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Guardians of a Treasure Trove of History

The Friends of Toowong Cemetery have been the guardians of over 46,000 graves and their stories for 30 years.

The group was formed by Cr Judy Magub in 1994 to maintain and restore graves with the permission of families, share histories and stories, connect people with their ancestors, and educate the community through guided and self-guided walks.

Darcy Maddock became president in 2012, and leads a group of 15 volunteers, 4 of which are active.

“New volunteers are welcome! It’d be good to get some help doing more physical work. We are very busy,” Mr Maddock said. The area was sectioned off to be a cemetery in 1861, before which, part of it was an Aboriginal corroboree ground.

The cemetery’s first burial was the second Governor of Queensland, Colonel Samuel Blackhall’s in 1871. He is buried on Mount Blackhall, overlooking Brisbane and now filled with other prominent colonists such as Captain Bligh’s grandson Colonel Sir Maurice O’Connell.

The cemetery is home to the graves of many famous or influential people including:

• The Petrie family

• Canon Garland, the founder of ANZAC Day

• Emma Miller, champion of Queensland’s current voting system (one person = one vote, women included), suffragette, early member of trade union movement

• Multiple war heroes, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans

• Dr Lilian Violet Cooper, Queensland’s first female doctor and Cooper electorate’s namesake

• Harold “Russ” Maddock, 1959 “Jockey of the Century” and Mr Maddock’s father


Mr Maddock said, “It’s an incredibly diverse cemetery. We have people from almost every background you can think of.”

A major part of the Friends’ work is restoring graves whose headstones had been demolished as part of a 1970s Brisbane City Council initiative, ordered by Lord Mayor Clem Jones, to transform Brisbane’s cemeteries into open parkland.

“We have recovered quite a few headstones from the creek that runs through the cemetery, as they had been used as filler. Most were smashed, but we have pieced together those that we could, and, with guidance from the families, have restored some to their corresponding graves,” he said.

The Friends hold a map of all the graves in the cemetery, including the ones now without headstones, and can assist anyone who wants to find their family.

The Friends offer guided walks on the first Sunday of each month from 10:30am-12:00pm, and they are also updating their selfguided walks.

“Some of them have inaccuracies we are in the process of correcting, but for now, you can still use the old self-guided walks on our website,” Mr Maddock said.


Author and photographer: Evie Drinnan

Cover image: Mr Maddock at Mt Blackhall, overlooking the Toowong Cemetery. Photo: Evie Drinnan.

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Locals through my Lens

Donna Dyson

Donna Dyson’s story is a flowing testimony to the love, dedication and pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s music, education or writing, these principles have fuelled a lifetime of creative ambition. But life was also to present her with both a challenge, and an opportunity to triumph over adversity.

Donna was a passionate teacher, writer, educational leader and academic, and a lecturer at the University of Queensland when she lost her sight suddenly. The impacts and outcomes were as transformative as they were challenging. “When my sight went, my grief was that I lost my profession because I realised how much of my identity was in that. It was, in fact, my vocational calling. When teaching young teachers, you hope that they leave with a fraction of your heart, because it’s not just about imparting knowledge, it’s about encouraging them to care. My whole world came from that space”.

It is evident at every point of our chat from that moment forward, that the next phase of Donna’s life was going to be built on the bedrock of self-belief, determination and creative excellence. A multi-awarding winning songwriter (winner of APRA ASA Australian Songwriter of the Year), choral composer, lyricist and children’s writer, Donna’s world is a powerhouse of creative production. At the forefront of this is Spotty Kites, Donna’s house of songs, scores and stories for children. She explains, “Spotty Kites is not a children’s music label, it is literacy through music. The fact is that I lost my sight, but I gained my creative vision”. Moving on from the shock of losing her sight, Donna began by teaching a class at a time, then a school at a time, then at university to teach hundreds of young teachers who would educate thousands of students; and now she is touching millions through Spotty Kites.

A prolific songwriter in her own right, Donna recognises the power of teamwork and collaboration; working with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Damien Leith, Rick Price, Tyrone Noonan and many other amazingly talented artists. “In my world, whatever you are engaged with, people are better together; they complement each other, and most importantly, the song will always be better. Your own light won’t dim if you can shine the light further. I want everyone to shine.”

An ambassador for Vision Australia, it’s music that runs through Donna’s veins. She has had it in her since the age of three. The awards are legacy, but she is not about fame and glory,

she is about the children; and giving them an offering that is educative, fun and excellent. “I believe that there is a simple, two-word answer for dealing with children; whether they are the naughtiest kid in the class, or the ones you lose sleep over and those words are, ‘Love them”. I spent my whole life loving kids that I could see, and then, despite my sight to be taken away from me, I can still love them and provide for them through music.”

Follow Spotty Kites on all platforms. There you can read to children, sing to children, play the songs and watch them soar. It’s a journey they’ll never forget.

Author: Colin Bushell | Photographer: Luisa Garcia.

From theEditor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our May edition!

Wow!! We are now celebrating 12 months since we've taken over the reins at The Western Echo. We have loved getting to know our community more, making new friends, and sharing your stories. We do need your assistance though to keep it going – so please see our ‘Donation Campaign’ request on page 8. All donations will help us cover costs.

In this edition, enjoy our cover story by volunteer author Evie Drinnan, and our regular column ‘For the Love of Books’ by Sarah Krause – also a volunteer. We thank both Evie and Sarah for their continued support!

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Mel & Kym

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C r S t e v e T o o m e y

Councillor for The Gap Ward


me le ss C o n n e c t E v e n t

Brisbane City Council’s Homeless Connect is an annual event for all Brisbane residents who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk .

Guests can enjoy a warm meal, access essential support services such as medical care, haircuts, employment, and legal support and receive donated items, such as toiletries, clothes and food.

This year, the Homeless Connect event will be held on Thursday, 16 May 2024 at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills.

B lu e y lo c a t i o n s t o v i si t i n

T h e Ga p Wa r d

If you and your family are a fan of the hit series Bluey and the well loved Heeler Family, you would know that our local area is heavily featured in the show.

From family friendly parks such as Wittonga Park and Benjamina Place in The Gap - to Hammer Barn, Keperra and Ashgrove Library - these local spots showcase our local area’s charm to the world.


Sunday 26 May 2024

Brisbane’s favourite sustainable living festival Green Heart Fair is back this month on Sunday 26, May at Victoria Park, Herston from 9am-3pm.

This free, family and dog-friendly event brings together Brisbane’s leading sustainability experts ready to share practical tips and tricks to help you live a more ecofriendly life.

Enjoy free native plants, live entertainment, artisanal markets, food trucks, thrifting and more!

The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 5 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU @ T h e G a p W a r d T h e G a p W a r d @ b c c q l d g o v a u 3 4 0 7 1 9 0 0 4 7 7 W a t e r w o r k s R o a d , A s h g r o v e F o l l o w m e o n s o c i a l s o r r e g i s t e r f o r l o c a l u p d a t e s
M a k e a d a y o f i t w i t h t h e k i d s a n d j o u r n e y t h r o u g h t h e r e a l - l i f e l o c a t i o n s i n o u r a r e a !
The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 6 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU PHOTO QUIZ! Join in our fun monthly quiz – where was this photo taken? All photos are taken within our Western Suburbs of Ashgrove, The Gap, Bardon, Paddington, Rosalie, Red Hill, Newmarket. Please submit your answer on our website: Or email to: RESPONSES BY 31 MAY PLEASE! Answer and winner (first name only) will be shared via social media. SponsoredbyColinBushellPhotography Colin Bushell is a local award-winning certified professional photographer based in The Gap. Available for commercial and personal photography, photo story-telling projects, and photography workshops. WHERE AM I? 0409 107 079 | @colbushell
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CHAT WITH US IN-PERSON: We will have a stand in The Gap Village on 3 and 7 June – see you there! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you – Mel + Kym

Hills & Districts Chamber of Commerce

Seniors Committee

The Seniors Committee of the Hills and District Chamber of Commerce will be staging a FREE event "The Twilight Years Expo" 2024, on Friday 17 May from 10am to 3pm, at the Hills PCYC in Everton Hills.

This comes after the great success in 2023 - with an even bigger and better event planned.

Included in the program is Brisbane's own, Bec Wilson, a journalist, broadcaster, and expert on all things "Retirement”. Her best-selling book, "How to Have an Epic Retirement", has now received international acclaim.

PCYC will be demonstrating the new rage to sweep Australia, Pickle Ball. Jillian Warren will be demonstrating her moves with Yoga Sol and inviting you to join in. Enhance Fitness will be advising on a whole range of fitness initiatives. U3A, Creative Samford, and the Friday Art Group, and many other exhibitors covering, gardening, photography, local and family history will be there. And Luke Ballard from Epic Travel and Cross Country Tours will be able to get you to those places you always wanted to see.

This year we are supporting 4 Voices and the Coffee Brigade in the great work they do in the community. The Expo will be a collection point for toiletries to be distributed to those in need. If you can help your gift will be gratefully received.

There will be 40+ exhibitors at the Expo, we have mentioned only a few. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Dear neighbours,

I wanted to get in touch about something that’s been coming up more and more in my conversations with locals lately –and that’s the issue of house prices and housing affordability

I’m sure I don’t need to spell out just how bad things have become, but the figures are quite alarming House prices in B risbane have doubled in the last 10 years, growing by 14 8% in the last year alone Wages have been completely outpaced, having only increased by an average of 2.3% a year over the last decade, and having not increased at all in real terms when inflation is factored in

Meanwhile renters can’t save for a deposit because average rents have spiked 43% in the last three years, and with interest rates ris ing, the income required to take on a home loan is higher and higher

In fact, to buy an average home in Brisbane and not be in mortgage stress, today you need an income of at least $178,090 and a deposit of $165,000 This leaves millions of Australians incapable of buying a home

Everyday people know this is a huge problem. When I ran my housing survey last year, 89.4% of people acknowledged that yo ung people in Ryan wouldn’t be able to afford a house in the area they grew up in Recent polling from Essential showed that 73% of people think housing should be a basic human right, while only 9% said it should be a vehicle for growing personal wealth. Only 15% of people believe that house prices should continue to rise, while 45% want them to stabilise, and 40% want them to fall somewhat

So what a re our politicians doing? Sadly, Labor and the LNP are offering fake solutions, like offering up money for a vanishingly small number of first home buyers which will only drive up house prices even further At the end of the day, the major parties don’t want house prices to stabilise because it goes against the interests of their friends in the property industry who profit so much from the current ar rangement

Realistically if we’re going to stabilise house prices and ensure everyone has a secure place to live we need to move towards a model where we make it easier to buy your first home than your fifth investment property That means winding back tax concessions for property investors, capping rent increases to give wages time to catch up, and setting up a publicly owned property developer to di rectly build homes for people to rent or buy for below market rate

These are the solutions the Greens and I will continue to fight for

In hope,

The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 9 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU Comments or concerns? My team and I are here to help! (07) 3378 1599 @elizabethwatsonbrown Authorised by E.Watson-Brown, 188 Moggill Rd, Taringa, 4068 Libby Sign up to my e-newsletter here!

Red Hill Bowls Sports & Community Club

Red Hill Bowls Sports & Community Club are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the State Government for the installation of lights on one of our bowling greens which will allow us to play competition bowls and barefoot bowls under lights.

Red Hill Bowls Club are currently participating in the Over 60’s Pennants at various location around Brisbane with the final to be played in late April and early June.

Currently bowlers are also participating in Club Championship Singles, Pairs & Fours over the next few months.

Recently Greg Rolls, Dan Menadue & Rob Kernahan represented the Club in the Brisbane Division Bowling Association District Triples. They went on to win the final and will proceed further playing triples against other bowlers from different regions in Queensland.

Several of our bowlers represented the Men’s District Challenge where they played bowls against Cunningham recently and won by 15 points on a very wet day.

‘Home on the Green’ dog-friendly café is fully operational now which is run by Home Café in Ashgrove. The café opens Tuesday through to Sunday from 6am to 12noon with great coffee and food, so please come along and enjoy the vibe and ambience whilst you are walking the dog.

Our club had a very successful Music on the Green recently in late April with Bird Dog Blue, the next two concerts are Sunday 19 May & Sunday 16 June. For further information please visit For any bowls or function bookings please contact or ring

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765 805.
2# A GENT OF THE YEAR QLD 2023 Discover what your home is worth in today’s market with Carmen Briggs.
Carmen Briggs Real Estate Agent & Justice of the Peace 0418 742 511


Jubilee Community Care is here to support you in your home in later life

 Personal care

 Food preparation

 Online and community activities

 Clinical care and allied health services

 Shopping assistance or companionship

 Light domestics and home maintenance

 Transport for appointments / social activities

 Home Care Packages available

 Award-winning provider

 07 3871 3220


Living with Dementia

Living with dementia presents significant challenges that impact every aspect of daily life for both individuals and their caregivers. It can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing to meet the demands of caring for someone with dementia. The toll of caregiving often leads to feelings of isolation, depression, and neglect of self-care among carers who lack adequate support.

In 2023, the Australian Government estimated that 411,0000 Australians were living with dementia, with at least 141,000 informal primary carers supporting individuals with the disease. Carers do not have to navigate this journey alone. Since 1989 Jubilee Community Care, a not-for-profit aged care provider based in Indooroopilly, has been providing personalised care and support services to meet the individual needs of older people living with dementia.

Jubilee Senior Client Support Coordinator Nicky Panagopoulos said a compassionate and professional team of client care coordinators and support workers who visit clients’ homes could foster a supportive and safe environment to ease the burden of caregiving.

Mrs Panagopoulos said services such as personal care, respite, meal preparation and social support could all support individuals and couples living with dementia.

“We can also offer shopping assistance, cleaning, transport to and from appointments or activities, medication assistance, and other clinical and allied health services which might be needed,” Mrs Panagopoulos said.

“People are our priority and good relationships are important to us. Supporting older people in the community to live safe, healthy, active and fulfilled lives is core to our vision and an integral part of our 35-year history.”

A recent client survey found 97 percent of respondents were happy with Jubilee as a service provider, 98 per cent said they would recommend Jubilee to others and 100 per cent of respondents to the statement “Jubilee staff treat me with kindness, dignity and respect” agreed with the expression.

To find out more about Jubilee Community Care phone 3871 3220 or visit

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Rotary Club Ashgrove The Gap

Our Club’s Information Night has come and gone, and we have high hopes of the results. Dispelling out-dated notions is always a good idea – and it is amazing what some notions of Rotary linger in the public imagination.

Meanwhile, were out and about raising funds at a Bunnings sausage sizzle on Easter Sunday. Bunnings and Rotary are both associated with sausage sizzles, and the day went well. It even kept fine for us.

Notable on this occasion was the help we received from members of The Gap Men’s Shed. The Men’s Shed is not a fundraising body, so the help was on an individual rather than an organisational basis, provided by three public-spirited men willing to give up part of their weekend to help out. We offer them our heartfelt thanks.

The Easter Raffle was won by Darryl, of The Gap, but he had

to depute his family to accept delivery because he was overseas on holiday at the time. We make no accusations, but this probably cost him the chocolate content of the trolley. Fortunately, that left the trolley itself and plenty of other goodies.

The second prize, the basket of goodies, was won by Beth, also of The Gap. Like Alison last year, Beth was heard to declare that she didn’t need to buy more tickets because she “already had the winning one”. How true this proved to be, so the advice for prospective buyers in future raffles is to buy lots and then brag. It seems to improve your chances. (This is not professional financial advice!)

We also ran our BBQ trailer after the ANZAC Day service at the Football Club in The Gap, and again at the AEIOU Autism Australia fun-run held this year at the University of Queenslandso we’re keeping busy as ever.

If you missed the Information Night, feel free to direct any enquiries to Tim Boyd at, or text at 0411 141 304.

The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 12 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU
Babies and
Health | Adolescent Health | Mens Health |
Health Speciality services include; Pregnancy care and family planning, Contraception and Sexual Health, Preventative Care & Chronic Disease Management, Mental health, General Medical Care APPOINTMENTS AVAI L ABLE; Ph: 07 3523 4845 , E: reception@thekeperra NEW CLINIC NOW OPEN
Keperra Clinic Doctors; Rushanthi Pereira, Lois Macfarlane and Kerri Toland
The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 13 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU
The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 14 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU Don’t let poor sleep ruin your night, or day. Talk to us about a sleep study test done in the comfort of your own home. Healthy sleep designed for you - At Home Sleep Study - CPAP Machines - CPAP Accessories 237 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove 07 3667 7800

The GapProbus Club

Sometimes amazing things happen when you least expect them. Our guest speaker in April was Peter Howard, the well-known sports Journalist for the Courier Mail, and Past President of Queensland Thoroughbred History Association. We expected, and indeed we got, an interesting talk on the history of thoroughbred racing in Queensland. Racing goes back to the very earliest days of European settlement – horses came out on the First Fleet! It is a deep a part of Australian culture.

What was a surprise was learning about the Julius Totalisator, a 1913 device invested here in Australia, that when fed information on incoming bets would add up the money on each horse, divide by the appropriate number of bettors, calculate fair odds, and even communicate the results to 120 betting windows around the course. A 1913 special-purpose fully electro-mechanical 120-terminal shared “computer” (really, a calculator, but nonetheless astonishing). The Queensland Horse Racing Museum here in Brisbane has the world’s only intact machine. All this was a real revelation – a perfect illustration of how Probus can be part of an intellectually stimulating retirement. Thank you, Peter!

On a more physical level, members met at Walkabout Creek to chat, drink coffee and play cards. As you might expect, licencing laws prevent any suggestion of playing for money, which is not our members’ style anyway. More surprisingly, Poker may not be played at all, regardless of whether you are playing for matchsticks or bottle-tops. The Law can be remarkably specific sometimes.

The West Ashgrove restaurant of Osaka was the venue for a splendid lunch with over 20 members in attendance. Food and drink continue to be essential elements of the Probus experience, and other forms of lunch are being planned.

We were delighted this month to welcome new member Gayle Eccles, and to award Life Membership to Rhoda Fleming, a mainspring of the club for years.

If you are interested finding out more without commitment, we would be delighted to talk with you, and invite you to our meetings (first Thursday of every month, 2pm, at the Baptist Church, corner of Waterworks and Settlement Roads).

Just call (or, better, text) Lois on 0416 754 368.

Ashgrove Forum Club held its monthly meeting on Wednesday 17th April at 6.30pm in the Ashgrove Library.

Members were invited to deliver a 5–6-minute Informative Speech, i.e. one based entirely and exclusively on facts to convey knowledge to the audience. Reports, lectures, training seminars, and demonstrations are all examples of informative speaking.

Ronda Nix spoke about the multiple benefits of using the nonprofit online booking platform Humanitix for functions and events. Carmel Towler gave a most interesting speech about the symptoms of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) a rare brain disorder that affects memory, movement, balance, and eye movements.

Following the informative speeches Pat Pepper delivered a tutorial on how to introduce yourself in different situations, such as at a social occasion, a work event, or a networking event.

The next meeting of Ashgrove Forum will be held on 15 May. A tutorial will be given by Carmel Towler on how to deliver an impromptu speech. One of our members will then give a prepared ten-minute speech on a subject of their own choice. Other members who are willing will then follow with 5-6 minute impromptu speeches on the same or similar subject.

The meeting was attended by speech assessor Rosie Arnold who gave all speakers valuable feedback and tips for improvement where warranted.

Ashgrove Forum Club meets in the Ashgrove Library Meeting Room at 6.30pm, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month except December. Visitors are always welcome to attend and observe without obligation to speak, though they may do so if they wish.

For more information, contact Secretary Pat on 0458 696 267. For information on Forum Communicators public speaking association, please visit the website

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The Gap Professional Centre, 6/23 Glenaffric St, The Gap Our Conveyancing Team has expertise in: • Residential sales and purchase • Residential property development • SMSF purchases no hidden extras Visit our website for an obligation free quote Contact Liz Fox on (07) 3123 5700 Hollingworth & Spencer Fixed Fee Conveyancing Ashgrove

The Physiologix Corner

Struggling with long term back or neck pain?

Persistent pain, particularly in the back and neck is a big problem for many people. The struggle individuals cope with is often disabling and depressing. The cost to our economy is huge. Pain, we are coming to realise, is far more complex than we previously realised. In short, pain does not equal damage. Pain can be caused by things not related to damage at all. Fear of movement, apprehension, stress, poor sleep, childhood abuse, are just some things linked to persistent or chronic pain.

Imaging, MRI, CT, or xray might have demonstrated definite things going on, for example: disc degeneration, disc prolapse, osteophytes, osteoarthritis, nerve involvement. Yet there are thousands of people (including 37% of 20-year-olds) with changes on imaging and NO PAIN. In fact, most of these things are normal and expected within the spine.

So what is the answer to my pain? It is extremely complex. At Physiologix we learn about your thoughts, emotions and concerns linked to your pain – and we address these. We teach you how to use your back again. We get you fit and strong again with a healthy back and body! We teach you about pain relieving strategies, which include teaching self-awareness: when you tense to protect your back and how to stop this over-bracing, when stresses affect your pain and strategies to manage this. Our exercise programs are designed to return you to what you want to do. Our manual therapy (mobilisation and massage) is used as required for the short term benefits they offer.

At Physiologix our approach to back and neck pain is multifactorial and individual.

Call us on (07) 3511 1112 or contact us from our website:


Brisbane Sculpture Festival 2024

The Brisbane Sculpture Festival will be held in the Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.

There are two exhibitions to explore, one outdoor with spectacular monumental works in the gardens, and a large indoor exhibition featuring a vast array of works in amazing mediums.

Opening Night

Come and meet the artists, talk art, and even take part in the judging. Join us at 6pm Friday 24 May at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium for a cultural treat.

There will be wine, food, and good company. Entry is by voluntary gold coin donation.

If a quieter walk through the works of art is more your speed, both exhibitions are open daily between 10am - 4pm. Indoor Exhibition 24 May - 1 June; Outdoor Exhibition 24 May - 24 August.


With over 55 years of combined real estate experience, for an honest, confidential and obligation free appraisal, please contact us today.

Jack Dangerfield 0422 564 007



Stephen Dangerfield 0412 145 802

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The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 17 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU TAE KWON-DO MOON LEE SELF DEFENCE FREE Uniform Offer this month CALL NOW! • First Class FREE • Family Concessions • Value Packed Family Activity • For Men, Women & Children • There is a Club Near You! Ph: 1300 101 303 ALL ENQUIRIES Ph: 1300 101 303 “Great for the whole family, children and parents alike. As a family we have trained for over 15 years, improving all of our coordination, fitness and discipline. We highly recomend Moon Lee “The Moon Lee Club has increase stamina, keep coaching and training has provided us with boost in confidence and -Chandra Family Ph: 1300 101 303 “Training as a family with Moon Lee Tae Kwon-Doe for several years has taught “Great for the whole family, children and parents alike. As a family we have trained for over 15 years, improving all of our coordination, fitness and discipline. We highly recomend Moon Lee Tae Kwon-Do” -Roberts Family
Family Ph: 1300 101 303 AE KWON-DO MOON LEE SELF DEFENCE FREE Uniform Offer this month CALL NOW! • First Class FREE • Family Concessions “Training as a family with Moon Lee Tae Kwon-Doe for several years has taught us confidence, discipline and dedication that can be applied not only to our martial art but to all aspects of our life.” -Duncan Family “Great for the whole family, children and parents alike. As a family we have trained for over 15 years, improving all of our coordination, fitness and discipline. We highly recomend Moon Lee Tae Kwon-Do” “The Moon Lee Club has helped our family increase stamina, keep healty and fit. The coaching and training has provided us with strong discipline, a boost in confidence and stress relief.” -Chandra Family Ph: 1300 101 303 PHONE 1300 101 303

Ashgrove The Gap Lions Club

At our recent Partners and Friends Meeting, we celebrated a very special occasion for one of our members Ray Pascual who has been a member of Lions for 50 years. Ray joined Lions in January 1974 at Sunnybank, then transferred to The Gap Lions Club in 1979 which later became Ashgrove The Gap Lions Club. On behalf of our club Ray, congratulations on what you have done as a Lions member serving our community.

Ashgrove-The Gap Lions club will continue to work busily with Trek2Health continuing to carry out BBQ’S for the First Responders and Returned Service Personnel.

At our Partners & Friends meeting in May, we will be welcoming our Guest Speaker Associate Professor Dr. Nadeeka Dissanayaka

from University of Queensland Clinical Research Centre. Nadeeka will be presenting on her research conducted on Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease & Alzheimer’s.

Friends of Lions - Community Connector

In May, Ashgrove The Gap Lions Club will be having an official launch of Friends of Lions (FoL) - Community Connectors where we will be encouraging our local community and businesses to consider joining Friends of Lions - Community Connectors at a small cost. FoL provides benefits and allows you to give back to the community through our Lions Club, even though you may be working full time and cannot volunteer on a regular basis. Giving to those in our community along with volunteering alongside like-minded people is very rewarding. If you are interested in finding out more about the features and benefits for you or your organisation please contact Peter Cooper for further details at or call 0488 069 089.


30 May – BBQ at The Gap State School for their Stem Expo

31 August – Serenata Singers Concert at The Gap Uniting Church from 2pm to 5pm.

If you would like to find out more about your local Lions Club or Friends of Lions - Community Connector, please email Peter Cooper at or call 0488 069 089.

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The Gap Loco

Thanks to Oakleigh Scouts The Gap LOCO has been able to develop a small permaculturestyled garden where they are growing herbs, bananas, paw paw, ginger, turmeric, and passionfruit. It was a challenging site with competing trees and very poor soil but by turning any waste cardboard, fruit, and vegies into compost everything is now starting to take off. It is all part of LOCO’s commitment to reusing and recycling as much as possible. The LOCO hopes to be able to supply some produce straight from the plot to those coming to do their weekly shop for organic fruit, vegies, and groceries on Mondays.

The Gap LOCO is located at 15 High St, Ashgrove (down the easement) in the grounds of Oakleigh Scouts. The Gap LOCO is a worker Co-operative and a community owned social enterprise.

To find out more visit our website: Email:

AshgroveHistorical Society

Visitors are encouraged and very welcome to attend the Ashgrove Historical Society meetings held at the Ashgrove Library on the first Saturday of the month (except January) from 10am-noon. Topics and guest speakers can be found on the Society’s website under What’s On ‘Meetings’. The topic on 1 June 2024 will be George Symons Menswear. It will be presented by George Symons, Brisbane’s well-known ex-clothing manufacturer and ex-restauranteur. George is a charmingly exuberant raconteur, actor, poet, musician, and artist. Come along to what is sure to be an entertaining presentation!

George Symons Menswear operated in Australia for 80 years,

SUPPLYING GREAT TASTING, fresh, Certified Organic Produce to The

Gap &

Neighbouring Suburbs for 10 years.

For a current price list and details about ordering – email or visit

We are a community owned, local, worker run, registered worker co-operative.

DELIVERIES ARE ON MONDAYS and we also run a pop up shop between 10am and 3pm on Mondays at 15 High St, Ashgrove (down the easement to Oakleigh Scouts car park)

* Advertisement proudly sponsored by COOEEE (

having started in Melbourne, and the last 53 years were in Brisbane. The business had contract work for the Queensland police uniforms for 38 years, along with railways, RAAF, corrective services and ambulance. They also manufactured the blazers for forty-four secondary schools and exported to Hong Kong. There were four shops in Sydney and a factory in Greece.

George Symons Menswear was the first private sponsors of the Broncos football team and was involved with other sporting organisations for over ten years. Many great sportsmen and television personalities were dressed by GSM before the business closed in 2003. It the biggest and longest running men’s clothing business in Queensland.

A shared morning tea will follow the presentation which will provide the opportunity to chat with the guest speaker and other people interested in local history.

If you would like to become an AHS member or purchase membership as a gift for someone, fees are $10 single per annum (1 July - 30 June), or $15 couple/ family. Membership includes the quarterly newsletter and discount on our publications.

Please contact the secretary, Julie, (ahs.secretary@bigpond. com) and she will let you know the EFT details or join at a meeting. Funds raised from memberships, raffles and sale of our publications supports the research, preservation and recording of Ashgrove’s history.

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For the Love Of Books

Celebrating Motherhood

It’s May, the month I get to celebrate my favourite day - Mother’s Day! It’s a time to reflect and thank the wonderful Mothers (and mother figures) in our lives, and if you’re a Mum it’s a time to be showered with love, and hopefully a book or two.

I recently asked on Instagram for recommendations of people’s favourite books about Motherhood in all it’s forms. I was inundated with responses. Here are some that were recommended more than once:

The Motherhood, edited by Jamila Rizvi, is a collection of letters written by well-known women from across Australia, about what they wish they’d known before becoming a mother. Described by Katie from @katie.reads.things as “a real ‘I feel seen’ moment”. Katie read it after her first baby and says she “felt it in her bones”.

Nightbitch written by Rachel Yoder is a cult fave. It’s weird, quirky, parts make no sense, and it’s brilliant! On the surface the premis is that a mother of a newborn is slowly turning into a dog at night, but underneath it is actually a very well written commentary on motherhood, stereotypes and gender roles. I read it over 2 years ago and it has stayed with me.

Currently long-listed for The Women’s Prize, Soldier Sailor is possibly the best book I’ve read that describes the absolute, all encompassing love of motherhood. It also does not shy away from how difficult the early stages can be. Written in the first person and directed straight to her child, it’s very honest and raw and beautifully done.

Do you have a favourite book on Motherhood? Happy Reading!

Graptophyllum species

There are four endemic species of holly-like shrubs belonging to the genus Graptophyllum, all of which are found in coastal Qld. Whilst one, (G. reticulatum) is listed as endangered, G. excelsum is rare, G. ilicifolium is vulnerable and G. spinigerum is common, all are restricted in their natural habitats.

The reticulated holly (Graptophyllum reticulatum) is a slow-growing, understory shrub to 2m in dry sclerophyll forests, along creeks and in gullies. It has glossy, dark green leaves that are heavily veined and have sharply toothed margins. Small white flowers with mauve spots occur from October to December followed by woody, club-shaped capsules. It requires part shade with moist soil in frost-free areas.

Scarlet fuchsia (G. excelsum) is a shrub to 3m that is often found on limestone at the edges of monsoon forests and vine thickets. Provided it has access to morning sun and afternoon shade and has moist, fertile soil, this plant has been shown to be versatile and hardy in cultivation. The flowers produce copious nectar that attract honey-eating birds.

The Mount Blackwood holly (G. ilicifolia) is known naturally from four localities in the Mackay region. Although it has a limited distribution, tests have shown it to have a relatively high level of genetic diversity. With its bright scarlet flowers in spring and early summer, this plant, which grows to 6m tall, is becoming more common in cultivation.

The Samford holly (G. spinigerum) is hardy, attractive small shrub (to 1.5m tall) that naturally occurs in the understory of rainforests around Brisbane. The soft, diamond-shaped leaves have toothed margins and the delicate, white flowers that occur throughout the year, attract native bees and other beneficial insects. This is a wonderful foliage plant for any sized garden, tolerating a range of soil types.

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Reminder for Advertisers / Contributors please: Deadline for June 2024 Edition: All due by 15 May 2024 Please send to: Any questions? Call Melanie on: 0409 440 501 WesternEcho THE TheWesternEcho thewesternecho

Rostrum Club 3 Red Hill

Do you:

• Appear shy and nervous when talking to strangers?

• Show a lack of confidence when addressing customers and clients?

• Become frustrated when unable to express a point of view clearly?

• Seem uncertain or ill-prepared when presenting an important report?

• Become confused or unsure of meeting protocol when chairing business meetings?

• Love the challenge of a good debate but don’t know where to find one?

• Lack mental stimulation from your friends and colleagues?

• Look for friendship, social interaction and a sense of belonging with like-minded people?

If one or more of these applies to you, or if you simply want to improve your speaking skills, then becoming a Rostrum member could be a life-changing experience! Rostrum provides friendly and effective training in public speaking and meeting skills. You may be a young person, student, job seeker, employee, business person, homemaker, retiree, or be learning English –our members come from all age groups but share a common desire to become better speakers.

Skillful speakers are sought-after employees and better leaders and are more confident in themselves. The value and impact of face-to-face interaction is as important today as it has ever been. Rostrum offers a structured development program called ‘Frontiers’ allowing individuals to progress a variety of speaking skills through scheduled exercises. Club meetings provide a supportive learning environment for members to improve their skills. Experienced Rostrum coaches provide constructive feedback to participants at the end of each meeting.

Joining Rostrum is easy. You are welcome to visit your local club for a couple of free meetings to see what it is like. For more information and to find your nearest club, visit our website:

Brisbane Rostrum Club 3 Red Hill meets 7:00pm-8:30pm Thursdays at Ithaca Hall, Cnr Enoggera & Kennedy Tces, Red Hill QLD 4059. Feel free to join in! Email Club 3 to find out more: email:

Out &About

Wine & Larder and Arcade Wine


Pretending I didn’t have work in the morning, I visited two wine bars on Thursday night in Ashgrove’s Sugar Cane Arcade.

Situated on the corner of the Arcade and Waterworks Rd, Wine & Larder balances sophistication with homeliness.

With over 30 wines to choose from by the glass, all offered in plain-English descriptive categories on the menu, we were able to choose exactly what we wanted - a dark and deliciously bitter skin-contact Riesling from the Clare Valley, and a floral French gamay.

The food was potentially better than the wine. Made to be shared, each dish featured a collection of fresh, high-quality ingredients that complemented each other perfectly.

And right next door, Arcade Wine is like a cosy, candlelit lounge room with floor-to-ceiling wine shelves. The bar specialises in Italian and a few French wines. An Italian wine specialist provided us with a completely personalised and educational wine-tasting experience.

Impressively, his colleague remembered my partner’s wine choice from last time, so suggested the “next step” in his quest to find what he likes in a wine.

When visiting Arcade Wine, do yourself a favour and let them choose your wine and pair it with their food. We are excited to visit again for a pairing, as part of the Italian tradition.

Author: Evie Drinnan. Photos: Arcade Wine and Wine & Larder

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The GapCreative

The Gap Creative’s inaugural Art&Eats, held in conjunction with Ruby Red Jewellery and Trek2Health was a resounding success with close to 300 people visiting our extensive and eclectic collection of visual art. We would like to thank you, The Gap Community, for your incredible support by purchasing raffle tickets, and artworks, as well as taking the time to meet with the artists, and enjoy the food and entertainment provided. We would also like to thank St Mark’s Anglican Church for hosting the event. We’ve had such great feedback that Art&Eats will be an annual event, so please join The Gap Creative’s Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram for updates, as well as opportunities to get involved with other upcoming functions.


Seize the Day in May!

As temperatures cool, May is the ideal time to lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement or the track. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, Ashgrove Rangers can help you with your goals - whether it’s for general health, speed, or family fun.


Participating in athletics club training, even as an amateur, offers numerous benefits. It provides structured guidance and coaching, which can improve technique, prevent injuries, and help you set realistic goals.

Additionally, being part of a club fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities for social interaction, networking, and making new friends who share similar interests.

So come along to an Ashgrove Rangers training session for some May motivation! We are at The Gap High School oval on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 5:45pm to 7:15pm.

Head to our website - for more details and other locations and training sessions.

Flying Four family fun

If you are after a FREE fitness event that is great for the whole family, look no further than the Flying Four! This is a monthly event with distances ranging from 1km (Under 10’s), 2km (Under 14’s) and 4km (open category).

Our next event will be on Sunday 26 May at 8am at the Ashgrove Sports Ground (the GPS/Valley field closest to the St Johns Wood Bridge).

Celebrating our athletes

A shout out to our athletes who competed at the Australian Athletics Championships in Adelaide in April. Special mention to Tiana Solley who came fifth overall in the Open Women’s Heptathlon, Aidan Dallinger who finished 15th overall in the Under 20 Men’s triple jump, and Lee Martin who came 8th overall in the Under 20 Men’s Shot Put.

We hope to see you in May! Ashgrove Rangers

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For more: Opening Night Friday May 24 6pm-8pm Complimentary Drinks & Nibbles All artwork for sale at the Tula Gallery* The Gap State High School Waterworks Rd Unearthing the Extraordinary The Gap Creative HOME GROWN EXHIBITION Paintings, textiles, prints sculpture, jewellery, photography & more... *Tula Gallery is located near the school ovals. See map provided. Free Tickets Available Continuing Saturday & Sunday 25-26 May 11am - 3pm You can read The Western Echo online at: Enjoy the read! Links included online – for more information about our advertisers and editorial contributors.

Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre

Bush Tukka and Native Trees at Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre

Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre (MPC) has been in operation since 1949, generations of families have cherished memories of our community kindergarten. Over the last few years, we have been building our knowledge and understanding of the Indigenous Peoples in this area and are encouraging the children to begin to build a greater Indigenous awareness of the lands and waterways where we learn and play.

Last year we invited Uncle Bruce Morgan from ‘Murri Tukka’ to visit our space and provide an opportunity for the children to experience eating bush foods. The children made decisions around which of the bush foods they tried with Uncle Bruce and what they would like planted at Kindy. We were successful recipients of two community grants to purchase plants for our bush tucker gardens.

As the year progresses the children will begin to learn about the plants. Each of the Native Bush Food plants are labelled to illustrate what part of the plant is safe to eat or use for medicinal purposes. Our hope, over time we will be able to pick various parts or fruits of the plants for children to sample or use in cooking experiences.

The GapSustainability Initiative


Our next seminar is on 21 May, 7pm at The Gap State High School Library. The topic will be street trees. Sue Moller, who initiated our street tree TLC program is an award-winning master composter, supports local schools in their composting efforts and Ashgrove Golf Club in waste reduction. We will also welcome Sitara Gare, the Arboriculture Planning Co-Ordinator and Catherine Cleary who coordinates planting city-wide both from Brisbane City Council. If you miss the seminar, please visit for details.


The Sustainability Together team always welcomes more participants to actively engage in opportunities. Please contact if you are keen to get involved.

Sing with Us!

The Serenata Singers is a friendly community choir based in The Gap New members are always welcome. No audition is necessary. The choir performs a variety of popular and show tunes, spiritual and folk songs in four part harmony.

The choir rehearses every Monday starting at 6:45 for a 7.00 pm start at The Gap Uniting Church auditorium, 1050 Waterworks Road, The Gap.

If you can hold a tune and love to sing, the Serenata Singers may be for you!

For further information, check us out at:

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What a turn out for our 27th birthday, and also celebrating a 100 years of HOLLYWOOD. Hooray for Hollywood was our theme – “come as your favourite film star”. Our hostesses Trish and Julie welcomed visitors across the red carpet through a colourful arch to have their photo taken, then off to the raffles and tables decorated in fine Hollywood style. Our entertainment was the committee doing a Hollywood dance (very entertaining), and a Divine Diva singer.


Save Our Waterways Now, Enoggera Bushcare has joined forces with the Department of Corrections to grow plants for distribution to SOWN members. Recently, we have joined with another prison to assist in growing native plants grown from wild collected seed. Palen Creek Correctional Centre has started propagating and growing plants to be used for revegetation and restoration of the Enoggera Catchment and in other areas. Enoggera, Fish, and Ithaca Creeks and surrounds will benefit from this new collaboration. Borallon training correctional centre has been supplying plants to the SOWN nursery for two years after the transfer of this activity from the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. It was pleasing to see the inmate’s enthusiastic approach to growing plants they know will benefit the whole community. This nursery experience also allows them to gain TAFE certificates in horticulture. In past years we have received up to seventy thousand plants a year since the program started. Almost one million native plants have been produced in this program over twelve years since its inception.

Our hostesses also welcomed special visitors National Councillor Lyall, Zone Councillor Judy and visitors from other clubs.

The dinner was not only a Birthday celebration - we also recognised and acknowledged our 10- and 20-year ladies for their continuous service to VIEW. Our birthday cake was cut by our past presidents.

VIEW provides women with the opportunity to meet regularly with woman from all walks of life, establish lasting friendship, and help disadvantaged Australian children through supporting the work of children’s charity The Smith Family and their Learning for Life Program. The Arana VIEW Club supports 14 Learning for Life students.

Our next guest speaker will be Pam Rodrigues “Fun with Scarves”. Our next fund raiser will be Make, Bake & Grow in May, and a Bunnings BBQ will be held on Sunday 6th June.

Our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at Arana Leagues Club, Dawson Parade, Grovely. The gatherings commence at 10.30am for 11.00am; offering a delightful two course luncheon for $35.00 inclusive of tea & Coffee.

To learn more and confirm your attendance, contact Carol at 3355 5349 by noon the Thursday before the meeting.

SOWN provides seeds and seedlings, tubes, trays and our special potting mix to the prisons, which is supported by a grant from the Corrections Department. The new operation at Palen Creek Correctional Centre is located near Rathdowney and has a view of Mount Lindsey. They have rapidly set up the operation and are now growing plants as seen in the picture. A new green house has been built with benches for growing plants and includes a new automatic watering system supplied by SOWN and financed by the Corrections Department. Labour is provided by the inmates. Water is being pumped from the farm dam into the dedicated watering tank.

Most of this construction and planting has been carried out since the beginning of this year. Eventually, both prisons will help SOWN meet the growing demand for wild collected seed, native plants to be used in revegetation of our catchment. For more about SOWN:

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The Brisbane Tramway Museum

Unfortunately, sub-station repairs are taking longer than originally predicted. It’s the old story – the deeper you dig, the more problems you encounter. At the time of writing, the team are still melting out litres of 80-year-old bitumen so they can get to the actual problem components. The museum is still open every Sunday but only as a static display.

Meanwhile, the daily operations continue, particularly restoration.

Tram 136, a Dreadnought built in 1915, is now ready to be placed back on its bogeys (trucks in tram language). Once in position, wiring of the control system will be completed and 136 will reenter service after many years of work bringing it back to its original 1915 condition and colours.

On a smaller scale, our horse-drawn tram 41, has had signwriting carried out to bring that back to original. The letters stand for Metropolitan Tramway & Investment Company – a company which ran the Brisbane tram system before 1900.

Restoration has also re-started on Trolley Bus 34 and other smaller items of historical significance.

The museum is open on Sundays from 12.30pm to 4.00 pm but only as a static display with reduced admission fees.

The Brisbane Tramway Museum is proudly supported by the Brisbane City Council.

$35 for BIWCC members and Westside Business Heart group. Non-member tickets are $45.


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Our Guest speakers will be Jonty Bush MP, State Member for Cooper; and Dominique Lamb, Queensland Small Business Commissioner. ticket includes lunch and tea/coffee. You can purchase drinks from the bar.
Inness Green Bricklaying and Landscaping QBCC: 744405 ABN: 71084866376 v Bricklaying v Blocklaying v Paving v Rock Walls v Concreting v Sleeper retaining walls v Mulching & turfing v Repair work NO SMALL!TOOJOB 0414 564 520 JOIN US TO NETWORK WITH LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS IN A RELAXED AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT. LOCAL BUSINESS EVENT Wednesday, 15 May 12.30pm – 2pm Zegatos at the Ashgrove Golf Club, 863 Waterworks Rd, The Gap BOOK TICKETS HERE: Email: If you have any questions, please call: 1300 638 420. Or call Melanie: 0409 440 501.

Red Hill-Ithaca Probus Club Newmarket Bocce Club News

With formalities complete we are now formally Probus Club of Red Hill–Ithaca Inc. Still some details to finalise. New name badges are being arranged. You can now find us under Red HillIthaca Probus on the web although the site address has not yet been fully changed.

With the major new issue behind us we are all enjoying the usual range of activities – guest speakers, cards, poetry, walks, and of course dine-outs. Speaker for April was club member Geoff Crane who showed us many of the large number of special issue commemorative coins and stamps for the various centenaries of WW l events. He also gave us a short but detailed insight into the way Gift Card scams work to make us more alert and aware. Audiologist Andrew Campbell will be telling us about our resilient brains at our May general meeting.

Club members enjoyed a very pleasant picnic BBQ in Walton Bridge Park and went along to various musical events during April. Our outdoor activity for May will be a morning of croquet –something new for most of us.

New members are always most welcome at Red Hill–Ithaca Probus Club. Check our web site to see our range of activities which follow the themes of Probus – Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

We meet at 9.30am on the 2nd Thursday each month (except December and January) at the Red Hill Bowls, Sports and Community Club in Fulcher Road, Red Hill. Come and give us a try at a monthly meeting or come along as a guest on any of our outings. Please phone either of our Club Membership Officers Sue Vivian on 0413 544 202 or Caroline Graham on 0411 459 687, so that we can make you welcome.

Ashgrove-The Gap Men's Shed

The special guest at Ashgrove-The Gap Men’s Shed in April was Genealogical Society of Queensland vice president David Barnes (pictured left), who explained what’s involved in gathering family history, where to start and how to use resources. David’s visit was organised by GSQ committee member Mike Murphy (pictured right), of The Gap and generated many questions from

Philippe Antelme, landscaper extraordinaire is a longstanding member of the club and this is the third year he has sponsored the Philippe Antelme Cup which was held at the club on Sunday 7 April. 24 players in teams of three played for the cup. His wife Angela joined us for a superb lunch prepared by Gina Rotili with helping hands by some dedicated club members, Rebecca Zaini, Maria De Marco, Donna Cappellano, and Sue Thompson. A great raffle prize donated by Philippe, and a meat tray and a six pack. WOW. Philippe asked for players to be colourful and bright, and we did not disappoint. Best dressed voted by Angela was Bill Brokken. First prize went to Bruno Cappellone, Tony Servodio, and Emilio Gordano. Second to Leo Thompson, Vittorio De Luca, and Scott McGill. Third was a tie between Tony Rosa, Tony Di Sipio, and Silvio Rotili; and Silva Piotto, Carmelo Cappellano, and Andy Genito.

Congratulations to all! The cup was hand made by Philippe. Well done. Enjoy the photos.

Please contact: Mario 0403 257 325; Tony 0418 731 423; or Bill 0431 458 481.

about 30 members, some of whom have started on their family history journey while others are now inspired to learn more.

For details about Ashgrove-The Gap Men’s Shed: www. ashgrovethegapshed. com

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Enoggera & Districts Historical Society

The Enoggera and District Historical Society is open every Thursday from 9.30am - 1pm and on the first Saturday of the month 12pm - 3 pm. The archive is located in the Memorial Hall, 36 Trundle St, Enoggera, and all visitors are welcome. The original Enoggera Parish included parts of The Gap and Ashgrove.

Sunday 26 May 2024

The Enoggera & District Historical Society

Brisbane Seniors Online

Brisbane Seniors Online is a not-for-profit community group that has been helping seniors and over 50s with computers, emerging technology and the internet in the Greater Brisbane area for over 20 years. Assistance is provided by volunteer mentors who provide tutoring in the learner’s own home, on their own device, and a pace that suits the learner. They are taught what they need to know and what they would like to know. New learners as well as volunteer mentors are sought in the Brisbane Seniors Online home training coverage area.

Brisbane Seniors Online teaches Windows, Apple, Android and

The Gap She Shed always welcomes new members. We are a community group for women to gather in friendship, to support one another, learn and share. You can join as a community member for free or you can become a financial member for $25 a year.

Our events for May include: Mosaics; Beginners Get to Know Your Sewing Machine; Intermediate Get to Know Your Sewing Machine; Paverpol Sculpture; Walking groups; 500 cards; Beginner’s Mahjong; Intermediate Mahjong; Social Mahjong; Ukulele; Book Club; She Shed Diners Club; Movies; Knitting and Crochet; Sewing; Patchwork; and a Shed talk on 22nd May by SOWN.

Biggest Morning Tea on 29th May.

The Gap She Shed is holding a Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday 29th May 2024. It will be held in the Scout Den at 76 Riaweena Street, The Gap. Entry fee will be $10 which enables you to have your choice of tea, coffee, or a cold drink and a selection of yummy food. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase also. Come and join us for a cuppa and chat. There will also be a memorial table where you can purchase a candle to light in memory of a loved one lost to cancer.

A few samples of patchwork, knitting and crocheting, created by She Shed ladies will be on display. Email us for more information or go to our Facebook page and look under the Events tab.




smart phones. There is a small Linux group that operates by Zoom. A digital photography group also meets in the City and participates in photographic excursions.

Volunteer mentors joining BSOL are offered a formal induction and ongoing support through the Mentor Support group. Upskilling and training of mentors is offered from time to time.

Brisbane Seniors Online can assist learners identify and avoid scams and cybercrime that have flourished during the pandemic when people have been confined more to their homes and targeted. Also, learners are taught how to ensure their computer is secure and protected from viruses and malware. Learn how to undertake more tasks that are now required to be done online with the closure of bank branches and shopfronts.

For more information, contact Brisbane Seniors Online at 3393 2225 or website:


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Mitchelton & Districts GardenClub

Butterflies: Nature's Delicate Beauties

Butterflies are captivating creatures that grace our world with their delicate beauty. These winged wonders are not only stunning to behold but also play crucial roles in our gardens as pollinators and as part of the food chain.

Our Guest Speaker for April, Jutta Godwin from Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count, introduced our members to some of the 160 different butterfly species recorded in the Brisbane area, in a fascinating talk about this graceful insect.

Jutta explained that butterfly habitat is declining as urban centres







continue to grow. To help address this problem, Brisbane’s Big Butterfly Count works hard to educate gardeners and the public at large about protecting habitat and growing native larval host plants at home.

In suburban gardens and urban green spaces alike, butterflies add a touch of magic as they flit from flower to flower in search of nectar. Their presence reminds us that all living beings are interconnected and of the importance of preserving biodiversity. Next time you spot a butterfly, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and significance in our world.

Our next meeting at The Enoggera Memorial Hall (entrance via Trundle St) will be on Thursday 2 May at 9:30am for a 10:00am start. Entry is $5.00 and morning tea is provided. Visitors are most welcome. Feel free to contact us via email at for any further information or find us on Facebook:

Image (attached to email): Jutta Godwin (right) with Club Member, Barbara Linnett.


Picabeen is currently seeking donations for our food parcel service as the need for emergency relief services has risen considerably in recent times. On average, Picabeen is assisting 25 families every week.



Picabeen Community Centre runs a range of services for people in the surrounding community, including our Drop-In Spaces for 12-18 year olds. We are running citizenship practice test classes on Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm. Call 07 3354 2555 if you are interested. Sessions are held at 22 Hoben Street, Mitchelton.

The Picabeen Community Centre and The Change Room op shop (in Keperra) held a Glamour for Good fashion parade in April, raising funds for the Picabeen emergency relief pantry. The night was a great success with businesses donating over 50 amazing raffle prizes. Thanks to the local community who supported us to make this event so successful.

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Creative Samford

Samford & Surrounds Arts Trails & Open Studios

For the first four weekends of June, local artists across Moreton Bay hinterland will open their studios and art spaces as part of the Samford & Surrounds Arts Trail & Open Studios. This selfdrive event will take you through the Samford Valley and Samford Village, to Eaton’s Hill and Clear Mountain, Yugar to Cedar Creek, and on to Dayboro.

Trails 2024 offers everything from woodcarving, painting, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery, and fibre arts. Visitors have a unique opportunity to meet and talk with artists in their own creative spaces.

To find out more, or book into one of the many workshops on offer throughout Trails, grab a Studio Guidebook from City of Moreton Bay information centres, local cafes and restaurants, or view on our website. Keep up to date by visiting our social media pages.

Brisbane North Cake Decorators

Brisbane North Cake Decorators is a branch of the Queensland Cake Decorators Association Inc., and we meet monthly on the third Saturday of the month (except December) at the Arana Hills Community Centre, 291 Dawson Parade, Arana Hills at 1.00pm. Our aim is to encourage the love of cake decorating in all its aspects and we love to share our knowledge with everyone. The May meeting is on Saturday 18th May and is a short business

The Gap Pioneer & History Group Inc

Where were Ashton’s Slaughter Yards?

Last month I detailed the infrastructure surrounding the business of butcher William Harwood Ashton in The Gap in the early 20th century and this month I will identify the location of various items of infrastructure relative to The Gap in the 21st century.

Being born in the early 1940’s and having lived for more than seventy-five years on land occupied by Ashton, I can share factual knowledge. The main infrastructure and cultivations were situated on approximately 18 acres of what was to become Portions 90 and 91 of the Soldiers Settlement in 1920.

Boundaries are defined today by Waterworks Road, Hilder Road (Waterworks Rd to Fish Creek), Fish Creek, Bromwich St, Pirrie St (Cnr Margit St to Fish Creek), with Jan and Debbie Streets within the boundaries.

Ashton’s dam has been replaced by the construction of Jan Street and building blocks, the windmill and pump once stood on the creek bank near the Pirrie St/Bromwich Street intersection. The location of the slaughter shed, skin shed and the barn is best described as centred on Debbie Street, halfway between Jan St and the southern cul-de sac.

The main cultivation was beside Fish Creek and identified today as Solferino Place in Bromwich St. The early bridge crossing of Fish Creek has been replaced today by a modern structure within the Solferino Place precinct. Incredibly, Ashton had a cattle dip on the northern creek bank near the bridge.

As a young man I witnessed the existence of the dam, cultivation areas and the windmill and pump on Portion 91 owned by my father, and the cattle dip on the opposite side of the creek. Today I live on Portion 90.

The Gap Pioneer and History Group welcomes new members. All enquiries:

meeting followed by a demonstration by one of our members.

Several of our members visited the International Cake Show ACADA in April. There were many new ideas to see and some wonderful cakes to be viewed. This show is run by another group of cake artists who also love to share their knowledge.

Members are looking forward to the workshop at our April meeting with Sarah Jane from Studio Cakes on Samford Road.

Details of our group are on our Facebook page if anyone is interested,

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Brisbane North
Cake Decorators Association
or via email:

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Hilder Road State School

We welcome all of our Hilder Road SS families back from a relaxing break – despite the weather, we hope that our community have had a chance to rest and connect with family and friends ahead of the new school year. We also are very glad to see so many new families at our school and trust that they have made the transition to a new school with ease.

During Term 2 at Hilder Road State School we will have many opportunities to celebrate community events and wonderful student outcomes. We will participate in school and community ANZAC ceremonies and celebrate the development of our Instrumental music students with an informal concert and competition later in the term. We will also welcome new families to the school for Prep 2025 Parent Information sessions towards the end of the term as well. Please feel free to contact our Admin team on 3511 3222 if you would like more information about this.

The Resilience Project is up and running at Hilder Road SS. The Resilience Project is committed to teaching positive mental health strategies to prevent mental ill-health and build young people’s capacity to deal with adversity. Our Teachers

and students engage in weekly lessons and activities around the key principles of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness (GEM), and Emotional Literacy to build resilience. We have specifically created space and time to deliver the lessons crucial to embracing the GEM Culture at our school.

We look forward to a wonderful term of learning and well-being.

The Hilder Road State School Team

Payne Road State School

We have ended Term 1 on a high at Payne Road State School with many events being held to round off the term. Our students across the school are offered many extra curriculum events and activities that compliment their learnings in the classroom. Some of the events students have been involved in are:

• Year 3 & 4 > Mission Earth at Pullenvale Environmental Centre

• Prep > Bilby excursion Bunyaville Environmental Centre

• Year 5 & 6 students began Interschool Sport playing Soccer or Netball

• Whole School acknowledged Harmony Day by wearing orange and were entertained by Beats Around the World

• Whole School Cross Country

• P-2 Easter Hat Parade

We held our annual Cross Country event, with all students competing for house points and putting forward their absolute best competitive spirit on the day. The weather was inclement in the morning but we pushed ahead, using TGSHS oval and shaded grandstand, with Prep running after morning tea on our school oval.

Our first VIP school tour was well attended by more than 20 guests, who were interested to see our wonderful school.

We started the session at our Prep classrooms, which is a lovely space at the front of our school, which offers a fantastic learning/play space. After a brief introduction to our school and the story of what makes us special, parents / carers wondered through our lush grounds to our library and STEM hub. Here they were greeted by our Head of Curriculum who explained more about the teaching and learning aspects of our school, before heading on further to our OSHC, where a briefing about how out of school care functions at PRSS.

If you are looking for a great school to start your child’s learning journey, make a booking for our next VIP School Tour being held on Thursday 13th June at 9.00am. Cheers

Danielle Freeman, Principal

St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School

Sports Galore at St. Peter Chanel Primary School!

The new school year has kicked off with a flurry of sports activities at St. Peter Chanel Primary School, igniting excitement and enthusiasm among our students. Our recent School Swimming Carnival was a resounding success, with a vibrant display of talent and sportsmanship. We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated staff and wonderful parents whose support and volunteering made the event possible. The positive atmosphere and sense of community spirit were truly uplifting.

The Swimming Carnival was

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not just about competition; it was a day filled with joy and camaraderie. From high-speed swimmers in competitive races to innovative strokes in new events, and even a lively water disco, the carnival showcased the diverse talents and spirit of our students. We are immensely proud of our students who have qualified for the Met North Trials, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Also following the carnival, many of our students showcased their swimming prowess at the North West District Swimming competition, demonstrating their dedication and determination. Additionally, our students have been actively participating in various sports trials throughout the term, including netball, golf, soccer, and touch football trials, representing our school with pride and skill.

Meanwhile, Cross Country practice was in full swing, preparing our athletes for the upcoming event. We were also delighted to welcome Aus Kick coaches to our school, providing valuable training and mentorship to our budding footballers.

As we continue to foster a culture of sportsmanship and excellence at St. Peter Chanel Primary School, we look forward to more exciting sporting adventures and achievements in the months ahead. Together, let's

celebrate the power of sports to unite, inspire, and uplift our school community!

The Gap State School

Year 4 to 6 students recently participated in the annual interhouse Cross Country Carnival. Students are congratulated for their comradery, their team spirit and their outstanding behaviour on the day. The winning house with the most points accumulated from student participation, is Dhagun and it is my pleasure to announce our 2024 Cross Country Age Champions: Hugo and Isabel (9 Years); Ava and Toby (10 Years); Jenna and Flynn (11 Years); Ellie and Lucas (12 Years); Chloe and Zac (13 Years).

At the end of Term 1, our annual swim-a-thon was held in partnership with the P&C. Students in Years 3-6 were challenged to swim as many laps as they could in their PE lesson, as a celebration of learning at the end of their Term 1 Water Safety and Swimming Education unit and with the aim to raise money for the P&C's fundraising goal of purchasing a new heater for the school pool. HPE Teacher,

Mrs Singh reported that the total number of laps swum for the week was an impressive 9,785 laps, that’s 244.625 kilometres! Classes who swam the most laps in their lessons were 3C in their one hour lesson, and 6A in their half hour lesson. Well done to all students who swam in this year’s swim-a-thon and thank you to all families who contributed to the P&C’s fundraiser.

I look forward to welcoming parents and caregivers to our Open Day on Thursday, 23 May. The Open Day will be held in the school’s MPB (hall), commencing at 9am and concluding at 10:30am. 2025 Prep enrolment packs will be available for collection at the MPB and families are able to join a tour with Senior students. More information is available on the school’s website.

Warm Regards, Joanne Nicholls, Principal

The Gap State High School

The Gap State High School is now accepting enrolments for the year 2025. Our school offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular

activities that will help your child reach their full potential. At The Gap State High School, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and inclusive learning environment where every student is valued and supported. If you are interested in enrolling your child at our school for 2025, we encourage you to complete the enrolment pack as soon as possible. The enrolment pack contains all the information you need to know about our school and the enrolment process, as well as important forms that need to be completed. To submit your enrolment pack or to request further information, please email us at enrolments@thegapshs. Our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you throughout the enrolment process.

Enrolling your child at The Gap State High School is an investment in their future. They will have access to fantastic facilities and resources, experienced and dedicated teachers, and a supportive community of fellow students and families. Enrol now and join The Gap State High School community!

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The Western Echo May 2024 | Page 32 WWW.WESTERNECHO.COM.AU 2,500 Michael Knynenburg Shop Local! Open Daily from 8.30am to 8pm Book boosters and vaccines online: The Gap Day & Night Pharmacy For all your pharmaceutical needs 974 WATERWORKS ROAD, THE GAP Ph 3300 1555 + + OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

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