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From the splendour of a Kyoto geisha dance to the sparse beauty of a Zen rock garden, Japan has the power to enthrall the most jaded traveller. Courtesy of Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel publisher, TWR has five copies of its newly released Japan travel guide to give away. Special features include a pull-out map of Tokyo, tips for first-time travellers, and the country’s top sights in illustrated detail.

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This month, The Asian Food Festival celebrates the exciting range of Asian cuisines, featuring dining offers, floating yum cha cruises, progressive dinners, pop-up markets, cultural events and more. It’s on now and runs until October 15. One lucky TWR reader can win a voucher for two valued at $100 for Red Spice Road (valid in both venues) – one of Melbourne’s favorite south-east Asian style restaurants.


This year’s Melbourne Gluten-Free Expo will be held September 14-15 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Highlights include the latest information from leading coeliac experts and the Coles Cooking Stage will present a mouth-watering array of gluten-free dishes featuring popular MasterChef contestants Michael Weldon and Courtney Roulston. TWR has five double passes to give away.


Cate Blanchett adds another extraordinary performance to her illustrious career in Woody Allen’s new film Blue Jasmine. Together with an incredible supporting cast, Blanchett’s emotionally powerful portrayal of a New York socialite in crisis anchors a drama that is wise, tender and funny in equal measure. Five lucky TWR readers can win a double pass to see the film when it opens on September 12.

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School @Work Tour... ..featuring 2014 Student Welcome Morning.

Thursday 12 September at 9.30am You are warmly invited to attend our School Tour and experience one of our many tr ansition progr ams for 2014. To register your attendance, please contact Anne on 9569 6128. 77 - 81 willesden Road oakleigh Victoria 3166

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nts in vited Food Tech in g redien purch ts ased Sports Comp lex bo iPads oked charg e d Scien ce lab prepa red Year 8 ‘tour g u id e s’ brie Mornin fed g Tea set up in Hall


mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ THE COMMUNITY DOG


here’s this bloke I know who quite likes dogs. He likes their company and companionship, but he likes them only in small doses. He likes to have them with him, but only sometimes. So while he certainly has the means and the circumstances to be able to have a dog fully in his life, he doesn’t want to own a dog. Instead, he borrows one. He has a colleague with a very sweet, fluffy thing who, from time to time, accompanies him to his weekend retreat, and who flies with him to his outlying properties (the dog’s weight has been recorded for the light-plane inventory) to spend a couple of days frolicking in the bush and lying by the fire. My mate gets the pleasure of his company, the dog gets an exciting change of scene and a damn good exercise and the dog’s owners get a few days off from the sometimes-tedious requirements of dog ownership. Just like taking the neighbours’ kid with you to the footy. But with fur. When I once asked my friend why he doesn’t just get a dog of his own, he answered with killing logic: “Why would I? I can just borrow one.” Hard to argue with that.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but, since talking to my friend, I have realised that there are whole communities out there involved in the care and pleasure of dog company, while sharing around the responsibility of ownership. My mother’s dog, Polly, regularly crosses town to spend time with my sister and her ageing Pomeranian: a little holiday in the ’burbs that the two seem to enjoy. And our chocolate Lab, Bunk, has a range of social scenes and alternative dwellings that make his life far more adventurous than our own. One set of close friends have always loved dogs, but their peripatetic lifestyle makes dog ownership difficult these days. So, instead, they regularly collect our dog on a Friday and take him with them to their place in the bush for the weekend. Bunk comes back muddy, happy and exhausted and we get a little break from the intense demands of a five-year-old Labrador. Another friend, who secretly craves a dog of her own but lives in an apartment above her business, borrows Bunk for a couple of days of vigorous walking in the inner-city’s beautiful parks and gardens. Bunk always returns from these jaunts looking

so sleek and healthy, and just as happy to be home. I’ve written here before about the documented effects of companion animals, particularly in the lives of the elderly, infirm and disabled. One pediatrician I know once had a dog that was allowed to accompany her on her hospital rounds: nothing made sick children happier than seeing her sweet puppy loping behind her along the corridors. What I like so much about my friend’s relationship with his borrowed dog, and other situations like it, is that it provides yet more evidence that more of us are choosing to live in a much more interconnected, community-minded way, sharing responsibilities and resources with care and affection. As our cities become more densely populated and resources become a little more scarce, as our community ages and requires more care and attention from all of us who share a neighbourhood, we are going to have to pay more attention to each other, and look after each other, and each other’s families, in ways that we haven’t before. It won’t be hard work: it’ll be fun, I promise you. There’ll be grannies, kids and dogs – and there’s very little that’s bad about that. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

We Welcome your feedback @

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PETER WILMOTH meets rising comic star Nazeem Hussain Cover Story



azeem Hussain is a young man at the beginning of what promises to be a strong career in comedy and he’s a great storyteller, which will help in that regard. We’ve met on a wild and woolly day in Prahran and, amid jokes about what the wind has done to his hair for a photo shoot, he tells a great story about his can-do Sri Lankan-born mother, Mumtaza, who raised Hussain and his two sisters on her own in Burwood. “Kids tease you at school,” he says. “For us it was always race-based. Kids will always pick on the most obvious difference. So I’d go home and tell my mum about what had happened. Mum would help us devise plans to reverse-tease the kid.” But the bullying continued. “In year 7, these kids were bullying me. I don’t know why I mentioned it to my mum. When I went to school these bullies were super nice to me for an entire week. I had no idea what happened. One day I was walking to the school gate and mum was standing there with a bunch of bullies from the year above me and they had bags of chocolates and lollies in their hands. So she had bribed one group of bullies to get another group of bullies off my back. She contracted a gang. She understands power.” But dealing with another group of bullies needed a different strategy. This time Mumtaza decided to bring in some muscle in the form of the Victorian premier. “My older sister was getting bullied. Mum went to the principal, who was best friends with that kid’s mum and she didn’t want to do anything about it. She said, ‘You’re probably imagining it, just get over it’. You don’t tell my mum to leave something alone. She went to the local MP’s office – Jeff Kennett – and said to reception, “Is Jeff Kennett around?’ The receptionist said, ‘Sorry he’s busy’. Mum just walked past reception, went into Jeff’s office and said: ‘Jeff, you need to come and do something about this bully at my daughter’s school’. “Fifteen minutes later my mum walked into the principal’s office with Jeff Kennett and the principal said: “Mr Kennett, I think Mrs Hussain is over-stating the issue’. Jeff said, ‘No’, and told the principal off.” At 28, Nazeem Hussain already has an impressive comedy CV. A presenter on radio Triple J, he was a regular on a Foxtel show called Balls of Steel, performing a character he created called Calvin Khan the “very foreign correspondent”. He was half of a comedy duo for Triple J sketches called Fear of a Brown Planet, which became a stage show taken across Australia, Asia and

4 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013

Britain, including to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Hussain also starred in the cult hit Salam Café on SBS. Now he’s about to go mainstream with his own 10-part weekly comedy series on SBS called Legally Brown, as well as an appearance this week on Peter Helliar’s ABC comedy It’s A Date. Legally Brown is Hussain’s biggest project. It will be, he says, a mix of stand-up, sketches and interaction with the public, plus a bit of hidden camera. “Some of the sketches are funny … in others we try to address some serious issues,” he says. His comedy is sometimes referred to as controversial or edgy. Once, while performing stand-up, he told the audience, “In Australia white people tend to be pretty paranoid about Muslims”. He then went on to relate a story about going into a shop in Moe where a staffer said, “Muslims are coming to invade Australia, al-Qaeda is coming to invade Australia, to invade Moe”. The punchline came as Hussain pointed out it was highly unlikely Moe was al-Qaeda’s next target. Still Hussain is bemused that people describe his humour as edgy. “I think people always like to go, ‘That comedian is x, that comedian is y’. With me, people will often use the words controversial or edgy, or preaching to the converted. As much as I don’t like these sorts of labels, I think it’s inevitable. “I think ‘controversial’ is an easy way to dismiss someone. It means you don’t need to engage with the issues. I think it’s very dismissive, almost patronising sometimes. Comedy is intrinsically pretty rebellious. That’s sort of the nature of it. If comedy doesn’t provoke or make you think in a certain way, or think outside of a box, it probably isn’t really doing its job.” Hussain’s parents arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka

PiCture \ juleS tahan

My view \ katrina hall anD thE BOUnCinG Call FrOM hEll


(iStockphoto / thINkStock)

his morning, the principal from my children’s school rang While the vacuum was on, the principal called back. The and left me a message. vacuum is loud, so loud the dog barks at it, which doubles “Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with the girls. They’re the aural load. I didn’t hear the call. fine,” he said. “It’s about another issue. Can you call me back When I called him back he was on yard duty, and couldn’t some time today?” come to the phone. So I went a little crazier. I moved on from I called him back immediately, but he was in a meeting. worry, and started on guilt. So I waited for his return call. And waited. And went I was educated by nuns so I do guilt well. The irony i try a bit crazy, because he said, “It’s about another of it kills me, though, because guilt may well be my to sound issue”. Was there one before? Have I been such legacy of a Catholic education, but the Catholic a bad mother that I missed something? calm, like we Church doesn’t do it at all. I do it in spades. I do Or maybe there was a new issue as chat all the my own guilt, and I also do familial guilt. I do opposed to the original issue, which was guilt by proxy and guilt by narcissistic extension. time my children’s well-being, because he did Have my six-year-old’s myriad suitors had another make a point of telling me it was all fine. punch-up over her? Did she bring her Monster High But maybe the “other issue” still related to dolls to school again? Did she swear? them, but not their well-being. Maybe it’s Or was it me? Did I swear? Or offend a teacher? Or forget their behaviour, or their emotional state? the kids’ lunch? Or some form? An excursion – maybe I Or someone’s wet their pants. forgot to sign the form that says bring the kids home from an Dammit, “another issue” could be excursion so they have been left there, at Werribee zoo with anything. The school could be on fire, the lions, or a park with enormous child-eating frogs. or closing down because it is broke. Or Or maybe another parent made a complaint about me, for there’s been an incident. Or a drive-by being, I don’t know, maybe just for being. shooting even. Well, there were two in Then the phone rings and it’s the principal. I try to sound the US last month: it does happen. calm, like we chat all the time. “Gosh it’s cold, isn’t it?” I said. Why did he need me to call him back “I’m so looking forward to summer.” today? He could have caught me for a Then he asked me to help out with a school newsletter. quiet word at pick-up time, if it was a casual I said, “Of course”. We exchanged more pleasantries. thing. But this wasn’t casual. It needed my “How about that lovely magnolia beside the oval,” I said. attention today. He said, “Call me back some “And the kids are all so excited about the concert.” time today”. Then we hung up. I put the vacuum away. \ I was meant to be working but I vacuumed and made lasagna. Funny how housework can be a we welcoMe your feedback @ welcome respite when you work from home. And you’re freaking out about something.


Wagyu Burger 1kg Wagyu mince 1 brown onion, finely diced ½ Tbsp smoked paprika Pinch ground white pepper 40ml Worcestershire sauce 15ml soy sauce

Burger bun 235ml milk 120ml water 55g butter 560g all-purpose flour

1 Burgers Combine all ingredients and mix well. Portion into 200g balls and flatten. The patties should be 1.5cm thick. 2 Lightly oil and season with salt, char-grill for 3-4 minutes on each side. Rest the pattie in a warm place for 5 minutes before serving. 3 Burger buns In a saucepan, heat milk, water,

sugar, salt and butter until warm (not more than 35oC).

6 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013

7 When the dough has pulled together, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, about 8 minutes. 8 Divide dough into 12 equal pieces.

Shape into smooth balls and place on a greased baking sheet. Flatten slightly. 9 Bake at 180oC for 8 - 10 minutes,

together half of the flour with the milk mixture, then mix in the egg.


6 Stir in the remaining flour and beat well.

Cover, and let rise for 45 minutes.

4 Add yeast and stir. In a large bowl, mix

Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle. Highly prized for their marbled meat, they are usually grain fed and have a succulent flavour. A good quality wagyu mince, such as Victoria’s own Sher Wagyu, makes for an indulgent burger pattie.

7g instant yeast 25g white sugar 9g salt 1 egg

or until golden brown.



grosvenorhotelstkilda 10 Brighton Road, St Kilda East VIC

providore \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS THE STAPLE STORE Meals \ Ready-prepared basics Food \ Nuts, seeds, grains, pulses and more Phone \ 9523 0190 Open \ Sunday to Monday 10am-3pm; Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 10am-2pm

» wholefoodproject

Catie Gett

irst-timers receive help from staff or other customers FStaple at the muesli-making and trail-mix stations at The Store. Second-timers are left to their own devices.

On the third visit, customers are expected to help someone else. It’s all part of a broader philosophy that helps owner Catie Gett keep the prices low at her unique wholefoods shop. Gett, a naturopath, set up the business just over 12 months ago on a low budget and with the dual goals of environmental sustainability and broad accessibility to high-quality health foods. “When I was working as a naturopath I wanted somewhere on the south side of Melbourne that I could send people to for quality products to help with healing,” she says. “The health-food movement in Australia has become a premium industry. I want everyone to be able to afford a really good health-food diet in a way that is not intimidating.” Gett has worked in health-food shops and ran her naturopathic practice in Ormond. Once the shop is well established she hopes to practise again, but for now says she is able to help more people with advice through the food business. “When I opened the shop, I had about $350 in my bank account. The initial fit-out was put together from the local hard-rubbish collection and with help from friends.” Recycled playground equipment and shipping containers have been used to create the practical timber counters lined with white plastic tubs that fill the tiny shop. \ Got any providore suGGestions?

email \

third-time customers are expected to help


the staple store 19 Glen eira road, ripponlea

house specialty Grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruit fill the tubs at the muesli-making and scroggin (trail mix) tables. Lentils and other pulses are at another station, and shelves hold house-packaged cake, cookie, cereal and soup mixes in paper bags and recyclable jars. Gett puts together many snack and meal bases that offer healthy options for busy families. There are fig and hazelnut breakfast bars to encourage poor eaters to munch on the run, premade lentil soup (just add canned tomatoes and coconut milk) and Mexicana du Puy lentils that make a tasty meal or side dish. Bring back the jars or BYO container next time. Gett sources products from South Australia, Byron Bay and Tasmania, and meets the farmers who supply her shop. Her preference is for Australian-grown and organic products, but she is conscious that these foods are sometimes out of the price range of families with young children. Paper-shell almonds are stocked at three price ranges, from $13 to $33 a kilo, and organic apricots from Turkey, organic and non-organic dried apricots from South Australia are offered from $16 to $35 a kilo. \

Work experience student…

or leading surgeon in action? “I want to study medicine because I’d like to help people in developing countries. It’s going to be hard, but my teachers have total faith in me. I love the encouraging atmosphere here – it keeps everyone fully engaged.” Peta, Year 10 St Michael’s students prepare for VCE and further study from Year 9. By fostering curiosity and creativity, the School gives students the confidence to take responsible risks, explore diverse options, and become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. We welcome you to attend an Open Morning:

Friday 13 September at 9.15am Friday 11 October at 9.15am Bookings are essential


25 Chapel Street, St Kilda 03 8530 3310 Coeducational Kindergarten to Year 12

september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 7


TooThFish sashimi

sTuFFEd squid

diY PullEd lamB shouldER


hank goodness the staff at Captain Baxter don’t is Asian-influenced, with a few Middle Eastern and dress in pirate costumes. But the theme, from the Spanish references, yet suitably Melburnian. huge mural of the Neptune-like sea hero battling Sharing dishes dominate the offering – that seems to a giant squid to the cocktail list presented as a ship’s log, be what we like to eat when there is any kind of visual comes close to being overworked. distraction – and will appeal to the diverse local and Let’s put the facts in the way of the story first: Captain tourist crowds that cross Jacka Boulevard. Benjamin Baxter of the 50th Regiment arrived in So will the cocktails with names such as Rum Runner St Kilda in 1837. He was the area’s first landowner and and Three Drunk Sailors. grazier and became Melbourne’s first postmaster. He There are oysters four ways, snacks, DIY sharing may or may not have been a pirate-hunter, swordsman plates, raw seafood choices, a couple of options from or agent of intelligence. the barbecue, larger dishes that could be eaten solo, We were able to forgive the storyboard – and the three salads, a trio of desserts and a cheese selection. service that constantly went missing (bells on Together, on a single-page menu, it’s not as pirate costumes might need to be considered) – daunting as it sounds. sharing for the dedication apparent in the well-priced Dawson, his wife Amanda, her brother dishes and refined food. Tom Doolan and his wife Amara are dominate The other pluses here are the stylish decor, co-owners of St Kilda Venues, whose stable the waterfront location and the impressive open includes the eight-year-old Republica and offering kitchen. The Captain sits high over Port Phillip function centre Encore in the same complex. Bay in the St Kilda Sea Baths complex, in the The Doolan family has a background in vast and dramatic space that once belonged hospitality and Dawson has worked in winery to Soulmama. restaurants and spent three years at Stokehouse. The views are short-lived on dark wintry nights, but Seafood makes up about 50 per cent of his menu, but have probably been forgotten by locals in the 18 months the attraction lies in clever ideas such as the Glacier 51 since the vegetarian supernova closed. toothfish (sustainable Patagonian toothfish, caught wild The Captain, which opened in November last year in the Subantarctic and sold frozen) sashimi. and operates daily during summer, is gearing up for It’s presented with a zingy ponzu dressing, rich with the warmer weather and will extend its trading hours bonito flakes and seaweed, topped with a just-spicy next month. avocado purée and dressed with tiny soy pearls, If the first week of the menu created for representing caviar, bursting to add a salty, savoury the season is any indication, the food will be worth element to the fleshy, intense fish. some attention. We’d go back for that in summer. Executive chef and co-owner Matt Dawson’s menu Pork-and-shiitake-stuffed squid, finished over

the grill and served sliced into portions, is another seafood-themed winner. The smallish squid hoods are tender as dumpling skins and the flavoursome filling is enhanced by a Schezuan pepper sauce that’s redolent with garlic, shallots and ginger, and topped with a flash-fried crumble of the same ingredients. A pretty pottery platter of oily, crunchy pulled lamb shoulder meat cooked shawarma style and served with four small flatbreads, tahini yoghurt, pickled radishes and a bundle of baby cos lettuce hearts was our glimpse of the DIY section. We were pleased we chose the coleslaw with red onion, green apple and the texture and pleasing flavour contrast of poppy seeds to accompany the lamb. Without it, the dish was small. Summertime sharing of desserts such as Dawson’s tricky little chilli marshmallows (beware they look white and innocent but contain a vicious kick), influenced by a visit to Spain’s Mugaritz restaurant and given extra intensity with popping candy-filled squares of rocky road, would be loads of fun. It was probably the least refined dish we tried, and the rocky road was a little sweet for me, but I think it’s a crowd-pleaser. The light, fresh brioche dough used for his delicate doughnuts, served with a chocolate dipping sauce (again a little sweet for my taste) and verdant swirl of pandan cream, would be a winner in any weather. \ To REad moRE REviEws

Eat this CaPTaiN BaXTER, 10-18 JaCka BoulEvaRd, sT kilda

ThE iNsidE

Cuisine \ Modern australian

Dramatic light fittings, bronze finishes and timber-panelled seating booths give Captain Baxter a shipshape art deco opulence. a long curved bar separates the open space, while rich tones of scarlet, umber and indigo add warmth. Glossy timber tables, an ocean-blue tiled bar and white-painted ceilings continue the marine theme. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture the classic beachfront scenery and views of the resort-style outdoor bar, while the open galley-style kitchen provides entertainment of its own. \

Chef \ Matt Dawson

Open \ Thursday 5pm-late; Friday to Sunday noon-late; daily from october 1 Phone \ 8534 8999 The verdict \ Worth a look


(Darrian Traynor)

Prices \ Small dishes $4-$17; larger dishes $14-$20; desserts $8-$12


september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

challenges and allows these kids to be cared for as they should be. For me to be involved and help raise money with something I have an abundance of – like the clothes in my wardrobes – is easy.” Many women love to spend on fashion and beauty, but there’s an extra buzz when we repurpose preloved items and fit them in our own sartorial message. Nothing makes the heart beat faster than finding designer-label items for a fraction of their retail value. Give In Style is about being involved in the hunting and gathering and it allows you to buy fashion brands while giving hope to kids who need it most. It’s a win-win situation. “Preloved fashion is the perfect way to mix in with your favourite basics and go-to pieces,” Maxwell says. “The key is to make it your own and give them a new story to tell. I love a good blazer and ripped denim jeans, so rework a well-fitting pair of jeans with DIY rips and get an amazing jacket tailored to fit.” This year, pieces have been donated by Vogue editor Edwina McCann, Bassike founders Mary Lou Ryan and Deb Sams, TV personality Rebecca Judd and fashion designer Yeojin Bae. Rowe says money raised provides vital support for orphaned or abandoned children. “Educational success … can transform a young life and give them the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead,” Rowe says. “More than 160 young people have received essential educational assistance as a result of support from Give in Style. Such support paves the way for improved academic outcomes for a group of young people who are at high risk of unemployment, drug use and criminal activity.” \ » » Give In Style, ground floor, 31 Izett Street, Prahran, September 6-7.

Style file DeSigner

Designer Livia Arena returns to Spring Fashion Week, showing pieces for warmer weather. She’s part of Designer Runway Two on September 4, which also stars YB J’Aime and Alice McCall. Whatson/Festivals/MSFW/ MSFW2013/Program/Designer/ Pages/Designer.aspx

the look

You’ve got a few days left to indulge in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: make sure you get along to see Gavin Lowes and Rebecca Chua of Neo Dia, who bring their sense of style to the runway – not to mention fashion that’s been favoured by the likes of Andrej Pejic and songwriter Kimbra. » www.thatsmelbourne. festivals/msfw/ msfw2013/Pages/ Home.aspx


Summer’s coming so it’s time to add some colour with this buttery sandal by Wittner. Miss Alba celebrates sunnier weather with coral and silver tones to give you a fresh look. Available at Melbourne Central.


muSt have $289

We can count on Lisa Gorman for a collection inspired by exotic locations. We love this silk Bengal Bandit dress – suitable for daytime playfulness with an African cue. Available at Melbourne Central.

september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 11

New Ashburton show home

Opens Saturday 7th September

Image for illustration purposes only.

The Ashburton – 6 Maxwell Street, Ashburton 50 squares, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, powder room, 4 indoor living areas, covered outdoor area, study, adult’s retreat, refrigerated air-conditioning, 9' ceilings to ground floor, LED lights throughout, floor coverings throughout (including timber floating floor), stone bench tops throughout, fully rendered exterior, Colorbond roof, double-glazed windows to bedrooms and living areas and much more.

Open Saturday & Sunday 1pm–4pm and Wednesday evenings 7pm–9pm or by appointment.

Call Frank Graffeo on 1300 244 663 Available for viewing… The Ashburton – 50 squares

The Bentleigh – 49 squares

6 Maxwell Street, Ashburton

20 Huntley Road, Bentleigh

The Camberwell – 46 squares 35 Oxford Street, Camberwell

The Sandringham – 37 squares 76 Vincent Street, Sandringham




$434,080‡ ^ Home price is based on The Ashburton 50 at 6 Maxwell Street, Ashburton and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. * Home price is based on The Bentleigh 49 at 20 Huntley Road, Bentleigh and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. † Home price is based on the Camberwell 46 at 35 Oxford Street, Camberwell and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. ‡ Home price is based on The Sandringham 37 at 76 Vincent Street, Sandringham and excludes inground costs and colour & electrical upgrades. Carter Grange Homes reserves the right to change prices without notice. Images are for illustration purposes only and may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Carter Grange Homes such as landscaping and furniture. Prices do not include the supply of these items. For detailed home pricing please talk to a sales consultant.


\ Kendall Hill is drawn





emember that week in early June when foul, freezing weather plunged everyone into despair? I don’t. By sheer luck I’d booked a break on Magnetic Island, so while Melbourne endured the depths of winter I was in a place where it’s always summer. Maggie has about 320 sunny days a year and an average maximum of 28 degrees – far better odds for a winter escape than the Gold Coast, Cairns or Bali. With direct flights from Melbourne to Townsville, summertime is never more than three hours away. The biggest surprise about the island is not that it’s so affordable, or that the cane toad races are so much fun, or that there are 25 mostly drop-dead gorgeous beaches. No, the biggest surprise is that there was hardly anyone

there. It felt like I’d stumbled on a secret paradise. I’m already planning a return visit this month. Ideally I’d follow the inspiring example of one of the island’s bus drivers, a climate refugee from Geelong, who told me he’d planned to stay on Magnetic Island only for six months. “That was seven years ago,” he said. “Nothing could convince me to move back to Australia now.” \ » Jetstar flies from Melbourne direct to Townsville, The Sealink ferry from Townsville to Magnetic costs $32 return full-fare. Details:

stay here




20-21 Pacific Drive, Horseshoe Bay (07) 4778 5955 »

123 Sooning Street, Nelly Bay (07) 4758 2400 »

7 Marine Parade, Arcadia Bay (07) 4778 5177 »

Holiday rentals are a mainstay of the Magnetic Island economy. Rent anything from a fibro shack or beachfront apartment to Lotus House, a three-bedroom tropical beacon on Horseshoe Bay Beach with sleeping for six. It’s one of the island’s poshest properties and is priced accordingly – from $5600 a week. Still, between six, that’s less than a thousand bucks each. For more rentals: \

Maggie’s swishest resort has 106 apartments and rooms, with another 56 under construction. Accommodation ranges from hotel studios to contemporary two- and three-bedroom apartments. The pick is 10 block; apartments there have plunge pools and are bookended by the marina and the lagoon pool. Boardwalk Restaurant & Bar offers suitably upscale dining. There’s an on-site Endota spa, too. \

Recently upgraded motel-style units offer comfortable, clean lodgings a thong’s throw from Geoffrey Bay. But the real draw of the Arcadia pub is that it’s the social hub of the island. Cane toad races on Wednesday nights, bingo Friday and Sunday and live music at weekends keep the place pumping. There are also two pools, regular market stalls and Caffe dell’Isola, an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and gelateria. \

My favourite thing to do on Magnetic Island is nothing. But if you insist on being active, the island is your oyster. The four main settlements – Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia and Horseshoe Bay – are linked by a regular bus service that also stops at the Bungalow Bay Koala Village, a backpacker resort where visitors can cuddle koalas and get up close to crocs. Cute. Maggie’s total population is barely more than 2000, and almost 70 per cent of the island is national park, so it is best explored on foot. Horseshoe Bay is a sweep of golden sand on the north shore offering watersports of every inclination. Beautiful Balding Bay Beach, one of Maggie’s three unofficial nude beaches, is a short, worthwhile hike over the point. Have the bus drop you off at The Forts, a two-hour return walk of gobsmacking views. This is also the starting point for a sweaty but rewarding walk to the postcard-pretty beaches of Florence, Arthur and Radical bays. Highly recommended. Geoffrey Bay is a marine reserve, popular for snorkelling and the dive site of the Moltke wreck. At the northern end of the bay, at Bremner Point, wallabies descend en masse at dusk in the hope of being fed by tourists. Great photo ops. \


eat here Fine dining’s not really Maggie’s style but you can still find plenty of good food. Locals rave about Philippe Poitou’s French fare at Le Paradis in Nelly Bay (corner Sooning Street and Mandalay Avenue). Noodies on the Beach at Horseshoe Bay serves some of the better coffee on the island and offers ripper margaritas to match its Mexican-styled menu. The Hotel Arcadia’s bistro gets some stiff competition on Wednesday and Friday nights from Nell’s Indonesian (try the chicken curry, mee goreng, gado gado) and on Friday and Saturday nights from Mi Orchid Thai. Both operate from a kiosk beside the beer garden. \ september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

outdoors \ go take a hike, says eddie morton

where \ Cathedral ranges state Park

distance \ 15kms (one day)

rating \ 9/10


ore than 90 per cent of the Cathedral Ranges State Park burnt in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. Today, most of the trees are still black and some look more like precarious charcoal sculptures ready to be blown away by the next gust of wind. That said, the scenery in the Cathedral Ranges is dramatic and quickly changing as the forest floor continues to repair itself after the fires. The scenery varies dramatically from dense fern forests full of wildflowers and uprooted trees clad with wild mushrooms, to the always muddy and sodden creek trail, to the rocky summit with an abundance of spiny bushes and sun-bleached, windswept trees. About 2½ hours north-east of Melbourne and about 15 minutes from Marysville, just off the Maroondah Highway, the Cathedral Range State Park is home to the two best day walks Victoria has on offer. Once you tackle either walk, you’ll see why this little-known, steep and rocky mountain range is widely regarded as one of the most diverse, scenic, challenging and still accessible day-walking destinations in the state. It’s a real hiker’s mountain. There are two main trails – the northern circuit and the southern circuit. The southern circuit is much more difficult and better suited to more experienced hikers. Sugarloaf Peak, the notorious Razorback Ridge and Wells Cave are all on the southern circuit. The northern circuit also has its difficult sections, but it is more forgiving and doesn’t force you to scramble up near-vertical cliff faces like its southern equivalent. In my opinion, Cathedral’s northern circuit is the perfect introduction to full-day hikes, which will challenge your fitness and your wit. In total, the 15-kilometre circuit will take at least six hours to complete with a total elevation of 840 metres. There are two preferable starting points; Cooks Mill and Neds Gully. Both are hike-in and drive-in camping grounds with rainwater tanks and toilets.

difficulty \ 8/10




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TiP \ TAKe iT slow on The ridge And mAKe The efforT To deTour To As mAny of The looKouTs As you CAn


PACK this

on The norThern CirCuiT

from the get-go, the track doesn’t beat around the bush

jaw-dropping view of Lake Mountain, Sugarloaf Peak and the farmlands on either side. As you pass Cathedral Peak and eventually branch off from the ridge, take the time to visit Little Cathedral Peak. It involves another steep climb, but it is arguably the best view on the entire walk. Descending back on the eastern slope to Neds Gully, a dense rainforest setting on soft, mossy terrain is a welcome relief for the ankles and knees after a couple of hours navigating the uneven boulders of the ridge. The remainder of the hike is a leisurely stroll along the Little River Track from Neds Gully back to your car. But it is here where the most dramatic scenery change takes place – hectares of tree logging fields rotting under the façade of Jawbone Peak. Admittedly, it is not what you’d expect at the end of what is otherwise a very untouched and organic trek, and it just highlights how dramatic and contrasting the landscapes are here. \

water & fooD \ Even on a cool day, you will power through your water supply so carry at least two litres, more if you can. That said, do not overpack your bag and try to stay as light as possible – maybe have a good breakfast and hold off for a feast afterwards. gear \ Hiking poles will come in handy as an extra pair of hands for people not used to such steep and demanding terrain. Always bring a lightweight raincoat or poncho; the weather moves fast on the peak. safety \ Always tell someone when and where you are going. \

ki exh N ds ib E an iti W d on fa fo m r ilie s

From the get-go, the track doesn’t beat around the bush (pardon the pun). From Cooks Mill car park, enjoy the short descent to Jawbone Creek before the long and relentless climb up Cathedral’s eastern slope. Three-quarters of the way up is The Farmyard hike-in pause point/camp spot. This small plateau, with a well-used fire pit, is the overnight stop of choice for people walking both circuits in two days. When the bush finally opens up and you step out onto the seven-kilometre long Cathedral Ridge, you learn quickly to keep your footing. This is definitely the highlight of the hike as some sections feel as narrow as a metre wide with almost sheer drops on either side. The traverse, almost a kilometre above sea level, involves some pretty athletic boulder hopping and the orange guiding pointers, which by now will be familiar, are much less conspicuous up here, so keep a sharp eye out and do not rush it. Apart from staying on the track, it’s also worth slowing the pace to appreciate the constant

looKing TowArds TAggerTy And buxTon

footwear \ The majority of this hike is on loose rocks, uneven sandstone, boggy mud and giant boulders, so you will not be able to complete this hike in a pair of runners. Waterproof boots with ankle support and quick-dry mountain socks are a must.

In Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter


25 August 2013 – 06 July 2014 Jewish Museum of Australia 26 Alma Road St Kilda / T +61 3 8534 3600 september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

Bentleigh east 36 MALANE STREET Build your home now in the prized Clover estate. Available now a limited number of premium blocks located in the exclusive Clover Estate ranging from 359m2 to 553m2 approx. Secure your dream location in a family friendly community which is conveniently located close to leafy parks and sporting grounds, moments to public transport, thriving Centre road shops and cafes, Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre and falls within the McKinnon Secondary College Zone. Be part of an exciting new contemporary haven with everything at your doorstep. This is an opportunity not to be missed and blocks will sell fast so be quick to secure your families future!

View By appointment Private sale mel ref 68 / J12 Price Please contact agent contact calvin reid 0413 878 860 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 office Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh east 2/10 LAThAM STREET Contemporary chic with effortless excellence. Impressed with quality and low maintenance style, this private 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single level rear town residence sets the tone for a dream lifestyle. Open and airy, this sleek sensation features fabulous open plan living & dining with stacker sliding doors onto a relaxing deck and garden courtyard with synthetic turf, designer stone kitchen (top F+P appliances), secluded main bedroom (fitted WIR & stylish ensuite), family bathroom, powder room & a large Euro laundry. Loving the sense of space with its high ceilings, it boasts timber floors, high grade security doors, ducted heating & air cond, solar hot water & auto garage. One of 2 in this parkland pocket, metres to GESAC, childcare & bus. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 18 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013

2 Wed 4.00 - 4.30pm & sat as advertised sat 21st september - 2.30pm 69 / a11 $590,000 - $640,000 trent collie 0425 740 484 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

BentleiGh east 150B mackie road lifestyle living with a high calibre of quality. Contemporary innovation meets timeless provincial style in this impressive new 3 bedroom + study, 2.5 bathroom residence. This quality built home enjoys beautiful lime washed timber floors, a stylish study/2nd living area, expansive open plan living & dining area with cove lighting & bi-fold doors open to an alfresco garden, luxury stone kitchen (WI pantry) & superb main bedrm (extensive BIRs & designer double shower ensuite). Fully appointed for an effortless lifestyle, R/C ducted heating /cooling, ducted vac, alarm, video intercom, garden lighting, double glazed windows, water tank, auto gates & tandem auto garage. Walk to cafes, bus, schools & minutes to Chadstone & GESAC. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

3 Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & sat as advertised sat 21st september - 12.30pm 69 / c10 $680,000 - $740,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Caulfield 142 BamBra road a Grand edwardian for the modern family. This spacious family abode (c1925) delivers a free flowing floorplan comprising immaculate living and entertaining spaces, attractive outdoor areas and generous accommodation. Exuding warmth and period charm throughout, this lively Edwardian features an inviting entrance & porch, private front yard, formal sitting & dining rooms with bay windows, large kitchen with adjoining family area, alfresco entertaining domain, extensive garden with built in playground, 4 bedrooms (main with ensuite & WIRs), study/5th bedroom & modern designer bathrooms. Features include polished timber floors, sep laundry with adjacent WC, double garage with 3 additional OSP, ducted heating/ cooling, & sec alarm. Land 60’ x 150’ (18.5m x 45.7m) approx. 5



View auction mel ref EPr contact

sat from 11.30am sat 7th september - 11.30am 68 / c2 $1,6000,000 - $1,750,000 todd newton 0412 568 313 marshall rushford 0418 396 981 office caulfield 8532 5200 conjunctional agent noel Jones caulfield Elza schilling 0408 362 384 september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

McKInnon 7 Crozier Court A parkside masterpiece of entertaining excellence. Brilliantly located opposite the parkside walking track, this striking 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom inspiration defines contemporary luxury living with opulent space. Stunning with its sophisticated tones & quality finishes, this impressive home enjoys 4 entertaining zones/study (gas log fire), sleek stone kitchen (WI pantry), 2 bedroom suites (WIRs & ensuite) & 2 further bedrooms (shared ensuite & BIRs). The north facing designer rear garden features a heated lap pool, covered alfresco area, cubby house, synthetic turf & shed. A dream lifestyle, it boasts ducted heating, evap cooling, video intercom, ducted vac, bore water & double auto garage (auto gates). Quiet court, metres to Allnutt Park. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

3 thurs 5.00 - 5.30pm & sat from 2.00pm sat 7th september - 2.30pm 68 / B11 $1,375,000 - $1,475,000 calvin reid 0413 878 860 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

orMond 2 Coane Street captivating charm with family appeal on 827sqm approx. Enjoying a wide frontage, this lovingly maintained 3 bed 2 bath Art Deco home has all the warmth & function of a fine family home. Invitingly spacious, this light filled treasure enjoys 3 good size bedrooms (BIRs), north facing lounge with fireplace, central dining/4th bed, entertainer’s kitchen with double oven & Miele dishwasher, casual living & dining area and a deck onto an expansive rear garden. This heartwarming gem lends itself to a modern makeover to enhance the Baltic pine polished boards, high ornate ceilings & leadlights. Complete with ducted heating, air cond, carport & garage. A beautiful family home, metres to parkland, cafe & bus, moments to train, schools & the beach. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 20 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013


827 (approx)

Wed 3.00 - 3.30pm & sat as advertised sat 14th september - 10.30am 68 / D7 $900,000 - $990,000 chris Janssens 0418 541 208 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

OrmOnd 39 O’LOughLan Street Contemporary Californian warmth with a College zone edge. Full of warmth & family enjoyment, this captivating 4 bed 2 bath Californian Bungalow is renovated to bring modern living to a 1920s classic. Elevated to enjoy distant leafy views, this heartwarming home enjoys 4 large bedrooms (2 - BIRs), north facing lounge (OFP), stylish timber kitchen (Smeg appls) elevated over casual living & dining, 2 bathrooms (claw foot bath & laundry) & a loft bedroom/retreat (balcony). Loving the rear deck that steps down to the heated lap pool & spa, it’s got everything you could want including Baltic pine polished boards, ducted heating, air cond, security alarm, paved driveway to LU garage. McKinnon Sec College zone, metres to school, parks & train. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 5.00 - 5.30pm & sat from 1.00pm sat 7th september - 1.30pm 68 / c8 $1,050,000 - $1,150,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

OrmOnd 3 MaLane Street A Californian jewel with relaxing charm. An irresistible treasure of warmth & modern qualities, this captivating 3 bed 2 bath Californian Bungalow will really touch your heart. Charmed with leadlights, high ornate ceilings and fireplace, this engaging gem is welcoming with its traditional front garden & verandah, 3 beautiful bedrms (BIRs), a gorgeous lounge, enchanting dining room (gas fire), country style kitchen (900mm s/steel stove), breakfast nook, sunroom, 2 bathrooms (period style & spa) & laundry. The paved covered alfresco courtyard is tranquil and private. Completely secure, this idyllic beauty features ducted heating, air cond, ceiling fans, large attic space, shed & auto carport. Metres to shops, train & parkland. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 thurs 4.30 - 5.00pm & sat as advertised sat 21st september - 10.30am 68 / D8 $670,000 - $730,000 trent collie 0425 740 484 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733 september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

mckinnOn 7 Brennan Street This block feat. a rare frontage of 18.288m approx lending itself to a substantial dual occupancy (STCA) or build your new luxury family home. The existing house feat. 3 bed, 2 bath, master (BIR & ensuite), lounge/ dining/family rm/sun rm, heat/cool & dble carport.

OrmOnd 22 Garfield avenue A beautiful 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Californian Bungalow with contemporary entertaining pizzazz featuring 2 stunning living zones (gas log fire), impressive stone kitchen, alfresco area in manicured gardens & ample parking. 22 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref Price contact office

2 Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & sat as advertised sat 14th september - 10.30am 68 / B11 $870,000 - $940,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733

2 Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat as adv. sun 15th september - 1.30pm 68 / h9 Please contact agent trent collie 0425 740 484 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Oakleigh 10 eaStGate Street Superbly spacious with an air of casual family living, this light filled 4 bedrm + study 2.5 bath residence enjoys 3 large living zones, granite kitchen, huge main bedrm suite, covered deck in tropical gardens, bungalow & double auto garage.

Oakleigh 25 John Street This home, with plenty of original period detail, incl polished floors, decorative cornice & dble hung windows, comp. 3 BRs, central bath + 2nd toilet, light-filled kitch, dble doors opening to a modern o/plan living area with dining rm, lovely timber decking & studio work shop.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 11.45 - 12.15pm & sat as adv. sat 21st september - 12.30pm 69 / F9 $770,000 - $840,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 george antonopoulos 0425 865 882 Bentleigh 9557 7733

2 Wed 12.30 - 1.00pm & sat as adv. sat 21st september - 11.30am 69 / J8 $600,000 - $650,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688




An Extravagant Family Entertainer A seductive & masterful renovation by the home’s interior-designer-owner has resulted in extraordinary symmetry between original architectural beauty & ravishing high-end modern luxury. Original terrazzo & intricate parquetry are some of the hallmarks. An indoor-outdoor entertainer at its finest featuring epicurean Miele kitchen, stunning open living flows to resort pool setting with bamboo decking & vogue vertical gardens. Exceptional luxuries include fitted study, connoisseur’s cellar, CCTV security, exquisite bathrooms, imported finishes, built-in BBQ, hot/cold poolside shower, bay & city views.






Auction Sunday 8 September 1:30pm Inspect Thurs 6:00-6:30pm, Sat 2:15-2:45pm & Sun from 1:00pm Contact Jeremy Rosens 0413 837 723 Daniel Micmacher 0419 376 521

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

Bentleigh East 55 Elizabeth Street

35 Fitzgibbon Crescent CAULFIELD NORTH Period Splendour Come Modern Masterpiece An architectural triumph has turned this gracious period home into a contemporary showpiece effortlessly merging splendid period features with state-of-the-art functionality & family flexibility. Seamless indoor-outdoor flow to pool, formal & informal living, epicurean Miele kitchen, home office.







Auction Sunday 15 Sep 10:30am Inspect Sat 2:15-2:45pm & Sun 1:15-1:45pm Guide $1,250,000 - $1,400,000 Contact Adam Joske 0414 337 979 Joel Ser 0415 337 708

Auction Price Inspect Office Contact




Sat 21st September at 12noon $640K - $690K Wed & Sat at 11.00-11.30am 251 Bay Street 9596 1111 Ella Wilson 0408 515 197 Campbell Cooney 0418 337 055

First home, renovation, or redevelopment A range of rewarding options present with this 3 bedrm home situated on a generous allotment of 627.3sqm or 6750sqft approx with a northerly rear aspect. This is a comfortable entry level family home & ready to be renovated or replaced with a new home or dual dwellings STCA

september 4, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

think results

OAKLEIGH 34 Davey Avenue




A sanctuary of family elegance in a blue-chip locale The beautifully renovated & extended spaces of this 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom Edwardian residence effortlessly balances the demands of a modern lifestyle whilst preserving stunning period features. Abundant natural light flows through an opulent dining room, Miele kitchen, lounge room, family room & covered entertaining deck. Featuring heating/cooling, powder room & tandem carport. Enviably positioned in this prized tree lined street just moments' walk to Oakleigh station, its vibrant shopping precinct & Sacred Heart Primary & Girls College. Land: 15.24m x 42.7m (650sqm) approx.

Auction Sat 21 Sep, 12.00 View Wed 6:00 - 6:30 Charlie Darlow 0409 140 191 Richard Williams 0409 341 978 Oakleigh 9568 1188

Oakleigh 49 Atherton Road 9568 1188

24 The weekly review \ september 4, 2013

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Situations Vacant PANEL BEATER - Kew We are currently seeking an experienced Panel Beater for our established Panel Shop in Kew. Must be able to work unsupervised and have a strong work ethic. Excellent wages on offer along with great working conditions.

Ph Scott 0438 060 810


Elegant Occasions, a Melbournebased company, proudly servicing clients throughout the state of Victoria, has more than 30 years’ experience in the wedding and event industry. The owner, Yelka, has just returned from Las Vegas and often travels overseas where she has classes with designers that work on celebrity weddings and parties. They do hire event linen; vases; candelabras; arches and backdrops. They also have a wide range of DIY invitation paper; embellishments and equipment. Elegant Occasions creates the wow factor for any event. Their designs in decor, cakes, personalised invitations, bouquets; centrepieces; and theming are World Class. Appointments preferred because your event is important to us.

4, 57-59 Melverton Drive, Hallam

1800 246 884 / 9796 3565


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Mens Body Works Mens Body Works WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS IN MENS GROOMING! We specialise in: • Improving your skin and looks with facials and peels • Massage (Deep Tissue, Remedial & Relaxation) • All waxing & body hair clipping (incl Brazilians for men) • Hair cuts and color from award winning stylists • Water treatments (hydrobaths & Vichy body scrubs & massages) • Manicures & Pedicures • Packages & Gift Vouchers for all occasions

Mens Body Works Melbourne’s 1st and only grooming and day spa facility for men.

464 Church Street, Richmond Call us on: 9429 5400 Visit us at: G6269346AA-dc4Sep

Gorgeous Glasses are Blooming Come and pick some.

3 Johnston Street, Near Smith St. Cnr., Collingwood

Open Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm & Saturday 10am-5pm

9416 1043



SAVE 25% on all kitchens pay ONLY a $500 deposit

Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Planning a new kitchen? Zesta will ensure its everything you want. You will also receive 25% off cabinets and benchtops* Why not take advantage with a$500 deposit this month on your perfect new kitchen?

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

ENDS 8/9/2103

In home design we are able to help Your kitchen plan will be presented in an easy to view computer designed 3D plan that allows you to clearly see what your kitchen will look like on completion. Proudly made in Melbourne with quick delivery.

Low Zesta price only



Qualia: SUPER


Mt Waverley

8878 9555 Richmond

9543 5755 Cheltenham

321 Whitehorse Rd Above 40 Winks

Victoria Gardens

9429 7616


High Gloss Senosan

344 Ferntree Gully Rd Next to Robot Trading

309 Warrigal rd

9584 4491

*Prices shown inclusive of discount and based on our std laminate 8 unit kitchen. See store for conditions on discount offer.

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243


Bib Stillwell BMW

Sales Finance Service Parts

BIB STILLWELL BMW DELIVERS YOU BEAUTY, STYLE AND SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE. At Bib Stillwell BMW, we are continually striving to bring our customers a more exciting and convenient BMW ownership experience. We have a wide range of time and money saving options available which will provide you with peace of mind motoring for years to come. With two convenient locations, we commit to you that your ownership experience will be first class. Enjoy peace of mind motoring with the following available on our range of new vehicles: · · · ·


Full Circle With Guaranteed Future Value* New Car Warranty Roadside Assistance Service Inclusive^

Discover exciting opportunities on a select range of BMW new and demonstrator models, including manufacturer’s rebates# on the BMW 5 Series Sedan and runout offers on the iconic BMW X5. If the BMW 3 Series Sedan is more your style, for a limited time you can enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a Modern, Sport or Luxury Line package# and further highlight the sophisticated, athletic and elegant elements of your newest Ultimate Driving Machine. With a sixty year tradition of commitment to excellent service and a passion for exciting automobiles, Bib Stillwell BMW is the ideal foundation for your BMW journey. Visit Bib Stillwell BMW at South Yarra or Oakleigh and experience sheer driving pleasure today.

WE GUARANTEE IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR WHILE. Bib Stillwell BMW 145 Williams Road, South Yarra. (03) 9521 2121. Cnr Huntingdale & Dandenong Roads, Oakleigh. (03) 9252 5000

LMCT 7674

*BMW Full Circle with Guaranteed Future Value from BMW Financial Services is for approved customers only. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and approval criteria apply. ^BMW Service Inclusive packages available prior to initial service or up to 12 months from the vehicle’s date registration (whichever comes fi rst). #Offers available while stocks last on vehicles ordered and delivered between 1/7/13 and 30/9/13. Excludes fl eet, government and rental buyers. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Bib Stillwell BMW for more details.

Sea southeast 20130904 iss  

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