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Virginia trioli \ not so great expectations


announce you have number two on the way and women are treated as if they are gaming the system like a micro-party senator. I am happy to say I no longer see or hear evidence of this kind at my work. It’s difficult not to feel angry and patronised by the incoherence of family policy in this country. Childcare is difficult to obtain and wickedly expensive, yet apart from a minority of workplaces, little accommodation is made for those parents who would like to be able to do most of the caring themselves and keep their employment – this despite the tedious repetition of meaningless phrases such as “workplace flexibility” by employer and employee advocates. The very savvy Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, talks about this discrimination not helping to create “strong families” and it’s a smart phrase to use, as it alludes to all the social problems that flow from stressed families, families at risk – the very problems that politicians and the media are so quick to judge and condemn, but clearly do not see themselves as having any connection to. So, how about a moratorium on all the “family values” baloney until business and government genuinely recognise, understand and support the process of how a family actually starts. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

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he manager frowned at her over his toppling call to HR. But I didn’t. Instead, like many other in-tray as the woman floated into his office, her women, I quietly incorporated this attitude into my head still full of the magic of a wedding and understanding of what was – and was not – expected of honeymoon in foreign climes. Not one for hearts and me at work: which was, in order to get on up, I better not flowers, he cut to the chase. “Now that you’re back, get knocked up. you’re not going to get pregnant on me just like every Figures just released show that pregnancy has now other woman in this office, are you?” overtaken disability as the top area of complaint A short time later, this same woman was against the nation’s employers. The Fair Work bailed up by a very senior executive, who Ombudsman says its figures indicate that for “you’re scowled at her with intense scrutiny. “You’re the first time there were more complaints not looking rather well,” she said with no joy about pregnancy-related discrimination in pregnant at all: “You’re not pregnant, are you?” Why 2013 than for complaints related to mental are you?” the employee even answered this abrupt and or physical disability, and these are just invasive question I’ll never understand, but she the formal complaints. Anecdotal evidence did – the answer was no. “Good,” the executive as well as information received by the federal shot back. Sex Discrimination Commissioner reveal a We are often accused at the ABC of being some kind discouraging and unsupportive climate of hostility of sheltered workshop of political correctness, but I and rejection. In many more cases women are squeezed am sorry to tell you that these exchanges did not occur out of their workplace or leave because life is made too at the upper levels of the big four banks, or the top hard for them. accountancy, law or finance firms, or in some small The manifestation of the problem is prejudicial business miles off the PC radar: they took place at your behavior towards pregnant women, but the real problem ABC and the woman in question was me. is a lack of genuine commitment to helping families I remember feeling absolutely flabbergasted at the have and raise children. It’s bewildering, because you time: the rudeness, the hostility and the invasiveness hear no end of carry-on from high-profile business of it was quite incredible. Welcome back! How was leaders and politicians about family values and the the honeymoon! I even considered making a discreet like, but return from maternity leave and then happily

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What parents should tell their children ●

Praise your child for the things that they do rather than what they look like. Pay attention when your child is talking to you. Stop what you are doing so they understand that they are important. Allow your child to make mistakes and encourage them to learn from them. Don’t try to save them from mistakes. Provide your child with a safe and secure environment where they can be themselves. Monitor their influences in life including friends and the media. Be affectionate so your child knows they are loved. Give your child new experiences so they can grow and learn from them. Have a positive self-esteem yourself and role model confidence.



BENEATH CHERYL CRITCHLEY meets a crusader helping young people realise they are all beautiful on the inside

help \ Where to go Eating Disorders Victoria The Butterfly Foundation National Eating Disorders Collaboration Angels Goal (anti-bullying) beyondblue headspace The Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria The Centre for Adolescent Health

4 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013

“I want to take the girls’ focus off what is wrong with them”


hen Di Wilcox works with teenage girls, she asks them to close their eyes and put their hand up if they have ever hated themselves or felt worthless or ugly. Without fail, every girl raises an arm. “It actually brings a tear to my eye because it just shows me how bad these girls feel about themselves,” Wilcox says. After she tells them they are chasing unrealistic media-driven ideals, and that they are all unique and beautiful in their own way, the relief is palpable. “Suddenly it opens their eyes to reality,” she says. “You look at the celebrities without make-up and they’re just like us.” In a world where the self-esteem of young people has never been lower, Di Wilcox offers hope. Bullied as a child for being the “smart nerdy kid”, the single mother of two has devoted her professional life to helping young people bombarded with negative messages and unrealistic role models realise that they are all equally worthy. It’s a tough ask. Girls and boys are facing unprecedented pressures at a younger and younger age. The perceived need to be thin and sexy has never been greater, amplified by the pursuit of Facebook and Instagram “likes”. At the same time, bullies have never had it easier with SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at their disposal. Research suggests two in three teenagers have experienced bullying or know of someone affected by bullying or online trolling. Boys are also developing body-image issues. “Boys are more likely to start an excessive exercise regimen rather than a diet, but they also compare themselves to celebrities and their peers,” Wilcox says. “Boys also aren’t out to get skinny; they want to bulk up. Over the last 30 years the ideal male physique has gained muscle and lost body fat. They too feel the pressure to look a particular way to meet societal expectations.” As a result, young people’s self-esteem and resilience have taken a battering, with many turning to self-harm, self-loathing and even suicide attempts. It’s a far cry from when Wilcox, 38, grew up. As a teenager, bullies shoved her off the bus for the crime of topping maths tests results. But once home she had until the next day to regroup and did not let it ruin her childhood. With the internet, bullying is 24/7. “I think I am still a big kid at heart and I want kids today to have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood now as well,” Wilcox says. “We are forcing them to grow up way too fast.” Today’s preteens live in a celebrity-obsessed culture that constantly tells them they are not good enough. They get the message on TV, computers, phones, toilet doors, billboards, magazines and newspapers. As an educational facilitator, Perth-based Wilcox travels the country trying to turn this around. She holds workshops encouraging young people and other educators to think positively when it comes to body image, self-esteem, friendships and careers. She also takes inspiration from daughters Carley, 15, and Ciaan, 7, who face all the challenges she researches. Wilcox, who has worked with young people for 17 years, knows of girls Ciaan’s age with eating disorders. “I had a mother share with me that her

Mum’s the word: Di Wilcox, former teacher who now works with young people on issues such as bullying and self-esteem, with daughters Ciaan, 7, and Carley, 15. (MeDia GanG)

cover Story three-year-old didn’t like the fat bits on her bottom,” she says. “Most recently a teacher … was teaching her year 2 group about the five food groups. When she pointed to the bread group and asked the children what group this was a little girl replied, ‘That is the fat group. Mummy said if I eat too much of that I will be fat’!” Wilcox’s “Loving my reflection” workshop focuses on self-esteem and discusses negative media messages, marketing, Photoshopping and airbrushing. Participants hear real stories about girls their age with eating disorders and who are dying of a serious illness. “I want to take the girls’ focus off what is wrong with them and on what they have to be so grateful for,” Wilcox says. “We do an exercise to look at all the amazing things our body can do. I do give the girls an explanation of signs and symptoms of eating disorders and how to support friends if they see any of these.” The sessions also educate parents, who often don’t realise how their behaviour and talk influence girls and boys. Comments about children’s weight, however well intentioned, can have a profound impact, as can statements by mothers such as, “Does my bum look big in this?” “Girls quickly get the message from their mums that, in life, an emphasis must be placed on weight in order to meet societal expectations,” Wilcox says. “Fathers also have a massive influence. When a father makes it obvious that his preference is for skinny, big-busted girls in midriff tops he is sending a message to his daughter. “No matter how many times he tells his daughter that it doesn’t matter what body shape she has, if he is still picking up Playboy magazines or wolf-whistling at a particular type of girl, these are the messages their daughters are listening to from a very early age.” Wilcox says that from day one parents should praise their child’s abilities rather than looks. “Encourage your daughters to keep a gratitude journal,” she says. “My seven-year-old keeps one and writes three things in it every day that she is grateful for. “When watching television, including the advertisements, discuss what you are seeing and the reality of it. Explain to your young daughters that just because something is on television or in a magazine it doesn’t make it real or the truth.” With children feeling pressure to conform from a younger and younger age, Wilcox has written her first book, Beneath You’re Beautiful, a simple but powerful take on body image that encourages girls to treasure their childhoods. Gorgeously Illustrated by English-born artist Eve Young, the book starts a positive conversation about body image and tells girls aged from five to 12 that it is

not how they look that will make a difference but their unique abilities and care for others. Endorsed by psychologists and educational specialists, it has classroom activities for teachers and a workshop parents can do with their daughters explaining Photoshopping, listing eating disorder signs and describing how to promote physical and mental health. Parents are also reminded that they are their daughters’ main role models. With boys facing similar issues, Wilcox, a former teacher with a bachelor of social science degree in women’s and children’s studies and a diploma of education, is planning workshops and a book for them. Some are so desperate to bulk up they take steroids. “Boys are trying to fit a mould as much as girls and they feel inadequate,” she says. “They get bullied for their looks as much as girls.”


ilcox is also ambassador for the Inside Out Program, run by prestigious Perth girls’ school Perth College, and is national ambassador for the anti-bullying organisation Angels Goal. This year she won the Momentum Forum most-inspiring-woman-of-theyear award. Next year she will present workshops at schools in Singapore and London. Wilcox is happy to travel to Melbourne for workshops and will launch Beneath You’re Beautiful at the Metro Gallery in Armadale on November 17 from 2-4pm. Her work has clearly struck a chord, with a big crowd expected. Self-esteem is a huge issue and more schools are developing programs to boost it. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School recently held a wellness week to boost protective factors such as connectedness and resilience. It also has a core pastoral-care program. The week had daily themes of resilience, communication, fun and celebration, thoughtfulness and gratitude and relationships. In every class, staff and students completed activities based on those themes. Students recorded their thoughts, joined concerts, games and lunchtime activities, made friendship pledges and entered a photography competition. On Wacky Wednesday staff and students dressed up and had a kids’ birthday party with pass-the-parcel and piñatas. The school’s head of counselling, Dr Bridget McPherson, said the week was a phenomenal success in promoting awareness, resilience and an understanding of students’ own well-being and that of others. Parents also attended a preventative seminar. Wilcox wants to see more such programs for girls and boys as the problems they face are universal. She says parents also need to be educated about their crucial role in developing resilience through love and discipline. “I’ve had mothers who say, ‘But I’m trying to be her friend so she’ll listen to me’,” says Wilcox. “We do need to go back a little bit to those traditional beliefs and values. Once we do teach that I do believe we’ll see a change.” After workshop participants admit their self-loathing, Wilcox reassures them that they are not alone and asks them to pen positive comments about each other on a poster. By the end of the session they feel much better about themselves. “It’s all about embracing who you are and being the best version of you,” Wilcox says. “There is hope.” \ We Welcome your feedback @

the book » Di Wilcox will launch Beneath You’re Beautiful at the Metro Gallery in Armadale on November 17, 2-4pm. » NOVEMBER 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

A need to know Education \ Learning is for life for this teacher, writes Cheryl Critchley


s the troubles in Northern Ireland raged just 10 kilometres from his home town of Dundalk, even as a child Gerry Martin wanted to know why. Martin’s father, also Gerry, had moved over the border from Ulster to Dundalk, where Martin’s mother, Doloras, grew up. It was not uncommon for their four children to hear explosions, and a British military helicopter once crashed in a nearby paddock. The young Martin wanted to understand why it was happening. “I was fascinated by it,” he says. “I was always curious. I was always watching the news; I was always listening to the radio.” Family members often crossed the border, where Gerry senior had relatives and travelled as a shoe salesman. Petrol and groceries were also cheaper in the north, a 10-minute drive away. The checkpoint was guarded by cameras, soldiers and dogs. “I always remember an element of anxiety … because lots of smuggling would go on and lots of terrorism,” Martin says. “Growing up, there was always an omnipresent sense of fear and tension. Bombings and shootings were a semi-regular occurrence and … part of the daily routine. We didn’t know better. “My parents were non-political and sought to protect us from it. However, my curious mind in trying to understand our current situation and then the prolonged peace process resulted in many questions about who, what, why, how.” Martin went to school at St Malachy’s and St Mary’s College in Dundalk. The area was known as “bandit country”, but he felt safe in class and thrived. He had an almost unquenchable thirst to learn. “I loved school,” he says. Now a senior teacher at St Michael’s Grammar in St Kilda, Martin was a social child and one of 100 altar boys at his local Catholic church. The conflict in Northern Ireland was never far away, but for children like him it was more of a “dark shadow or cloud”. “There was an element of anxiety but we were not necessarily confronted with it on a daily basis,” he says. “Where I grew up was a very strong Republican town; it was often referred to as Little Belfast. A lot of people who left the north settled just across the border.” Martin’s interest in Northern Ireland’s troubles, in which thousands were killed as the Irish Republican Army fought British rule, was fuelled by a general love of history and digging deeper into it. He was fascinated by the different interpretations that historians often placed on the same events. His high-school history teacher, Pat McGeogh, encouraged Martin and inspired him to help others gain a better understanding of the past. “I knew I wanted to be a history teacher from about year 8,” Martin says. “I loved history.” Growing up in a political hotbed meant Martin was never short of events to dissect. Peace talks between the warring forces in Northern Ireland and Britain began in the mid-1990s as Balkan and Iraq conflicts made world headlines. Martin investigated the Holocaust during his final year of high school, achieving one of the highest history marks in the state. He then studied at Dublin’s Mater

8 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Dei Institute of Education, a Dublin City University campus that trains teachers, majoring in theology and history. There he found an interest in studying development education. In 1998 Martin spent four months voluntarily working at schools run by non-government organisations in Kolkata, India. Some were based in rubbish dumps and he had up to 50 children in each class, some of whom worked sorting through rubbish outside school hours. “I spent most of my time working with an organisation called Children’s Rights Development Service … which worked with students involved in child labour and child prostitution,” Martin says. “I ended up returning to India in 1999 for 15 months. “As project co-ordinator, I worked with teachers in developing strategies for literacy and numeracy, supporting program development and teaching, and I helped to build two schools. I was thoroughly moved by the experience, which confronted my sense of social justice and responsibility.” Some of the children were among the happiest Martin had met, which surprised and heartened him. “It was very much a turning point for me in how I perceived the world … just understanding the level of

own interpretation of the past. “It’s about having big questions,” Martin says. “You can’t be curious and imaginative unless you ask good questions.” Martin and his colleagues also get geography students to carry buckets of water to simulate people in developing countries gathering water. Students then work out how much virtual water is needed to make their breakfast cereal to illustrate the need for sustainability. Such innovation is nothing new for this high achiever, but he is determined to continue learning. Still just 35, Martin has completed a master of education (curriculum) at the University of Melbourne and is a board member and vice-president of the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria. From 2008-11 he was on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s advisory panel to the Australian CAA and this year was a member of the VCAA’s Victorian Certificate of Education history studies expert reference group. He has had articles published, presents at conferences and has this year lectured in the Professional Certificate in History Education at Melbourne University. If that’s not enough, Martin and his colleagues are developing their school’s curriculum: among other

“To be a good teacher, you have to be a good learner. If you’re a good learner, you can be a great teacher” poverty and social injustice but also understanding the level of happiness as well,” he says. Martin was then offered a job at St Joseph’s College in Mildura. He arrived in August 2001, spending almost 18 months teaching humanities, then known as SOSE (study of society and the environment), and religion. It was his first classroom job and another world away from home. “The kids were very challenging. The staff were fantastic,” he says. Martin’s siblings are also well travelled. Oldest brother Dermot, 42, is an actor who lives in London. Niall, 40, lives in New York, while sister Angela, 28, is back in Dundalk after working in Abu Dhabi. Martin moved to Melbourne in 2003 to teach religion and history at Salesian College in Chadstone. Students are notoriously difficult to engage in religion classes, but he won them over by admitting he didn’t have all the answers. Instead, Martin asked students why they thought like they did and challenged them to investigate issues to understand them better. To him, this is what learning is about. In 2007 Martin joined St Michael’s Grammar School in St Kilda. Now head of humanities, he teaches year 7 and 9 humanities, 20th-century history for year 11 and revolutions for year 12. Unsurprisingly, his innovative teaching and curriculum work focuses on the need to question everything. If students are learning about World War II, for example, they will ask why people joined up, using documentary evidence such as letters to build their

things, a mapping program and improved transition for students entering year 12. They have also helped with a new online teaching and learning portal, SchoL. SchoL is named after Sister Scholastica – affectionately known as “Schol” – who served three terms as St Michael’s principal from 1963-72. It allows teachers to post links and videos for students as well as having online discussions. Such programs are typical of St Michael’s, a co-educational independent school of 1320 students from preschool to year 12. Martin’s teaching style, which focuses on analysing, evaluating and reflecting, is a perfect fit. “I don’t think you’re ever a natural teacher,” he says. “To be a good teacher, you have to be a good learner. If you’re a good learner, you can be a great teacher.” With such a full schedule, it’s hard to imagine fitting in much else. But Martin knows the importance of down time and relaxes by tending his backyard beehive. “I suppose I could have had a dog or a cat,” he says. “I just wanted to do something different and weird.” Like everything else he does, there is good reason for the unusual hobby. After researching bees, Martin discovered a shortage and that a local hive would mean better flowers for his neighbours. The first season also produced 17 litres of honey – the perfect sweetener for his colleagues. “I gave all my staff a jar of honey for Christmas,” he says. \

(chris hopkins)

alumni Melina Sehr Radha Mitchell Jack Merlo Sean Wroe Âť P10

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Melina Sehr

Radha Mitchell

Jack Merlo

Sean Wroe

Attended \ Class of 1987

Attended \ Class of 1991

Attended \ Class of 1998

Attended \ Class of 2003

CV \ Councillor and former City of Stonnington mayor.

CV \ Actress

CV \ Landscape designer, founding director of Jack Merlo Design

CV \ Olympic athlete

Sehr attended St Michael’s from 1981-87, where she excelled in athletics and was cross-country champion. She completed a computing and business degree at the University of Melbourne and worked as a systems analyst with Optus Communications. Sehr has been a City of Stonnington councillor for 11 years, and was mayor in 2003, 2004 and 2010. She is a delivery executive with IBM, company secretary of Windsor and Prahran Market community banks, and a justice of the peace. \

At school Mitchell appeared as Viola in its production of Twelfth Night and as Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After three years on Neighbours from 2004, she starred in Hollywood films, including Pitch Black, Phone Booth, Man on Fire and Finding Neverland, which earned a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for outstanding cast. Mitchell won best actress at the 2010 Antipodes Film Festival for her role in The Waiting City. This year she had the lead role in the drama series Red Widow and appeared in the action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen. \

Merlo’s company, Jack Merlo Design, is a landscape design and construction business. While studying a bachelor of science degree in horticulture at the University of Melbourne, he exhibited at the 1999 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. Merlo has won four gold medals at the show for his designs and in 2004 won best in show for The Float Garden, which also won gold at the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show. Merlo was the first Australian to win gold at Chelsea and the youngest person to win a gold medal. \

Wroe has been with the Victorian Institute of Sport for eight years and is studying business/arts (Japanese) at Swinburne University. He was sixth in the 400 metres at the 2004 World Junior Championships. Wroe made the 400-metre semi-finals and won gold in the 4x400 relay at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, then anchored the Relay Oceania 4x400 team at the World Cup. He won gold at the 2009 World University Games and, in 2010, helped defend Australia’s 4x400 Commonwealth Games title and won individual silver. \

Work experience student…

or leading surgeon in action? “I want to study medicine because I’d like to help people in

developing countries. It’s going to be hard, but my teachers have

total faith in me. I love the encouraging atmosphere here – it keeps everyone fully engaged.” Peta, Year 10 St Michael’s students prepare for VCE and further study from Year 9. By fostering curiosity and creativity, the School gives students the confidence to take responsible risks, explore diverse options, and become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.

Call admissions now to discuss 2014 enrolments 25 Chapel Street, St Kilda 03 8530 3310 Coeducational îs.27704

Kindergarten to Year 12

10 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013


gen Y: out and proud

be. And Julia Gillard, just because you disagree with the concept of marriage, you shouldn’t be able to deny others the chance to make their own choice. With the ACT becoming the first jurisdiction to legalise gay marriage, this issue is on the political agenda. “The result of the division is, ayes nine and nos eight. Therefore the question is resolved in the affirmative,” the Speaker said. This is the first time in Australia that the question of legalising gay marriage has been answered in the affirmative – and congratulations ACT for doing so. Unfortunately, though, our celebrations might be short-lived. The Abbott government plans to overrule this decision, claiming that it is unconstitutional. And yes, it is right, the constitution does claim that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. But surely it’s time to amend the constitution, particularly on an issue as crucial as this. The times are changing and the constitution, which became law in 1900, isn’t keeping up. It takes time to make Tony Abbott and Co’s beliefs prehistoric, but I think we’ve finally done it. Hopefully by the time one of us is prime minister, the “Oh, he’s gay” generation will also be left behind. \ joley mitchell is 18 and in her first year of the Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University. (istock \ thinkstock \ supplied)

Education \ JOLEY MITCHELL asks, do we really accept gay people?

was having a conversation with a friend when she mentioned her colleague having recently broken up with his partner, Jason. I immediately thought to myself, “Oh, he’s gay”, but thankfully refrained from seeking clarification. On my way home, I couldn’t help but be disappointed in myself. Why did I think that? Why was that my immediate response? Was his sexuality really that important? I pride myself on being accepting of homosexuality, but maybe I’m not as accepting as I thought I was. Our attitude towards issues such as this makes me proud to be part of my generation. I know that I speak for most people my age when I say that gay people should have the right to be married. I don’t know how/what/where/when/why this realisation occurred, but I do know you’re going to have a lot more difficulty walking into a classroom of 15-18-year-olds with the opinion that same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to wed now than you would have 10 or 20 years ago. Our embrace of change is such a positive aspect of our generation, although there’s still a lot of work to be done. There’s such a blatant stigma attached to homosexuality and it needs to be removed. Being gay is the same as being blond or brunette, short or tall. It’s just another individual quality. No one thinks, “Oh, he’s blond” or “Oh, she’s short”, so why should somebody’s sexuality be so noteworthy? We need to start associating homosexuality with normality. Hopefully with time, it will happen. Our grandparents are a lot smarter than us, but I believe that a 15-year-old would prevail in an argument against a conservative 60-year-old who believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Sorry, Tony Abbott, even though you are now our Prime Minister, you are wrong about homosexuality. It is not “the fashion of the moment”, and it never will

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Elaine Dargan

Goals for 2014 \ To balance school life, friends, family and study while still enjoying my last year of high school.

School \ St Michael’s Grammar School Class of 2013 \ Year 11

Beyond the books \ I love sports, any form of performing arts, writing, reading and listening to and playing music.

Studying \ Mathematical methods, chemistry, biology, health and human development, legal studies and English.

Pets \ No pets, but I’ve always wanted a puppy.

Favourite subject \ Health and human development. Most inspirational teacher \ My grade 5 teacher, because she overcame cancer to come back the following year and teach us. What I love most about school \ The opportunity to learn and be involved in all the great co-curricular programs St Michael’s has to offer.

My parents are huge role models

Favourite food \ Indian.

Sport \ I really love all sport and any form of exercise, but my favourite would have to be soccer.

Most memorable moment at school \ Being chosen as the 2014 co-vice-captain for Breen House and being involved in our school musicals every year since year 7. Role as house debating co-captain \ To organise debates for the younger year levels and encourage students to get involved in school debating. Most challenging aspect \ Time management, especially in year 12.

Role models \ My parents are huge role models. They have taught me everything I know and have shaped me to be the person I am today.

Next year I will be … studying year 12 at St Michael’s. Will I have a leadership role? Yes, I am keen to get involved and lead many activities throughout the year.

25 Chapel Street, St Kilda 8530 3200 »

Where I’ll be in 10 years \ Hopefully in an employment position that I’ve worked hard to achieve. \

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Tech Talk \ WhaT \ TV Sound

Rod Easdown GEttinG pRopER sound fRom a tElEvision

price \ $549 -$2000

Tech Talk VerdicT \ can be pricey


elevision manufacturers pretend there isn’t a Its attraction is that it overcomes the Bose’s only real problem with the sound quality of their products, weakness, that it will only take a television of up to but just take a look at the market for outboard 18 kilograms on a stand of not more than television sound systems. There are lots of clever devices 51 centimetres wide by 26 centimetres deep. for sale and more becoming available all the time, and So if you have a 127-centimetre television, and that’s because so many disgruntled TV owners are most people are buying them this size or bigger, it buying them to get proper sound out of their televisions. likely won’t go safely on the Bose. Meaning you have to Modern televisions are so slim that decent speakers put the sound system to one side. can’t fit in. The sound lacks bottom end, detail is lost The Denon, known officially as the DHTT100, will and there’s no presence. If you think the sound take up to 27 kilograms and can support the bulk of from your new telly is acceptable, try plugging 127-centimetre screens. you’ll in some headphones. You’ll be amazed by what It has a couple of five by 13 centimetre be amazed you’ve been missing. mid/bass drivers and a couple of You can hook the telly into your stereo if one-centimetre tweeters on the front by what that’s doable, but lots of people are buying panel, and the low end is enhanced by you’ve been soundbars, single speaker arrays that sit two bass tubes in the rear of the cabinet. missing under the screens and, depending on the It yields sound quality no standard shape of the room, may even give you simulated television I’ve heard can come close to. surround sound. It also has Bluetooth and five sound modes, Last year Bose introduced a clever new idea, a speaker virtual surround and a night listening mode. system called the Solo. This is built into a flat box that’s A nice touch is that it can be operated by most designed to sit on the cabinet where your telly is, with existing television remotes. the telly plonked on top, elevating it less than eight If neither of these is good enough for you, there’s centimetres. Just plug a Solo in, run some leads from the always the AudioXperts 4TV. Same principle again telly’s audio output to its inputs and there you are. And except it’s built in glass and aluminium and looks great. at $549 it’s a bargain. The solid construction means it can carry a load of up to When I first saw and heard it I predicted a rash of 80 kilograms, although this reduces to 57 if you want to me-too products and Denon has just released one built use the swivel base. And it’s AirPlay compatible. to the same style. And guess what; it’s $549. The only problem is that it costs $2000. \ What a coincidence.


boSe Solo






14 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Things you didn’T know abouT moToring ...In 1942 president Franklin D Roosevelt became the first US president to be assigned an armoured car, a 1928 Cadillac seized from Al Capone eight years earlier.

the fuel tank self-seals after it’s been shot

BMW Security PluS X5

Motoring \ rod easdown checks out an armoured x5


read a brochure for the armoured version of BMW’s X5 recently and what struck me as curious was that it kept mentioning that your luggage gets exactly the same security as you. And that you don’t have to leave the protection of your X5 to access your bags. Why would anyone under attack want their bags? But then the penny dropped. When bad guys are shooting at you with Kalashnikovs your natural reaction is to grab your own Kalashnikov and shoot back.

I thus accept that BMW knows more about making armoured vehicles than me. It has been making them for 30 years and the interesting thing about the X5 is that all through its development the engineers had the armoured version in mind. It’s practically impossible to pick an armoured X5 from a regular one. The easiest way is to get someone inside to lower their window, then you’ll spot the steel frame that lowers with the two-centimetre thick plastic/

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glass laminate to form a bulletproof seal where window meets body. If you do manage to get them to do this, bear in mind that when they raise it again there is no pinch protection, so you may lose a finger. Or a hand or an arm. Best to use the inside/outside intercom. It takes four times longer to build one of these than a normal X5, and after some prodding an exceptionally reluctant BMW spokesperson allowed that the cost

differential between the two is “significant”. She also confirmed that indeed these things are being sold in Australia to corporate and private clients, but wouldn’t tell me who. It immediately made me suspicious of the X5s I saw in the VIP convoys during the last election. There are lots of interesting things in an armoured X5. Did you know that polyethylene and aramid are eight times lighter than steel and 15 times stronger? Which means your bulletproof X5 weighs just 350 kilograms more than the ordinary number. So with its twin turbo V8 it still goes like hell. And if the tyres are shot out it can still be driven for 150 kilometres at 80km/h. I’d prefer 80 kilometres at 150km/h. You can have the floor done in these wonder materials to protect against shrapnel and debris from roadside bombs should you fret about such things. Also optional is a fuel tank that self-seals when penetrated by gunfire, firearms brackets, flashing lights, siren and radio communication. There are three levels to which your new armoured BMW can be ordered: Security, to withstand an attack from 44-calibre magnum handguns, Security Plus (Kalashnikovs, aka AK47s) and High Security (explosives and high-calibre ammunition). BMW can also teach you the ins and outs of the driving you see in the movies with one-, three- and six-day courses. \

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The Weekly Review* Source: *TWR Reader Survey: March 2011 NOVEMBER 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

developing our city the andalusian

Address \ 182 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn Developer \ Spec Property Building design \ SJB and Inhabit Design Interior design \ Inhabit Design Sales \ Synergy: Tanya Sanchez 0449 914 431 or Dominic Ziino 0401 333 622 Display suite \ 182 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn Open \ Tuesday, Wednesday noon-3pm; Saturday, Sunday 11am-1pm » pricing guide


from $365,000


from $520,000


from $1.35 million

standard features ●

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Smeg stainless-steel gas cooktop, oven/s, rangehood and integrated dishwasher Porcelain or stone benchtops; Tile or marble splashbacks 2pac and timber veneer soft-close joinery Matt-black powder-coated or chrome tapware Oak floors in living/kitchen; carpeted bedrooms Fully tiled bathrooms with walk-in showers Baths and in-wall cisterns on levels 4-6 Split system or fully integrated air-conditioning Built-in or walk-in wardrobes Laundry – concealed or separate Terraces

eco green rating ● ● ● ● ●

Six-star energy rating Double glazing Rainwater harvesting Solar, gas-boosted hot water Bicycle storage

facilities ● ● ● ● ● ●

Street-level café and retail Secure basement car parking and walk-in storage Residents’ lounge Communal deck with outdoor kitchen/barbecue Video intercom and security swipe pass access CCTV security in lobby

layered look 16 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013

terraces offer outdoor living

the andalusian \ balwyn


amed in a play on its location in Whitehorse Road, The levels one to three and richly toned natural stones and timbers Andalusian by Spec Property is a luxury development of with high-end fittings for levels four to six. All apartments include 65 apartments in the heart of Balwyn, opposite the suburb’s wide oak floorboards in living, kitchen and laundry, wool carpets iconic art-deco theatre. in the bedrooms and fully tiled bathrooms. Designed by SJB and Inhabit Design, the seven-level building On levels one to three, kitchens have a porcelain benchtop features two distinct layers, with the first three apartment levels popular in Europe, used for the first time in Australia in this defined by rhythmical white framing floating above a street-level development. Soft-close joinery is in white 2pac and timber café and retail outlets and a high-impact art installation on the veneers with a white tiled splashback. Stainless-steel Smeg Bevan Street corner. Set back from Whitehorse Road, the dark appliances include a gas cooktop, underbench oven, concealed tones and timber-lined upper levels contrast with the building rangehood, integrated dishwasher and optional integrated below, creating a deliberate visual separation. microwave. A green panelling-look feature wall conceals The design differentiation continues within the 48 onethe European laundry and appears in living areas, with and two-bedroom apartments on levels one to three and optional feature panels for main bedrooms. postcode the 17 two- and three-bedroom apartments on levels In the bathrooms a large-format porcelain tile floor four to six. meets white vertically staggered tiling on all walls, with Spec Property marketing manager Jacob Vagg a porcelain vanity, timber-veneer drawers, large vanity says sophisticated detailing of finishes heightens The mirror and shelving, a frameless-glass shower screen, Andalusian’s attraction for local empty nesters. More hidden shower waste and rain shower rose. All tapware is than a third of the apartments have already sold since the in chrome or matt-black powdercoat. development’s recent release, with nearly all buyers downsizing On levels four to six, buyers can customise interiors, selecting from larger family houses within the same postcode. from a large range of finishes, materials and colours. There are “The Andalusian’s location, layouts and refined interior schemes light, mid and dark choices for oak flooring, plush wool carpets, hold high appeal for Balwyn buyers,” Vagg says. timber veneers and natural-stone benchtops and splashbacks. There are more than 50 floor plans among the 65 apartments Kitchen upgrade packages include island bench cooktops and but all feature open-plan living with full-height glazing to private canopy rangehoods, integrated steam ovens, coffee machines and terraces. There are four double-storey apartments with bedroom, warming drawers. Some layouts include butler’s pantries, separate bathroom and laundry on level one and upper-level open-plan laundries, walk-in wardrobes and separate studies. living and kitchen. In three layouts a second bedroom can merge On level one a large residents’ lounge with seating, stone with living space through full-width bifold doors. Views available benchtops and shelving opens to a deck with outdoor kitchen from levels four to six include the city and Macedon Ranges. and barbecue. The apartments have a six-star energy rating with Pricing starts at $365,000 for one-bedroom apartments of 45 to double glazing throughout, rainwater harvesting for gardens 74 square metres; from $520,000 for two-bedroom apartments of and solar-boosted gas hot water. All have a car park and walk-in 65 square metres to 97 square metres, and from $1.35 million for storage cage, and three-bedroom apartments have two car spaces. the three-bedroom apartments of 111 square metres to 153 square Construction will start in early 2014 with completion due metres. Total outdoor areas range from five to 125 square metres in mid-2015. \ LIZ McLACHLAN and some apartments have two or three separate terraces. Luxury finishes include contemporary light or dark finishes on



With art-house movies across the road and the 109 tram close to the front door, The Andalusian offers a highly convenient location in the heart of leafy Balwyn. Parks, shopping, library and cafés are all within easy walking distance and nearby schools include Fintona, Camberwell Grammar and Camberwell Girls’ Grammar. \

Bespoke is the word Developing our city \ Savvy home owners favour the unpredictable, writes LIZ McLACHLAN


alking through one of Glenvill’s showcase designer houses, you could be forgiven for thinking its distinctively stylish owners were simply out for the day. Quirky light fittings, intriguing book titles and eclectic objets d’art synchronise with seamless interiors, bespoke furnishing and carefully considered luxury finishes that create a picture of civilised, well-travelled people who enjoy and understand the value of good design. This impression is exactly what Glenvill principal interior designer Andrew Huntley aims to convey, giving visitors a strong sense of the personality of people living there, with hints of occupations and interests. It’s all part of his work in designing interiors for Glenvill’s display homes and highlighting the quality of their design and build. “Glenvill’s mark of distinction is timeless styling with understated elegance, but we also want our homes to feel lively and lived in and say something about the people living there,” he says. Huntley says Australia’s most-awarded home builder places as much importance on interiors as exteriors. He collaborates with Glenvill custom-home designers and builders to create interiors for the company’s custom-design home range, and works one-on-one with


“The Glenvill style is all about looking as good in 20 years as the day it was finished” custom-design clients to ensure their new homes reflect their requirements and individual style. As an extended option, he offers these clients a full interior design service to create entirely bespoke interiors. “Glenvill is unique in the new-home marketplace because of its focus on interiors. Glenvill’s custom-design clients are generally building their third or fourth homes and are design-savvy people who are very aware of design and the difference it makes,” Huntley says. “They are looking for customisation and higher-end finishes and furnishings. We live in a disposable world and, to create classic, timeless interiors for our clients, we use handcrafted, bespoke pieces and interiors tailored exactly to our clients’ specifications.” When the Glenvill team decided to design and build a new house with French-provincial styling, Huntley sat down with the custom-home designers and builders to work out what would appeal to their target market in terms of floor plans, finishes and colours. He was on site when the external render was being mixed to ensure it was just the right shade – with some warmth and difference but looking right in its streetscape. The result was Avignon, Glenvill’s interpretation of French provincial, which has attracted luxury-home buyers who appreciate the house’s detailing ­– from its solid Victorian-ash front door to limed-oak floorboards and the French oval motif employed in internal screens, door mouldings, cornices and furnishings. “With our Linear design in Caulfield, we wanted to do something very modern, and the response has also been highly positive. The house appeals to a wide range of people who love modern design, but most of the buyers are younger – in their 30s and 40s,” Huntley says.

Superior interiors: Glenvill interior designer Andrew Huntley. (SUPPLIED)


When designing the interiors, Huntley ensures they complement the exterior style. He selects all finishes, starting from the hard finishes for flooring, tiling, benchtops and splashbacks and then moving on to soft furnishings, accessories and artworks. He and a colleague collect the eclectic pieces used in displays and clients’ interiors from a diverse range of sources, including auction houses and Australian and international designers, artists and craftspeople. Huntley meets every one of Glenvill’s custom-design clients to take them through every aspect of finishing and furnishing their house. “We will have a general discussion about the feel of the house, colours, internal and external palettes, the colours for timber or parquetry, what they have in mind for the kitchen and window furnishings,” he says. “I ask them to visit houses and consider finishes, then we have to go right through their house, looking at every room, every piece that they need. “I like to keep things simple, coherent and understated. The Glenvill style is all about looking as good in 20 years as the day it was finished.” Many of these clients ask Huntley to provide a full interior-design service with flexibility in level of service, from matching curtains and cushions in a living area to designing and co-ordinating all fittings, finishes and furnishings. In some houses, everything used will be bespoke with exclusive fabrics and individually designed furniture. Huntley says Melburnians love warm tones in timber and interior colours, and that stronger colours are returning to favour after a long period of monochromatic palettes. Interior design can be a secondary consideration in Australia, he says, whereas in Europe and parts of the US, such as New York, it’s as important as the building. “The interiors are where you live and spend nearly all your time. People think interior design will cost a lot of money whereas in fact it gives them great value as the finishes and furnishings work coherently with the building design. “I like to give different areas of the interiors light and shade, with some areas very light and others moodier for relaxing. It gives the house personality and is far more interesting to live in,” Huntley says. “I also like to use unexpected elements in my design to take it from predictability to being memorable.” \ » Linear by Glenvill 368 Kooyong Road, South Caulfield Avignon by Glenvill. 914 Burke Road, Balwyn, sales 9573 8393 Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm or by appointment. NOVEMBER 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 17


Marshall White \ 9822 9999

Price \ $1.8 million +

Auction \ November 16 at 10.30am

Fast facts \ Charismatic arts and crafts residence on large landscaped allotment, double carport and double garage; formal and informal living areas; modern kitchen, meals and family area; laundry; powder room; huge second-storey rumpus room; rich period detail; fireplaces; ducted heating; air-conditioning; covered entertainers’ verandah, built-in barbecue and outdoor spa; glass-fenced heated pool; attic storage; water tank; automatic irrigation system; close to Caulfield Park, trams and services. Caulfield North \ 9 kilometres from the city




Caulfield North \ 1 Kambea Grove POSTCODE


Gary Peer & Associates 9526 1999 3



4/43 Pental Road, Caulfield North ................................................................. Price: $650,000 - $700,000 ................................................................. Auction Sunday November 17 at 10.30am ................................................................. OFI Sun from 10am .................................................................



Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 2



17/573-577 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick ................................................................. Price: $430,000 - $470,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday November 23 at 12.30pm ................................................................. OFI Sat, Sun as advertised .................................................................

Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $1.8 million +

Auction \ November 17 at 5.30pm

A sweeping driveway leads to this Georgian-style residence with a commanding presence. An airy, tiled entrance foyer sets the scene with its cool cream and beige colour schemes and large open spaces at every turn. A study is at the front of the house opposite a formal living room, which centres around a marble-surround open fireplace. The room flows into the formal dining room, large enough to entertain the extended family with ease. The skylit kitchen features white cabinetry and appliances that contrast with the black benchtops and tiled floors. The casual meals area is set into a bay window with lovely garden views. At the rear is a family room with parquetry floors. Here, a door reveals a paved dining area below a pergola, which is set amid a manicured north-facing garden. Upstairs is a multipurpose landing area. The main bedroom suite features a walk-in dressing room and large en suite with beige tiles and a bath. Three bedrooms are fitted with built-in wardrobes and desks. The main bathroom has a bath. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN


This house-sized apartment is testament to superior 1970s design. It has a private north-facing courtyard and plenty of peace in a highly convenient cul-de-sac location.

A contemporary first-floor security apartment with stylish open living, stone kitchen, balcony, lift access and secure parking.

Let's eat lunch @ Einstein's 251, 251 Hawthorn Road Let's eat dinner @ Antonio's Pizzeri, 113 Hawthorn Road Let's drink coffee @ Espresso Etc, 97 Orrong Crescent

Let's eat lunch @ Bagelicious, 433-435 Glenhuntly Rd Let's eat dinner @ Portofino Pizza, 884 Glenhuntly Rd Let's drink coffee @ Bagelicious, 433-435 Glenhuntly Rd




2 NOVEMBER 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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�� A A ���� B B ��


348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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City Living, Village Life, Zone address! MCKInnon 130 McKinnon road City living meets Village life in the heart of the McKinnon College Zone! Right in McKinnon Village, this fully renovated three bedroom, two bathroom period beauty stars a high-end Miele and CaesarStone kitchen, quality bathrooms (including stone-finish dual-vanity ensuite), heating, cooling and fans. Rich with period detail, there’s an al fresco focus with a stainless-steel BBQ kitchen on a covered deck and easy parking with two auto-gated carspaces including carport. Grab a latte as you jump on the train for an easy commute, let the kids walk to the College, then choose your restaurant for dinner....this is where city living meets educational opportunity! • McKinnon Secondary College School Zone

CENTURY 21 ON CENTRE PHONE: 9559 0888 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh 22 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013

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PRICE $700,000-$770,000 AuCtIon Sat 30th November 12pm AgEnt David Jane 0419 562 376

Michael Egan 0412 359 956


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CENTURY 21 ON CENTRE PHONE: 9559 0888 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh

The Zone’ s best all-new value! MCKInnon 2/1 Prince Edward Avenue With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one lawned courtyard, you won’t buy better brand new in the Zone! On a developing streetscape to the rear of McKinnon Rd, this just completed two-storey home offers all the benefits of town-residence living in the McKinnon College Zone. There’s sunfilled ground-floor living/dining flowing out to a northerly courtyard, a first-floor sleeping level with a spacious master-suite and a meticulous architectural specification with individual climate control, a European appliance kitchen, CaesarStone and solid-timber floors. Best of all, there’s this highamenity location with shops at the door, the station around the corner and the College within a stroll. • McKinnon Secondary College School Zone

The Zone’s Singularly Best Buy! MCKInnon 2/17 Fitzroy Street Live in a lifestyle location, invest in a College Zone address, enjoy the singularly best buy in the McKinnon College Zone. Just a few doors from Allnutt Park, this single-level home adds up for home-buyers, investors and empty-nesters alike with two living areas around a timber kitchen, three bedrooms with robes and a two-way ensuite-bathroom. Centrally heated with air-con and garage, this well-presented home is ready for you to relax within a few blocks of the McKinnon Rd and Centre Rd strips and walking distance to Zone 1 train stations. Alternatively, breathe new life in to this oneof-just-two with a designer makeover and benefit from a value-adding College Zone address! • McKinnon Seconday College School Zone








$670,000-$730,000 Sat 23rd November 1pm Wednesday 5-5.30pm, Saturday as Advertised Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 Harold Laver 9559 0807





$650,000-$700,000 Sat 30th November 11am Saturday as Advertised Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 Harold Laver 9559 0807

NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

Bentleigh 23 Rose stReet


A lifestyle of family luxury in parkside beauty.

View auction mel ref Price contact

On manicured grounds of 1,024sqm approx, this premier 4 bedroom + 2 study 3.5 bath masterpiece is the ultimate family entertainer. Enjoying beautiful proportions, this modern classic features 4 entertaining zones (gas fire & OFP), superb granite kitchen, 2 covered alfresco areas + balcony, home theatre room and gym, sauna/steam room, glorious main bedroom suite (study, retreat, WIR & ensuite). With a fully tiled heated pool/spa, this stunning home boasts Sydney Blue Gum parquetry, granite benchtops, quality soft furnishings, R/C ducted air cond, ceiling fans, ducted vac, 2 store rooms, auto gates & 2.5 car auto garage. 3 doors to Allnutt Park in a cul- de-sac, metres to Centre Road cafes. 24 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013




1,024 (approx)

Wed & thurs 6.00 - 6.30pm & sat from 12.00pm sat 16th november - 12.30pm 68 / c12 Please contact agent calvin reid 0413 878 860 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh 5 BuCkingham avenue Five bedroom decadence with cutting edge class. Setting a new standard in luxury and design in Bentleigh, this imposing contemporary 5 bed 5 bath masterpiece exemplifies the coming of age in family living and entertaining featuring 5 bedroom suites (BIRs/WIRs & ensuites) including the palatial main with his and hers WIRs & stunning bath; 2 superb north facing entertaining areas, spectacular stone kitchen with ‘the works’ in appliances & a butler’s pantry, sun drenched covered terrace in generous north facing rear garden & a double auto garage. Complete with wide timber floors, ducted R/C air cond, ducted vac, alarm, 2 store rooms & water tank. McKinnon Sec College zone, walk to Centre Rd shops, cafes & train & parks. 5


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


586 (approx)

Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat as advertised sun 1st December - 12.30pm 68 / g12 $1,400,000 - $1,500,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh 239 CentRe Road ‘Paringa’ An unrivalled Californian on a single level. Absolutely captivating in a designer landscape, this beautifully renovated 4 bed 2 bath single level Californian Bungalow sets the tone for a lifetime of family entertaining. With superb spaces, polished boards, high ceilings & a touch of charm, this gorgeous home features exquisite formal lounge & dining rooms (OFP), expansive north facing open plan living (gas pebble fire), deep verandahs, granite kitchen (WI pantry), sublime main bedrm (custom WIR & double shower ensuite) & vogue bathroom. With gorgeous garden views, it boasts ducted heating, air cond, video intercom, alarm, attic storage, plantation shutters, children’s fort, auto gates & double carport. A heartbeat to cafes, Allnutt Park & schools. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


836 (approx)

Wed 6.30 - 7.00pm & sat from 1.00pm sat 16th november - 1.30pm 68 / B12 Please contact agent nick renna 0411 551 190 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

Bentleigh 2/12 mavho stReet A heavenly hideaway on the edge of a vibrant cafe culture. Lap up the blissful beauty of the lush garden sanctuary within this spectacular 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom town residence. A unique architectural design with soaring ceilings, expansive spaces & innovative storage, this original church features a north facing open plan entertaining area with French doors onto the gardens, stylish granite kitchen (s/steel appliances), 3 large bedrooms (main - fitted WIR, sleek ensuite & balcony), study/wine room, retreat area (city views) & spa bathroom. Finished with polished boards, ducted heating, air cond, marble benchtops, new paint/carpets, alarm, roof storage & secure parking for 2, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier living so close to Centre Rd shops, schools, cafes, train & parks. 3


View auction mel ref Price contact office

2 thurs 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat from 10.00am sat 16th november - 10.30am 77 / D1 Please contact agent kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh 8 Wood stReet Work your magic on this Art Deco delight. Be spellbound by the inspiration of Art Deco charm and mint originality in this solid brick 3 bedroom classic. Completely secure, this heartwarming treasure features security porch, 3 double bedrooms (BIRs, main with ensuite), etched glass doors in the sunny sitting and dining room, 60s style kitchen/meals (updated appliances), Art Deco chic bathroom & an enchanting rear garden with serene alfresco pocket at the back. With security doors, heating and a large garage/workshop, there is plenty of motivation to renovate. Around the corner from Hodgson Reserve sports and family facilities plus great schools, walk to the Centre Road cafe culture, shops, train & bus. 3


View auction mel ref Price contact office 26 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013


590 (approx)

Wed 4.00 - 4.30pm & sat as advertised sat 30th november - 2.30pm 77 / F2 Please contact agent calvin reid 0413 878 860 sarah gursansky 0467 533 309 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh eAst 22 BaRRington stReet A wealth of family entertaining. A family home of substance, this fabulous 4 bed + study 3 bath entertainer celebrates family living with an abundance of space. Quality throughout, this inviting home enjoys a north facing lounge & dining room, impressive granite kitchen (huge WI pantry & Kleenmaid appliances), family living & dining (gas log fire), enormous rumpus room overlooking the solar heated pool and deck; superb main bedroom (fitted WIR & spa ensuite) & large office. Finished with solid timber floors, it boasts ducted heating & air cond, ducted vac, fantastic storage, alarm, double glazed windows, laundry chute, generous gardens, shed and large double auto garage. Walk to Mackie Rd shops & schools. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


704 (approx)

Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & sat as advertised sun 1st December - 10.30am 69 / a11 $900,000 - $990,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh eAst 14 CatheRine Road â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;As newâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; five bedroom family living with substance. An impeccable home of exquisite taste, this superb 5 bedroom 3 bathroom family entertainer is unrivalled in quality, space and family function. Appointed with polished boards & timeless finishes, this captivating home features an elegant sitting room, expansive open plan entertaining with designer stone kitchen (Smeg & Asko appliances), 5 beautiful bedrooms (BIRs), 3 luxury bathrooms (ensuite) & upstairs retreat. The glorious rear garden features a generous deck, while other features include ducted heating/air cond, ducted vac, fabulous lighting, video intercom, keyless entry, 2 sheds & auto gates to a double carport. Walk to Centre Rd shops, cafes, bus, parks & schools. 5


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


622 (approx)

Wed 4.45 - 5.15pm & sat as advertised sat 30th november - 12.30pm 77 / h3 $900,000 - $990,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

Bentleigh eAst 21 denveR stReet georgian style grace with a contemporary twist. Be impressed by the warmth and quality found in this designer 2 bed + study 2 bath single level residence. Creating harmony between living & entertaining, this elegant home enjoys a wide entry hall, double doors to a large study/3rd bedroom (BIRs), beautiful main bedrm (WIR & porcelain ensuite), 2nd bedroom suite (BIRs) with semi ensuite, glorious north facing open plan entertaining, a superb stone kitchen (900mm appliances) & covered alfresco area in landscaped gardens. Finished with stunning European Oak floorboards, this executive entertainer boasts ducted heating & cooling, video intercom, alarm, solar hot water & large auto garage, Own title, walk to shops, cafes, schools & bus. 2


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 12.30 - 1.00pm & sat as advertised sat 30th november - 10.30am 77 / k5 $630,000 - $690,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh eAst 5 RoWland stReet An unrivalled lifestyle of poolside entertaining. Superbly situated in elevated landscaped gardens that create a sense of imposing charm, this mesmerising 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bath beauty dramatically shifts to contemporary innovation inside. An unrivalled entertainer, this impressive family home showcases stylish lounge & dining rooms (2-way gas log fire), fully equipped, state of the art theatre room, marble bathrooms (ensuite & sap), amazing stone kitchen (Miele appliances) with 2nd kitchen, fabulous open plan entertaining, bi-fold doors onto the covered deck (BBQ kitchen & day bed) and a sumptuous pool with spa. Finished with ducted heating, alarm, air cond & double auto garage. Near Chesterville Rd shops, bus & schools. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 28 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013


650 (approx)

thurs 4.45 - 5.15pm & sat as advertised sun 1st December - 1.30pm 77 / J5 $880,000 - $940,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

CAulfielD south 3 ludBRook avenue â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ludbrookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Quality in low maintenance family entertaining. Beautifully appointed with quality finishes, this exquisite 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom residence reflects a lifestyle of spacious warmth and family harmony. Superb with its polished boards, porcelain tiles, high ceilings, granite benchtops & quality drapes, this exemplary home provides a security porch, an impressive sitting & dining room, open plan entertaining with stylish granite kitchen opening to an elevated deck over the garden, fitted laundry (store room), beautiful main bedroom (ensuite & WIR) & spa bathroom. Nothing but the best, it boasts ducted heating, evap cooling, alarm, video intercom, new carpet, ducted vac, plantation shutters, extensive storage & auto garage. Own title. Walk to shops, tram and bus. In Gardenvale Primary School zone. 4


View auction mel ref Price contact office

2 sat as advertised & sun from 11.00am sun 17th november - 11.30am 67 / J7 Please contact agent todd newton 0412 568 313 mark kirkham 0408 338 896 caulfield 8532 5200

elsternWiCk 2/585 glenhuntly Road extremely rare opportunity. Magnificent very modern, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom townhouse with 2 secure car spaces. Features include parquetry flooring, stone benches in kitchen, reverse cycle air cond, study area and 2 courtyards. Conveniently located in close proximity to the Hopetoun Gardens, transport, cafes and the lifestyle afforded by this central Elsternwick address.




View as advertised Private sale mel ref 67 / J7 Price Please contact agent contact todd newton 0412 568 313 office caulfield 8532 5200 conjunctional agent Prime Property mark rozin 0432 243 323 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 29

ormonD 16 BeWdley stReet A timeless beauty in the mckinnon College zone. First time offered in 30 years, this cherished solid brick 3 bedrm Art Deco treasure is a delight of warmth and charm in the McKinnon Sec College zone. With loads of street appeal, this engaging home enjoys double doors to the enchanting sitting room (OFP), north facing dining room (decorative fire), Blackwood timber kitchen overlooking the sun filled family living area, vintage bathroom, dual access toilet, a deep rear garden with self contained bungalow (4th bed) & triple car garage. Complete with ducted heating, R/C air cond, 2 cubby houses and a triple car tandem garage. Metres to McKinnon Primary School, Joyce Park, McKinnon Reserve, shops & bus. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


697 (approx)

Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat as advertised sat 30th november - 11.30am 68 / g9 $950,000 - $1,050,000 David Picking 0408 378 170 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

ormonD 26 thompson stReet A 5 bedroom masterpiece of entertaining excellence. A beautiful renovation infusing its Art Deco warmth with relaxed entertaining, this spectacular 5 bed + study 3 bath residence is impressive from start to finish. Greeted by a gorgeous tranquillity pond, this engaging home enjoys 3 superb entertaining zones (OFP), luxurious downstairs main bedroom (WIR & travertine ensuite), glamorous stone kitchen, large study and amazing outdoor entertaining with OFP, day bed, BBQ, solar heated pool, gym cabana & in-built trampoline. Stunning with polished boards & travertine bathrooms, it boasts ducted heating, evap cooling, pre-wired surround sound, video intercom, auto gate to carport and 2 sheds. In the McKinnon Sec College zone. 5


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 30 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013


664 (approx)

Wed 7.00 - 7.30pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 1.30pm 68 / B9 $1,250,000 - $1,350,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

ormonD 91 leila Road Welcoming and graceful with family appeal. Spacious and light-filled home opens to a handsome hallway and stunning aspect. The elegant formal lounge and dining room (OFP & side deck) precede the large floor plan with streamlined kitchen, family room (wood heater), entertainment area (wall-mounted television), and elevated covered deck overlooking expansive pool and garden focus. Three generous size bedrooms (BIRs), spa bathroom, separate toilet and laundry, polished boards, ducted heating, ceiling fans and carport complete this residence. Located in a quiet tree lined street close to bus, trains, schools, shops and parks.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

Bentleigh 30 Bendigo avenue Full of period charm and family appeal, this 5 bedroom + study 3 bathroom timeless gem offers abundant zoned family living space featuring 3 entertaining areas, family size open plan kitchen and living flowing out to glorious rear garden & large garage.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office


622 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 11.30am 77 / D2 $810,000 - $870,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

2 Wed 4.45 - 5.15pm & sat as advertised sat 30th november - 12.30pm 68 / F7 $850,000 - $910,000 David Picking 0408 378 170 chris Janssens 0418 541 208 carnegie 9569 3666

Bentleigh 10 Bolinda stReet Elevated from the street with glorious park views, this much loved 3 bedroom + study brick charmer enjoys 3 living areas, central kitchen/meals & double garage. Great to renovate or redevelop (STCA), close to Centre Rd shops, train & schools.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 1.00 - 1.30pm & sat from 2.00pm sat 16th november - 2.30pm 77 / F1 $880,000 - $930,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 Bentleigh 9557 7733 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 31

Bentleigh 9 vale stReet Lovingly maintained on 595sqm approx, this charming 2 bedroom brick home enjoys 3 inviting living areas (potential OFPs), Blackwood central kitchen, a sun filled rear garden & a garage. Quiet street, around the corner from schools, Halley Park & bus.

Bentleigh 39a mCaRthuR stReet Designed with quality and space in mind, this stunning new 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom street front residence shines boasts 2 entertaining zones, impressive stone kitchen (butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry), north facing deck & auto garage. 32 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office


591 (approx)

Wed 1.45 - 2.15pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 12.30pm 77 / E2 $700,000 - $760,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 calvin reid 0413 878 860 Bentleigh 9557 7733

2 Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat from 1.00pm sat 16th november - 1.30pm 77 / c3 $810,000 - $900,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh 26 yaWla stReet Pure perfection has transformed this classic 2 bedroom home into a stunning entertainer with north facing living (fireplace), captivating dining, Miele granite kitchen, radiant bathrm, relaxing alfresco area, home office & carport. Sough after street.

Bentleigh eAst 3B FRaseR stReet Thinking outside the square, this impressive 4 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom residence showcases 2 stunning living areas (OFP), beautiful Smeg stone kitchen, north facing bluestone paving in elevated gardens & auto garage. Metres to GESAC.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 2.00 - 2.30pm & sat as advertised thurs 28th november - 6.30pm 68 / B11 $700,000 - $770,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733


324 (approx)

Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & sat from 12.00pm sat 16th november - 12.30pm 68 / k12 $800,000 - $850,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh eAst 5 hilaRy gRove This immaculate 3 bedroom cream brick classic enjoys gorgeous garden outlooks throughout its open plan design, featuring flowing living, dining & family rooms, central kitchen & double garage. Metres to schools, bus & parks.

Bentleigh eAst 74a latham stReet A statement of style, this brand new 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bath abode enjoys a Bosch stone kitchen, dramatic open plan living & dining spilling onto a relaxing deck in lush tropical gardens, downstairs main bedroom (WIR & ensuite), retreat & auto garage.



View auction mel ref Price contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office


586 (approx)

Wed 3.15 - 3.45pm & sat from 2.00pm sat 16th november - 2.30pm 78 / B3 Please contact agent calvin reid 0413 878 860 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

2 Wed 1.00 - 1.30pm & sat from 11.00am sat 16th november - 11.30am 69 / c11 $750,000 - $820,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh eAst 11B kenlon stReet Smooth and sophisticated with clean lines and vogue finishes, this brand new 3 bedroom + study 2 bath stone bench tops residence showcases north facing open plan entertaining, streamlined stone kitchen (butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry), sun filled deck & auto garage. Metres to shops.

Bentleigh eAst 18B monash stReet Cleverly designed by Cramer Design, this ultra-stylish 5 bedroom 3 bathroom sensation creates innovative zones featuring a stunning lounge (gas fire), seamless indoor/outdoor open plan living, chic stone kitchen (butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry), BBQ kitchen & double garage.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office




315 (approx)

sat from 10.00am sat 16th november - 10.30am 78 / B5 $630,000 - $690,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 Bentleigh 9557 7733


Private sale mel ref 69 / E11 Price Please contact agent contact anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 nick renna 0411 551 190 office Bentleigh 9557 7733 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 33

Bentleigh eAst 77B oRange stReet Brilliantly designed to create excellence in family living, this stylish new 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bath residence enjoys 2 stylish living zones, stunning stone kitchen (WI pantry), north facing covered deck & auto garage. Metres to shops, bus & parks.

mCkinnon 1/8 Capitol avenue Completely secure, this elevated 2 bed town residence enjoys light filled living & dining, modern classic granite kitchen, north facing meals opening to a sandstone style paved courtyard, stunning semi ensuite & auto gates to LU garage. College zone. 34 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office


359 (approx)

Wed 12.00 - 12.30pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 12.30pm 78 / D1 $740,000 - $800,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Bentleigh 9557 7733


300 (approx)

Wed 6.15 - 6.45pm & sat as advertised sun 1st December - 3.30pm 68 / c10 $510,000 - $560,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

CAulfielD south 3/14 peaRCe stReet In an established garden block, this tucked away 2 bedroom villa enjoys a north facing living & dining room, tidy kitchen/meals, 2 big bedrooms (1 with BIRs), sparkling bathroom, walkway style courtyard & garage. Walk to shops, cafes, tram & Princes Park.

mCkinnon 56 WhitmuiR Road Beautiful 3 bed + study 2 bath Art Deco home with its unique dining room (marble OFP), north facing lounge (marble OFP), modern classical kitchen, huge family room (cathedral ceilings & gas log fire), spa ensuite, terracotta paving & tandem garage.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



1 sat from 11.00am sat 16th november - 11.30am 68 / B4 $410,000 - $450,000 max Pisano 0418 378 900 marshall rushford 0418 396 981 caulfield 8532 5200


842 (approx)

View auction mel ref Price contact

Wed 5.15 - 5.45pm & sat from 3.00pm sat 16th november - 3.30pm 68 / c11 Please contact agent calvin reid 0413 878 860 sarah gursansky 0467 533 309


Bentleigh 9557 7733

murrumBeenA 49B Rosella stReet Sleek with architectural elements, this awe-inspiring 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom residence showcases a designer stone kitchen (butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry), open plan entertaining (pebble fire), upstairs retreat, workstation, bluestone paving (BBQ kitchen) and garage.

ormonD 2/23 leinsteR stReet This impeccable 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single level rear residence features polished boards, north facing open plan living and dining, modern kitchen (s/steel appls), serene garden courtyard and LU garage. McKinnon school zone.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office


Wed 6.00 - 6.30pm & sat from 1.00pm sat 16th november - 1.30pm 69 / B6 $900,000 - $990,000 gary Walton 0407 597 498 nick renna 0411 551 190 carnegie 9569 3666

1 Wed 3-3.30pm, sat as adv. & sun from 1pm sun 17th november - 1.30pm 68 / g9 $680,000 - $730,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

ormonD 5B BlaCkshaW stReet Quality built with a flair for family innovation, this imposing new 3 bed 3 bath residence showcases a stylish private living area, 2 study areas, north facing open plan entertaining, streamlined kitchen, tropical deck & auto garage. McKinnon College zone.

ormonD 26 neWham gRove Absolutely irresistible enhancing its true Art Deco beauty, this superbly renovated 2 bed one of a pair enjoys stained boards, beautiful lounge & dining rooms, stylish stone kitchen, innovative bathroom, alfresco patio, garage + parking for 3.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 2.30 - 3.00pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 11.30am 68 / g10 $900,000 - $970,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Bentleigh 9557 7733

4 Wed 1.00 - 1.30pm & sat as advertised sun 1st December - 2.30pm 68 / E8 $640,000 - $700,000 chris Janssens 0418 541 208 nick renna 0411 551 190 carnegie 9569 3666 NOVEMbEr 13, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

Brighton 18 South Road


OrmOnd 34 Newham Grove With the warmth and charm of country style living, this engaging 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Californian Bungalow is in a private garden sanctuary featuring 3 living areas, renovated galley kitchen (s/steel appls), 2 stylish bathrooms, relaxing deck and LU garage.



View Auction Mel Ref EPR Contact Office

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and a lovely sea air, this impeccable 5 bedroom 2 bathroom 1970s classic is superbly maintained with scope to add your own style, featuring a breezeway, choice of main bedrooms (private courtyard or upstairs ensuite), timber kitchen (huge WI pantry) & fabulous family living & dining opening to paved alfresco pockets. A stand out with its cathedral ceilings, floor to ceiling windows & parquetry floors, it boasts security doors, gas heating, air cond, boat shed & double auto garage (auto gates). Metres to beach, train & schools in this exclusive locale.

2 Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & Sat as advertised Sat 30th November - 3.30pm 68 / E8 $800,000 - $880,000 Chris Janssens 0418 541 208 Gary Walton 0407 597 498 Carnegie 9569 3666

AUCTION Sat 23rd November at 1pm OPEN Wed 10:30-11am Sat & Sun 11-11:30am QUOTE






CONTACT Dion Besser Bill White OFFICE

0412 556 443 0415 358 111

Level 1, 42 Chapel Street St Kilda


Caulfield North 6b Holland Grove Auction Inspect Office Contact




Sun 1st December at 2pm As Advertised Or By Appointment 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Oren Flamm 0407 750 438 Alex Flamm 0417 988 668

The Ultimate In Executive Penthouse Elegance This brand-new whole-floor penthouse is the embodiment of sleek modern refinement 2 vast open-plan formal & casual zones, gourmet kitchen, north-facing terrace, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, laundry & lift access from the basement garage. Just metres from Caulfield Park.

36 The weekly review \ NOVEMbEr 13, 2013

Caulfield North 18 Glencoe Street Auction Inspect Office Contact




Sun 8th December at 1.30pm As Advertised Or By Appointment 312-314 Hawthorn Road 9533 0999 Golan Flamm 0410 469 876 Oren Flamm 0407 750 438 Alex Flamm 0417 988 668

An Air Of Sheer Luxury This layout features living/dining zones enjoying striking garden & water aspects, kitchen, Bi-fold windows to back yard with an impressive pool setting, 3 bedrooms & master suite upstairs, home office, Roller Blinds, H&C, awnings in back yard, gates to circular driveway & garage.

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Now open till 4am


Glazing and Glaziers AUSSIE EMERGENCY GLASS 50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts... Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work *Conditions apply

Empire Plaster

Heritage Home Specialist ■ Building Maintenance Laser Level Ceilings ■ Over 30 Yrs Exp All Flood and Water Damage Repairs

Please call John on 0418 301 825 G6368718

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

9696 9199

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE


G6289635AA-dc17Sep G6423717AA-dc6Nov

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

Call Adam: 0415 456 563

★ ★ EMERGENCY WORKS ★ ★ Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters

lic 35345

• Blocked Drains from $120 • Burst Pipes • Gasfitting • Roof Leaks • Renovations • General Maintenance • 24/7 • $80 per hour

Same Day Service Call 0428 987 653


PAMELA - raunchy fun blonde. Specialising in couples and anything other than vanilla sex. Private escor t. 9948 0622. swa4281be.

Ultimate Magic Relaxation Full Service

from $50 20min $80

Ladies Welcome

623 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East

9576 9100

w w w. u l t i m a t e b ro t h e l . c o m swa618be


PRINCESS RANI - Escort. All affectionate service. You will be ver y pleased. Please call 9935 7672. swa4281be.

Mention this ad for $10 discount ☎ 9775 3210

24hrs/7 days

Ladies Welcome.


FAR EASTERN RELAXATION Now With More Young, Beautiful, Exotic, Friendly Ladies

Affordable Prices From $65

Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne

9326 8388






After 6pm

9793 5289

26 Rhur St, Dandenong. Open 7 days


B&D Mistress Britt - SM

LOTUS EXOTIC ESCORT I Luv you longtime. Tiny size 8 figure, pleasurable. I can do body rubs too. 9935 7738 swa4281be.

GENTLE MAGGIE - escort. Available daytimes, 40 + slim and affectionate, GFE, pash kissing. Phone 9495 2760. swa4281be.


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PH - 1300 ESCORT


IMOGEN - Hot, hot, hot. Ex pole dancer. 32yo size 8. Tall, toned, busty and blonde. I visit you. 9495 2723 swa4281be

SWA6143B SWA6144B G6082794AA-dc12Jun

ADORABLE ANGELA Stunning, upmarket doll. Size 10, " DD " bust. A discreet outcall service. Phone 9416 6204. swa4281be.


Lic. 48953

9543 5901


Adult Services

APN Plumbing

10 Fulton St, Oakleigh South Open From 10am - Late Escort Available

Public Notices

General All fetish and fantasy. Website. Beginners welcome. Ph: 0403 848 147 swa6168xe.

Beautiful Girls From 18+ Private Car park Available Full Service Start From $70

Ask for Our Tuesday Special

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:




Plasterers ■ ■ ■

Body Rubs



9548 3000 or 0418 881 551

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CLASSIFIEDS 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

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Thursday 2pm Thursday 4pm

Phone 1300 138 910 8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G6255558

Massage Therapy MIDDLE PARK Massage. 7 days. From $40. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585.

THAI LADY Massage $65 per hr. For relaxation please ph for appointment 0413 503 748, 9am8pm. Mon to Fri. Somerville 3912.


Thai Massage & Spa

$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9654 6635.

Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne


6/180 Commercial Rd, (enter Izett St) Prahran. Appt only. Ph 9533 8877.

Mention this Ad.

9328 5581

Opening 1st October



Deep tissue & relaxation massage. 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0435 783 108. 6/104 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield.


New girls, new technique. Dancing on your skin. 4/54 Atherton Road, Oakleigh. $40. 0438 001 994.

CLASSIFIEDS Contact us on


$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Private & clean. 0452 208 873.

1300 138 910



Business Opportunities

Discover unique loop hole to make profits from corporate bookmakers over Spring Carnival.

Ph 0405 389 808

Self Employment Opportunities

Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

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LOOKING for a business opportunity that allows you to not only market services people use everyday, but the services of the future to? This opportunity provides outstanding potential with ongoing training and support. You are in business for yourself but never by yourself.

Cars New and Used

Cars New and Used

NISSAN PATROL 1990, dual fuel, manual, 12 months registration, RWC. Reg USU-328. $5,000. Contact Lucy 0416 476 072.

PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices.

Stop imagining and start living. Jarlath Byrne 5823 4715 or 0432 379 177



Auto Services 118 Grange Rd, Glen Huntly

CLASSIFIEDS For all your Classified advertising contact us on

1300 138 910

(Just off the corner Grange & Glen Huntly Rds) 50m from Tram Stop for a short ride to popular Glen Huntly Rd Shops & Restaurants and 100m from Glen Huntly Train station. Drop your car off on the way to work and collect at the end of the day.

Ph: 9563 6610 Service Special


Celebrations To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910

Always wanted to work in: ➤ Aged Care Govt. ➤ Disability funded ➤ Home & Community Care? ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill. Call Kelly:

9761 2156 *

This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6268464AA-dc3Sep

38 The weekly review \ NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Present coupon to receive the special

Includes: � Engine Oil (Up to 5Ltrs) � Oil Filter Change � Lubrication Service � Engine Tune Check � Top Up Fluid Levels � Check Spark Plugs and Air Filter � Full Safety Inspection

� Mechanical Repairs All Makes and Models � LPG Conversions – Petrol & Diesel � Over 20 years experience

� Roadworthy Inspections � Hybrid Vehicle Servicing � All work guaranteed

Call Paul for bookings or just for some advice from the local trustworthy mechanic VACC Accredited AAFRB Approved Vic Roads Licensed Vehicle Tester Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm Saturday by appointment only *Price quoted for listed items only, conditions apply Offer valid until Friday 20th December 2013

1300 138 910 Review the latest property trends

Review all the latest property


Training and Career Services

Let us help you today!



Classifieds 1300 138 910 Classifieds 1300 138 910

HEY KIDS! Write a letter to Santa and receive a personalised letter back... us

Santa Cla Care of:

ssifieds Review Cla P.O. Box 318 3175 South Vic Dandenong Send your ‘Letter to Santa’ to PO Box 318, Dandenong VIC 3175, including your name, address and contact number. Everyone that writes a letter to Santa will receive a return letter from Santa. Letters need to be received by 30th November. G6443334AA-dc12Nov

Skin Cancer Kills Early detection Saves lives Consultations Bulk Billed

Injectable Fillers BEFORE



50% OFF*

SAVE 30% ON SELECTED KITCHENS STYLES Savings on our selected popular 10 day delivery range, visit showroom for full details

Hurry order now and beat the Christmas rush.

Look your best for Less!

Nouveau: UK’s No.1 Stunning High Gloss

Low Zesta price only

Safe & Effective

Qualified & Experienced Medical Practitioners

Mt Waverley

8878 9555 Richmond

9543 5755 Cheltenham

321 Whitehorse Rd Above 40 Winks

Phone 9090 0099

1155 High Street ARMADALE Free consultations and brochures


“We encourage questions about risks and side effects and a second opinion.” Based on average Melbourne Prices (listed price). Must present coupon. One coupon per person G6420601AA-dc13Nov

Victoria Gardens

9429 7616


344 Ferntree Gully Rd Next to Robot Trading


per Anti Wrinkle Injection $9 per unit Dermal Fillers Starting at $400 ml


309 Warrigal rd

9584 4491

*Prices shown are based on our std laminate 8 unit kitchen. See store for conditions on 30% offer on our 10 day range.

Offer ends 18/11/13. Savings based on RRP. Interest free terms and conditions apply - see in store for details. Accessories sold separately.

NUNAWADING 9878 2144

SPRINGVALE 9540 0744

232 Whitehorse Road

917 Princes Highway, Springvale Homemaker G6443267AA-dc13Nov


234-236 Auburn Road, Hawthorn

Ph 9815 2166

Sea southeast 20131113 iss  

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