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The (rocking raving) ÂŽEvolution will be visualised Part 1 (New Year to Summer 2017) sets up a massive NOW

In this “Baddies Rule” era. Our (still mostly) green and pleasant land is austerity fracked, divided (with its gentrification as apartheid, community-hating bollocks) to conquer us. Broken Brexitannia is not all doom, gloom and corruption boom, though. I’m one of TheZineUK (counter culture story of rocking escapism) team. At first glance a music site. On closer inspection; Living performance art situationism from over imaginative adventurers. We started telling a story (a punk and poetry gig) at a music social on London’s Tin Pan Alley. In the few years since, the tale’s twisted tangents of fortune tell themselves. These pictures are a diary of some 2017 trips. Massive love and respect to the people in these pages or supporting the vibe internationally.

Cover pic was a moment in the Spotify artists lounge at The Great Escape Festival 2017; Friendship and funshine in a Michelle O Faith x Goat Girl x TheZineUK united moment). All contributed photography (i.e. the professional shots) used with the kind permission of the magic eyed artists that took them. They illustrate positive possibility. 2018 is built on 2017’s foundations. 11th of January 2017 I came out of hibernation to see Family Jools at Camden Monarch. I wished I could Northern Soul dance to their Americana meets Bristol Soul sound. “Bristolicana”? I was chuffed that my snap shot was used by Fred Perry Subculture. One of the #StageStyle 4REAL clothes brands.

Disclaimer: I make no apology for there being quite a lot of The Blinders in these pages. They are one of a healthy swathe of key names, on and off stage unlocking NOW. Some of them are in here. TheZineUK tapestry is rich with golden threads; Caffy St Luce (Love Pirate by trade and amateur snapper by joy)

11 January : Night out in Camden (continued), the “live music capital” of London. After that seeds-of-greatness show by Family Jools for Mark Beaumont at The Monarch, one minute’s walk away at another venue, the Lock Tavern, I catch, and love love love,

Indian Queens.

The (21st century) Happening Since 2016 and 2017, especially, things are noticeably blossoming at under radar live music events. Just need people earning money for working hard and creating possibilities, now. Promoters, writers, photographers, videographers, technology, fashion and romantic dreamers. Some truly startling talents among them. Exciting audiences are part of every gig’s story. Now we’re going forward. United, a lot of the time, divided by tastes and styles. Healthy competition and collaboration. Rebelling with love and thrills, big up, big time, all the broadcasters in this party. The idea of music press may have changed since this newer wave o were in school playgrounds, but in the age of DIY, media is what you make it. Some new influencers are down the front of the shows. Some are imagination riots on line. We love rocking out with anybody on side. The audio genres melting pots are connected by WORD. Sustain and grow poem power for a new future. Violence in passionate love and obsession, yes, but only punching the air.


The establishment have given up on us‌ Street photogapher, David Gleave (Northern Face Photo) took this image;

Thomas Haywood (guitarist, vocalist of The Blinders) in January 2017. David is a licentiateship distinction holder (Royal Photographic Society). The Blinders are a key gateway to the most creative music movement in decades. The calibre of talents giving serious attention to credible multi genre new sounds is essential. They already enrich NOW, let alone the future. This image is an iconic glimpse of (non London centric) British youth, under austerity and popped up around music fan’s social media (sometimes with an accompanying rant) at the time. TheZineUK is humbled that some are woven into our tapestry of tales in an age of dividing the working class. There is no hope?

14 January 2017 Back in Camden, (at The Good Mixer - now another R.I.P. Of Brexitannia) hanging informally with rock dynamos 485C, and TheZineUK photographer, Sandy K. Moz (top picture with bassist, Sam) and music editor, Dizzy Spell (interviewing vocalist, Adam and drummer, Lucas) All the above mentioned are key artists in the story that we are telling. One year on from coming to play one of our music socials (before they had confirmed a band name),

485C have already made a defining mark on new music. Opposite page, taken this day;

485C by Sandy K. Moz

14 January 2017, from The Good Mixer, it’s another a short cold walk up the road to Camden Proud Gallery, (yep, that’s right, R.I.P. Again) where newer wave garage rockers,

The Velvet

Hands, were gigging at a Camden Rocks promoted event. They had also played a seminal days music social with us in 2016, it’s exciting to see these promising starter bands begin to get noticed.

14 January 2017 From Camden, it’s a short bus ride up the Holloway Road to Nambucca for the latest in This

Feeling club’s famed, landmark “Big In” events. A mini festival of a line up that will help to shape a key year for British guitar bands. This owes as much to major names like The Gallagher brothers later releasing albums, as to the hive of musical activism on the punky underground. Whatever level they’re at, there’s no denying that true rock STARS abound. Other page: Gutxi Bibang’s soundcheck is sounding wickedly powerful.This page; After that, I snap this quick pic, before the doors open to the public, and the show begins.

14 January - Big In 2017 New home grown rock bands going places. A plethora of festival appearances, key supports followed for both bands. This page; The

Cosmics, next page, Blackwaters

Watching Emily

Capell; A charismatic and stylish true entertainer, with the vocal range of a songbird

Fun and friendship. London’s first proper Saturday night out of the year. Big In 2017 means more to lots of us than the corporate awards and national media picks. Rocking out while making new futures over a drink or a hug. 2017 fell 50 years after many things that are part of today’s freedoms and joys. Including the first summer of love, they were not being celebrated in the “news”, yet in the natural instinct of people at play, a fresh, and major era is being born. It’s no secret how much I rate key players, The

Blinders (next page, getting ready to go on stage)

Vocalists of PHENOMENAL new bands.

Previous page:

Thomas The Blinders Saturday 14th January Nambucca, North London

This page

Victor MOSES Sunday 15th January Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, East London (my first Peggy Presents event. Yay, another awesome female promoter)

17th January 2017 485C at The Heavenly Social, Central London, for Jack Saunders (Radio X) Hopscotch Club.

They bring the house down with roars of applause

23rd January, back at The Social again. This time for the Night Czar’of London’s reception.The fab Amy Lamé (pictured) and a room full of entertainment industry (including Music Venue Trust, essential to this tale, we MUST have a gig circuit) added hope and positivity to the future.

2 February 2017, Brighton. Catching up with ace music loving mates Jay, (next page with Thomas course).

Simon (this page) and Joe of Electric Owls Films

Haywood) at the Hope & Ruin. I am full of hope (and a little ruin, of

The Blinders are headlining a This Feeling Club tour and this is the second date. It’s a Saturday, its’s the sea-side and it’s sold out. What’s not to love?

Simon Price and Thomas Haywood, Brighton, February 2017

People who follow football teams around ask me why on earth I would go to see a band more than once. Because I am very lucky, is what I feel. On 7th February 2017, I got to see M O S E S again. At O’Meara’s in #SELondon - I persuaded a dear friend (who was leaving the music industry bash they were playing) to stay and see them. She thanked me vigorously after. I feel blessed to experience truly awe inspiring performances at close range. That Summer, many more agreed after their festival appearances

Power house rhythm section. Matt and Zakk of M O S E S catch their breath, between TUNES.

7th February 2017, London.

M O S E S have done it again. Another room full of impressed music fans. Above L-R guitarist,

Juno and vocalist, Victor.

8th February. I have some great fun nights out at Mark Beaumont’s monthly Camden Monarch events. A music writer (NME, Guardian etc) by day, Mark is one of us new band tipping promoters when the sun goes down. The

Velvet Hands and friends called in for a love explosion.

8th February; Impressive and showy glam punk rockers, Dronningen, were also out at Camden Monarch this evening, in support of the other bands. Love ‘em. Booked ‘em. Recommend ‘em.

10th February, Islington, London, the dynamic guitarscapes of Coquin Migale are always something special. That debut album, ‘Kelly Munro’ is an instant alt rock classic (as is the man himself, Kelly Munro, head honcho at End Of The Trail)

16th February. Back to The Monarch, Camden for another of the veins weaved into this tale, SONS at This Feeling. I also bump into’ long time no see’ creative friends who agree that we were a decade ahead with rock n roll dreams when documenting guitar bands like Bloc Party, but that NOW is the right time to ROCK. This page punk soul brothers, Nick and Lee Meldrum. Next page, manager John Lithgow, managing.

Saturday 18th February - Liverpool / LOVERpool - Not a Scum “Newspaper” in sight. A great city of culture for that alone. A music fan mecca. I’m grinning like a cheshire cat all day. Total faith in the top picture. Come Together. Right Now. Forever. I was singing “I All Live In A Yellow Submarine” to myself, through the irony of The Blue Meanies in the bottom picture now “running” our limping nation. The staff at The Beatles Experience are so welcoming and helpful. I’d Like To Take Them Home With Me… After a freshen up, I’m hanging with fellow

Mansun fans at Parr Street Studios, for a heart warming day out. Thank you convention gang. I try not to talk tangents too much but I get excited and go off on ‘em, as usual. Luckily the maestro of music moment MC-Ing, Mr

John Robb (Membranes, Louder Than War and much more), is on the mic. Opp page, Jackie Jenkins and myself being interviewed about working with Mansun “back in the day”. Pic by Alison


18th February : Newcastle’s aces Coquin Migale are also in Liverpool. This is the only snapshot I got because I may have drunk rather a lot at the Mansun convention. I believe that music mover shaker, Elena Popped, found me slump-leaning in a corner, eating chips, watching their show like I was in a cabaret. It was well tasty, mind! (The show and the chips!). The North of England is wowing music big time, right now. The whole of Britain and Ireland are buzzing with an intensity of talents stepping up. While I’m in the North West this evening, the North East is also having a large Saturday night…

The Blinders and The Strawberries, Saturday 18th February, Sheffield Rocking Chair by Duncan Sandelind Stafford. I’m always gob-smacked by the number of scene leading, exhibited and exciting photography talents that support the story telling of TheZineUK.

The Blinders at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield, February 2017 by Duncan Stafford. Some scenes from the short film, ‘Ramona Flowers’ by Nasty Man Creations, were also filmed this evening.

A few days later, The Blinders and Duncan are together again for a photo session in Manchester.

Uniqulture in ACTION, TheZineUK’s first music social of 2017: Urban Bar Whitechapel (in London’s East End) with Sisteray,

The Garage Flowers, 1403, Rohan Murray, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs and (this page) Dronningen, performing live - plus many more good mates out to laugh n dance…

I got on a coach for a cheap day trip outta town, visited my friend Lucy, it was a day of flags, talking, sight seeing and giggling. On the left Cuba, Palestine,(yay). On the right, AmeriKKKa, (boo).

2017 : (Still) Overwhelmed by politics. Underwhelmed by (most) politicians. Don’t get me started‌ Live Music is an Escapism to the Arts led dimension of ancient Nature, where equality feels possible.

March 2017, Spring is in our steps, False Heads are in our ears! (This Feeling at Nambucca, London). Another seminal moment of a band that would go on to do so much more, this year and beyond.

25th March 2017 The Blinders, play in store at Fred Perry Nottingham before the last night of their club dates tour. Lovely hospitality from the store to band and customers alike. Thank you. There is a definite variety of Stage Style with the New Brits / NuBritz. Fred Perry Subculture is one of clothing brands on the wavelength of the newest vanguard’s DIY chic. Next page. It’s all over.

Sam Crowston (Nasty Man Creations, visualises an unfolding mythology) with Tom after that night’s show.

The Eyes Have It.

Visualising music movement under radar, the film makers, photographers and videographers have a veritable film festival of shorts.

Sam Crowston, is a case in point, TheZineUK would like to see a digital exhibitionism of his story telling, at least. Tweet peeks of Nasty Man Creations;


30th March, let’s get this (pirate) party started! Technology with ethics is key. Pirate

Studios launch with a series of live streamed gigs around the UK. This one is in London . Carl Barat, Blackwaters, Dead! and (next page) The Surrenders (who deservedly won a competition to play on this bill). The launch tour is in association with This Feeling, so various familiar faces are out to play in support. Legends.”The Future of Music Studios” (TheZineUK article)

This page; Blackwaters, Next page; Carl Barat. Wild scenes all night. I was chuffed that I bumped into my “long time, no see friend�, Roger Sargent this evening. Much appreciation to This Feeling and Jack Daniels for the hospitality that evening. So much, in fact, that I had to go back the next day, sailing through a hangover mist, for my phone. Good times. Rolling.

1st April 2017; All Cools Day I decide to start a DIY-Promo Service, as things were going that way. This silk mill in Derby was integral to the start of industry and is in the centre point of Enbland. Seems as good a location as any to become industrious.

Today is 2Q Festival, Derby. My ankle is so painful that I can hardly walk. (I limped until Autumn 2017, I think). Walk through the pain, the doctor said. Today I drank through the pain. Forgot all about it when The then later,

Blinders and

Blackwaters were on stage in this (working museum) venue.

Signing The Blinders’ ‘Swine’ / ‘Ramona Flowers’ vinyl 7”s.

1st April - Derby 2Q Festival. After The Blinders, I manage to catch most of Blackwaters’s set, leaving Derby Silk Mill with their tune, “Fuck Yeah!” earworming, before a short hop up the M1 to Sheffield.

1st April - All Cools Day It’s the finale of the Pirate

Studios launch parties in Sheffield. Yorkshire is ruling today. Mega rockers, SHEAFS have already played earlier, now Bang Bang Romeo (above), then The Blinders (next page) bring sets that wouldn’t have been out of place on the kind of 20th Century music TV you see on BBC4 these days. Ahoy Pirate maties for streaming and documenting so many great new bands, a love pirate writes.

Saturday 8th April 2018

The Blinders Manchester, By

Trust A Fox Photography.

From this session came the image which The band/Nasty Man Creations used for the first headline tour that they staged (February 2018) poster artwork.

With much appreciation from TheZineUK

to Noose & Monkey for the suits.

Saturday 15th April, The Blinders are playing a free gig, early on a Saturday afternoon at Lockfest in Camden

18th April Jack Rocks 7 Launch Sebright Arms, London

Jack Daniels UK pick seven bands to play their Jack Rocks festival stages with This Feeling at the Great Escape, Brighton (May) Isle Of Wight (June), TRNSMT, Glasgow (July) and Reading (August).

That page;

The Sundowners, The Blinders and Trampolene.

This page; (top) Dan of Sisteray with Sandy

K. Moz and Georgie Charleston. Bottom: Stars of Bang Bang Romeo.

Loads of Zeenagers were out to play on 20th April 2017 when TheZineUK’s next music social was a take-over opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in the City Of London. It felt like a punky invasion of the financial district. Ha ha, the moon fairies have landed.

Apeman Spaceman and 485C played live. Rocked it. Smashed it. A huge swathe of independent and mainstream music friends came together at the bar and on the dance floor. Our lovely Angela (who is also guitarist and lead singer of discopunx, Bugeye) greeted guests including (top) Bill of Mourning

Birds, and our Jean Genie (another musical ace, pictured below) compered. Other page; Members of False

Heads, Ragged Cult Magazine, M O S E S among a wonderful world of beautiful people.

Saturday 22 April Rocksteady, Dalston, East London This Feeling club kicked off with SHEAFS (other page) and a mind blowing first London show, The Velvet Hands (right - winning DIY Record Store Day releases with their ‘Sick Of Living’ 7”) and below, Sugarmen (who disbanded New Year 2018)

27th April Back up the Holloway Road, London, to Nambucca for the launch of This

Feeling TV presented by Red Stripe This page;

* Blackwaters x Tom Grennan x The Wholls lads on the lash session * A

Tom performed live, as did (below) Slaves and DMAs being interviewed bythe show’s presenter, Gordon


This was the first of four programmes made in 2017. Always with an audience high in musicians, newer wave of industry and media and excited fans who were lucky enough to get tickets. Guitar bands getting TV exposure again. Proper.

Lead Singers 28th April 2017 Max (Blackwaters) , Stars (Bang Bang Romeo), Tom (The Shimmer Band), Thomas (The Blinders),at Camden Monarch. L-R:

Filmed interviews are in progress. The day was a “moment�. Live for the now. The future is a mystery. Guitar bands are so far from over, suckers, that later this evening, over fifty people will be turned away from The Shimmer Band (pictured next page) playing a headline gig along the road at Camden Assembly with The Blinders and Sisteray supporting.

28th April 2017 Charlie McGough, Thomas Haywood, Matt Neale (The Blinders) interview with Dizzy Spell (TheZineUK), Camden Assembly, London.

May The 4th Be With You. Of course TheZineUK music social happened on Star Wars Day. Thanks to our own Heather Minx for getting us Glam Skanks to appear on the fab stage of Amersham Arms backstage bar, before they hit the road touring UK/US with Adam Ant.

Saturday 13th May London

Ooh, inspiring friends are playing gigs across the road from each other. Camden, of course.

The top snap shot isn’t very clear but it is a memory of the excellent rock duo,


furieuses sounding and looking very much at home on stage at The Roundhouse, courtesy of Frank Turner’s residency. I also get to see Bless, and have a quick catch up with the awesome John Kennedy of Radio X.

Then across the road, False Heads are headlining Camden Assembly and it’s another night of sweaty-jump and roar along frolics. Look. There’s Luke. Frolicking.

May 18th Jack Rocks This Feeling Stage warm up for Isle Of Wight Festival at Camden Monarch. Left; Plastic

People, below; Emily Capell and The Assist. Next pages, Paves.

Saturday 20th May adventures at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. A day out with TheZineUK’s music editor, Dizzy Spell, included Michelle

Faith, White Room, Blackwaters and (other page) The Blinders who had already played a show in Leeds earlier that day.


25th May; Here comes the summer. A return to Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club in North London. Before the show, friends hang out and play, talk, read, drink and chill in the sun. Uniqulture.

As 485C are main support to The Blinders, this evening, I can’t help but see a Mojo Risin’ vibe connection between both bands

Thank you Good Karma Club

The Kills 28th May 2017 Margate Wonderland By Sandy K. Moz

3rd June Camden Rocks Festival. I am beside myself with excitement to catch loads of bands today (admittedly lots of faves, again!‌ Asylums, for instance). WHAT a band! Shout out to the inaugural DecoloniseFest which happened in South London.

3rd June 2017 - M O S E S utterly magnetic at Camden Rocks Festival

25th May - After Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club, members of 485C, The Blinders, MOSES, Paves, Sisteray and TheZineUK, united. the real youthquake is in small venues. Good Karma by name, good karma by nature. Music balances post-Brexit division with LOVE and togetherness. The world is still far from perfect, but come and get involved with these bands, you might like what is HAPPENING. - this issue of our story picture book is a game of two halves to be continued. End Of Part 1, The Scene Is Set, 2018 onwards was always going to be special after this year. Whatever happens next, we’ll always have NOW.

TheZineUK 2017 Part 1  

United KIN-dom's under radar rocking raving (r)Evolution steps up. Cover; girls just wanna have fun in Spotify's Artist Lounge + images by D...

TheZineUK 2017 Part 1  

United KIN-dom's under radar rocking raving (r)Evolution steps up. Cover; girls just wanna have fun in Spotify's Artist Lounge + images by D...