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Chapter 12: End Of Daze Eugene Ankomah photographed at Pulse 1 launch by Stefon Grant

It’s been 4REAL! This is an ongoing Art 4 Hearts story that was first uploaded in Spring 2014. Where were we? Ah yes… first Saturday of September was a double bubble. Loud Women Fest in North London then Party In The Park Festival over the river in good old Costa del Thames… I may well have misplaced the rest of the weekend. Monday 5th September 2016, I (Caffy) went to see last chapter’s cover stars, Asylums. (yes, again) My amateur hobby images are not of Tarquin Clark Photography calibre (we got brilliant feedback for his image, below, from This Feeling Stage at Leeds Festival), so I took a few candid snap shots as the band were setting up to play a free gig at The Old Blue Last. It was an intimate show with the bonus of bumping into long time no see friendswho are fellow fans. A special night that sets the tone for an unbelievable and truly AWE-some, and then some, Autumn in our parallel dimension of TheZineUK - meanwhile. In what passes for real life, this season is often called FALL on Planet America…

Asylums released their debut album ‘Killer Brain Waves’ this summer, on their own Cool Thing Records imprint. If you’ve not investigated them yet, they come highly recommend to fans of noisy pop guitar bands who are seeking a truly rocking fun addiction - with something to say. Songs that can mean something to you personallly. I grinned/sang along all through this set! A few days after this show, they were making many more people do the same at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight. At time of writing, the band’s year ending, arse kicking Alternative Occupations EP is on the way and sharing the joy with musical

Petty Phase, The Horse Heads and Bait. peers

Monday 5th September 2016 ¾ of Asylums, Shoreditch

Saturday 10th September 2016, Feral

Five support Test Dept at Amersham Arms

Our ArtBeatFest stars are the musical gift that keeps on giving . We should be thinking of a third New Music Expo for 2017!(?)

Feral Five

return to New Cross for this massive sold-out show, perfect for their electro-Metropolis-glam-punk presence.. They also appear on the inspired #MoreInCommon compilation album on behalf of the Hope Not Hate charity. Timely.

Tuesday 13th September 2016, Tin Pan Alley, Soho, Central London #Britz16 movers n shakers are out in force on Denmark Street…

Sisteray launch; ‘Who R Ya?’?

Tuesday September 13th 2016 Special guests performing at the Sisteray launch party included The Pearl Harts (pictured after their riotously well received live set). The Alleycat on Denmark Street, where last chapter’s session was recorded, is totally packed out with friends in and with bands. Sweltering heat/ and riffs, plus a MAD for it crowd who had to keep coming out of the venue for oxygene and to cool down!

Rock n Roll lads of Uniqulture on Tin Pan Alley, M

TheZineUK and Sisteray united.

O S E S,

GREAT Britain is Uniqulture

Tuesday 13th September 2016, #Britz16 force newer wave outfit, Sisteray, are making their mark on a remarkable year. Their sellout headline show on Tin Pan Alley SMASHED it. Again.

#Britz16 stars - a whole lotta love. This page, Jimmy & Georgie of Radio. Next Page, Juno, Matt & Zakk of MO

S E S,

The Glass Collectors

September 2016 for Sisteray launch party.

Wednesday 14th September 2016 There is very much something intense, instinctive and magnetic about the enigmatic, youth powered new rock force, live shows.

485C, that I am drawn back to The Victoria, Dalston, East London

to catch another of their

Can not help noticing that with each show, this band are developing at a rapid rate of knots‌Clever loud poetry, performed with a five headed release of pent up energy.

Thursday 15th September 2016; The World Transformed

Sisteray play for Momentum Arts fund raiser inNew Cross

Thursday 15th September - ArtBeat in ACTION Art Rock innovators, Little Death Machine & visual inspiration Eugene Ankomah, collaborate on audiovisual exhibition and entertainment event, Pulse 1 at Brixton Windmill. The seeds were sewn this Spring at the same venue (pictured then, Daniel Cross of LDM and Eugene with some of his images, Spring 2016). The following photography from the event (and this chapter’s front cover) are courtesy of Stefon


16th September 2016 Hello John

Kennedy, it’s us again

We’re back for some more best bands buzz This evening, thanks to you, we get to see Apeman



M O S E S on the same bill! For FREE!

(at the monthly Remedy club at Tooting Tram & Social) This is what rock n roll Friday nights are MADE of!


Friday 16th September 2016, Tooting The most legendary of bands come to play for John Kennedy of Radio X !

John Kennedy of Radio X introduces Apeman Spaceman’s headline set for his Tooting Tram & Social Remedy Club, Friday 16th September 2016

On Tuesday 20th September, we ffind ourselves on a magic roundabout for the

Crosstown Concerts

launch party

Super Furry Animals show me magic spinning some party corkers at the Crosstown party

M O S E S - Crosstown Records artists, who are off to a full on brilliant start with ‘Leave Leave Leave’.

From a party on a magic roundabout to a gig at a magic cocktail cove‌ Little

Nan’s Bar

.Saturday 24th September 2016, next to Deptford Train Station in South London . . We’re here at Little Nan’s Bar for Rhiannon

The Nightmare

Saturday 24th September - a few hours and short talk after Little Nan’s Bar, Dom from Peace is on the party decks for This Feeling club at Amersham Arms, the place goes mad fer’ it!

Very much enjoyed seeing Naropa win over the crowd with aa slice of classic rock show action for This Feeling in New Cross, Saturday 24th September

September 2016 Newer wave rockers, The Velvet Hands tour festivals, gigs, pafties and art galleries Their seeds of a growing following love noisy fun. Feedback and reviews are mightlily impressed. . .

The Velvet Hands photographed September 2016 by Brian Robinson. Look out 2017!

Coming to a “Ones-To-Watch” live music event, near you, soon..

. . The Velvet Hands

Friday 30th September 2016, Soap Box Club Crystal Palace - The Trap are developing in leaps and bounds since TheZineUK caught them this Spring, and are picking up some really cool shows. Tonight they are supporting another of the bands in this story, SONS

Lee Meldrum and Nick Meldrum a.k.a. SONS after their Crystal Palace show on Friday 30th September 2016. After, it was a case of “Bring on the hot sauce!”

Saturday 1st October 2016 - 10th Anniversary month of This

Feeling Club gets off to a flying start with rock n roll riots in four UK cities. Pic; The Wholls & friends at The Water Rats, London

The Blinders tuning up for their first London show- a gig where they live up to their name.

People who think bands have nothing to say these days should get in a small venue where our DIY parallel universe says otherwise. With great big fuck off riffs, The Blinders pulse dynamic rock music power like an aural strobe.

1st October : The

Wholls, Jackals Rose, The Blinders, Paves, DJ Abbie McCarthy (BBC Introducing) and venues packed with friends get This Feeling’s 10th anniverweary party month started and this vibe carries on for all the shows‌

Be A World Child Form A Circle Before We All Go Under

From Standing Rock to how we roll, it’s time to #FIGHTBACK

Music Venues Trust presents Venues Day, October 18th 2016 The Roundhouse, Camden, London

A convention of music passions, talks, ideas, achievements, workshops and new futures made by day, a genre clash of live music performance for #FIGHTBACK on three levels of The Roundhouse, by night‌.

The Carnabys before their live show on the main stage of The Roundhouse for #FIGHTBACK

As This Feeling stage starts setting up at The Roundhouse n for the #FIGHTBACK evening, it’s a joy to see that The Blinders start setting up to play after the Venues Day workshops and talks. An unexpected and exciting pleasure. What better venue and setting for your second London gig!

Quick line check before doors then, hey, ho, lets GO!‌

18th October 2016, London - Another fitting performance on This Feeling stage at The Roundhouse from from the global potential fused Bang

Bang Romeo for the historic #FIGHTBACK event

Happy Birthday Mark

Morriss. The voice of The Bluetones has joined the ranks of Bang Bang Romeo fans after witnessing their set.

This Feeling was one of a variety of packed and buzzings stages on three levels of Camden Roundhouse. 18th October 2016 was an evening of multi genre mini fest for Music Venue Trust’s Venues Day 2016 #FIGHTBACK - every star turn set went down a treat in a venue packed with true music world lovers. This page;

Judas, next page Billy Lockett

Moon, Music, Magic (uniqulture)

And, of course, another moshtastic punk-out at The Roundhouse for. . .


This Feeling is an extending, co promoting, peer supporting musical family - Paves in the house!

Just got time for the Venues Day and #FIGHTBACK Night hangovers to subside before we are back out to play again. This time, it’s another of our own events. Thursday 20th October 2016 TheZineUK Music Social No3 at The Urban Bar in Whitechapel. Again, it’s like a noisy house party with awesome live performancs and a load of new friends and futures made…

Thursday 20th October, Sandy K. Moz and Jimmy Bowman at our East End Social No 3. We met these lovely friends at No1 in January, via Sisteray. Sandy has since taken some amazing photos for this story, and here, Jimmy is not only making his debut (top notch) spoken word live appearance from a debut EP “Words Aren’t A Plaything” but has also arranged a debut live music event by The Glass Collectors for the end of November in Brighton (incidentally, where SONS are from, they had made the journey to be part of the gang of people in/with bands in the audience this evening)

Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs

From the DJ decks of Social No1 in January, to the stage of Social No3, - another multi talent of this tale, Jean Genie, gets the live music off to a beautiful start with some melodically crafted magic rock. We get an intimate preview of forthcoming, publicly released, debut recordings presented with big hugs‌

Alt rockers, Blush, are coming on in leaps, bounds and amazing feedback for their new single ‘Crying Glitter’ on End Of The Trail Records

Thank you to End Of The Trail Records, also, for bringing The Trap into our story. Blown away by catching them in Spring at one of label boss, Kelly Munroe’s events, we were honoured that the band chose this evening to launch their ‘Walk Alone’ / ‘My English Love’ EP live on stage, ending their set with some mosh fun down the front… They played This Feeling club a few weeks later…

#Uniqulture Check out Dronningen, partying and sharing the joy.. They came into our lives via an End Of The Trail Records show with SONS a few weeks earlier. Ben invited them to our social, they got down, got with it and sound so good that, as per how this tapestry weaves, see near future at TheZineUK.co.uk (courtesy of the ace Ev Bobrek) as we become a punky Creative Network Agency

Apeman Spaceman came into the story just over a year ago. At 2015’s Auttumn ArtBeat social, they were there for a meeting with our DJ that night, Mark Beaumont (NME, Guardian etc) and played a show for him a week before this one. A new band born last Spring with their debut release, this spring, they have a huge live and recorded rock sound with psychadelic rhythms that make people move. Having seen them a few times this year,at key shows including for This Feeling and John Kennedy of Radio X’s Remedy night, this is noticeably grabbing new followers and lively reactions with every show AND. Chuffed that they headlined 2016’s social, “Ones To Watch” is an understatement.


How to REALLY fly the flag by

Dizzy Spell of Enola Arts (our compere for this evening) and Jimmy Bowman of The Glass Collectors Radio Show Podcast.

30th October 2016; It’s felt like Halloween on Planet Earth, since June. Luckily TheZineUK exists in a parallel dimension. So here we are, Saturday night, wonderful world (well, New Cross!), beautiful people (This Feeling Club).


Saturday 30th October 2016, Amersham Arms, London.

Don’t you just love it when a rock n roll band’s live shoe does something so ferocious to your ears that your heart beat quickens and your mouth widens into a soppy, joyous grin?

Rock-bomb, Blackwaters, had played their first show in New Cross and, this evening, returned there to explode with an instantly magnetic live set for This Feeling.

Our parallel dimension where the biggest stars are on the smallest stages is not imaginary. Just follow the tales weaved into this tapestry since Chapter 1

Sisteray at

This Feeling’s 10th Anniversary month London finale show. We were still in the recovery position from the birthday bash a few days earlier in central London, so this was a boost.

April kept the roar of the crowd going at This Feeling with their quality, spaced out, sound

From hanging out with rock n rollers on 30th October at This Feeling in N ew Cross‌

‌To rocking out with Punk Activists - on and off stage at the DecoloniseFest fund raiser show, Camden Unicorn, Friday 4th November 2016.

Ah, Sabatta, long time no see - and what a brilliant mix of cool live sets, warm welcome and hot tips at this fundraiser. DecoloniseFest is set to be one of 2017’s must see independent festivals .

Big Joanie

Big Joanie #SistahPunk - The world can never have too much positivite power

Aargh, I had to give in, go home and get into bed. Didn’t catch all the show. Shakes fist at sky; “damn you sickness!” then remembers, “LOVE YOU DECOLONISE


DIY Diaspora Punx present

DecoloniseFest Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th June 2017 At DIY Space For London Rocklands, London SE15

Goodbye, and Thank You ALL. If it feels like The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum in your world, then come to our parallel dimension of unity where Universe still translates as ONE SONG. Images, Carnaby Street, London, Great Little Britain, SuperMoon Week, November 2016 #ShareTheJoy #OneLove


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Chapter 12  

End Of Daze. Eugene Ankomah, 485C, Apeman Spaceman, Asylums, Bang Bang Romeo, Big Joanie, Blackwaters, The Blinders, Blush, The Carnabys, De...

Chapter 12  

End Of Daze. Eugene Ankomah, 485C, Apeman Spaceman, Asylums, Bang Bang Romeo, Big Joanie, Blackwaters, The Blinders, Blush, The Carnabys, De...

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