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Single-Space Meter Mechanism

The single-space meter upgrade to launch your parking operations into the future.

LIBERTY FEATURES Liberty™ brings convenience and flexible payment options for motorists, while simplifying the management of your maintenance and collection operations. Featuring advanced credit card acceptance, solar power and wireless real-time communication, Liberty fits securely within the dome of most existing housings for a fast and easy upgrade. Choose Liberty as the easiest and most reliable way to increase revenue and decrease operating costs. • Fastest and easiest way to increase revenue and decrease operational costs

• Communicates wirelessly for real-time data management

• Secure PCI-compliant credit card processing

• Solar powered with rechargeable battery for extended battery life

• Supports complex rate structures and audit programs

• Legendary warranty and after- sale support



• Compatible with all Duncan single-space meter housings and most third-party housings • Securely protected under the existing meter housing’s cap and dome • Easy installation requires no modifications to meter housing • Operates reliably under a wide range of environmental conditions: humidity, snow, sleet, rain, road grime, street vibrations and from -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C) • Tactile key panel with four buttons for intuitive payment navigation


• Accepts coins, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and pay-by-cell payment • PCI-compliant system with real-time credit card processing • Pay-by-cell option with payment visible at the meter • Coin chute is easily and quickly field serviced; vandal resistant coin slot • Accepts up to sixteen different coins and/or metal tokens through a single slot • Advanced coin track sensors for self-calibration and detection of non-metallic jams



• Solar powered with rechargeable battery for extended battery life • Compatible with traditional alkaline and rechargeable batteries • Retains full audit data during battery removal and exchange

CENTRALIZED • Integration with existing meter and enforcement management systems MANAGEMENT • Secure real-time communication via GPRS or Point-to-Multipoint RF network to SYSTEM • AutoTRAX and AutoISSUE management systems • Real-time alarm and status reporting for maintenance optimization • Real-time revenue and payment information for automated enforcement • “Over-the-Air” meter updates for configuration and rate programming • Wireless integration with vehicle sensors for enhanced meter and enforcement features




• Large high-contrast graphical display with back-lighting for easy readability for motorists, supporting graphics and text instructions • Traditional rear-side enforcement display clearly shows when meter is “Expired” is visible at a distance of 85 feet during periods of darkness • “Super Bright” red, green and yellow LED for nighttime enforcement • Supports “Out of Order” and “No Parking” symbols


• 365-day calendar real-time clock with backup battery • Programmable for automatic daylight savings time change • Clock can be synchronized with centralized server • Supports simple linear and complex dynamic rate structures

Now is the right time to procure the capabilities and benefits of the Liberty product and Duncan Solutions’ wide range of parking-related solutions that transform the way a community manages its parking business.

Now we have it all. Learn about our fully-integrated parking solutions at:

To find out more about Duncan Solutions’ end to end parking and enforcement solutions, call your Duncan representative at 888.993.8622. 633 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 1600 Milwaukee, WI 53203

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About Duncan Solutions has the single-space meter upgrade to launch your parking operations into the future. Liberty™ brings convenience an...