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Monday, September 10, 2018 - Vol. 119 Issue 10

WIU Food Pantry is open for business By Marc Ramirez news editor

university Relations

The WIU Food Pantry is located at the end of the "pit" parking lot closest to the football field. Students can donate or pick up non-perishable foods here.

  Western Illinois University is happy to announce that the WIU Food Pantry is officially open for the Fall 2018 semester. With an institutional value of social responsibility, the pantry gives all students the opportunity to donate or grab food.  The pantry provides free, non-perishable food items to all people within the Western community, being open to all students, faculty and staff regardless of income. As long as one shows up with a valid student ID, they can access the pantry.  Located southeast of Hanson field at the old ticket booth, the WIU Food Pantry is open every Thursday from noon - 5 p.m. During this time students not only can stop by to snag some food, but if they’re feeling generous, the pantry does accept monetary and food donations. The food pantry works with a Feeding America Program, River Bend, to procure food. Every $1 donated helps the pantry provide five meals to those who need it.  The organization run by students thrives off the motto ‘Students Feeding Students.’

Members of the student organization have the chance to practice skills and utilize knowledge learned in the classroom, gain service hours and build their resume. The organization welcomes all students to come and check out them out.  By running daily operations of the WIU Food Pantry, students take on the responsibility of staffing the pantry, procurement of food, the development of policies and procedures, sanitation, fundraising, food drives and communication with the public. Assistant Professor Emily Shupe from Dietetics and Carrie Lowderman from Alumni Programs advise the organization.   Students who are interested in joining are encouraged to reach out to Erin Lee, president of the organization at Students can also reach out to operations manager Casey Sollenberger at cs-sollenberger@, or simply shoot an email to wiufoodpantry@ to learn more. Any and all monetary donations can be mailed to Advisor Emily Shupe - WIU Food Pantry at 140 Knobaluch Hall, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455.

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By Marc Ramirez news editor

 Wednesday, behind Stipes Hall, the Study Abroad and Outreach staff will be giving students information and reasons to look into their options of studying elsewhere.

Returning students will also be at the event to share their experiences and speak with prospective students considering traveling abroad.  At Western Illinois University students have the opportunity to study in over 60 countries, regardless of what

their major or minor may be. Whether one wishes to study economics in Peru or business in Ecuador there are countless amounts of options. Students also have the option to study as little as a week abroad or they can decide to stay an entire semester.

  Many students are hesitant about taking classes overseas due to financial constraint. However, program prices are comparable to those of Western Illinois University. Also if students qualify, there are more than 30 scholarships and opportunities provided to students through

the Study Abroad and Outreach department. Financial aid is also available for eligible students, in most cases; financial aid awarded to you by Western can be applied to study elsewhere.

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Monday, September 10, 2018


No Mas, No More! RACISM

Students in the Studay Abroad Program may explore Peru as part of their experience overseas.

Weekly brownbag series Each Wednesday at noon ALL are welcome

Brattain Lounge

WIU Student Union

jimmy pierson/production manager

Students also have the opportunity to head to Ecuador as part of the Study Abroad program.

Study Abroad from front page

Many students also overlook the thought of completing an internship in another country. There are opportunities for students to gain experience by doing an internship in Ecuador or Puerto Rico. Exploring another country

WC Located on the third floor of the Heating Plant Annex on the south end of campus across from Sherman Hall. Mail: 1 University Circle, WIU, Macomb, IL 61455 Phone: 309-298-1876 Fax: 309-298-2309 Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays E-mail: Member: Illinois College Press Association, National Association College Press

while gaining experience and building your resume seems ideal for most people; they often just don’t consider it. In order to study abroad there are a few prerequisites, undergraduate students must have completed at least 12 semester hours, have a minimum cumulative GPA of a

2.5, be in good judicial and academic standing with the university and be free of all financial and administrative encumbrances. For more information on studying abroad be sure to attend the Study Abroad Fair and pick up cotton candy and free snow cones along the way.

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Monday, September 10, 2018


Now Hiring Western to at Western courier offer new assistant news editor


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By Steven Barnum assistant news editor

New and improved programs and scholarship opportunities are on the way to Western Illinois University. According to, enrollment at Western is down nearly 33 percent from the fall of 2013 to the fall of 2018. While that sharp decline has been concerning to many, the Vice President for Student Services believes that the university is heading in a promising direction. “Western continues to deliver on its mission. We have outstanding academic programs and incredible resources and opportunities for students to succeed at Western Illinois University,” Ron Williams said. Specifically, the university will be offering new programs in the McCamey Crime Lab in the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. Additionally, the Western Commitment Scholarship Program has been rebuilt and several online programs will be available for the first time. Jason Woods is the Associate Vice President for Student Services and Interim Director of Undergraduate

Admissions and he believes that Western’s initiatives will stand out. “We are confident that we will see a positive change in enrollment, persistence and completion,” Woods said. “Western has provided outstanding educational opportunities since 1902, and we are restructuring academic programs and resources to meet our goals of attracting and retaining students. We are a leading institution in terms of quality and unique academic programs.” On Thursday, a college fair will be held on the Macomb campus. Western plans on showcasing its new programs and opportunities to students seeking a college for the fall of 2019. Several other public and private universities will also be in attendance. While enrollment numbers may be a lingering issue, Western has been encouraged by the increase in academic achievements. In particular, Honors College Dean Rick Hardy believes that there will be over 1,000 Honors students this school year. Numbers from other categories also suggest academic gains. The average grade point average in the fall of 2017 was 3.22, compared to a 3.31 average from

this fall’s students. Last fall, the freshmen had an average ACT score of 20.8, while this year ’s freshmen own an average of 21.3. Similarly, more students are participating in Western’s dual enrollment program than in prior years. The program lets kids in high school take college courses to better prepare them for their future in college. Any student who earns a grade point average of 3.4 and higher may be recognized and selected to join the Centennial Honors College. For those looking to get a head start on the application process, students are welcomed to send their ACT scores and GPA to Western in hopes of earlier acceptance. While cost has been cited as a factor in the declining enrollment trend, Western continues to be among the most affordable public universities in the state of Illinois according to “Our faculty and staff are committed to having a positive impact on our students. We need to impress upon the citizens of this state that Illinois public higher education, particularly WIU, will provide an outstanding education and prepare individuals for a successful future,” Williams said.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Musk’s conduct is PR nightmare   Elon Musk has accumulated a great deal of wealth and notoriety as the head of Tesla. Tesla has become a major company and has a very impressive line of cars which I would not mind owning if I’m being honest. A CEO of three major companies and founder or co-founder to four, he has a lot of experience and success building and running companies. The biggest issue Musk has is some of his actions can be a PR nightmare. Most successful people we hear about were all about hard work, pushed themselves to the limit in college and grinded it out to get their business going. Musk’s story isn’t like that. In college a buddy and him supposedly bought a large frat house for impromptu parties. I just want to know where two college students got that kind of money. He left a PhD program at Stanford to start his own company in the rising Silicon Valley. While it worked out and he became very successful, he

never lost these impulsive antics. He has previously talked about creating flamethrowers and his very infamous stunt of paying millions of dollars to shoot a convertible into space just for fun. That same company lost money in the following months and had to lay off jobs that could have afforded with money used to send out the convertible. His current bit of controversy is smoking marijuana on a live radio show which was recorded. After that video was released, Tesla’s stock dropped considerably. While I understand Musk was trying to make a statement, that statement cost both him and investors a good bit of cash. That was only one company as well, we have yet to see any reactions from his other companies. The big issue I think is that while Musk is good at starting a company and making a profit he doesn’t have a lot of training in running a business. He does have an economics degree from Univer-

sity of Pennsylvania which helps explain how he’s so good at money, but business is more than just numbers. Musk needs someone who has a business background to help run these companies and to keep him in check. I’m sure there are at least a couple business moguls who would be willing to work with one of these companies if Musk can’t find someone within. His companies may run around technology, but every major business needs someone who knows how to run a business and avoid PR nightmares. These impulsive moves can sometimes help business or make a political stand, like we’ve seen recently with Nike and Colin Kaepernick, Musk’s have been too risky and have sometimes been for no apparent reason. Shooting a convertible into space doesn’t exactly promote SpaceX in any way and doesn’t make any political statement that I can think of. If anything it was just a waste of money. Smoking marijuana may be a political statement, but it hasn’t shown any positive effects as of yet. Hopefully Musk either learns to control these impulses or find someone to keep him Elon Musk speaks at a convention. in check.


Attendance policy is useless Why is attendance factored into the grading system if I’m paying for my education is the question I’m sure many of us ask ourselves. This isn’t high school anymore where my schooling was payed for by the public school districts. As college students, many of us solely rely on loans to register semester after semester for our classes. So, yes, it is my money that will go toward paying off those loans after I graduate college. Therefore, if I choose not to attend class regardless of the circumstances

then I should be given that privilege, because I’m the one paying for my education. No, my intentions are not to waste my money by staying at home binge watching my favorite television shows. However, the decision to not attend class should not by any means affect my grade, because it can be due to many reasons. Sickness could happen at any time whether it could be mentally, emotionally or physically. Not everyone prefers the emergency room for cases of the flu or colds.

However, staying home and using home remedies to cure our illnesses does not provide documentation, so an unexcused absence is the result. Not only are we students, but we are also adults, who may just need to take a personal day to recollect ourselves before we do end up sick from lack of rest, or stress overload. There have been students in past courses that I have taken where I only remember seeing them during exam days. Yet, I would later discover that some of them were honor students who used lecture notes online, kept in touch with their professors and received help from other classmates to prepare them for exams and assignments. Some of the classes we take should be online courses in my opin-

ion, considering that certain courses are to solely inform us on information, statistics and facts, rather than a conversational style lecture. I have a short attention span to the extent that I could be looking and listening to my professor and not hear a single word that was said. Most college students aren’t meant to sit for extended periods of time being lectured at without having the urge to get up and walk out of class, even if it is considered the norm. There are many college students who only attend class for attendance points considering that they play such a significant factor on our grades. I fail to understand the concept of grading upon attendance if it’s my education that is being affected.

When I came to college I was told that attendance matters most when it comes down to our final grades because they can determine an entire letter grade. Attendance is important enough to determine my grades, yet the quality of my work barely gets noticed. Attendance and participation are two completely different concepts, yet they are in the same category for grading. If this is the case professors should have to provide us with some form of documentation for not attending a class in which they agreed to teach. The reason being is because life happens, and sometimes the only solution may be the one that is convenient at the time.


Slim Shady is Back I think it’s the appropriate time to say “guess who’s back, back again? Shady’s back, tell a friend.” Even though Eminem’s last album “Revival” was released last year, his newest album, which made its debut on Aug. 31, “Kamikaze,” brings back an old friend, more like his alter ego, Slim Shady. But this time Shady isn’t the goofy rapper we knew him as, instead he’s out on a vengeance to rightfully address the rap industry as a whole and the world that we have grown accustomed to.


Written by: Brie Coder

Layout by: Jimmy Pierson



Monday, September 10, 2018



Slim Shady is back from E1

Before jumping into the songs off Eminem’s 10th studio album, the album cover really foreshadows the frustration that’s been ignited by the rap veteran. The artwork on the cover is a replica of a military aircraft, the same one used off of Beastie Boys 1986 album “Licensed to Ill.” The only difference is on the side of the aircraft it says FU-2, which is Eminem's nice way of saying here’s what I have to say and I don’t care what you think. “Kamikaze” is one of those albums where you have to listen to it from the beginning to the end all the way, no skips or breaks. For the purpose of keeping listeners excited, I will only talk about a few songs off his album. Because if you’re like me, when a good album comes out it’s like Christmas. You want to unwrap the presents. Not be told what

the present is and have to pretend to be excited when you unwrap it. The album begins with the song “The Ringer.” This song begins with Eminem coming out and saying he “wants to punch the world in the face right now.” There is so much going on in this song musically, that you might have to re-listen to it a few times to get everything. In the song he has a lot of flow, rhymes, bars and word plays. There is not one person that is being called out during this aggressive piece. President Trump, critics and what he likes to call “mumble rappers,” are just a few of the groups of people that are Eminem’s target. His thought about “mumble rappers” doesn’t end after this five and a half minute song. It’s only just the beginning. Next is “Lucky You”, which is the third song off the album that also features Joyner Lucas,

a very prominent rapper who is signed on with Atlantic Records. This song focuses in a bit more about the rap and hip hop industry currently, and how guys like Lucas aren’t recognized because they have to compete with new day rappers, who are ruining what was once a solid genre of music in these guy’s eyes. The irony of this piece is the way that Eminem mimics the triplet flow, which is a three accented beat that tends to break itself into groups of three. This type of beat is disliked quite a lot by artists and listeners, but has made a drastic spread into new rappers’ music. The song “Versace” by the Migos is a perfect example of that background beat mentioned above. Eminem’s prey in this song is artists like Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Migos and Tekashi 6ix9ine. He begs that former rappers like Andre 3000, Masta Ace and Big Daddy Kane make

a comeback soon because he can’t “take the current generation of rappers and their brain damage” anymore. “Not Alike” is one song that got rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s attention. This song was about Eminem going off about a long time feud he has had with MGK. It all began in 2012, when MGK tweeted that Eminem’s daughter Hallie was “hot as (expletive).” His daughter at the time was only 16 years old. Shady adds in a comment within the rap about MGK’s disgusting comment by saying “If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun / And I'm talkin' to you, but you already know who the (expletive) you are, Kelly / I don't use sublims and sure as (expletive) don't sneak-diss / But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie." Additionally he throws in how unprofessional MGK was for using the world renowned rapper Tech N9ne to make a diss song

about him. A few days after “Kamikaze” was released, MGK fired back with his rap called “Rap Devil,” saying in his song “Mad about something I said in 2012 / Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss." This is only the beginning of rappers responding back to Eminem’s rants, but there are also well established rappers who are going back into the studio standing with Shady and what he has said about the modern day rappers. It’s up to you to decide if the “The Rap God” took an artistic or a semi-narcissistic approach when he wrote these 13 songs and co-produced this album with Dr. Dre. However, if there is one thing that is quite clear is that Marshall Mathers III is not afraid to speak his mind, and “Kamikaze” was the right platform for him to do so.


Monday, September 10, 2018

3 trailer speculation   “Stranger Things,” the popular Netflix original series, will return for season three. The trailer is out on YouTube, and is infused with so much 1980s imagery that you may have missed some things while watching it. The trailer is entirely an advertisement for the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, the Indiana town in which the show takes place. Different stores are showcased as well as the food court. Steve Harrington, a character on the show, now works at the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor at Starcourt Mall. The most notable

hidden secret in the trailer was at 47 seconds; they show that the featured best seller at Waldenbooks is “The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy. This is most likely foreshadowing in many ways. “Stranger Things” is always referencing a lot of 80s movies even in the plot itself. For example, when Bob and Will are in the car in a certain scene in season two, Bob tells a story about a scary clown that haunted him as a child. He told Will that all he had to do was tell the clown to “Go Away!” Many “Stranger Things” fans speculate

that this is a reference to the 1990 movie “IT,” which was about a scary clown that haunted kids even when they grew up. Further speculation says that Bob is Ben, the overweight kid in “IT.” Anyway, “The Hunt for Red October” could be a key giveaway to the upcoming season’s plot. The novel is a Cold War thriller about a CIA analyst named Jack Ryan who leads a group of Navy officers to take possession of an experimental Soviet nuclear submarine that can sneak into American waters undetected. The commander of this submarine switches sides after a doctor who is never punished for his crimes kills his wife. This story by Tom Clancy could be a foreshadowing for “Stranger Things” season three's plot or at least foreshadowing for references

they will make in the episodes. Also, could Starcourt Mall be the new location of Hawkins Lab? Could the Ice Cream at Scoops Ahoy be helping the Upside Down spread? “Stranger Things” season three apparently takes place in 1985. This is when the cult film “The Stuff” came out, a horror film about a yogurtlike substance that becomes the nation’s snack of choice. “The Stuff” is actually a living organism that eats people from the inside turning them into empty zombies. Also, 1985 is when Back to the Future came out. This is, of course, a really popular 80’s science fiction film about time travel. The movie could be referenced in the new third season, and if it isn’t, I will be a little disappointed. “Stranger Things” third season will come

out next year. There are some key plot questions it has to answer. If you read on, there will be spoilers for seasons one and two, but at this point I believe I can safely assume that most people have watched the seasons already, since they have been out for a long time. When will we see eleven's sister again? Are there more children with numbers on their arm that have powers? “Stranger Things” references a real-world government experiment called MK-ULTRA, which was a secret CIA mind control program in the 1950s and 60s. What does the shadow monster from season two want? And what really is the Upside Down? Will Hopper and Joyce get together? These questions must be answered in season three.


  On Aug. 28, 2018, the world celebrated not only the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers but also the first ever National Power Rangers Day, which will be celebrated annually every Aug. 28. Power Rangers is adapted from Japan's Super Sentai Series that began in 1975. America would start adapting the Japanese TV series starting with Super Sentai's 16th installment Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (Dinosaur Squadron Beast Ranger). The teenagers with attitude made their debut as “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” premiered Aug. 28, 1993. The series would prove to be popular as showrunners continued with the Zyuranger costumes while using Japanese stock footage of the next two Super Sentai Series. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” introduced fans to characters that

would become household names that are still popular to this day. It would last three seasons and 145 episodes, and a major motion picture release in 1995. In 1996 showrunners decided to continue the story by adapting the 19th installment of Super Sentai, unlike Japan (who change the team for each installment) America decided to keep the same characters in a continuing thread this would be known as the Zordon Era, which would last till “Power Rangers in Space.” After that (like Japan) each team would be made up of different people. The series has definitely had its ups and downs over the years switching companies a total of four times. 1993 through 2002 Saban Entertainment owned and distributed Power Rangers, they would then transition ownership to a Disney owned company from 2002 to

2010. In 2010 Disney re-released season one of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” with added visuals that brought back nostalgia for fans but only lasted 32 episodes compared to the original, which had 60. The Saban Company (previously Saban Entertainment) gained ownership again. They distributed on Nickelodeon and brought back a bunch of nostalgia for fans, the "It's Morphin Time" battle cry was used again for the first since “Power Rangers Zeo” in 1996. They would also bring back Bulk from a favorite character from the Zordon Era of Power Rangers.   All the Power Rangers series that have been on since 2011 have lasted two seasons, the only series that this didn't make sense was “Power Ranger's Super Megaforce.” All the other ones have upgraded powers and sometimes new villains. Megaforce, however, was based on two different Super Sentai series (the others were only based on one). The second series of Megaforce Super Megaforce had brand new powers and costumes. I will admit I'm a little biased because

I felt like they could have done more with the pirate theme like Japan. The nostalgia and especially the 20th Anniversary special made it more bearable. During Saban's second run they released a movie loosely based on the original. Saban would sell Power Rangers to Hasbro in 2018, and for the first time ever Power Ranger's is going backward in the Super Sentai series as it is using Go-Busters which was originally skipped. Power Ranger's Beast Morpher's is set to release 2019. I don't mean to bore you all with the history of Power Rangers. I could have gone into more details about the different teams and why Tommy is the best, but this isn't about that. Power Rangers has influenced generations. Nickelodeon is set to continue airing Power Rangers till at least 2021. Hasbro is also looking to make a sequel to the 2014 movie, and with Japan about to enter a new era for Super Sentai; Power Rangers will continue. As the Power Rangers like to say, "Once a Ranger Always a Ranger.”


Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay has been revealed with a 48-minute walkthrough video on YouTube. The game looks really cool, to be honest. Here’s a recap. The beginning scene showed a mission in which you had to go into a hideout, where people were being harvested for their Cybernetic implants. During the first mission, the player took an inhaler drug that slowed down time while in a shootout. This is a new gameplay mechanic. When the player found the mission objective, she pulled a wire out of her wrist and interlinked it with an unconscious person’s brain. This unconscious person had been lying in a tub with a strange liquid in in, that kept her unconscious

Monday, September 10, 2018

Gameplay revealed


while the harvesters harvested her Cybernetic implants. The next scene in the gameplay reveal showcased more of the dynamic world of Night City, the city where the game takes place. You wake up in the morning, get a video call from a friend, and then you equip your guns and jacket and head out the door. Your apartment is located in a massive mega-structure apartment complex, a lot like the structures in Mega City One in the 2012 movie “Dredd.” You accept a mission from a fixer, which is a person in the city that likes to get things done and right wrongs. He gives you a memory card that you put inside a memory card slot on your head, which takes over your vision and de-

briefs you about your mission. Throughout the game you can find these flash drive things that you can insert into a port embedded in your skull. Some of them are videos, and some of them are digital drugs that interface with your brain. This is a neat sci-fi concept and could have been inspired by “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, a science fiction book that featured a digital drug in an online virtual reality world. The ripper-doc is whom you visit next. This is a special cybernetic doctor that gives you upgrades to your Cybernetic implants and enhancements. These upgrades can be purchased throughout the game and can improve or aid gameplay. The upgrades the player receives in the video include the power to use your own eyes as an optical zoom lens, as well as a heads-up-display within your field of vision that brings up info and bios

about people you spot while walking around. This little pop-up appears over someone’s head when you mouse over them, and also tells you their threat level. The next scene shows off the driving mechanics. You can freely explore Night City in all kinds of vehicles, including bikes. In Cyberpunk 2077 there is a kind of gun that shoots bullets that follow their targets in midair, like homing missiles. The crosshair of the gun is a wide rectangle in the center of the screen, and if you shoot any target within it, the bullets guide themselves towards the target. This is useful if you want to shoot around corners and hit something or someone that isn’t directly in front of you. Your story is dynamic and everything you do in the game in every situation “ripples through” the story, as the narrator in the trailer says. This game is currently in development.

Monday, September 10, 2018



Mac Miller dies of overdose

Mac Miller points out to the crowd during a performance.


The death of Pittsburg native rapper, Mac Miller, this weekend served as a wake-up call for many around the world. Miller was one of the most beloved artists of this generation, but it wasn’t enough to keep him away from substance abuse problems which proved to be the very thing that took his life. He was very open with his problems with addiction in the past and his dependence on drugs. He was sober for a year but fell back into the same patterns earlier this year. He was arrested for a DUI in May as he fell deeper into his spiral. Miller ’s tragic story ended on Friday night as he died of an overdose in his home. His family released a statement following his death on Saturday. “Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26,” his family said. “He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers. Please respect our privacy. There are no further details

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as to the cause of his death at this time.” The entire world reacted in shock and grief all of Saturday with many celebrities and friends of Miller offering their condolences. Fans shared photos and videos of Miller on their timelines to remember the musical influence that he brought into the world. When it comes to rappers in today’s day in age, Miller was one of the least problematic that we had. He had his own personal demons with drugs and alcohol, but there were no problems with domestic violence or inappropriate contact with children like we’ve seen in the past. The music community has lost one of its brightest stars, and it will be a tough task to find anyone who comes close to filling the shoes of Miller. For me, this proves that we need to do a better job supporting each other and making sure that we are checking in on our friends. I’ve had friends that have had problems with depression and I know I haven’t done as much as I should’ve at the time to help them. I try to be there for

those who I love when they struggle but there is always more that we can do to help each other. It’s hard to not lose faith in humanity when we see young people in this country committing suicide and falling victim to substance abuse so frequently. I remember seeing a story in the news that broke my heart about a 9-year-boy who committed suicide after coming out to his classmates at school. We need to do a better job as a society providing outlets for those who are depressed to talk and noticing the signs that people are hurting and considering suicide. Even those who seem the strongest have the biggest problems. I’m sure we’ve all heard the adage that the funniest ones among us are also the saddest. We saw the case in 2014 when Robin Williams took his own life in one of the most shocking deaths in recent memory. Just because a person seems okay, it doesn’t mean that they are. Take the time to ask your friends how they’re doing because you could be the difference in them being here tomorrow. Have the suicide hotline on your phone at all times and tell others about it. Finally, and most importantly, be nice to each other and love one another.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Soccer captures first win By Michael Harms courier staff

Bettendorf, Iowa. — Western Illinois University battled University of Dayton, Ohio over the weekend and found the win column with a 1-0 victory. The first win for the Leathernecks puts them at an overall record of 1-3-1 as the Flyers fall to 2-1-2. The games were scheduled to be played in Macomb, but the non-stop downpour forced the game to be relocated to the TBK Bank Sports Complex in the quad cities. The last-minute change did not faze the Leathernecks as they snuck away with the win. The game started off on a low note as early in the third minute senior defender Angelo Amato recorded a yellow card on a hard foul. This already put the backline in danger, but they stayed strong throughout the game. The first scare of the game came from a header attempt, but goalkeeper Tim Trilk made a fantastic save to keep the game scoreless in the first half. Trilk had struggled in the previous matchups but looked determined to improve his form and dominate this game. The half continued by

the Western offense shooting a couple more shots toward goal. Neither of them was on target, and the two teams looked to the second half to break away. The second half sparked a dangerous offense for the flyers as they looked desperate to score a goal. In the 46th minute a header shot off of a corner challenged Trilk, but he batted it away keeping his shutout in reach. They kept the pace up recording five shots by the 70th minute, but unable to find the back of the net. Meanwhile, the Leathernecks stayed calm and composed finding their offense in a groove and taking advantage of the chances when needed. In the 70th minute however Western broke through the backline and nearly had a chance, but a poor tackle by the Flyers defensive backs earned the leathernecks a penalty kick attempt. Senior midfielder Daniel Kadima put the ball down on the spot eyeing a goal against junior goalkeeper Federico Barrios. He took the shot strong, but Barrios blocked it out, meanwhile the rebound was loose and found the foot of, Kadima who then found the back of the net while Barrios recovered from

the penalty kick. The first goal of the match may not have been the most exciting or skillfull goals of the season, but got the job done for the Leathernecks. Dayton was not done testing the strength of the Purple and Gold’s backline continually attacking non-stop for the remainder of the game. They recorded a total of 10 shots in the second half alone. However, it was not enough for the Flyers to even up the score and the Leathernecks racked up their first win of the season. “We worked really hard today and played more intelligently defensively to earn a shutout,” Director of Soccer Dr. Eric Johnson said. “Dayton is a quality squad from back to front so it was not an easy result.” Johnson must have been pleased with the performance of Trilk, who had seemed to struggle in recent matchups. His decisive play today earned him a well-deserved clean sheet, and hopefully his team and coach have more faith in him than before. The Leathernecks next challenge will start a two game road trip starting with a matchup against Northern Illinois University this Wednesday night.



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Tim Trilk about to strike the ball on a goal kick.

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Sports 7

Monday, September 10, 2018


It’s finally September and that only means one thing: the MLB season is winding down and it’s almost time for the playoffs! This season has been all over the place when it comes to standings. Part of the American League has looked dominant all throughout the season, while the other half has looked completely awful. The National League on the other hand has had some close races that only September baseball can solve. With many of the divisions’ titles still up for contention and the Wild Card races closer than ever, it seems only fair that I share my picks for what I think the MLB playoff picture will look like in October. Let’s start with the American League. In the AL East the Boston Red Sox are the clear-cut winners. They currently have a 97-46 record with a 7.5 game lead on the second place Yankees. Eight games away from tying their franchise record in single season wins; the Red Sox are on their way to winning 106 games, eas-

ily beating out any other team’s overall record. Led by the power bats of J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts, the Red Sox are looking to win their second World Series championship in the past five years. Next up is the AL central. In my opinion the overall worst division in baseball this season (I mean look at their records!) the only pick to win this division would have to be the Cleveland Indians. At 81-61, the Indians wouldn’t even be in the American League Wild Card picture if they weren’t on top of their division. Not to take anything away from how the Indians have been playing, but it’s really easy to win your division when your secondplace team is 16.5 games behind you and is 13 games under .500. The AL west is a very tough pick for me. With two very hot teams competing to win the West, I have to go with the reigning World Series champs Houston Astros. After dropping a series in midAugust to the Oakland A’s, the

Astros shared the top of the West with the A’s. It seemed that the Astros started to slow down after that loss, but business seemed to pick up at the end of the month. A 2-1 series win over the A’s helped the Astros take sole control of the West. The Astros are currently 8-2 in their last 10 games and have yet to lose a game in the month of September. Tied for the secondbest record in the MLB, I have to go with the world champs, but don’t worry I didn’t forget about the A’s. What about the wildcard? If the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics were in the National League they would have a solid lead on top of any division that they were in. Unfortunately for both teams they are in the American League and in two divisions with teams on top that are just too hot. I think that the one game wildcard playoff between these two teams at Yankee Stadium will be one of the most competitive games of the playoffs. Now on to the National League. The National League has some of the closest races going on right now and this is one of them. After a long time of going back and forth on who I wanted to pick, I decided that I think the team representing the East

would be the Atlanta Braves. In a season that saw both the Braves and Philadelphia Phillies have amazing comeback seasons, the East is really still up for grabs. Both teams have tough schedules in the rest of September featuring two series against one another. Whoever gets the upper hand in both of those series will take control of the East. Before the season I said that the NL Central division would produce multiple teams in the playoffs. The top three teams in the National League Central currently have the three best records in the National League and if the season ended today, there would be three Central teams in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the season does not end today and any of those three teams could be out of the picture at the end of September. My pick though for the Central (and as a Brewers fan it really pains me to write this) is the Chicago Cubs. Although the Brewers are 8-2 in their last ten and the Cubs are 5-5, the Cubs will soon again be hot, and the Brewers will be inconsistent. The final three game series between the two teams starts today and whoever wins this series will be the leader of the division. There are many games

left in September though to keep that lead and I think that the Cubs will come out victorious in the end. TeNL East is another tough decision to make. The Dodgers have been one of the hottest teams throughout the season, but the offense of the Rockies has been dominant as well. After much thinking and tossing the two teams back and forth, I came to the decision that the Colorado Rockies will win the NL East. The Rockies currently have a 1.5 game lead on the Dodgers and I think that their bats are as hot as ever. With a fairly easy schedule for the rest of September, the Rockies have one more series against the division rival Dodgers that they must win if they want the East. As I mentioned in the NL Central prediction, currently two Central teams own the Wild Card, but I don’t think the end of the season will look that way. The one game playoff to decide who will play the Cubs will be held at Miller Park in Milwaukee and will see the Brewers face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cardinals had a red-hot August, but have slowed down exponentially in September, and I don’t think they will gain any of their momentum back.

Women’s tennis fall in season opener By Bradley Piros

assistant sports editor EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – The Western Illinois women’s tennis team was in competition for the first time this weekend to kick off their fall schedule. It wasn’t exactly a great showing from the Leathernecks, but there were some highlights and hope for the future. Western traveled down state to the Southern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville where they took on Eastern Illinois University, Saint Louis University as well as the hosting Cougars of SIU-E. The Leathernecks added five new freshmen to take over for the players that graduated last season. Among those players are Cary Milanes and Courtney Lubbers. Both of these women were reliable in their singles matches, and easy to get along with in doubles action as well. Another player, who didn’t take the court last outing, was junior Natalia Bravo. Also, very consistent in singles, and usually Lubbers' doubles

partner, will be missed by the Leathernecks. Only three women returned from last season, being junior Laura Ballesteros as well as Ana and Mary Bjelica. The sophomores are daughters of head coach Mirko Bjelica. So, you could say Western is in a little bit of a rebuilding process here, and the SIU-E Invite was their first test to see what they’re made of. After all was said and done, Western had played in 18 singles matches, only winning two of them, and six doubles matches, winning only one of those. By no means does that mean Western performed poorly. They were up against good competition and it’s hard on the road, but let’s break down what happened. The first Leatherneck called to action was freshman Anouk Maajong. She played in three matches, however lost all of them two sets to none. Next up was Ana Bjelica, who also played and lost all three matches. One of them was in

two sets (4-6, 2-6) but she was able to take the next one to three sets. This was her best matchup of the day, but still fell short (3-6, 6-3, 10-8). She finished her singles action as she retired after one set, losing it 8-5. Ballesteros only played one singles match and lost in two sets (6-2, 6-0). She later played in a couple of doubles matches, but ultimately, she had a short weekend. A few contests later, and Mary Bjelica took the court for three singles matches. She lost her first one in two sets (6-1, 6-2) however got one of Western’s only singles wins next time up. She won her second bout in two sets, 6-4 and 5-7, but went down in her final matchup, losing in two sets (6-1, 6-3). Next on the court for the Leathernecks was another freshman, this time Megan Tagoloa. She played threematches as well and lost all of them in two sets (6-1, 6-4; 6-0, 6-2; 6-3, 6-0). Fellow freshman Camryn Rossa took to the courts next,

losing her first two matches in two sets (6-4, 6-2 and 6-3, 6-4) but won her third and final match retiring the EIU player in one set 8-5. Last but not least in singles competition was freshman Natalie Malone, who played two matches. She lost them both in one set (8-0) and three sets (6-4, 4-6, 10-8) respectively. Next up was doubles action. First, the pairing of Tagaloa and Maajong would take the court but lost all three of their matches (6-2, 6-3 and 6-0). Following them were the Bjelica sisters, who got Western’s only doubles win 7-6. They would play another match but fell 6-4. Ballesteros teamed up with Rossa and Malone for her matches but lost 6-2 alongside Rossa and 7-6 with Malone. Nothing against all of these ladies, as they battled hard, many of them playing collegiate tennis for their first time ever. No one had a “bad” performance, it was just a case that the other sides were just a little better. Western will build

on this experience, as Bjelica will most likely switch things around, as he tries to fine tune his squad for the season. Next up on the schedule is the Quincy Invitational this weekend. Western does not have a home meet in the fall season, only seven straight away invites. They will look to come out stronger next weekend and hopefully pick up a few more wins. Concluding the invite, head coach Mirko Bjelica had ths to say: "It was two days full of tennis playing nine sets for each member of our team. That's exactly what our team, mostly made up of freshmen, needed to begin our fall slate," Bjelica said. "With each match, everyone on our team got better and raised their level of play. We had some very tough and close matches, and some wins as well, and overall it was a terrific experience for our young crew." Bjelica said. twitter: bradjp08

Necks brought down by Big Ten team By Haley Richards sports editor

Tony Tate sets up at the line of scrimmage at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The Western Illinois football team played Big Ten opponent, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on Saturday night in front of almost 40,000 fans. It was a chilly night in Champaign but fortunately, the rain stayed away for the game. The Leathernecks fell to the Illini 34-14 and are now 0-2 on the season. “I'm so proud to walk out of here coaching this group of guys,” head coach Jared Elliott said. “They battled and fought for the entire course of the game. Whenever you do that, you'll always have a chance to win. I felt like we had an opportunity and you look statistically and it's very even between the two teams.” Western got on the board early after receiving a touchback on the kickoff and driving the ball 75 yards in less than three minutes. Senior quarterback Sean McGuire then threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver George Wahee to give the Purple and Gold the first points on the board. The rest of the first quarter remained scoreless after both teams held each other for the remaining 12:07 left after the first touchdown. Senior linebacker Quentin Moon recorded his first sack of the season after bringing down senior quarterback AJ Bush. Bush is a transfer from Virginia Tech and was ranked fourth in the nation in rushing yards (139) before entering the game on Saturday. With 11:27 left in the second quarter, UIUC’s senior kicker Chase McLaughlin went to attempt a 52-yard field goal, but faked it and kicked a punt that landed on the second yard line. Western started with bad field positioning and was then forced to punt. Sophomore punter Adam Fellner kicked a 39-yard punt, which put the Illini on the 45-yard line with 9:09 left in the second quarter. Illinois finally got on the board after an 18-yard touchdown pass from Bush to freshman wide receiver Edwin Carter. The game was then tied 7-7 with 7:14 left in the second. The Illini got another touchdown with less than three minutes left after a 16-yard pass scored by Carter, once again.

At halftime, Illinois remained ahead with a score of 14-7. The Illini lead the Leathernecks in total yards, 193 to 126. Senior linebacker Michael Bishoff sacked Bush early in the third as a good start to the second half for the Leathernecks. That then forced Illinois’ McLaughlin to kick a 54-yard field goal which tied for the third longest kick in school history. With 12:16 left in the third, the score was 17-7. Fellner ’s punt was blocked and ran back for a touchdown with 7:22 left in the third quarter giving the Fighting Illini a larger lead of 24-7. Hope for the Purple and Gold came back when McGuire threw a 49-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver Tony Tate. This put the Leathernecks at a 10-point deficit with 6:23 left in the third quarter. The score remained at 24-14 for the remainder of the third. With 12:20 left in the fourth, Illinois kicked a 46-yard field goal to increase their lead to 27-14. A few plays later, an intercepted pass for the Illini was then returned 42-yards to the third yard line where junior running back Reggie Corbin rushed for a touchdown. With around 11 minutes left in the game the score was 34-14. The Illini captured the game as the score stayed the same for the remainder of time. However, this was the first time in school history that the Purple and Gold have ever put up points against this Big Ten powerhouse. “This loss hurts just like every other loss does. We expected to win this game and we didn’t reach our goal,” Elliott said. “We didn’t win. It hurts, our guys are going to hurt for 24 hours, but we’ll get back to Macomb and we’ll move on to Montana.” Western also had many outstanding individual performances from players like McGuire who totaled 276 passing yards and Tate who had his first touchdown as a Leathernecks. “I’m just proud that we came out and we did some different stuff we hadn’t necessarily ever done before,” McGuire said. Western will now look toward the future as their first home game approaches. This Saturday, they will face the University of Montana at 3 p.m.

Western Courier | September 10th, 2018  

In this edition of the Western Courier, the news talked about the WIU Food Pantry is open for business, and Study Abroad fair takes place be...

Western Courier | September 10th, 2018  

In this edition of the Western Courier, the news talked about the WIU Food Pantry is open for business, and Study Abroad fair takes place be...