to meet their network’s needs

16/08/2017 12:23

unveiled a new website in September and set up a Facebook page to help raise the company’s social media presence. With tougher times possibly on the horizon, it is the manufacturers striving to develop closer relationships and go the extra mile in the support they offer their networks that seem to be finding the most success in the sector.

When you want to look for a new supplier...


Thiis October 2017.indd 70

21/09/2017 14:16

Unlike other stairlift providers Handicare can promise that...

We We

allow you to fit ALL lifts. straights and curves.

value OUR trade partners.

We We allow all partners to service and maintain our products.

provide unlimited spare parts to ALL partners.

To become a Handicare partner call us on 01384 E. Thiis October 2017.indd 71

408700 21/09/2017 14:16

diary dates October 4-5 2017 Independent Living Scotland – SECC October 4-7 2017 Rehacare – Dusseldorf October 10-11 2017 The Care & Dementia Show – NEC October 8-9 2017 Trade Days – NEC October 23-26 2017 Medtrade – Atlanta November 13-16 2017 Medica – Dusseldorf November 16 2017 Kidz to Adultz North – Manchester November 22-23 2017 The OT Show – NEC December 13 2017 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh. OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) – Belfry Hotel and Spa or call Sally on 02921 9004002 January 29-1 Feb 2018 Arab Health, Dubai January 31st-February 1st 2018 Moving & Handling People - Watford www. February 7 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) – The Queen Hotel, Chester or call Sally on 02921 900402 February 27-28 2017 Medtrade Spring Las Vegas March 15 2018 Kidz to Adultz Middle – Coventry April 25-26 2018 Naidex - NEC April 26 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Weetwood Hall Conference Centre, Leeds or call Sally on 02921 900402 May 17 2018 Kidz to Adultz South – Farnborough International Centre June 11- 13 2018 COT Annual Conference - Belfast Waterfront June 13 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hallmark Hotel, Cambridge or call Sally on 02921 900402 June 27-28 2018 Health+Care – Excel London July 11 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) – Stradey Park Hotel, Llanelli or call Sally on 02921 900402 July 23-25 Posture & Mobility Group Conference Manchester Central September 12 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - La Mon Hotel, Belfast or call Sally on 02921 900402 September 26 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Imperial Hotel, Torquay or call Sally on 02921 900402 November 7 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - The Spa Hotel, Kent or call Sally on 02921 900402 November 28 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hilton Hotel, Newcastle or call Sally on 02921 900402 December 5 2018 OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptations Conference) - Hilton Hotel, Southampton or call Sally on 02921 900402

SMART WHEELCHAIRS MD SADLY PASSES AWAY It is with regret that Dean Jose, Managing Director of SMART Wheelchairs Ltd, succumbed to injuries received whilst away from home on the 28th August and sadly passed away on the 2nd September in hospital


dam Hannay, Company Accountant for SMART Wheelchairs, commented: “We share our grief with Dean’s wife and co Company Director, Maxine and their two daughters. We have lost a dear friend and inspirational boss; no words can express our sadness at Dean’s death. “However, it is Maxine’s intention to honour Dean’s memory by continuing to run the business with the full support and CEO of our main supplier Karma Europe. This ensures that we can maintain the same vision and high standards that Dean believed in.” SMART Wheelchairs recently moved into new premises with a range of new facilities, including a customer demo area, fully equipped workshop and easy to access carpark at the front. The premises were part of Dean’s vision for the future, having initially started the business in April 2011. Andy Sutherland, who joined the company 3 months ago as Senior Rehabilitation Specialist, will be conducting all future assessments and will be working alongside the company’s Service Department. Maxine would like to thank everyone who has contacted her with condolences and kind words of support. She is keen to, as far as possible, resume family life with her two daughters and other close family members and to take the business to the next level in the legacy of founder Dean Jose. To contact the company, call 01485 571427 or 01553 404200. The new company premises can be found at Unit 6, Oldmedow Road, Hardwick, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 4JL.

72 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 72

21/09/2017 14:16

If you’re in the Lift or Mobility industry, then make your life easier with our specialist Field Service Management and Job Tracking Software... View all of your jobs, site locations and warranty status from anywhere, at any time and from any device. • • • • •

Visualise each job location Track vehicles real time View & update details Instant ETA to any site location Optimize route planning

Free online demonstration and trial account. Upgrade your lift data and begin visualising your work load and site destinations. • • • • • • •

Individual Jobs Diaries Purchase Orders & Planning Route Planning and Navigation Invoicing and Job Costing Mobile App for On-site Workers SMS Text Message Customer Alerts Quotations and Job Estimates

Free online demo

0845 474 8824

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CRM software




After a number of years working in the industry, Jim Simmonds is now offering manufacturers and retailers in the mobility marketplace a system that he says will reduce the overall costs of a business and increase the level of service to customers

ith the CRM system that AutoVu offer, a business can have instant access to the information they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with notifications of new jobs posted and return receipt acknowledgement so that you know that the job request has been received. Jim says that he has seen his fair share of CRM and field service management programmes over the years. “I spent my early career as a service technician before shifting over to sales and then running a successful installation, service and maintenance company providing equipment to private end users and local authorities.” He also has a degree in computer programming, which he achieved while he was working as a technician during the 1990’s. He has now put together all his experience and knowledge of what is needed in an effective CRM system and the result is AutoVu. Jim says that, although the system has been developed with the lift industry in mind, it can be used in any mobility company. “Having previously been involved with several lift companies including my own, the platform naturally lends itself to the lift industry in general. However, it can become an essential tool for anyone in the mobility sector, bringing automation to many back-office processes and procedures. With service technician job allocation and simple mobile access, the platform can certainly make a big difference to the operation of any company that is involved in service and maintenance activities.”

He says that the AutoVu system is designed for both large and small businesses that work with products or offer a service. You can work from your office, home or any other remote location and stay in touch with everything that matters about your business. Our technology is constantly up to date, utilising the best in security

and IT practices. With solutions from single free accounts to multi department or location enterprises, we have an edition that will meet the demands of any sized business.” For more information, call 0845 474 8824 or visit the website at

“It can become an essential tool for anyone in the mobility sector, bringing automation to many back-office processes and procedures”

Sm Pr Vi


Re mo se ‘Vi

Th bu Ha ad op

Fin ap res W Th

Pa on bo fee Lin

Fo or

74 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 74

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The new range to

Pride Mobility Products® Ltd

The Tucson

Stand C8

The Westminster Just some of the features available with the Tucson Comfortable pillow back design new to the U.K

Operate the Tucson via a wireless remote

Just some of the features available with the Westminster 10” Powered headrest and powered lumbar

New USB ergonomic handset

Smart advancements from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd new range of products, Viva Lift!TM Power Recliners. Renowned for bringing new innovative products into the mobility industry, Pride Mobility are proud to offer a new selection of ground breaking lift chairs to their portfolio, the ‘VivaLift!TM Power Recliners’ range. Their new range starts with the 3 - position Tucson Lift Chair, which is built in the US and features a premium furniture grade laminate/ Hardwood frame, simplistic USB handset control, additional fibre fill for added comfort and a wireless remote control so that the chair can be operated at an optimum range of 15 ft. Finally there is the Westminster, a new dual motor chair which features a powered lumbar support and a unique 10” power positioning headrest and comes a standard with an ergonomic USB handset control. With a generously filled high back cushion and an exquisite seat base, The Westminster has been designed to bolster comfort and relaxation.

Bringing new innovative products into the mobility industry, Pride Mobility are proud to offer a new selection of ground breaking lift chairs to their portfolio the ‘VivaLift!TM Power Recliners’ range.

Paul Clayton, Senior Pride® Sales Manager pictured above commented on the positive success of the Tucson and Westminster:“We have taken both these chairs to just a handful of our dealers across the UK, and the feed back and interest has demonstrated how popular our new VivaLift! Line is going to be!” For further enquires please contact your local Pride area sales manager, or go to:

32 Wedgwood Road, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 4UL | Tel: 01869 324600 | Fax: 01869 323070 Web: | Email: Tucson and Westminster 1 Thiis October 2017.indd advert.indd 75

18/09/2017 14:16 16:21 21/09/2017

WANTED SCOOTERS • Second hand part exchanges, customer returns, canceled orders, Motability / lease terminations, job lots, etc. ( up to 3 years old) • Instant easy clearance of all your surplus stock – Nationwide Collection


Check the ‘Jobs On Offer’ section of the website for more opportunities Take a look at the recently added positions – Regional Product Specialist Contracts/Bid Writer Manager Operations Manager Area Sales Manager Product Specialists

Immediate cash payment or bank transfer UK Nationwide Mobility Trade & Export 07799 555835

Book your place... ...with the best in Britain’s Healthcare Industry at The British Healthcare Trades Awards Dinner 2017. To book your table or place, E-mail Nigel Woods at:

Thursday 30th November 2017 Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London SE1 7TJ

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trusted recruiter

Clinical Seating Specialist

Product Specialist/Advisor

Midlands – Salary £25k- £35k basic

Midlands – Base Salary £35k plus bonus

Our client a leading supplier of seating and postural products and services with operations globally and exclusive contracts with NHS, local Authorities and private care companies.

Our new client is a specialist in the manufacture and sale of quality special needs products. Their portfolio includes seating and standing aids, bathing and toileting, sensory plus more. Having been established for over 30 years now part of a larger group of companies.

They are seeking a Clinical Seating Specialist to cover the Midlands, Staffordshire and surrounding areas, carrying out seating assessments using high end specialist postural software to measure and mould in order to manufacture seating systems. Working closely with clinicians to ensure best possible service is offered. The candidate will have experience of having carried out seating assessments and able to solve complex seating problems. Must have technical knowledge of powered and manual wheelchairs. Those from Occupational therapy backgrounds or Rehab Engineers will also be of interest. Salary £25k-£35k negotiable depending on experience. Company van, phone, tablet. Please submit your CV confidentially to to discuss further including job reference Thiis449

They are currently seeking a Product Specialist/Advisor to demonstrate and carry out assessments with their full range of products across the Midlands. This will involve visiting existing clients as requested to conduct assessments alongside OT’s and PT’s. Carrying out training days and looking to upsell their product range. Most of this will be account management with some element of new business. The ideal candidate will have experience of a similar product range either seating and standing aids or other related paediatric or adult disability aids. Used to carrying out assessments and working with OT’s or PT’s. Must have some sales experience, although the role is not a heavily driven sales role there is an element of sales and targets involved. The package being offered is an annual base salary of £35k plus yearly and quarterly bonus. Company van, phone, ipad/ tablet laptop, pension, 25 days holiday plus bank holidays. Please submit your CV confidentially to antony@trustedrecruiter. to discuss further including job reference Thiis450 | 77

Thiis October 2017.indd 77

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Training Diary If you are providing training for the trade, then simply send us the details of the course, the date, any costs, the venue and the contact for booking places and we’ll include it in the Diary. Email with any details you have. October 2017 Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th October 2017 - Benmor Medical, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear Invacare – Küschall – October 4th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Bed Servicing & Maintenance October 10th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Power Chair Controls - October 11th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Fault Finding on Powerchairs October 12th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Kymco Healthcare - Scooter technical training – October 13th – Bridgend BHTA in partnership with Warrington Disability Partnership - Disability Awareness Workshop – Tuesday 17th October 2017 10am-2pm – Wellingborough – Cost £40 per person, includes lunch and refreshments Careflex - The Importance of Specialist Seating in Pressure Care and Postural Management – 18th October - Manchester – TBC Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Manual chairs - October 18th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Powerchairs - October 19th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC JCM Seating Solutions Ltd - Technical Training Workshop – 19th October 2017 JCM Academy, Peterborough Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Thursday 19th – Friday 20th October 2017 - Benmor Medical, Market Harborough Invacare – Alber - October 25th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC

Invacare – Scooter Servicing & Maintenance October 26th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Scooter Servicing & Maintenance October 27th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC

Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Manual chairs - November 29th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC

November 2017

Invacare – Servicing & Maintenance on Power chairs - November 30th 2017 – Pencoed - FOC

Invacare - Manual Wheelchairs – November 1st 2017 – Pencoed – FOC

December 2017

Invacare – LiNX Training – November 2nd 2017 – Pencoed – FOC

Invacare - Robin Overhead Hoist – December 1st 2017 - Pencoed – FOC

Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Thursday 2nd – Friday 3rd November 2017 - Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire

Invacare - Bed Servicing & Maintenance – December 5th 2017 - Pencoed - FOC

Invacare – LiNX Training – November 3rd 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th November 2017 - Benmor Medical, Market Harborough Electric Mobility - Servicing / Maintenance & Fault finding for Rascal Mobility Products – November 8th 2017 - Ilminster. FOC inc. lunch JCM Seating Solutions Ltd - Technical Training Workshop – 9th November 2017 JCM Academy, Peterborough Invacare – Robin Overhead Hoist November 9th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – Impetus - November 14th & 15th 2017 – Pencoed - £149.00 + VAT Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th November 2017 - Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire Invacare – Power Chair Controls - November 22nd 2017 – Pencoed - FOC Invacare – Fault finding on Power Chairs November 23rd 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare – LiNX Training - November 24th 2017 – Pencoed - FOC

Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 5th – Thursday 6th December 2017 - Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire Invacare - Servicing & Maintenance of Patient Lifters – December 7th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare - Servicing & Maintenance of Patient Lifters – December 8th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare - LiNX training – December 14th 2017 – Pencoed – FOC Invacare - LiNX training – December 15th Pencoed - FOC

January 2018 Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th January 2018 - Benmor Medical, Market Harborough Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Wednesday 17th – Thursday 18th January 2018 - Benmor Medical, Houghton-leSpring, Tyne and Wear Benmor Medical - Management of the Plus Size (Bariatric) Patient CPD Certified Course – Tuesday 30th – Wednesday 31st January 2018 - Benmor Medical, Liss, Hampshire

Contacts for bookings BHTA in partnership with Warrington Disability Partnership – Email sally.

Global Training by Silvalea - +44 (0) 1626 331655 or visit

Benmor Medical – Contact Sophie Allen – 0333 800 9000 – sophie.allen@

Pride Mobility – Call Dave on 01869 324600 or email service@pride-mobility.

Invacare – Call Joan James on 01656 776283 or email

Electric Mobility – Call 01460 258158 or email

JCM – Contact Rachel Davis on Careflex – Call Julieanne Fewings on 01626 831 843 or email julieanne. Kymco - Dave Adams - After Sales Service Manager – Call 01656 641076​

78 |

Thiis October 2017.indd 78

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S T Y L E I N N O VAT I O N C H O I C E LEON POWERCHAIR The Leon is designed to exploit the advantages of a rear wheel drive chair for outdoor use. It is geared for speed without compromising on stability or control. The exceptionally narrow wheelbase allows for agile manoeuvrability. It is available in a range of colours that make the chair a real eye catcher. The Leon is a superior powerchair for even the most active users.

a Full suspension a 8 mph maximum speed a 450W 4 pole motors a Optional 75Ah batteries a 62cm overall width a Crash tested For further details please call 0845 630 3436

Karma Mobility Ltd Unit 6 Target Park, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 8YN T: 0845 630 3436 E:

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The UK’s leading range of mobility products since 1985

1... Zest


Zest Plus


Minimo Plus 4



Maximo Plus

Count on more success with us

5... Ibex

01787 882244

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Thiis October 2017  

The all new and refreshed THIIS is out now, featuring the latest news, products and jobs in the industry. We look at how the seating industr...