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Chapter 8 The Music Force Awakens

Situationist escapism from a dystopian mainstream armageddon, courtesy of apathetic zombies. TheZineUK last chapter ended up in October 2015, around parts of Invisible Britain. Welcome to Spring 2016, which feels like many new beginnings - among some high profile endings. A classic music history/future year already. Two years on from our Art, Punk n Poetry launch party, the magical mystery tour of Uniqulture is still an expanding collective, uniting in venues under threat of dalek-like “development”. By the end of this, Chapter 008, we are in the midst of the emerging next anti-scene; excited, collaborative and making the most of the underground artists having bigger tunes than the mainstream. We’d rather punch the air to an anthem, or punch above our weight with ambition than punch another human being. Join us escaping #PlanetSoZombie - thinking for ourselves, dancing for our lives. Time to add some pictures and diary from where we left things in Chapter 007…(Caffy, TheZineUK Events Department and snapshots)

deux furieuses photo by Dan Donovan for their immense debut album, ‘Tracks Of Wire’. Next page #StageStyle Isaac Holmes of Slaves wears “fluffy” (Winter Hat from Deptford Market(!) Rings, model’s own. Photo by Caffy St Luce at Good Karma Club launch, January. Front Cover;


Next Creative/Performance Industries are uniting. The pictures on the next page are a fraction of the action that we have enjoyed in Uniqulture road show adventures with Karen Barnes, Ian The Girl, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, John Kennedy (Radio X)/The Remedy, Mark Davyd n Mark Morriss (Venues Day image by Pat Pope), Pink Cigar (2016 Sessions Season image in the band’s studio by Jeff Moh), Abbie McCarthy (BBC Radio) at Good Karma Club, Mourning Birds 2016 Sessions Season on Denmark Street), adoration for The Enemy at Amersham Arms, fun & friendship at the Trampolene gig (the pic of Mick n Dan of Sisteray), Asylums at The Tramshed, Art n Punk at The Birds Nest, Bavanandan at This Feeling club’s #BigIn2016 events, Stage Style Fashion stars and many more.

#WeLoveYouALL @TheZineUK artbeat social at Whitechapel Urban Bar in January was a SMASHER - on top of all that, #SELondon #SaveTheNHS locals were the UK’s Christmas 2015 Number 1 in the charts! Chapter 8 of this Once Upon Another (rock n roll) Time goes up to 1st March (includiing Clit Rock, DOLLS single launch, via a trip to Google HQ). Next stop #ArtBeatFest April 2nd & 34d. TheZineUK thanks, credits and contact information



October 2015

20th October, attended the second Music Venues Day at Ministry Of Sound, London (and repped Amersham Arms, a couple of miles down the road where TheZineUK formed). I, Caffy, bumped into so many music loving friends, it’s like the Starfleet of passionate places and faces. An inspiring and inspired day spent with Ian and Ben of Essex hot-spot, Traitors Gate. At one end of this Venues Day panel, music champion, Steve Lamacq of BBC 6Music looks on as Music Venue Trust founder, Mark Davyd, tells it like it is. Photography by Pat Pope.

Paris on Friday 13th shocks, saddens, unites.

November 2015

It is Armageddon X World War 3 X “Austerity” X Climate Danger X 50% Loss Of Wild Life X Celebrity/Royalty Weapons Of Mass Distraction o' Clock in Cruel Brittania and our planet is “ruled” (destroyed a.k.a. “Development”) by blood thirsty psychopaths. Now is not the time to suck flaccid cock popular tedium, disguised as muzak. Rave hard. Rock hard. Unite hard. Need escapism. Now. Cheer up with the Trampolene gig for This Feeling at Camden Black Heart. Try to take a pic of the band. Only manage to get a shot of the photographers, snapping them, knowing they’re special. We did get to meet musical activists, Sisteray, that night. Nice to put some face to face to the on line energy… They’re actually gonna be playing this same venue, DIY created and promoted, a month later. Get in a small venue, catch the best bands for cheap, at close range. Get involved with the grass roots thrillers. It’s all happening…

Behind the scenes with Pink Cigar at their rehearsal studio in London, November 6th 2015, just before the triumphant sensation of their debut US tour dates. Pic by Caffy St Luce.


November 2015

December 2015

Pink Cigar session

“When Pink Cigar took the stage I was like holy shit this is what the Rolling Stones must have looked and sounded like when they were young. They were everything you could have wanted to see and hear in a cool UK rock band. Stage presence, crowd interaction, a great look and an awesome sound.�

By rock legend photographer

Jeff Moh

Report by Jeff Crespi from the Pink Cigar show at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA on November 30th

Images are at

Behind the scenes again. This time at the end of November, TheZineUK are at Amersham Arms witnessing another truly great rock band (see small venues for a great music movement) sign a deal. Much gets created at 388 New Cross Road. It’s one of the UK’s next-music-industry hubs.



The Wildness ‘Liberty Skull’ pendant

Virgin Extra!

Ascis have collaborated with Barcelona's esteemed sneaker retailer, 24 Kilates, as a celebration of their tenth anniversary. Drawing from the aesthetics of olive oil is their nod to one of Spain's premier exports. The name of the shoe is ‘Virgin Extra’ Using colorways of green, tan and purple, they capture the colouration of raw Arbequina olives, the primary type used for the production of Spanish olive oil. Another cool detailing is the metallic olive leaf hang tag, as well as offering a premium bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a burlap sack, with every purchase. The custom insole features an olive branch and “10th anniversary” text, to finish off the look. The Virgin Extra shoe is available in the UK (sizes UK 5-12) from various retailers, including

Sir Tom Baker London

I was about a decade late to Tom Baker's party, but better late than never eh? His collections are the the living embodiment of what we at the Zine call #stagestyle. Someone who has rock stars in mind and folk who wanna look like rock stars. No surprises that he has a list of industry talent knocking on his door, including Noel Fielding, John Cooper Clarke, Liam Howlett and Keith Flint of the Prodigy and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols). I, personally, wish he had better media coverage for what he does. He has been around since 1996 - or, maybe I have just missed it. Whatever happens I will continue to monitor further collections with great enthusiasm and interest. Ben Dodd Fashion Director.

Fulwood London At last a range that choses to focus on, and promote tattoo artists and their creations. Caffy and I had just been saying that this needed to be done, when, the press release for Fulwood appeared in our inbox. Happy days. The brand is the baby of Sarah Burgan, a Yorkshire lass, who studied fashion at Ravensbourne in Greenwich, which is where she discovered an appreciation for tattoo art. Fulwood showcases one artist's work each season. These are pieces from the collection by Hannah Von Farren, who works out of Loaded Fourty Four parlour, in Manchester. Hannah’s designs feature over the whole mens and womens range, from the tees, to sweatshirts and shirts. All pieces are made from the highest quality fabrics and printing techniques. Ben Dodd. Buy clothing at For Hannah's work; instagram /hvftattoo and Loaded Forty Four parlour is at

Thank you to our wonder woman photographer,

Keira Cullinane, for introducing DOLLS into this story. L-R Jade and Belinda have a massive sound and are having such a good time rocking and folling that, its infectious. Images by Keira.

December 2015 3 December; newer wave noiseniks, Sisteray at their Camden headline show. A sold out out launch of their DIY curated/promoted #WelcomeToTheMonkeyHouse events. Sisteray are musical activists with a political conscience, tcommunicating with fans, supporting other artists and getting their arses to as many grass roots gigs as possible. How we’d met them a month earlier. They’d worked so hard to create this triumph. We bumped into various friends, dancing in the crowd. We knew we would go ape if they could play one of our events during the year of the monkey (2016). A cheeky ask couldn’t hurt. 5 December we’re at the Nicole Kidman movie scene punk show at The George Tavern, courtesy of Bruno Wizard. Young rising stars Nova Twins and Dead Belles are in the house. The latter play us what they’ve just recorded up the road. ‘This Machine’s Electric’ is electric! A week later, End Of The Trail Records call in at the increasingly buzzing Traitors Gate in Essex. Blush pick up a deal with the pro-active label (who scout new talent at their own events) that night…

Jimmy Gilder Musician, Biker 8th December 2015 Outside Regent Sounds, Denmark Street, London

In the Alleycat Bar, Central London, musicians take a break for a moment of reflection while making Spring 2016 live recorded sessions with TheZineUK. These sessions, which we frankly need help with, are a collaboration between the artists, ourselves and (muchly appreciated) talent lovers/spotters; Golden Cage Media, Kitmonsters and Electric Owls Films courtesty of the high quality of the music involved. As per our yellow brick road’s way of things happening,, the latter, came about accidentally. Film maker, Joe ‘Moon’ Loughrell of Electric Owls called into the Alley Cat (under the world famous Regent Sounds Studios - Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, The Kinds etc) to collect some cymbals from a gig the night before. Joe caught Sam, Jimmy, Bill and Rhys playing their album tracks, ‘Come Back’ and ‘Surrender; which Ian Hurd of Golden Cage Media, was recording. They are formidable rock songs. After getting the cymbals back safely, Joe did, indeed, come back, and surrendered to the creativity, for the whole day, with some very helpful advice for us, which we can not thank him enough for, and great shots. A real film maker! We are honoured. Electric Owls have made a poignant, short film ‘The Death Of Denmark Street’ that makes sad but inspiring watching. It seemed apt that he should catch us doing what “Tin Pan Alley” does best; The creative musical life of Denmark Street.

We had returned to the venue where we launched this story in a situationist riot at the start of 2014. You can hardly recognise Soho now, it has fallen prey to capitalist culture vultures. We’re making the most of what we have with the artists that can pull it off. The musicians we are with today have grown artistically in just over two years since their public introduction and recently transformed from a Medway (Kent) trio into a Medway/Swansea quartet. Rhys Downing, producer of the album (which was released on P-Vine Records in Japan), had recently joined the band. Now with the extra guitar, the backing vocals, and the band having the four-way writing influences that Rhys (pictured next page) brings, they make an even grander sound. Today’s session was the start of something new for 2016.

Bill Williams - bass guitar (#stagestyle - the jacket once belonged to Richey Edwards of Manic Street Preachers who wore it in the ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ video)

Jimmy Gilder (guitar, vocals) and Sam Mitchell (drums (bvs)

@TheZineUK home of


Ashes To Ashes designer Chikashi


Ashes To Ashes

New Year’s Eve New Cross New Adventures Looming

31st December 2015;, Amersham Arms London for This Feeling Club. This page; The Rifles

This Feeling DJ, musician,

Cole Salewicz is about to count us into 2016‌

Tom Clarke of The Enemy was a little nervous at the start of his set, but was greeted with utter adoration from the packed out crowd for his Goodbye 2015, Hallo 2016 live set at Midnight.

The 20th Century Turns Sixteen Years Old. This is no ordinary adolescence. Rebel Rebel. @RocklandsTV blog, January 2016: “Somebody recently saw The Top 50 tips for 2016 by This Feeling and Fred Perry Subculture and wrote "this is more important than what NME has to say." The UK's journalistic king and queen of glamour punk national treasure remarks on the BBC Sound Of 2016 thingy "A posh young singer-songwriter has defied the odds to top the coveted Posh Young Singer-Songwriter Of 2016 poll. Rejoice!" We are not alone in feeling that the self fulfilling main stream media tipsters seem to be filling safe sounding quotas. Hooray for the likes of John Kennedy (Radio X) and peers, who retain independence and down to earth credibility.Another of the key music culture site editor's noted "The #Brit‬ awards as sponsored by nepotism, predictability and corporate music/tech companies.” 10 January rock n roll Sunday Service was by national treasures, Squeeze, singing into "Prime Minister" Hameron's face live on BBC TV's Andrew Marr show; "I grew up in council housing, Part of what made Britain great, There are some here who are hell-bent on the destruction of the welfare state". Changing the words of the song, "Cradle To The Grave". Heroes. Not just for one day. Feels like this year just might have some Rebel Rebel in it's soul, after all. As the Squeeze t-shirts say, Today Deptford. Tomorrow, The World.

Pink Cigar (see November 2015 pages) start 2016 as Number 1 by topping the Forkster Rocks Top 100 Rock Bands Bands of 2015.

We are living in a world where grass roots live music venues are being systematically culled and potential future festival headliners, so vital to our economy and employment, are being sidelined by prime time TV karaoke bollocks. Thank feck for This Feeling and other passionate music promoters getting the 48 hour party people into these spaces to have a good time. By now, so many of us are interacting, even in the two years since TheZineUK story started, that rock n roll is a genuinely new music movement this decade. It feels like punk happened, like art matters, like dystopian misgovernment are waging class war and, in turn, inciting fiery words and sparking anthems with bite and fight.

“We are living in a world where Guitar Music has been marginalised so what This Feeling is doing at the moment is vital.� Noel Gallagher.

Bang Bang Romeo, Bavanandan, Bellevue Days, Cupids, Fronteers, Hello Operator, Houdini Dax, Hyena, No Hot Ashes, Otherkin, Paves, Sisteray, Strange Ways, The Wholls, Tibet, Venice Trip, Viola Beach. #BigIn2016 Manchester / London UK, January 2016. Alphabetically;

"There are no headliners ALL these bands are headliners #newbreed NOT #TheVoice NOT." said Sisteray at the time. They were onThis Feeling club’s 9th January line up at Nambucca. The night of Lemmy’s funeral. Music site, GigSlutz noted; “Formed straight out of school, these are down to earth real tunes about real life. Late last year and true to the nature of their music, Dan even found himself in the national media when he spoke out against his local MP in Walthamstow, Stella Creasy, voting for airstrikes in Syria. They really are inescapable at the moment so, if you see their name plastered along a wall, on a tube or lamppost, pop along to a show, you won’t be disappointed.”

January 2016

This year begins not just as a “40 Years Of Punk� Celebration but a pivotal End Of Days era in so many ways. Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman are among a mass exit from Planet Earth. Add the inhumanity and insanity, an eruption of corruption with no interruption and doom, gloom, boom, Cruel Brittania, shake the room! What we all need is a remedy. So on a Friday night in Tooting, (January 15th to be precise) that is exactly what we get. Music passion hero, John Kennedy delivers.The Remedy (monthly live music social at Tooting South London - Tramshed, with quality entertainers Tonight; Asylums, our front cover band, deux furieuses and Bellevue Days rock us real good, and again, 2016 explodes in the best possible way.

Bellevue Days

deux furieuses

I looked at the front row of the crowd and saw so many friends. Heart, warming. They included (left to right) John, Cecile, Jean Genie, Jonny… There was an abundance of love in the air by the end of the night. Jean Genie got to sing ‘Jean Genie’ with Asylums (next pages) and we couldn’t stop applauding at the end of the night. The Starman was in the sky, it felt like he was looking down. Get The Remedy. Monthly. It’s free Entry early doors, too!


Six Days Later…


Thursday 21st January 2016 The Uniqulture Road Show gears up again for our first get together of the year.

@TheZineUK The Urban Bar, Whitechapel, East London The bill announced more or less on the night, a crowd of future makers, an atmosphere of creative, rebel music spirit, dancing and singing along to David Bowie and the Sisteray guerilla gig (year of the monkey, gorilla gig?) pictured below. We are honoured when people that excite us get back to such a DIY publication as ourselves. Tonight was always going to be inclusive not exclusive, with top quality entertainment, but we were gobsmacked at just how amazing the artists/audiences were at making an unforgettable MOMENT in music passion. Big love to all that could make it in person, or supported in spirit. The evening started with new friends, The Glass Collectors, (this family of uniqulture is expanding rapidly) arriving to do an interview with Sisteray after soundcheck (pic, next page)

“What TheZineUK are doing is amazing, getting everyone together, spreading it all over the internet, making everyone excited, and that's what music is all about. That's what music should be.� The Glass Collectors

Jean Genie

The evening’s live musical entertainment began with a freshly formed band who were, for this evening, called Eyelid Movies So brand new that there is no social media etc yet, but ferociously exciting in a rawnoise energy of force that won instance interest from our crowd.

Kat Five (Feral Five), Jean Genie, Disco MarkY


Jane Pirate (Pirate Treasures Jewellery) with Sisteray after the show

Bruno Wizard

The Homosexuals

Friendships created by Loving Music. Earwax Radio, Feral Five, Rhys Downing and Panda Power representing.

Loved! Rhys Downing’s impromptu DJ set with Jean Genie, too. That kinda night…

Another six days afterTheZineUK social, Kat Five was at Tunbridge Wells Forum in Kent, as part of the 'Bowie- Golden Night' performance on Wednesday January 27th.

Next page; Mark

Davyd (Music Venue Trust head honcho / Tunbridge Wells Forum, Pat

Pope (photographer, legend) who kindly took Mark Morriss, the voice of The Bluetones.

our October 2015 pix from Venues Day) and

Photography by, and with kind permission of, Chris


The following day, Thursday 28th January, Kent was still spoiling us with it’s wide ranging array of new talent when Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing launched an awesome new night at The Islington, London, that really did live up to it’s name, Lotsa recognisable faces were in the house for the GOOD KARMA CLUB debut including (next page) Isaac of Slaves & Dan of Sisteray

Following pages; THE

BAY RAYS, THE SHERLOCKS, CHILDCARE and friends, old and new, pictured at Good Karma Club 28th January 2016 The Islington, Angel, London.

The Bay Rays

The Sherlocks


Ha ha… Isaac from Slaves took a shine to “fluffy” the hat, before we got our pumpkin coach under the River Thames back home to Deptford, where, the following night (Friday 29th January), it was being worn to

Karen Barnes art show at The Birds Nest. As ever, it was a well proper Friday night OUT. Pictured, Karen with Ian The Girl - plus more images from the night on the following pages.

There’s Rebellion in Obscura Undercurrents Gallery The Birds Nest kindly laid on one of their chef prepared spreads. Roger is a taste bud loving star.Quality live music, beloved faces (look, there’s Venice! Ha ha no getting away from this story sometimes) and a big grin, cheers everybody.

Get out of bed the next afternoon and do it all again? You BET! It’s one of This

Feeling club’s

#BigIn2016 events. A short walk from The Birds Nest in Deptford, we’re back at Amersham Arms opposite New Cross Station on Saturday 30th January. It’s buzzin’ from early doors…

“Please note; No stats, blowjobs or £££ the label has to spend on ads was taken into consideration when selecting this line up.” (This Feeling Club #BigIn2016 events take January by storm with the basic down to earth love of music fan values)

Venice Trip

Houdini Dax

Bellevue Days



Sunday 31st January 2016 (Caffy’s, This Feeling comedown); It’s always good to get out of London, for sanity’s sake. Especially after a week of outings. While in Medway for the day, I get to catch an impressive band rehearse and demo major new songs. It was just what I needed. I got home that night elated, excited and with instant earworms echoing in my head. I took some snap shots, but they weren’t as good as this view that afternoon. I just gotta keep learning to use a camera properly. It was a donation from a believer in what TheZineUK is doing. Honoured, mate, thank you.

Februrary 2016 Monday 1st February (love/miss you, Richey Edwards), I got up, up and at ‘em, and went to Leeds for the Women

In Music

Day at Leeds College of Music. I am (still) a mixture of chuffed and humbled to have been included in the luminary of panels, we shared experiences, learnt so much and charged our musical activist batteries with all the ideas and possibilities that were sown by the positivity (and some spot on live performances).

Jean Genie’s week. The return of her Panda Power events. This one was at

In London, it was our

creation, the mighty Nambucca, a few days after the low-key Wolf Alice show there.

Richard Lomax, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, The Homosexuals, Ula-Lee

A travelling circus of love, poetry, cake, hugs, performance art and friendship sparkled together by Jean Genie who uses music as magic to magnetise the stars of the underground, fusing them into living poems of punk fairy tales. Uniqulture in action.

Ula-Lee and The Janes

I didn’t know it at the time, but at Panda Power that night, were musicians that had moved from Bristol to London on 26th January to live the rock n roll dream. I bumped into Jonny from The Garage Flowers, who had been enticed to Amersham Arms, six nights later, by Bruno Wizard’s performance that night. I walked up to him and asked if he was in a rock n roll band, because he looked so much like he was. Here is their story, weaved into this tale…

We moved to London with nothing but our instruments, our hairspray and our dream. Taken in none other than Wetherspoons the night we moved here. 26th January 2016.

Within 4 days we found ourselves on the guestlist for libertines gig. Unfortunately Jonny couldn t make it as he fell off a fence and did his arm in, whilst trying to get into a gig for free the night before. Taken in Whitechapel, Saturday 30th January.

Living it up in our Whitechapel squat. This was short lived as the landlord came and took out the bed and carpet the morning after this shot was taken (Tuesday 2nd Feb) (right)

We ve met some great people whilst in London. This was us watching The Homosexuals at Nambucca. (Saturday 6th February, Panda Power.) The same night we met Bruno Wizard a real legend of London s punk scene.

Not everyone was happy about a couple of rogue musicians camping on their floor. Tuesday 9th feb

We haven t been working so we ve had to resort to some alternative methods of making/saving money. Joe helps himself to a Guinness at the bar whilst Jonny tries his hand at some modelling (probably shouldn t have gone in to the shoot with a bed head)

We d been living it rough until a girl we met (left of photo) took enough pity on us to lend us her spare room in West Hampstead whilst her parents are away. A far cry from where we were living a month ago in St Pauls, Bristol

The Garage Flowers

look and sound like bringers of carnage and marmite style love and hate attention. Haven’t caught them live yet, it was just one of those chance meetings on 12th February inspired by Bruno Wizard.

Saul Williams Tuesday 9th February Rough Trade East, London #martyrloserking Images by Keira Cullinane

Wednesday 10th February

I just need to check that Eyelid Movies are every bit as special as I thought we’d mass imagined at TheZineUK social three weeks earlier.

Caught them live again at Mark Beaumont’s ace Camden Monarch gigs. Alongside The Remedy, by John Kennedy in Tooting Tramshed, this is another of the free entry to see seriously buzzing bands monthlies that I find myself at quite a few times a year. A great night out (over) drinking with friends, enjoying the bands, and thrilling to Eyelid Movies so much that they are invited, there and then, to be one of the bands at ArtBeat Festival in April. Very kindly they say yes. This story to be continued, then…

Thursday February 11th Music Photography makes new friends

Duncan Stafford’s first London Exhibition of his music photography is at the Take Courage Gallery opposite New Cross Station.

Lias Saoudi, Fat White Family By Duncan


Friday 12th February 2016, downstairs from the Photo exhibition, Where

Are We Now?

Friends travelled far, for the Marie Cure Charity fund raising tribute to David Bowie staged by Enola Arts and hosted by Dizzy Stardust. Little Death Machine (top, left) stunned us with art punk audiovisual dark beats from outer space. Stage invasions for

The Featherz (next page) and Bruno Wizard & The Homosexuals. because it was a love-in with it’s own Make Up Artist and a room of complete individuals united by music fandom. Thank you Amersham Arms

"Punk Is Dead. Let's Do Something New" (Bruno Wizard 12th February 2016, New Cross

Deptford #SELondon February 2016

We are trying to do something different. It helps that Bruno Wizard is part of our extending family that ranges from up rising teens to legendary pensioners. We are all Zine-agers! This picture diary of Chapter 8 draws the line under our first two years and heralds TheZineUK going forward as a reborn concept with a busy diary, new allies and session making equipment for independence.Ironically our ArtBeatFest is part of the official Culture Diary’s Punk.2016 events. “Punk” in some museums while fascism grows. As a way of life though, the spirit is very much alive and kicking. Finding fresh ways to bring outsiders, in. Sadness at losing musicians and inspirations has proved just how much music means to the lives of so many people, and brought us together just when the mainstream are doing their best to tear us apart. Music lives in our homes and is part of our family. Tunes play in our head, even without technology connected to us. Life in these, The Darker Ages, is made lighter from knowing this. Note how many people are hugging, smiling, ane engaging through the pictures in these pages). In this vein, we will continue to treasure the creative wonderfulness of the artists and audiences in this Once Upon Another Time tale. Image; Viola


#BigIn2016 and BIG in so many hearts, always. Respect.

Friday 19th February 2016 We have been having quite a few meetings as TheZineUK goes forward, in new ways, from Spring. Here we are (well, Ewelina and Caffy’s shoes, anyway!) in The Deptford Deli, having another exciting ideas exchange before Fashion Director, Ben, heads off to London Fashion Week, where he is very taken by a designer (next page) who became part of our story in an earlier chapter.

Little Shilpa nails it. 2016 is a year of homage to the Starman waiting in the sky.

Feb 26th; Chapter 8 of the mega magic music mayhem that is Clit

Rock. A packed out night of noisy fun & joy-sy dancing. Previous page Feral Five on stage, deux furieuses on t-shirt, Dana Jade on screen. #HeForShe #WomenInRock uniqulture - This page; Tear

Clit Rock ROCKS!

Dana Jade

DOLLS 1 March 2016, The Old Blue Last, London. A grand finale to our Chapter. Another gathering of friends that was a wake up call from the British Music underground. Stay tuned for what happens next now that The Music Force Awakens.

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Chapter 8 #StageStyle : Ben Dodd Diary : Caffy St Luce. Contributors, THANK YOU: All the Artists, Abbie McCarthy, Andy Palmer, Andy Ross, Andy Winters, Bruno Wizard, Chikashi Ojima, Chris Cooper, Dana Jade, Debbie Walker PR, Dizzy Spell, Electric Owls Films, End Of The Trail Records, Enola Arts, Ewelina Borek, The Glass Collectors, Francois at Tom Baker London, Ian Hurd at Golden Cage Media, Isaac Holmes, Jean Genie Graham, Jeff Crespi, Joe Moon, John Kennedy, Jonny Webber, Leeds College Of Music, Little Shilpa, Michael Gandah, Mikey at This Feeling, Miz de Shannon, Mourning Birds, Music Venue Trust, Paul Irwin, Pink Cigar, Sane Communications, Terry Tyldesley, Tommy Kennedy IV, Urban Bar London, Vis The Spoon, Women In Music Day.

Chris Pope, Dan Donovan, Duncan Stafford, Jeff Moh, Keira Cullinane, Pat Pope Diary snaps by Caffy

Photography courtesy of;